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File: 124650467934.jpg-(149.71KB, 1600x506, 1246502521052.jpg)
13817 No.13817
Been developing on /co/ since like last weekend or so and yet none of the people who are working on it thought of starting a /coc/ thread. Decided to fix the problem.

>So here's some of what we've worked out so far:

-> Salem, MA
>-Louisiana Bayou (heavy Voodoo emphasis)
>-Rocky Mountains
>-Groom Lake (government run)
>-Texas Arcana&Magic (cow magic, mossy oak camo wands)

>At the lower level students are divided up into grades by year, K-12 basically. If they choose to move onto higher education it's divided up into more specialized schools of study but still requiring cross study with different schools, college basically.

>Quiddich isn't popular. Boufball, a game all about strategy and strength, is.

>Wizards and witches don't completely isolate themselves from muggles like the Europeans do. They also take advantage of modern technology.

>Also CSI: Salem.

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More stuff
>Salem, MA (oldest school in the country, has a high emphasis on Lovecraftian magic research)
Rocky Mountains (center for Native American magic practice and located in an area of great spiritual power)

What the hell is 'cow magic'?

in b4 'All Fiction is Shit'

I have wondered this myself. Maybe, since the Texas magic school is a parody of Texas A&M they attempt to better livestock through magic the way the real world counterpart attempts to do it through science. That or they transform cows into a myriad of magical beasts.

First thing that popped into my head was like... a magical version of an agricultural school. You know, for those who never really had any potential other than for digging in the dirt. Only with magic.

Don't forget the magic guns. They come in a variety of models. Some use magic bullets, some are revolver wands, etc.


Outlaw Star Caster-gun's then? I'd dig it. Also guns enhanced with magic would be awesome. For some reason though getting a 100% magical gun seems to be at least exceedingly difficult in this setting, but no one said anything about individual parts, frictionless barrels and magazines linked to a pocket dimension filled with bullets here we come.

>>Outlaw Star Caster-gun's then? I'd dig it.
EVERYTHING needs more Caster-Guns.

These are really good

>I'm finding the idea of magic based IT guys funny for some reason. Maybe they actually pull double duty by being the guys to introduce more isolated wizards to newer modern concepts while also being on call to fix any magical device that's gone haywire for some reason. It pays well but there's not a lot of room for advancement, and generally the MT guys in the magic world have the same attitudes as the IT guys in the real world.

>Also magic version of gun nuts, who love to collect interesting and esoteric magical weapons (enchanted swords and armors) just for the bragging rights of showing them off.

>Expand the Texas school to include a department that specializes in dealing with magical phenomena in extra terrestrial situations (magic astronauts that almost always work in a special branch of NASA). Or just general avionics.

>-Groom Lake (government run)

Like regular US muggle government? The Brits have a separate magical government, so why can't we? I imagine it as a wizard-run entity with very loose ties to the muggle one - basically, only the president and a few top people know of wizards' existence.

Also, why does it have to be a government run school? Is it like West Point? Since the wizard population is so sparse compared to muggles, I don't see a need or desire for an army here. They just need an elite FBI-like force, which is how I imagine the Aurors. With an American affinity for acronyms, they'd probably have a less poetic title.

File: 124650777251.jpg-(303.71KB, 900x648, 1244727759215.jpg)
Dr. Orpheus is a professor at one of the schools, but is currently on sabbatical, TO RIGHT THAT WHICH IS WRONG AND TO REPAIR THE TORN CURTAIN OF TIME ITSELF!

I think we need some limits on the gun thing. Maybe you can only use old fashioned revolvers around that much magic (I'm thinking of tech in HP, which is inexplicably retro, like radios with dial tuners).

And pocket dimensions... ergh. No. One gun = six bullets. Otherwise it's just madness.

Disturbingly accurate:

"I can imagine wands in America are treated by American wizard teens in the same way teens treat their cellphones.
So Wands are mass produced by companies and built with special features or some shit."
"Yes, yes, and double yes. Wizards or not, America = capitalism and mass produced garbage. It's what we're good at."

But more modern guns still work on very simple mechanical principles. Bullets are loaded from a clip do to force from a spring. Automatic guns use recoil or pressurized gas to recock the hammer.

File: 124650845926.jpg-(138.90KB, 350x435, decoden-magazine_350x435.jpg)
American teens are hardly alone in the disgustingly capitalist department, but yeah. In the books people feel a really elemental connection to their wands, though, so hopefully it wouldn't be like that. I can't guarantee those kids wouldn't bling the shit out of those wands, though.


Well that may be true but think about it like this:
The government of the muggle and magical worlds are more closely nit in the US. This is one of the original concepts for this whole thing.
They very well may field a military force of magic users for those times when magic threats pop up.
Take the US view of weaponization and now apply it to magic. You're going to have some crazy breakthroughs accompanied by a lot of failures to be sure, but ultimately there will be at least a modicum of fusion between magic and tech. That doesn't mean pocket dimensions filled with ammo are doable though, but there will be something that makes guns + magic awesome/scary/scaryawesome.

On the revolver issue that's more of "I'm scarred this will make magic pointless" over "This shouldn't be able to work." Both semi and fully automatic weapons are primarily mechanical in nature. If you told me that electronic sensors and night vision didn't work I'd say fine, but so long as it's all done mechanically I don't see magic interfering with it.

Nikola Tesla founding a Magical Tech school is an Jawesome idea.

It makes sense. Think of all the Lovecraftian shit that keeps going down in New England. It's ridiculous.

>On the revolver issue that's more of "I'm scarred this will make magic pointless" over "This shouldn't be able to work." Both semi and fully automatic weapons are primarily mechanical in nature. If you told me that electronic sensors and night vision didn't work I'd say fine, but so long as it's all done mechanically I don't see magic interfering with it.

Right. So we think that it's mainly electricity that gets knocked out by strong magic. We could also say that it's the Old World pureblood mentality that prevents British wizards from truly embracing muggle innovations or working with them. I'm starting to get onboard with the guns a little bit now, but I still feel that they are just out of the Harry Potter spirit, ya know?

Funny that we're all focusing on weaponry too. I guess that's to be expected, since the books were about war and everything.

It's not all focused on war. Wizards have magical cell phones that never run down the battery, always get the night fee, and are never out of range.


Well also this topic is focused on the US and the US is heavily associated with guns and war. Also see OP's pic. We will eventually get to the stage where we discuss the merits of magically buffed body armor and personal defense measures but it hasn't been brought up yet.

Things like the ipod wand and .pdf spell books have been brought up though. I also imagine magical Air-Jordan's that actually make you jump higher, and magical Harley-Davidsons may be around.

This. Even if he did not found a school he has to at the very least be a huge influence on magic + tech

>magical Harley-Davidsons may be around.
Do Fucking Want

File: 124651134216.jpg-(35.49KB, 353x432, quetzalcoatl-big.jpg)
Several thoughts:

The American counterpart to the European phoenix is the Thunder Bird. :)

It's fine for the magical government to be centered somewhere heavily populated like DC or New Orleans, but the K-12 schools should probably be out in the middle of nowhere, like Hogwarts is. You don't want untrained kids accidentally alerting New York to your secret society's existence.

Somebody in the /co/ thread suggested using ravens as messenger birds, as they are intelligent and commonly seen in many American locales more often than owls. I love this idea.

Lastly, does anybody remember how difficult it is supposed to be to travel between countries and across oceans? I'm just curious if it's by broom or what, because it sounds horrible compared to airplane flight.

Pfft. Brooms are for those lame Europeans who want to cruise around and say "chow!" It'll only take a few hours of awesome scenery to get across on your Sky-King Harley-Davidson.

I could see using ravens, but owls are so awesome. I wouldn't mind though, having the Raven's talk would be a must.

I do imagine the schools are situated in the wilderness or more likely in an area that doesn't completely exist in the mortal world.

Delivery birds are obsolete. US wizards have magical email and cell phones.

Sky-King Harley Davidson. This sounds unscrupulously, outrageously awesome.

>Tesla's head in a jar is still around and teaches classes.

I sort of like the idea that Japan's Magical Schools are a reverent mix of traditional and... industrial, if you will.

Schools look like Shinto Temples with the uniforms being either the temple maiden outfits for the ladies, and I guess the normal military style uniform (with hat) for men.

With classes that range from herbalism and alchemy (mixtures and salves) to integrating magical runes into computing systems or soul transferring into robotic systems.

You know what state has a shitload of room and not a lot of people?


>You know with all these magical creatures running around, all the Japanese youngsters would partake in real life pokeymans.

>You are now imagining Pokemon battles being treated like underground dog fights with special task forces of Wizards assigned to shut these operations down.

What, no guns that shoot magic bullets?

Point to Bones!

Though it what would it's focus be? You can't just cram every Wizard in the US into one school, at least five should exist, and now one more for Alaska. Maybe they share the school with Canadian transfer students?

We need to think of some of the items that would be prevalent in a community like this. I enjoy my Sky-King idea, but what else might one see a US Wizard using?

I just thought it was a given and wasn't in need of expounding. Caster bullets are of course awesome, especially if they use a spell that has a long as incantation, but can be fired instantly.

File: 124651363174.jpg-(247.94KB, 1024x640, magic bullets.jpg)

File: 124651378183.jpg-(251.43KB, 499x500, La_Catrina_sylviaji.jpg)
>-Louisiana Bayou (heavy Voodoo emphasis)
Yeah, someone also mentioned some spanish spells and mexican stuff.
I don't know what came out of it

Canadians and Russians and whatnot.

Maybe instead of a chopper, a snowmobile. Or a more mundane sled, magically enhanced.

What about pocket binoculars or telescopes, given a little extra oomph? Or they could craft temporary items out of snow! Instant snowball cannon! Only lasts for a few hours, though.

There needs to be a school in California or New York, simply for variety sake. Those places have immigrants from all over the world, and thus all sort of different magic.

The Alaskan school can take some influence from Inuit mythology.

Each school should have it's own ghost mascot.

Tesla's school has the ghost of Edison floating around Jeeves style, annoying only Tesla and making up absurd stories about how his scientific exploits

Magical companion or device that exists in real life? I'd take inconvenient yet awesome pet anyday. I could only get behind the idea of magic phones if they looked like portable rotary phones for simple lolz sake. And email seems out of the question... electronic mail seems anathema to magic in general.

I'm pretty sure I'd do almost anything to avoid spending my formative years in Alaska. How about Baton Rouge? I hear it's underpopulated there, and full of Red Wands.

File: 124651424432.jpg-(6.95KB, 304x500, logo.jpg)
The magic schools in the US would probably be funded by the goverment, or at least be connected in some way.

No, not a sled! A snowboard! One that can take you uphill!


How about parchments enchanted to transfer messages from one person to another? Like sending text messages except you have parchment instead?

File: 124651479318.jpg-(168.35KB, 574x963, raz_the_psychonaut_by_questionstar.jpg)

>what else might one see a US Wizard using?

cell phone = some sort of portable floo device. Special lighter with a compartment for floo powder that works only for audio, not visual communication. Maybe it uses a jacked up form of floo powder that's a bit pricey, which leads to the same love/hate relationship muggles have with their cell service providers.

I'm trying to think of some native magical flora and fauna. All I got is the jackalope and bigfoot. Oh, and the Thunder Bird from earlier.

File: 124651489159.jpg-(288.96KB, 656x880, Harry Potter.jpg)
I just know there is going to be a student/teacher like this guy.

He's that minor character everybody loves and most people complain about him not getting enough focus in the story.

