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It would be horrifying.

I mean, the worst part is, nobody is really immune, not even superheroes. Question is, you gotta think, why would he be after you? Why YOU? Was it because you were the only one to seem to struggle against it? Of course, once he started singing... first in a low, steady note, man, you'd be doomed, but you knew something was wrong...

Then it'd just click- like that impossible-to-resist temptation to tap your foot to some song that's playing on the radio in the background, following his non-verbal commands just seems like a good idea.

He wouldn't even have to touch you. Just carry that note as he walks confidently towards you, with an evil toothy grin on his face. You just think it's a good idea to slip your jacket off and throw it behind you. Somewhere something is telling you this is a bad idea but you dismiss the thought. Off comes your shirt, down comes your jeans zipper. Now he's laughing. He's not laughing at YOU is he? Must keep going... No, no damn it, something about this is wrong. Fuck, your head hurts. Suddenly he's so close, you can feel his breath, and see your own confused, terrified eyes reflecting off his glasses.


All you can think of is pleasing him- No, all you want to DO is please him. The desire runs through your body, driving you insane. You stare into his grinning face, it seems like he’s just mocking you now, but still, even as terrified as you are, your hands can’t control themselves as they start down his zoot suit. With a strong force, he’s pinned you to the wall, but you don’t even struggle. There’s a slight thought you should, but the immense desire to please him is throbbing through your veins… through you fingertips, right against him.
>“That’s it. Right. There.”

He’s moaning now, a soft melody of pleasure slips into your ear as he bites your earlobe. All you can do is rub and play along with his game. And it is HIS game, you know it, too, but for some reason that excites you more than scares you. His moans turn louder, it’s music to your ears, and you can’t help but to make this a duet. Gloved hands slip far down your body, but you dare not look away from that reflection in his glasses. You must please him.


You obey without question, your hands working away as fast as they can, and as if approval, he leans in and presses his lips to yours. His tongue slides past your teeth and wraps around your tongue. He grabs you roughly by the hips, grinding himself against you as you jerk him off, his tongue exploring your mouth, and yours softly pressing through the gap in his teeth. He’s moaning in delight, the tune driving your body insane. You have to have him in you. Now.

Without a word, he slams you to the floor, grinning wickedly above you. He’s definitely mocking you now. He knows you want it, he knows you need it, he knows you have to have it. You try to say something, but only wind comes out, so you try to beg for it another way. Your body is grinding against him, his stiffness only making you want it more. He laughs a wicked, cruel laugh.

>“You want it that bad do you?”

He hisses in your ear, pulling you closer to him.

>“Well then, I’ll give it to you nice and hard.”

Without a pause he slams into your tight, waiting hole, and you finally make a sound, a loud scream of pain. It’s all music to him as he slips in and out, in and out, in a rhythmic pattern. He leans in close again and whispers harshly.

>“Louder. I want you to sing me a beautiful song.”

He didn’t even have to tell you, you’re already screaming at the top of your lungs. But not just in pain, but in ecstasy. You scream for him and how much you want it harder, faster. He happily obliges, stuffing himself inside you with ease. He breathes down your neck, softly kissing the tender flesh, nibbling your collarbone and up your jaw line. You see your reflection in his glasses: terrified, sweaty, and still wanting more. His thrusts grow faster as he holds you down firmly.

>“Scream for me. Now. Let us sing the final verse.”

His moans and you screams mix together to create a beautiful song that fills the air. He slams into you again and again, tearing your tight hole in two. All of the pain soon subsides as you arc your back and scream the loudest and final scream. His cum shoots powerfully inside you, his fingers digging into your skin as he lets loose. Your juices spill out uncontrollably, and he laughs through his moans. Once the rush of both fluids has stopped, he slides out of you. He looms above you, grinning wickedly as your glazed eyes stare back.

>“You’re mine. Forever.”

And the last thing you remember is that spine tingling laugh.

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This IS horrifying, yet also somehow appropriate. After all, he was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

Yaaaay you did post here!

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So glad I got such a positive response from the last drabble. Here's a tease of the next story I'm working on:

>If only she could love me… If only she could love me…

A crumpled figure lay in the middle of a large birdcage, a dim spotlight glistening down onto her fragile form. She awoke startled, groggily getting to her feet. With the harsh realization of the cage, she rushed to the cold metals bars.

“What’s the big idea?” she cried out, trying to pry open the bars.

“Now, now, my sweet, don’t waste your energy trying to open your cage,” laughed an all too familiar voice from the darkness.

