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  I would like to remind everyone that this is supposed to debut today.

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this has got me all hot and bothered

Ready my body is

Is it me, or is this all moving a bit... fast? Even the dialog feels very hurried.

Well it is the first episode so he might want to establish a status quo or back-story ahead of time before getting into the real meat and potatoes of this series, stupid and hopefully glorious robot action.

Yeah, the robot fighting looked like ass. And the villain was boring. And the dialog was sort of forgettable, outside of the robot.

...I'm not really looking too forward to this.

The atmospheric lack of music worked for Samurai Jack, but when there's a robot fighting a giant lava man, I expect some kickass guitar, dammit!

It was a giant fire beast, what else was there to do but put it out and chop it up? Robot was probably going to have the best lines anyway considering how their caricatured into Heart, Body and Mind and Brian's a popular comedian and recognizable voice. But I agree this should put out some more before it will be anything else but substandard compared to recent giants. A few years ago this would be great but after following other acts like Chowder or Adventure Time it needs more than high school jokes to be good enough.

It's weird now that I think about it that something that has Posehn didn't at least include some heavy metal. Maybe we can contact him or Gendy to tell them to pump up the music?

Was their now opening theme because it's the premier or was

I liked it. I hope it gets better though. Also regular /co/ is horrible.

File: 128477040782.jpg-(82.46KB, 450x450, Philosopher_Mindwipe.jpg)
I enjoyed it. It had some slick writing (dat villain dialogue), good cinematography, interesting visuals, nice action, engaging characters. I could never get into shows like Generator Rex or Ben 10 because I felt the writing was too shallow. There's something about this show that hooked me, though. It isn't perfect, but I don't expect perfection. All it needs is to keep me engaged.

I look forward to future episodes and seeing this story unfold.

I don't want to just give up on this like those shows when they made some bone headed moves.

Both the magma man fight and the army fight were boring, with the action in the latter being especially boring and abysmal (holy god those robots are some bland and lifeless CG. The big bad's dialog was only mildly entertaining in any way because of the good king's resemblance to Aquaman. He's not creepy or scary or menacing or interesting. He's barely even THERE.

Was he the big bad? I thought he was set up as a tool being used by whoever is really calling the shots like a first season villain. But as everything was rushed in some kind of weird flash back they likely didn't get the time they could have to develop that scene. The fights may have been weak but that might have been used just to show how bad they are not in titan form or not used to it. They might have been better animated but I wasn’t thoroughly paying attention to that as you seem to be so maybe I’m being too lenient.

I really liked the titular robot's design in action way better than looking it in the press release.

Largely because the transparency is used in a visually interesting way instead of just being a gimmick, and actually uses integrated CG in a way that seems specifically meant for that medium instead of just a time-saving substitute for traditional animation (the closing scene against the sunset in particular I can't image being in hand-drawn animation).

The animation was really lousy for the fights. ESPECIALLY for the smaller robots. The main Sym-Bionic Titan looks good, but the actual fight looked bland and boring. Nothing seems to move right.

Well... I hope:

A: Gennedy learns from Samurai Jack that AN ONGOING STORY NEEDS CONSISTENCY AND AN ENDING!!!

B: This will get more interesting down the road. I don't expect a Megas XLR, but I hope for it to be the next best thing.

C: More Posehn.

D: Better monsters (even a few intelligent ones) and more intrigue with this Oblongata guy...

E: More Posehn!!

Terribly dialogue, annoying characters, "highschool".

Love robo-voice, but the HEARTMINDBODY gimmick is pretty fucking lame and I am not at all sold on the style.

Maybe it will get very good.

> but the HEARTMINDBODY gimmick is pretty fucking lame
fuck you too dude.

Wow you're right, I'm sorry. The part where the super kawaii princess starts musing about what an out of body experience it all is and how good she feels and the power of bluh bluh heart WAS awesome.

>>93349 >>93350
This seems a little too fast to happen.

File: 128478843424.png-(138.00KB, 956x559, jimposey.png)
Posehn used to just do cartoons with ska.

Hmm. I'm not sold yet, but I am intrigued.

Yeah but any "GOOD" music would help liven these fights up and I trust his taste. Hell if they just make a episode of him trying to come up with a theme song for the group in his robot voice after looking up music and telivision shows and pulls off something like this I'd be okay with Sym-Bionic Titan forever.


