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  Normally I hate Gamestop but this is just good.

So, anybody else getting War for Cybertron?

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I was only fucking with you, guy, I was never trying to argue. :P

Well whether it was arguing or trolling I mad so you win.


Get it on PC master race, I shall show you how to play. ;)

hide File: 128275976297.jpg-(58.64KB, 600x450, 292629-curse_of_monkey_island__3__super.jpg)
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Look behind you... A three headed monkey!

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

hide File: 128275406345.jpg-(114.22KB, 1000x570, hr-concept-civilians.jpg)
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See when I think of a Halo movie, I don't think of frat boys, teabags, and noobs.... I think of these commercials.

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What's with the middle guy's arm?

File: 128276323940.png-(539.20KB, 555x1023, Kat_concept_full.png)

hahaha dat dialog dat acting this is dreadful

hide File: 127957054248.jpg-(41.79KB, 500x375, alien-swarm-infested-20050429115729063.jpg)
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What's that? You want a free 4 player co-op game on Steam?

"Alien Swarm is a game and Source SDK release from a group of talented designers at Valve who were hired from the Mod community. Available free of charge, the game thrusts players into an epic bug hunt featuring a unique blend of co-op play and squad-level tactics. With your friends, form a squad of four distinct IAF Marine classes."

Persistent items based on level, free, and co-op goodness. Did I mention... free?

If you don't have Steam and have a decent computer, get it for this, at least. And add me :D

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Back the fuck up
>Timor Station 9%
I'm proer tier than you.


Survival rate doesn't make you pro.

Getting infested and running at your team mates does.

File: 128275641290.gif-(2.92KB, 318x121, yay.gif)
Hooray, I guess.

But I haven't played close to as much as Ninja. (Still better though HA)

hide File: 128261536856.jpg-(155.20KB, 598x418, civ V, victoria II x.jpg)
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"Civilization V is going to have DRM? Well, you just lost a sale Firaxis, because 'Fuck that, I'm buying Victoria II instead.'"

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I always thought that the Civ series was fucking boring.

The only way I'll play Civ V is if I can play as Obama or Hitler.

You can do that with the other Civ games -- there are tons of mods/leaderheads for them.

deal w/ it nerd it probably wont be that bad

hide File: 128244957486.jpg-(50.29KB, 869x1398, THE TEMPLATE TO END ALL TEMPLATES.jpg)
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So /cog/, how has 2010 been for you so far?

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File: 128262852227.jpg-(139.64KB, 869x1398, yaw.jpg)
I know I'm slowpoking on Halo, but I didn't have an Xbox to try it any sooner.

I also play Children's Card Games, don't forget.


Well Pokemon Black and White don't come out stateside till next year so...

hide File: 128253307056.jpg-(103.42KB, 400x500, 2009-04-14-3252519632_ae87a1bae4.jpg)
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How are you piratefags liking Halo Reach?

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File: 128261778091.jpg-(29.89KB, 143x108, Feels Goodman.jpg)


I'd just like to say that I always feel kinda bad when I see the latest Halo game get pirated. I've actually met a lot of the guys at Bungie, and I have season tickets to the local soccer team coincidentally right behind their seats. They all seem really nice.

hide File: 128242482660.jpg-(29.88KB, 223x310, Image.jpg)
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4 沼地平野
18 沼泽
1 地塑旷野
1 新绿陵墓
3 深渊虐魔
1 Fleshbag Marauder
3 马拉奇门卫
2 墓地泰坦
4 螳人阴魂
3 邪术吸血鬼
3 夜盗吸血鬼
2 化骨毒气
2 残酷发现
2 莉莲娜维斯
3 心灵沈滓
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If you just have a monocolor deck, what's the point of having Terramorphic Expanse?

overwhelming numbers
overwhelming numbers !

It's kinda cute. I don't really see you getting rid of the Persecutor reliably enough. Also no idea why you're playing a single Fleshbag Marauder over a Gatekeeper. You're monoblack anyway. And Nighthawk should always be a 4-of. Especially for a controll-ish mid-range deck like yours.
I know you want to be creative and stuff, but I don't see any reason for you to play the Titan over Bloodwitch. You have lots vampires in the deck already. The Titan doesn't really add much and is easily to dispose of.

hide File: 128141807967.png-(18.94KB, 442x443, this game.png)
89558 No.89558 quickreply   Reply
okay, I saw this game on /tg/ awhile ago.

it had a map setup like this, and you essentially played as a god, could terraform, create races, disasters, etc based on your dice rolls.

can anyone give me the name of this game?