File: 124651506799.jpg-(16.77KB, 286x390, TomRiddle4.jpg)

Mandy is a student and uses void magic, also necromancer. She talks to death, or Grim.
Also, she obviously evil

Someone made this list. Revise it as fits.

Gonna try and get light vs dark. List is still open though.
Mark Twain
Telsa's head
Sun Ra
Moe Berg
Don Juan Matus (maybe neutral, just read his wiki page)
Teddy Motherfuckin Roosevelt (he's on Rushmoore for a reason...)
Edgar Cayce
Andy Kaufman as a ghost
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin

Dark Side:
Aleister Crowley
L. Ron Hubbard
Anton Szandor LaVey (may not actually be evil, but probably misunderstood)
Thomas Edison

Darker than Black side:
H.P. Lovecraft
Edgar Allen Poe

I don't know where to put these guys:
Austin Osman Spare
Sitting Bull
Malcolm X (killed by Death Eaters)
Henry Ford
Garth Ennis

Musicians as Magic users:
Ray Charles
Miles Davis
David Bowie
Freddy Mercury

I keep thinking about a school in New York, and I suddenly can't stop thinking about the Ghostbusters.
Why, /coc/? Why?

new list would I guess add Michael Jackson, Alexander the Crystal Seer, Houdini, Andrew Jackson (ghost, dueling instructor), and as squibs: David Blaine and Criss Angel.

At least one person wanted H.P Lovecraft on the light not dark side.

File: 124651578084.jpg-(102.44KB, 552x540, pp.jpg)
Because someone would end up making a magical proton pack, in order to fight a golem made of snow or marshmallow.

But no one wants to go to school in Alaska.

I agree with that person, as the idea of him being
>headmaster that banished some great and scary ancient evil by caging it in a spell like in the cthulhu comics(everytime someone reads or says the line from the book, about in how cthulhu sleeps in his city waiting, cthulhu actually gets put into a deeper sleep, so the more people that read the spell the more asleep these ancient horrors will stay)
Pleases me.

File: 124651603127.jpg-(34.50KB, 303x400, voodoo.jpg)
Voodoo magic would be the best.
Although probably very controversial, since it would have to deal with dolls, animal sacrifices, and other fucked up stuff.

File: 124651605329.jpg-(107.96KB, 813x1075, Who Do Voodoo.jpg)
Louisianafag here, do you have a name/location for the school in my state?

Well it's in the bayous obviously.

>>13882 >>13881 >>13883
I was just playing that recent Fallout 3 expansion pack, and yeah, the bayou is a place you don't want to be.

Elvis is a magical musician, and so are Bob Dylan and the Osmonds. (The Osmonds are dark, though; don't trust those smiles)

I wonder if there wouldn't be deep, deep conflicts with the Native American wizards? Did a parallel conflict play out alongside the muggle conquest of the Americas, with the Europeans using a new/stronger form of magic than what the natives had?

Also, I would think that a KKK/Death Eater type group would be more active in the states than in the UK, what with our plethora of colorful immigrants.

I feel like someone from there, someone more familiar with the culture, would be in the best position to name it. Or at least, start compiling ideas for it.

File: 124651640996.png-(103.15KB, 800x600, teslajar.png)
Okay I am really bad at drawing, but here is a pic I drew of Tesla's head in a jar. :(


lol, I like the drawing, but why can't Tesla just be a ghost? They had a ghost teacher in HP.

lol, awesome

Because Tesla is SCIENCE!

I have a feeling that the Texas school is in College Station or an extra dimensional parody thereof. The answer to most questions of location would probably be "Extra Dimensional space that personifies the region it inhabits". So the Louisiana school would have the rivers and bayous as well as other traits you associate with Louisiana, while Texas would have a mishmash of features (Forests to the East, Deserts to West, Hills to the South and Mountains to the North). Take the features you associate most with the region and then place them all around the school grounds basically.


Oh but the bayous are a wonderful place
Nooks and crannies
Shallows and deeps.
Alligators and worse

creative idea but I take issue with the concept of extradimensional space. It sort of exists in canon in the form of cars that are bigger than they should be, but not on a large scale. In Goblet of Fire, the wizards went through a lot of trouble to arrange a place big enough for the Quidditch world cup to take place in England. They actually had to rent campsites from muggles. So if the magic existed to create enormous extradimensional spaces I think we would have seen it by now. (and no, I don't think it's a matter of American vs. English philosophy like a lot of what we're talking about.)

Ew, I think my Potternerd is showing...

I guess what I was trying to say with "Darker than Black" was "appears evil but is really on a whole 'nother playing field"
So Lovecraft and Poe weren't just wizards, the name for the type of magic they do is the same of their name.
I guess I would also add Robert W. Service b/c I really like "Cremation of Sam McGee", some Dark Alaskan magic goin' on there.

File: 124651752352.jpg-(495.96KB, 1063x1500, JF_III___Montezuma_by_gureiduson.jpg)
Awesome pic. This thread need more Native American magic though.

Pic somewhat related.

Since my Potter knowledge is pretty slim (I've watched a couple of movies) where is Hogwarts then? I was always led to believe that it existed apart from normal reality in some fashion.

Middle of Nowhere, Scotland. Part of the fun of Potter stuff for me is the fact that wizards live alongside normal people, but in hidden ways.

Hmm well I won't argue the point, makes the need for a magic train, superfluous to me though. Texas is fine, we've got plenty of wide open space to hide stuff in, Lousiana may have to use the Bayou's as stated before, everyone else besides Alaska though...?

I mean it'd be a little difficult to have a full fledged magic school right in the heart of NYNY.

Actually looking back at OP those locations seem like they wouldn't have a hard time being "out of the way" enough. Also when in doubt "Underground Bunkers!"

File: 124651896917.jpg-(62.11KB, 750x600, Wizard.jpg)
Do they wear uniforms, or what?


Bermuda Triangle. Related to anything?

Also Louisianafag here.
The name of the school should be something Cajun-French, yeah?
And I was imagining the school being set in like an abandoned plantation estate or something. The houses could be bigger inside than out, and the students could stay out in the old slave quarters.
Either that, or it could be set in an abandoned orphanage. There's actually a location like that near where I live, and it would be perfect for a magical school, if it were in a different place.
I imagine that such small places would work because the Louisiana school probably would not be very big.

Yeah, that sounds good


Probably not, the more Ivy league ones might, but that'd the exception not the rule.

Remids me of Hex

I miss Hex. Really wanted to see him come back and try to fight Ben as a kid.

...At the risk of taking the thread off-topic.

The Louisiana school strikes me as being particularly dangerous. The instructors don't put as much effort into making sure the students stay safe, and there aren't near as many 'off-limits' areas as somewhere like Hogwarts.

The easiest way to learn is through life experience. Natural selection will pick off the bad students in a damn hurry.

Story concept:

The Louisiana School of Magic has always had its fair share of dangers. The school was originally founded to make sure the mouth of the Mississippi remained safe from the multitude of supernatural threats that chose to make the area their home. Recently due to the Tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, much of the schools protective wards and failsafes have been put out of commission. Some of the inhabitants that have lain dormant for centuries, are now begining to awake, and the head master of the school has made the controversial decision to bring in outside assistance. Teams of monster hunters are being formed and must reestablish the school's old defenses unless these esoteric creatures change the face of the muggle world forever.

It sounds a little bit like "Ghostbusters: The Big Easy" but I think it'd be a fun backdrop to put some characters in, and gives a single setting to focus on while allowing for characters to come from the other schools. Have Lovecraft be an integral part of the story and bring Tesla (with Edison in tow) as a special consultant to assist with the problem, and I would read it.

Ooh, that would be awesome.
And instead of house elves who do the cooking and maintenance and whatnot, zombie slaves do all the work.


Alligators are approved pets and/or snack foods, and certain legalities (like the approved drinking age) are completely ignored.

Fucking fund it.
We need to start working on this.
Like pronto.


Okay then let's start with questions shall we?

1. Who is the Headmaster/Dean of the Louisiana School?
2. What is his personality? I expect him to be the foremost expert on Voodoo magic of course, but what else can we say about him?
3. What is the official name of the University? I agree that a Cajun name would be cool, but I have no pool of knowledge to call on for naming it in such a fashion.
4. How big is the school? It's probably not as big as Hogwarts obviously but is it lightly staffed or does it have numbers that would rival a mundane University?
5. What are some good mystical monsters? It doesn't all have to be what you've heard of in stories related to the bayou, we could even through a bonified Hydra in there or a manticore.
6. What are some cool ideas for the resident staff?
7. What's the closest city to the school?
8. What would be some cool mystical items or places to include?
9. How heavily should we look into the Loa for ideas?
10. What's a crazy ass event that we can cook up to happen at the peak of Mardi Gras?

That's all I got for now, I'll try and think up some characters and a story hook/macguffin.

>10. What's a crazy ass event that we can cook up to happen at the peak of Mardi Gras?

The final exams. And/or graduation day. One of those two. Maybe both could happen in the same night.

So, we know that we are going to have guns that shoot magic bullets
However, do we know if the kids also have them?
Perhaps only the teachers.
Than again, since someone mentioned that this is a school with little supervision, probably lots of student have them.
And use them to kill those damn Lovecraft type monsters.


>What are some good mystical monsters?
Check under all of the categories. I am positive that there are several from the south or even Louisiana.

I was thinking more of a "Oh Shit!!" type happening. I think they would give the students off for Mardi Gras but having it act as the focus for a magical ritual that must be performed yearly would also be awesome. The spell requires a fuckton of positive emotions to be congregated into a single defined place, and once there is enough of those emotions the ritual takes place and seals the big bad macguffin into place for another year.

May also tie into the finals/graduation day stuff.


Guns are reserved for graduates and the staff. Certain exceptions may exist to this rule (being a part of a group that follows special restrictions and supervision) but the students are expected to prove themselves worthy of handling the weapons by surviving with their wits and their wands.

The mentality is "A wand can be used to do whatever you need it to, it can defend, it can comfort and it can attack. A gun is used only for one thing. Killing. Until you've proved that you can handle yourself responsibly and not rely on it as a crutch, this university will not allow you to be in possession of a firearm let alone an enchanted version thereof. If you have time to complain I suggest you get back to your studies and learn the value of using the tools at hand."

File: 124652419847.png-(98.50KB, 520x650, MANBEARPIG.png)
Monsters from the south, uh?

The Jersey Devil

Gatormen are freaking terrifying. Those must make an appearance.


Agreed. Learning to deal with them would be integral to survival at the school.

This school would also have it's own version of campus police, designed to protect the younger members of the school from the things that go bump in the night. They most defiantly would have magic bullet guns and the like.

File: 12465245727.jpg-(146.52KB, 520x780, voodoo.jpg)
Teachers should be easy enough.

Oklahoma Octopus (Gee, I wonder where they're from)

Mosquito Fish (Texas)

Kodiak Dinosaur (Alaska)

Big Bird (I swear to God) (Texas)

And I was thinking stuff like golems, spirits of nature brought to life via magical means. I figure it would be particularly common in voodoo.

Needs to have a hot blonde cowgirl, its a must.

Can she be in it? I like her.


That's a little early in the year for graduation or finals to hit.
I can see it being the day that the results of midterms or some sort of special wizard testing to end or something.

1. Who is the Headmaster/Dean of the Louisiana School?
I see her as a Tia Dalma (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame) sort of figure, but more down to earth.
The basic look and feel of the character should work.
Could alternatively be a male, would also be interesting.

2. What is his personality? I expect him to be the foremost expert on Voodoo magic of course, but what else can we say about him?
Nobody can understand what the fuck he or she is saying because of how strong his or her accent is.

