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The hell is this and what is it doing in mah Steam store?!

Pic unrelated.

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The real surprise is that it's actually fun.

Just turn the voice volume down.

All the way down.

And I'm actually glad to see more folks popping into the Steam market. It'd be neat to see indie games from all over the world, which is already starting to happen.

This game's amazing, actually. I used to play the shit out of the japanese version.
It's maintaining a shop and dungeon crawling. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH! Very fun, and gets quite hard later on when the payments you need to give are ridiculous.

So it's like Animal Crossing except Tom Nook really will break your legs over payments.

It's a little known fact that Gabe wishes to be the little girl.

This game was incredibly boring, uncreative and way too moe per square inch to be interesting at all to me.

Combining two genres a good game does not make. Hey, I know you want to go out and shoot zombies in your Left4Dead game, but wait, you have to Guitar Hero duel this guy first. Fuck you.

It's also over-priced for something that looks (and feels) like it could (read: should) have been released on the Reflexive Arcade for $5.

No hate, just my opinion, shut up.

I see where you're coming from, but at the same time I gotta agree. I can understand the too moe and bland for you, but I don't agree with it not blending the two well. The idea is that you buy low and sell high, and there's another option. Go dungeon crawling and horde as much crap as your merchant level can carry. It gives another aspect to the game that gives it more variety.
This game is more of maintaining a steady flow of cash from dungeon crawling, so you can't have one without the other. It's not like an action game that you suddenly burst out into a rhythm minigame. They kind of make it painfully obvious these two aspects rely on each other to make it work without being just one bland genre. :s
I do gotta agree with you over the price though. 20 dollars is effing ridiculous for a doujin game.


I get it, I get the game, but I hate running the shop. So it makes me poop blood. It's like hangin' out, having fun, suddenly Pet Vet, sellin' mah wares like a low-grade sim game.

But you're average RPG has you be a junk salesman ANYWAY. This just makes it part of the story.

My sister's gotten into the demo so much it's kind of worrying.

She's told me that she actually spent class thinking about what could possibly happen after the demo.

She also ships Recette and Louie. I'm scared, /cog/, I'm so scared.


>20 dollars is effing ridiculous for a doujin game

In all honesty, it's probably another case of the, "Baka Gaijin Roundeye will buy our superior game in droves! This extremely high licensing fee is worth it!" syndrome. It's pretty much why the animu market crashed.

I'd pick it up if another Steam summer sale rolls around.

I think the price should depend on the game personally. Then again, this isn't exactly Tsukihime.

I played the demo for a while. It's basic, pretty fun. but the moe setting is highly irritating for me, couldn't stand it for long.

I will happily slap down the 100 bucks it'll cost to import the remake of Tsukihime, when Nasu gets off his lazy ass and finishes it.

As for this, I'd pay 10, but not 20.

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If the other game in my pile right now were ANYTHING but Warcraft 3, I'd be CONSUMED by this.

Like >>91894 says, it's basically just INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: THE GAME with Zelda-ish combat.


The Internet: Solving Embarrassment with Maximum Explicit Exaggeration

Tried the demo. I can see myself buying this, but not now... Not with Tourhlight AND Mass Effect on the PC Backburner.

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