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Activity on this board has been at an all-time low, averaging less than 5 posts per day. Less than 20% of users said I shouldn't delete the board.

/writ/ will stay up for a minimum of 1 month from now. If there's not much change over that time, the board will be closed; creative writing will be directed to /coc/, and /lit/ discussion will go to /baw/.

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Umm, read the date of the sticky, this board's not getting deleted anytime soon, if at all

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Don't discuss in this thread, only upload.

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File: 128382028561.jpg-(1.73MB, 1588x2400, Hunger Games 2 - Catching Fire.jpg)
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Book 2 of The Hunger Games)

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>Get first edition Norstrilia for £5
>Can not find Atomsk for any less than £150

He's significantly LESS screwed over than he was after fucking Mostly Harmless.

Caelan is the worst thing to happen to Skulduggery Pleasant.
I am so upset the fires of my rage kept me from falling asleep at work last night.

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Literary rage thread, anyone?

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I wish Einstein had never said that insanity quote, because you have no idea how many people I've run into who quote that as medical fact.


It seems to be rather about the nature of science and knowledge than insanity.

Hah. Best. Book. Ever.

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I've been on a major SW crunch this summer and I noticed there wasn't a thread here. This needs to be fixed.

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Just getting into book two of "Coruscant Nights", and I'm lovin' this series so hard.

I've seen some books set within the new Clone Wars series. Are any of those good?

I remember reading the Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest books about 10 years ago and thinking they were okay, but I'm probably remembering wrong.

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If I only read one book from the last decade, what would you recommend it be?

(No sci-fi please)

The Child Thief by Brom.

The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

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Went back six pages and couldn't fin one, so fuck it, here's a new one.

I'm reading Neverwhere. It's been great so far, despite the somewhat cliché protagonist.

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Oh I so want to read this. Good thing I finaly got hold of The faceless ones, and since I just finnished Count Zero I could start reading right aw...

>Friend texts me
>She's finished with Unseen academicals, says I can have it now.

Decisions, Decisions...

"Under the Dome" by Stephen King. It's been about a decade since I've picked up a King book, and I've heard good things about this one.

File: 128457819223.jpg-(30.84KB, 420x654, 1201-1.jpg)
Finally getting around to reading the second half of the Book of the New Sun. As was my experience with the first half, I'm enjoying it, but have no clue what the fuck is going on a little more often than I'm comfortable with. Also, these books have wicked cool covers.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked UA. It's definitely worth reading when you get to it.

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What are /writ/'s thoughts?

It's the only Star Wars book I've read, just because the hook of the Dark Side philosophy was enough to grab me into it. I thought it was good.

Are other Star Wars books good in a void? Are they good even if the reader doesn't give a shit?

So far what I've skimmed in book stores just seems like a bunch of self-indulgent bullshit you have to be a major fan to care for.

Timothy Zahn's original post-Return of the Jedi trilogy are considered the best by most fans and since there was very little EU developed at that time, arn't bogged down in canon and references to other stories.

As for the Darth Bane books, I've only read the first one and I need to re-read it again because I just got the second one and forgot a nice chunk about the first one but I remember digging it. Not the best SW book around but still decent.

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When I started secondary school, we mostly had to read Young Adult novels with morals at the end. We didn't even have to finish them, it was just "hey, here's a book about how bullying is wrong. Have fun". The only real pieces of literature we did were A Christmas Carol and Great Expectations, and we just watched a BBC adaptation of Great Expectations.

When we did Merchant of Venice, know what we covered? The fucking caskets. Cause why should we bother with the underlying theme of antisemitism when we can just bring in shoeboxes wrapped in tin foil? On the other hand, when we did Macbeth we got to watch the Roman Polanski movie, which was pretty boss.

For poetry, it was basically just a few poets from everywhere except England. Pretty boring, but we got to go see some of them read their poems, and Benjamin Zephaniah showed up which was pretty damn sweet.

When I moved to my next school for 6th Form, I figured I'd actually get the chance to read and study actual literature. Instead, pic related actually, I did get to read a lot of cool things like The Glass Menagerie and Songs of Innocence and Experience, but this book was so fucking awful.

Most of the books we had to read we never finished. Whether it was because we devoted too much class time to reading or because most of the students just wanted it read to them like illiterates is a mystery for the ages. I sorta have fond memories of the books I picked out when we had to pick on from the school library. Especially of the books The Island and the White Fox Chronicles.

But let me tell you, the worst stories was one about a girl called Cupcake, which after her mother dies of an aneurysm was basically a humiliation conga which, at the point we left off (never finished the story), she ends up pregnant only to get beat up by other prostitutes and the baby ends up a stillborn mess. The whole time I was wondering what sensible high school teacher would seriously think that there was anything to learn from a story like that.

The other story wasn't as bad, it was about some outcast trying to get into some secret school club with a lot of influence. It ended up being meh from what we got to read, but I'm probably a bit sour toward it because we could have read Good Omens had the class not decided to vote for that other book

I do recall reading this one story-like poem (one by Joyce I think) and ended up having to take some of the verses and use them to tell a new story. What I ended up with was a nonsensical allegory for masturbation. Good times, good times

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(Cover Image. Deciding what Calamity looks like is not a responsibility I want, though I suppose making her look just like Serenity, of whom she is a parody, would probably be a bad idea. )


(Panel 1: This page is all interiors. Calamity is in her messy, awesome room working out a bit, but the scene also features cool stuff strewn about the room to amuse the reader and give us an idea of what she likes. Let’s see, maybe over the course of the page there’s a DVD of Scarface, a cracked bong, a fighting knife with a whetstone next to it, a bunch of pairs of ripped jeans, four different colors of Converse All-Stars, a well-thumbed issue of Penthouse, a spiked dog collar, a Playstation 2 controller, the Autobiography of Malcom X, and whatever you think would be cool. Calamity is doing tricep presses with dumbbells. Her face isn’t shown yet, though she’s shown to be in a shirt and sweatpants, and barefoot. In a radio balloon with italics, the theme to Firefly is being piped out of her knocked-over clock radio. You know, the theme whose title is actually “Serenity.” The clock reads “23:20” for some reason)

RADIO BALLOON 1: Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand

RADIO BALLOON 2: I don’t care, I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me

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I like regular slut Calamity better then sweat and musclegirl fetish! Calamity.

