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This thread is for discussing Resident Evil.

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stupid sexy Leon time?

File: 128198485391.gif-(32.01KB, 400x400, 1249479902908.gif)

I like stupid over-the-top bullshit as much as anyone, but did RE5 really have to jump the shark in EVERY chapter?

RE4 did it before RE5 DID IMO


But they did it darker and moodier. Don't you get it? That makes it deeper and more meaningful. Like Silent Hill.

At this point we are running out of sharks.

This. RE5 took itself too seriously.

I fucking hate RE5.
They removed the Atache case, you still can't move while you're aiming, you can't see the targetting reticule at all, and Christ Redfield's bicep is larger than his head.

You can never run out of sharks when it comes to Resident Evil.



I don't get why people shit on 5 so much. Yeah 4 was great, and in some areas it's better than 5 (namely the stages) but 5 took what 4 had and really fixed a lot of stupid issues I thought it had. I'd rather have my 9 (or 18) inventory slot system with a menu screen that gives me access to everything that I've bought and collected instead of some magical box that I always have that I can't keep everything I want in there without selling something. Not to mention multiplayer is fun, 4 looks like shit on an HDTV and the controls in 5 are better. Plus after I finish the game I can replay chapters that I want to without having to go through shitty ones I hated (I'm looking at you Krauser knife fight).

Honestly, the only thing I missed from 4 was the merchant.

>the controls in 5 are better

The controls in 5 are almost exactly the same as the controls in 4 without the added greatness of a Gamecube controller. The only thing the really got right was making the knife less pants-on-head retarded to handle. They barely changed anything in a post-Gears of War gaming environment. Say what you want about Gears, but the one thing they did get right was perfecting the RE4/5 shooting mechanic and, oh yeah, I can fucking strafe in all of those games. Imagine that. No, I am sorry, standing still and taking shots is probably the most archaic system on the planet. I forgave it in RE4 because that whole over-the-shoulder thing was pretty new and then, it was still fairly awesome. Not only that, since it was developed for the Gamecube and it's One-Analog-Stick-and-One-Gimped-Nub, it was hard to develop the whole run-and-gun mechanic. RE5 does not have that problem. It was developed for two systems that have TWO perfectly functional analog sticks that allow for moving and aiming at the same time. This is not rocket science and it boggles the mind that Capcom could fuck it up so astronomically.


Personally, I felt like RE4 was just generally built with those controls in mind as well. RE5 just felt frustrating in comparison. It was still a fun co-op game and, if nothing else, the improved melee system was goddamn awesome, but man, did this game feel like a pain in the ass or what?

Don't you mean without the awesomeness of the Wiimote+Nunchuck? Granted, it was made for the Gamecube controller but the Wii controls for RE4 are beautiful.

There was no excuse for 4 on the Gamecube to not have strafing as well. Many FPS games on the Gamecube used the same style controls as Gears. 4 could have done the exact same thing, but it didn't because they weren't realizing "hey, were making this a 3rd person shooter. Perhaps we should give it the same controls as those other games?" They were probably just thinking "hey we're changing the camera to be over the shoulder instead of being fixed" and didn't think about changing the control style. Or maybe they figure tank controls are part of the Resident Evil signature.

It still worked. As far as I'm concerned, the lack of strafing didn't hurt RE4.

RE5 on the other hand...

It would have been interesting if they changed the camera to resemble Eternal Darkness. Fixed, but on a rail.

Never played the Wii version, actually, so I don't have the foggiest clue how it plays. I've heard good things tho.

I guess? And like I said, I can forgive RE4 for it's controls because it was a new thing at the time for games and for capcom and they handled it well (except for the goddamn knife). But RE5 should have fucking known better. it should have ganked more shamelessly from Gears and not made the controls feel so miserably sluggish.


ITT Babbies crying about the controls. Man the fuck up. RE5 was fucking easy, and thats the only valid complaint. The challenge came from the shitty single player AI on higher difficulties. I'm convinced you cannot beat Wesker and Jill on solo hardest without using infinite RPG.

To me, asking for strafing in RE>3 is like asking for a double jump in Mario. Only worse.

Yes, it'd be nice to have- because it would make the game easier. Because it would pull the rug out from under three or four aspects of the game that really *do* rock- the tension from the restricted view, the necessity to plan 15 seconds ahead in order to compensate for not being able to quickly shift your angle of fire, the relatively slow pace that allows you to really think about things like remaining ammo & health for a second every now and then, the ohfuckohfuck tension of a villager who's about five seconds from stabbing you with a knife.

that still doesn't excuse RE5 for not being less shitty.

