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Guys, Namco is going to port a Wii game to the Triple.

And neither will be released outside of Japan.

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I can't find any info on this, but do the old SEGA games on Steam (Ecco the Dolphin, Space Harrier, Vectorman, etc) have DRM?

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I agree with this post.

It's too much work to pirate PC games. Hell, it's too much work to pirate anything disc-based or requires a bios. I still can't figure out how to get SRW Alpha to work.


Oh sweet god, nothing is worse than when people throw morality into the luxuries they buy with their disposable income.

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Storytime thread!
Regale your stories of conquest, adventure, failure! Improbable stuff we don't have to believe, but might want to anyway. Share your secrets.
Dwarf Fortress chronicle? Experience in Second Life being bombarded with dongs the size of skyscrapers, falling from an oversized Bill Cosby hot air balloon?

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See, I always just decided to make my Sims miserable. When you willingly kill them, you've gone too far.

Also, never get the Pets expansion. Cats have really short life spans and their ghosts are scary as all hell.

>their ghosts are scary as all hell
I'm going to get the Pets expansion.

So my brother and his best friend are playing San Andreas on the PS2, and they just rode their bikes to the top of the mountain. The best friend says he's going to input some codes; my brother's dicking around, just doing little hops on his bike. The first code he puts in is the bike jump cheat, and my brother goes flying. You see him, hop, hop, hop, FWOOSH. Now my brother's dying of laughter, the best friend's all, "Dude, where'd you go?" and right as he says that you can see my brother's character as this tiny little speck falling in the background.


Thank you Bones. You've now immortalized my legacy as the most paranoid namefag out there.

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Aside from being so WAIT WAIT WAIT, this game is the shit.
Anyone here play it? Kind of doubt it, since it only has 72 players, but I felt lame making a one-sentence post.

Picture unrelated, but great.

>which encourages people that have never met before to get to know one another and to work together as a team.

How exactly does it encourage this type of behavior, rather than more selfish types and griefing.

Oh, it definitely doesn't do that.
It also doesn't encourage griefing, though, since griefing poorly would lose you like a month's worth of work.

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  I cry every time I think of this game.

This ending is so beautiful.

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They were probably trying not to offend the American populace.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, we would have loved it. Kinda like Warner Bros. banning Speedy Gonzales before discovering that Latinos can't get enough of the little guy.

  dont ask me why


Now I wanna play Chocobo Dungeon. T____T

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All Comic-Con Gaming news:

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to show off Final Spider-Man. (not yet clear on specifics, all access is currently strictly knowledge to Marvel/Activision employees.)

New X-Men "First Class" game and Captain America Game to be revealed.

Arcade Update announcement of Super Street Fighter IV to include 7 additional characters. Footage of "Alex" and "Rolento" is shown off.

Footage of New Darkstalkers Game featuring demonstration of 2 new characters whom are a white-haired teen witch girl and a harpy.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 to show off new characters Trish, Dr. Doom, Chun-Li and Super Skrull with playable demo.

DC to announce new Green Lantern game, Game highlight is 3 different Green Lantern characters with 3 different gameplay styles.
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I don't think it's likely to end up as DLC. I believe when a fighting game releases several new characters out of the bloom, they have to tweak a lot of the game to make everything as balanced as they can again. But who knows?


You're new to fighting games aren't you

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You are now realizing that Miranda Lawson looks like Michael Jackson.[/spoiler]

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There's always next wave.

How the hell do I get those stupid mastery achievements on ME1? I swear, I tallied over 90 uses of Lift, and nothing.

And fuck the companion thing. I can't get any of them to unlock.


Shep's pretty fail.


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Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition has been announced. It is going to be co-released alongside the DC Adventures role playing game. Both games will share the same rules. Since Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition is my favorite role playing game thanks to its adaptability, I'm interested in hearing other people's expectations, concerns, what-have-you. To get things started, I thought that I'd post links to the initial interviews and currently available design journals.

"Steve Kenson Talks DC Adventures and M&M 3E With Comic Hero News"
Aaron Einhorn over at Comic Hero News sits down with designer Steve Kenson to talk about the upcoming DC Adventures and Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition, games. Check out Steve's interview and the latest news!

"DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #1"
Steve Kenson has posted the first in a series of DC ADVENTURES design journals. In this installment, Steve writes about how to encompass the vast DC Universe in four books, and what you'll find in each book.

"Chris Pramas Talks DC on ENWorld"
ENWorld interviews Green Ronin's Chris Pramas about the upcoming DC ADVENTURES game.

"DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #2"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Nah, I think you'll find that he's changed a bit.

Seriously, though. Shirou is the guy that got me into Mutants and Masterminds like two years ago.

