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Punch out TV Series Thread.

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Should I post what you already came up with? I think I will.

>Episode 1: "Doc Lewis"- Mac is a born loser from the bronx stuck delivering pizzas or something else incredibly menial. His dream is to become a fighter in the world-wide WVBA, but every single trainer he goes to turns him away for the same reason: he's just too small. After 199 rejections, Mac is about to give up... when fate intervenes. He ends up delivering pizza to one of his great idols, Doc Lewis, a washed-up ex-heavy-weight boxer who blew his chance at the title ten years earlier when he went up against a cocky young up and comer named Mr. Sandman. Intrigued by Mac's offer, Doc Lewis puts Mac through a grueling training regimen (including, of course, Mac chasing a biking Doc Lewis through New York). The episode ends with Doc Lewis teaching Mac his secret technique: the Star Uppercut.

Episode 2: "Come Out Swinging" Under the guidance of Doc Louis, Little Mac manages to qualify for the Minor circuit of the WVBA (though no one expects him to get very far). Mac fantasizes about his first fight, dreaming of gloriously crushing a behemoth. The fight night arrives...

...and Mac finds himself face to face with a quivering, quaking, scrawny Frenchman named Glass Joe. One look at him tells Mac that Glass Joe doesn't really want to be there: and one look at the crowd tells Mac that no one expects Joe to win. Mac's heart sinks into his stomach as he realizes that the fight is a spectacle, not a competition: people came just to watch the sissy get pounded. Glass Joe walks up to Mac, shivering with fear, and says in broken English, " vous plait....not in my face..."

Of course, Mac wins the fight quickly and easily, but takes no joy in his victory. Later, after everyone else has left, Mac helps Glass Joe to his feet. Glass Joe looks shocked that someone would care what happens to him. He and Mac talk about the WVBA, how, since Mr. Sandman had become champ, the true competition of boxing had fallen to the wayside, and the focus was on spectacle and dirty fighting. It's then that Mac makes a vow: to become the World Champion of the WVBA, and to do so without using the dirty tactics the majority of the WVBA fighters use. Glass Joe, fired up by Mac's speech, declares that he will help any way he can.

Doc Louis thinks a moment, then says, "I think we can use you."

Cut to Mac practicing against a heavily padded Glass Joe. End Episode.

Episode 2: "Ultimatum".

We open on Little Mac training with Doc Louis and Glass Joe.Doc Louis suddenly tells Mac and Joe to cool it, as three ominous figures walk into the gym: Soda Popinski, Great Tiger, and Super Macho Man. Super Macho Man asks to speak to Mac alone: Doc refuses. Relenting, Macho Man and the others take Doc Louis and Mac to the side. Macho Man starts talking about how Little Mac has "potential" and "with the right connections", he could "go places" in the WVBA. Mac is uneasy, but Louis sees straight through Macho Man: Doc tells the three that the only business they want with them is in the ring. Macho Man cracks his fists, menacingly reiterating that "NO ONE goes ANYWHERE in the WVBA without the right....connections." Doc refuses once more, and shows the three the way out. It's then that Mac begins to realize what he's gotten himself into...

Next Fight Night. Doc is in the corner with Mac while Joe mans the spit bucket. Mac is ready for his next opponent: the German Steel Machine, Von Kaiser. Von Kaiser puts up much more of a challenge than Glass Joe, though Mac does notice he has a nervous tic. Mac is unable to make much of a dent in the first two rounds, with Von Kaiser seeming impenetrable. Thinking quickly, Doc tells Joe to look up any information he can about Von Kaiser on his internet phone. Just as round three is about to begin, Glass Joe makes a startling discovery: Von Kaiser suffered a nervous breakdown once when he was a boxing teacher in Germany. Apparently, he was a tough teacher who berated his students mercilessly. Finally, his students had enough and beat the crap out of him. Armed with this info, Doc calls out "Lehrer" (the German word for "Teacher") to Von Kaiser before the match starts: Instantly, Von Kaiser is a nervous, shaky wreck. Mac manages to come back from behind and win. sending Von Kaiser to the mat.

Thanks man. Episode 3 coming up soon!


Actually now that I look at it, there's two Episode 2's? Oh well.


Will you go with the suggestion made about the armor instead for Von Kaiser? Also will fighters from super punchout be featured?


OK, episode 4. My bad.