I don't think it was full-blown shitty but it was still awkward as hell. Especially trying to play split-screen co-op, that random-ass selective covering system, shitting on Jill Valentine, and severe lack of humor.

ITT Senor being a gigantic bag of dicks.

  Humans strafing with a non-belt fed weapon at anything more than a brisk walk is a recipe for hitting diddly squat. Outbreak File 2 had the right idea with the walk + shoot, but the controls need to be simultaneously de-tankified and re-tankified.

Controls should give free range of motion when weapons safe. When moving with a weapon drawn your steps should be short and choppy with a limited range of movement left or right, ie no turning on a dime, more of a drift. The player character should be able to lock on to monsters 45° from center of mass by rotating their torso (not hips) like a tank turret. Hit placement on the monster's body will be RNG based supplemented with distance, angle, weapon, terrain, speed, character based elements all being taken into account. Non-moving aimed shots will be done from a iron sighted first person mode. Needless to say, both the auto-lock 3rd person and 1st person modes should incorporate accurate weapon ergonomics for target acquisition. These improvements should allow the player to engage with more rapidly moving enemies and remedy the "pull up short" behavior of the zombie types.

Story should be rebooted completely and moved back a couple of decades to the 1980s. Any mechanized army will easily deal with T-Virus creations, what makes them useful is their ability to foul up the soft underbelly of society. Basically a private start up takes over an old government labs and uses the old data, uncovering and creating many nasty things. Sending in a small town sheriff and a rescue squad member armed only with a revolver or M1911 to the Arklay incident will add much more tension to the game than some super soldier 'roid freak like Chris that eats zombies for breakfast. Female characters should be at a disadvantage physically when it comes to carrying items or taking damage, and are well adjusted professional no nonsense women, no sexpots.

Hire better writers so the villain has a better arc than a glaringly inefficient Darwinist punching bag. No minority quotas (stay out of Africa). Play with the rules of physics and biology less liberally. Take inspiration for monster design from selected portions of nature and repackage them. Do not make the monsters huge versions of what they already are or a blob with tentacles. In general, bigger is not always better. The aforementioned are particularly embarrassing considering RE5's production values.

General gameplay improvements: Singly player, limit the ammo, make the game exclusively set at night, give us multiple playable characters and endings to increase replayability, increase customization of armor and tactical load out, more realistic carriage of weapons and ammunition that is weight based, have an attache case/rucksack/courier character to carry large amounts of items around, be able to place any item on the ground any where you want, show battle damage, no instant heals, have a casual and hardcore mode with major difficulty tweaks to satisfy both crowds, return to the high violence level of the original games including decapitation and disembowelment.

Or just give everyone Dead Space controls.


>Female characters should be at a disadvantage physically when it comes to carrying items or taking damage

How about no.

Complaining that you can't strafe or move while aiming in RE5 is like complaining that you can only go left or right in 2D platformers.

But all that shit is what gives Resident Evil its goofy-ass charm.

>some super soldier 'roid freak like Chris that eats zombies for breakfast.
>well adjusted professional no nonsense women, no sexpots.
Is 5 the only RE game you've played?


Everyone know women soldiers don't carry the same equipment as men. And they don't wear the same tactical vests or backpacks that give them the same carrying capacity.

I mean, come on. Everyone knows this. Everyone.

Raccoon City


>Honestly, the only thing I missed from 4 was the merchant.

Itchy Tasty

File: 128215595367.jpg-(37.24KB, 350x350, FUCKING LICKERS, GO AWAY..jpg)
That line has always stuck with me.

I've been wanting to play Darkside Chronicles since I saw screenshots for it, partly because I fucking love RE2, and partly because I'm curious to see how the gameplay feels. Anyone know if it's any good?

File: 128215615320.gif-(19.71KB, 400x725, Resident Valentine.gif)
God, I miss "WHAT'RE YA BAIYIN?"

File: 128215624951.jpg-(56.79KB, 600x800, 511663-jill__3__super.jpg)

File: 128215727041.jpg-(57.91KB, 569x864, 930654-jill_super.jpg)

File: 128215778688.jpg-(767.83KB, 1712x2288, Jill_Valentine_Cosplay_by_Sin_bi.jpg)

File: 128215804872.jpg-(73.03KB, 400x636, Resident_Evil_Jill_Valentine_by_the_lagz.jpg)

I liked when the Gameplay had the "men tougher and stronger, Women more agile and can fit through smaller spaces."

I liked when "Women have Barry Burton bash through the door and light everything on fire".


That's true though, I did play as Jill more in the original, because I was a smart enough kid to know that fighting gets you nowhere.

