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File: 12787766997.png-(1.07MB, 1215x1023, Dragon_Age_II_Logo.png)
86130 No.86130
Well, it looks like regardless of who you were or what you did in DAO, you're forced to play a wholly new and unconnected human character who fled Lothering 10 years prior.

Wow, all this after two tedious and unrewarding DLC mission packs and one of the glitchiest expansions ever given the light of day. Dragon Age sure does keep getting better...

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Hmmm many things could make this either good or bad. Making this really mass effect could be a good thing (Voiced PC, Memorable companions, great scriptwriting, good VA work.) While a bit disappointing its not Mass Effect 2 (things you did have meaning) I can understand somewhat since you have multiple endings and it would be kinda hard to script every one of those into a new one..unless you ended up in an entirely new region and that was in turn effected your starting inventory and companions. Eh I'll give it a shot.

Yeah, that kind of sucks but it could really be good. I actually heard it was Allistor's kid. If that's true, and Morrigan's daughter/son is the final boss or something, I hope you get the option of fucking him/her. Just for the irony of the situation.


Have enough of whatever skill allows you to seduce and bag the yeaaa. Something I hope Witcher 2 has.

Allistor's kid with Morrigan's kid? Hehe. That wedding would be awesome.

>implying the two children are not one and the same

Then again, I never played a male Warden. Meh.

At least male Hawke has the best digital beard I've seen in a while. People are going to jump to bad conclusions when there is so little known about this.

>Bioware chastises JRPG's
>New game where you can't choose how your character looks or his background.

Oh the ironing.

File: 127889187659.png-(462.65KB, 275x313, stenface.png)
So basically what I'm getting out of this is
>No playable Qunari

Fucking lame.

What did they specifically say about JRPGs again? I don't care to defend either type, I'm generally curious and I think it’s a bit of a stretch to condemn the game for being weaker just because you can't pick from 5 other archetypes that were limited to just a few special lines of text from certain areas, a beginning that didn’t affect much unless you were a damn noble and a few derogatory remarks. Looking at the end of his staff/spear it still looks like you can be a mage which is likely still a pain in the ass to be in this world.

That JRPGs are stagnant and are focusing on improving the appearance and presentation rather than improving and varying the story and experience they present.

From what the teaser page is saying, I'm not entirely impressed. But then again, DA:O turned out to be completely different from its concept art, too, so I'll try to hold off my judgment until the debut trailer (which I have pretty high expectations for, seeing how the Sacred Ashes trailer completely blew my mind).

I just can't play Bioware RPGs that don't have the D&D license. They're all so limited.

Drag-on Lame Snore-igins Poo.

It's not the Old God baby, devs have already confirmed that on the official forums.

Being tied to once character won't be all that bad if the supporting cast is great. Heck Mass Effect and most Bioware games are made memorable by the great supporting casts and I think wrapping this to one character will allow them to really work to make the cast engaging instead of odd conversations stilted to a mute wall which is how it comes off most of the time with the mutes that dominate games nowadays. You can only sound so convincing attempting to convey emotions at a brick wall.

Oh, and for those of you interested, I rar'd up the PDFs of the two DA:O prequel novels. I figured it'd be easier to post it here than to make a new thread.
So, enjoy.

I thought this was meant to take place at the same time as DA:O.

Apparently, Hawke was in Lothering around the time the Warden from DAO was, but fled when the blight struck and went to the Free Marches. I misread the early interviews and it appears that the game doesn't take place 10 years later but rather over a period of 10 years, starting with the end of Origins.

So... you are obviously NOT Alistair's kid, and any sort of romance with Morrigan's kid would be straight-up pedophilia. However, the fact that only two characters in the story to this point cannot die through any means (Morrigan and Anora) means that anyone else will likely be a throwaway reference or cameo at best, as will the world-altering choices made by the Warden.

At worst, DA2 might not even facilitate the transfer of save files.

On the other hand, Bioware rarely disappoints with new games. Expansions and DLC aside, I suppose there's no reason not to hope for the best.

