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A tasteful bildungsroman about a MTF transsexual super hero. Can it be done?

ITT: Let's flesh out the tranny idea /co/ was kicking around.

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OP from the old thread. Also was the one who suggested the subject of public opinion and costume changes.


English Major, is that you?

Well, I like both of those ideas. The costume idea is a cute and symbolic detail, her struggle with public opinion would be a key element to the whole "be yourself/live life your own way" etc. message of a coming of age tale.

I also like the suggestion that the story begin with her being pre-op, and perhaps never actually seeking a full sex change.


Whoops, also wanted to say I'd write and give ideas.

I think a few things to bear in mind are the physics of the costume. If it's an A-level hero (Superman, Power Girl) man-to-woman conversion, how are their breasts...if they're prosthetic or implants...going to stand up to a beating without being destroyed. If they're implants, how did they get implanted in bullet-proof skin? If they take hormone therapies, how does they're super-metabolism handle it? Can they take human hormones? You're not just creating a transsexual/transgender character who lives in the real world, you're creating one who deals with superlative adventures.


Yeah, what I was thinking of too.

Naw, I just got finished with three semesters of English classes. The word is imprinted forever on my brain. blegh

Also, I can writefag a little bit. I'm a terrible artist but I can storyboard alright.

>if they're prosthetic or implants
Perhaps prosthetic until she actually gets implants

>going to stand up to a beating without being destroyed. If they're implants, how did they get implanted in bullet-proof skin?
That'd depend on the powers we decide upon

I think removing the multi-anon syndrom by giving yourself a name should help. Gets confusing with too many people.


Well, I suppose we have to settle right now whether she's a super hero/mutie, or just a vigilante. I think either one has some interesting components to it. For example, being a vigilante could earn her even more public scrutiny for being 'insane,' 'attention-seeking' and 'deviant'.


Well, I think we should figure her powers first, then backtrack for a logical way she actually got those powers.

I'm somewhat against the idea of a non powered Batman-esque vigilante. Always been more of a fan of the cape comic superheroes.

I think we're the only two posting/here.

1. I'd say male to female, its a little more 'common' in the public eye and would allow for a better comparison, costume wise, to go from a male to a female's.

2. I'd say Superhero, but that's just me.

3. Setting can be debated later, I'd say in America. Time, moder/near modern (ala DC).

4. Really, this comes down to personality, story and writing.

5. Would have to be discussed after we figure out their powers.

6. See #5, though I've had a number of ideas for a long time for villains. Then again, villains often have a theme and say something about the hero they fight.

7. This would need to be discussed at length, I think

Choose the powers and I'll rejoin the conversation.

My main question is: if you go the super-powers-unto-cosmic route, say Green Lantern, then what would keep your character from using the Power Ring to alter her body to be a woman all the time. If that's the case, does the character then become a woman or is she still trans?


There was a GL that aged her body to be legal age for Hal to have sex with.

That said, any form of shape-shifting would basically take the whole transsexual swing on things out of the picture, as they'd just become a woman.


No. This is me.


And the band-wagon dies

My own personal feelings:

1. If we can't decide on whether or not to have a male to female or female to male hero, let's do both! Never said there couldn't be one hero or so.

2. Super is fine with me too.

3. Modern USA it is, although the USA is pretty big. I'm personally tired of New York, so I'd rather have somewhere else.

4. I'm just thinking things along the lines of details that make the people like the character. It's a bit trite to write a series about a transsexual and just focus on that. It's like homosexuals who focus only on their homosexuality.

5, 6, & 7 can be discussed later

You know, an important thing will probably be the age of the character. It would have the biggest impact on how the setting interacts with the character.

> That said, any form of shape-shifting would basically take the whole transsexual swing on things out of the picture, as they'd just become a woman.

But if you ask a transsexual/transgendered woman if they're a woman, wouldn't they tell you they were a woman? I thought that was the point of trans-people, they're working toward physically being what they mentally fell they are.


I'm a fan of Chicago

1. Male to Female. I wish FTMs had enough mainstream recognition to make a comic like this, but we're on shaky ground with it already. Also, a FTM could be interpreted as a girl who wants to be as powerful as a man--a sort of anti-girl power message. I don't see it that way, but I think it could be interpreted that way. A MTF has the implication of "giving up" a god-given advantage (maleness) in western society for something "weaker"--our character would hopefully proving that this is not a weakness at all.

2. I'm up for either super powers or vigilantism. Vigilante is interesting to me because it draws the story more into the "real world"--the character must deal with those constraints in both her "professional" and personal life. Superhero is just plain fun and accessible (unless we go for grimdark...please no), and probably also has some interesting aspects that I haven't given enough time to think about!

3. Time and Setting? A little but in the past would interest me. 80's or 90's. But the present will also do. I would like to go for America. Should it be in a made up city or based on a real city? (Or not even a city? Why are superheros in cities all the time?)

4. What makes the character compelling other than their transsexualism? Whatever makes other characters compelling other than their super powers, I'm sure we'll all arrive at discussing this soon.

Chicago is good.

Age wise, I'd think somewhere along the lines of late high school or early college. If we make them too old, it may be unbelievable that they've went this long without changing. If we make them too young it makes things silly/creepy.

Unless they are post-op and have been trans for a few years.


Going post-op takes a lot of money, just saying.

> (Or not even a city? Why are superheros in cities all the time?)

Here we go: A hero without a city. A traveling transsexual hero who happens to go from city to city without any one in particular. Age wise they are out of Highschool and are about 19-20 years old.

They can have a power AND be a vigilante. It doesn't have to be a dramatic or all encompassing power. I'm thinking along the lines of an X-Men style for powers.


Well, if they're a wandering superhero, we lack a lot of the public reaction that you get from a city that has been saved time and time again by the same person.

If only vigilante heroes could also be billionaires. Hmm.


Wouldn't that be drawing too much comparison to the already tapped genre of Billionaire Crime Fighter?

Hero is traveling in order to save up money for their surgery? Could be a twist on things, they're not really a hero per se, just a nice person who needs cash.

Huh, could work. She could be traveling at first because she got kicked out by her parents, and later just never got the wandering bug out of herself once she got used to it. Her wanderlust could coincide with her not knowing what she wants in her life yet--not being able to settle on 'here' or 'there'. Er somethin.

And I think a simple X-Men type power would be the way to go. Something like Kitty Pryde.


I'd like to keep it all natural, with as little surgery as possible. I think the best way to get across the message of the whole story is to show that the whole thing can be done naturally. This also avoids any and all difficulties with the whole transplant thing. I think that would be just as ridiculous as, oh lets say...having a superhero who has HIV.


A "natural" super-hero story. Uh-huh. I'm out.


Hahah, I like this. "I saved your butt, so, um...m-may I please have $5? It's for an operation..."

If I had to choose a power, I'd choose the generic trio of flight, strength, bulletproof, plus a defining power that separates her from the others.

He means natural as in the person doesn't go under the knife a dozen times. It opens up too many plot holes.

>And I think a simple X-Men type power would be the way to go. Something like Kitty Pryde.

Problem with the X-Men's powers are they're one trick pony's. They work in groups or in a team, which is why each of them having only 1 or 2 very specific powers work.

Hm, good point.

Does our character's universe have lots of superheroes? Because if not, then I think a simple power would work--she's the only one who can do these things. Several more heroes would mean she's have to team up (could be interesting as she travels to different cities), or just have more OUTRAEGOUS powers.


Just my opinion, I'd think adding in 'teams' would over complicate the comic. As things go on, more characters could be added, but starting off relatively simply would be key.

Hm, I think it died already.

I'm still willing to work with anyone who wants to take a swing at it.

Guy who keeps making lists here, I'm still interested in this.


"Guy who makes lists" Should be your name

I'm still interested, but +4 does move more slowly than 4chan. I'll be checking this out over time.

File: 127395587046.jpg-(35.48KB, 512x384, john_stewart_facepalm.jpg)
>Disagree with something
>Walk out right away

Anyway, we have some good ideas being tossed around. I think we've decided on a modern era story.

We're sorta in flux about what we want for a setting... I'm still in favor of Chicago, since I don't think many comic books take place there.

I would kind of like to see the story like this:

The Gist: College-Age Transsexual wanders across the US, doing heroics here and there in order to extort money for their surgery. He/she is gifted with a strange power, and the villains and monsters faced are similarly endowed. It's not a traditional superhero story where people are running around in costumes, instead it's a bit more subdued and on the "outside" of things. Generally the events in the story occur in places outside the mainstream.

The Hero: A Transsexual, of course, but also a normal human being. Her/his parents did not accept their child being Transsexual, forcing her/him to become independent and finance their surgery on their own. Aside from their sexuality, we need to add details to flesh out the character so it's not a one-sided gimmick. In general, they are a behind-the-scenes hero and something

The Setting: The story could start in the 90's, it's always nice to write a story with some idea of how the future is going to play out. Eventually it could get to the 00's, but not for a while. The hero does travel from city to city, but does spend a good while in each city before moving on.

Things to flesh out for the hero:

1. Their name
2. Age
3. Ethnicity (Personally I vote... Asian)
4. Power

As for the powers in the series, I'm still going with the X-Men route. Although the powers in the series can be considered one trick ponies, if a simple enough power is given that could work in any situation, then that should be avoided. DC-style heroes are larger than life and are a bit more well-rounded, which the hero could eventually become like after learning more fighting abilties.

>Transsexual wanders across the US, doing heroics here and there in order to extort money for their surgery.

That just feels wrong.

In a humorous way. You know, like after the day is saved they want a little for themselves.

Of course since the hero is a nice person they generally give away the money they saved up every once in a while.

>DC-style heroes are larger than life and are a bit more well-rounded, which the hero could eventually become like after learning more fighting abilties.

I've always disliked the X-Men, personally and I've liked DC more than Marvel, except for Spider-Man. A hero shouldn't develop new powers as the series goes on. Different application for the same powers, sure, but not brand new ones.


Still feels wrong. Did Spider-Man charge to buy MJ her ring? Superheroes shouldn't charge for their services, even if its after the fact.

I think the story should stay in a single city, with the person either going to school or working a job, or both. Transsexuals have to deal with school and work, as well as their personal lives.

Also, I really think that they should go up to the point of the operation, but not going through with it.

Hence the need for a seemingly simple power. I'll use a Japanese example from a manga called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

There's a character who can control weather. Yeah, he's just like Storm and can summon lightning and all that, but eventually he is able to alter the atmosphere in such a way to cause sunlight to create hallucinations and subliminal messages in the minds of his opponents. He can fill a room with lethal amounts of oxygen and suffocate his opponents, as well as call upon the more unusual side of weather, like frogs falling from the sky.


The person doesn't have to be a super hero, just a person with a super power who's nice at times, but has a clear goal.

The series can start with them traveling, but eventually they could settle down in one city.

>The person doesn't have to be a super hero, just a person with a super power who's nice at times, but has a clear goal.

I think this was supposed to be a Super Hero comic. That's the impression I got.

How exactly do they get across the country? Do the villains chase after them or do we have to literally do a 'villain an issue' run? Where do they sleep? Do they eat? Etc.

It opens up a lot more plot holes and is a lot you can't really relate to the situation in an already 'fringe' character.

Well, we were kind of torn between vigilante or super hero in the beginning. By definition, a super hero is someone with super powers who saves the day. Our hero is unorthodox, and could very well be an unorthodox superhero.

No need to beat the broken track. If we're going to try something different with the hero, we should try something different in other places too.

>I'll use a Japanese example from a manga called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



Because people should be able to relate to the character on a few levels. Making them a transsexual already alienates them, putting them further out of the norm further ostracizes them.

I'd like to know whether you guys are seeing this as an ongoing story, or something that is going to have a clear ending. I vote clear ending; since we're just some rag-tag anons working on this, it would be easy to abandon. With an end goal we'll at least have gone a certain distance with it if it does get abandoned, or maybe actually have the motivation to reach the end. Also, it's easier to work out a plot outline.


I say ongoing with various plot arcs that we could use as goals. So that we can continue should we finish a plot arc, not limiting ourselves.


I'd say on going, if only because I'd like the see the character live and grow past a singular story.


Eh, I'm sorta okay with either, but an ongoing would be awesome if we could pull it off.

Really, I'd really like a cape comic with this setting. Set in a city, where the hero has to deal with balancing their real life, their superhero life and their sexuality. Something traditional, with a little twist.

Allowing them to stay in a singular city could allow us to build up and develop a group of rogues that actually mean something and have repeated, significant impacts on the hero.

I thought Superwoman would've joined in by now. Huh

I'm interested in helping, if you'll have me. I know I'm not the most popular person on /co/.


I have no idea who you are.


Alright, so...Fictional "Metropoville" city? Fictional small town?

Or fictional Chicago/NY/LA/etc.?


Well, I've said my choice is Chicago, since it seems like nothing happens there in comics.

And Chicago deep dish pizza. Mmmmm

I think it needs to be a larger city either way.
Maybe San Fran or somewhere medium-sized like that?

>San Fran

Gay stereotype.

Remember to try and bump the original /co/ thread to get more support.

Hm, any ideas for powers? Like I said, I'm always a fan of the big 3 (strength, flight, bulletproof), plus a 4th to distinguish the character. Though I'd have to think what the forth, unique power would be.

She can spontaneously make men like the cock.

File: 12739648835.png-(27.38KB, 231x264, 1267626405879.png)

Personally, I'm in favor of Miami.

In terms of what gender the character is transitioning to, I would have to say M2F. It is a lot more common for guys to want to be girls instead, for a start and I would say it would be harder on the M2F than the F2M when it comes to starting a new life? I mean, they are giving up that advantage as one said, plus a lot of shit can happen with friends, family, strangers, etc...but again, M2F is more common so that will explain why,

Of course, you do not want to make it a BIG part of the characters reason for existing - just a part of their character. I would say that if this were to ger scripted, then the character should be covered from an early age, then maybe a more adult age, to see how the character has progressed in the world as a TS heroine.

If at early age, I think a fake breasts would be the best start - I do not know how the character would like to present themselves, as it depends on how the character feels about themselves. At the adult phase she can have implants and whatever else she desires.

In regards to how she gets them with bulletproof skin or what-not, you can give her a side-kick of sorts that has knowledge in adapting ones physical make-up. Far-fetched, maybe - but at least she has someone to be personal with, at least.

Location? I would say America as well...I do not know how you guys handle the TS/TG crowd - though being America it sounds intriguing.

The characteristics depends on how you want to mold a character...I would say give her a personality that can get with anyone she meets...though somewhat aloof. Plus give her something she enjoys that is part of her hero act.

Why she wants to be a hero - something to think about. Maybe she always had something special about her, but she did not wish to employ it into her life due to something happening at her youth? Then later on something happens which triggers her to use her ability once more. I do not know, just throwing out ideas. Someone giving her the courage to effectively live her life would not be a bad place to start.

Powers...really have to think about this. Not too strong though - something that gives her a massive edge in battle but at the same time she is still fairlly vulnerable. I think it would make for more interesting encounters.

Antagonist - male or female?

As for time...I would say 90's working into around present time.

I think the most interesting thing about the character would be how she interacts with others. Is she a looker? Do people doubt what they see? Obviously, many a TG/TS individual would love to look like a pretty girl/woman, but this is not usually the case for some. Though you get some people who transition not caring much if they pass at social standards or not (like myself).


Hey, nice to you see

Posting from my iPhone and PS3 because, you know, laptop being an ass.

Ethnicity...need to think about this one.


Well, it depends on their age, but their civilian life would be hell. Do they work or go to school?

I think a young adult, just starting to transition and working his/her way through it over the story would work best.

As for what would drive them to super heroism, you have a few options. Responsibility, thrill seeking, tragedy or irritation.


I'd honestly just stay Caucasian.

As for her villains, I'd say a healthy rogue's gallery containing both male and females.


Caucasian with Red hair.

I wonder where that idea came from...


I swear, it wasn't from the OP pic.

File: 127396627538.jpg-(217.83KB, 1024x768, karen-gillan.jpg)
Was watching Doctor Who


I am also led to assume that one of her rogues would know her 'secret'?

Speaking of red hair - would our heroine be one to completely change her look for heroic activities, rather than just be as she is but in a different attire?

I would be drawing stuff but I cannot for a little while (for those who do not know, I am one of those drawfag things (shameless plug = ).


Any reason why?