Tone has always been sporadic and inconsistent with RE games. It goes from wow fucked up diary entries to wonky declarations of world domination. 4 was like this too with trying to imply Leon and Ada's romance actually being significant. What happens with Luis and Mike and then throwing us Napoleon and other tom fuckery. The scripts are pretty atrocious.

The one thing I think everyone can agree on is that RE5 gave Chris more of a personality. Him and his sister are probably the most emotional and closest to legit characters in the series (Claire in CV) vs action figures like Leon which everyone seems to love.

RE4 had some good Voice acting. Except when Luis died. Good God.
Would have been better if it were more, I dunno, sombre? ANd less yelling.
"Luis? Oh...Oh, Luis..."

Not always. RE1/2/3 had no world domination bullshit. Remember that in RE1 Umbrella is supposed to be a small company (even Chris didn't know what they were) and Wesker DIES at the end.

It's Code Veronica which changed everything and from CV and on the storyline in RE was terrible and fucked forever.

>action figures like Leon which everyone seems to love.

That's RE4 Leon. RE2 Leon is very different. He's a new recruit with a "It's just my job to save everybody even during a zombie apocalypse" big-hearted spirit.

The fun fact is that RE1.5 was leon was also very different. In 1.5 Leon seemed to be a much more "believeable" new recruit, having no idea what to do and being kinda scared of the situation.

Darkside Chronicles is a great movie-game, but the gameplay is flawed.

> Luis and Mike
Oh shit Mike. ;_;

>This scripts are pretty atrocious
I disagree. I've always found the main games in the series to have nicely told stories....sure they go pretty crazy with their realism in certain spots, but that's Japanese games for you. the Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy series' are guilty of the same thing. Code: Veronica definitely got off the wall and into orbit in the last third though, and the Outbreak series was never very well told. And yes, if one considers the RE mythology as a whole, it's pretty damn ridiculous. But if one considers the main stories individually, they're quite well-concieved.

>RE5 gave Chris more of a personality.
Oh, definitely. RE5 was just what the character needed, I feel.

>RE2 Leon is very different. He's a new recruit with a "It's just my job to save everybody even during a zombie apocalypse" big-hearted spirit.
This. I've always liked Leon's original character-type because he was just a normal guy in a situation where he just tried to help who he could and remain optimistic. RE4 Leon is cool and all, but his whole "Whatever, i'm badass, try and give me a challenge" attitude didn't seem very relatable or believable.

I feel like Shinji Mikami might have done what he did with RE4 and Leon as a response to how stupid RE and Umbrella got. He immediately ditched Umbrella (which went from a small pharmaceutical company to an almost HAIL HYDRA super evil corp with a jillion different private armies, super weapons, and MANSIONS, EVERYWHERE) in the most pedestrian way possible, skipped years ahead of Code Veronica, and just went "fuck it, you guys already made RE even MORE ridiculous, I'm taking this the full 9-yards with a smile on my face." No one got the message and we ended up with 20-story leech monsters, bad Brooklyn accents, and punching rocks, all with a straight-face.

RE has always had deranged stories and awful dialogue.

"You were almost a Jill sandwich!" has not survived the test of time due to the brilliance of the scriptwriter.

I like to think the reason why Weasker hates Chris is do to the way he reacted to Tyrant.


The stories are good, but they never take themselves 100% serious. I think with 4 & 5 they were faced with direct competition and had to serious it up a teensy bit because of all the grimdark zombie face squishing head splosion games.

And if you comes to RE for "good" storys, THEN READ THE FUCKING BOOKS!
Just saying...

I think the original RE actually a pretty good story. No joke. The voice acting and dialogue were horrendous, but I think uncovering the mystery of what the fuck was going on was awesome.

RE1 was fine due to loltweest I'm really evil and was just about survival. RE2 was alright too with Birkin and whatnot. RE3 was also fine since it was just about Jill escaping and Umbrella trying to silence people. RECV was atrocious. Claire infiltrates this high security place and goes James Bond on them and gets sent to a prison then winds up in Antartica fighting some bondage freak then lolChris comes along. RE4 takes it even further with saving the president's daughter from Napoleon Bonaparte and the Cult straight out of Dagon while dealing with prehistoric hivemind bugs.

ALL of them suffer from bad acting and bad dialog. But stuff that the creators say in interviews makes me wonder if they think that shit is gravy. I remember the producer of RE5 saying his top moment in the series (well one of them) was the romance between Ada and Leon because it "went from a game to a drama" in a EGM issue. I shit you not. I fucking lol'd hard.