>in Dragon Age 2 gamers will play a fully-voiced human named Hawke who lifts himself up from a lowly refugee to become the Champion of Kirkwall, with character choices limited to gender and class. The story will be focused on the development of Hawke over a ten-year span rather than on the grand battle to quell the Blight, and will apparently feature Mass Effect-style character interactions and simplified combat.


File: 127913359977.png-(28.46KB, 350x350, =V.png)

File: 127913445514.jpg-(127.14KB, 640x480, Not Sure If Want.jpg)
And you're playing as Griffith...

File: 127913505594.jpg-(134.26KB, 443x603, i dont actually read berserk.jpg)
>not sure if want
Are you kidding?! Look at how pretty he is! This will be awesome!

File: 127913643594.jpg-(57.82KB, 720x821, at first i was like.jpg)

Prepare your anus for the buttsex minigames

File: 127913653542.jpg-(227.84KB, 640x908, 0835630001261929025.jpg)
It was pretty awesome the last time I played Griffith.

>Doesn't read Berserk
Well why the fuck not?

Is is because of >>86526?

That girl ain't right.

File: 127913748212.jpg-(242.32KB, 766x1100, oh boy i cant wait to read berserk oh wait.jpg)

That was the other reason I figured...

Anyway, I think we're getting too far off topic.

>And you're playing as Griffith
Screw that, Im playing as Gutz like I always do in fantasy games.

Granted that is a key figure piece in the eldritch nightmare that was the Eclipse, all the other forms of gore and equal child rape between the main characters didn't scare you off before this?

Like I said, I've never actually read Berserk but I know enough about the... stuff to not want to. Ever. Between what happens to Caska and other girls in the series (which also makes the feminist geiger counter start going tick-tick-tickety. You may now mock me.) and all that other stuff you mentioned, I decided Berserk was not for me.

I don't doubt its quality, but everyone has their Horrible Shit Limit and Berserk passed mine.


Should be interesting to see how that incorporate a similar Renegade/Paragon System and see how they work the combat and magic systems over. Hope we get some awesome Squaddies

Also according to this month's Gameinformer, origins saves and certain choices will carry over influencing stuff like who is ruling Fereldon--even if the save was on a different system. I guess they'll try to facilitate that with transferring it between the same EA/Bioware account but the quote that tries to explain this only says “If you played the first game on the PC and the second on the console, we’d be able to react to your choices”. Of course, the director they interviewed just as soon expresses his concern on how Sony and Microsoft will handle this idea so who knows if this multiplatform file sharing will see the light of day.

That's right, portraying a Medieval setting as full of rape, murder, misogyny shit makes the series itself misogynistic! That's totally how that works.

Also Caska is the only main girl to get raped as far as I remember. Other than that the misfortune just sort of rains down on everyone, not just women. Hell, Guts has a way more depressing life than anyone else in the series.

I guess that's fair reason as any but I also think you should give Berserk a chance for it has an amazing tale to tell beyond all the rampant violence that while is never justified by this story or the characters, every horrible action is an important and integral part of the narrative instead of being stale shock value. I’ll also admit to enjoying the action myself so maybe I’m too biased to rightfully recommend it.

Silent Hill 2 and 3 have more horrific shit than Berserk.

Really aside of the Eclipse, the worst Berserk gets is right before that, with this apostle named Wyald who is... ah...

>That's right, portraying a Medieval setting as full of rape, murder, misogyny shit makes the series itself misogynistic! That's totally how that works.

Dude. I totally understand that, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

I'd say Berserk is worse. None of the rape in 2 gets as graphic as the rape in the Eclipse scene. But they're both pretty disturbing in their own right. 2 for what it symbolizes, and Berserk for who it's happening to and who's performing it, why, and the aftermath of it.

File: 127914796542.jpg-(656.55KB, 1000x716, berserk1.jpg)

Also you people meed a relax a bit, Nurse said
>I don't doubt it's quality
She's not questioning it's status as one of the best series out there so I'm down with her not reading, S'not a big deal.

typical feminist attitude

"ive never read it but it offends me"

File: 127916025770.png-(50.58KB, 186x128, ur special.png)

Troll harder.

Guys, Nurse and I talk via IM. Trust me, she's had this conversation before.

