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I loved the first Dawn of War.
I bought every expansion that came out for it, including the disastrous last one, which, although disappointing, did not diminish my love of the game.
I'm going to be getting a new computer in a couple of days. Would you guys support my buying DoWII and it's expansion, Chaos Rising?
What have you heard about the new-ish game? Is it any good?

It's nothing like the first one, so if you're expecting that, you're probably SOL.

I've heard that, yeah. But is it good?


Its a Squad Form SRPG Its not bad. I've had fun with

How's the online multiplayer?

Are the races balanced?

Also The Space (Ultra)Marine game?
Hope it ends with Dreadnought.

Bumping for more info.

i fucking loved winter assault and dark crusade, skipped soulstorm, and was severly let down at DoW2. its just... different. less rts like. Chaos rising is supposed to be better, but i really wanted a system that was similar to the first dawn of war.

multiplayer/versus mode is terribly boring, it moves too slow and you always have to sacrifice some units to protect a point, making the game go back and forth over and over again unless one player is significantly better than the other. i'm also slightly pissed at how tyranids sound like pussified microsoft sam.

the arena mode thing is really cool, though. nice concept albeit glitchy as hell and the later levels are a real challenge

its p cool

  Also this

What a coincidence, I just recently reinstalled Dark Crusade on my laptop. (I had to have the OS reinstalled earlier.)

But to the topic at hand: Like the other guys said, it's a radically different game. More squad control, and on a significantly smaller scale, also RPG elements. If you're into that, you may want to give it a try. I've only watched gameplay, since I'm not sure my computer can't really handle it. (Although it CAN handle Company of Heroes well enough on low settings.)

Speaking of ought to try Company of Heroes. It is by far Relic's best game. A big step-up from the original Dawn of War. DoW II runs on the same engine.

New expansion features campaigns for the other races, and so far we only have info for the Orks.

You get the following Heroes:

Warboss - Kaptin Bluddflagg
Mekboy - Mister Nailbrain
Storm Nob - Brikkfist
Kommando - Spookums

Yes, Kaptin Bluddflagg wears a pirate hat and a what looks like a corsair shirt-thing.

Seriously looking forward to it.

i used to replay the company heroes demo over and over because i was so impressed with it

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