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Well to escape /v/'s shitty captcha shit I may as well post the topic here. Having Starfox topics on /v/ was hard enough as it is due to the lack of individuals willing to discuss mixed with the fast pace of the board. Add in the captcha nonsense and people are less likely to reply. So I come to this haven.

Anyways to begin, if the next Starfox game was on a console and had visuals like this, would you approve or disapprove? Given that railway shooters are very cinematic (just look at Stafox 64) I'd say hell yeah I approve!

Imagining the possibilities of the settings and environments to fly over with the arwing with such visual detail and I'd cream myself at the prospect.

So what do you think? Feel free to also bring in the idea of gameplay elements.

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File: 128528018365.jpg-(159.96KB, 720x1100, sfamanga11.jpg)
I keep losing the site.
There used to be some really good translations, but they disappeared so all I could find were poor translations of french translations.

So this manga is like a mini series or a one shot?

File: 128528254978.jpg-(171.94KB, 700x1046, sfamanga38.jpg)
It's just a one shot of various 4 panel comics by different artists.

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So, uh, what do we think?

Does it live up to the hype?

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...Why did Raynor turn southern in the four years since Brood War?

Come to think of it, why does nobody remember the events of Brood War?

Things change. It's better not to brood on it.


Saving that for her lady of the blades storyline I guess. Wonder what her theme will be? Redemption? Vengeance? Salvation?

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  KOFXIII 's PS3 version is on Bitgamer. It's under 1GB! Lord Christ, I wish I still had my PS3...

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The twins plus all the updates from the Arcade edition.


not necessarily. they have to make cabinet sales somehow


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It's GFWL, so you'll need to give us your Games for Window Live username.



I got it over Steam too, so even if it's not cross-platform, you will at least have me to bug you.

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  So, thoughts on the Metroid Series?

I like the series and their music. I've recently played through Fusion, Zero Mission, and Prime almost done with Echoes.

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So you have control issues, then?

No I'm just typing this from a phone.


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This game needs dual-wielding real bad. I WANT TO FLY IN A JET PACK WITH TWO PISTOLS DAMN IT.

ehh, the weapons are pretty balanced to the point that dual wielding would be broken as fuck... they'd have to rejigger all the damage values again, and i like my overpowered as fuck plasma pistol, thank you very much.

and is it just me or is the needler noticeably worse this time around? takes around a full clip to kill someone at mid range, in odst and halo 3 it could kill a person in around 1/3 to 1/2 a clip and homed much better...


Yeah, it eats ammo like crazy in this game but I think they upped the range. Though I love it when people try to go needler against needle rifle at mid range, I'll always win with a needler, every time.

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The other one was on auto-sah-gay. A new one rises from it's ashes.

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  What? What the fuck happened? No! Nooooo!!!!

Called it!

Its broke his mind! Awnsome!

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  Didn't see a Civ thread here, so I thought we should have one since it's coming out next week.

Anyone else looking forward to it? My roommates and I are pre-ordering and plan to waste away our semester on the game. I'm Maritova on Steam -- let me know if you want to play some Civ.

The PDF manual's been released too, in case anyone's like me and loves going through manuals beforehand.

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No, people sharing their stories are the best part of sandbox games like this. It's why games like Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft are so popular.

It's also why I don't exactly care for sandbox games like GTA "so, I shot some people and did a sweet car jump" -- terrific.

Share more, I'm not going to be getting this until there's a price drop (because I am buhroke), but I look forward to seeing and hearing more.


>"so, I shot some people and did a sweet car jump"

not always

>get on motorbike
>friend chases me in helicopter
>hit ramp
>land on rotor blades
>get flung about 500 miles
>land casually on wheels
>character spasms out and sinks into the ground
>bike explodes
>get up
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File: 128524154843.png-(711.19KB, 800x1200, greatmomentsinvikinghistory.png)
Vikings all the way.

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With the release of Lords of Shadow on the horizon, let's talk Castlevania.

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I love the Metroidvanias, but I am too bad at videogames to finish a classical one. Which is sad, because I find Castlevanias bosses to be the best of any franchise.

I've never beaten one without cheating but they're still amazing to play.

Incredible music too.