Episode 4: "Club Hustle"

This episode opens during the tail end of another fight: Little Mac versus Disco Kid. Time is up, and the two are awaiting Judge's decision: Little Mac is exhausted, while Disco Kid is still bouncing energetically, if a bit roughed up. The Ref rules that, since Disco Kid was knocked down more, Mac wins by decision. Disco Kid takes the defeat amiably, and invites Mac and his "entourage" out for drinks: "I'll even buy, if you help me pick up my teeth. AOW!" Doc is wary and untrusting around Disco Kid, but in the end relents.

The group goes to Club Dream, Disco Kid as energetic as ever. Inside, Disco Kid begins noticing other boxers in the WVBA, and starts gossiping about them with Little Mac...most notably, Soda Popinski, who's watching them from the corner of the room.

"See, that's Soda Popinski. Drinks nothing but Cola: guy is on a permanent Caffeine High. Not me, Mac: I'm running on pure rhythm, hustle, and Disco FE-VER! AOW!"

The group finds a table near the dance floor (since Disco Kid refuses to stop dancing) and talk: Disco Kid talks about his parents' money, his love of disco and boxing, and the state of the WVBA. When Mac tells Disco Kid that he refused to talk to Macho Man, Great Tiger, and Soda Popinski, Disco Kid tells him it's nothing to worry about: "Just lose to King Hippo." Mac tells him he refuses to throw a match to King Hippo, and the club suddenly goes silent. Soda Popinski arches an eyebrow. Joe, Louis, and Mac look around anxiously before Disco Kid shouts, "Mac, you crazy, man. You crazy. Ha ha ha. Ain't he just a punch in the teeth, guys? And I would KNOW!" As order returns to the Club, Disco Kid leans in and whispers to Mac: "Are you NUTS? You're going to try and take a belt from one of Sandman's boys?" Disco Kid tells him that if Mac sticks to the minor circuit, he'll be OK: but if he tries to go any further, Sandman will "bring the hammer down on him". Soda Popinski gets out of his seat...

Glass Joe is returning from the bar, holding a tray of drinks. A bar patron sticks a leg out, tripping Joe and sending him to the floor. Joe looks up to see Aran Ryan laughing obnoxiously.

Mac, Louis, and Disco Kid notice a growing commotion at the bar: it seems that when Glass Joe fell, some of his Perrier landed on Aran Ryan's pants. Aran Ryan raises his fist to pound Glass Joe, only to be cut off by a jab from Mac: the Club instantly collapses into a full-on brawl.

Mac takes on Aran Ryan alone, barely able to keep up. Disco Kid manages to pummel a few goons using his dance moves, while Doc Louis notices Soda Popinski pull out something long, sharp, and made of stainless steel...

Eventually, Aran Ryan knocks Mac down and is about to stomp on him, when Disco Kid intervenes, delivering a "Disco Uppercut" that knocks Ryan down. Louis catches Soda sneaking up on Mac, knife drawn, and breaks a chair over his back. The four get out of the club before Ryan or Soda can regain their compsure.

In the street, Mac, Louis and Joe thank Disco Kid. Disco Kid tells them it was no problem, but swears he will never go clubbing with Mac again.

At the bar, Aran Ryan is still sore over Little Mac. Fuming, he quickly downs a pint and storms out of the club, stepping on a still-stunned Soda Popinski.


Yeah, I think we should go that route with Von Kaiser. As for Super Punch Out Boxers, I think I could include some: I've got an idea to "modernize" the Bruiser Brothers, and Narcis Prince would be great. I'd even like to throw in some of the Arm Wrestling guys: I've already got an idea for Kabuki, and Texas Mac is so Punch-outesque it's not even funny.

I assume Disco Kid is going to have the everloving shit beaten out of him later on by the bad guys :(

What's King Hippo going to do? I mean, he's easily one of, if not the, most recognizable character from the series.

Don't forget that Glass Joe needs to have a crowning moment of awesome at some point down the road.

Possibly, if he keeps talking about his Parents' gobs of money.... Actually, rereading the episode, I felt Like Disco Kid was a bit Mary Sueish: I think I'll Have Mac face Aran Ryan alone rather than have Disco Kid help.

I picture him basically doing what he does in the games: Beat up on Little Mac until Mac figures out he has to beat Hippo in the gut. Sandman probably wouldn't get TOO aggressive until Mac actually BEATS King Hippo.

You have to hit him in his open mouth and then his pants fall down.