Yeah, I grilled her once or twice before I saw where she was coming from before.


Anyone else wondering what Hawke's female form will look like? If it's as badass as the male one I'll be very pleased, but that will be tough to do without the beard.

The option to grow it with SHEER FORCE OF WILL shall be opened.


I'm honestly not sure what you're getting at.

It will never be a thick or as flowing as the male beard.

So...What if the kid rapidly aged?

Seriously though, I hope the NPC's are more varied then the Main character.



Isn't the whole point of RPG games the ability to roleplay? It's kinda hard to do if you take over a new character. The out-of-chronology DLC didn't help either. Then again, Biowhore is more interested in selling useless weapons and armor as so-called DLC.

Still, I forgive them. The Mass Effect games and DLC make up for their silly mistakes.

File: 127934107811.jpg-(256.34KB, 1280x720, DA2firstscreen1v2.jpg)
A couple of pre-alpha screenshots surfaced from the latest GameInformer. Promising, to say the least.

File: 127934110313.jpg-(241.31KB, 1280x720, DA2firstscreen2v2.jpg)
New look for the ogres.

Any pictures of what the girl Hawke is supposed to look like? I can only find pictures of MAYUN Hawke.

Not that I can find, no. But it's been confirmed that although you can't change Hawke's race, there is a certain level of customization you can do to the way he/she looks. So the Hawke that's in the promo pictures, concept art, and screencaps is just a placeholder, like Malcolm, the Grey Warden in the DA: O trailers.

There'd best be a beard option for girls.

And it will be the greatest of all beards.

File: 127939889374.jpg-(191.98KB, 500x700, in_the_name_of_the_king_dvd_box_dungeon_siege.jpg)
So instead of Shepard we're going to be called Farmer?

File: 127941630522.gif-(760.16KB, 259x214, well fuck this shit.gif)
>baaaw bioware why you go and change every thing
>these pre-alpha graphics are SHIT
>everyone wants morrigan back give us what we want
>bioware only goes where the money goes that's why they're completely disregarding the RPG audience with their choices
>who's David Gaider?

File: 127941669979.jpg-(15.66KB, 200x164, beardedlady.jpg)
Hell fucking yes.

Honestly, I think they're just following the Mass Effect franchise. Not necessarily a bad thing.

From what I've seen (and from what Gaider has confirmed in press releases and his posts on there), the only way they're following anything is by using the technology that wasn't available to them when making DA: O. The combat on PC will stay relatively the same, and they've got more than two voice actors for each gender of Hawke (like in the first one where you could pick from "experienced"/"wise"/"cocky", etc.), which is more than can be said for ME.


Well that is the difference between a fully voiced main character and one that just spouts snippets while being otherwise mute.

File: 127949337327.jpg-(194.49KB, 1000x714, DA2_ft__Lady_Hawke_by_aimo.jpg)
Some speculation as to what will happen when you check off the box labeled "Possess Womb."


Over the course of the ten years you become pregger as a possibility?


Really awesome if it had 9 month timer


File: 127955889915.jpg-(76.99KB, 375x546, i like yor better.jpg)
I know what my Hawke is looking like~

I will be the best vidya mother the world has seen.

Seriously, that would be kinda cool, but how would you do combat if you're pregnant? What if all the enemies aim for the uterus?!


It's probably her familiar that she can summon for 5 days or so each month.

>Peasant woman that hasn't read The Order of the Stick

So I saw the super special sneaky preview thingy of DAII at Comic con today.

Just as an observer, so I couldn't try the gameplay, but there's a lot of stuff that's changed.

I'm... not actually sure I'm supposed to be talking about this? I signed an agreement not to take any pictures, but a veto against talking about it online was never mentioned. If it's a huge no-no I'll take it down.