Kojima's games have a better handle on tone. When MGS pokes fun it pokes fun. When it's serious it's serious. And while things get kinda crazy it never reaches the point where I'm shaking my head like what's common with RE. Maybe because the VAing isn't so retarded.

Either way the games are still fun. Even the worst in the series are worth at least one run through. I just think it's stupid when people say RE5 shit the bed in regards to story when it was even less stupid than RE4 and had a you know legit character as the lead.

This exactly. It's RE:CV which fucked up the story (and then it went worse and worse AND WORSE AND WORSE as it went on).

I loathe CV so much, it hardly has anything good. Everything is atrocious in that game.

and yeah I think RE1's story is pretty much perfect for a video game of that kind. Simple and cliché (but that was the point, make a game that was like a b-movie).

RE2 and 3 were good too because they reprenseted the typical zombie apocalypse situation, and again were very simple.

After that it's just storywritters dumping of what previous written had done, writing new canons that went AGAINST what we was seen or said in previous games, while making it over convuled and over the top...

>Less serious than 1, 2, and 3
You... you can't be serious. I haven't played 5, but 4 was practically a parody of the series.


Alls I know is the game was black. Everywhere. And that the main character is an emo kid. And also you're a faggot.


Brightness controls dog, turn them to max, also Leon just uses a REALLY good shampoo.

>Emo kid


Psht, I know he has like The Used records on vinyl and shit, no heterosexual male would cut their hair like that, ever.

File: 128227868865.jpg-(63.58KB, 284x211, 6a00d83451b05569e200e54f81a55a8834-800wi.jpg)

You got me. World's biggest Resident Evil fan ever. Right here. Boy howdy, I beat every game on every difficulty. Because I love them so much. Resident Evil is the best game, and 4 is awful because it's different, and not because it's a dark, grey mess with a shitty main character and bad controls. Durp, durp, durp, look at me, I'm Anonymous on Plus4 and I think I am funny hur hur hur, I sure zinged that guy.

Seriously, I only like Outbreak and 5. The rest of the series is shit outside of the story. Hurp.

At least I'm not adopted.


You shore bout dat?

5 is just a shitty, cut down version of 4. Worse gameplay, less funny story, and delightful racism.

Wait, no. The racism is actually new.


Same gameplay, minus shit I didn't need, better graphics, better controls (because it's on PC, hur hur), better characters, idk what a story is, too busy having fun you whiny cunt.

The Gamecube Resident Evil Remake was the best in the series
I'm mad at how bad of a send off Wesker got in RE5
The worst part of RE5 is the A.I., playing Co-op is great though.
Resident Evil 4 blew me away at how fun it was, I'm doing a knife-only walkthrough right now.
Rebecca Chambers is the hottest R.E. lady, followed by Ada and then Sheva.
The series has never really been that scary or frightening. The regenerators are terrifying though, OH GOD THE REGENERATORS

Wut. Emo is definitely not synonymous for gay.



Lighten up.

You first.

File: 128228204097.jpg-(7.53KB, 296x170, images.jpg)


I don't understand this thread.

File: 128228223116.png-(38.13KB, 400x336, dignified.png)

File: 128228234068.png-(69.19KB, 262x237, Banky Edwards.png)

youre both faggots

also RE4 > REmake > RE2 > RE3 > RE5 > RECV > RE

Perfect. What about 0?

File: 128228590426.gif-(1.89MB, 480x276, JTheadshake.gif)

File: 128228599434.jpg-(506.70KB, 900x1270, 1222317798774.jpg)
Before or after CV.

What the hell?

Are... are you seriously claiming there's no RE4 PC version? Are you actually that stupid?



To be fair the PC version is awful

The only RE game with Barry B. as the STAR!


Its an awful game though

So is the one of 5.

>Rebecca Chambers is the hottest R.E. lady, followed by Ada and then Sheva.
>Jill or Claire not the hottest R.E. ladies ever.
>Ada, Sheva
To each his own, I suppose.

Ugh, this was probably the worst game to ever come out of Resident Evil. Even Survivor and Dead Aim were better than this.

Dead Aim is underrated.

File: 128233005794.jpg-(44.68KB, 450x507, god damn right.jpg)

Yes, I'm stupid enough to not see it on Steam (or any other digital distributor) and have only seen it a couple times in the bargain bin at a Target. If a game has shit distribution, it might as well have never existed. It's clearly a console game for console gamers, and I don't particularly care what you think because you refuse to accept my opinion as valid. You can eat a dick, pal.

Then fuck off.

Also Ubisoft made the PC port.

So, yeah, what PC port?