Then you can hit him in the gut.


Maybe Glass Joe has a hidden talent of some sort to contribute. He may suck in the ring, but what if he has a talent for tatics or maybe smarter than he lets on(or even knows)


We did agree that Joe is basically the punching bag, used for testing out new moves.

But maybe after being beat on so much himself, he has a knack for finding the weak points of others?


I like it. It's true to his character yet develops him quite a bit.

I like that idea. Let's go with that.

I've got ideas for the next few episodes of the Major Circuit, but none really for the King Hippo episode aside from the fight itself and how it gets Sandman's attention.

Anyone got any ideas that can set the Hippo episode apart?

>I've got an idea to "modernize" the Bruiser Brothers, and Narcis Prince would be great.

So would the Bruisers be the final bosses? Or would that still be Sandman?

I figure Sandman would still be the final boss. I picture the Bruisers as hooligans, maybe goons of Aran Ryan's. Their gimmick is they secretly swap places each round, so they start each round fighting fresh while Mac gets more and more tired.

This is just an idea I had but what if it doesn't end with Sandman? What if there's someone bigger at the top? Someone with a dark and twisted DREAM that he wishes to impose on society through rigged boxing?

...Wow that sounds stupid reading it back, but still I would like to have Mr. Dream in this somewhere.

This is really cool, my only comment is that the summary for episode three (Ultimatum) seems way too short for a full episode. That's more like one scene.

I was thinking about Mr. Dream too. My first idea was to make it someone who had done what Mac is trying to do: make it to the top and stay there square. But I felt that minimized the impact of Sandman and raised a question about the state of the WVBA: If someone who made it square was already at the top, and the league was still rife with corruption, what difference would it make if Mac was there?

Thoughts, /co/mrades?


Well, the Von Kaiser fight is part of the episode. 4chan was just being stingy about post length and made me cut it up.

I think I've got an angle for the King Hippo episode. I'll try and get it up soon.

Episode 5: "Hippo Hunting"

Episode opens on Mac and Joe training in the gym, again. Disco Kid is watching on the sidelines. Joe hits the mat, and Disco Kid congratulates Mac on the hard work he's done: then asks him if he seriously plans on fighting King Hippo for real. Mac confirms it, and Disco Kid tries to convince him he's insane: If Mac tries to take the title from someone working directly under Sandman, he would take it as a direct challenge, and respond as hard as he could. Little Mac simply pushes on with his training.

Fight Night. Disco Kid tries to get Mac to throw the match. Mac refuses, and Disco Kid, fearing for his own life, leaves.

The match with King Hippo drags on for two rounds, with Mac unable to make a dent. Glass Joe, looking King Hippo over, realizes that if Mac could get through to Hippo's belly, he could pummel Hippo into submission, but unfortunately, Hippo is blocking all of his attacks.

Meanwhile, Disco Kid is off at the Club sulking, trying to rationalize abandoning Mac. He gets into a conversation with an old man who confesses to working for Sandman, warning Disco Kid that, so long as Sandman and his ilk are in power, he's a threat to all in the WVBA: the old man reveals how he used to be like Disco Kid, minding his own business and not asking questions, only to inevitably be drawn into Sandman's web of corruption. He urges Disco Kid to resist Sandman, that, if he could do it again, he'd rather die a free man than be pulled into Sandman's criminal machine. Inspired, Disco Kid runs out, but not before he manages to catch the name of the old man:

Gabby Jay.

Disco Kid arrives just in time for the third round. Eager to help anyway he can, he reveals all the gossip he knows about Hippo: when he reveals that Hippo wears pants that are too big, Doc Louis combines this with Joe's observations to form a strategy: next round, Mac is able to counter one of King Hippo's punches and land one on the behemoth's face: King Hippo raises his arms instinctively, causing his pants to fall down. As the audience howls with laughter, Little Mac manages to pummel Hippo in the gut until he falls over at the last second: the massive boxer is unable to get up, and Mac wins by KO.

Back at the club, Gabby Jay walks out to find Soda Popinski and Pizza Pasta waiting for him. They lead him into a black limo. A silence falls. From a window above, Gabby Jay hears a Television faintly pronounce that Little Mac is the new WVBA Minor Circuit Champion. "Go get 'em, Little Mac," Gabby Jay utters. The doors to the limo lock, and the episode ends.