3. What is the official name of the University? I agree that a Cajun name would be cool, but I have no pool of knowledge to call on for naming it in such a fashion.
I could ask around in the next couple of days.
Most of my Cajun-French is limited to phrases of affection and place names, so research into this could take a while.
Alternatively, there was a historical location that >>13909 suggested, and we could just leave the name the same.

4. How big is the school? It's probably not as big as Hogwarts obviously but is it lightly staffed or does it have numbers that would rival a mundane University?
It's probably somewhere in the middle.
Louisiana itself is a primarily rural state, and honestly, I can't see many parents wanting to send their child to a school for voodoo, so its numbers would probably be pretty limited.

5. What are some good mystical monsters? It doesn't all have to be what you've heard of in stories related to the bayou, we could even through a bonified Hydra in there or a manticore.
There's the Loup Garou, a Cajun werewolf.
And there's all kindsa ghost stories to tell, and they would probably scare the shit out of any muggle-born wizards from out of state.
Other monsters would be cool; tons of magical creatures could survive quite well in Louisiana.

6. What are some cool ideas for the resident staff?
There's so much potential there, because you not only have the bodies of former slaves and Confederate soldiers to work with, but there were also people who were buried alive in the levees when people ran out of sand and stuff to fortify them.

7. What's the closest city to the school?
New Orleans, most probably.
It would make the most sense, because it's pretty much the only city in Louisiana that most of the rest of the U.S. has ever heard of.

8. What would be some cool mystical items or places to include?
The Myrtles Plantation would be an awesome location for a field trip, as well as the cemeteries in New Orleans.
As for items, I'm not really sure.
Maybe have some of the hick wizards transfigure some shotguns or something.

9. How heavily should we look into the Loa for ideas?
I don't like this as much, because Potter-verse magic is kinda scientific in its way.
On the other hand, voodoo as a concept is rather mystical and unpredictable, so I suppose it fits more with the whole idea.
I would keep the Loa more as background characters, though.
The best way I can think of to incorporate them is to treat them the way the ghosts were treated in Harry Potter: useful and with their own personalities, but not a really huge plotpoint.

10. What's a crazy ass event that we can cook up to happen at the peak of Mardi Gras?
Mardi Gras is pretty crazy on its own.
Perhaps we could configure it as a ritual to celebrate the coming of adulthood?
Or something like a Dia de los Muertos?

Ooh, cool.
I nominate Marie La Veaux for teacher.
Or, shit, let her be headmistress.
She'd make a badass headmistress.

I think we should maybe go slack on the involvement of real-world people.

Since most of you probably won't know who Marie La Veaux is:

She apparently was a real woman, but she's very deeply integrated into New Orleans mythology, so I dunno.

Is there anyone from the goverment or military in this school, or is that another school?

Perhaps she could be a former headmaster and a made-up descendant is the recent one?

Actually, I had no idea that she was real until I looked her up.
I've grown up just hearing stories about her from my mom.
...and singing the song.
Still, if we used her and based her personality on the song, we could really work with some of her quirks.

That'd be much better.

Also an excellent idea.
I'd love to include her portrait shrieking at the current headmaster/mistress, and all of the students hearing it and grimacing.

There should be a government agent that works with them but is not directly involved. I think the school predated the US's claim on Louisiana and reached an agreement with the government that they'd keep doing what they do and the government would assist them when needed but would keep minimal involvement.

Now though, with the situation as tumultuous as it is, an influential agent is attempting to force the school to give up some of its autonomy in favor of greater government involvement. The staff and headmaster are against this, but are hard pressed to thwart the agent's advances. The agent does have the best interests of the country at mind but he's a control freak and finds the school's role to important for the government to remain passive in its dealings. This guy should probably be the Liaison's superior rather than the liaison himself.

I like the idea of a female head mistress. I'll post some ideas for the staff in a bit.

I really, really want lots of swearing in French.

Just putting that out there.

If you were to use this I would make it so that the school was unoccupied while Marie LaVeau was headmistress because they were terrified by her.

Speaking of staff, what sort of classes would a voodoo school teach?

Some class ideas I had:

Necromancy 101.
Care and Use of Sacrificial Livestock.
Swamp Magics.
Ritual Bodypainting and Piercing.
Magical Gun Safety.
Food Magic. (Would probably be an extracurricular.)
And there would probably be some history classes, too, I was thinking.

Professor Jake Ward: This large man is a master hunter, using both mundane and magical methods he teaches the students how to survive in the darkest parts of the bayou. He teaches survival and hunting skills as well as basic magical defense. He's a boisterous man who seems easy to relate to, but is troubled deeply with the loss of so many of his students. He is often the first in line to volunteer if a student goes missing.

(name and title to be decided): The blond cowgirl. She is a master of capturing, breeding and training magical creatures. Her courses involve dealing with supernatural creatures and either understanding them or dealing with them without causing lasting harm. Strong of heart and sharp of mind, she can read intentions with a chilling degree of accuracy. She's stubborn but can always make her point understood and can be quite persuasive.

Sure thing, couillon.

Idea for her name: Laurie Cass.

Just 'Lor' for short.

lol, nice

Yeah, cowgirl must be included.

What, no stereotypical jocks, bro?

The Doctor: This man is considered the boogeyman of the staff by the students. He is the school's foremost expert on medicine and necromancy. A quiet and reserved man, he has an emaciated frame and sunken eyes. He gives off a cold presence and when he teaches his voice carries well enough but it always seems just a little low. He maintains the corpus of the Zombie staff members treating them to make sure they don't rot.

William Burk: An expert of enchantment and marksmanship. His role at the school is to facilitate and enforce Magi-gun safety and awareness. He is also the premier instructor of artifice. Overly serious he acts a little too much like a drill instructor for most student's tastes but takes all complaints in stride.

Peggy: A deceptively upbeat woman, Peggy is the resident master of curses at the University. She teaches a full gamut of curses and curse defenses, including the traditional voodoo doll curses. She assists with the ritual courses frequently. She seems like a pleasant person but she is extremely vindictive, and she can hold a grudge for a very long time.

(Name to be decided): Master of Ceremony: This title unlike its mundane counterpart means its bearer is the University's expert on rituals. He teaches classes on the subject and leads the school on any large ritual casting. He also teaches classes on tending and preparing animals for ritualistic sacrifices. The man suffers from a mild case of OCD and is meticulous to a fault. He shows general paranoia when left outside a protective ward, this seems to stem from some mishap he had when he was first learning ritualistic summoning.

Yeah, I'm liking the voodoo and gun stuff.


Lor seems like a good name. I'm leaving exact states of origin out of the equation here, since I'd like to see what you guy's suggestions are.

I think Burk would classify as the stereotypical jock, he's kinda like the over zealous gym teacher type. You know the one with the jumpsuit and Jarhead buzz cut.

>Master of Ceremony

Stymie Boarback.

...Wait, what the hell am I thinking.

File: 12465284711.jpg-(473.43KB, 1700x2338, Picture 001.jpg)
Jake Ward?
Warning, huge file is huge.
Sorry, but I have no idea how to shrink it down.
Yeah, I'm a dumbass.
Also, excuse horrible drawfaggotry.

Looks alright to me man. now we just need to put him in some hunter cammo and he's good to go.

I'm still thinking of a few other Teachers for the staff, and specific suggestions anyone can come up with? Not just teachers I guess, but anyone who'd be a regular on campus that wasn't a student (that's a whole 'nother can of worms).

File: 124652883368.jpg-(1.67MB, 1700x2338, Picture 002.jpg)
'Nother concept, also huge file.
Ignore the head in the left corner, I was gonna draw a debutante-esque student and then realized that I can't draw dresses.
This came from someone's post in the /co/ thread about making the Louisiana students be anime and video game nerds instead of hicks, just to defy stereotypes.

Needs more Shaman magic


We'd need a gardener, right?
Maybe some sort of Herbology teacher?
I imagine a tiny lady with a really boisterous personality who likes to have spicy pepper-eating contests with her students.

That's the Rocky mountain school though. This is the Voodoo school. Personally I'd be inclined to work on the Texas school, but that'd be biased and the bayou has so much potential for Lovecraftian horrors that I couldn't pass it up.

I don't know about this one.

It should be an even spread. Just like with the real colleges in the South. There are some hicks sure, but then there's your music majors, art majors, math and science majors, law majors etc. I now want to make a teacher who's primary love in life is Jazz baby, and he has the spells to make it even more awesome.

Oh and Anime and Videya are prevalent as well of course.

According to Wiki, Shamanism is actually heavily based in Europe.

World-building isn't my strong suit. I think I could handle fleshing out characters, though.

Drawfag here.
Yeah, I don't really like it that much either, but I figured I'd post it and see what you guys thought of it.
I'm better at visualizing other people's characters than coming up with my own designs, to tell you the truth.
If you've got any ideas for students or teachers, I'll try and give them a shot.

Swamp Thing needs to show up

File: 124653004887.jpg-(171.07KB, 1024x2304, Outlaw_Star__s_Caster_Gun_by_Syklon.jpg)
So, original magic gun.

File: 124653021635.jpg-(569.64KB, 940x1247, 1238392039369.jpg)
And a new personal modified model.

Aside from the band stickers, I actually find that pretty cool.

Clovis Forest - Third year student. Heavyset boy, thanks to his own talents as a cook, and as a subsequent result, in food-based magics. He's also particularly gifted as an artist, excelling in ritualistic body painting, as well as more mundane artistic endeavors. Average in most other magical fields. His girth hides a good deal of muscle earned from his life on his family's farm. Has the habit of getting into a great many fist-fights with the other students, and on at least one occasion with a member of the staff, but because of his playful nature regarding such things ("You wanna wressle?"), no one's particularly intimidated by his win streak.

Short brain hair, shaggy around the ears, brown eyes. Has a distinct dislike for sweet foods; much prefers spicy flavors.

Yeah, basically what I was saying is that older students would modify their guns into things that not necessarily look like a gun.

File: 124653184442.jpg-(1.67MB, 1700x2338, Picture 003.jpg)
Like this?

File: 124653192476.png-(22.51KB, 800x600, Untitled.png)

I dig it. Longer in front of the ears, though. Maybe some simple face paints, tattoos on his arms.

File: 124653324864.jpg-(1.61MB, 1700x2338, Picture 004.jpg)
Made the hair near his ears longer, added some face paint.
It's supposed to make the part that's just his skin look like the outline of his skull.
That was the idea, anyway, I dunno if you'll like it or not.
I wasn't sure what to do for tattoos.
I tried looking up voodoo symbols, but I couldn't find much.
Could you give some suggestions?


The doctor? Seems cool.

Let me see if I can't squeeze out a few more characters before I pass out...

Christina Martinez: Grounds Keeper. This slight lady is a master botonist, and though she teaches on occasion her main duty is to keep the flora of the bayou from overtaking the school. She is master of herbology and it is said that she has access to every known type of plant and even some that aren't. She's energetic, boistorous and has a weakness for chili peppers.

Steven Cosgrove: Head of campus security. This tall man has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the University's residents and guests and it is a taxing job. He has close ties to the government from his days working as an agent and his experience in dealing with hostile supernatural creatures is second to none. He is stern and vigilant, keeping his men well trained and ready for anything. He employs the use of several Zombie sentries as well as other friendly supernatural creatures.

And that's it for now. I wish my scanner wasn't busted otherwise I would have posted my Tesla (inajar) + Edison (asaghost) pic that I mentioned in the /co/ thread, but oh well. If I get it up and running though, I'll start posting some sketches for these characters and other stuff (like shotgun caster guns wielded by a student hunting party).