Depends, again. I'd say if they were in the middle of transitioning, they'd have short hair and have to wear a wig until it grows out to the length she wants. Then have her keep it long while crime fighting, pinning it up for civilian life.

Miami is one of the cities I know that has it's share of strangeness, but can still be shocked by things. It has a varied and diverse population. And it isn't used too much in stories, like New York or LA.

Plus, I fucking love palm trees.


Great art too. Would you be willing to do the concept art?


The one thing I dislike in places like Miami, Texas, etc, is that they have no winter.

And I love winter scenes in comics.

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from. Giant poof hats and scarves are quite adorable.
But, everyone has there own tastes and mine fall in the warmer climates.


Was more referring to the snow capped buildings, but scarves and poofy hats are nice too.

Also, issue of weatherproofing your superhero outfit, ala Spectacular Spiderman.

Well, if this helps, I've been tooling around with a superhero myself. Generally, he draws kinetic energy in and fires them out of his hands. He has a force field, like how green lanterns have.

He can't fly, at least at the start, instead having to fire bolts out of his hands to do extended jumps, which then progress to being able to fire a stream of energy out of his hands to act like a rocket, then finally, when the powers are fully developed, he can use his hands and feel to maneuver around.

Could be something to think about for this hero's powers. Allows for flight (eventually), strength, resistant protection and offensive firepower.

Any more suggestions?


Do not see why not.

File: 127397112170.jpg-(35.86KB, 300x410, jk_simmons.jpg)
Powers, I need Powers of Spider- wait, no. Still, I need ideas for powers.

Anyone still here?

Lurking. I am intrigued by this project, being trans myself. Excited to see where it will go.

I think the comic should take place while she's in her late teens and early twenties, and cover her school/work experiences, and I'm really liking the suggestion of Miami.

But I do think childhood ought to be covered a bit, and I, too, enjoy winter scenes. Which means we're going to need a lot of flashbacks to her childhood in...Nevada? Wisconsin? British Columbia (Damn, what brought her all the way to Florida)?

As for her race/appearance...Caucasian redhead is adorable, but I'm always for creating hispanic characters. So if we're in need of a hispanic (specifically Mexican, but if it's in Miami I guess not!) character, even as a minor char, I can provide some reference on Spanish dialogue and hispanic (primarily mexican-american) culture :)

Also, awesome art, drawfriend!


I actually have an idea for a villain who I always imaged was of Mexican (or similar) decent. I knew this welder in high school, could do amazing stuff that nobody else could and he was Hispanic. CAme up with a pyro based villain off him.


Well, contributions are always appreciated.


Haha, neat. Got a name?


Not really. I designed him and was planning on working on a name later.

Well, there's Hefesto (Hephaestus) or Vulcano (Vulcan), the physically lame greek/roman god of blacksmiths/metallurgy/fire. Terrible names, but at least it gets the ball rolling...


While those are good names, they may not make sense if the character is of Hispanic roots.


What about Pyrite?


To expand, I've done a few sketches of him. Generally, I like for villains to evolve slightly over time, getting better gear and whatnot. For a starter I've got most what I want, except I ended up drawing several variations for a mask, all of which I'm conflicted about choosing one over the other.

File: 127402800874.jpg-(93.02KB, 600x851, normal__49fea19068abce5c6286eb3e9e58f7d0_001.jpg)


File: 12740284114.jpg-(11.51KB, 334x302, Ernie_facepalm.jpg)

Well, what sort've powers will she have? Because then we can figure out the costume, how they got the powers and stuff like that.

1. Name: Mariam Westwood.
2. Age: 25.
3. Ethnicity: Caucasian.
4. Power : Illusionism.

The last detail adds a nice, ironic touch to the character.


Wouldn't she just be able to use the power to make herself look female to everyone around her?


Well, most superheroes tend to have a stable of enhanced strength, either granted by their own body or an outside source (see Green Lantern Ring). As well, most heroes require a source of locomotion, be it flight, superspeed or something unique, like Spider-Man's web slinging.

You also have access to generic powers, like freezing, fire, electricity, elasticity, energy bolts/manipulation, size control.


Well, personally, I've been a fan of the name "Robin"/"Robyn", but that might draw comparisons to the Batman character.

Also, as stated above, my preferred powers are flight, strength, durability, plus a unique. The unique power escapes me right now though.

Hate to sound cliche, but, that doesn't make the illusion for his/herself any more real. There's a difference between projecting an image that other people are comfortable with and being the image that you're comfortable with. I feel like the coming-of-age element is integral to the story, and a lot of that has to do with being comfortable in your own skin.

Also, I know the point's been past already, but I'm in favor of the character being a different ethnicity. Asian works fairly well because Asian parents are generally quite conservative. Not saying that Caucasian parents aren't, but there's just this...thing with Asian parents. I dunno. I'm also just saying this because I think an Asian kid with red hair would be cute.

>Red Hair

Dare I say I haven't seen this before in my life.


I don't think there is any standalone hero that uses Illusion as their power. The ability is, by nature, either unbelievably overpowered or so underpowered that it's reduced to a support ability.

Also, aren't most Illusionists magic based?

1. Name: G-L-O-R-I-A (...I'm imagining a girl who likes rock music)
2. Age: 23 (So she's in the middle of college)
3. Ethnicity: Caucasian
4. Power: Along with strength, flight (or how bout teleportation?), bulletproof, etc.; I'm thinking stuff along the lines of psychokinesis, telepathy, or clairvoyance. That gets us away from battles that are purely physical.


If they have the ability to move things with their mind, wouldn't flight be more logical than teleportation?

>I'm also just saying this because I think an Asian kid with red hair would be cute.

...That *would* be cute.

>That gets us away from battles that are purely physical.

Aw, but physical fights are fuckawesome. Main reason I read Batman/Hulk/Spideman

File: 127404665746.jpg-(135.86KB, 525x750, Redheaded Asian child.jpg)
Not naturally, of course. Still, it could dictate some stuff about his/her character.

Uh. UHhhhh I dunno. This is basically the first image that popped to mind when /co/ mentioned a coming-of-age TS superhero. Clearly, a lot of things have to be hammered out before a legit design can be proposed.


Yeah. But I didn't mean to say she should have that entire group of mental powers...Unless you guys will it.


I vote for 'cute redhead asian' to be the superhero's Max/Alfred/Paco. The techie/friend who knows learns their identity after a while.

That's an even better idea! But now, back to the main character.

...I got nothing. MtF? Average kid? Suburban upbringing or a city slicker? Fights for justice, or to get money for surgery?


I think that telepathy/psychokinesis is a trait that could be introduced to a villain, which puts a mostly physical hero at a disadvantage.

I think some sort of energy blast could be fun, seeing as they're fun to draw and at least offers some sort of offensive ability that wouldn't seem overly powerful.


General consensus is that its MTF. Somewhat average. Late highschool/early college years, so around the 18/19/20/21 age.

Personally, I like the idea of them just fighting for a reason that has nothing to do with their transsexualism. The character's civilian life would be focused enough on that, we don't need their superhero life to be filled with that too.


Self plug for this.

Powers: Absorbs Kinetic energy, usually from the ground as the earth has kinetic energy of its own. Energy bolts, protective aura, super strength, durability.

Possible forms of movement: Propels into extended jumps with hand blasts. Uses hand beams like engines on a rocket. Uses hands and feet beams to maneuver for true flight. Or there could be a level of evolution from one to another.

Weaknesses: Aura has weakness against crushing force. Shield grows weaker for the longer something is in contact with it, meaning spearing/slashes can be deadly. Separated from the ground weakens all the powers considerably unless preemptively charged.

Personally, I see a B-lister hero who does the occasional freelance for an A-list team since he and one of the old A-lister go way back


Don't knock B-Listers. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle were/are B-Listers, but are awesome.

short-ranged Air\gasses manipulation!
can use it for small gusts of wind strong enough to give problems to normal humans and modify the trajectory of small calibre bullets, though not much.

also, once fine-tuned, make illusions\mirages altering the refraction of light. And, of course, altering the rato of the different gasses composing the air.

it can start as a low-key power with the character getting better and better. Also, the level of control goes along with self-confidance\esteem\whatever?

>Air manipulation

Light and weather do not work this way. I swear, if you got this from a Manga....

I liked Sam Guthrie's powers, maybe our heroine could have those?

also, searching for "red headed asian" on google produces porn, and as parents are currently in the room, I'm not gonna view them.

She could be half asian, and half something else, which allows for the red hair. Additionally, her parents could be extremely conservative, which caused her to leave home and begin traveling. Discovers her powers while going through puberty, which added to her increasing identity crisis (do I want to remain a male or become a female?) causes her to rebel against her rather stern and confused parents (why are you doing this? why do you want to become a girl? etc.). During high school, she begins to use her powers more and more for good rather than just whatever, until she graduates and leaves home, having some money saved up.
Using her powers (which include some form of transportation) she can save some of her money since she won't have to pay for the bus or anything. Eventually she finds herself in a new area (Miami, Chicago, Austin, some other city) which is plagued by a random rogues gallery of villains and no hero of any kind to stop them. Using her powers, she stops one of the villains, and the people instantly take a liking to this new person who came from nowhere to save them. Realizing she can't just leave them, our hero decides to stay and hopefully fix the city.

It's probably a bit cliche, but I was thinking her main enemy could be a super-racist neo-nazi skinhead or something that hates our hero because 1) he/she's part asian; 2) wants to go from male to female; and 3) is now rallying the city to defend themselves against these villains. I haven't decided upon a powerset for him, yet, though

Well, if it is set somewhere in the south, a crazy ultra-pro God supervillain would be a possibility.
Hates her and tries to destroy her because she is a sin.

Plus then, I could read it in the "Well, I may not be a big city lawyer" accent voice. And I would enjoy that.

Advantage: drawn. I better not see manly looking traps.

Obstacle: Introducing character without making it awkward. Try to make it more of an off-handed comment than a LOL MC IS A TRAP.

I myself was born and raised in the south, and while I do like the winter scenes in comics, us southerners don't get much love. Whenever I write my own hero stories, a lot of them take place in different southern cities, usually around Texas (where I was raised)

>The last detail adds a nice, ironic touch to the character.
Am I alone in seeing the potential for character exploration this presents? It practically does the writer's work for him.


That's not a good thing.


While there are some good points, I think that villains have more impact when they're created, no matter how indirectly, through the hero's actions.

Having the villains exist before the hero arrives robs them of a lot of their power, in terms of storytelling.

I disagree. This is basically a one-shot story idea, so if you're going to give the protagonist a power, it might as well be something that helps explore the character.

>>25976 See >>25971

Instead of the character creating their own force, they steal kinetic energy and use it to propel them into the air.


Who says this is a one shot. Treating this as a one shot story pretty much ruins any chance of continuing it after the arc is done.

Treat it as an ongoing, with various arcs that act like checkpoints.

neo-nazi before gains powers after an accident the hero inadvertently causes. reason 4) i wouldn't be this way if it weren't for you!

(later we could do a story that reveals that the accident wasn't the hero's fault at all)

>Who says this is a one shot.
Two things say it's a one-shot:

1) The concept itself. Once you've done the character exploration (character is a transsexual superhero in a world much like our own, facing many of the same prejudices, etc., etc.), what you got? A generic superhero story. Unless you plan to string out the character exploration across an unknown number of issues. Which brings us to...

2) The average lifespan of a /co/-related project says this won't last beyond a one-shot, and that's assuming even the first story gets done (which is unlikely in itself).

I'm just saying, think small before you think big.


... Seriously? Villains should be people you at least relate to on some level, even feel genuine pity for at some times.

Making them a Neo-Nazi just makes them a scumbag.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of "relating" to the villains. they're bad guys, I don't want to feel empathy for them. i want to see this asshole get his face punched in by our hero


1. The idea was to have the character go through the gradual process of transition. Over the comic, then use public reaction. Also, there isn't anything wrong with the comic taking on the usual superhero pattern after a while. This isn't supposed to focus just on her transsexualism.

2. This was brought up earlier in the thread. Making it a one shot would make it difficult to start up after the fact. Thinking small before big is great, but only if it won't kill any hope the project can continue.


You can want that without the person being a completely irredeemable asshole. Look at The Flash's rogues.

While I'm not up for the whole 'misunderstood supervillain' thing, I'd like for them to have some actual depth.

What I'm seeing is a relatively normal superhero story. our hero just happens to want to change genders. Where'd that transgendered person go? i'd like to know more about how life is for you, so we can flesh out this character more and make them seem legitimate rather than just someone created by a group of random people


Keep the /co/ thread bumped guys. I'm going to IM2 right now, I'll see what's posted when I get back. Great ideas so far.

good point. it was just an idea, so I'm fine with going with a better idea.

File: 127405533578.jpg-(84.97KB, 486x600, ske1.jpg)
Well, seeing as people do not mind an asian sidekick...

File: 127405547753.jpg-(151.40KB, 800x600, ske2.jpg)
Another sketch-up - and personally, I love turtleneck tops.

File: 127405627338.jpg-(119.78KB, 600x800, ske3.jpg)
...and a potential rogue profile sketch?



And I'm back. God, I like that movie.

Anyway, wonderful concepts, Superwoman. So, looking over the thread I though >>25971 looked good, if not a little over thought. Wondercraft's idea about a 'Cannonball'-esque power and way of movement would be nice too.

So, what about a superhero who can drain kinetic energy and charge herself with it. Would allow her to fire herself like a cannon ball, could allow for flight, superstrength, energy shields or beams, durability, all that good stuff. I guess like a reverse Gambit, instead of creating kinetic energy, she takes it.

Any thoughts? Yay? Nay?

Is Superwoman up for suggestions on costumes and characters?

File: 127406753572.jpg-(156.11KB, 1100x1600, ske5.jpg)
Well, it is something to do, so I guess so!

How are you going to get around the Death Sentence? Are you going to pull a "Batman" and have them all declared insane?


I don't mind it.

I had a villain idea, the one I mentioned above. But there is an awful lot I've sketched myself. And I'm nowhere near as good as Superwoman.

works. kinetic based hero. Could she charge herself up with her own kinetic energy? sort of like a human dynamo? like, she's running down the street, and gains energy accordingly


Well, I guess we need to figure out her power, name, theme before we actually come up with a costume for our hero.


Well, we might need to limit it a bit, but I don't see why not. Then again, do we make it she would run out of power?

We could make it so that she only absorbs through her hands and feet, but that may complicate it a bit.

What about the energy shield/aura bit? Energy blasts? What sort of weaknesses would she have?

If she can charge through her own kinetic energy, then her protective aura would work best whilst she is in motion. I do like the idea of it though - like her using her own kinetic energy to gain some speed then getting a further boost of speed when coupled with absorbed energy from another moving object.

Will she be able to store enegry into another form so she can use manually? An emergency generator so to speak for when she is in a dire position.

I do not know if she has high endurance? Maybe she cannot charge so well when fatigued, ill, severely injured or whatever.

In any case, got to go to bed now, work in the afternoon.


I'd say that the shield is somewhat passive at all times and she has to draw energy from a singular source to charge herself. Because if she draws kinetic energy passively, then anything that hits her, be it bullets, blunt force, punches, would only make her stronger.

Technically, she could touch the ground and drain some energy from the earth rotating.

I say that she passively draws upon a constant source of kinetic energy, either from her own movement or the earth, to keep her shield active subconsciously.

Her battery is depleted by using her superstrength and energy beams/flight.

A neat idea is that she can siphon off energy of, say, a speeding train to slow it down, blasting off energy so that she doesn't overload herself.

That way her weakness would be if she was separated from the ground, her battery would run lower and lower until she could actively siphon energy again.

The poster who originally suggested this said something about crushing and stabbing would be dangerous, which makes sense. Crushing and stabbing would apply constant contact with the shield, putting more stress on it compared to a split second that a bullet comes into contact with her.

File: 127409708978.png-(245.16KB, 454x703, coc_concept001.png)
I like the idea of her being Hispanic

Here's something I whipped up.


The further away you go from the norm, the less believable it'd be that somebody wouldn't figure out who she is.

Caucasian hero would be at least harder to figure out than a minority superhero.


But... then we have no delicious redhead. Irish Catholic redhead > all.


Otherwise you get Kate Kane.


Isn't Batwoman white though?

Unless she lives in a town/city that is all white I don't see how her being Hispanic will have any effect.

You're dealing with two minorities though. Trans and Hispanic.

She's a Jewish Gothic lesbian. Which, while I'm sure they exist, kinda dilutes the focus rather than adding anything significant to the mix.