“Music Meister! I should have guessed YOU were up to this.”

The villain dropped down in front of her outside the cage, dressed in his usual purple zoot suit attire. He placed a gloved hand through the metal bar, touching her cheek softly, a warm yet sinister smile on his face.


“How did you get out of Arkham?” she sneered, pulling away.

“Oh you know, the usual trickery of guards, climbing through tight spaces… But that doesn’t matter, my pet, since now we’re reunited. And hopefully, you’ve finally come to realize your love for me.”

“Love you? Please! I could never love a pathetic loser like you! Not in a million years!”

“Our voices match perfectly and you know it. We’re meant to be.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, Meister? I want nothing to do with you!”

Music Meister snatched both her wrists through the bars, harshly pulling her close. Canary let out a surprise yelp, staring into his glasses in shock.

“Well, my dear, it looks like I’ll have to do this the hard way,” he growled.

He slipped a small music note key out of his pocket and jammed it into the lock. With a toothy grin he stepped in, slamming the door behind him. Canary charged him, but with ease, he simply grabbed her wrists and slammed her to the ground. He waved a finger in scorn.

“Tsk tsk, my pet, we haven’t even started and you want to be rough!” he chuckled darkly.

“Started what?” she hissed. Music Meister slowly slid above her, pressing his mouth close to her ear.
“What I’ve been thinking about while cooped up in Arkham.” He pinned her arms above her head, Canary struggling around in fright, staring up at her captor. Before she could try anything else, he sang a soft note, slipping her into a weaker state. She wasn’t fully his, oh no, she would still have plenty of fight.

The corrupt conductor forced his lips on hers, his grip tightening. Canary squirmed, trying to pry him loose, the fiend biting down harshly on her lower lip. She yelped in pain, a sharp sound wave piercing the air, as blood tricked down her chin.

“I can play rough too,” he cooed with a smirk. “And don’t worry about your screams hurting my precious ears, pet, I’ve successfully pulled off a design replicating Batman’s crummy little… But now, they block out the highest of pitches.” The villain merely grinned, and exposed two little ear buds securely placed inside his ears. “You’re out of luck.“

His tongue slid across the fresh wound, sweet scarlet on the tip of his tongue. Roughly, he forced his tongue into her mouth, his hands at work binding her wrists together with rope. She let out an involuntary moan, a smug grin spreading across his face. He wrestled with her tongue playfully, Canary simply subsiding in her efforts to escape, it was futile. She was scared, no, terrified at the thought of what he was going to her and what he’d do after. She was his now.

Goddamn /writ/slashers

File: 127475000833.jpg-(56.28KB, 400x400, hurp.jpg)

"And then they all FUCK, yasee?"

I need my daily dose!

i-is there more?

Sorry everyone for the delay. I've been sick since my return home, and I've also been preparing for a con this weekend, so hopefully during the next few days I should have some time to finish the rest of the newest story. Again, sorry for the delays.

I hope you feel better soon!

And godDAMN I hope you can post more soon.

Have you forsaken us, Nanerpuss? :(

Thank you and I will try and get something today and tomorrow, then open for requests.

No, just finishing up my finals, that's all. I've been in non-stop study mode as soon as I got back from the con. I'm really sorry I've kept everyone waiting, school eats lives.

Thanks very much, and good luck with the finals! Glad to know you're still around. :D

bump out of hope :(

Writing as we speak. <3

File: 127751162764.jpg-(99.30KB, 800x622, 1274303426243.jpg)
Music Meister held her close to him as he began to move his lips across her jaw line and down to her neck. His teeth sunk into the tender flesh, Canary letting out a shriek, weakly squirming around. The villain merely held down her hips aggressively, leaving his mouth clamped on her neck. He pulled away with a smirk, softly whispering to her.

“See that? It means you’re all mine.”

With no hesitation, he slid down her body and rest his face in between her breasts. He smiled up at her, his hands fondling her. Canary turned her head and bit down on her lip. She was not going to let him win. Meister let out a soft sigh before sliding the key down her shirt, peeling it open with ease. With a small gasp, Canary began to squirm, Music Meister holding her body with one hand as he moved his head down her exposed flesh all the way to her black laced panties.

“S-stop it, you fiend,” she whimpered.

“Tsk, Canary, do you really think I’d stop? After how long I’ve craved every caress of your body? Don’t make me laugh.”