File: 124653415799.png-(42.35KB, 800x600, 800px-VeveLegba.svg.png)
Not like I'm an expert on it. By any stretch of the imagination. The face paint should be enough.

I did find this, though.

>Papa Legba is the master linguist, the trickster, warrior, and the personal messenger of destiny. In Haitian Vodou, Papa Legba is the intermediary between the loa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages. He is always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony, because his permission is needed for any communication between mortals and the loa - he opens and closes the doorway.

This symbol should probably be present on the Master of Ceremony's clothing.

File: 124653452228.png-(23.00KB, 800x600, Untitled2.png)
D: I want to see that picture really badly.

Also I think he's a little better with the face paint. Also overall face shape could use some revising, which I'll do later. Also, maybe he should have his top half unclothed, and have a skirt-ish thing on, if nothing else to really accentuate his emaciated..ness.

I'll work on it some more later, maybe bust out my tablet and trying some coloring.

Well that or a tuxedo ala Baron Samedi. I still haven't decided on whether he should be a Zombie or not. I was actually thinking about having it be ambiguous so that the students wouldn't be quiet sure what he was.

I'll try and get that picture up later today.

Agreed. Nice find.

LOL, I forgot about him. Something like that, except they ironed out the whole "sucking your soul" deal.

And maybe the "book" is a couple pages the size of a small address book (the little black book size)

I was born for this thread. Here are a few things that popped into my head as I read this:

Diagon Alley is hidden in London, right? So obviously the American equivalent is in New York City. The entrance is probably somewhere in the subway tunnels.

Most magical guns should resemble 19th Century models with lots of weird designs and odd little doohickeys on them. The bullets should also have runes or the like carved into them. There should also be means of countering mundane firearms; for example, some Indians claimed that their magic could make bullets splash off of their skin like raindrops. So maybe this is now the charm equivalent of a bulletproof vest.

Bigfeet are reclusive, mysterious creatures that avoid muggles and wizards alike. They are generally peaceful and will not attack unless their young are threatened. Magical big game hunters sometimes go after them, forcing the law enforcement agencies to step in.

And finally, a question: is there anything in this world that reflects America's superhero fixation?

>And finally, a question: is there anything in this world that reflects America's superhero fixation?

In the books there was mention of a comic book Ron liked to read called "Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle" (which I always thought of as a crazy take on Mad Max), so we know that wizards do have them. I can't imagine wizard comics being about superheroes as we know them, though-- they'd probably be more like wizarding versions of pulp magazines. Two fisted tales about magical archaeologists and adventurers and pirates and proto-heroes ala The Shadow and Doc Savage. (Although, come to think of it, a wizard's version of Batman would be pretty neat. Like maybe instead of how Batman is a powerless man fighting alongside what are practical gods, a wizard's version would be a Squib who manages to face off against phenomenal magical threats through wit and tools and-- OKAY WOW I gotta stop thinking about this. It just... snowballs...)

Also, wizard comics probably have crazy awesome special effects. Moving pictures would just be the start. And instead of 3-D glasses, you'd find kids wearing magical specs for the full effect.


What the hell's a squib?

A squib is a person who was born to magical parents (or maybe just at least one, I'm not sure) but hasn't got any powers. They can still take part in the wizarding world, they just can't do magic themselves. Take Filch, the caretaker at Hogwarts-- he lives and works there, but muggles can't even see the place. And they're seen as a lower class and equated with muggleborns by pureblood supremacists, naturally.

A non-magic person born into a wizarding family.

Ben Franklin has to be the founder of one of the schools.

There can't be just one equivalent of Diagon Alley. No one would want to travel from California all the way to NYC just for some odds and ends. I'm thinking there would be ones in NYC, Chicago, and Seattle, and likely another one in New Orleans.

File: 124656357168.jpg-(55.68KB, 324x287, spectre specs.jpg)
>kids wearing magical specs for the full effect
Absolutely. :) I'm loving all these comic ideas; they remind me of the comics of Watchmen's world.

On the whole, Americans seem completely enamored with the idea of justice and crimefighting and such - Law and Order and other crime shows are insanely popular. I think magical crime comics would be a big hit.

>LOL, I forgot about him. Something like that, except they ironed out the whole "sucking your soul" deal.

Fun fact: I read a long time ago that JK got the idea of Tom Riddle's diary from internet chatting. She was intrigued/somewhat creeped out by the idea of talking with someone you couldn't see, who could be anyone other than who they claimed to be. I can understand that.

Another idea-
Since regular schools don't have intercompeting houses (I heard on the interwebs that real life British ones do), the schools would compete with each other like American ones. Each with their own mascot and everything. I nominate alligators for the Louisiana school, but not just any alligator. A horrible giant breed of alligator a la Aragog the giant spider. The Northeast school's mascot is the Mothman.

Secondary Wizard Schools might have competing dorms?

File: 124656876361.png-(185.99KB, 632x537, clovis.png)

I imagine there would probably be a magical strip mall or some such near any sizable community of magic folk. Like neighborhoods with lots of Hispanic people are likely to have a Hispanic aisle or two at the grocery stores.

Hot damn!

He has to be some kind of flexible to paint between his shoulder blades like that. I'm impressed.

The one in New Orleans would have to be in the French Market.
It's perfect; there are so many different shops and stores and bars and just random doors and alleyways down there that it'd be like hiding in plain sight.

The giant alligator idea is cool, but it's kinda stereotypical.

I love you people.

I love you people SO HARD.


Drawfag here, holy shit, this Doctor guy is sounding pretty damn awesome. Could you give me a little more to work with, appearance wise? Otherwise I'm going to start drawing.

Character Idea: British student that now attends an american wizarding school because his family immigrated here to escape the whole DeathEaters fiasco. Acts as the audience surrogate.

There also has to be a torchwood like organization that tracks down american dark wizards. Handling crimes like serial muggle torturing and murder by wizards. Curse Scene Investigation? CSI?

Maybe Curse Source would be better than Curse Scene.

Curse Source Investigation: Salem.

"Third muggle death this week, looks like we have a serial killer."
"I think we have a hunt on our hands" *takes off sun glasses* "A witch hunt."


Appearance wise I was always thinking of him being a thin and less fun loving analogy of Baron Samedi of the Loa lore. He should be in that state where it's hard to tell if he's alive or simply animated.

Overall though give it whatever seem cool. It's always good to have a few different interpretations.


Have their main headquarters be located on the Groom Lake campus with representatives spread throughout the country. Their specialty is dealing with dangerous Wizards and their pawns, but they defer to experts in matters that don't have a human instigator (see: Lovecraftian Horrors and the undead).

File: 124657228575.jpg-(76.23KB, 440x550, squib2.jpg)
This >>13989 and also a species of double-crossing, blue-furred, strangely likable aliens from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Pic related.

I don't assume that Diagon Alley is the only place of its kind in the United Kingdom; however, it is likely the biggest. The same goes for its NYC equivalent.

What about a voodoo doll? A big cute one that looks like a Sackboy.


I can get behind that, just so long as it has a fun quirk to keep it from being too stereotypical. The more I think about it the more inclined I am to have it be 'Dawwwww' fodder, but I'm trying to resist this temptation.

Either Voodoo doll or Gatorman (as mentioned earler) would be a fun mascot. I like the Giant Gator, but then we'd have to put in the jokes about them getting confused with a certain Florida University...

File: 124657312731.jpg-(24.82KB, 350x263, gatormen.jpg)
Gatormen are really creepy, and I think they'd be the beasts that lurk around the school in swamps.
Well, I guess they could use a gatorman as a mascot to sort of poke fun at them.

I'd imagine that there would be many classes about the local magical fauna.

Oh no doubt. We could probably even use another teacher on the subject (we've got at least two so far with the survival expert and cowgirl). I think that's going to be Voodoo U.s' big thing. Lots of crazy magical creatures running around with plenty of places to hide and hunt.

Someone should work on compiling a big fucking bestiary for each individual school. I could probably contribute, but I'm not that good at anything.

>big fucking bestiary for each individual school
Not to tamp down on anyone's creativity, but perhaps it would be more realistic to brainstorm a bestiary with magical fauna native to North America. After all, not everybody is familiar with the wildlife and legends of Louisiana and only a few people would be able to contribute beyond the ol' alligator/swampy stuff.


I failed to mention it in my previous posts but I like the surrogate idea. It gives a link to the cannon Potterverse and opportunities for in character comparisons between Hogwarts and American schools. What grade/age group would the transfer student be though? The younger he is the more terrifying the New Orleans campus would seem (probably).

I was thinking that a story should have a group of protagonists as opposed to focusing on just one, and the group had representatives from each US school as well as a few who attend the Voodoo U. (just a place holder name for now) normally.

For how the schools work I imagine it breaks down like this: In the formative years the students have varring degrees of interest, many just focus on the things they like but they are forced to take a full range of classes to ensure they know how to be a proper magic user. Once they get into high school levels there is a noticible divide between students. The general classes are bare bones stuff, they teach you what you need but nothing else, all students take these classes, and from an outsiders perspective they are sub par. For those Wizards who don't really care about being the best in anything, this is as far as they go. The real meat of the courses lies in the electives. This is where the specialist training occurs and where the courses are intense and demanding. These courses also have the highest mortality rate, as they deal directly with deadly magic and creatures. After their high school years they may choose to go to the advanced university classes. These classes make the elective classes from the high school years look like a joke. Only the best graduate, and only the competent survive. The under courses can be completed by any wizard with the state of mind to graduate high school but once a student begins exploring their major, they no longer have the luxury of fooling around.

The basic setup is pretty much just a more intense version of the U.S. School system but with a heavier emphasis on elective training.

> What grade/age group would the transfer student be though? The younger he is the more terrifying the New Orleans campus would seem (probably).

He should at least have had 1 or 2 years at hogwarts, enough British wizard school experience to compare it to America's.

After we're done smoothing out the US details, perhaps we should expand the others? I'm interested as to how a Buddhist or Hindu influenced school would be like.

Also, Quidditch in the U.S is called Boufball and Bouflball is called Quidditch.

File: 124658004613.png-(97.31KB, 480x640, 124657963188-28621.png)

Well, here's my interpretation. fffff why am I having such a hard time with anatomy today

>a magical version of an agricultural school. You know, for those who never really had any potential other than for digging in the dirt. Only with magic.

I am now picturing a kid named Larry being whisked away to the wizarding world, but having to go to the Texas school.

He is disappointed.

Hey man the Texas school rocks your socks! You just don't know it yet!

In seriousness though, I still like the idea of the Texas school having the Super Ranch (Griphons, Dragons, and god knows what else) and the astronaut programs (Magic isn't just limited to earth after all and that means you need someone trained in the supernatural on any flight mission).

Apparently the Texas school also caters to magical snipers/hunters according to the OP. If nothing else I can see this school being heavily into the Magic + Gun = Awesome! mentality.


That looks pretty awesome. I am now torn between this rendition and the more Voodoo one.

Quiddich is treated like soccer/football in the US and isn't very popular there. Instead how about we take one of the ancient Mayan games and give it a magical jumpstart?

File: 124658113759.jpg-(106.39KB, 943x1046, JUST LOOK AT THIS MAGIC..jpg)

Maybe, but Larry just isn't DIGGING it.

File: 124658128189.jpg-(43.97KB, 345x467, Lam.jpg)
Greys should have some relevance in whatever school is closest to New Mexico.
Magic greys, not alien ones.

>Quiddich is treated like soccer/football in the US and isn't very popular there. Instead how about we take one of the ancient Mayan games and give it a magical jumpstart?