Disney is pushing Metal type in Suburban Daredevil, time to go all the way. Pending on how the fights play I'd say DragonForce quick tempo would work.

File: 128481991679.png-(272.01KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2010-09-18-22h41m39s14.png)
Okay, my thoughts on the first episode:

I like the animation very much. Smooth as glass. As can be expected. Also, ever since Clone Wars, Genndy and Co. have really gotten the hang of blending 2D and CGI. Cinematography was also excellent.

Story-wise the use of two different government factions intrigues me and I for one look forward to seeing more of "General Ross" and X-Com Solomon Kane.

My one complaint has to do with the pacing. It just, like they had Grant Morrison in the editing room. Hopefully this won't be the case in the later episodes.

Grant Morrison is excellent at pacing, he just cuts off the fat, this was down right rushed feeling.

I wish Grant had been in the editing room, Jesus.

I liked it, but it did feel rather rushed. I wish THIS could've had the hour long premier instead of Star Wars.

Watching it now.

I agree with it feeling rushed.

It also feels cliche and sterotypical. Im not complaining, too many shows have been deconstructivist and post-modern these last few years. Its good to get back to the basics and make a show thats to watch.


yea it feels very '80s overall. Still think the man will be able to get this into high gear once he gets everything established and working. Heck the early Jack stuff was a tad dull. Still I think it felt like what he was aiming for that being Old School Anime


>>the early Jack stuff was a tad dull

>>the later Jack stuff made Aku look lame... SKELETOR LAME, became less and less about defeating Aku and going back in time, had no story consistency, or a decent ending.

But enough mocking...

>>it felt like what he was aiming for that being Old School Anime

Yeah, I could kinda feel that with the characters' early clothes designs (like something from Captain Harlock).

Man the robots in the show has some HEAVY machine robo influence

It's a pretty clear homage to the seventies space opera and giant robo genres. But the campiness of those shows was balanced by how seriously they took themselves, this has far more (often bad) humor which sort of undermines the tone, at this point at least.

They at least take the invasion, science and evading earth's military part seriously. The show's philosophy is a weird mixture of dead-pan and sincere but I'm fearful a good season or two is going to be a repeat joke of earth culture from aliens that JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW PRIMIATIVE AND NON UNITED THEY ARE. Also I really hope they explain Lance's sordid service record soon because I hate the same vague conversations to last long in shows.

File: 128484427562.png-(64.03KB, 300x150, symbionicgundam.png)
I can't unsee it. Their personalities are even similar.

File: 128484531341.jpg-(10.69KB, 480x360, Keith.jpg)


File: 128485207589.jpg-(21.37KB, 250x250, HayatoJin.jpg)
Getter please.

He reminds me of a Leiji Matsumoto character, but I can't pinpoint a specific one.

File: 128485778551.jpg-(57.69KB, 500x405, ronin-ryo-2-bk.jpg)


Have you guys seen this in HD? It's glorious
Sym-Bionic.Titan.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD -

I want to


Sorry, that's the first time that's happened.
http://www.megaupload com/?d=YBIJ17U0
please copy/paste this and replace the space with a dot. I'd rather not have MU seeing any referrer sites and whatnot

File: 128487716321.png-(276.20KB, 620x355, Picture 1.png)

File: 128487720382.png-(159.87KB, 620x355, Picture 2.png)
Looking pretty Alucard there Solomon...

Watched it, and it looks very awesome.
The animation is simply gorgeous, and despite having a fast pace in this first episode, I'm guessing that we'll see more plot and character development in the following episodes.

Eugh, never liked Ronin Warriors. Specially the americanized "Samurai Warriors" version.


Anyone want to be a bro and reupload to Mediafire? Megaupload is blocked in Turkey.

Y'know, between him having Space Battle Ship Yamato cannon, and an army of tokusatsu uniformed soldiers, I get the feeling there's going to be a mid season twist that this guy is Ilana's secret brother or something.


Either she or her protector gets injured and he steps into to complete the Titian

File: 128491586943.jpg-(20.06KB, 319x400, Red_Ranger_with_Dragon_Dagger___Shield.jpg.jpg)
It had better be every bit as "Red Ranger with Green Ranger's shield" as it sounds.