He pressed his index finger to her cunt, rubbing along the soft fabric, sinking his finger in deeper as he went. Over and over he rubbed, until he felt the wetness through his gloves. With a smirk, the conductor slowly and teasingly pulled down her panties, leaving them at her ankles. He pushed her legs apart and grinned a toothy grin, unzipping his pants with one hand, while the other held her side.

“No!” she yelped, but it was far too late.

Music Meister slammed himself inside of her without hesitation, both hands gripping her sides as he loomed over her. Before she could scream again, he shoved his mouth onto hers, slamming himself into her harder and harder with each thrust. Tears slid down her cheeks, Music Meister sliding his tongue across each soft trail, grinning.

“Even when you cry you’re beautiful. My sweet Canary.”

Ruthlessly he pounded her, in and out in and out, with each agonizing minute feeling like hours to Canary. Every now and then he’d slow down and play with the rest of her body. First her neck, deepening the bite, and then to her breasts. His tongue ran across every inch of her chest, his hands groping her gently. It was obvious now to her that he wanted this to last as long as possible, as if he was living every sick fantasy he had while locked up.

Eventually he coaxed moans from her, taking his cue to go harder with her. He gripped her sides roughly, sliding himself in and out of her with ease. His pace quickened, the maestro starting to grunt and pant heavily, his glance focusing down on Canary. She stared into his glasses, wondering just what his twisted mind was thinking. He just gave her a small smile, which soon vanished as he held her still, slamming himself into her a final time. Canary screamed, Meister letting out a musical shout, shooting his load into her. With heavy pants, the villain slipped out of her, his mouth sliding back to hers.

Music Meister pulled away and stood up, smiling at her tired, naked form. He adjusted his gloves and dusted off his suit. He vanished back into the darkness, slamming the door behind him.

“Rest up, my sweet, you’ll need your energy for the next round,” he cackled. And soon, he was gone, leaving young Canary to weep softly to herself.

Well, that's it for that story, next up is Miku and MM. I don't think I'll make it slashy, but fluff.

If anyone has any requests, feel free to post 'em.

Sorry again that I was so delayed in finishing the last story, real life caught up with me.

Fuck yeah.

Great stuff

From the minute you saw him, you know there’s something oddly… hypnotic about him. Is it the smile? Or the hungry eyes that watch you from across the bar? Whatever it is, you’re drawn to him. Time stops, the music from the karaoke machine drowns out as you glide through the crowd. Shyly you take a seat next to him and order up a drink, nervously looking at him through the corner of your eye. He’s still grinning from ear to ear, his eyes lock onto yours.

“See something you like?” he chuckles softly, sending a shiver down your spine.

“N-no, I just… I’ve never seen you around here before,” you manage to say, quickly downing a shot before having the courage to finally look into his glistening blue eyes. “You new to town?”

“Not new to the town, but new to the nightlife around here.” Again with that grin, you think to yourself. “Now if you excuse me for a minute, my song’s up.”

He stands up, straightening the odd zoot suit he’s wearing, before he makes his way to the stage. You order another shoot, greedily gulping it down to calm your nerves. The lights go off, and a single light shines down on him. His face is expressionless as the intro begins to play, his hands grip the mic stand confidently.

>“Let’s go chasing rainbows in the sky. It’s my invitation. Let’s all take a trip on my ecstasy.”

You stop. Your heart pounds fiercely at the smooth as silk voice. Hopelessly, you just stare at him, right into his piercing eyes as he stares back, a grin on his face.

>“I’m Mr. Bad Guy. Yes I’m everybody’s Mr. Bad Guy. Can’t you see I’m Mr. Mercury? Oh, spread your wings and fly away with me.”

Oh God how much you want to! Your heart is doing back flips, and your stomach is nothing but butterflies. Never have you heard someone match Freddie Mercury’s voice so well, nor have you felt so powerless against a voice. You’re putty now.

>“I’m Mr. Bad Guy. They’re all afraid of me. I can ruin people’s lives. Mr. Bad Guy they’re all afraid of me. It’s the only way to be, that’s my destiny. Mr. Bad Guy, Mr. Bad Guy, Bad Guy…”

The song eventually ends, you only notice because the room explodes into applause. He takes a swift bow and blows a kiss out to the audience, soon making his way back to you. As if nothing had happened, he takes his seat and his drink, and smiles your way.

“That was… That was amazing. I’ve never heard anyone sing like that!” You know you must look like a fool, some crazed, blushing fan annoying the hell out of him.

“Thanks,” he says through his drink.