Generally, keeping it to one minority at a time works best. Once you start mixing it up, it starts to widen the gap somebody has to cross to relate to the character. I certainly am not against Hispanic characters in any sense, however I think we should keep it to a Caucasian superhero to simplify things.

Now though, we have the hero's powers sort of lined up. At least we have what branch of superpower we're dealing with. This allows us to build on the hero's superhero identity.

So, with that in mind, lets start coming up with superhero names. See >>25971 , >>26002 for the rough outline of the powers.

What we'll need to decide on too is the character's real name. But to do that we have to decide on a few things like, for instance, their heritage, if they're going to be already transitioned or if we're going to follow them as they transition, etc.

File: 127412067620.jpg-(41.22KB, 400x389, 110689-194778-cannonball_super.jpg)
(What we have so far- Redhead Caucasian MTF transsexual superhero with kinetic based powers)

Let's start with her parents, then.
Are they conservative?
Are they (one of) the reason(s) our heroine left home?
Do they know about their child's powers? (As a side, are there ANY other supers running around? If so, how do the parents feel about these supers, villains and heroes alike? Is it like the Marvel U where mutants are hated, or more like the DCU where 'metahumans' are generally few, but well accepted as heroes? Or does our story take place in it's own universe, separate from past and present comics?)
Are they lower/middle/upper class?
Are the religious in any way?
What kind of careers do they have?

that's all i can think of for now. as for names of our hero/ine, I personally really like the names Eric and Sonya. Do we want her name to be rather normal and average, or something that will stand out a bit to others? For a superhero name, my mind keeps coming back to the lame "Kinetica"

pic kinda related

>Are they conservative?
Suppose that'd depend. If we're going to Irish Catholic route, yes, they probably would be.
>Are they (one of) the reason(s) our heroine left home?
Perhaps they didn't kick her out, but I'd imagine if they were conservative, that things would be strained. If we're going with the 'follow as she transitions' route, it may be likely they don't know.

>Do they know about their child's powers? (As a side, are there ANY other supers running around? If so, how do the parents feel about these supers, villains and heroes alike? Is it like the Marvel U where mutants are hated, or more like the DCU where 'metahumans' are generally few, but well accepted as heroes? Or does our story take place in it's own universe, separate from past and present comics?)
Personally, I think that they wouldn't know. And, due to my own taste, I prefer DC's way of handling superheroes compared to Marvel's. I think having it like DC, where its generally accepted that heroes exist and they're an every day sort of thing, but they're rare enough to have an impact.

>Are they lower/middle/upper class?
I think most of the country is middle class. This would depend on which city they lived in though.

>Are the religious in any way?
If they're of Irish decent, its very likely they are.

>What kind of careers do they have?
In the broad strokes, I don't think this matters int he planning stage.

As for names, I've always been a fan of the duality or gender neutral names. Ones that could switch rather simply, like Eric to Erica. Max, etc. Robin/Robyn.

Alexander/Alexandra? That's a good Irish name, a bit common, but not excruciatingly so.

Also, i think our hero should have a scholarship to a college not close to home, thus explaining the move. Unless we're going for the wandering hero idea?


Generally, the 'moving around' scenario crops up too many plot holes. So far we've had suggestions for Chicago and Miami.

Back again. Thinking of making a /co/ post, asking for opinions on the various cities. I'd like 5 to present to the masses and hear their thoughts on it.

So far we have:


Three more. No New York or LA. Should be a fairly large, well known, iconic US city.

I cannot really help so much about character background, considering I try and keep things simple most of the time. Designs and anything past the idea phase I can help with, as I will more than likely have a better idea of what I want to do or need to say.

in Dallas, we get southern AND it's far enough north to get some snow

Posted /co/ thread to get some input.

So far, lots of people suggesting Chicago and Detroit.

Others being mentioned are Boston, Pittsburgh and Baltimore

Detroit is pretty run down

Is that good or bad?


Yeah, not sure if that's a good quality or a bad one. If its too big a shit hole, it may get too grim and gritty.

All this discussion about where the story should take place is making me think that it would be an interesting idea to take the exact same superhero concept and drop it into different cities and see how that would change things.

polite sage for unrelated.

While we're waiting for the thoughts from /co/ to finish streaming in, why don't we discuss the superhero's name?

So far we got:


Why not a more gender neutral name?


It depends, again, on if we decide on if the character has already transitioned or if we're going to follow them through it.

If its the latter, then a gender neutral name would work -or- they'd have to change their name from a masculine to a feminine.

Looks like Chicago is the winner.

So, what we have so far is:

Powers: Able to drain kinetic energy, leading to strength, protective aura, energy blasts, possibly flight but definitely capable of launching herself like a rocket.
Race: Caucasian, possibly redhead.
Location: Chicago, Illinois

I suppose we could try and work on a costume while we figure out the name, though a name may help focus the costume a bit.

I vote for the real name Alex (Alexander/Alexandra).

Also, I can't participate in any /co/ threads



sadly. all because of some pricks using proxy sites back in January

File: 12741898729.png-(587.17KB, 1059x1070, coc_concept002.png)

OK. So Caucasian redhead. Here's another crack at it.

She will need a helmet or a mask to cover her hair. Ignore the ones I whipped up.

our transgendered hero/ine is lookin kinda sexy there. I like the short-haired look better, as well as that helmet. I wish i could draw, or I'd contribute some art, but I'll settle with being a writefag

Why does she need a helmet again? Lots of heroes don't use things that cover their hair. Also looks very spaceage to me.

I think the costume should be more streamlined, as I would think that there would be some emphasis on speed with the whole kinetic angle. Maybe gloves and boots as she may be running, taking large leaps and using her hands for attacks and protective techniques.

Also, padding for inevitable crashes.

I would even have her hair up like this as you will get a better looking character if the hair goes down during a fight or something :p

in case she crashes. Also to help hide her identity. it doesn't have to be a helmet specifically, but when you're flying through the air and sending blasts of kinetic energy from your body, a domino mask just doesn't seem like it would be sufficient.

I was thinking she would go gloveless and her boots would be rather thin so that she can actively draw power from various sources.

also, i agree with the streamlined look.

File: 127420228598.jpg-(64.40KB, 495x488, Masks.jpg)

Why not have her have short hair at the start of the series and grow it out? She can wear a wig with her superhero costume.

Now, also, in terms of costume masks are usually the big defining characteristic. There are four kinds of masks I've noticed in comics (5 if we include mechanical, like Ironman):

-Full Face, which covers the mouth but not the eyes in some cases. Covers the head and hair. Examples are Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Zemo, etc.

-Cowl, which covers the hair, neck and nose. Leaves the mouth and eyes exposed. Examples are, of course, Batman, but also Bullseye, Hawkeye and Wolverine.

-Domino. Covers the nose, part of the cheeks. Can be modified to cover more. Examples: Hal/Kyle GLs, Green Arrow, Robin.

-Converted Cowl. A cross between a domino and a cowl, which covers the eyes, cheeks, nose and possibly brow. Leaves hair, mouth and eyes exposed. Examples: Batwoman, Ultimate Hawkeye.

Also, for something to think about for the costume is the color of the energy she uses. If she has an aura, will it constantly be around her when fighting crime? My vote is for orange, which is a rather underused 'aura' color and it'd look really good in contrast to the blue sky or water. This is, of course, if we're going to use color, but its still best to think of it if we're not.

>She can wear a wig with her superhero costume.
How about have her wear a wig when not in costume?


Either would work, except would it not be better from a character development standpoint to have her grow out her hair over the story as she transitions?

File: 127420384258.jpg-(78.65KB, 550x427, work.1044955.2.flat,550x550,075,f.dark-steampunk-g.jpg)
What about just like a face mask? Something with goggles on it. It's not common, and I can't think of anybody from the comics with a similar mask, except maybe Cobra Commander from the Rise of Cobra film (before the end when he donned that other mask). It covers the face, let's the hair flow freely, has goggles for added wind resistance and possibly even a gas mask for if she needs to go into toxic environments.

Pic is basic design- gas mask with attached goggles

File: 127420396317.jpg-(260.91KB, 463x500, 4081351853_20b36999f9.jpg)
which is why she wears a wig as a civilian. As a hero, we see the wig come off and her flame red hair come out and as the story and our character evolve and grow, so does her hair.

what the mask looks like worn (cyberpunk version, but whatever)

I am a fan of the converted cowl - or more specifically, Batwoman's version. I would most likely go for a Ms Marvel looking one though.

Also, I have been thinking and sketching at work - but I have been thinking of a rogue. Might end up usingvthe template for myself as well...

...basically, a character that shares our heroines power, but suffers from depression - she always undermines her efforts too, even if she is successful. Incidentally, her power set is amplified by the grief and disappointment she thrusts upon herself. She does not do this purposely however, as she has been like this since a young age.

I have not given her a name yet, though her known name is Masochist.


Well, we'd have to figure out how our hero got the powers in the first place.

I was thinking an accident while testing a new source of public power based purely on kinetic energy that went horribly wrong.

I also had an idea then about a villain which used the technology, fine tuned it, miniaturized it and used it to have powers similar to the hero's. Sort of like technology verses what the hero can do naturally.


Isn't Miss Marvel's mask a domino?

File: 127420523326.jpg-(30.56KB, 200x304, 712534-moonstone_large.jpg)
Speaking of Miss Marvel, this picture of Moonstone always struck me as awesome.

What about the mask being like what it and the shadows here make? One that goes around her eyes and up her forehead.

>...basically, a character that shares our heroines power, but suffers from depression - she always undermines her efforts too, even if she is successful. Incidentally, her power set is amplified by the grief and disappointment she thrusts upon herself. She does not do this purposely however, as she has been like this since a young age.


Getting ideas for her name from /co/.

-Push (though the character exists in the Marvel univserse)


More or less, though thus character has kinetic power plus the ability to amplify abilities and possibly objects through if this character were to lose the ability to absorb kinetic energy, she will still have unrivaled strength in other places.


Why not split the characters? Make one be our hero's Bizarro or Doctor Zoom and make the other "Masochist"?


Motion's simple and got a nice feel to it.


Adding to the list.

-Push (existing character)
-Inertia (already exists, Impulse character)
-Go Girl (Already exists but seems pretty obscure)

Looks like that's all the suggestions. Anyone like any of those?


My fire based villain actually was designed to have a respirator and welding goggles set into a metal facemask, almost like an old vintage goalie mask.

Question for Superwoman, if I post up a handful of sketches, would you be interested in putting them together and/or improving on them?


Could do, but I see this as a progression for the character. Her main ability is amplification through masochism but the ability she mainly shows is her sub-ability to absorb kinetic energy. Eventually she could lose her sub-ability during a fight or something, then come back with her main ability stronger than before or be outfitted with technology from a 'mysterious benefactor'.

Sure, we got to have some one-shot rogues, but maybe one or two 'rival' rogues would not go a-miss (hell, if this project does not actually take off but we have characters established, I would still love to handle them, depending on how they turn out).



File: 127422132599.jpg-(133.42KB, 866x1020, pyro.jpg)

Generally, I couldn't decide if I wanted him to wear something akin to riot gear or a cobbled together set of torso armor.

I wanted him to feel home build, as if he spent months welding and making this gear for himself out of whatever he could find.

Arm mounted flame throwers, a mask much like a goalie's. Generally keeps thermite grenades and flares on his belt. Napalm-gel firing gun as a sidearm.

And yes, my art blows.

>Small hands

So essentially we're just making another female superhero.


Who said that was the hero? Could've been a random sketch.


...nope, my brain has failed to tell me what exactly I have done wrong. That jaw can be found on males, I always draw hands like that (and males do not all have massive hands) and implying that MTFs cannot have a feminine figure with HRT and surgery is well...ignorant.

If you want me to design a MTF that looks more like a man than a woman, I can do that if you want.


Don't bother, you're doing fine as is. He's probably one of the new people who came here from the thread on /co/


I will get to the fire-based villain when I have ample time to sit down and draw lots of stuff...I am on my days off work after today, so fingers crossed.

I still cannot get my masochistic character out of my head. I keep thinking that she would eventually find out about the heroines background and rather than be all 'wat' and all that, she would be more intrigued about the her, but not in a negative light (though she would still want to beat her ass down for whatever reason).

I take it was are going for Alexander/ra then - Alex for short? I like that name...comes complete with a sense of nobility. For her friend, would a name of a similar background be good?


We'll wait a little bit before working on her friend. But yeah, I like Alex.

So. What we have now is:

Name: Alexandra/Alexander
Hero Name: Kinetica, Motion, Momenta, Blastwave
Powers: Absorption and Manipulation of Kinetic Energy
City: Chicago, Illinois

So, we need to figure out a costume, if we're going to follow Alex through the transition or if the comic takes place after the fact, Alex's last name.

Also still need to agree on what kinetic energy's color is. I still vote for orange.

Oh, right.

If we're still going with a red headed Irish girl, I can look up some Irish surnames.

Moore- majestic
Hughes- fire
Flynn- bright red
Hayes- fire
there's a crapton of others. this is the site I used

and I've got another hero name to add to the list- Shockwave

I like the hero-name "Momentum". It's gender-neutral so is kinda fitting for a transgender character.


Isn't that more to do with sound than energy?


I saw Inertia up there. I vote for either that or Motion.

a shockwave is a shockwave
whether such a wave is created by a burst of sound, concussive force, or kinetic energy does not matter. The wave still shocks

File: 127424013852.jpg-(108.30KB, 720x480, TF_Animated_-_Transwarped.avi_001804802.jpg)


Shockwave is a DC villain name. I think he's one of Booster Gold's rogues.


Alex Flynn has a nice ring to it. I like it.

the great bright red one? (alexander/dra meaning great, of course) We should make her aura shades of red and orange. like fire.


See >>26123

Red seems a tad too much like a villain's color with its surrounding them. An orange glow, similar to the GL ring glow, would look really nice against blue backdrops.

good idea/bad idea- her aura starts off red, because she's still a he and still confused and as our story progresses, the aura changes to a lighter, softer colour (orange)?


I say save the red aura for a villain, like the one somebody suggested above who shares her power.


I feel that some of us lose sight of the fact that this is a story about change, not just your normal standard hero tale. It's more than just "oh, red head girl saves the day" it's "a kid goes through some major changes, and as they grow, so does their outlook on life, their status as a hero, and the whole world around them." it's a bit more than a coming of age story.


I'd disagree. The character goes through a lot, but when you think of it, Peter Parker, Clark Kent, all those blokes had to go through things too. The story is about change but it is also a superhero story and, as such, should follow the model of a super hero story.

my apologies, as i wasn't as clear as I thought I was.

I agree with you as well. It is a basic hero story as any other, but still, we can do more with it than just a "basic hero story." Our (can I call Alex "ours" since she is a brain child of /co/'s? or does she still belong to the old OP?) hero is changing in more ways than other heroes. Also, it seems a couple people have forgotten that "she" is not exactly a she. Eventually, it will be as such, but not at the beginning. idk, if I'm just blowin farts out of my ass, let me know and I'll stfu


Well, more or less, things should happen. But, again, the point of a superhero comic is to have that duality between the two lives.

Also, I think most people want the transgender thing to stay out of the main limelight. We still need to consider the fact that she/he has a life outside of superheroing and outside her sexuality.

Pretty sure you're gonna laugh at me and call me a fag, but...Wwwwow. IRL Transsexual. Hiya. I'm kinda...I have no idea how to feel. Would any of you mind if I kind of wall of texted at you about this, or would that be me being an oversensitive dramaqueen?

I actually wanted a rl transexuals opinion on this as seen here >>25992
(seems my opinions have changed somewhat.... i blame rl for that)

But, so long as you give us constructive criticism and don't bash us outright from the beginning, wall of text is fine by me.

File: 127426036366.png-(264.81KB, 1021x950, femalebody_template.png)
Here's an Andrew Loomis typical female body drawing I edited so anyone can design a costume.
It would be nice to have some insight.

I'm actually about to go to sleep, so here are two freebies.

First off, the idea that she's superheroing to pay for her surgery in ANY way? No. Full stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect two-hundred dorra.

Second...Just to make sure we're all on the same page, I'm gonna go over the whole transition process for MTFs so that, y'know, we all understand it. I'm not calling you guys stupid, I just want to make sure we all get it. After a couple years of therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist that knows his or her shit on gender stuff, you get to go to an endocrinologist, which is a hormone doctor. They check your blood levels and stuff, then give you hormone meds. They're either pills, needles, or skin patches, they do two things.