If we're talking North America, Mayans live a bit too far south. How about magical lacrosse?

I giggled.

Area 51 and the associated UFO activity was always wizards. In fact, Area 51 is the location of a wizard school, hidden by a illusionary heat haze in the desert.


Only 12 year olds play Quidditch? Qudditich Moms?

File: 124658173993.png-(236.12KB, 745x627, texasgoodtimes.png)

Now make it so he's tilling a field of Whomping Trees.
"Hah take that newbie!"
"Why would you do this?!"
"Duh!? Cuz I've got to go to a keger obviously!"

We could always have it be like the actual A&M, academically it's a great place for agricultural science, but the real reason they have so many students is their sports programs.

Also now that I think about it, the main commodity of the Super ranch would be flying horses. No not Pegasus, more like those horses from the Krull movie or Nightmares. Basically big mean spirited flaming hoved beasts. Fire spitting and ember eyes optional. Cowboy hats however are mandatory.

Who would be the "big bad" in the American magic world, and how did america react to the voldemort incidents.

How is lacrosse more likely than the culture that spawned the games basketball was bastardized (heavily) from?

Apparently there is some Mayan magical practices being taught in US schools though (from what's been brought up so far).

Maybe we could just make something up wholecloth? What would be a cool strategy + heavily physical game that relied on magic?

Osama, obviously.

If I remember correctly, Quidditch Through the Ages (yes, it's an actual book) mentions a popular American sport that involves getting balls into cauldrons before they explode. I forget what it's called, though. I'll have to see if I still have the book around somewhere.

According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (again, a real book), crop circles are created by the mating dances of strange, nocturnal creatures known as mooncalves. It would be easy to imagine some North American variety of elf with gray, hairless skin that likes to mess about with muggles.

Ah, here we go!

>>A variant of Quidditch, Quodpot was invented in the eighteenth century by Abraham Peasegood, and is the most popular wizarding game in the United States. Peasegood travelled to the United States from England, and, during the trip, his wand came into contact with a Quaffle in his trunk. The resulting interaction meant that, when he took the Quaffle out and began throwing it around, it exploded in his face. Having a lively sense of humour, Peasegood and his friends set about recreating the effect on a series of leather balls, and the game of Quodpot was born.
>>Centred around the explosive properties of the ball, known as the Quod, a game of Quodpot is played between two teams with eleven players each. The players attempt to get the Quod into the pot at the end of the pitch before it explodes. When the Quod is safely in the pot - which contains a solution to stop the Quod from exploding - the scorer's team gets a point and a new Quod is brought into play. Any player in possession of the Quod when it explodes must leave the field of play.
>>Quodpot is immensely popular in North America and South America, but is considered a minority sport in Europe, where the majority of wizards remain faithful to Quidditch.

The Harry Potter Wiki is quite useful.

I think America Wizarding schools would be more modern, with modern architecture instead of castles.

Expanding the British surrogate concept, his name is Henry Newbury. The Newbury's are a pureblood family(not crazy prejudice purebloods, more like the Weasleys) that escaped from England when rumors of Voldy coming back. Fearing the bloodshed that would ensue.

Cultural differences are put into play for comedic effect. For example, he wears robes to his first days of school, expects to be sorted, is slighty appalled at how casual students are about their wands(Wands in america are replaced as upgrades are released. I.e: the iwand 3g) and the mingling of tech and magic.

Magical ied's? Like those enchantments that make muggles think of other things when they near a magical place and turn back.

These are used on bombs to make no one notice the bombs.

Which leads to the use of Magical EOD squads.

File: 12465830313.png-(45.95KB, 480x640, 124658291742-28621.png)

>Wands in america are replaced as upgrades are released. I.e: the iwand 3g

this is something I really, really don't like. aren't wizards only able to use wands effectively if they are compatible with them? I'm pretty sure that it came up in the first book.


You are now imagining The Hurt Locker.

Witch magic.

Also, I'm wondering what the co-Wizard/muggle goverment in the US was doing while some british muggle hater was killing people.


I agree, on top of that, it just seems a little too silly to me.


What other way is there to demonstrate that America's capitalistic society filters into the magic world.

Celebrity Wand makers? Tricked out wands?

I would say that the limit would be on the calibre. A heavy round would offer more chance to carve runes and the like on the round, while a smaller one would not.

While this does allow for rifle and machine gun rounds to be enchanted, mass production of rounds would be difficult, and I'm sure some Handguns would be of equal calibre, but less likely.

I was thinking that wizard federal agents use wands first, for the nonlethal effect, but pull out regular guns when it's clear the dark wizard doesn't want to be taken in alive.


Accessories. Wand cases and charms or whatever.

This. Also, America would probably have multiple wand brands competing against each other, complete with advertisement campaigns and celebrity endorsements. And imagine their first wand being treated by kids as something more trivial-- there might be trends and fads, like whatever brand is most popular at the moment, or even things like wand materials going in and out of style. I'm picturing kids begging their parents to let them get a wand from the current trendy wandmaker instead of finding one that suits them.

I like this idea better.

I notice the Salem, Groom Lake, and Rocky Mountain schools haven't been explored much yet. I'll give some ideas I've been thinking of since this project was still just a bit of fun on /co/

It's the oldest school in the US. It's called the Salem school, but these days it's actually in an undisclosed location somewhere in the forests of New England. A large part of the higher education is focused around the research of Lovecraftian beings, and how to stop them from over running the world.

Groom Lake
This school has the most government involvement of all the schools. The reason being that there is a lot of techno-magic research going on there, which requires a lot of funding. The research professors there work closely with the extraterrestrial researchers and reverse engineers. Admittance into their techno-magic programs is highly competitive.

Rocky Mountains
This school is hidden in a valley with a high level of spiritual power. Originally its main focus was on preserving and extending Native American magical practices. With the influx of Oriental settlers on the west coast, and the similarities between these two different traditions of magic, both are now major practices at this school.

Awesome thread is awesome

But yeah, the superhero and gun element should be fully explored.


With american nerds, you'd know they'd be a teenager that would try to fight crime with magic.

File: 124659270659.jpg-(23.36KB, 360x407, voodoo Vince.jpg)
This thread reminds me of that old videogame, Voodoo Vince.

Yep, the sane wands they first had, but just with extra suttf on them.

I like this. Cultural differences, and comedic moments. Also, the schools in America don;t require students to wear uniforms, right?

The Groom Lake students use wands that aren't actually made of wood and a magical core. They use a magical polymer that looks and feels like what each individual student prefers and uses crystals that have emulator programs that simulate whatever core would be best for the user. They also have a web browser.

Is there black/rap culture in this thing?
I mean, that seems like an American only thing.
Also, this takes place in the south, right?

>Is there black/rap culture in this thing?
I would hope not, and even if there is we shouldn't go into it. We should have some standards.

>Also, this takes place in the south, right?
Schools are scattered all over the US. I think the British surrogate thing is happening in the Louisiana school, although I would imagine the parents would be more inclined towards the Salem school.

I think some rap influence needs to come in, even if it's a little influence.

It's such a big part of american pop culture nowadays.

Louisiana is more of a country, blues, rock, and swamp funk area. Massachusetts is pretty white. Texas (and only in larger cities) is pretty much the only place you're going to see significant rap/hip-hop culture, but to the same extent that you'd see emo/scene culture in a very country/rock area.

The New York or California school, its pretty much a given.

Good thing they don't have schools then.

Voodoo is already a black thing.
Although, a character that has some hip-hop qualities couldn't hurt.

As someone said earlier, "WIZARDS AND SHIT"

Character Idea: Jimmy "No Eyes" Charles. The music instructor at the Louisiana school that teaches kids how to play magical and non magical instruments. Rumored to have given up his eyes in a spell to gain his legendary Guitar skills. Rumored to have magical eyeballs that lets him see everything and can see through his skull when his back is turned to keep an eye on the class.

No one has ever seen him without his trademark sunglasses.

This could be fun for the British surrogate to interact with.

"YO DAWG, ready to learn all this magic and shit"
"Uh, I'm not a canine..."
"What? Don't be trippin'"
"I haven't fallen."

He's a Brit, not an android.

He's a British wizard. His idea of slang is words like 'brilliant' and 'bloody'.

Also he's isolated from the muggle world almost completely since he's pureblood.

So, do they have students and teachers from all over the world?
I mean, America is full of immigrants.




When did this thread get here? It's awesome


I'm not sure how close they actually are but I think the Salem school is actually up in the Catskill mountains. Maybe it was founded by wizards and witches who were annoyed by the witches trails and up and left. Between Lovecraft, Poe, and all the other horror writers New England has to good possibilities for wizardy hijinks. Like high level students go hunting to get a glimpse of the Jersey Devil.

File: 124660701182.jpg-(115.93KB, 800x600, cthulhu_800.jpg)
Needs more antagonists, evil wizards or even Cthulhu.

File: 124661474777.jpg-(73.74KB, 414x400, symbol.jpg)
Has it been established what different magic bullets do, and how they work?

I mean, do they just put death spell inside them or something?
Elemental spells perhaps, like fire and poison. I guess whatever works, for whatever or whoever you want to kill.
Although, doesn't a death spell just outright kills anything instantly?

Also, we need someone like that couple in that movie Skeleton Key. Although I guess they were also similar to Dante from FMA, with the taking other people's bodies as shit. I don't know about homunculi/zombies.

*taking other people's bodies AND shit

Cthulu is being contained by the stories written by Lovecraft. The stories are a component of a massive binding spell where every time one is read it causes the creature to slip into an even deeper slumber.

So far the antagonists are being left vague. One of the reasons that the Louisiana school got so much attention was because it came prebuilt with trouble in the form of unspeakable horrors that dwell in the darkest parts of the bayou. I was also a fan of the Mardi Gras is a massive ritual meant to facilitate the binding of an ancient and amoral (if not outright evil) supernatural force.

Rap culture would be present in the schools, as much as it would in any typical school in that area. The fact that these schools bring in students from several states will only make them more diverse. This should not make you cringe but instead you should take it as a downplayed element of the story. The US schools have thier quirks and dangers as well as their shinning moments of awesome but they resemble a contemporary school far more than Hogwarts did. Hogwarts was like the granddad of English boarding schools, with all the trappings thereof pushed up to eleven. The US schools will more likely be more akin to contemporary public and private schools (Salem will probably be the closest to a traditional school) and will have many similarities to U.S. colleges.

The magic bullets seem like a great opportunity to take spells that would normally take quite a bit of incantation to activate and condense them into brutally quick and efficient effects. I'd say the biggest limitation for the "magic shells" would be that they have to be direct in nature. The nature of a device predetermines what it is capable of doing, so the magic guns will be limited in scope and lack the subtlety and versatility of a wand. However what they do, they do very well.

For the other schoos I beleive the Rocky's were supposed to focus more on Native American based magic, and Salem was supposed to be all about witches. Having Groom lake be a center for paranormal investigators and government sponsored endeavors seems likely. Other than that though, there's still plenty of room for these campuses to be expounded upon.

Well, it seems you have been putting lots of time on this. All the ideas, in an organized fashion
But yeah, the bullets seem to have lots of possibilities. I'm thinking like doing Alchemy without having to do seals, or something like that.

Lovin this thread! Only have one small idea to contribute though. The cool cajun guy who will undoubtedly show up at the Louisiana school should have a magic cigarette that he can never fully smoke. It's like a hundred year old bent and nasty hand rolled thing, but every time he smokes it, the smoke he exhales flows right back into the thing, and it unburns, turning back to normal.

Cause, you know, smoking is just SO COOL.

Hell, maybe its some sort of curse.