They probably don't stink, fresh sweat and all that.

Who's the artist?

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  Um... Animorph thread?

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No? Care to elaborate?

File: 128364981531.jpg-(92.42KB, 425x288, yelling-at-computer425.jpg)

Yeah... I heard a rumor somewere, maybe that reviewer I have been pluging, that Animorph would be rerelease some time this year... Try google... I have no real clue, sorry...

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It would be horrifying.

I mean, the worst part is, nobody is really immune, not even superheroes. Question is, you gotta think, why would he be after you? Why YOU? Was it because you were the only one to seem to struggle against it? Of course, once he started singing... first in a low, steady note, man, you'd be doomed, but you knew something was wrong...

Then it'd just click- like that impossible-to-resist temptation to tap your foot to some song that's playing on the radio in the background, following his non-verbal commands just seems like a good idea.

He wouldn't even have to touch you. Just carry that note as he walks confidently towards you, with an evil toothy grin on his face. You just think it's a good idea to slip your jacket off and throw it behind you. Somewhere something is telling you this is a bad idea but you dismiss the thought. Off comes your shirt, down comes your jeans zipper. Now he's laughing. He's not laughing at YOU is he? Must keep going... No, no damn it, something about this is wrong. Fuck, your head hurts. Suddenly he's so close, you can feel his breath, and see your own confused, terrified eyes reflecting off his glasses.


All you can think of is pleasing him- No, all you want to DO is please him. The desire runs through your body, driving you insane. You stare into his grinning face, it seems like he’s just mocking you now, but still, even as terrified as you are, your hands can’t control themselves as they start down his zoot suit. With a strong force, he’s pinned you to the wall, but you don’t even struggle. There’s a slight thought you should, but the immense desire to please him is throbbing through your veins… through you fingertips, right against him.
>“That’s it. Right. There.”

He’s moaning now, a soft melody of pleasure slips into your ear as he bites your earlobe. All you can do is rub and play along with his game. And it is HIS game, you know it, too, but for some reason that excites you more than scares you. His moans turn louder, it’s music to your ears, and you ca
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Small time theater star catches MM's eye, and gets a rather interesting first glimpse in own dressing room when MM decides to share the admiration with the subject?
esp. if the person's fucked right against the vanity in the dressing room hnnnghhh


Saving this stuff for reference for my own work. I've been running dry of good, new smut to read for ideas.

File: 128382284689.jpg-(108.03KB, 800x600, 1283811802835.jpg)


why you do dat ;_;

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The iron manacles chafed at his wrists as Duck Dodgers, hero of the 24th and a half century, struggled against them. He pushed himself as far away from the smooth stone wall as he could, straining against his bonds, before relaxing and leaning back against it with a sigh. It was no use; he was good and trapped this time, a captive of Queen Tyr'ahnee, the undisputed matriarch of the entire Martian Empire. Dodgers closed his eyes and brooded over the mistakes that had resulted in his current predicament. I should'a taken that left turn at planet Alba'kirk'ee, he thought, angered at himself.

The Martian ships had been waiting for him, having anticipated his movements and caught him by surprise when he had exited subspace. His was a good ship, a reliable means of conveyance, but it was no match for the combined powers of a Martian splinter-fleet. They had surrounded him, dulled his shields and boarded. He had fought them off as best he could, but he was only one duck, a single solder against an army. He was brave, yes, but not invincible. Not unconquerable. Not immune to the consequences of his own stupidly foolish mistakes. He sighed, again, resigned to a lifetime of captivity.

The cell door slid open with the breathy hiss of advanced Martian engineering to reveal the imposingly tall form of Queen Tyr'ahnee. Dodgers blinked, having expected it to be Marvin, the lout, come to gloat at him for being so easily captured. The worst part of that scenario was that Dodgers could hardly have begrudged the Martian for his bravado; the Earthling would have done the same, had their positions been reversed. This, however, was unexpected. The queen's cold eyes played over him, widening a bit at the corners in the Martian equivalent of a smile. Her voice, so much like music, rings in his head, painfully loud at first before quieting down to a smooth and pleasant cadence.

{At last, Dodgers, I have you exactly where I want you.} Her ‘voice’, actually a telepathic transmission, is sharp and condescending. ‘Pitiful Earth-man,’ it implies.

Tyr'ahnee sauntered into the cell, her strange dress flowing like silken water along her wide hips and down her long,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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How did those happen, anyway?


It was originally present-tense, but I went through again and changed it to past-tense since I prefer it that way.

I just missed a few the first time through.

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You ever notice that the only books that get any sort of hype anymore are woefully depressing?

hide File: 128340434894.jpg-(22.48KB, 420x678, stross, charles - singularity sky.jpg)
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Instead of the average dark and dystopian science fiction, what are some really upbeat, positive science fiction stories? (and not just humor)

Pic is the only book I've read recently that even slightly fits.

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