File: 128233412542.jpg-(4.26KB, 120x96, images.jpg)
Gaiden isn't the worst RE game. RE2 is on, picture related. I actually happen to own this.

Survivor is a very good game. It has the spirit of 1 and 2, spirit which was then lost in every other RE game.

Dead Aim is a great game. Dead Aim is RE4 before RE4 (it's impressing to see how much RE4 based itself on Dead Aim) while still being Survival-Horror.
It belongs to a small sub-genre of action-survival horror games, games like Cold Fear and ARGUABLY Dead Space.

>Taking Toxie seriously when he is CLEARLY joking.

remember joking image captures from movies = Toxie fucking with overly serious people.

You think Wesker is dead after 5? He was only shot with two rocket launchers into a valcano, he'll just come back beefed up after finding some magma dwelling micro biological horror.

File: 128233605924.jpg-(70.49KB, 560x1116, Chris Redfield1.jpg)
Also 4 was my favorite followed by Zero then 5.

I prefer Chris to Leon because I prefer punching things to kicking them. Though I like Leon's style of dress better.


best thing about the PC port is having to use the keyboard to aim

5 IS fun if you co-op it.
Also what is Cherry B. doing now?
I hoped it was her in the plage mask in 5 but NOOOO! Fucking cupout! And Nina W. needs to sue somebody.

RE1/REmake > 3 > 2 4/5 > shit > 0 > CV


Isn't Sherry currently locked up in Wesker's dungeon or something?

File: 128234845059.jpg-(19.09KB, 478x329, X_scene.jpg)

Same for me, except that I haven't played 5 yet so I dunno about that one.

Last it was said I think the government basically had her. I don't think anything else has been said since.

Wasn't it also said by Capcom that RE6 is basically going to be a start over for the franchise or something? If so I hope they at least make one last game explaining what the fuck Ada was up to behind Wesker's back.

I assume that's what the next game could be about.

As for Sherry, that bit is kind of weird. There's the RE3 epilogues and then Wesker's Report mentions keeping a very close eye on Sherry....which, as we know now, went absolutely no where.

I want RE6 to be about a new BBAA(?) team being send into a biohazard, shit goes bad ad they have to figur out the mystery.
Also related:

Stopped watching 5 seconds in when he said Alan Wake and RE5 weren't horror.

Survival Horror is my favourite genre and I'm getting SICK of all those people who have no idea what they are talking about and who are getting paid to expose their lack of knowledge in wide spread reviews, articles and videos. Those guys don't even know the definition of the word horror, they couldn't define the survival horror genre either, and out of the DOZENS of survival horror game released this gen they're only able to name 2 or 3 and then they spread the belief that SURVIVAL HORROR IS DEEEEEAAD

RE5 isn't horror. It's an action game where you (ostensibly at least) have limited bullets.

Alan Wake TRIES to be horror, but fucks it up a lot. In particular: STOP TELLING ME WHEN THE MONSTERS ARE AND ARE NOT AROUND YOU STUPID FUCKWITS. Let me get jumped for once, keep me on edge.

File: 128238990039.jpg-(104.46KB, 800x374, 214687857_RqHbi-L-2.jpg)
The pends on what you see as "SURVIVAL HORROR"

I think the issue with saying survival horror is dead is it was never really "alive" in the first place. It's always just been a genre that has the occasional game (some good, some bad) every few months. This year's releases I can only think of Alan Wake, Calling and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I guess Silent Hill: Shattered Memories too if you count the PS2/PSP releases.

  Still the best Survival horror.

It has its moments, but... dear lord it's badly written at times. And fond of bullshit deaths.

Was Survival Horror even a real thing? I could be wrong, but I could've sworn that RE 1 wasn't even called that until it made it Stateside.

>Watching the Starcraft II ESL Intel Extreme Masters matches
>Commercial breaks
>Trailers for the new Resident Evil movie
>It's like 90% white rooms with tons of glass wall-monitors
>Looks like a shitty(er) Ultraviolet knockoff

I've played a grand total of five minutes of any Resident Evil game, but that isn't exactly what springs to mind.

You are correct, The RE movies are the most awful, batshit thing to ever happen.

That would be a good setup for a multiplayer action oriented game but still have the whole horror setup since supplies could be limited.

I don't think RE6 will be areboot since it's Capcom's most profitable and RE5 sold the most and fastest out of any RE. That's not including the re-release Gold edition

File: 128295937957.jpg-(9.72KB, 183x248, laughing_elf_man.jpg)
> [T]he regressive gender politics exhibited in Resident Evil 4 are the result of a troop of programmers and artists and writers and scenario gurus (virtually all men) who . . . consciously and unconsciously reinforce paternalistic attitudes centered on the trope of man as protector, woman in need of protection

RE4 confirmed for sexist.