The first one they give you, an anti-androgen, turns off your body's natural testosterone supply. The other one is just estrogen, girl hormone. What these two do is make the skin softer and clearer, messes with the sex drive, makes you pee a lot (no, seriously), makes it harder to build muscle, maeks facial and body hair get lighter and thinner (doesn't get RID of it, unfortunately), redistributes fat so you get DAT ASS, DOZE TITS, etc. Basically it does everything a girl going through puberty gets, including breasts. They don't always fully develop, which is why lots of transgirls opt for surgery. What it DOESN'T do is get rid of body/facial hair entirely or change your voice. For the voice, you just have to practice a lot, no two ways about it. For the hair, you get electrolysis (which jams an electrified needle into each individual hair folicle to kill it) or laser (which does the same thing with a FUCKING LASER). Both are very painful. Shaving is possible if you don't have the money for it, but some girls get this gross shadowstache thing where you can still see where the hair grows on your face.

I'll explain why this is relevant in my next post.

File: 127426113096.jpg-(69.38KB, 640x480, Photo on 2010-05-19 at 05.00 #2.jpg)
Almost forgot, SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) isn't something everyone does. The results are kind of hit and miss, and it requires lots of upkeep. I don't want to speak in generalizations, but usually you only go for surgery if you can afford it and don't give a shit what you pee out of, or if any masculinity is so disgusting that even if you had the body of Power Girl a penis would be unacceptable. This does NOT apply to everyone, of course.

Anyway...If I were a superhero, I'd make my mask cover my lower face to eliminate the shadowstache problem, so there's that. The voice could be something she practices on, and at first she barely talks at all because she still sounds like a dude, maybe, or she has some kind of vocoder or something, I don't fucking know.

The walking the earth thing...I'm not sure if that's plausible. Hormones are kind of a bitch to handle, and you need regular checkups to make sure your endocrine system isn't going haywire. I'd put her in one place for the entire thing. I like Miami, personally, but that's just me.

As for how she'd look, most transgirls opt for a sort of androgynous getup from day one, even if they're in boymode. Pic related is me, as a dude, to give you an idea of what it's like. I'd suggest maybe she stuffs her costume over implants, if only because automatically saying she opted for cosmetic surgery from day one could be a teeeeensy bit offensive.

I could show this around if you like and try to get some feedback from other transfaggots and such, if you want.

Either way, I gots to go to bed. Night guys! Sorry if I'm being stupid or anything!


Being transgendered isn't a binary yes-or-no thing, there's kind of a whole spectrum to this. Some folks are happy just staying in their birth sex and acting a little feminine, some just want to be a woman/man, end of story, and some are so repulsed by the idea of being their birth sex that they would rather kill themselves than stay that way. It's a whole thing.

And, as a funny side-note that I am NOT making up, there is a noted, studied correlation between being transgendered and autism-spectrum stuff like Aspergers. Seriously.

NOW I'm goin' to bed.

awesome. we got some insight so we can make this more realistic and not "herp derp, let's turn skinny asian boy into sexy woman". yue, when you wake up and read this, would you mind sticking around as a writefag/drawfag/consultantfag?
otherwise, i'm gonna shut my trap and let this thread run it's course for a bit, cause I've had a bad week, and it's currently 4:30am and I don't want to be hhld accountable for fucking shit up


For the most part, I know this from the get go.

To me, if we follow her transition, we'd do a mix of logical and plot related changes over time.

The "shadowstache" isn't a major concern, as it would/could be removed from the equation for relatively little money.

Using prosthetic cups at the start, then opting for implants later in the story is an option. Hormones are an easy subject, seeing as they are varied in delivery and can be easily have been started before the series starts.

As for the surgery, I figured that she wouldn't get it. Not only is it unbelievable that somebody going to school or/and working a job would be able to save up enough money to pay for it. I also understand that many don't take it because of the serious complications that the surgery can have.

And while most are androgynous there are -many- who have a good response to the hormones and look as female as some girls do. This is especially true if the character was somewhat androgynous as a male.

File: 127427715568.jpg-(564.63KB, 2048x1536, Orange_Lantern_Corps__by_veraukoion.jpg)
While I basically started the project and contribute heavily, I realize that this isn't just my thoughts and opinions.

I feel my job is to direct the flow of info and generally work on making decisions when there are far too many options/paths.

Also, Superwoman is a MTF transsexual.


Breast implants run about six thousand dollars. Hair removal about five hundred for the chin, lip and chest. Hormones, I think, run about a hundred dollars for a month's supply.

Total cost for a year of hormones and then two procedures is approximately seven to eight thousand dollars.

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to sound stupid or knowitally! I'm sorry!

I can't really draw at all. I'll stick around if you want, but x_X


In the UK, taxpayers money mostly.


I'd imagine in the USA its not like that. In Canada here, I'm not sure, haven't looked into it.

You're correct. In the US it would be covered by insurance companies or the patient.

Some insurance companies will cover reassignment surgery, but not all of them. The AMA is trying to increase coverage but it isn't standard practice yet. For companies that do cover it, they probably require a diagnosis from a psychiatrist (but that's speculation on my part).

The rest of the insurance companies will cover medically necessary cosmetic surgery, but everything else has to be paid for out of pocket by the patient.

First off, I gotta apologize for overpersonalizing re: the shadowstache thing. Besides that, I fucked up. It's three months of therapy to get hormones. So...yeah. Sorry!


Well, assuming we're going with a college student and we assume part time employment, it shouldn't be impossible for them to afford this stuff on their own, even without a medical plan.

Also, we could introduce stress from money issues. If they're saving for breast implants as their main goal, they may have to take money out of the fund to fix their costume, winter-proofing it, updating parts of their outfit, gadgets.

your child, raised by us all

Okay, so, we have a civilian name, powers, city and a basic look for our hero/ine.
Is she going to college and holding a part time job?
Is her major/minor important to the story? CAN it be important to the story?
Same with her job- aside from paying for her surgeries and whatnot, exactly how important is her particular job? And does she like it?
Which comes first for her- work, school, her surgeries or heroism? Second?
What are her friends like in this city? Is she dating anyone? How do her friends, parents and bf/gf feel about Alex's transsexualism?
Does anybody know about her powers except for herself?


Just my opinions here.
>Is she going to college and holding a part time job?
I'd say yes, both. I mean, doing two or three shifts during weekends for 4 hours a time isn't lots and I know lots of college students that do it.

>Is her major/minor important to the story? CAN it be important to the story?
I suppose it could, though no more than it needs to be. There are a bunch of various subjects including law, medicine, business. She can pick any subject with a PhD and strive to be a teaching professor.

>Same with her job- aside from paying for her surgeries and whatnot, exactly how important is her particular job? And does she like it?
She could do anything considered 'entry', like serving coffee or as high as doing work in the field she wants to go into. I'd say her enthusiasm would be as strong as most in their situation.

>Which comes first for her- work, school, her surgeries or heroism? Second?
I'd imagine this would be a central part of the story. All would be fairly important to a degree. I think at different times different areas would be more important. Such as in some cases, fixing her suit would take money out of her surgery fund, thus making crime fighting more important for the time being.

>What are her friends like in this city? Is she dating anyone? How do her friends, parents and bf/gf feel about Alex's transsexualism?
Still need to work on friends, but I'd imagine two or three close ones. Probably not dating, perhaps having her eye on somebody. I'd imagine her friends would know, her parents we haven't even decided if she's in contact with them still.

>Does anybody know about her powers except for herself?
I'd say she'd hold off until she felt comfortable with them, then let her best friend in on it.

File: 127430336758.jpg-(144.20KB, 400x600, 009.jpg)
>your child, raised by us all

No. Its mine

I kid

On the topic of villains, can we not have the kind of x-gene, improbability powers?

I've always thought powers should be plausible. Plant control and weather control are probably the biggest offenders that I've seen in mainstream comics.

File: 127431331247.jpg-(52.09KB, 291x450, 1107791-bnf3_standard_super.jpg)
all will be well, mate

what kind of powers do you WANT to see?


Well, always liked the idea of somebody who's basically a walking CDC bio-hazard. Superviruses that infect to the touch.

File: 12743206229.jpg-(22.72KB, 300x300, macaco_jjjameson.jpg)
Superwoman around still?

Pictures, I need pictures!

Superwoman's on vacation, Mr. Jameson

File: 127432998250.jpg-(36.39KB, 482x343, jksimmons.jpg)

Oh? Isn't that nice. But vacations don't get me pictures. And I need pictures of our hero!

WONDERCRAFT, YOU'RE FIRED. WAIT. You're unfired. But you're coming back at reduced pay.

Can I come back at severely reduced pay too?

I'm setting up another /co/ thread to finally vote on our heroine's name.

File: 127433054354.jpg-(39.72KB, 852x480, 007SM3_J_K__Simmons_002.jpg)


Sir, Why am i fired because of someone else's absence?

Exactly. I'm cheaper than free.


I'm watching the thread, looks like Motion is coming out on top.

It's three months of therapy AND "Real Life Experience" or RLE, in which you have to live 24/7 as the gender you identify with. And it can be more if your therapist doesn't think you're ready.
In Canada, the government pays for hormones, chest reconstruction surgery (either removing the breasts or constructing fake ones), and the removal of genitals (but not reconstructing for FTMs, or any additional surgeries unless they're life threatening.) The catch is that you need at least 2 years of RLE after beginning hormones, and you're also more limited in which surgeons you can pick (I'd like to add that she will want to 'shop around' for a surgeon; some are better than others and you don't want one that's unskilled).
There's a lot of good information about transgendered health here:
It is a Canadian site but it should still be helpful.

>Is she dating anyone?
If she's in the middle of transitioning, probably not. Most transgendered people wait until they're finished transitioning to start dating.
Also, any input on what her sexuality would be? Would she like women? Men? Both? Neither?

Huh. I didn't have any RLE before hormones. o_O;

As for sexuality...Bi seems to be the old standby, but anything works, really.


Bi would be the best way to go. It'd break the common idea that transsexuals only like the same sex (MTF only liking men, FTM only liking women). In reality, transsexuals can be attracted to either or both the genders.

trans AND bi?
whoo, we're just breaking all sorts of barriers! hahaha

So it seems we have our hero figured out. Now on to her Rogue's Gallery, or is our heroine missing something?


Technically, we're not breaking any more barriers than we already have. The character being a transsexual already makes them against the usual grain. If she liked men or women, regardless of either one, it'd be just as unconventional.

Oh, and the costume is what we're missing. But my next post will be a nice big one on that topic (after I do a bit of research)

I was half joking about the barriers.

Superwoman! Vacation's over. Or some other drawfag... What ideas have you got, OP? I feel i'm pretty good at coming up with supersuits

File: 127437044595.jpg-(99.45KB, 1212x468, Body.jpg)
The body. Generally, the part of the costume that shows off the sex appeal of most characters and forms the template for which the other parts of the costume adhere to.

There are a lot of different sort of costume types, but three really only apply in our case (ones being excluded being 'natural', magical and mechanical).

1. Spandex. The classical theme, spandex is a full body glove that leaves nothing to the imagination, fitting the body. See: Superman, Spider-Man, Deadpool for examples of this.

2. Practical. This is a wide range of costume, which usually takes on a natural 'street clothes' feeling to them, even if they seem out of place. Coats, often normal pants, etc are often seen here. Black Canary, Ares and the Question all use practical clothing, Canary using leather jackets/stockings, Ares using street clothes with his own armor and both Questions using a suit and trench coat.

3. Armor. Generally, this is not the same as 'practical' armor, like Ares, but rather a cross between spandex and normal armor. This fits to the body, but looser than spandex, but is obviously made out of something that offers protection, like metal, Kevlar or a combination. Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye all have used this in the past. Batman, in the movie adaptions, is another example.

3. Composite. This usually combines two or all of the previous types. This offers a wide variety of what you can do with the outfit, making it out of leather, spandex, metal, cloth, etc. A prime example of this is Green Arrow, who usually is shown with a combination of a practical tunic/hood, sometimes in armor, and spandex. Damien Wayne is another example, wearing spandex, a tunic and occasionally a hood.

The accessories. This includes the gloves/boots, belt and cape. Like said above, these usually adhere to what sort of template the body work uses.

-Generally, these are used for protection. However, gloves and occasionally boots can be used to hold weapons or gadgets (see Batwoman's arm spines as an example). Other uses include hiding fingerprints and being used as a climbing impliment.

There are really just two kinds of gloves/boots, aside from wearing none. Separate and spandex. Spandex are part of the existing suit and, occasionally are colored differently to add a little more colorization to the character. Separate are boots the character has to put on over their costume, be they leather, armored or just running shoes.

The Cape.
-Often made fun of now a days capes, like in Watchmen and in The Incredibles, capes do have a bit of variety and differing purposes. Capes can be used as simply an aesthetic addition or can actually have a function, such as being a dark color for stealth or being bulletproof/fireproof.

Generally, characters who can propel themselves naturally, without a limit and at great speed (Superman/Sentry/etc) can wear capes without suffering from drag. However, those who move on a limited supply of energy, be it mechanical or their own, don't wear capes.

The three capes used usually are "Side" (Power Girl, Captain Marvel), which covers only one half of their body, Flowing (Superman), which goes down their back, and Wrap (Batman), which goes around their shoulders, often hiding their arms.

The Belt
-Generally, three kinds. Standard, harness and utility.

Standard belts work simply as an aesthetic choice, though they can hide a singular gadget in the buckle, like a gps or radio.

Harnesses are more common among the gun toting heroes, which either go up like suspenders or cross over their chest in an 'X' fashion. Usually hold weapons.

The utility belt, made popular by Batman, has two groups. Pouch and compartment, pouches being leather or similar pouches around the belt, with compartments usually being more high tech, sectioned off parts of the belt.

File: 127437161995.png-(595.54KB, 495x488, Masks.png)
The mask. Generally, the mask is used for three different things. Always to hide the character's identity, sometimes for protection and sometimes to hold equipment like goggles or ear pieces.

There are four kinds of masks (six if you count mechanical helmets and 'no masks' like Superman).

1. You have the Full Face mask, which covers the entirety of the character's face. This can be a spandex mask that stretches over the face or can be a form fitting mask, like the green goblin's. Usually you see these on spandex bodysuit superheros, it can be either attacked to the suit or a separate piece. The downside to this kind is it limits the character's expressive features, such as the mouth and eyes.

2. The cowl. The main feature of the cowl is that it takes away from the 'full face' style, usually revealing the jaw, mouth and sometimes the nose. The hair is almost always covered and characters have a 'bald' look when wearing it. It allows for a lot more expression than the full face mask. It can be made of out of a number of materials, hard (Batman) or soft material (Deadpool).

3. The domino. The barest of the domino masks covers the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Bigger ones cover the cheekbones, the entire nose and the eyebrows. They can come in a variety of shapes, smooth, beak-like, simple, complex. The downside is that it reveals the most of the character's face out of any of the masks, which makes it a viable, but less believable disguise than the others.

4. The domino-full/cowl composite. This mask works by taking the domino's main feature, revealing the top of the head and hair, with the other mask's, specifically covering either the mouth, the brow, or both. The advantage is that you can do a lot to vary the design and what parts of the face are covered while, at the same time, keeping it a believable disguise.

Finally, the insignia.

While not all Superheros have a symbol, many do. Generally, there are five places to place the hero's insignia; the middle of the chest, the corner of the chest (like a badge), on the cape, on the belt buckle and on the character's mask.

As well, there are different kinds of insignias, ranging from a motif (Spider-Man's spider logo, Batman's bat symbol), Letters (Captain America's "A", Superman's S), something to do with the character's power or ability (Bulleye's target logo, the Atom's atomic mark) or, in some cases, simply the logo of the team they work for (Hellboy's BPRD, S.H.I.E.L.D, etc)

File: 127437198020.jpg-(61.40KB, 400x618, 83561-197413-mr-majestic_super.jpg)
Personally, if i were to be a superhero, i'd want a blend of street and armour. I'd choose comfort and some practicality over trying to show off my body in some skintight latex/spandex/whatever.
Alex may go the same route, until she's fully comfortable with her body, then might go for a different look. Also, with her powers, i would opt for a bit of extra armour in case, you know, i crash or something. I know she has a protective aura, but it's not going to last forever.
Something like Ares, Guardian, Mister Majestic, Cannonball

God, that took a while. I'm done, so feel free to comment.

you forgot on the shoulder. I don't think she should start off with a symbol. like Power Girl, she should wait to "fill the hole" (if you know what I mean........... i kid I kid, i'm sorry. bad joke). But I'm serious about the symbol- at first, while she';s still unsure of the heroism thing and of herself and all, she doesn't have a symbol, then as she ages and learns more about herself and blahblahblah she finally decides on a symbol

what that symbol should be is a..... a.... uhhhh.... umm.... uhhh...... uhhhhhhh........