The writer talked about improving the things people liked and addressing the things people didn't like. These were his main points:
- Flashy combat. They decided to make the combat much more cinematic and over-the-top. Lots of jumping and sweeping and rain-of-fire and people exploding in gouts of blood. The intent was to make combat more fun. There's still a lot of tactics and ordering that can be done, but they hope to address the complaint of having boring combat, with characters shuffling around to the right position and swinging their swords. This new, showy combat can actually be justified by one of the other switches, which I will explain later.
- More stylized. The intent was to update their graphics, and apparently they found that by adopting a stylized artstyle they were able to get more from their engine. Honestly it didn't look too stylized to me - at one point there was a bit of a jarring switch from a realistic looking woman talking to a cartoonish styled man, but he could have just been a beardless dwarf.
- Framing narrative. Instead of taking a linear path over two years, the story will take place over ten years, as told from beardless dwarf/man to the lady. How it will happen is: Hawke escapes Lothering. Flash forward 10 years, Hawke is now the Champion, and the world is now teetering at the brink of war because something happened to the Chantry. It disbanded? Anyway, it's gone or in trouble and the world is in trouble. This may or may not be Hawke's fault. The writer explained it as him not knowing how Hawke managed to bring the world to this state, because how it happens is in the hand of the player. Normally I'd be pretty iffy about this, but Bioware ain't lead me wrong before. This explains the showy combat - it's implied that beardless dwarf may or may not be bullshitting the entire thing. AND THEN THE DUDE EXPLODED INTO A FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD FWOOOM
- To recap the demo scene, Hawke and his lady mage friend fought off some Blight. Then along came a dragon, flaming out the rest of the blight. Then the dragon folded into herself and became an older woman in a dragony outfit, and walked towards the two very purposefully. Then switch to the scene of beardless dwarf and a lady, with lady saying "oh bullshit, that did not happen" and dwarf saying "oh, didn't it? Ohohoho" and lady saying "Listen, we need to find Hawke or the Chantry is fucked" and the beardless dwarf saying "than listen on"... but in, you know. Not abridged like that.
- Voice acted Hawke, but you knew this already. Switch to the Mass Effect style of dialogue, separated into the green peacemaker option (olive leaf icon) yellow smartass option (troll face icon) and the red badass icon (raised fist).

I'll be going all Smartass so I can pretend I'm playing Bard's Tale.


Now there's a neat idea instead of good and bad add a smartass or sincere response.

Oh! And also, they gave us an inflatable sword. Or maybe it is a spear. It has a small blade and an inordinately long handle, but the grip is right in the middle, so I'm not sure what it is.

Anyhow, good times were had by all.

Oh again! Last thing. They're working on another Dragon Age DLC pack, with the most difficult combat they can manage for those who feel up to being super hardcore. Didn't say anything about the plot.

New video/audio update from mid-alpha progress.
Lookin pretty slick.

Hmmm Spaghetti Western/Samurai/Conan..I LIKE IT!!!

File: 128112483384.jpg-(823.17KB, 1920x1080, da2_races.jpg)
I'm not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but I'll post it anyways.

Spoiler'd just in case someone wants to be surpised by the changes. Though only one race has really been tweaked.

File: 128114520859.jpg-(81.07KB, 610x790, 1280943014240.jpg)
let me accompany you

File: 128114523684.jpg-(85.78KB, 610x480, 1280943675039.jpg)

So... are they going to retcon Sten's appearance or just not bother referencing him, I wonder?


deformed outcast or sub caste

>different standards of beauty
>all the women are all sort of hot in the same way
AHAHA oh wow

That picture actually made me think I was in another thread.

>different standards of beauty

... But the ladies all look the same.

Okay, how do dwarf ladies survive mating? The sexual dimorphism here is staggering. She needs to be at least 50% thicker.

I was like, "Maybe they're talking about the tiefling's cheekbones or something?"


Dwarf males have veeeery tiny penises, it turns out.

File: 128119445047.jpg-(24.19KB, 250x406, annah.jpg)
Tieflings are hot. This is historically proven.

Wonder if we get any more hot accents this time around

Which one isn't?

Either the dorf with too much makeup or the human with a goatee tattooed to her chin.

File: 128122763280.png-(36.31KB, 319x365, HomestarRunner_Character.png)
I don't wanna play that.

File: 128123317246.jpg-(86.36KB, 548x597, Pig disgusting.jpg)
Confirmed for shit tier.