I would, but I can't right now, sorry. But it's on TPB if that's not blocked

File: 128493569618.jpg-(120.94KB, 1280x720, comparison 1.jpg)
Coincidence? Or decision made based on Solomon's past?

File: 128493575782.jpg-(94.32KB, 1280x720, comparison 2.jpg)
Coincidence? Or was King Galiluna's son the test pilot on the rift generator?


hmmm knowing how much this thing is taking from the old school Anime I'd say its a safe bet

Too early to call if he's related to them or just another alien, however this show is like reliving one of my greatest fears that the intelligent life out there in the galaxy are dumb anime people.

I kind of like the idea that Solomon and his agency are human, though. I'd like it if there were SOME competent human organization, because God knows the military general seems to be a raging shoot-first cowboy asshole.

File: 128495004418.jpg-(109.81KB, 600x416, caste_lineup14_600.jpg)
But what is they're blue-skinned, elven space-chicks?!

Space-chicks, man!

Blue skin!

File: 128495100512.png-(198.26KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2010-09-20-11h06m25s189.png)
Hey now, just because first contact went rather violently when his troops fired at the giant robot doesn't mean the guy is incompetent. Besides, they were the ones who got to the crash site first. Within minutes I might add.

Also, what did you want him to do? NOT shoot at the giant alien robot that appeared out of nowhere at the same location as a giant fire monster that was devastating a town?

Given how little they know of the aliens firing all they've got is perfectly rational. I mean you don't wanna end up like the guys in the helicopter in Independence Day. Not when you've already clashed with the aliens in question.

That said, I REALLY like how refreshingly modern and 'realistic' the military is vis-a-vis the partially retro-futuristic Galactic Guardian Group.

File: 128495126686.png-(259.87KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2010-09-20-11h05m36s206.png)
I really liked the first contact scene.

File: 128495130798.png-(230.75KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2010-09-20-11h05m15s234.png)

File: 128495190380.png-(205.78KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2010-09-20-11h20m10s208.png)
I also love how General Steel's command vehicle is basically a Mammoth tank with one cannon.

It was far from perfect, but I think it has plenty of room to grow in to a proper groove.

I'm betting that the fallen general is possessed, there will be a (dramatic) reveal in which his hat is removed showing his hypnotized eyes.

Personally I'm thinking some kind of mind-squid under the hat or something.


>Also, what did you want him to do? NOT shoot at the giant alien robot that appeared out of nowhere at the same location as a giant fire monster that was devastating a town?

Honestly? Yes. I want a genre-savvy Army General.

Just watched it.
The art style and cinematography are great, I have a lot of hope for this show. The story was pretty packed though, it was a lot of exposition to cram in 30 minutes, would have probably been better as an hour long premiere.

Titan likely couldn't get it because of Star Wars or one of the other shows and decided to make them all premiers to balence it out. Hopefully things will be better paced in the future.

Actually Star Wars had an hour long premier. And I don't think the episodes even have anything to do with each other.

Well I mean there wouldn't have been time anyway because of how much Star Wars regularly took up or some other scheduling fuck up that just made them go for broke with 30 mins. Or maybe Gendy just wanted something that could still be shown on a regular basis and not turn it into a special they could only play for like a month or so or in marathons.


Agreed. The "Meat-headed" General is used far too often. Time for someone who can at least wait to see the differences between a 'friendly' and a 'hostile'.

When cities start being destroyed you kinda can't afford to wait.

I don't see why people are so upset about the general, the only other way it can really go is he's on their side which just leads to the equally cliché struggle with his superiors. Besides he doesn't necessarily have to stay that one dimensional.

Actually, I can think of a ton of different ways to go with him than just two.

I kind of want him or Solomon to try and get one of them to squeeze out military secrets. Friendlies are fine as long as you have a way to defend yourself against their "help". One of them is has to be more focused on human advancement then being a diplomat.


Really? Go on then.

Trying to peacefully detain them.
Try and work closer with Solomon to figure out what's going on.
Realizing he's clearly outmatched and they are his only hope, etc.

I'll add more tonight.

So I was thinking, why do we ever need the General?

Then I realized he's, like everything else, an homage TO the Shoot first generals of old.

My body is ready for the next episode.

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