You give a simple nod, sipping down another shot. Your body is still jittery, and your head is still spinning. Then suddenly, he places his gloved hand on yours and your eyes lock on his again.

“So, what’s a beautiful thing like you doing here?” he purrs, making your cheeks crimson.

“Just wanted to go out, have a drink or two.”

“Well, it seems you’ve had more than that,” he laughs. He’s right, you’re now on your fifth shot. When did that happen?

“I guess I should go home before I get totally wasted…”

“Ah, but there are villains lurking around Gotham this time of night. Wouldn’t want them to get you, now would we?”

“I guess not…”

“Well then, how about you come home with me? My house isn’t too far, and in the morning you can be on your way, safe and sound.” He’s grinning again, but for some reason, you find his offer more kind than suspicious.

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all.” He slips money onto the table for the bartender and then offers his arm to you. “That’ll cover both of us. Shall we?”

“You really are too kind,” you smile, wrapping your arm in his.

“Oh trust me… I’m Mr. Badguy.” His smile twists into a smug grin, but you’re too wasted to notice the sinister tone in his voice.

He slips his glasses out of his pocket and onto his face. You smirk up at him, wondering how on earth he could see through such silly glasses. Before you can ask, a cold wind swoops through the streets, chilling you to the bone. You cuddle up to him, blushing wildly as you see a soft smile appear on his face.

Eventually you two make it to his place, and you stare curiously at his black metal gates, decorated with metal music notes and the initials MM.

“MM?” you question.

“It’s a nickname.” You blush and realize you hadn’t formally introduced yourself to him. Quickly, you tell him your name and he grins. He ushers you through the gate and into his beautiful house.

Your mind explodes as you try and take in every detail of the house. Green and purple cover the walls, along with beautiful paintings. You recognize a few, but the rest must be ones he made. Purple velvet chairs, a dozen overhead lights, pieces of paper scattered around. A beautiful piano sits in the living room along with a harp. Tons of musical instruments are scattered around the house.

“You play all of these?”

“Music’s in my blood. I try to learn as much as I can.”

He takes off your coat, placing it on the coat rack along with his hat and cane. His glasses are pushed onto his silky, well groomed orange hair, but he keeps the gloves on.

>>Looked up Mr Bad Guy for kicks
>>somehow pieces NPH's voice in own mind
>>Chills everywhere
>>Came buckets

“You certainly are a unique type of guy.”

He playfully bows and then slides against you, his fingers lace with yours as he pulls you into a dance. You laugh and try to keep up, stumbling a few times, but he merely laughs as well, guiding the two of you into the living room.

“And you’re light on your feet,” you sigh happily.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” He grins again, wrapping and arm around your waist, dipping you before he plops you onto the couch.

You laugh, all the alcohol going to your brain, it seems. He looms above you, running his hand through your hair. There goes the blushing again, he’s certainly good at that. You grab the sleeve of his jacket and pull him closer to you, straining to reach his lips. Your lips press against his tenderly, his hand grabbing the back of your head gently, pushing you closer to him. Time stops, the same drug in his voice seeping into his lips, his touch. You’re hypnotized once more, and your mouth is the only thing you can control.

Your tongue shyly slips into his mouth, sliding against his teeth, and finally, it reaches the gap. Playfully, you slide your tongue through, MM letting out a soft groan. The sound runs through your body, making it melt with ease. You pull away and smile at him, he tilts your head up with his finger.

“In fact, you’re wonderful.” He kisses your cheek softly, scooping you up into his arms. You curl up against him, rubbing your cheek against the soft suit, letting out a comforted sigh.

Before you can even blink, he’s made it to his room, and you silently observe his domain. Bookcases, a small drafting table… and a huge bed smack in the middle of the room. He slides you on to the purple sheets, pinning you down, his lips on yours. Your hands run through his hair, his glasses sliding down his face. You can see yourself in them, blushing wildly, eager to play. His head goes down to your neck and nibbles hungrily. You let out a soft moan, your arms wrapped around his neck.

His hands run everywhere against your frame, soon slipping to your sides. He spreads your legs with his knees, allowing him to press closer against you. Teeth slide across your jaw line and down to your collarbone. He eagerly pulls off your top, kissing everywhere he can on the newly exposed flesh. Your whimpers and moans fuel him, make him shiver in excitement.