File: 128123411640.jpg-(57.30KB, 495x495, 1260304500535.jpg)
>No overhead
Well who the hell ca-

Well Bioware has finally stopped being good.

Meh, they had a decent run.

>no overhead
Camera mods are easily implemented.
>no toolset
That decision will bite them in the ass, but I'm sure the modding community could whip something up within three months after launch.
>shunning the modding community
I...well then. That's just rude.

I remain hopeful, though.

Well, Dragon Age is EA, right? Otherwise, Bioware just does whatever the fuck they want, right?


pretty much. EA is a little better at not poking the bear when its working usually. Bioware and the core that was and now is one again Irrational usually get left to their selves.


Well not off the bat. It seems that the U3 Engine is a bitch to make tools for especially when you are modding the base code to make it work the way you want it to. As for a ditching of the overhead I understand that since its fairly limited in its use for some things and having both textures loaded into the engine is bound to be a strain especially on the U3. Less space taken up by bunch of seldom used textures means a lot more room for stuff that actually has a point on a regular basis.

I don't know anything about Dragon Age except that Morrigan disapproves, but I saw this on /v/ and thought you guys might care:
>Mike Laidlaw wrote...

>Hey folks,

>Victor managed to hunt me down, and I wanted to clear up a few things with regards to what I'm seeing as the two major concerns on this thread.

>First off, let's talk about the toolset issue. Obviously in this community there's going to be some concern that we wouldn't release a toolset, so let me clear the air a little: The tools we're using to make Dragon Age 2 are very, very close to the tools you guys have used to make your mods for DA:O. They're not identical, as we've made a few in-house improvements, but they're almost identical. As such, there isn't a new toolset to release, per se.

>While we won't be releasing a toolset update in tandem with Dragon Age 2, we ARE investigating what it would take to update the community toolset to match ours, along with providing DA2 content in the future.

>As to the subject of tactical view, I can confirm that we will not be doing a tactical view on consoles, though we are looking into some expanded party control that I think will make console players quite happy.

>On the PC, however, we are still working with the camera to keep the key elements of the tactical experience there. I was actually playtesting some new camera code when Victor found me, in fact, so I can give you the latest news on that front.

>While we likely won't pull as far up as we did in DA:O, I have always felt that the key to tactical play was actually freeing your camera from the character you're controlling to issue precise orders, which is what we're tuning now. So, this means you can still maneuver the camera around the battlefield and issue orders from a remote location, just as you could in Origins.

>As you can probably tell from my phrasing, all of this is a bit in-flux right now, so things may change between now and ship, but I wanted to update you guys on the current direction of things.

That was quick.


Bioware is bros.

That's some quick damage control, guys. Nice save.

Well what were you expecting with the beauty standards stuff? We've already seen human and dwarf women. What you want the Qunari to be fat as hell or something? All of them are raised to be tools. Their standard is being useful and off the battlefield.

I don't think we were expecting much, we're just amused/annoyed/surprised that these people actually think that they're showing different standards of beauty.

File: 128192684488.jpg-(170.84KB, 467x496, varric.jpg)
Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using cheap spells and potions and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady. I’m on a throne.

Was there ever an explanation for why they drank poultices?

It took a ton of mods to make the first game playable! Fuck you, Bioware. You haven't made a single good thing since NWN1.

Oh now we all know that's not true.

Listen, I love NWN. Present tense. I still play through Hordes of the Underdark just to fuck around with the endings.

But you're either forgetting about KOTOR, Mass Effect, and (arguably) Jade Empire, or half of your post is wrong.

Oh yeah. I forgot Mass Effect. But KOTOR is mostly NWN1 reskinned with Star Wars stuff. So 1 good thing since NWN1!


I liked the Jade Empire combat system and companions, story was nice and "de tweest" was fun.

  also where the fuck is my trailer, bioware



I approve. I like that Flemeth is the narrator, too.

Also all of BioWare's default menfolk need to be that attractive. If default Shepard looked that good, I'd never STOP playing as him I mean god DAMN.

To think, in 30 years we may very well be playing games that have combat as awesome as that trailer.

I know, right? Niiiice.

Suddenly all the hate melts away when Nurse can fap to his perfect beard.

