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Is it time to talk about TUFF Puppy now?

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man i am nostalgia-bombing hard for that crash nebula special, anyone got a RS for it?

Bump for anything TP related


WHY would you feel anything nostalgia-based for a one-liner special with a TALKING TURKEY WITH AN GLASS BOWL HELMET AS AN ALIEN?!

Sorry... I felt it was trying to be like Galaxy High, except... well... not as original (you've see one sci-fi high school toon, you've seen... the other one).

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Damn, Rita!

Bottom left panel is the best

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Previous threads:

Steam Community:

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File: 128476653782.png-(182.23KB, 441x325, superfacepalm.png)

File: 128476875330.png-(284.46KB, 439x324, hemaneager.png)

File: 128476946777.png-(260.46KB, 439x327, ITSNOTWHATITLOOKSLIKE.png)

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That's my mediafire folder. My entire mediafire folder. As of this Tuesday, it will be two and a half years old.

Most recent thing I uploaded? The first and last Conan titles Marvel ever published - Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Barbarian: Flame and the Fiend. I thought it'd be nice to get the Alpha and Omega, so to speak. I've got some other stuff, mostly from BigBonedNinja's Conan torrent. I'll probably get that tomorrow.

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Dude, thanks for all the old Star Trek stuff.

I managed to upload Giant-Size Conan and all the Conan annuals yesterday (apart from the SSoC Annual), as well as the 1998 mini Conan the Barbarian: The Usurper. But I've decided to put Conan on the back-burner, in order to beef up my Frankenstein folder, what with Hallowe'en coming up. Also, I made a new folder: 80's comics, which I'l fill mostly with Epic miniseries, and maybe Starriors.

It wasn't easy finding them, I can tell you that much. The bitch was finding an interrobang.
You're welcome. I'm just sorry I couldn't find even more of the Century 21 stuff.

Hey, little question: when I upload miniseries or ongoings that only had a couple of issues, do you want me to upload individual issues or just stick 'em in a .rar and upload that?

Also, for anyone who cares, my Frankenstein folder is also on sabbatical now, and I'm just going through the PeteThePIPster's Marvel Chronology torrents, and getting all the issues of Conan the King, and anything else that catches my eye.

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Why don't super-heroes make more use of their villains' technology? For example, Spider-Man is a canonical genius; he could easily reverse-engineer the Shocker's suit and gauntlets, learn how they function and add them to his crime-fighting arsenal. Why not take some nonlethal pumpkin-bombs, or figure out Vulture's wings or Doc Ock's tentacles? Why doesn't Batman go on patrol with Mr. Freeze's cold-gun, or incorporate Firefly's jetpack into the Batsuit?

I'm not asking this question from the story perspective. I know that these things don't happen because the characters have a theme that they need to observe. But if you look at it from the perspective of, say, someone IN the story, it doesn't work. If Spider-Man could add something to his costume that would make him better at fighting crime, if Batman could do the same, why don't they?

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Frank using the Ant-Man helmet is one of the best moments of this current series (pre-FrankenCastle).

File: 12847013222.jpg-(50.62KB, 432x600, sm-india.jpg)
spider men around the world was a great Idea.

It's been mentioned that Stark steals his enemies tech like nobody's business

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Oh lawd.

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Did you at least verbally correct him?

I think that superhero movies have moved comic books into the public eye, so there are a lot more new initiates whose views are primarily influenced by spinoffs of the comics themselves. I'm one of them, or at least I was.

Who the hell is Doug Thompson?

Yeah, I told him Dick hasn't been Robin in over two decades in the comics. He was pretty embarrassed so I let him change the subject before it got too awkward.

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Neil Gaiman of all people is making an appearance on Arthur.
....I might actually have to watch that.

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Man, I love Neil Gaiman.

Arthur managed to stay pretty great. My nieces love that shit.

I think it might be because PBS is da bomb

"Here, sign my copy of American Gods."

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So yeah, we hit the 50th thread.

IRC: #bluhbluh @ espernet
If you need help with the IRC, just ask and we'll deliver.

Noooo, Crabdad! ;A;

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Well, it's a good time to begin with.

There you go :D >>93074

Fantasy craft would be a horrible system for sburb and you know it

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>I always identified with Calvin as a child (I suppose you could say I still do), and this strip pretty much sums up what being a kid like Calvin is like. Constantly feeling out of sync with the rest of the world, and thus retreating to the world you create for yourself in your mind. If you think about it, Calvin was really quite an anomaly in popular entertainment -- not just in comics, but in anything, be it movies, TV, etc. He has no friends, and no extracurricular activities; the only people he ever sees are his parents, who he has a strained relationship with, and Moe, Susie, Rosalyn, and Miss Wormwood, all of whom he detests and all of whom detest him. The only person he ever has any real interaction with exists only in his head. He is, for all intents and purposes, completely alone. And he's fine with that. The kind of kid most people would entirely ignore all through school is not generally the kind you make the star of your show, and yet the strip became hugely successful.

>I know that people of all ages enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes, but I have to think that it meant even more to those of us who grew up with him. Going to school every day and seeing all the ways we didn't fit in, it was nice to see someone like us, who was intelligent and independent, and didn't need to be a smile-plastered Mouseketeer to enjoy life. Though numerous motivational posters and guidance counselors and after-school specials had said it again and again, it was Calvin who managed to truly express the idea—without being preachy, without being sappy, perhaps even without trying—that it was okay to be different.

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Wow, really? Mine's been keeping together real well.

They had a demo up at my local Books-A-Million, and even THAT thing's pages had a hard time staying in.

I have basically the same problem with one of mine.


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Anybody read the latest issue of the Batman Beyond mini? 'Cause I'd really like to know if that last page actually made sense and I just missed it somehow.

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I know! I figured it was him or Jason, but that made no goddamn sense!

Maybe it IS Jason, insanely thinking he's Grayson?

makes as much sense as anything else at this point.

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Rabbit and Mouse have some flash movies about Rabbit and Mouse

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File: 128452064038.jpg-(106.05KB, 1280x960, campaignsigns1280[1].jpg)
The OC

You a Rock and Nothing

Zap out the Fatteners

oh wow i had no idea anyone else saw these

watch these right now

hide File: 128459974886.jpg-(646.72KB, 1281x2000, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 2 36.jpg)
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It's nice that we're finally getting some interaction with Warth, considering that he's only been around for...maybe ten pages since he was introduced?

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My fave bit is when it ended.

Whilst the show did indeed turn to shit in record time, this is more for /mtv/.

Polite sage.

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  I'll just put this here and see what happens.

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  The late 80s early 90s CBS Saturday morning lineup was godly

fr>>9071freeze dried Octopotamus

Whoa...I didn't even know they made a cartoon out of this comic strip.

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Hitler confirmed for /co/mrade.

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Yeah, he pretty much turned his back on it as time went on. Mussolini and Hirohito still openly loved Disney during that whole time.

I would put Ol' Doc Mengele over Goebbels personally, but that's besides the point.

File: 128451415833.jpg-(98.46KB, 600x730, Mengele_and_Goebbels.jpg)
According to Deviantart, you can have both.

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