>>Violent masculinities require feminine foils in order to be maintained, and the discrepancy between Leon’s prowess in Resident Evil 2 and 4 are a direct result of the gendered “othering" of Ashley.

Wait what? Ash wasn't in the other games and Ada more than makes up for Leon's action heroification by being some ridiculous super spy sex pot. Did she ever realize there was another girl character in this game besides the President's Daughter who has no fucking combat experience or did she just want a good diatribe to say how men are violent and need weak women to protect to keep their sense of masculinity instead of you know, getting pumped off of kicking off some zombie's digital head. The only thing I thought about when ash got kidnapped again was how annoying this was and if I should let her die this time.

Man she must have loved to talk about RE5's alternative costumes for the girls.

Ash's unlockable knight costume was just... beautiful.

File: 128297623789.gif-(827.11KB, 200x116, bigolsmackdownhug.gif)


One of the best Gamecube games. I really wish the followed up with a sequel..

File: 12829784006.gif-(497.15KB, 240x180, f2d318c42bdbad07d0ef2bfe71fac18c.gif)

I had always thought that RE4 was deliberately campy, while the earlier titles were definitely kitsch. It has the damsel in distress, the sexy but deadly she-spy, the good looking American in a foreign land saving the day. After watching some trailers for 'Vanquish', I just don't know anymore.


mediocre games unnoteworthy if not for lol lovecraft

File: 12829811652.jpg-(29.22KB, 529x554, 1279914156711.jpg)

I still don't get how people are terrified over the cheese this game reeks of.

Ever play the game?

Yes. I found it to be cheesy as hell.

Hrrm. That...ruins my witty comeback.
ED is not the usual "peekaboo" games we have today. It's more...supposed to get to you, I suppose. For example, ten of the 37 potential hallucinations mess directly with the player instead of the player character, ranging from a subtle bug crawling around on the TV screen to a sudden Game Over message promising a sequel.

That, and the voice-acting. Good god, the voice acting was wonderful.

In my opinion ED is the most overrated Survival Horror game ever. It was bland, so bland and boring all the way through except for a couple of good moments such as those insanity effect WHICH ONLY APPEAR IF YOU LET THEM APPEAR, because you play normally you'll never get such a low sanity level.

It still has better voice acting.

>Never appear unless you let them
Those scythe-arm monsters take off huge amounts of your sanity meter, way more than you can restore. How far did you even play?

I dunno Tiki, it was great but started to really lag scare-wise during the middle and end. It got too actiony and ceased being scary.

Also a quick question: Is the First Person Perspective superior for horror games? I've seen this question pop on /v/ from time to time and I'm wondering what you all think.

It all depends on how you implement it in my opinion.

I beat the game twice and started another play that I didn't finish.

It's not the perspective alone which does everything, it's how developpers use it.
Both fixed camera angles (that the players can't control) and first person are great for scary games, IF developers take advantage of them correctly. In both cases, it will be different technics used to scare the players.

The first Fatal Frame/Project Zero game is the best example of fixed camera angles do incredibly well. It even used technics exploiting camera angles to scare the player that weren't used in Survival Horror before, either new or borrowed from Cinema.

No, not at all, that game kinda bored me actually.


I will concede that you start feeling too powerful towards the end of the game.


Just curious but what was going to be your witty comeback if I hadn't played it?

>The first Fatal Frame/Project Zero game is the best example of fixed camera angles do incredibly well.

I disagree to an extent. At times it used them well but there were times where it was just flat out obvious. Like when you were walking down a hallway and the camera was 50 feet behind you felt like an obvious sign something is going to come at you from behind or you're going to get into some kind of fight.

I don't remember, but I guess I would have suggested you try the game out. Then called you an ass.

I suppose the reason why I'm so fixated on this game is because it did a lot of things RE does, but a little better. Like the camera angle. Similar to RE, but it moved with you on a rail, instead of cutting to the opposite side of the room. Controls were better, too. Up meant up, not forward. You could actually target limbs and heads, not just in their general direction.

sage for fanboying


I politely disagree with your position. ED scared the shit out of me and to this day I consider it one of the best horror games produced.

Except for the part running around the ancient city and setting up rune towers. That chapter blew enormous, tedious chunks, even if the elephant gun was absurd amounts of fun.

Also there is absolutely no way you kept your sanity meter high unless you are a god-tier player or are constantly spamming the restore sanity spell. Which yeah, you can do, but that's the lame way to play it.