So how gravely do you think his voice will be?

Standard SPESS MAREEN, I'd think. Since there's both peacemaker and warmonger dialogue options they can't take it to far up or down.

Nah, I think they'll give him whoever did experienced voice in the original dragon age.

EVERYONE should fap to dat beard and his amazing hair. This is a normal response in an adult human that is completely natural. Do not be ashamed! Take pride!

The game is over ten years, though.


Gonna love that if they put in a good consequences system for actions like what happened in Witcher a time or two. Allow them to snag most of the Witcher Alchemy Kit and the you start facing beefed up Merc Witcher Enhanced Dogs. Actions have consequences bitches HERE ARE SOME HELLHOUNDS!!!!

But we you not ragging on this game a few months back? I wonder if one atractive man could boost up any game no matter how boring or bad it turns out to be.

I don't... recall ragging on this game. Maybe you have me confused for another doctor? I've never even played Dragon Age! (Mostly for lack of time.) The extent of my exposure to DA:O is from watching my best friend play at her house.

I think the only thing I ever disparaged about DA:O was that it all seemed very cliche'd run-of-the-mill fantasy and that it seemed like BioWare hadn't put nearly as much time and love into Dragon Age as it had in Mass Effect.

Y.. You don't remember? You went on a huge tirade for, like days, screaming about how much you hated this game. Seriously, it was across the boards! /baw/, /jam/, /coc/... I had never seen so much hate for a video game before!

File: 128227269345.png-(446.75KB, 600x870, Qunari_DA2.png)
Not sure how to feel about these Legacy of Kain Qunari.

Why the huge change?
Is it explained?

They said they wanted the Qunari to stand out more against the other races, and said since Sten is the only Qunari you see they took that as an excuse to go nuts. They say that some are just randomly born without horns, and that "they are meant for a special role in qunari society such as a Ben-Hassrath or an envoy to the other races", but for the most part now they look like Kain meets Disney's Gargoyles.


Wouldn't it be something if our new Qunari companion was voiced by Keith David or if its Female Marina Sirtis. Really would love a Keith David companion

File: 128228242472.jpg-(28.51KB, 355x308, draenei_wow.jpg)
I'm just disappointed that they took a fairly original looking race and turned them into Warcraft characters. "Giant brown tank-elves" was relatively unbroken ground in the realm of fantasy.

They should be more like ram horns. Then they can headbutt people.

They were really more "giant brown tank people" than anything else. Really, their character models were just taller and darker skinned humans. Besides, this better defines the fantasy analogy as giants and makes their darkspawnification into Ogres more logical. I'm not disputing your point on originality, just stating that it solves many problems with how the race was originally utilized in the game itself.

On that note, I do agree with the statements that Dwarven women should be thicker (I wouldn't mind sideburns to reinforce the Dorfs = Beards bit, but considering how many male dwarves are beardless in DA it isn't a big deal) and Elven builds should be leaner and more angular. Still, it's just concept art.

Having not played Dragon Age, I assumed that they were just some exotic variety of humans.

Whatever. It's going to be fucking awesome anyway, and you're going to play it whether you baw or not.

I feel bad about having started this thread with such a negative post, considering how much better the game looks now than I did initially.

Dragon Age Elves were smaller humans with pointed ears and Dragon Age Qunari were bigger humans with pointed ears. That's why I say Qunari were big brown elves.

I don't think that horns have anything to do with being "giant". I can accept that a race on average a head taller than humans would be referred to as "giants" without them looking like big satyrs. I don't have any more trouble believing that they would darkspawniform in ogres that I do believing elves would turn into those ghoul-banshee things, but that may just be me.

Makes sense. I suppose I'm used to my fantasy races having specific recurring non-human traits along predetermined lines, but that's admittedly a lazy expectation. The Qunari don't need to have inhuman features and it is something of a forced retcon, but I don't think they're necessarily damaging the previously laid ground nor did the Qunari comes across, to me at least, as being that unique.

As for the ears... I honestly never noticed. To be fair, though, I haven't drawn the boatload of Sten pictures you have.

