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  I just discovered that Homm IV, despite its terribleness, had awesome music. To celebrate, lets have a thread for awesome video game soundtracks.

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  Dance with an angel!

  This shit makes me wanna wear aviators at the PC.


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This thread is for discussing Resident Evil.

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What happened to Carlos? I stopped after the 2nd movie.



This article doesn't really seem to be about anything specific in general but I do like the youtube clip they provided.

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Let's talk Warblade.

I want to specialize in Diamond Mind and Iron Heart, with a focus on using a greatsword to smash through my enemies.

What maneuvers and stances should I be using?

Iron Heart Surge.
All day, er'ry day.

Got it. Anything else?

If you use Iron Heart Surge while pregnant you can abort the baby, since I'm pretty sure pregnancy counts as a "effect, or other condition currently affecting you and with a duration of 1 or more rounds."

I think /tg/ archived a few threads on the subject, with everything from gravity to life itself listed as affects to be cast off in favor of a +2 morale bonus.

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  With Shank and Scott Pilgrim out now, I'm feelin' the urge for more beat-em-ups. From the over-looked...

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File: 128436873934.jpg-(303.25KB, 600x338, 6fqexi.jpg)
Does Dead Rising count?

Probably not but I didn't feel like triple posting in the general thread.

But that who I think it is?


It doesn't count, but it is fun as heck. B) And if you are asking if that's Frank, I don't think so, but I hope you can get some clothes to look like him, or unlock him for multiplayer or something.

Here's a blast from my past, and also in my opinion, a pretty under-rated game. I like this waaaaay more than the SNES version, but I will post a video from that as well, because I do think it's cool.

  The SNES game had the cool feature where you had to morph into your sentai costume, which is pretty all right, but I've never been a huge fan of 2D plane beat em ups. Still a good game, but not as good as the Genesis version imho.

Sage for double-post.

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You know, in the history of /cog/ I don't think we've had a thread for Homebrew Material. Lets change that now.

Heres a new prestige class I hammered out for one of my players. Comments, thoughts, suggestions?
Post your crap, Ideas, requests, etc.

The Sumo Wrestler

HD: d12

BAB: Same as Monks

Saves: Good Fortitude, Poor Reflex and Will

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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latest version

i hope to be participating in a test game of it, thinking of being a nut-warrior, but we'll see if there are any gaps in party makeup that need filling

I like that sumo one.

I wanted to make a janitor class, but I got as far as talking about it this one time.

Thanks, it's gone through some major revisions though, mainly because I didn't understand Bullrushing. I'll probably be posting the updated one and some new monk prestige classes soon.

Goddamn I love monk prestige classes.

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Well, it looks like regardless of who you were or what you did in DAO, you're forced to play a wholly new and unconnected human character who fled Lothering 10 years prior.

Wow, all this after two tedious and unrewarding DLC mission packs and one of the glitchiest expansions ever given the light of day. Dragon Age sure does keep getting better...

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and this is what happens when you let the B team write

This is what happenes when you can't decide whether you want to carry things over from the same game or not. YOUR PENIS IMPREGNATED HER JUST BY BEING IN THE VACINITY.


which is why you then write a totally separate game to give you some time to work those problems out.

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Began to play a week ago Homecoming ,and though it's kinda buggy in parts, I feel it's ok. Though this is the first SH I play. Also, how's Shattered Memories?
Also, fucking needlers.

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File: 128241702158.png-(258.87KB, 473x354, wat.png)

File: 128241743110.jpg-(13.56KB, 302x223, 18 copy.jpg)
>dying slowly with no hope of recovery
>confined to a bed and loaded with drugs that kept her alive but miserable and prone to violent mood swings
>forced to deal with physical disfigurement/agony, impending death, and a disintegrating marriage ALL AT ONCE
>letter implies that she truly loved her husband and wanted him to move on and be happy again

>she was actually a bitch

I don't think you played Silent Hill 2.

File: 128408981045.jpg-(230.46KB, 1001x442, silent_hill_homecoming_by_richardwesker-d2yatgm.jpg)

Phelous thoughs in Homecoming.
Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

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It's Official: Duke Nukem Forever Coming From Gearbox Software

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My mistake.

File: 128399168819.jpg-(157.14KB, 800x598, mount-duke-hail-to-the-king-everest-dnf-art.jpg)

File: 128399477369.jpg-(124.85KB, 800x401, 998614351_Qx65i-L.jpg)
...Well-played, Penny Arcade.

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Hey, just figured /tg/ would be interested in visiting our new Mass Effect roleplay forum. It's got a friendly little, tight knit community, and we'd just love to have new members.