The worst part of an impact wouldn't be the object hitting you at high speed, it'd be the sudden stop, which, even wearing armor, cause a concussion and internal damage.

i understand that. Still, if I have the option, i'm going to go for less of my body being hurt and broken.

Also, i just thought of something- she'll be getting hurt quite a bit. Alex may even have to go to the hospital a few times. Perhaps we could use her surgeries to help cover up some of her more severe wounds?


If we're going for "Motion", why not use a "M" theme on her costume. There are plenty of place to sneak the shape in, like the collar, the ends of the gloves, ends of the boots, the shape of the belt, over the breasts.


I think we shouldn't have her hospitalized frequently. There's a reason Batman has Alfred tend to his wounds, hospitals ask questions and keep records. If she keeps showing up to hospitals and clinics with blunt force trauma, somebody will notice.


By the time somebody has decided to make a costume, they probably know what they want and stand for. Heroes wouldn't make a costume without deciding if they want a logo or not.

Powergirl's explanation is BS and in an even later issue she says something like "I'm just flaunting what I got", which I prefer more to than just some pathetic, wishy washy BS about not being able to think of a symbol.

one of her friends should be a nurse/nurse in-training or something, then. Or she herself could know some of that stuff.
I didn't actually REALIZE it until now, but heroism is dangerous. I can understand someone like Superman or Luke Cage not needing medics, but on the lower end of the spectrum, especially with our non-powered heroes, there's gonna be a lot of damage going on. I bet they've got like a secret group of doctors that specialize and work only on heroes. like global Frequency, except with medical staff.


B and C tier heroes often have instances where they walk around with injuries.

I say don't let her get hurt especially bad except in maybe a few instances. Shouldn't be like Kick-Ass where the hero has the crap beaten out of them every book.


Well, the first think we should think of is the material used and what sort of body we should give her. Is she going to wear a skirt? Because if so, she could then use a little less bulkier armor.

I'd imagine if she didn't wear a skirt, her costume would be large enough so she could hide the bulge. So... yeah, spandex is out.

File: 127438275644.jpg-(38.65KB, 403x584, Epidemica.jpg)
For a Villain.

Name- Erica (no last name yet)
Alias- Epidemica
Powers- All bodily fluids, breath and touch highly infectious with a strain of a fast acting, lethal virus. Loss of pain sensation, high healing factor [not wolverine fast, but fast enough], ability to eat and digest organic matter.
Weaknesses- Severe Paranoid Schizophrenia

Not so much a villain but more a victim that causes problems, either because she's looking for a place to sleep, eat or stay warm, or because she's confused, irritated and violent. I see her as being homeless unless captured.

She could probably be manipulated and coerced into doing some terrible things, providing a sympathetic adversary.

I will not be able to do anything til I get back home...but if I can get my laptop to work then I will do more sketchwork.


She can still wear spandex - she would just gave to tuck and wear something solid underneath the costume.

I would prefer a jumpsuit though - oor something similar looking.


Well, if we're going with the orange energy stuff, an orange/black leather jumpsuit would be cool looking, I think. Something like what the X-men wore in the movies or the thing Hancock wore.

They're somewhat sleek, look protective and feel modern without the clash of horrible colours.

Could be I'm misunderstanding her powers, but...If she has kinetic powers, couldn't she have some kind of field up that makes boolet/punches/knives/whatever go LOLNO? That'd open up the costume options some. I was personally thinking of something baggy, to give more room to pad and stuff, plus hide the specifics of her bodytype, you know?


I was thinking of this, which is why I think her only being able to absorb and expel kinetic energy through her hands and feet would be best.

Also, continued slashing and crushing force would weaken her shielding. A bullet hits in a very small point, expels all its energy and then drops. A knife/spear hits in a small point as well, but can be held there for longer, pushing harder and harder until the shield gives out.

In other words, her shield works great for projectiles because they're only in contact with her for a split second. The moment you have, say, a giant robot stepping on her ribcage, you've got a lot of constantly applied pressure over a large area.


Oh, when will you be home? And good luck with your laptop.

File: 127439544273.jpg-(48.30KB, 398x590, Motion concept.jpg)
Somebody said orange and leather, right?

It's a good start! Kinda feel like it needs something, but we're getting somewhere!

Might still be overpersonalizing, but I still think maybe something that covers her lower face. Hides the adam's apple, manjaw, and makes the no-talking thing (if we do that) work better?


The problem with covering the mouth is that you lose a lot of expression. Its the reason full-face masks are no longer so common in comics.

Good point, yeah. Are we still doing the thing with the no talking? :X

I am back home Saturday morning.


No talking would be good to start off with - maybe the odd word here and there until the character feels comfortable to say things during a battle. I can imagine her enemies getting frustrated at this very fact.


No talking might be a little unbelievable and a tad boring to read. Mid-combat, I can see little to no talking, but when she/he has no pressing stress I can't see why they can't say anything.

File: 127441254792.jpg-(26.39KB, 358x450, stilt_man_01_358x450.jpg)
Okay, I want in on this.

I had an idea for a tech-based villain for M's rogue's gallery. A sort of sociopathic computer geek "hacker on steroids" out to cause mischief for the lulz...and to make a buck or two, selling stolen identities and doing some freelance work for terrorists or organized crime. I don't want to go the stereotypical "bullied in high school by jocks" route: he had a clique of similarly geeky and "antisocial" friends in high school, went to college, continued to be have a few friends and get decent enough grades but just be a nobody. He took a few computer classes, learned code and the difference between "hacking" and "cracking", tried it a few times, got away with it, heard how online crime was the new "in thing", and decided to run with it. He hears about Motion, her villains, and all the wannabes they've spawned, and decides to create a super-persona of his own to get her attention. His costume should look ridiculous: Nightvision goggles, Powerglove modified to control gadgets, and the stilty things pictured.

He may or may not come to have the hots for her (at least, her in hero-mode). If you want he might even have bumped into her/made her aquaintance sometime before, and you could play with the whole "he lusts after her hero persona but doesn't notice her when she's in civilian/guy mode".

Have you guys decided on whether Motion's going to be full-time girl-mode in her non-hero life, part-time or never? On the hormones or not? Long hair, medium, short, wears a wig in costume like Batwoman?

File: 127441327418.jpg-(23.97KB, 570x374, poison-dart-frog-3.jpg)
Got a villain idea for you to consider.

Poison Frog Man is a low-level criminal who, really, just got into criminal pursuits because of his power set. He's an unattractive, poorly-mannered, mostly-bald man in his mid thirties with a rather handsome (if wiry) physique due to all of the physical activity he undertakes. His powers, meanwhile, are those of a poison dart frog. He is quick and can dodge most anything within reason, and has incredible leaping abilities. Also, his body excretes a rather potent neurotoxin, able to immobilize in small doses, and can kill in large enough quantities. In keeping with this theme, Poison Frog Man wears a costume like that of his namesake, and it tends to change with every appearance, though these costumes are always brightly colored.



Bugger off.

File: 127441450880.jpg-(45.74KB, 786x600, adorable but very deadly_Phyllobates terribilis, t.jpg)

Would he be constantly poisonous, and thus be unable to touch anyone ungloved (no handshakes, no sex?), or can he turn it on and off? Does he need to eat certain bugs in order to remain toxic, like his namesake? Also: sticky pads on his fingers and toes? Wall-crawling?


Sorta encroaches on >>26230 's power


True, but we are limiting ourselves to "no magic, no supernatural, no aliens". And viruses are different from poison.


Yes, but with SCIENCE! you can do things like, say, Spider-Man, the Flash, what not.

You know, pseudo-science.


The reason adding in magic and aliens would be a bad idea is it starts becoming a clusterfuck of powers, plot holes and "what ifs".

If we can get a solid six or eight villains for a serious rogue's gallery we'll be set and be self contained.

I have an idea for a villain that I recently thought up. i haven't thought too much about the details, merely the basic overview. So rather than a summary, i'll just put up some bullet points

-Short and really scrawny until he hit puberty, then grew rather tall and joined his middle school football team.
-A rather skilled linebacker due to his speed and height, gained muscle mass throughout middle and high school
-Discovered during his freshmen year that he could actively produce extra testosterone, adrenaline and reduce fatigue toxin production. This grants him a major increase in strength, speed, endurance and reaction time.
-I haven't figured out an upper time limit to this power (but no more than an hour) and the longer he uses his powers the more fatigued he becomes afterward.
-Used his power to get ahead in football, before he realized he could make even more money by selling his abilities
-Knows some wrestling moves, but no real fighting capability, using his enhanced abilities in battle.
-Usually goes for bodyguard type jobs, but will occasionally rob a bank.
-Very narcissistic


Not to sound nerdy here but, like, isn't the Flash kinda stretching it? I mean, by that definition, magic is included! Speed Force? How is that not a mystical thing?


There's a difference between science and SCIENCE!


Clearly someone here either overestimates or underestimates science here...

you're new to this, aren't you?

File: 127442336357.jpg-(79.85KB, 913x852, ins.jpg)
Saw your thread on /co/ asking for supervillains.

As much as I'd like to toss out some of my sci-fi and cape ideas, I don't want to "lose" them for stuff I'm not going to be a writer on, and it looks like you guys already have a plethora.

That said, I'm wired and this is amusing, so what the hell. If the horrible chicken scratches intrigue anyone, maybe I'll whip out AutoCAD or SolidWorks and sketch up a proper pic of what I'm describing.

If "science" or "SCIENCE!" are the main methods for acquiring superstatus in this universe, why not go with the classic cyborg? Go the Cadmus route with it- a government takes proactive measures to counteract a superhuman uprising. Maybe it could go rogue because of the horrors imposed upon it, maybe the government could be the bad guys at some point. Doesn't really matter.

To distinguish it from stuff like the Teen Titans Cyborg or Cyborg Superman or any other myriad of mecha-men in more popular media, you could get a unique look for it combining elements of conventional prostheses design and the existing power-suit tech done by the Japanese and Americans.

If you wanted it to be easier to draw, you could even simply the look with a "parade colors" version that wore Cyberdyne-style plastic plate coverings with national markings, and leave the crude aspects to show up in static pics or as battle damage. Though I think it'd look cooler "clunky" or as something attempting to look elegant and failing.

Like how Global Frequency dealt with cyborgs? Apparently, there's a lot more involved than just attaching a robot arm to the shoulder


I've been working on a suit based enemy, likely a wealthy benefactor who lost his [insert various limbs here].

End result, prosthetic plus a suit. More like Darth Vader, when you think about it.

File: 127442454661.png-(308.66KB, 559x911, body-human copy.png)
Ideally it would be somewhere between Superman and Iron Man - strong, some weaponry aside brute force. Of course, to make a human frame "super strong" artificially you need to make a LOT of modifications.

I'm talking about:
-Removing the eyes and replacing them with connection points for cameras to be embedded in multiple points on the head, body, armor if it wears any, etc.
-Completely redoing the spine- segmenting it to look less like an S-curve and more like a digital wave, with segments armored up and then terminated at points to add hinges for basic flexibility (though agile in the torso this will not be)
-Filling in the ribs with, say, boron carbide and segmented plating
-Disconnecting most of the muscle mass in shoulders, chest, face, and hips, and bunching it together into large lumps where it's easier to redirect the nerves into myoelectrics for controlling major limb movement
-Replacing the flimsy ball-joints and weak rotator muscles on the hips and shoulders with some monstrous motors
-Replacing the sternum with a port for easy maintenance to the thoracic cavity
-Copping a design bit from Transformers and putting in a boxy segmented plate abdomen (just to avoid doing this whole flexible-carapace thing the Iron Man movies and everyone else is doing
-Remove one hand and replace it with a maul, claw, or hook.
-Put in some basic projectiles- thermobaric shells, EMP grenades, a shotgun that shoots those new taser slugs, a grapnel launcher, etc.

I think it makes a good badguy. Durable, strong, but still fragile in aspects- the center of the chest would be a massive weak point, and the unit would be in a huge amount of psychological suffering at all times due to the fucked up condition of nearly every nerve in it's body. Or, you could have it be on a huge drug cocktail- all the benefits of being a physical juggernaut, except intellectually cocked.

Plus, the way you'd have to segment the lower body, which means no genetallia. I presume the "biological/mental" sex and gender issues are something the comic would cover, maybe that's relevant.

Oh, and like I said, if you want me to actually draft up a schematic for this thing and take more than 15 minutes to do it, holla.


So wait, this is just Silvermane from Spider-Man?

I suppose. Except googling picture of him, he seems really...human. Like another random android.
My trying to quickly depict articulation fails me because I'd need time and CAD to get across the type of awkward bulk and stance I'm thinking of. Mouse + wrong human frame + 2AM = blem.

File: 127442527225.png-(509.34KB, 788x590, omg wtf is that scared horrified aang.png)

It's juuust a wee bit scary...what you posted...Are you from the future or alien or something, mister?

No disrespect...

B-Listers make up the majority of my favorite series

As for villain possibilities, I'm getting the idea of a P.T. Barnum-type scam artist/magician (top hat, swordcane, etc.) who has blackmailed various people with physical deformities into his employ as freaks in his sideshow and alternatively as thieves who rob where ever they travel blind

Another idea is "Grafter," a former doctor who worked miracles in the field of medical prostheses who was driven out of his field by conspiring colleagues jealous of his talents and insurance companies who were losing money funding his patients
Now pennyless and forced to live in a junkyard, his anger at those who destroyed his livelihood has driven his broken spirit and fragile mind to the point of self-mutilation
He now grafts crude weapons of scrap to his flesh in order to transform himself into the perfect vessel of revenge.
His one goal in life now is to track down those who wronged him and show them how valuable his talents were by violently amputating them


He has a basic understanding of human physiology and how joints move.

Really, its not hard to imagine. The difficulty of building a functioning limb would be the wiring, not the framework.

I'm actually an alien from the past. Respek.
Hey, it's more then "basic", I'm just tired and joints SUCK. And humans have it the worst. Any variant of ball joint + load bearing + frequent impacts = bad, and we've got this big meaty clusterfuck limiting the hip and the grand kluge that is the rotator cuff making the shoulder shit. Needs to be made basic. Joints that can handle stress so the first super-blow doesn't render every limb super-broken.

Bloody hell, I'll just do the damn draft in the morning and you lot can decide whether or not anybody cares then.

File: 12744667704.jpg-(294.37KB, 620x900, 12435785857.jpg)
The sides need to be flat, too much of an hourglass shape
Rear end can stay as-is
Face is fine (male/female faces are very similar) except lips need to be less full and cheekbones need to be lower
Completely flat chest, there isn't that much of a need for 'inserts' initially, you can make a flat chest look fem/sexy enough in a skin tight superhero outfit

I think that's it for that image

Geez just make it look like a trap

On the note of pre op Trans, there are some who do look/sound pretty convincing. Bailey Jay sounds very feminine, Natalie (in the above picture) and Kimber James both look pretty damn close, especially when dressed up right.

Here's some ideas for another villain and a hero.
I originally wrote these for a comic I was going to write, but my artist kinda disappeared.

Character Study: Plague
Powers: Can transmute his ‘waste’ into other chemicals. Basically, when he exhales, he produces CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) like all humans do. He can transmute his CO2 into other gases. He is immune to gases created by him, but not other gases. (He can’t be affected by knockout gas he makes, but if someone else uses knockout gas, he will be affected). The gas won’t do anything on its own, it will just sit there in the air like CO2 will if nothing is done to it.
Appearance: Plague wears a gas mask. Compare the Gas Mask of the Pyro to the gas mask worn by the Sandman (DC comics character, not the Spider man villain), looking for something in between. There’s a tube connected to the exhaust port on his gas mask that goes around or over his shoulder and connects to a large backpack with gas tanks on it. He stores the different gases he creates in the tubes. He also has a large gun that is connected to the backpack. He sprays the gases out from this gun. He wears lots of yellow and green, maybe the Haz-Mat symbol could be worked in as a symbol. Not much exposed skin, but leave the neck exposed, unless it looks bad. The gun is strong, it can’t be broken ‘on accident’. Someone with the strength of Mercury could break it with focus, but it won’t break if Plague is slammed against a wall. The tanks might crack though. Plague should look very sick, mottled skin or pale skin works well.