OP here. After having had a chance to read through the .pdf version of the book, I have to say that I'm impressed.

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this guy is overpowered

hide File: 127975431064.jpg-(259.07KB, 800x1086, wizard_color_by_andrebdois.jpg)
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This is a huge /r/ i'm about to ask, but for anyone willing, i and perhaps others would be greatful.

I love the dwarf wiki, and The Complete and Utter Newby Tutorial was also really helpful,

But the way i "learned" or at least gained easy knowledge of playing DF was watching Vid tutorials of just people building a fort, and when occasion came explained somewhat of their tips trix.

But now i ask, will someone take upon themselves to, when they plan to play one of the mods, thinking of Kobold Camp, and Wizard Tower, in general.

Too record it, and share, because there really aren't any good tutorials for the Mods.

that is all.

I wasn't even aware of Wizard Tower until you mentioned it, my interest has been piqued.

(official thread for anyone interested)

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Discuss some of your favorite mindfuck plot twists.

...would you kindly?

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I always thought that much of the strength of a twist lies not just in how unpredictable it is, but in how well it works with the story and how it changes your perception the second time around. Let's be honest: how hard is it to guess the "twist" in Silent Hill 2? Pfft. With the blatant symbolism and the nasty things the other characters say about James, it's almost painfully obvious. And yet, when it comes, it still hits like a kick in the gut. We all know what's going to happen, but James just believes in his fantasy SO MUCH and to see him break down like that...
Now, as for Shattered Memories, they could have revealed something like "the town is actually under the control of a tribe of superintelligent warthogs who just really like to fuck with people." Nobody would have seen it coming, but it would have been a totally unsatisfying asspull of an ending. I understand why people wouldn't go for the old "dead all along" trick, but I thought Climax handled it with grace. At the very least, it makes me look at SH1 and SH3 in a way I never would have thought of before.

>To be fair, most people who play bad games also have low IQs.
You seem to be confused. This is not /v/. Would you like someone to escort you out and help you find the right board?


You saw THIS ENDING coming?

Honestly, I didn't guess the twist in 2 when I first played it. I thought he was messed up for sure, since I knew about the sexual symbolism beforehand, but it never occurred to me that he killed Mary.

But I was also 17 at the time, so.

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  This is awesome.

Finally, a spiritual successor to Bushido Blade.

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Sogeking confirmed for Native.

As mind numbingly stupid I find the show, as a game it sounds kind of fun. Anything with ninjas, pirates, centurions and knights in has to be fun.

>a spiritual successor to Bushido Blade.
>Deadliest Warrior
Mmmmmmmeh. I'll buy it if you can be a Dacian Falxman or Mongol on a horse.

hide File: 127969909632.jpg-(118.14KB, 907x510, dc_scr_icnAct_Got_007_0610.jpg)
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Guys. Fucking DC Universe Online beta signup

hopefully we'll get in. These things are usually more fun in beta than official release.

Wow, from looking at the screens I'm concluding the character models kinda... suck.

I can see they were trying for realistic, but it you don't have the budget/make it for lower spec computers realistic ends up looking kinda blank-eyed puppet people creepy. Champions Online worked because it was stylized enough to bypass the creepiness. This... not so much.

Also, wtf why is your hair so shiny Robin, you look like a Ken doll.

File: 127971290040.png-(84.64KB, 379x298, 1276615621294.png)
It's about damn time. DCU, here i come.

hide File: 127931929382.jpg-(82.11KB, 263x368, zelda_ii_the_adventure_of_link_box.jpg)
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ITT: The first vidya games you remember playing.

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  My first sega game.

File: 127966351169.jpg-(79.67KB, 448x392, duckhunt.jpg)
And my first Nintendo game.

Given that, it was really no wonder I ended up being a sega fanboy.

File: 12796765101.jpg-(32.98KB, 300x400, burg100.jpg)

hide File: 127838922597.jpg-(36.24KB, 356x450, cougar wink.jpg)
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God damn cats.

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Just finished. Loved the ending, though I guessed it 'round the time John asks Jack about the book he's reading under the tree.

Just finished. This is, easily, one of the best games I've played since I bought my 360.

But I think what impressed me the most was how the game used its music. Ever since you stepped off the train at Armadillo, the music is very sparse--stings here and there, the combat guitar track, thematic bits occasionally.

Then you get off the raft, and take your first steps into Mexico.

And that song--you know the one--just blows you the FUCK away.

It just kept getting better after that--more guns, more characters, more story--but I don't think anything ever quite topped the feel of that moment.

I started actually playing this today because I've had it since release and still haven't finished it. I swore I heard John say "You couldn't shoot a fart out of your own ass" while in combat. I laughed.

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