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i'll bump this


so whatever happened to this?


So many distractions. :(

hide File: 128242785695.png-(13.49KB, 854x561, Draw your grop.png)
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Lets see your groups, /cog/.

File: 128244473417.png-(590.03KB, 1096x862, Wow_it__s_been_a_year_by_OutkastTheReaper.png)
It's a little old.

I'm the guy in the middle.

hide File: 12812517573.jpg-(40.78KB, 403x404, whatthefuckamireading.jpg)
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>AM General HMMWV Humvee M998 Cargo/Troop Carrier ‘
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1025A2 Armament {17 Grain} ‘05
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1035A2 Soft Top Ambulance ‘05
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1038 Cargo/Troop Carrier w/ Winch
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1043A2 Armament {44 Grain} ‘05
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1097A2 Base Platform ‘05
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1097A2 Cargo/Troop Carrier/Prime Mover ‘05
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1113 Pickup ‘05
>AM General HMMWV Humvee M1114 Slant Back ‘05

>Humvees in Gran Turismo 5

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The same reason people play ArmA and Operation Flash Point.

Because people get sticks up their asses about games not being Real Life: The Game

You can count the real driving simulators on one hand. Everything else is Arcade tier. Everything.

hide File: 127406287548.jpg-(184.55KB, 1091x947, 1267167932483.jpg)
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New reaction thread because the last one got too huge again.

>I just finished Mother 3 for the first time

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File: 128241610156.gif-(918.81KB, 295x283, 127233469232.gif)
>Playing Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
>Character is female.
>Spar with Kanono.
>Win and get shield.
>Shield is a giant valentine chocolate heart.
>Did she just... huh.

File: 128241825827.gif-(1.67MB, 400x298, 1278511666693.gif)
>Find old copy of Global Operations

File: 12825330863.png-(229.01KB, 676x518, Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 12.47.42 AM.png)
>Reading the effect of "Power Word Kill" for the first time

hide File: 128234958266.png-(290.18KB, 426x639, greatmomentsinvikinghistory.png)
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Almost down to a month left now. Who's going to play the shit out of Civilization V?

I hope we get some good mod support, I want to see a new and extended Last Frontier mod.

Pic related; every civ game I run, ever.

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I love every Civ game and I'll definitely get Civ V. Though at the same time I feel guilty because I never really get into the big strategy of the game; I just like to roleplay a civilization (obviously my civ is a pristine science-loving utopia in my mind) in a single game every so often.


I agree with this sentiment. I rarely crawl higher than the mid-level skill at end-game, and I'm absolutely dreadful at managing military expansion, but I like culture victories and science victories and what have you.

Although, I will say, ending up on a continent full of religious zealots wherein only one nation would ally with me, and then fighting them back for 300 years until the entire continent was either conquered or a protectorate, looked pretty cool from the outside.

China ruled by Abraham Lincoln. Generally peaceful, unless you're Spain. Fuck Spain.

The modern era was my least favorite part of every Civ game. Gone are my awesome steampunk railways, and useless is my army of stalwart Crusaders. The music sucks, and you have to use mods just to get ACTUAL future tech. I want an army of robo-knights riding holographic horses!

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No.90540 quickreply   Reply
  I didn't see a thread on this and thought it might be neat to have.

I haven't played MMOs in a while, after I got burned out on WoW several months ago (also when my roomies stopped playing), but GW2 seems really exciting to me. I don't want to get overhyped but it seems like they're really working to change around the typical MMO status quo into something more entertaining.

Here's a neat gameplay video (part 1).

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  And part 3.

It looks like they have some decent ideas (improving a little on previously existing concepts, like the mobs invading NPC villages, which was in Tabula Rasa, open-area missions which are in Champions, etc) but the gameplay looks like more of the same... point, click, hotkey, I don't see it being too compelling unless that's your thing.

File: 128237163598.gif-(2.43MB, 320x320, 1282370358205.gif)
Nothing more to add, except dem tits.

hide File: 128197347862.jpg-(138.46KB, 824x480, mnc_screenshot01_8241.jpg)
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Thoughts? Also, anyone up for a little MNC this fine evening?

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Add DaftMoses.

>taking the skill out of the game, replacing it with more strategy
This statement makes no sense.


Would you say playing poker and skeet-shooting require the same skill-sets?

When you make a shooting game and the strategy becomes a major part, you are taking away from the amount of skilled shooting required to play it.

It makes perfect sense. I'm not knocking it, adding shooting to a tower defense game is a hell of a way to improve tower defense, it's just not for me.

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