Character Sketch- Mercury
Aff.: Hero
Power(s): Invulnerable Skin (Superman level, still feels impact, albeit at a lower amount), Strength, Speed (Superman level).
Design: Mercury wears a full body costume, neck, shoulders and upper chest are a shining orange, in the center of the chest is a gold star, lower chest , legs and upper arms are blue, forearms and gloves are orange, lower legs are orange with orange boots. He has a belt with a gold star for a buckle, and the belt itself is orange. He has gold stars on the back of his gloves. He also has a cape, held in place by a gold star on each side of his neck, but not as far as his shoulder. The side of the cape facing him is blue, and the backside of it is orange with a blue star. The suit should look to be in ‘Booster Gold’ style, while the cape should look Superman-ish. The cape shouldn’t be wider than his shoulders. Mercury is not muscular. He is not a stick figure, but we aren’t going for a giant wall of muscle. Mercury is a teenager, maybe 15. The very point of this character is to portray innocence, the basic ‘good guy’ motif that it’s everybody’s responsibility to do the right thing and help others. The character should never look angry, vicious, or cruel. Sad or depressed is fine. The character has brown/blond hair, slightly messy, with blue eyes. As for strength, he’s strong enough to pick up a car, but he’s definitely not as strong as Superman. He’s much stronger than a regular human, but not too strong. As for ‘invulnerable’, bullets bounce off of him like Superman. However, if he gets decked by someone stronger than him, he’s going to feel it (like how Doomsday could punch Superman). As for speed, he’s slightly slower than Superman, he can outrun a bullet when he’s not wounded.

I think it looks fine. I know plenty of guys (myself included) with high cheek bones. Full lips isn't that difficult to achieve, and the shape isn't so purely feminine that it couldn't have been a male before some carefully planned surgeries and hormone treatment

Also, Plague does wear a mask.
He wears a gas mask, and it's hooked up to the machine on his back, but we can make it a gas mask.

Oh fuck, we already have a 'disease' character.
Then again, my character does basically transmute his CO2 into other elements eventually. Maybe they could be partners or something like that.

File: 127447110918.png-(289.24KB, 625x941, motion_costume_concept001.png)
Here's a quick sketch I did for a costume design.

It's just a template for everyone to design a costume.


Oh wow...

I like it


That looks really good. If you're up for it, maybe try a few more outfits and variations.

Maybe without the trenchcoat, maybe sneaking more subtle 'M' shapes in places.


The eyes look a little wonky. Maybe make them white and more oval/eye shaped so you don't have the 'bug eyed' look.

Here's another sketch for a pyromaniac villain.

File: 127447264776.png-(434.69KB, 978x1070, coc_villain_concept_001.png)
Forgot image.


Makes me think of the Heavy from TF2

I was just trying to be different with the orange eyes, but yeah she would ultimately have whiteout eyes.

Sorry for the bug eyes. :P


God, I fucking lol'd outloud.


If at all possible, I've got my own pyro idea.

See: >>26112 for some rough ideas.

Generally, my thought was that he'd start off low grade, home made, then eventually upgrade until he's wearing a partial cybernetic suit.

I have done some small sketches - but I have not decided on a mask yet.

Alex's costume I designed is a simple jump suit with a stripe down the middle where she can zip the costume, with an M like design from the breast area leading round her arms. It is more athletic in design and it is quite simple. My villain for her (Masochist for those who have just stepped in) has the same costume but different colour -and maybe some other subtle differences.

The costumes will be fairly padded, with Alex's more-so...maybe to give her a more womanly look that she can even use to her advantage.


I'm looking forward to seeing your sketches too. I'm glad we have two good artists working here, different styles and thoughts means more options to choose from.

Hope you fix your laptop soon.


New thread, about villains and earning ideas. Keep the topic off of the main hero, as that just proves to derail the thread.

Keep it bumped!

File: 127447739073.png-(349.66KB, 962x1070, motion_costume_concept002.png)
Here's another.

Stole the idea from Superwoman. ;P

Holyshitawesome. Could we see that with the coat?

File: 127448784467.png-(304.48KB, 782x1070, motion_costume_concept003.png)
Here you go. Slight modifications.


I think the jaw is a little off.

Also, the neck should be covered a bit, if we want to hide an Adam's Apple.


Those are quite good. A few things though that come to mind.

First being that I think I like the first's "M" on her chest more than the more subtle one. Both are good, but that's just my opinion.

Second, I like the idea of her using a leather jacket, but not all the time. Its a good touch, just might be good to have it off her sometimes.

Third, I really like the shape of the eyes of the second and third sketches. But the orange eyes of the first really do look neat. Perhaps merging the two ideas would work.

Lastly, I think that runners and short gloves feel a little clunky. Something a little bit more streamlined, like knee high boots and tight fitting gloves would maybe streamline it a bit more.

The two orange fingers on the gloves though work well. And I loved the red utility belt from the first sketch. It helped break up the body a little.

Great work in general though.

Yeah. I noticed it after I posted. The head is slightly to the right just a bit. D'oh.
I agree.

Also you can blame Rogue and Black Canary for my hard-on for those type of gloves.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I checked out the villain thread that was posted. Ended up getting some ideas from it, TVtropes and wikipedia.

One common theme I think we could use is the general application of physics and energy. Motion absorbs kinetic energy, but there are other types. Electrical, thermal, magnetic, gravitational and nuclear.

Right now, we have a trio we've set upon:

-A diseased, infectious villain.
-A fire based villain who uses a suit.
-A character that mimics Motion's powers.

Most Rogue's Galleries have five to eight villains, which means we should shoot for around six, maybe more.

-From the /co/ thread, there was the suggestion of a character that was a combination of Doctor Destiny, Scarecrow and Phobia. In other words, a psychic that focuses on nightmares and fears.

-Absorbing thermal energy results in something being cold (you can't 'add' cold to anything, cold is only the lack of heat). So, the result would be a villain who would be able to freeze whatever they touch by sucking the heat out of it.

-Electricity. There are enough villains with this ability out there, pretty straight forward.

-Gravitational and Magnetic field control. Generally, combining these together would allow a villain to attack with most kinds of steel and iron while, at the same time, altering gravity would allow him to attack offensively against something not made of metal. If I had to choose one, I'd choose gravity control, simply because Magneto is such a well known supervillain.

-I still think we should have a person in a tech suit.

-Radiation/Nuclear Power. I see this as a way for us to mimic Motion's power without actually copying it. They'd be similar, but there'd be slight differences, especially in strength, power and recharge needs.


I knew where you got them :P

I think anyone who knows comics know who has those kinda gloves.


I think her hair should be a little longer. Not mid back long but longer than that.

The nuclear villain should be like Ted Sprague.

File: 127449527274.jpg-(352.78KB, 1600x1000, ske12.jpg)
Back home...but going to work shortly.

No jacket, just a base so far.


Superwoman's character in Banth's costume would be awesome.


I like the outfit. I think the best option would to be to incorporate some aspects of yours into Banth's.

Speaking of Banth, is he still lurking around here?

File: 127450115992.jpg-(24.28KB, 320x240, madstan.jpg)


File: 127450375320.jpg-(40.32KB, 400x571, Rime.jpg)
Rather simple thing I did for the ice based villain. I figured I'd do a full body stocking, like Spider-Man.

I even imagine she'd be so comfortable with her criminal self that she'd start going out and put a dress on it to take a night on the town as her villain persona.

>-I still think we should have a person in a tech suit.
I know you've got your own for it, but I just got ACAD working, so I'm gonna try getting the first cyborg design out tonight anyway.

The second design is more humanoid and requires a massive amount of power because yadda yadda ball coating blah fusion reactor narp narp toroids etc., so if nothing else, maybe you'll get an electricity/magnetism villain idea from it.

>the ice-based villain
Was that from another thread? It doesn't look familiar.


See >>26320

Holy shit this is fucking awesome. I dig the face, too.

Oh. Awesome. I always thought there was something to a super using their alter-ego for something besides supering. :O

File: 127450957386.jpg-(176.54KB, 591x792, Widowmaker_by_Derlaine8.jpg)
I was browsing DA when i came across this. I like the look, and was thinking maybe we could use the design? Could be our fear-based villain

art done by

Oh shit. I've actually seen this pic before and accidentally brainstormed her into a character, if you want me to waste your time with it.

File: 127450984229.jpg-(31.82KB, 550x564, 1274156029249.jpg)

I prefer this for nightmare fuel.

Also good!

Short version: Psychic girl is meek, uninteresting wallflower with bully problems in school and recurring nightmares. One day some terribly horrible traumatic event breaks her and she has a complete meltdown. Her powers kick in around this time, and her mind manifests as a sort of reverse Freddy Kruger. As long as she's asleep, she astral projects into this berzerker on a permanent psychotic break. Or something.

She could even be one of Motion's friends, if that's not too hackneyed.

why not both?
>>26341 could be her real form. In reality, she's a shy, quiet, wallflower with a Glasgow smile (which led her to become a villain?) and when she goes into the minds and dreams of people she appears as this >>26339

I am terrified at the fact that we both came up with the word "wallflower". I'm not exactly sure about the idea of an entirely dream-based villain though.

she'd have psychic powers, so she could use her powers in real life, but she also wouldn't want anybody to know who she is, so she'd stick to the dream world. Either way, though, she'd use her psychic powers to read a persons fears and make them come true.


Actually, I wasn't thinking Glasgow, I was thinking Karro-sil like.

As in no lips.

File: 127452183874.png-(43.70KB, 1589x870, Untitled-1.png)
Okay, here's a better way of getting across what I'm trying to get across- quickie model of the leg style and a front shot of...a lot of stuff.

This is what I meant by bulky and inhuman. The legs need to be massive and have some form of additional support for stabilizing when firing large weaponry/fighting/lifting/whatever (kinda put prongs on the calves but a tail or some extra mini-leg prongs coming off the sides of the legs proper would probably work better.) Since they're always something people criticize in fiction for being easy to disable, Armored Core-style "shields" along the exaggerated lower legs keep the double knee safe. The torso gets forked, with a hollow spot where the sternum ought be flanked with all the muscle torn off the pectorals and shoulders and lumped there to make it easier to hook up the myoelectrics for the arms. Most of the internal organs would be pushed into the abdomen, and the thighs and crotch would be more or less flayed to make more control lumps at the crotch. Throw in whatever kind of power supply you want in the back, some artificial muscle tissue to complement the motor work in the limbs after the original mass was used up, and you've got a bruiser who's big in all the wrong places for a human to be big in.

You could also do a mass-production variety with even bigger units on treads or reverse-legged lightweights with MIRV style jets. Get yourself a Sentinel alternative.

Is this something anybody would be interested in? Because I'll get the fuck rid of Sketchup and start doing some scale profile drawings with all the little greeblies thrown in if it's attractive to anyone.

File: 127452686798.jpg-(530.51KB, 1184x788, bearing.jpg)
Regarding Electromagnetic villains, you might want to consider a robot or cyborg based on the whole magnetic-bearing-in-an-electromagnetic-socket thing. Lot of applications.

Obviously you can use it for adding some power and durability to the joints on a body. A couple of 'em on the hips and knees isn't a bad explanation for superspeed, and you can use 'em on footwear if you want them to skate around.

They also make a good offensive weapon. A limb using one of these bearings could be spun rapidly, the bearing itself used to grind on or shock an opponent. The lower bit's an example of what an arm could do- sure, it hosts a limited wrist, but if you can discharge the fist railgun-style and fire anything you can muzzleload in the hole equally well...that's not a bad way to take something down. Or you could maybe SCIENCE! your way to a Kirby-style suction ability with the unit expanding and drawing in magnetic debris.

Only real issue is that overusing it would make a character look REALLY monotonous. Despite that, I think somebody or something skating around and popping off some hard projectiles at the "kinetic" based hero could be fun.

File: 127453469892.png-(203.72KB, 441x991, motion_costume_concept004.png)

The chick from Sinestro Corps? Self-inflicted like Karu-Sil or trauma from somebody else?

File: 127454128639.jpg-(56.18KB, 550x716, Misaka.jpg)
Mikoto Misaka. I know this is /co/ and not /a/ but she does the same thing, only she's human and uses coins. Now she can generate electricity, but seems to favour supercharging a coin or other similarly small objects in order to create a "railgun." Anyway, a coin would disintegrate before it even got up to speed, but something like a lead pellet or maybe even depleted uranium bullets or tungsten (idk how easily one could acquire those last two, but I'm thinking not very) would work wonders. Tweak it, adapt it, make it work for y'all.


jaws still a little too man-ish. I mean I know that a lot of traps have masculine jaws but not all of them do.


The hair looks really good. Some things I noticed though was that you changed her pants and her logo a bit. The small issue I have with her coloration all being on her core (inner thighs/inner chest) is that it doesn't draw attention to her outline.

The belt's pouches are nice and functional, but may be a little difficult to draw every frame compared to simple compartments.

I think the gloves are a little too short too, maybe have them go up to her mid forearm or elbow.

Finally, her mask seems a little different. In all your sketches you've altered it slightly each time (not a bad thing). The first was small, able to see the sides of her face and a bit of her brow, with a beaky nose. The second/third had a higher brow/wider covering but lacked the nose covering and jutted out at sharp angles from the bridge of the nose, as well as having relatively oval shaped eyes. The newest steamlined the mask a bit and, I think, maybe took the brow covering a little too high.

I think that maybe you should make five or six variations on the masks, in the same pose, to allow for all the anons to look at.

And, as well, I really hope you don't take any offense to me nitpicking. Its not in the hopes of frustrating you, just to fine tune and to get more variation so that we can finally decide on something. You really are doing an amazing job and I appreciate what you're doing.


I mean just sketch her head, not full body, for the mask variations.

File: 127455336748.png-(97.33KB, 700x700, maddie pouches.png)

>jaws still a little too man-ish. I mean I know that a lot of traps have masculine jaws but not all of them do.
I understand. I'm still trying to find the perfect balance of the entire body.
>The small issue I have with her coloration all being on her core (inner thighs/inner chest) is that it doesn't draw attention to her outline.
I was thinking of inversing the colours.
>I think that maybe you should make five or six variations on the masks, in the same pose, to allow for all the anons to look at.
Will do.
>And, as well, I really hope you don't take any offense to me nitpicking.
Not at all.

File: 127456529063.png-(462.20KB, 1500x943, motion_mask_concepts001.png)
Standard masks.

I like 4 and 7, although I'm not sure how much face exposure the rest of you were looking for.


Hm. I'm always a fan of those sharp angles on the mask. 5/6/7 are my favorites.

i like 4 & 6

I think we've got a lot of Motion's costume down. I like both the obvious M costume and the most subtle M version and really would be happy with either.

The colors seem to fluctuate a little, the best shade of orange I think was used in your second sketch. Its a bit darker and a little more striking against the black than the paler shades.

The belt, I think nobody disagrees that the red looks good. The only thing we need to work on is the design of the pouches/compartments and the belt buckle.

Gloves and boots, I'd like Banth's opinion.

The mask, it looks to me, like we're going to have a choice between options four through seven.
-Four covers the most out of all four
-Five covers the least
-Six is the only one to cover the nose
-Seven is a combination of four and five

could we just use 4, but where the mask covers the nose as well? i guess it would be a mix of 4 & 6

The problem with four is that it covers too much of the face, which may not be a good way to go.

An issue is we haven't decided on if we're using a soft (spandex, cloth) material for the mask, like Bullseye or Deadpool's cowl, or a hard material (plastic, ceramic, hardened graphite, etc), like Batman's mask.

The advantages come purely from an aesthetic appeal. The harder substance would add depth to the mask, as well as shine, while putting it on would be a lot more visually appealing (sliding a hardened mask on to the face compared to pulling on a mask made of fabric). The softer material's merits are that it is cheaper, and thus more believable that our character got it.

In combat, harder material will shatter and crack compared to cloth, which will rip and tear. Both have a certain appeal.

File: 127458412841.jpg-(43.04KB, 500x496, GL-KyleRayner.jpg)
it's pretty easy to buy materials at a Hobby Lobby or a hard mask online for relatively cheap.
I for one really like Kyle Rayner's crab glasses


Closest ones there are 5, 6 and 7. None match it really, but those three are pretty close.

quick question- what universe does Motion exist in? ours, DC, Marvel, other?