“Nearly a year has passed since the Archdemon’s death, and word has reached the Wardens that Morrigan has returned to Ferelden. She has been sighted in the southern wilderness where she was first encountered. Is it truly her? If it is, then why has is she here and what secret does she carry with her? The Warden heads into the forest to find out and tie up this last loose end once and for all.”

>Import your character from Origins or Awakening or create a new, high-level hero!
So, it works like the Flesh Golem DLC? Since we can't directly export the outcome back to our Origins/Awakening saves, I suppose that means the confrontation doesn't affect anything of consequence for DoA2 and, thereby, neither does Morrigan's child.

Geez, they're dumping out the entire plot, aren't they?


Eh I think they'll tie everything up in 3

File: 128399820554.png-(929.72KB, 1280x779, The Female Version.png)
Female Version of Hawke



indeed she needs to be rocking a 'stache


File: 128414973634.jpg-(258.51KB, 653x985, Morrigan_finds_you_boring_by_morganagod.jpg)
Holy shit, Witch Hunt was perhaps the worst thing Bioware has shat out since the the main campaign to Neverwinter Nights.

Me: Hmmm... So, I'm starting with Dog outside Flemeth's hut? At right, let's get this final chapter of DA:O started. MORRIGAN, HERE I COME!
Elf Bitch: Hold it! I'm joining you to search for my clan's book.
Me: But what the hell were you doing here?
Elf Bitch: Never mind, we're going to search the Circle Tower for clues.
>Suddenly appear in the Circle Tower.
Me: Don't tell me I actually have to sift through the library's catalog for this. I do, don't I?
>Several pointless minutes of backtracking and rummaging through book descriptions later...
Generic Mage: Hey, that book you were looking for was about magic mirrors. I'm joining you now.
Me: No.
Generic Mage: Tough.
>Backtrack through the Tower's basement from the Mage origin, fighting generic enemies.
Generic Mage: Hey, we need to gather some elf lights and a mirror shard to find the magical ancient mirrors, since the book Morrigan stole was about mirrors.
Me: As good a lead as any. Is this going to suck?
Generic Mage: Oh, yes.
>Backtrack through Cadesh Thaig from the Stone Prisoner DLC, fighting generic enemies.
Me: GOD.
>Backtrack through the Elven Ruins from the Dalish origin, fighting generic enemies.
>Backtrack through the Dragonbone Wastes from Awakening, fighting generic enemies.
Poorly-textured Walking Stick Monster: Rar.
Me: That's new. Well, at least the Harvester from Golems of Amgarrak was pretty cool, so this thing should be worth the trip-
>Varterral stomps around in a circle, summons some dragons, and dies. Codex states it had no reason to attack you.
Me: -never mind.
>Morrigan is playing with a magic mirror in the Mother's boss chamber.
Me: Morrigan! At long last, I've tracked you down... perhaps we can finally tie up some loose ends.
Morrigan: Hmph. You come looking for me after denying the ritual?
Me: I... what? I totally fucked you for the ritual! That's why I'm still alive!
Morrigan: Pfft. My departure at Redcliffe was not a betrayal. It's your own fault.
Me: You fought the goddamn Archdemon with me after I fucked you. I brought you there myself! What are you talking about?
Morrigan: Well, your son is well.
Me: Oh, he's a boy? That's cool, I- wait, you just said we didn't complete the ritual. How did I impregnate you if we never slept together?
Morrigan: Want a vague, cryptic warning about an emerging evil that will somehow serve as the plot for the next game?
Me: Not really.
Morrigan: Too bad. Oh, and Flemeth is totally still alive. In fact... she might not even be human!
Me: No shit. You told me that after I defeated her in Origins.
Morrigan: Well, gotta go. The book you wanted is over there with a gift I left for you.
>Morrigan leaves through the purple mirror, which I apparently can't follow her through.
Me: Book? Oh, yeah, the Elf thing. Well, let's see what that gift was-
>Credit roll.


and this is what happens when you let the B team write

This is what happenes when you can't decide whether you want to carry things over from the same game or not. YOUR PENIS IMPREGNATED HER JUST BY BEING IN THE VACINITY.


which is why you then write a totally separate game to give you some time to work those problems out.

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