Doomed to smoke for eternity, despite his athsma.

Or maybe he uses the cigarettes to counter a curse. They could hold some kind of inherently magical medication.

...Or maybe he just has glaucoma. If you know what I mean.

Yeah I've probably put more effort in this than I initially intended but, not That much. I just really liked the concepts thrown around on the /co/ thread that was made about the same time this one was and felt like contributing.

A good deal of that post was just a recap/clarification of stuff that had been discussed but not necessarily in this thread. The school stuff though was me relating my opinion on the matter, not necessarily a consensus.

As an aside, I think we should look into the idea of fleshing out magical accessories that might be common place, like the air-Jordan's mentioned earlier in the thread (and the Sky-King HD). You know stuff that would push the melding of the magic and the mundane. Things like enchanted clothing (like a band shirt that shifted between the faces of all the members of the band), or a personal assistant that houses an office full of imps etc.

I think our energy would be better focused if we concentrated on one school at a time (and maybe started a plot for a story for that school including characters) like how the thread started focusing on the Louisiana school. That's just my opinion though, and I'm pretty sure any input will improve this little project.

Here's a proposal, what say we start with a single "pilot" story (that once we've gotten the support of a drawannon) we convert into a single issue comic. I'd say the Louisiana story would be easiest for an introduction (since it has so much fleshed out already) but that doesn't mean it has to be.


Could be awesome, it will take a while though.

File: 124662493421.jpg-(39.42KB, 300x300, Dodgeball_Average_Joes.jpg)
We need more magical Dodgeball.

Dragonball Z?


I was just trying to picture a bunch of guys shooting Magic Missiles at each other, and suddenly there was a lot of screaming and charging up involved, and...well...

I like the idea of hollow-point shells filled with alchemical fire, acid, ice, whatever. Different stuff to exploit the weaknesses of different monsters and defense spells. What about a bullet that contains (or is) some sort of seed that grows vines like crazy once it penetrates? Nasty way to go. And maybe there's a very rare and expensive bullet that turns people into zombies as soon as it kills them.

If we use the Louisiana school I don't think we should go with the British transfer student at the same time. I just can not see any reason why he would be enrolled in that school when the Salem school would have a reputation as being much closer to a European school that would appeal more to a British family.

Maybe magic bullets are just spells encased in a bullet shell. When the gunpowder is ignited, maybe magic gunpowder? The spell is released. The advantage is that you don't have to say the name of the spell, just point and click, maybe gun spells have a longer distance than spells from wands.

The downside would be recoil.

Plus, the Louisiana school sounds so crazy and nigh terrifying that you could get the same fish out of water, in over its head culture shock with a student from out of state.

Maybe they fled to the Louisiana because they want to go someplace unexpected so DeathEaters won't go after them?

Isn't the school in Salem called the "Salem Witches Institute" so it's girls only?

Would there be Pureblood families in America? I'd think they'd be some. But what role would they play in America, are they heavily involved in the government?

I'd imagine some AMERICA(FUCK YEAR) kids really harassing the British student.

Also a teacher or someone should make their own bullets and give them to kids to test out when no one is looking.

The witches institute is something else that may or may not be related to the school. Besides sexual discriminating schools are illegal in the US.

I also don't see how Louisiana would be any safer for them than New England.

There should at least be one school in New York, cultural melting pot and what not.

New York is close enough to the Salem school that they all go there, as well as a good portion of the Midwest too.

Really? I'm pretty sure there are still girls' private schools around.

Just drop it. A girls only school was never a part of the concept. The Salem school is based around Lovecraftian horror.

In the potterverse it was an all-girls school. You'd have to make it so they were forced to start accepting boys or something.

In the books it was casually mentioned in passing. There was never anything about the witches institute even being a school, much less a girls only school.

A girls only school does not fit into this project well at all anyway. The government is heavily involved with all the schools and the schools are more modern than the old world schools. What part of government and modern schools brings sexual discrimination to mind?

File: 124665602390.jpg-(137.41KB, 500x440, persona3.jpg)
>magic guns
Don't worry, guys, I'm just summoning my Patronus.

Maybe there could be a Salem Wizard Institute?

Wacky hijinks between students of both schools ensue.

Maybe Salem is a town rich in tradition and prides itself in basing it's school off the European standard? It's a fancy pantsy private school run on fees of the student's parents instead of gov't funding

See >>13818 and >>14056

By the same logic, there should be a school in London, but there isn't. All things considered, it's a bad idea to have that large a number of trainee magic-users in or around a muggle population center.

I like this thread.
By the way, do they have crazy competitions with other schools like in the fourth movie?
That part with the dragon and Labyrinth was pretty cool.
I guess they could use those Mayan/Aztec dragons and other monsters, along with other other dangerous trials. Perhaps different then their European counterpart.

Salem Academy of Magical Studies

The Salem Academy is the oldest is the oldest of the American magical schools. It was founded in the early-mid 1700's to teach the children of recently immigrated wizards and witches. It was originally located close to Salem Massachusetts, but was soon moved due to the dangers of being discovered. Currently it's located somewhere in the mountains and forests of New England.

During the late 18th century and early 19th century the Salem Academy became an upper class private school, as opposed to the less prestigious school in Louisiana. It prided itself on its high academia and culture, often hiring well qualified professors from Europe. During the 20th century the US government started taking a greater role in magical education, pretty much forcing the Salem Academy to become a public school.

The Salem Academy developed an education structure that has been adopted in one form or another by all the other schools. The equivalent of elementary school children are educated in small local schools that serve several states. There they get a basic education similar to any other child, only with very basic magic courses included. Beginning at middle school age students can attend the actual Salem Academy, which has basic courses similar to regular schools, but also required magic classes and a large number of electives. All schools follow a generally similar curriculum up to the college level. At that point the different schools are much more specialized. Salem Academy is mainly specialized in magic dealing with Lovecraftian beings. They study these beings as well as work on ways to protect humanity from being harmed by them.

Alright, pretty nice


The Salem school definitely seems like the place to go for Law Enforcement/fighting forces of darkness type schooling.

Groom Lake (Area 51)

This school is unique in that it is the only school that is actually run by the government instead of regulated by them. It is also the only school that has only college level courses. Originally it was not a school, instead being a research institute and professional training center.

Magical activities began at Groom Lake after the Roswell crash. Both scientific and magical experts were brought in to study the debris. Later, intact UFO’s were captured and research increased. Soon a strong magitech development and training program emerged, using a combination of magic, alien technology, and state of the art human technology. Professors that did research there naturally brought there advanced student and eventually a permanent college level magic school was established.

File: 124667830261.jpg-(77.24KB, 361x300, HogwartsLogo.jpg)
I would love to see the logo/insignia of the different houses/schools.
Although, I guess we fisrt have to come out with an animal or mascot that identifies them.

Voodoo dolls for the one in Louisiana?

Salem: Black Cat
Louisiana: Gator
Texas: Bull
Groom Lake: Grey Alien
Rocky Mountain: Grizzly Bear or Timber Wolf

Come on now.

You think European Dark Wizards flee to America to escape from Aurors. Since the European wizarding world looks down on America and won't go there.

Also, I think some aspects of the wizarding world in America is copied in Japan, i.e magitech. They've probably taken it to insane levels, like how super capitalistic Japan is. With all their products and consumerism culture.

I don't know. Japan is pretty traditional in certain aspects, and rarely accept outside influence when it comes spiritual stuff.
I mean, Shinto shrines and stuff like that are still very old school.

Maybe their are certain schools adhering to the Shinto standard and a few school based on the american ones with a Japanese aesthetic?

Oh yeah, aliens make absolutely no sense in a world populated by witches, wizards, and various mythological creatures.

I would think fleeing Deatheaters would go to South America, like the Nazis did.

You are now imagining American agents having a firefight with deatheaters in the jungles of South America.

Fuck Yeah! Magic guns versus killing curse.

I'd still adhere to them being magic-based beings.

We already established a magitech element a while ago. A magic cell phone with batteries that never run down and never lose reception is much more convenient than floo powder.

What about stuff like that magic car?

Do we have any idea what the different schools look like?

Salem school bears a striking resemblance to Miskatonic University.

Louisiana school looks like a plantation, only with more buildings.

Texas school is a large ranch

Groom Lake is underground

Rocky Mountains looks like a nice college campus. If you viewed it from the air though you would see a lot of occult symbols from Native American and Oriental traditions.

Is the one in Texas the one with some Mexican influence, and people doing spells in Spanish?

It probably has some but it shouldn't be primarily Mexican/Spanish/Mayan etc. in theme, Mexico probably has at least one or two schools of its own (probably more than that).

Since the Louisiana School has a good deal of emphasis on ritual casting (and the same for the Rocky Mountain school probably so long as they are the Native American magic styled school) I imagine the Texas school is all about either artifice or getting spells cast as quickly and efficient as possible. The name of the game is speed and power (or precision). This may even tie into the reasons the school is focused on magical fauna so much, they already have instant access to powerful magical effects. As cliched as it may seem, imagine them being the magic equivalent to quick draw artists and snipers. Less focus on the complex spells and more on immediate gratification.

Oh Mexico has lots of schools, but most of them have been abandoned or degraded into ruins over the various centuries of conflicts and general fall of civilizations. One of the biggest problems the Texan and Mexican schools face is grave robbers, necromantic or otherwise.

I'd like to submit the Pine Barrens for a possible school location - there's all kinds of abandoned iron and sawmill towns, and it's huge and mostly empty.

>How is lacrosse more likely than the culture that spawned the games basketball was bastardized (heavily) from?
Well, the cultures that played lacrosse were around in North America more recently.

I think we also need at least one technical School in there. Something like MIT, Stevens, Cooper Union, etc. Something that manages to make magic horribly and painfully nerdy and technical.

Groom Lake, see >>14146

File: 124675213721.jpg-(212.98KB, 1000x680, danvers_state_hospital_danvers_massachusetts_kirkb.jpg)
I suggest that the Salem school's design be based on the Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, which was likely the inspiration for Lovecraft's Arkham.

I like it. And every few years an unlucky mountain hiker stumbles upon it and disappears.


Now someone post a good pic of the house from Gone with the Wind, for the Voodoo school

File: 124675868764.jpg-(167.44KB, 800x459, 40acres_Tara_in_ruins.jpg)

As it appears to Muggles maybe?

And one of the teachers has to talk like an antebellum sterotype

You guys have No idea how much I want to see a scene where The Ghostbusters are just hanging out at the entrance to a hidden wizard's place (probably thats hopping street).

Egon scanning the wall, Peter hitting on women by asking ("Are you a witch? Can I have your number?"), Winston eating a bag oh chips and trying to convince the other guys to tour London instead, and Ray lecturing no one in particular about the street's history of the occult.

File: 124676113592.jpg-(467.80KB, 1800x1392, Witch skull.jpg)
One of the teachers of students better look something like these two.

Proposed idea for antagonists. A bunch of magically born fundamentalist Christians that don't want to accept that they're wizards and witches. Instead they decide they've been given powers by God and are trying to wipe out the mainstream magical community.

Could be awesome, are they some sort of cult?

I always role my eyes at ideas like this becuase I feel I've seen it again and again, probably the only time I can think that this type of idea was played originally was with The Crossbreed in Astro City, where they basically became soapbox preachers instead of the straight opposition to the secular powered protagonists. This shows up especially often in works with Witchcraft, though the most ready example are alot of X-men villains

Maybe they have a secret monastery hidden in the bible belt. They take some of the old time Christian traditions like flagellantion to whole new extremes.

For your X-men analogy to be relevant Magneto and similar villains would have to be self hating mutants.

