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91294 No.91294
You know, in the history of /cog/ I don't think we've had a thread for Homebrew Material. Lets change that now.

Heres a new prestige class I hammered out for one of my players. Comments, thoughts, suggestions?
Post your crap, Ideas, requests, etc.

The Sumo Wrestler

HD: d12

BAB: Same as Monks

Saves: Good Fortitude, Poor Reflex and Will

Skills: Knowledge (Religion) 2 ranks, Escape Artist 5 ranks Balance 9 Ranks
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Power Attack, Improved Bullrush

Skills Points 2 + INT modifier
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Craft, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (religion), Listen, Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble

Monk Abilities: A Sumo has the unarmed damage and AC bonus (but not the speed) of a monk with as many levels as his sumo plus his monk levels (if any).
Sotogake: Despite their reputation for incredible strength, the Sumo is a technically skilled wrestler. At first level, they gain the improved trip feat, even if they do not meet the requirements.
Unstoppable Force: The Sumo is an expert at driving his opponent from the ring. At first level and every two levels thereafter, the Sumo gains a +1 Modifier to Bullrush Attempts.
Immovable Object: For lesser opponents, the Sumo is almost impossible to move. At second level, and every two levels thereafter, the Sumo gains a +1 Modifier to resist Bullrush and trip attempts.
Damage Reduction: At 3rd level, a Sumo gains the ability to shrug off some amount of injury from each blow or attack. Subtract 1 from the damage the Sumo takes each time he is dealt damage from a weapon or a natural attack. At 6th level, and every three Sumo levels thereafter, this damage reduction rises by 1 point. Damage reduction can reduce damage to 0 but not below 0.
Powerful Technique: The Sumo can perform feats not possible by lesser wrestlers. He may take a penalty to a Bullrush attempt to add the following effects, if the attempt is successful:
-10 The target is knocked prone
-5 The Sumo is automatically grappling with opponent
Additionally, if the Bullrush attempt drives the target into another creature, they both take 1d6 bludgeoning damage, and if the creature is bullrushed into something that makes further movement impossible (a solid wall for example), they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage for each additional 5 feet they had to move back.
No Weight Limit: Sumo wrestlers can reach truly astounding sizes. At 5th level for the purposes of grappling and Bullrush attempts, they count as one size larger then they normally are.
Root of the Mountain: Once per day, a Sumo of 7th level or higher can make himself unmovable. He automatically wins an opposed Strength check when an opponent attempts to bull rush him. A creature with the improved grab ability must move into the Sumo to grapple him, since it cannot pull the Sumo into its space. No spell or other effect can force the Sumo to move. If he becomes frightened or panicked, he suffers the full effect of the fear but does not run away. He cannot move, even to make a 5-foot step, while this ability is in effect . Root the mountain lasts for 1 round per level, but the Sumo can end it at any time.
Wrestles with Oni: The origin of the Sumo’s art is in ancient contests with Oni, Demonic Giants who terrorized their lands. The Sumo gains +2 to grapple, bulrush and trip checks against Giants, and gains a unique ability against Demons. A Sumo can challenge an Evil Outsider to a formal Sumo Match, if the Outsider agrees, and the Sumo wins (either by Pinning the demon, knocking it unconscious, or forcing it from the ring) it is placed under the effects of a Banishment spell with no save possible. Additionally, whenever a Sumo is grappling an Evil Outsider, should the Sumo wish it, the Outsider is placed under the effects of a Dimensional Anchor spell. Unlike the previous ability, the Outsider does not need to agree to the contest to use this ability.

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I assume stuff you made up on your own.
Classes, races, weapons, settings that sort of thing.


Yea. You know?

For Tabletop ARRE PEEE GEEES? The kinda games we men played when you pansies didn't have electronic buttons to tell you whether your guy should piss or not.

Man I'll tell you what. In the summer of 81...


Shirou, were you even ALIVE back in 81?

As for homebrew, I got nothing that I made myself. Dagda should be popping in soon, though. He, Earthflame, and Viral are pretty much the triumvirate of getting shit done over on 4chan's /tg/.

There's a neat one on RPGnet, though. It's if you want to play a Persona game using the New World of Darkness system, and don't really want to refluff Geist: The Sin Eaters.

It's incomplete, though I'm currently in a game that's trying to tinker with the system to make it more complete.


>Shirou, were you even ALIVE back in 81?