It'd be classified as "other", seeing as DC and Marvel both have their own continuities.

Personally, though, I feel like Motion's powers feel more at home in the DC universe compared to Marvel's.

are there other heroes/villains in the Motionverse? Before she came along, that is.
Additionally, are there any comic books of any kind?


I'd say there are comic books, but of DC/Marvel characters I don't know. You're getting on shaky ground when you start referencing other comics.

As for other heroes, I'd say yes, but they're far and few in between. The villains in Chicago will generally show up and/or be created after Motion, either by her hand indirectly or as an opposing force to her.

i wasn't thinking the comics would be of DC or Marvel characters. Anyway, i think it's more than plausible that she could go online and look up different masks she could order. Nobody is going to see the mask and say, "i know who bought those" since so many people would have bought them.
Given that there are no superheroes (with powers.... that we know of.... ) in our own universe, and we're still able to go out and buy hero related paraphernalia, i don't see why Alex couldn't do so. See what I'm getting at?
Even if she couldn't do that, though, it's still reasonable that she could craft her own mask, or just buy various other masks and piece them together to get the desired look.
The method works well for soft and hard masks. But, you know, she could use both types. A small piece of cloth to help protect her face from getting cut up by her own mask or damage to her mask, as well as an additional layer of identity protection should her hard mask be completely broken.

>But, you know, she could use both types. A small piece of cloth to help protect her face from getting cut up by her own mask or damage to her mask, as well as an additional layer of identity protection should her hard mask be completely broken.

if she has a protection shield around her anything that would break her mask would destroy the cloth. doesn't make sense that she'd have both except maybe cloth for straps to keep the mask on.

hey, even Juggernaut's helmet got removed every now and then.


juggernauts helmet is protection for his mind against psychic attacks. motions is just to conceal her identity. from what we're discussing about her rogues the mask won't protect her if her shield is down.

then should her shield go down, she has TWO rather than just uno layers protecting her identity. It's only an idea, though, and I was trying to appease both choices "the soft cloth mask or the hard mask?"


if her shield goes down no amount of cloth or plastic is going to stop whatever she's fighting from ripping it off.

when what your fighting can punch through concrete a cloth mask is just as viable as a plaster one. its purely a visual choice, not a practical one.

whatever. forgive me for trying to appease both sides and find a middle ground


Oi, don't get annoyed if/when your opinion is argued against. That is the point of this being a project. Different views and different lines of thinking.

That said, if we always chose the middle ground and tried to appease both sides we wouldn't have a city, wouldn't have her name, her powers or any of the finer details.

malibu comics mantra?

Momentum is the best name casue you can think of it as a joke,he moved to she


Wait... what?

I think that's supposed to be a pun, but english isn't the chap's first tongue. Or the train of thought that was carrying the pun derailed, and everyone aboard died in a horrible wreck.

I mean, it would kinda maybe make sense if using a related word.
Movement = move men = move away from men? Or being a man?
Inertia = In her something, I dunno.
Momentum = Nothing here for punning.

>The colors seem to fluctuate a little, the best shade of orange I think was used in your second sketch. Its a bit darker and a little more striking against the black than the paler shades.
Will keep that in mind next time.
>The belt, I think nobody disagrees that the red looks good. The only thing we need to work on is the design of the pouches/compartments and the belt buckle.
How about something like these?

I would like some ideas for the buckle too.
>Gloves and boots, I'd like Banth's opinion.
I'll do a line up of sketches for shoes/boots and gloves.


Well, I think we need to first figure out what she'd carry on her. Off the top of my head, I'd say a pen light, maybe a GPS, batteries, maybe a cell phone. Maybe an Ipod. A small radio receiver for picking up police radio transmissions.

The buckle could probably be oval or square.

The buckle doesn't even have to be where the belt connects. Batman's belt clips near his ass, the buckle is only for show on his.

Also, I wanted to ask Superwoman and you when you're both free. I wanted to sit down and just belt out a few really good villain concepts over a few hours and make some real progress.


Do a mix of 5 and 7. I don't like the wrap around masks.

Did some research. Apparently the process of transitioning in the US, without any sort of insurance, goes like this:

-Breast Implants: 3,500 dollars
-Facial/Chest hair removal: 500 dollars
-Surgery on the browline: Approx 9,000 dollars
-Surgery on the jaw and chin: Approx 8,000 dollars
-Neck/Adam's Apple: Approx 2,000 dollars

Total before breast implants: Approx. 19,500 dollars.

After implants: 23,000 dollars

After breaking things down a little, if we have Alex start college at age 20, with going through the required psych evaluation and working a minimum wage job for the two years between high school and college, the numbers would be -close- to the 19,000 dollar marker.

Which means we'd have the freedom to have them go in for surgery at generally any time. Just eliminates a plot hole of where they'd get the money for all this.

File: 127467117747.png-(87.62KB, 1318x814, skel1.png)
Hey Old OP, considering you're the only "decider" here- are you pretty much not interested in the cyborg villain idea at all, or what? I mean, no's a fine answer, I'd just rather somebody told me to piss off with it so I knew.


I'm not the 'decider'. I tend to look over what people want and say, then try and make a final decision based on that.

If I want something and most people want something else, I'll go with the others unless it is -really- bad. I'm just the person heading the project and keeping tabs on everything.

File: 127471228810.png-(571.37KB, 465x477, Joyboy.png)
So is she able to distort reality based on her target's subconscious like Technet's Joyboy?

Replies sure have slowed down over the last few days

File: 127471983731.png-(77.40KB, 210x398, m.png)
I don't think it's really what you guys are looking for, but I doodled a little something and figured I'd share.


Every little bit helps. Stick around if you'd like to continue sketching, just be willing to take criticism.

Been busy too, working on about a dozen villain profiles, from design, to powers, to weaknesses to psychology.

File: 127473189281.jpg-(7.90KB, 150x150, J.-Jonah-Jameson-150x150.jpg)
Miss Brant, call up our artists. We need more pictures, pictures of Motion.

She's a menace! New headline! City struck with a case of Motion-Sickness!

Speaking of JJ, does Motion have any civilian detractors for her superhero actions or her TS lifestyle?


I read that in his voice... and it was glorious.


I think any superhero will have some social detractors. Especially if there is an influx of villains after her arrival.

She should have one person invoking moral outrage at the very idea of a transgender superhero and another who's perfectly fine with her gender issues but who thinks that vigilantism is badwrong.

I'm not sure why staid quiet until this topic came up.


I don't think it'll be obvious to the public that she's a transsexual, at least not at first. So the one complaining about the transsexual aspect would be later on.

Haven't seen Superwoman around. Huh.

In the hopes of garnering more discussion, I've also done some looking into the mask and the cost of making one.

Generally masks made out of a solid material, be it plastic, graphite, latex or leather, are the only ones that support real lenses in the eye. Spider-Man got away with it because his mask has solid frames around the eyes.

Anyway, if we use latex (which I'd say is the best option, as it's soft, cheap and form fitting), the cost of ordering online is about ten dollars.

The lenses in the mask would likely come from non prescription glasses, which would run around twenty dollars a pair. The reflective film used in two way mirrors costs about forty dollars a square, which is more than enough to coat even twenty lenses.

Excluding the price of any cloth padding on the inside or the straps, making the mask would come out to about 35 dollars each. Easily affordable.

So, just to clarify, have we settled on her:
-boy name?
-girl name?
-hero name?
-family situation (mom, no dad; dad, no mom; mom and stepdad, stepmom and biological dad; oldest child, middle child, youngest child, only chid?)?

-Caucasian/Irish decent
-Not yet decided, likely atheist or catholic, being Irish
-There was talk of her being disowned by his/her parents after he came out to them.

>Would be nice to see if we have anyone new following us.
Hi. Following, anyway. Don't know how much help I could be.

Still partial on the superpower? Portals! I like portals a lot. It's a locomotive ability that can backfire, unlike normal teleportation. The mechanics of how large portals are, where portals go and how many portals there can be can spice it up and differentiate it from the other popular portals: Valve's Portal and Ankama's Wakfu.

You really need just some run of the mill acrobatics to go with it.

Silly goofball who suggested the frog-based villain. Got another one here that might be worth considering.

Dr. Tobal Cosido was plastic surgeon, perhaps the best of his kind. He could change a person's body however they liked, and rebuild bodies scarred beyond recognition. Naturally, there was a rather nasty accident, leaving the Cosido scarred beyond recognition and with an ever-slipping grasp on sanity. As one might expect, this caused the doctor to begin to rebuild himself, making himself better then he was before at first with plastics and graphs, and then with full-on mechanical parts and weaponry. Shortly following, he came to believe that he could improve others, and began to form an army of followers intent on becoming more then average humans. Cosido was more then happy to oblige.

Anyone think Banth is coming back?

File: 127482272246.png-(130.72KB, 400x564, coldpowered sweaty girl colored.png)
From the /co/ thread:
>Frost themed villain. Female. Doesn't shoot beams of freezing energy, but rather absorbs thermal energy out of an area, causing it to freeze. Created in a lab accident and must wear a specialized, full body, special fabric suit to limit the heat she absorbs through her skin subconsciously or her core temperature will skyrocket. In other words, she's constantly in sweltering heat, even when consciously suppressing her powers to their minimum level.

Bored. Drew crappy concept art for you to kill time. Enjoy. Or don't.


Looks okay, but I think I read somewhere here that it's supposed to be almost like Spiderman's suit.

I thought about covering her head, but I then thought it'd be cool to show "sweaty asian girl" hair. Anyway, I don't expect it to get used. I just felt like drawing something.

Dude, it's a slow board and long-term, idly progressing topic. He hasn't vanished. Wait to freak out if he doesn't show in, say, a month.

This might be a teeeeeensy bit premature, but would any of you mind if I started on a sort of proto-script?


What's a photo script?

I've got an idea for a villain that throws shockwaves by snapping his fingers. Originally he was going to be a superhero of mine, but might as well throw him out there.
Nice. I really like the colours.
Sorry, been busy.


If we're going with SCIENCE! here, snapping his fingers might prove difficult. But I could see him being more Shriek from Batman Beyond.

Proto-script. I meant starting on writing an actual issue, like a pilot episode or something.


I think writing anything solid right now is a bit premature.


Hey, Banth. Welcome back. Lemme know when you're free, been wanting to bounce a buncha stuff off you.

File: 127484155141.gif-(394.22KB, 240x180, 1230579461946.gif)
>I've got an idea for a villain that throws shockwaves by snapping his fingers.
So The Fabulous Fitzkerald, except concussive instead of planar waves.

that is a fabulous gif

I don't want to, but I must (and I apologize)- sauce?

Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still.

If you only ever watch one anime in your life, let that be it.


That'd be fun. Have a Bill O-type blowhard praise her as a citizen who stands up to injustice and does what the government has failed to do, then do a complete flip-flop the instant she turns out to be one of "those cross-dressing pervert weirdos!" and bawww about someone "thinking of the children!"

Ooh, then, right after he says that, cut to her saving schoolbus or something, and being thanked by the kids.


Exactly. There's a fine line between an explanation for a villain's evil, and an excuse for it, between a villain who people will be able to empathize with yet still perceive as an evil person and a misunderstood anti-hero/anti-villain.


There are 5 subclasses of villain.

-The Anti-Villain, which is a villain who does bad things but can be considered an okay person, who may have a moral code, etc. See, Catwoman, some of the Flash's Rogues.

-The Sympathetic Villain, who does villainous things that the reader may or may not agree with, but can understand where they are coming from. See, Mister Freeze, Magneto, Spectacular Spider-Man Electro.

-The Monster, who has no redeeming qualities, no remorse and does such horrible things that the reader is disgusted and, in some cases, even fellow villains are disgusted. See, some incarnations of the Joker, Superboy Prime, Red Skull.

-The Magnificent Bastard, normally a Sympathetic or Monster who transcends their genre by being just ungodly awesome at manipulation and fucking with the hero, to the point where you have to love them. See: Norman Osborne, Loki, Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor.

The Plot Device, usually with little explanation for their motives or understandings. This is the no-man's-land that most want to avoid. They aren't vile enough to warrant being Monsters, they have no background to offer sympathy or their reasons are overreactions or unsympathetic, they aren't in the gray area between hero and villain and they don't manipulate the scene enough to earn the respect. A tell-tale characteristic of these characters is that they are especially powerful, if only to provide the hero with somebody to fight that offers a challenge. See: Metallo, Blockbuster, practically every C-list villain around.

I figured I'd start posting villain ideas and critiques I did.

Real name: -Haven't gotten that far-
Alias: -Haven't decided on one-
Race: Was thinking Thai roots.

Powers: The ability to absorb thermal energy (heat) through her skin. Constantly done at a low level from every inch of her skin, can be increased consciously from any point on her body, though she prefers to use her hands for increased accuracy. Can freeze water in the air to create ice walls of varying thickness, but can also adjust the amount of heat absorbed, creating slush and snow as well as ice.

Weaknesses: Specifically she is unable to completely shut the power off, her body absorbing heat at all times. She also has little to no way of releasing the heat, meaning that using her powers raises her core temperature higher and higher. To scombat this, she wears a specially designed fabric full body suit that cuts off about 50% of the heat from entering and leaving her body, which limits the heat she absorbs to only leave her at the 'sweltering' heat level at all times. Without the suit she quickly starts to develop heat exhaustion and touching her open skin will freeze water, cause frostbite, bringing something down below 0C or 32F. She can leave her suit or fight in it for prolonged periods of time by using Vasodilators (open up blood vessels, releasing more body heat) which will essentially cause hypothermia in normal people.

Skills: Scientist in Cryogenics, accident (possibly caused unintentionally by Motion) at the lab created her. Suit stolen from the lab was meant for protection from the cold. Gymnast.

Trials: Bathing (water would freeze to her open skin), instead having to use alcohol to wash herself and dry shampoo. Eating, everything she ingests has to be frozen or chilled, eating hot food would raise her temperature, essentially like drinking hot chocolate on the hottest day in summer. Unable to get physical contact.

Costume: Full body, like Spider-Man's. Tinted eye windows. Wig sewn into the outer layer of fabric. Color scheme, possibly white and blues. No gloves or boots. Possibly small vents on the back to release contained heat within the suit.

hey all, just now checking out the +4ch thread though i've seen the /co/ ones kicking around before. my trans roommate encouraged me to do some fanart/concept art so... what's solidly decided so far, before i start messing around?


Nothing is 100% set in stone, but, generally we have the city and the hero set up. Generally, we've got basic set up for our hero's costume and look.

Everything else is still in the planning stages. If you want, you can do some sketches of the ice villain I posted above. It'd be nice to see some people's take on a costume.

Oh, I forgot. If anyone really wants to help, pictures of Chicago would really help. If you want, hunt down some really good looking ones but don't post them (to avoid cluttering the thread) until we actually start doing something a little more involved.

Just let us know you're looking so we know somebody is on it.

File: 127500966064.jpg-(57.73KB, 640x480, chicago.jpg)

Well, here's one...

File: 127501004814.png-(98.41KB, 308x231, alanmoore.png)

I groaned.

Another hero idea based off the physics thing. Might be too close to Frostfire or whatever we end up calling her, but...

Black Sun. S/he can absorb radiation in the visible spectrum, i.e. Light, and maybe make energy projections or illusions or something with it. I almost want to make him/her trans too, to sort of mirror Motion maybe kinda-sorta. I'm not entirely positive yet.


While the concept is good (in fact, I was in the process of doing a radiation based villain myself), making another character transsexual and give them superpowers would be a no-no.

First, because I think we don't want to put a spotlight on her transsexualism while crime fighting. The focus is supposed to be about a superhero who happens to be a transsexual, adding in a trans villain would only swing the spectrum toward the TS topic.

Second, because its a statistical improbability. I know talking about probability and stats in a superhero comic is a little strange, but considering the low population of transsexuals in the US (I think its .01%), any of them getting a superpower would be near impossible. Motion would have been the winning lottery number. Making a second have superpowers would be like winning the Lotto jackpot twice.

Point taken. Okay, s/he's not trans. Understood.

Probably an equally bad idea: Motion defusing a bomb by draining the kinetic energy from the detonator or something.

Incidentally, do any of you have like AIMs/MSNs/etc?