I'm not talking about Magneto. Think Striker and his ilk.

Who, yes is now a mutant.

But it just fits so well with American culture.

If you want to reflect current American Culture so well, the villains may as well be magic bankers offering cheap loans for wands.

What you're talking about is making stereotypes into enemies. And that's hardly creative at all.

Why not? It seems like the dark wizards in Harry Potter were a bunch of fascists.

You have a point, it's not like the source material is exactly a bastion of character originality.

Yeah, I think so

Even when dealing with witches and wizards from other countries, they were sort of stereotype.


The Rocky Mountain school should be built into a mountain.


The Phelps clan is the most proactive magical terrorist group in the country.

Also, wasn't there talk of a school along the rust-belt that focused on magical gadgeteering? Or if not a full blown magical college, maybe the equivalent of a standard vocational school.

Yeah, I like the idea of the magical cult.

I think everyone can and should be a villain and a hero depending on which school gets the spot light in the chapter. You mix all of these old and new world groups together and you’re bound to get magical conflict. Especially if they’re those muggle fuckers in Salem.

Instead of one group vs another. There could be factions.

The pureblood extremists.

The Wizard Christians who want to kill wizards.

Magical Law enforcement,

And the regular wizards community.


I like this idea. The post-colonial American magic system is relatively new and is pulling from so many different systems of magic that hasn't really built up a unified magic tradition. America spends so much time squabbling amongst itself instead of focusing on international affairs. The magical community has managed to maintain the older American tradition of isolation through its own internal struggles. This also would explain the lack of influence in the canon universe.

We seem to be building up quite a powerful magic system for America, so I think we might need to balance it out a bit. I'd imagine that American magic would be wild and have a lot of raw power, but the European magic system (and Salem) would be more refined.

I think a lot of American wizards would invent flashy spells.

Like Explodus or some shit like that.

Yes, and as I have said a million times, I still like the idea of a gadgeteering school run by Tesla.

File: 124677636956.jpg-(281.83KB, 1437x898, Epic 2.jpg)
I hope to see some golems, or other magical monster stuff.
This one seems to be like something out of Mexico, so maybe its part of the Texan school.

File: 124677647590.jpg-(188.85KB, 1600x914, epic 5.jpg)
Also, what about ghosts in the Alamo?

Or some western ghost town in the middle of the Texan desert?

File: 12467767312.jpg-(67.83KB, 500x600, epic 52.jpg)
Another thing, are there any schools near famous lakes, or other sources of water?

I mean, since it would be nice to some aquatic magical creatures.
Perhaps something like in Psychonauts

File: 124677691063.jpg-(173.83KB, 676x838, Epic 15.jpg)
Last thing, just how creepy is the voodoo school?
I mean, that magic is always so fucked up. I would think the school, grounds around it, and teacher would be somewhat creepy.

The Great Lakes?

File: 124677721955.jpg-(232.01KB, 1600x1189, epic 1.jpg)
Oh yeah, what about the lovecraft thing?

File: 12468070781.jpg-(68.09KB, 274x477, Golem_and_Loew.jpg)
Golems are a Jewish thing. You'd be most likely to find them in the Middle East.

File: 124680868995.png-(57.91KB, 200x271, 200px-Emblem_of_the_Papacy_SE.svg.png)
While the church itself might condemn wizardry, it might be more interesting and creative if actual Christian wizards weren't psychotic zealots. In a twist, it might turn out that the Vatican knows of wizards, but instead of seeking to wipe them out helps them stay hidden from muggles, either for pragmatic reasons or out of repentance/reparation for witch-hunts.

Plus -- Catholic schoolgirl witches.

Somewhat related, maybe you could do something with secret societies like Freemasons, Templars, etc., claim that they work behind the scenes to transfer knowledge and ideas between muggles and wizards, in an attempt to strengthen and improve both societies while preserving their uniqueness.

Yeah, I was thinking of El Dorado. Thats why I though of the whole Golem stuff.

The Da Vinci Code?
The Merlin Code?

Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code would be a pretty cool book, I bet.

(Just like Harry Potter and the Hunt For Red October, Harry Potter and the Nightmare on Elm Street, Harry Potter and the Seven Samurai, Harry Potter and the Infinity Gauntlet...)

File: 124681435755.jpg-(69.52KB, 608x318, ColtPatterson1.jpg)
Magic guns, huh? I'll just leave this here then...

I love revolvers
Someone should come up with a cool design for some of the guns, as well as the shells.

I don't think you can define all Christian wizards the same way. There are just too many sects and minor cults in Christianity.

So most can be fairly normal, but having a small group of hateful zealots would also work.

File: 124684117517.jpg-(27.40KB, 524x400, derringer.jpg)
Someone has to have a magical derringer, because it's not size that matters, it's how you use it.

Cliche idea, but maybe there could be a Wizard Mafia in america?

Magical Drug trafficking, black market dark magic weapons, helping European wizards hide out in america(for a price.).

After the 40s the US has one of the largest Jewish populations, a hodgepodge of all the cast-off survivors all over Europe that didn't decide to head off to Israel. Most of them would be located around the East Coast but not all of them are as prevalent and adapt as the Cabalists in Prague. Not to mention it isn’t just Golems as anyone who knows something about controlling the inanimate can make them. But they aren’t like the 50s greaser like foot soldiers that protect their little mostly gated communities. How openly hostile and alienated depends on how strict to their beliefs they are but some claim to even know the rights and magic of Solomon himself.

As they were said to be in Louisiana I think the grounds should be located in an incredibly bio-diverse, ancient and hostile swamp. Everything from the air, the water, the bugs, plants and animals themselves are instruments of the swamp as it feeds off the constant death and decay of everything in it. Everything is severely poisoned, specifically designed to gruesomely kill for survival and many a mage that wanders in novice to experienced is usually never heard of again. But those that survive become one with the bayou in more ways than you can imagine.

Maybe tone it down a little. Swamps can be dangerous, but they can also be incredibly beautiful and support very diverse wildlife. Not everything is out to kill something else.

Once I started I had to go full force. It just seemed so fun to think up stuff like bees that make hives out of any carcass they can, living or otherwise or the water and least harmful plants almost toxic to the most physical or magically inferior people. Like it’s the perfect area for a snuff film the headmasters turn to when some idiot tries to escape the campus or short cut the class the hard way. And I liked the idea of a fucking environment out to get you. Not just the flora or fauna but this sentient hungry swamp.

It's just I can't see them building a school right on top of such a dangerous place, at least not without protection, and I certainly can't see someone who enjoys people dieing from it being put in charge.

Well, they're not without protection. They're a bunch of wizards. As for the people dying, the school specializes in voodoo and zombie magic. They probably just bring students back to life who are too careless and get themselves killed.

And for something on the lighter side, Micheal Phelps is part mermaid/man.

Although, I though he was related to Aquaman and Namor.

File: 124734743532.jpg-(239.07KB, 862x669, magic cowboy.jpg)
Well, this thread died.

Anyway, I'm watching the HP movies on tv right now. I had forgottem how much more interesting the first few movies were.


What are America's views on them?

Or, are all American wizards considered mudbloods?

>>While the church itself might condemn wizardry, it might be more interesting and creative if actual Christian wizards weren't psychotic zealots. In a twist, it might turn out that the Vatican knows of wizards, but instead of seeking to wipe them out helps them stay hidden from muggles, either for pragmatic reasons or out of repentance/reparation for witch-hunts.
Better reason: What do you think Monasteries were up to?
Seriously, IRL Monks were allowed to study knowledge that was not allowed for most people, including Christian Kabbalah. It would be cool TWEEST if Many monks were actually wizards, and many witchburnings starting actually being the church stamping out evil wizards, and something that snowballed once the muggles got involved.
It also doesn't hurt that it wasn't until the Renaissance and the Reformation that the Church actually began witchhunts. Prior to that the Christian position was very firm that Magic doesn't exist.

I'd say that's pretty accurate. Wizards who care about Mudblood's probably still think of America as "The Garbage People"


I wonder what the English wizards think of the whole revolutionary war.

There would be all sorts of hang-ups about mudblood resentment. Of course, they aren't called Mud-bloods, or even "Muggle-born." Political corectness dictates they must be referred to as "Persons of Nonmagical Parentage."

I'm thinking there is still some stigma regarding the American colonies.

Is there a magic market, like in the Harry Potter movies?
I wonder how the American version would be different, especially the one with voodoo stuff.

Here's an Idea for the U.S.:
Magic E-Bay.

That, or good all fashion big american supermarkets.

A flea market would also be nice, magical rednecks selling their magical junk

Magic stock market, the best or seemingly best regnants, spells and companies of wizards are made and broken in a free fire zone of hostile take-overs and cutthroat 20th century capitalism. There’s magic tech but business dealings are now made with hexes and counter wards along with smooth men in suits who think greed is good.

Come on, can't you have fun imagining this being the solution to the "Find Items X, Y, Z problems" that might arise.
"Sorcerers Stone? Why didn't you just get on off of E-bay?"

Magic Costco/Walmart. You can by owls in a 5-pack.

Magic Costco is where supervillains go to restock their evil fortresses.

Sure that can be fun but are you seriously saying America wouldn't have big league business trading? You must be out of your damn mind. You can have small scale trading for personal jokes and what-not but the schools could test out and perform "jobs" for some corporations to get funding and connections for scholarships.


That's sortof related to an idea brought up in one of the original /co/ threads, some of the Founding Fathers were wizards and split from the Ministry along with the American Muggles.

Ideas like that really make me wish Rowling would've present Wizard History in a better light, in theory it could be a really fascinating subject.

I like this.
Wizards that actually like interacting with muggles

They have to, no matter how many wizards there are they will always be outnumbered 1 to 100 by muggles.

And I'm sure there are some that were smart enough to realize "No seriously you guys, these muggles are going to start pulling of shit we can't even imagine pretty soon."

Someone needs to make a list of rules concerning magic, which spells are allowed and when to use them. As well as the restrictions for underage witches and wizards.

Also, a pic of description of America's equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, and other leaders.

File: 124768422922.jpg-(60.20KB, 416x300, ministry.jpg)

File: 124768565023.jpg-(301.01KB, 800x600, MG1.jpg)
Magic guns

File: 124768568147.jpg-(52.12KB, 750x578, MG2.jpg)

In keeping with other American institutions, it probably should be called the Department of Magic. And the architecture would probably be federal, you know, Greek inspired like much of Washington DC, but with a more supernatural twist.

I started thinking about Fallout 3 for some reason, bu thats more science than magic.

BTW, why is that Fallout has robots and other futuristic stuff, and yet everything else seems to be from the 50s?

Makes no sense.

The tech of Fallout 3 is based on what people in the 1950s thought the future would look like. It's called retro-futurism.

Given American cutlture, it wouldn't even be given a name.

Think Men in Black.
Actually no, scratch that, the Men in Black are secretly responsible for keeping the public from learning about wizards.
UFOs are actually a cover story.

Crop circles are perpetrated by teenage wizard hicks - their equivalent of cow tipping, except it sometimes results in being on the news. The people who remember being abducted by aliens actually have had botched memory spells (maybe to forget abuse from bigoted Purebloods?), but the American wizard authority can't fix it without risking more damage to their minds.

I thought crop circles were caused by Mooncalves?

File: 12498820078.jpg-(265.99KB, 663x1054, 1249804274674.jpg)
I don't know if this pic is related to this whole thing but I saw at /co/, and though it was pretty cool.


Since there's very little talk about the Rockies school, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone: Oregon's Crater Lake is revered by many native tribes, even some who would not normally ever see it, like north Washington or North California.