> ED scared the shit out of me
You know most people I've seen say that the bath tube scene made them shit bricks but the first time you encounter a bonetheif really scared me.

>ED scared the shit out of me and to this day I consider it one of the best horror games produced.

What exactly scared you in the game? I never finished it, but got to the underground city and all the scares I kept seeing were walls bleeding, statue heads following you and loading a level with enemies then the screen flashing and reload it without it. There was also a time where the game brought up a message saying "Thanks for playing the Eternal Darkness demo" which just pissed me off.


A lot of things. The way the camera subtly tilted and ambient whispering became louder as your sanity meter dropped. Fucking bonethieves. The creepy music. Etc etc.

God, yes. I remember my friend kept begging me to attack a random NPC so, yeah, sure why not and BAM, Bonethief! We both yelled out.

I always did my best to save those nurses on the WW1 chapter.

Currently playing Resident Evil 5, almost done with the game and I have to say this...

Resident Evil 5 is better than 4.

The controls are better than 4's, which were wonky as hell (Though, they should have mapped the Quicktime Event keys on the PC version better, seriously, F and V? What? My fingers are busy with WASD), Chris is a better character, and I can actually see shit. Oh, and no escort missions.

Also, where's the racist part of the game? I was promised racism, all I see is African Zombies (not all of them were even black) and some zombie bushmen. If you guys were talking about the bushmen, I think you should know that they still exist.

It was a little weird that I was suddenly in a Louisiana swamp, and then an Aztec/Mayan temple, but it was fun anyway.

Seriously, I don't get all the hate for this game, it's looking pretty much the best in the series. Go ahead and accuse me of trolling, but it's true.

>PC version of 4
Let's put aside all the other bullshit in your post for a moment and focus on this:



A good game should be good no matter what format it's on.

That would make it a bad port or a bad game.

All I'm saying is that I heard nothing about RE:4 being a terrible port. Feel free to correct me.

>That would make it a bad port

Jesus christ, QTEs on the PC alone would kill it, never mind all the other shit it does.


Sir, I believe you actually didn't read my post.

I played the PC version of RE5, which I just beat a bit ago, and it was fun.

I guess I didn't actually say which version of RE4 I played, which was the Gamecube version. Maybe you should sit down, drink some water, or something, and calm down. There's no need to go flying off the handle over imagined slights there, friend.

Also, punching the boulder was awesome, it disappointing that it was just to knock it back, rather than decimate it completely. If there's anything you really want to complain about in that scene, play as Sheva for her quick-time event. Other than a couple of minor things like that, the game was fun as hell, and I'm pissed the DLC for this game, where you play as Chris and Jill in a Mansion, isn't out for PC yet.

And again, anyone complaining about Racism in this game either hasn't played it, or doesn't understand what racism actually is.


Yeah, he didn't say anything about Resident Evil 4, other than 5 is better. Got your big-boy pants on, eh, fanboy?


iirc pc resi 4 doesnt have mouse aiming

I think they added it in with the patch that also fixed the textures (or maybe it was a modded version I downloaded but it's there), but good lord is it horrid. It's like your mouse turned into a giant key and you're just hitting it over and over to turn directions if that makes any sense.


That sounds awful.

Like the rest of the game.

Sure it didn't mean anything when one of the president's agents was wandering about europe shooting infected spaniards but this white man going around shooting black people controlled by an offshoot of the same parasite? RACIST!

File: 128406530293.jpg-(93.83KB, 1000x2000, Barry_Burton.jpg)
I don't believe the game is racist.

It IS fucking insensitive as hell though. Maybe if Josh was the main character (and he should've been. Dude would've tackled that boulder into rubble with one hit) with Chris as his partner it wouldn't seem so bad. Or maybe Rebecca Chambers as his partner.

There ya go. Just slap Rebecca on the cover like she's the main character (but totally isn't otherwise). Bam.

Make that Barry Burton. Now THAT would sell hot cakes.

Oh god I love Barry so much now, since I've downloaded the DLC for 5 I've been using him for MercReunion: *Knockdown, *Miranda Rights, "I have THIS" -Boom-

That wouldn't really work though.

Even if Josh was Player 1 with Chris as the partner it would still be Chris driving them through the story with all his plot-connections.

And where the hell is Rebecca anyway? She's dropped off the face of the Earth since surviving the mansion (novels don't count)

With a bit of story remixing, it could've still worked. Like, say if Wesker WASN'T the big bad and making him a second-last-boss. I dunno, I'm just throwing some shit out here, the game was already made so this is all pretty moot.