It’s your turn to explore, fingertips sliding across his face, down to his tie, unlacing it. Smirking, he ties it around your neck like a collar, before he shrugs off his jacket. His hands guide yours to his undershirt, forcing you to unbutton him. Now it’s your turn to grin as you pull off his shirt, tossing it aside. Your hands slide down his chiseled chest, his roaming down to your pants. You return the favor, your hands shakily unzipping him, before you find what you’re after. He lets out a soft sigh as he sits up, you crawling over to him to get a closer look. A small gasp escapes your lips when you see it, your mouth salivating. Hungrily you press your lips to the tip, your tongue slipping around the head, your hands grasping his shaft.

He gasps, grabbing the back of your head roughly, pressing more into your mouth. You gladly except, sucking every inch he forces into your eager, waiting hole. He thrusts himself into you, his meat down your throat as you coat every inch with a layer of saliva. You scrape your teeth gently across his shaft, MM moaning in twisted delight. He grabs your head harder, forcing you down his meat, slamming himself in and out, in and out. You match his rhythm as best you can, whimpering as he speeds up. He lets out a musical yelp, your mind thrown into a state of utter obedience. You let him force you down to the base as his cum spurts down your throat. Quickly, you drink it down, pulling off to catch your breath, a spurt landing on your face.

He lets out a pleased sigh, smirking down at you, a finger wiping off his juice and pressing it to your lips.

“Shouldn’t be wasteful, should we?”

“N-no…” You slide your mouth on his finger, your mouth soaking the fabric of his glove. He laughs softly and slides you onto your back. He tugs at your new collar, you let out a small moan. His mouth slides to your ear and he whispers softly, tugging off the rest of your clothes.

“I’m Mr. Bad Guy. They’re all afraid of me. I can ruin people’s lives…” His smile turns into a toothy grin as he slides himself into you. You let out a scream, arching your back and throwing your arms around him. “Mr. Bad Guy, they’re all afraid of me…"

Afraid of him? How could anyone ever be afraid of such a wonderful man? A man you barely know. In fact, you only know his nickname. MM. M…M. Your mind spins with what his name could possibly stand for, but is soon interrupted with another hard thrust inside you. Music… Your brain pauses as all the cogs fit together. The new villain!

“Music Meister!” you yelp. He pauses for a split second, his grin wider.

“So you did manage to figure me out,” he cackles, moving his mouth to your neck. “But it’s too late, you’re all mine!”

He slams into you, holding your hips as he pounds away, his mouth sucking away at your neck. Your body is racked with pleasure, and in the heat of the moment, you hungrily force your mouth on his. He gladly welcomes the gesture, wrapping his tongue around yours as flesh slaps against flesh. In and out, in and out. His moans and pants fill your head, sending your mind into another helpless state. Your body is tense, you can hardly move. He’s rougher now, and his pace is getting quicker. You feel… he’s almost… you’re- He lets out another yelp, pinning you down roughly, slamming into you relentlessly. You scream out his name again and again, exciting him further. And finally, he slams himself into you one last time, and it happens. Wave after wave of hot seed spill into your tight hole. Your body shakes and quivers in delight, and soon after, you yourself find your juices seeping out.

Music Meister collapses next to you, wrapping his arms around you tight. You blush and pant fiercely, embracing him happily.

“I guess that makes one person who isn’t afraid of you, Mr. Bad Guy,” you laugh. He merely smirks and throws the covers over the both of you.

“I guess your right….” he grins and softly whispers into your ear.
>”Oh, spread your wings and fly away with me…”

Springime for Meister and all his fans!
Taking on Gotham, full force!
Meister's infecting this whole place!
Our singing's reaching outerspace!
Springime for Meister and all his fans!

Oh man, I laughed way harder than I should have. Thank you. <3

Well, I know what song's going on my iPod asap...

Loved it! Thanks for writing!

Glad you like it! And thank you!

Ffff, except should be accept. Sorry, I thought I had proofread thoroughly...



Seriously anon, that was pretty awesome. Nice work making it gender non-specific, too.

Naner, come back! We need you...

Just give me ideas and I'll write!


I did already. NOW DO IT, I COMMAND YOU.

Didn't you say something about a balcony? That was... pretty weird. And not much to work off of, you crazy kid.


Small time theater star catches MM's eye, and gets a rather interesting first glimpse in own dressing room when MM decides to share the admiration with the subject?
esp. if the person's fucked right against the vanity in the dressing room hnnnghhh


Saving this stuff for reference for my own work. I've been running dry of good, new smut to read for ideas.

File: 128382284689.jpg-(108.03KB, 800x600, 1283811802835.jpg)


why you do dat ;_;

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