Unlike other schools that work in spells, curses, or agriculture, the Crater Lake school would be more like an MIT in that it was developed for those students who liked applying their skills to invent new uses for spells, hexes, or mystical items. Think Fred and George: quirky and low high school grades, but geniuses in applying what they do learn.

Because it's within the Cascades of the Rockies, and also within Oregon's huge, sprawling forest range, it would likely be protected simply by being in an area few people would visit. The school would be built in a bubble at the bottom of the lake, and the water is unguarded so as to prevent suspicion of muggles. The campus size is a good lentgh, being almost 2 square miles, and there are often student body activities in the forests surrounding the mountain range.

One of the teachers would have to be a sasquatch who is smarter than the average bear. Also, because it's Northwestern, I imagine there is a lot of coffee-drinking, somewhat extremist liberal wizards and witches.

I like the sasquatch idea

File: 125255926020.jpg-(123.37KB, 900x1200, Professor_McGimben.jpg)
So I've been asked to update this with some of my art on the Rocky Mountains ideas, like Sasquatch teacher.

Sorry if I'm bumping a thread that's lost its nterest.

File: 125255970083.jpg-(270.30KB, 700x1000, Native_professor.jpg)

Pretty damn awesome

Suggestions for broom analogues
-But most skateboards, of the long variety which are used for transport instead of SWEET KICK FLIP DUDE.

Harry Potter was set in the late 80's/early 90's if I recall correctly. If we're going with the "British Immigrant transplanted due to Death Eater madness" thing the culture should be reflective, therefore little to no cellphones, email, computers etc.

I feel like the magic guns are just normal guns that have been enchanted with runes so they don't shatter when an alchemical bullet is shot. Bullets themselves should be like magic concentrate or charmed regular bullets. Certain bullets would contain potions since one can't really be expected to carry a dozen vials with them. Other bullets would be spells attached to a harmless catalyst that would crumble on impact, so only the magic would have any effect on the victim.

The Louisiana School being built near a rather dangerous Bayou could be left over from the school's early history. Say a crazy old witch/wizard lived there and is the one who made the place so magically dangerous in the first place, or it was built as the base of operations for keeping the bayou in check, eventually letting on apprentices to succeed the current guardians which eventually evolved into a school.

The whole "every school is K-12" thing is somewhat unreasonable, those kinds of situations are hardly even present in small town regular school due to the madness of keeping rowdy, cussing teenagers around impressionable young tots, the situation made even MORE unfavourable if magic is involved.

I propose that the more major schools, (Groom Lake, Bayou, Rockies, Salem) are middle-high schools, or just high schools, judging from the apparent levels of intellect needed to survive in some of them. Though I feel like Groom Lake should be a magical university, what with the experiments and geniuses it recruits.

And if we're going to have a school under water, it should either be in the Great Lakes (Where Canadian students and American students all attend) or Hawaii.

Also, I don't see why we're limiting ourselves to North American mythical creatures, don't you imagine there would be massive amounts of illegal mythical creature trafficking throughout the ages? Introduced species? It happened with Muggle animals and plants, why not the magic sort too? Especially with the huge amounts of migrants coming to The U.S. and Canada. Think about it; Japanese dragons, lion dogs, various species of "big feet", leviathans, magic fish, cats in droves, giant birds (Rocs could very well be the Rockies' mascot), fairies, insects, pixies, trolls, golems, dwarves, gremlins, flying whales, giant squid! Monstrous spiders! Flying pigs! North America is HUGE people, if such massive amounts of magical creatures can hide out in Europe with little effort then why the hell are we limiting ourself in the second/third largest countries on earth?

AND HOW COULD YOU GUYS FORGET ABOUT WENDIGOS. Maybe North American Unicorns could be deer with one horn and MAGIC, or simply be Jackalopes. I'm also feeling like huge Irish deer should be wandering around for some reason. North American mythology often times just adds magic to regular animals, like Coyotes, so a lot of magical creatures could be hiding in plain sight.

Also Mermaids. Bayou Mermaids? Mermaid tank at Groom Lake? Great Lakes Mermaids? Somewhere there have GOT to be Mermaids.

Okay I think I'm done.

File: 12527894006.gif-(7.97KB, 231x272, school-uniform-bw.gif)
And YES there should be uniforms, just not as crotchety as robes and pointy hats, how else will they be able to identify who goes to what school (a prestige thing, which fits with the rivalries as well) and who among other children are magic or non magic, especially among the very young.

Instead of robes, there would be blazers, zip sweaters and hoodies, much like you would find on sale at any old high school. Otherwise it would be regular old catholic/private school uniform fare.

Except for Salem, they dress like this.


I like the idea of a more college town aspect with the uniforms, in that they can wear whatever they like as long as they wear school colors and not a rival school's colors. And it's certainly optional, but you'd still get beat up by some seniors if you went to the Rockies school wearing Salem colors.


I have a friend whose school went by a strict dress code that was ALMOST a uniform in that they could only wear certain things to school, but the school didn't hack up the funding to get actual uniforms commissioned. It was pretty stupid because then the kids ended up walking around day and night in "uniforms" as all of their clothes fit the dress code.

This COULD work and actually carry over into adulthood with different alumni dressing in completely opposing styles and colours than other alumni just due to force of habit, this could lead to school rivalries lasting entire lifetimes. Which, while amusing if played tastefully, can get annoying real fast as I have noticed with my college bound friends being elitist douchebags about it ("It's not a COLLEGE it's a UNIVERSITY that means I'm better than everyone in COLLEGE simply because my school gets more FUNDING" "If you use a fork, you can go to York HERPADERP") every. single. day.

I'm with you on all of these ideas.

I would be drawfagging the shit out the uniforms for this if I didn't have stuff to do today.

So, I have been reading Blue Beetle lately and I'm really digging the way they handle magic. The whole south, and posse as well.

Also, La Dama needs to be part of this thing.

File: 125306398967.jpg-(51.54KB, 792x612, Salem-uniform.jpg)
Salem uniform.

Indigo and orange are the colours I chose, but thats subject to change upon community input.

Here's some reference for the uniform style:

Man, that looks hella classy. I would have loved to cast spells in one of those were it not for my childhood loathing of buttons.

Thats pretty damn awesome.
See, now I'm wondering if your are going to do the other schools. Although, I don't think some of them have a uniform rule.



Since the different schools reflect different specialties, i'd imagine people would telecommute to whichever school they were a 'match' for.

Perhaps one or more of the schools teach staves instead of wands? Either for variety (without getting into MAGIC GUNS LOL) or as a gentle poke at Americans always wanting everything to be bigger and better.


I actually thought about how different countries would channel magic in their universe at one point, but forgot to mention it earlier. One thing I'd find interesting is how each culture uses a different channel for magic, not just "Oh, I use a staff instead of a wand" kind of thing. Like some magic requiring water or fire as a conduit.

I do think that staves, staffs, rods, and wands would all handle magic differently. Staffs would require far less motion to wield (wands are very finicky and require a lot of specific gestures, as I recall) at the cost of needing more precise and slow incantations, and the spells would be more explosive.

Why don't they just go to the school?

File: 125324714551.jpg-(66.36KB, 659x1070, Bayou-Gatorman.jpg)
How about this for the origin of the Bayou school:

The school was established around a Bayou as a mutually beneficial pact between the denizens of the magical swamp and wizard kind a couple hundred years ago. The bayou folks are kept hidden and protected from poachers and muggles, while the wizards got to set up camp on magically charged land and study the swamp. This probably means herbology classes (and maybe care of magical creatures) are pretty important to the school.

Gatormen are kind of like centaurs.


Needs more voodoo.

Wow, thats a pretty cool pic

So, would these schools and wizards make such a big deal if some students were mudbloods?
I mean, for some reason I'm thinking they wouldn't care as much as their British counter parts do.


I think to some extent America is far less caring about muggles and the like, seeing as how the U.S. is a mesh of different kinds of cultures and thus so many different kinds of magic. One kind of people would probably make little difference to an American wizard or witch unless you're in the deep South where aristocracy is still running things in the magic world.

I think instead of having the schools having any kind of speciality in them (( on the fact of where you go)) that they should have more of a school house kinda feel (( I.E. Gryffindor, Slytherin))
and just as they get sorted there, they would be sorted into schools here...

Also, I don't know if its been completely discussed but how is the magic performed? Is it still a Latinization of the original style words or is it more Americanized. ((Expecto Patronum = Patronus Appear?))

just a few thoughts I had.. also loving the uniform design

>>I think instead of having the schools having any kind of speciality in them (( on the fact of where you go)) that they should have more of a school house kinda feel (( I.E. Gryffindor, Slytherin))
and just as they get sorted there, they would be sorted into schools here...
That's so...British.


We were hoping to find a way to make the school system American, since this does take place in the U.S.

Y'know, I've thought long and hard about it, and I've gotta say I think the biggest thing about US magic is that it blends so much of other cultures' magic. Indian, Chinese, British, standard European, Native, all of it melded together. The problem is thinking up how other magic differs. I did mention how magic channels could differ (rods vs. wands, etc.), but I'm not going to put too much effort into it at this point.

It’s not as standardized. Both because there's just so much to put together and because all those different cultures want to sell you specialty crap to use in their particular form of magic, I mean what is America without capitalism?

I think a north-east school could be based in Delaware. I mean, people forget it's a state anyway. For me it's a tossup between being in Delaware or sticking with the Salem one.

so, is there slavery and segregation in the pasts of these schools?


im picturing the witch from the wizard of oz, and liking it.

Huh, this thing's still here

>Quiddich isn't popular. Boufball, a game all about strategy and strength, is.
Quidditch doesn't involve strategy? Just because the coach can call swift plays and doesn't have to stop the game every few seconds doesn't mean it doesn't involve strategy!!

File: 127579147368.jpg-(15.24KB, 337x168, reptilian head.jpg)

As long as we're incorporating "American myth" (sasquatch, Men in Black, etc.), why not lizard people? Granted, they're a recent development in pop culture (sort of, see:, but yeah. Maybe have them the American equivalent of goblins?

File: 127579456578.png-(373.73KB, 1024x768, eyeshield21team1024se0.png)
I had an idea that, since Quidditch is apparently unpopular among American wizards, that the schools might have Quidditch teams that are really undermanned and underfunded and struggle to keep from being disbanded. Like these guys, but... wizards and stuff.

Just felt like throwing the idea out there I guess.

It doesn't involve strategy beyond 'GET SNITCH FIRST'.

When you make all ways of scoring grant two digits of points (10, right?) and then catching the snitchything grants over a hundred, it's just


>Heartland USA / Rustbelt.
>School of magic: Christianity.

So, turning water into wine, walking on water, etc?

Hurr Hurr Quiddich, that's for limey queers.

Oh wow, when did this come back from the dead? How exactly do magic guns fit into this world again? Are they like America's most well known magical secret with the rest of the world trying to steal every school's variation of them or what?

File: 127632563983.jpg-(236.98KB, 1560x1275, salem kid uniform0001.jpg)
Okay, I drew a little sketch of what the Salem uniform would look for boys. I'll see if I can drum up something for the girls, too.

i remember seeing a webcomic that was basically Kill Bill. only it starred Hermoine, who was betrayed by Harry, and she set out to kill them all in her vendetta. was trained and saved by Snape and given revolvers that she loaded with wands

Connecticuts got Yale AND Trinity college.

One could be one of the most prestigious magic schools in the world (right up there with Hogwarts), while the other is still prestigious, just not quite as well-known (Trinity is pretty big, but no one seems to realize that outside of CT).



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