You can find us at

We're looking for dedicated roleplayers who want to have a little fun. So, check us out! And, if you have any comments, please feel free to let us know.

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"A little fun" makes me nervous


>>It's got a friendly little, tight knit community, and we'd just love to have new members.

>>Really means "There a few of us, and though we hate bigger communities, we're all starting to irritate each other now, and need some new people to shake things up."

Been there.

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So what does /cog/ think of Persona 3?

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File: 128388381871.jpg-(20.92KB, 300x746, 836854-sayoko_large.jpg)
God... dammit, Kenji. You lovable moron. I just... god dammit.

Also, in other S.Link related news: I continually delight at the fact that the Devil S.Link in Persona 4 is an oversexed, belligerent Nurse. Every time I rank up and see "Nurse" on the screen, I have myself a little giggle.

Wow Nurse, who'd you have to shank to get into a video game?

Man, I don't even know, but I get to molest the Main Character and be bitchy to everyone and basically be awesome. It's... pretty amazing.

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After two years of hard work, the English translation patch for Tales of Innocence was finally released earlier today, /v/.

You can download the patch here:

Gameplay video:

Already patched ROM:
Alt link:

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bumping for any tales fans that might be interested

I'm working on getting my hands on an R4 at the moment. Will so fucking play this when I do.

What are you doing back here thread you are more important than any thread on this board save the Duke one.

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>Sitting in my room, playing Persona 3
>Sister comes in
>Hey, my friend got sent to jail and she doesn't need this stuff anymore. Here's some game thing she wanted you to have.
>Look in the box.

>It's a 360 Elite.

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>mid settings
Enjoy being unable to play anything by next week.

So the programs he can run now will suddenly update to where his computer can't handle them as if by magic in a week?

"Oh, woe is me! Whatever will I do! These system requirements are just too high for m-"

>Switch to DX10 mode

"Well, that kinda clears things up, but I can still use a little..."

>DX9 mode
>100+ FPS

The fact that cards from 2007 and cards sold for $40-$100 can still run the games that come out fills me with glee.

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The hell is this and what is it doing in mah Steam store?!

Pic unrelated.

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File: 128373513757.jpg-(718.43KB, 1222x2340, 1283733420249.jpg)
If the other game in my pile right now were ANYTHING but Warcraft 3, I'd be CONSUMED by this.

Like >>91894 says, it's basically just INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: THE GAME with Zelda-ish combat.


The Internet: Solving Embarrassment with Maximum Explicit Exaggeration

Tried the demo. I can see myself buying this, but not now... Not with Tourhlight AND Mass Effect on the PC Backburner.

hide File: 128250202970.jpg-(304.60KB, 1600x1200, Dawn_Of_War_II_121200974619PM643.jpg)
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I loved the first Dawn of War.
I bought every expansion that came out for it, including the disastrous last one, which, although disappointing, did not diminish my love of the game.
I'm going to be getting a new computer in a couple of days. Would you guys support my buying DoWII and it's expansion, Chaos Rising?
What have you heard about the new-ish game? Is it any good?

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What a coincidence, I just recently reinstalled Dark Crusade on my laptop. (I had to have the OS reinstalled earlier.)

But to the topic at hand: Like the other guys said, it's a radically different game. More squad control, and on a significantly smaller scale, also RPG elements. If you're into that, you may want to give it a try. I've only watched gameplay, since I'm not sure my computer can't really handle it. (Although it CAN handle Company of Heroes well enough on low settings.)

Speaking of ought to try Company of Heroes. It is by far Relic's best game. A big step-up from the original Dawn of War. DoW II runs on the same engine.

New expansion features campaigns for the other races, and so far we only have info for the Orks.

You get the following Heroes:

Warboss - Kaptin Bluddflagg
Mekboy - Mister Nailbrain
Storm Nob - Brikkfist
Kommando - Spookums

Yes, Kaptin Bluddflagg wears a pirate hat and a what looks like a corsair shirt-thing.

Seriously looking forward to it.

i used to replay the company heroes demo over and over because i was so impressed with it

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Would you hit it, /cog/?

Bayonetta general thread. Any news on a sequel?

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I liked the bayonetta story mode, sure it didn't make sense, but it was over the top and hilarious.

Something about Bayonetta was disappointing to me but I can't put my finger down on what.


People have already said so but the only real drawback to Bayonetta's story is the confusing as fuck backstory. Aside from that it's fairly straightforward and isn't nearly as bad as some other vidya have been.

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