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New L4D2 thread. Just because.
Game's still fucking awesome, by the way.
And damn you Valve. Why must you make me want to buy so much of your swag? Pic related.
The Valve store updated today with some really cool stuff.
I especially want the Medkit hoodie.

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That's fine with me. I've got over 300 hours in 1 and 2. It's less than 16 cents per hour of enjoyment (at $50 per.) That's a huge value, I think.

I think the artist's style is better suited to L4D. It's gritty.

God damn special infected have the gayest AI programming ever.

If everyone is red they dont even bother to use their abilities, they just run up and slap you with their stupid little melee attacks.

I've lost track of being right next to the saferoom door with my whole team being red for a single charger or jockey to pop out of nowhere and land 4 melee hits in less than a second to down the whole team.

Also the number of times a hunter will pounce on someone and magically claw the person who shoves it off. Literally the very moment you shove the thing off your team mate you get clawed.

Seriously, Expert mode would be 4 times easier if the special infected didnt use such cheap tactics which would NEVER work so effectively in versus.

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ill just repost this here..

okay wait so i've got an awesome idea for an rpg

PEPPY GIRL with big tits and healing powers and has the odd ability to be invincible except in cutscenes
BIG BULKY ANGRY GUY who only screams and barks
OLD WISE DRUNK AZN who is mysterious i guess

and then the bad guy who is a robot or something steals your dog and you're like "hey fuck you man"
instant boss battle
YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LOSE but if you win, he gives you your dog back for a stat bonus or something and flies off

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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oh my god this game is so awesome I don't think it can get any awesom-
>the final boss is THE CITY ITSELF



We can make this happen.
I have RPG Maker 2000. Anything is possible.
We're kinda fucked for the soundtrack, though.

Take Mass Effects. It'll work.

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a sensible games as art article

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That's all it should come down to, but........
It was called Six Days in Fallujah. Also, to be fair, games take a lot of money to make nowadays, and there's a considerable amount of pressure from publishers and the competition to rake in enough sales to stay in the game.

You know, I thought about this for a while and I can't think of a reason it's not. My insane hatred for the artfags of gaming just kinda blinded me for a while.

Never let the fans represent what they like.
It'll ruin everything for you.

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  Didn't see a thread for this, and just saw this video review: And it sounds like a game I've been waiting to be made.

Hey, you're being hunted by a dark unknown evil in a creepy place you've no memory of getting into. How do you fight it? YOU DON'T. NO WEAPONS, NO FLASHLIGHT, INSANITY HIDIN' IN SHADOWS ONLY.

Sounds like good times. Hope it lives up to the hype.

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  Its good to know that Mysh's chilldern are still around.
Also my Let's play of choide!


Ohhh, the demo isn't the same as the actual game. Excellent, this looks much better than shoving you into that crappy water sequence.

The guys who made this are from the same Uni i got to. my teacher helped make the game. I cant stress how awesome these guys are, they really poured their all into it.

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  Operation Flashpoint, ArmA, ArmA 2, Jane's AH-64D Longbow you name it, this this is the thread.

Recently I just re-installed the original Operation Flashpoint together with the Red Hammer and Resistance expansions.

God, I love this game.

Also, those of you who've played OFP before might recognize this little number.

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>trivialize the sacrifice of their loved ones
>iraq war
too laaate

but at least theyre in good trivialization/glorification-via-vidya company with the veterans and casualties of ~most american wars of the entire 20th century~

File: 128506387839.png-(1.67MB, 1680x1050, ArmA2OA 2010-09-11 05-26-02-65.png)
Feels good being able to understand what all the gauges are telling me.


It's supposed to actually still be coming out, but I don't know when/if, but I'm definitely interested, since the story came from Marines from 3rd Battalion. I think a war story's more compelling when it isn't all guts and glory, and I'd like to see their stories, and I think they deserve to have their stories told in whatever fashion they see fit.

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Let's have a Professor Layton thread. I just finished Unwound Future and last night I watched PL & the Eternal Diva, which wasn't bad either.

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File: 128508237933.jpg-(82.70KB, 1022x446, 1284699508454.jpg)
Poor Layton. I loathed this minigame. Pretty sure I used a walkthrough/guide for it.

File: 128508241315.png-(453.85KB, 600x261, 1284700964498.png)

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