No. Not really.

File: 128314198581.jpg-(41.97KB, 349x500, get excited and make things.jpg)

Funny thing is, I honestly don't do much homebrew for RPGs anymore. It's easier to cut out the middleware and just do it all from the ground up.

Some recent RPGs I've worked on have included a setting & rules for Divers (complex premise, think Psychonauts x Inception x Silent Hill), and systems for rpgs in the worlds of Avatar & Mass Effect. Pick one of those and I'll share what I've got.


What's the progress on Divers?

I was interested in running that when you finish it.

I'd play a Mass Effect RPG in a heartbeat.

File: 128315557771.jpg-(613.23KB, 780x1080, coneyisland office building.jpg)
Have hardly touched it since I started working full-time, for two reasons:
-My standards for Divers are really high, just because of how many separate creative agendas everything has to meet. It's something I have to spend a good amount of time mulling over on a daily basis to really make headway on it.
-I need to do some fairly freeform playtesting to get a clearer idea of what kinds of stories/game premises can work.

I'm spontaneously heading to PAX as of yesterday (long story), so if I can get confirmation that a couple of other attendees might want to playtest Drivers (or any other of my projects), I'll know what to have ready to play beforehand.

I tried that. The system I tried creating became a horrible convoluted mess.


Yea. Sometimes it's best to go with a simple or tried and true method to see what works best.

For instance. I'm working on an RPG right now and the system I devised is kinda like a cross between Savage Worlds and MaidRPG with a general feel in mind (keep in mind the system was actually devised entirely by a friend of mine. I'm taking his abridged notes and trying to put some better context into them).

Basically the system we made works kinda like this. You have 6 attributes and each of those has to be an even number that cannot exceed 12 (at least at Char creation) and you have 24 points in total. So you can have two attributes be 12 and the rest be 0 (but this is really dumb for obvious reasons) or take the starting array listed at 2/2/4/4/6/6. Basically from there you roll different dice depending on the number of your score and each roll is dependant on two attributes which are determined by the GM of the game.

So, say for instance you wanted your guy to run up a tree as fast as possible to escape some guys. The roll would be Power+Coordination and if your power is 6 but your Coordination is 2 then you'd roll 1d6 and flip a coin (heads = 2, tails = 1) and you add them up to see if you beat an assigned DC or an opposed roll.

From there we get into stress and plot armour (both lifted shamelessly from Maid) and some random character generation tables that I won't get into because the PDF I'm working on isn't nearly close to being done yet.

Divers sounds intriguing. My RP group have other plans for now, but I'd like to take a look at what you've made so far.

File: 128323336150.jpg-(77.53KB, 400x600, axe crazy girl.jpg)
Divers starts with a supernatural premise that's got a ridiculous amount of legs, so there's a wide variety of premises you can use it to run.

If you want a straight answer as to what that premise is, here's my best shot: Divers are people who can shift their minds 4th-dimensionally into the depths; as they "move" further, the world becomes more stylized/abstract/symbolic in a way that reflects everything's true nature. Think exorcists of the collective unconscious, where the "exorcisms" involve Bleach-esque battles against foes reminiscent of Pyramid Head.

File: 128324245326.jpg-(70.29KB, 800x438, Divers game structure.jpg)
For mechanics, I've worked out a set of stats that simultaneously represent you supernatural abilities in the depths and the strengths & weaknesses that help form your personality. The trick's just been working out how they'll fit in with the core combat mechanics (I've got solutions that work from a game viewpoint, but they don't lend battles enough flavor).

The attached graphic remains largely accurate in terms of what your character's stats are and what challenge types they help with, though you can merge Skills and Inner Powers together. More in-depth details are at

File: 128370377350.png-(18.03KB, 512x301, slimewarrior.png)

somebody in /tg/ has been working on adventure time-based tabletop rules, if i see them again ill point them to here or /coc/ possibly so they can have a thread in a place that has a lower turnover rate than main 4chan does

looks like they made an update

latest version

i hope to be participating in a test game of it, thinking of being a nut-warrior, but we'll see if there are any gaps in party makeup that need filling

I like that sumo one.

I wanted to make a janitor class, but I got as far as talking about it this one time.

Thanks, it's gone through some major revisions though, mainly because I didn't understand Bullrushing. I'll probably be posting the updated one and some new monk prestige classes soon.

Goddamn I love monk prestige classes.

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