Kinetic energy is the energy that causes movement. So you couldn't really defuse a bomb with that because the bomb isn't really moving, the detonator is using electrical energy and the actual explosion is caused by chemical energy.

Motion can only drain something's, making it slow down.

Actually, on an atomic level heat is the sum of kinetic and potential energy. If she removed the kinetic energy of the particles making up the blast front (for high explosives) or the heat from the materials after they've reacted (for low explosives), she could get the same effect as defusing a bomb. Just more dangerously.

It's up to you if you want to make her powers that fine-grained, though. That's edging into powergaming territory. Maybe it could be something that she knows she could do someday with sufficient training, but can't do just yet?


Well, technically, you're right. However I do agree that its reaching into a very high level of power to do that.

However, isn't heat due to kinetic energy a result of friction? If you light a match, the initial heat that starts it is due to the kinetic energy and the friction, however the flame comes from the chemical reaction of the match head.

If I'm wrong, please tell me. I have a rather general knowledge of thermodynamics and physics.

>However, isn't heat due to kinetic energy a result of friction?
All temperatures are just a measure of kinetic energy in a system. Particles moving = particles have a temperature.
"Heat" is the energy transferring from one particle to another, which is then "stored" as temperature (and kinetic energy.) How it can be transferred varies, from electromagnetic radiation to particles hitting each other.

If her ability is to absorb kinetic energy (but NOT heat), she could stop an explosion by absorbing kinetic energy from all particles present in the immediate explosion and the remaining energy as it was transferred to the surrounding particles.

If you want to be really wonky, wave/particle duality would suggest she should be able to absorb all energy, period. Photons, radio waves, whatever. 'cuz all this shit is, at heart, just "stuff vibrating and/or colliding with other stuff."


True, though it would be somewhat complicated as her power to siphon the energy does require (or at least work best) through her hands and feet. I'd imagine 'grabbing an explosion' would be a touch difficult.

As well, I had figured on giving her a limit as to how much she could absorb before it has negative effects. Reason being that we would need her shield and strength to have a limit.

So I think what it is theoretically possible she could stop an explosion that way, I think it's a little out of her reach, at least during the start of the comic.

Oh sure, I'm just fleshing out the science behind your SCIENCE!


Oh, I don't mind. Please, chime in whenever you want.

>However, isn't heat due to kinetic energy a result of friction?
Friction is one source of heat. There can be others; a collision between a moving and a stationary object would transfer kinetic energy throughout the stationary object, heating it up slightly. However, that's a really special case; a collision that would transfer a measurable amount of heat would probably completely destroy any normal object.

Generally, yes, I think you're right; the other heat transfer methods are conduction/convection/metabolism/radiation, but those don't fit the character and it would make a seriously broken powerset to include them. For the stuff we're talking about, friction is one of the main methods of moving heat around. So yeah, you're right.

Anyway, that's a side track. The "only works through hands and feet" requirement actually solves the bomb-defusing question handily. Even if she did have fine enough control over her powers that she could sap the energy out of a whole set of exploding particles, she'd need to get her hands on them first.

An easy way to get around the whole issue is to say that for the sake of her powers, an exploding object is not considered to be a solid object. That way, she'd be limited to controlling what her hands could intercept after the explosion had happened (which would be precious little of the expanding or burning material). Actually, this might have been what you were initially proposing.

Eventually, she might be able to shield herself by laying flat and stretched down over her legs and splaying her hands and feet out in front of her, to minimize her profile and try to stop whatever parts of the blast do come her way.

>Eventually, she might be able to shield herself by laying flat and stretched down over her legs and splaying her hands and feet out in front of her, to minimize her profile and try to stop whatever parts of the blast do come her way.

Doesn't she have a shield? I mean, if she wanted to minimize a bomb explosion she'd probably throw herself on top of it and take the brunt force of it.

Oh, true. I forgot about that. My bad.

I got my laptop...and it kicks my old laptops ass. Now I have to break it in before I get started on anything major.

File: 127507954561.png-(162.74KB, 528x384, toph.png)

Awesome, can't wait to see your sketches.


Oooh, hope we'll see some of those drawings you mentioned!

Forgot to install the household scanner/printer - better do that.

Feel free to list off villain ideas. Generally, if possible, I might work with the description and tweak a few things for a possible rogue.

Hey, I just popped in here off of /co/ and read through your stuff. Sounds really interesting! And I'm really interested in the project. I don't think there's much I could do to help, my drawfag abilities pale in comparison to some of the art already present...
and, I'm uncertain about my ability to writefag a comic.

Anyway, I do find this really interested, and I'd like to keep tabs on it if you all continue to post here.

I do want to say that I come from an Irish Catholic family, so, any questions about that, shoot. Also, just personal, I'd really prefer if she didn't have the name Flynn. If everyone is dead set on it, then by all means, but, personally it's... I don't like it from a character point of view.
I preferred Hughes, actually. Or another name.

Something else, therapy. How will this affect the character? Will sessions be covered by the comic, or just touched upon? Will this character know other characters transitioning? Acquaintances, ect?
Although I do agree it would be a poor choice to make another plot-heavy character (villain) transsexual. Not that our hero should strictly be fighting the 'norm' (as that in itself highlights that her differences should be frowned upon), but you understand it would be awkwardly coincidental.

I have a close friend who wants to begin transitioning right now, and wants to go the whole way, so, I'm really interested to see what you guys come up with!


On the topic of her name, it still is open to debate, though I think some of us got attached to Flynn. Why exactly are you against it? Why does it not fit her character and, also, why does Hughes?

On the note of her therapy, I think the perfect time to start is after she's done the three months of analysis and just started hormones and college.

As for acquaintances, I think just having her makes it a little bit better. Not only will she be doing it on her own, it'll prevent the temptation of soapboxing, which is something a comic like this would need to avoid.

File: 127524306992.jpg-(1.10MB, 2440x3071, Motion.jpg)
Sorry it's been a while... Vacationing in Nebraska with family

Here's a "cover" I drew on the flight over with Motion and our potential fear villain


Welcome back, always happy to see people contribute.

And the cover looks good, nice to see people are thinking of character designs.

Is it just me or have a few of the trips disappeared? Banth, Wonder and Superwoman all stopped posting.

It would actually be a nicee cover - who would suspect that this sultry, sexy superheroine is a dude?


Technically, she's going to be feminine out of costume too.

If anyone needs to talk to me in real time, my AIM name is "thecomiceditor".

>Banth, Wonder and Superwoman all stopped posting.

Banth posted a week ago, saying he was busy, though I hope he gives us an update soon. Wonder posted almost two weeks ago, so you can assume he's gone (shame). Superwoman is posting under another name and, in fact, said she'd be drawing something for us.


To be honest I think its simply a matter of personal preference. A few years ago I knew a 'budding writer', whose characters were always of Irish Catholic decent. Dealing with her made me loathe the stereotypical Irish names, like Flynn.
It's not a bad name, and if you have all become taken with it, then by all means, go for it. It was only mentioned once in thread as being a nice name, I think, so I wasn't sure if it was decided on.
I find Hughes to be a 'sturdier' name, which I think the character will need.

Alex also doesn't have much of a personality yet, besides a basic understanding of the changes she's going to undergo from beginning of comic, to end of comic. So, I can't really say if either name would 'fit' her. Since, my understanding of the potential character are different from the collective anon.

File: 127529459989.jpg-(127.70KB, 650x905, 1261707025800.jpg)
I was on a vacation for the last while, due to my leaving for Navy basic training soon (as in Tuesday). I've been posting as anonymous randomly, though, so i haven't been completely disappeared. Funny, i'll be right next to Chicago, lmao, so if this thread is still around when I start going to A School, I'll let y'all know about Chicago life.

It seems Motion is about 80% done. A few of the minor things still need tweaking, but she seems to be a rather solid character, now.
As for those villains that need fleshing out, I particularly love the Magnificent Bastards and the Necessarily Evil ones. I'd like to propose the initial idea for a sort of blend of those two tropes. Since I'll only be around for the next two days, I'll let y'all do whatever with my character idea.

Real Name: unknown
Alias: unknown
Powers&Abilities: Peak physical condition, wings allow subsonic flight, mastery of Tai Chi, Mantis Style kung-fu and Jujitsu (maybe a few others, but those three for sure), genius level intellect, exceptional strategist and tactician, Ph.D. in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy
History: went through life rather ordinarily until about high school, when he began to actively learn about the world around him. Learned of all the evil that mankind does and decided that the best way to deal with it was to be evil himself. In essence- he will commit evil unto evil, destroying it by being it. Doing what the heroes cannot. Only goes after a hero if they get in his way, and has no qualms about siding with anybody to achieve a specific goal.

So yeah. Super basic overview of my villain idea. I'll let y'all do what you want with him. Pic not related, but thought y'all would like it.

I am letting the team down...been whisked away into the magical world of sketching and all that crap. I am off work for the next two days after today AND I WILL MAKE THE TIME FOR SKETCHES GOTDAMIT SO HELP ME GAHD


Add me on AIM if you want so I can remind you if need be.

And so this means no sketches until... thursday?


Depends on yout time zone I guess.

I am from the UK and will be off work on Wednesday and not know where that falls with you.


I misread that as "off to work". I'm six hours behind London time.


Well, Flynn means "Red". Hughes means fire. Generally, it'd be nice to have a name that means something. And Hughes is, actually, a traditional Irish name (perhaps not as immediately recognizable as O'Donnel or such, but still traditional).

I'd say that your idea is a good starting point for a villain, perhaps one that takes on the mob. The wings, would they be mechanical or natural?

I really, really like natural, feathery wings, but that may seem a bit out of place. And I just kind of threw that in at the last second right before I posted it. I was also thinking maybe he could control glass, because that's a nifty ability that maybe 2 characters ever have had. If the character is given a power, it wouldn't be something uber, but just enough to give a small edge. Also, depending on the power, it would be a last resort. Glass manipulation would be a last resort, but wings would be more direct (just fly around, stay out of harms way)

okay, so, i did some reading and research and thinking and came up with some more to add to my character idea- he was once an amazing hero, gifted with huge, magnificent feathered wings and the strength to combat any evil thrown his way while upholding a strict code of honour. A modern day Knight or Paladin, if you will. The country loved him, and he loved the country. While staying mainly around the Chicago area, he would travel elsewhere when needed or called upon. However, one day, tragedy struck. A villain came seeking out the winged hero. A crazed, homicidal and overpowered titan, the villain was able to defeat the hero, and in an act of humiliation, ripped the wings from the hero's back and broke his spine just above the waist. The hero, fallen, watched as the people around him ran in terror, caring only about their own safety. The revelation that they only loved him because he did what they would not struck him harder than any physical pain he had ever endured, and so he grew bitter and callous. Hating the people that turned from him the moment he fell, the former hero became a hollow shell of what he once was, giving up his moral code of honour, setting aside his hero suit, and shunning humanity.
But the need and desire to help people remained, despite his hatred. And so he took on a new persona, one that wouldn't be held back by the laws of man or his own ethical standings. He would do what was necessary to achieve a greater good, not what was "good" or "right" or "just." Still technically a hero, but on the surface every bit a villain, he will do what no other hero is willing- or is allowed- to do. He will do anything and everything to ensure that humanity gets their "utopia" even if he realizes he no longer has a place in it.


The idea would work for a comic of his own but probably not as a supporting character.

since the story is about Motion, not that guy, the reader wouldn't know any of that. We would just see a bitter mastermind in a wheelchair who is evil. depending on how far the comic goes, we would learn more and more about his past. if the comic is eventually going to have a definitive end, then near said end the reader would become fully aware of the villain's past. If it's an ongoing, then the reader would never become fully aware, unless someone decided to give him his own one shot or something.


Technically, this would put the character into the "chess-master" role, a step below "magnificent bastard".

According to TVtropes, a Magnificent bastard tends to enter the fray with the hero and throws down, compared to the chess master who just manipulates.

File: 12754301333.jpg-(45.98KB, 640x480, justasplanned.jpg)

There are a few problems with this, the first being that it hurts Motion's impact on the city if the essentially had Superman living there before.

The other is that MBs usually require a lot of money that lets them pull Xanatos Gambits freely (see below for a Xanatos Gambit explanation). Generally, the crowning moment of a Bastard is when they've completely out thought the hero, worn them down, then walk up to them in battlegear/on a glider/etc and absolutely curbstomp them, leaving the audience in awe.

Xanatos Gambits: A Xanatos Gambit gets its name from Gargoyles, after the main antagonist. The idea is that the Gambit relies on the two outcomes of an altercation, A and B. A is the direct, straightforward outcome (robbing the bank, destroying the hero, etc) while B results from A's failure, but in the acquisition of something else the villain wants (Hero stops the bank robbery, but the villain was really aiming to disable the security system for a robbery the next day).

Master Planner type villains use these. They also use Batman Gambits (which rely on expecting what a person will do in a certain situation and manipulate that), Xanatos Roulette (which is a more intritcate, nearly impossible X.Gambit) and the Speed Chess (the ability to modify a plan on the fly).

If you're an anime fan, Death Note features a handful of "Magnificent Bastards", pulling multiple Batman Gambits, Xanatos Gambits/Roulette and Speed Chess.

One idea I had is an AI program gone rogue. However, one way they got it to learn was through chess. When the AI finally turns, it becomes a chess based villain. It splits into six variants of itself, two female, four male, King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn.

Eventually, they evolve into fully functioning intelligence, with their own personality and they work in organized crime.

Each has a different skill, be it propulser based speed (knight), shielding (pawn), strength (rook), energy blasts (bishop), all the aforementioned (queen), technology control and a blade (king).

Would be a nice white motif, perhaps red to add color.

I like it... They could refer to locations in the city as quadrants of acres rather than by name

As for appearance, they come off as the type as the type who would choose the "sleek" look for their constructs ala Wall-e's Eve or GLaDoS


Yeah, I imagine for them a battlefield or the entire city would look like a chessboard and to figure out what they'd do next, one would have to figure that out.

I figured that each would have similar models so that it'd look like they use the same model of skeleton, but with different parts and armor put overtop to differentiate them.

Like, I thought a good touch would be that they wear a sort of white synthetic skin/spandex that'd make them look human, until cut open.

File: 127553418267.jpg-(320.45KB, 848x1200, Litchi1cleanb.jpg)
I did not think it would take too long, but I ended up drawing and colouring one picture for the better part of my day for some reason - I did not get to do a lot of things I wanted to do last night :(

In any case, MSN me if you want anything ( ) ... I still have another day to go through some sketches.


Added to AIM!

Hey there just a /co/mrade here that was interested from your guy's troll infested threads. The OP had asked about villian ideas and I thought I'd share my idea here sence it always dies in about a half hour.
I think it'd be neat to have a villian who constantly researches the hero and pulls a kind of reverse batman (if possible?). He runs tests and tries to figure out how to take away the MCs power. He's always in the background observing, waiting for his time to strike. Hell he could be the BBEG of the metaplot. He could be her overall force to fight again, sending goons and perhaps other villians against her.


This kind of villain is called either a Chessmaster or a Magnificent Bastard (Difference being a Chessmaster will let his goons beat the hero down while the MB will actually do it him or herself).

We are working on something like that, a villain who will exhaust Motion until they have every advantage, then come out and curb stomp her.

File: 127566150052.jpg-(60.13KB, 495x962, lich.jpg)
Sup folks, just jumped in from /cd/.

Anyway, I liked the idea of a diseased supervillain, but has anyone thought of a mystical one? A disembodied spirit, like the liches in Warcraft, with proportionate hands, of course. I was thinking about an entity of disease and atrophy.


I think we're going with science instead of magic. I think the setting of the comic is taking place in the 'near future' where lots of what happens is plausible.


This >>27112

We're trying to keep away from magic and aliens, at least to start out with because once you get into magic and aliens you start to get a massive clusterfuck of magic and science. Sometimes it can be pulled off well, other times it just opens up plot holes.

Another reason is that we're already grounding so many enemies in physics/science that it'd be jarring to have an enemy use magic that obviously breaks the laws of nature.

File: 127584595649.png-(161.74KB, 461x1031, m2.png)
I ended up sketching her again.

New thread found here:

closest i could think of was in a superhero game I ran, I had a character called Diskette

he was a crossdressing homosexual teenage boy with a supersuit that had built in breast implants and various discus-based weapons

File: 127601251935.jpg-(41.03KB, 303x271, draft_lens2197088module11881077photo_1223149410sam.jpg)
>>26600 These sick, degenerative "wierdos".

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