>>Wesker WASN'T the big bad and making him a second-last-boss
That's retarded, Weaker was sort of a big deal, that's why he got the game devouted to him being killed off.
You'd also have to ignore the buildup from the other games stories which had him bulding his power base, there's absolutly no reason to have introduced someone else as the 'big bad' of Resi5.

RE5 is already retarded. I can't think of a whole lot they could've done to make what they already had there less retarded. I gotta tell ya, I was NOT impressed with the final showdown with Wesker. Honestly, bringing back more Umbrella stuff in general didn't really work for me. I understand that they wanted to give us a better wrap up than RE4's "and they went out of business, the end. Now here's Leon doing some stuff!" but Umbrella had gotten so retarded it kinda needed to be done. So while I'm disappointed with Wesker's end, I'm glad THAT shit is just done and over with forever now.

Goddamm your igrnoance, Umbrella was dead and Wesker was the one that killed them with the evidance he provided.
His organisation was a whole new group made up of what he had gotten his hands on, B.O.W's weren't going to dissapear just because Umbrella went under otherwise they wouldn't have needed groups like the BSAA.

  General RE thread right so is anyone interested in that new game coming out, Revelations.

Honestly I just want to find out what the mindfuck of a trailer is all about. Hah we've finally gotten dark-haired Jill back and I don't think we want those two killing each other.

From the looks of it, it seems HUNK might make an appearance, hell he's probably the guy in the chair. Other than that I just hope the final product looks that good

>>92590 admit it's stupid?

I'm starting to think you're stupid.

File: 128407993590.jpg-(38.35KB, 600x450, 390840-hunk_super.jpg)
wasnt HUNK a blonde american instead of an aussie chris

File: 128408064074.jpg-(157.36KB, 600x340, re5.jpg)
>>92613, pretty sure that's not right either.


he hasnt been given an official nationality so he could be australian, but i doubt the guy in the chair is hunk.


I think we can all just agree that Max Galactica has no taste, and agree to ignore him in this thread.

SO, 3DS game looks like it might be interesting, I'm wondering what happened to have Chris and Jill pointing guns at each other, considering Chris was pretty much a walking hard-on for Jill in 5.

File: 128408694229.jpg-(1.77MB, 1920x1080, BSAA_Chris_and_Jill_by_MusashiChan69.jpg)
>>don't think we want those two killing each other
Too bloody right.

I'm glad to see them both back in action, and possibly having Hunk as an important character in the plot, but I hope this TWEEST business doesn't get too twisted...

Not too sure about the new handheld itself, must investagate further.

File: 128410902475.jpg-(118.83KB, 800x906, DSCF3676.jpg)
I'm just wondering if it takes place before or after RE5. I'd almost rather it take place after but I don't have a problem with it being earlier in the timeline.

If Hunk dies I'll be pissed though.

Holy shit, this thread's still going.

Also, fuck yes, HUNK.

File: 12842241802.jpg-(155.63KB, 543x750, jvalentine.jpg)
Of course it's still goin'.

I should play the REmake again but that shit always kicks my ass...

File: 128424485012.jpg-(18.72KB, 320x240, residentevil02.jpg)

File: 128426653237.jpg-(374.28KB, 1600x900, y1pmrF8cFxM72bKhIoxMwkCFsb4bGQDT5oz_MhKQC214lyDebD.jpg)
REmake is the one RE game that will stand the test of time. The background still look gorgeous 8 years later.

File: 128426732097.jpg-(93.96KB, 600x849, Jill_Valentine_by_Weirdesigner.jpg)
>>92796 >>92849
...I miss Jill's old outfit.


File: 128430823448.jpg-(213.36KB, 792x1224, Jill_Valentine_by_Jelli76.jpg)

Is it just me or is there something wrong with this vid?

Wait, what was that?
Another sequal, after afterlife? WhatTheFuck!

Marysue superhuman clone army dual katanna wielding Director's-wife bullshit aside, the movies just aren't that good, Are they really that profitiable that they would bank more of them?


Profitable Enough.

File: 128432302166.jpg-(88.82KB, 800x521, My_what_a_guy__that_Redfield_by_sardonyxweapon.jpg)

File: 128433351890.png-(219.35KB, 612x600, MarCap2JillUDON.png)
If she's permanently blond after all that crap....I'll...I'll...rage on an image board and buy the next game! That'll show 'em!

I know what you mean.


RE movies are quite profitable. And I think the first two are fun wastes of time.


It’s funny how apparently women in video game movies sell while usually men in regular video games make bank. Did any of the male characters survive in the RE movies?

What happened to Carlos? I stopped after the 2nd movie.



This article doesn't really seem to be about anything specific in general but I do like the youtube clip they provided.

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