Well you could keep Mr Dream as the inspiration for Little Mac to become a boxer, and was an old friend of Doc's. that or he was Sandman's former teacher, either disgusted with him or somehow the reason why Mr. Sandman became such a thug.


Awesome. The Gabby Jay cameo was a nice touch.

Manly tears.

There's just one problem I have with this. Gabby Jay was one of Glass Joe's students in Super Punch-Out!! Would you still try to work that in somewhere down the road, or are we throwing that out?

Thanks guys. This will probably be the last time Gabby Jay appears in person...but I do want to work the Gabby Jay/Glass Joe connection in there somehow. Any ideas?
These. All of these. There's got to be some way all these can work at the same time.

Maybe he's Joe's older brother.


It's a rough idea, but here goes:

Mr Dream loses badly to a dirty fighter. Possibly wrecks his career temporarily or permanently. Young sandman sees this as a lesson: Screw the rules if they hold you back and make you a victim. Beat your opponent by any means necessary before he does the same to you. He rises through the ranks with this philosopy, first with the goal of avenging his teacher. But he doesn't stop after acomplishing this, and soon turns the WVBA into what it has become.

Mr. Dream, sickened by what his pupil has become, placed his hopes on his friend Doc to knock some sense into Sandman. He failed ten years ago, but now perhaps Doc can keep his promise through Little Mac.

Anonymous Frigging DELIVERS! I LOVE it!

I'm going to bed. Expect more Episodes tomorrow!

I think it would be cool if Mac couldn't fight for some reason, and Glass Joe has to fight in his stead against Soda Popinski. He would win because of some plot hax and people would start to respect him more as a fighter. He would still be the punching bag in the following episodes of course
I don't know about this, the knife part annoys me a little. It would be great if it could stay a childish saturday morning cartoon...

I guess so. I'm trying to get across the ruthlessness of Sandman's goons. Maybe a glass soda bottle would work better?


A glass bottle suits both requirements. Especially broken.

Hey /coc/! Ready for another episode?

Episode 6: "Carmen-Flamenco Tango"
Now that Little Mac is the champion of the Minor Circuit, people start to take notice. The small pizza place he worked for, Sky Skipper Pizza, hires him back as a spokesman, and hangs a framed photo up on their wall: underneath, they have laminated strips of paper with nicknames for Mac: "The Glass Breaker", "The Steel Smasher", "The Disco Hustler", and "The Hippo Hunter". Mac even receives his first piece of fan mail, from a little boy who says that "though he's small like Mac, he hopes he can be strong like him someday too".

Unfortunately, there's one downside to Mac's newfound popularity. One night, walking home from the gym, he finds he's being followed by a blonde woman wearing a pink polka dot dress. Mac tries to walk faster, but she keeps up with him. Finally, he flat-out runs, only to be knocked down as she pounces on him, declaring "Mac, Mi amor."

Mac walks into training the next day incredibly anxious, worried that the woman might be around any corner. When Doc asks him what's up, Mac simply asks, "Have you seen a blonde woman in a pink polka dot dress?"

"Your girlfriend Carmen? Yeah, she's right here." Doc steps back, revealing Carmen. Mac is horrified as Carmen jumps on him. Mac tries to explain that Carmen isn't his girlfriend to Glass Joe and Doc, but they don't seem to get it (Doc even takes Mac aside to congratulate him on dating an older woman).

Suddenly, the doors to the gym slam open: standing there is Mac's next opponent, Don Flamenco, none too happy. It seems that Carmen is Don's estranged wife, who left him because of his habit of flirting with other women. The two argue in Spanish for a while, before Don turns to Mac, enraged and jealous, and tells him he's in for the fight of his life. Don then turns and leaves the gym, leaving Mac shaken.

Once Carmen leaves, Mac is finally able to explain the situation, with Doc guessing that Carmen is using Mac to make Don jealous. Mac calls up Disco Kid, who tells Mac how Don and Carmen always had a flair for the dramatic: this sort of thing happens all the time. Mac wonders what he can do: even if he wins the fight, he's still in the same quagmire he is now. As Mac struggles to find a solution, Glass Joe channel surfs on a small, portable TV in the gym. He eventually stops on a Spanish Soap Opera, which gives Doc an idea... if Don wants to make Mac the bad guy, do it.

Fight Night. Don Flamenco is livid, clutching a single rose in his gloves. Little Mac finally strolls into the ring, clad in black. Mac clumsily says a few lines in Spanish about how "Carmen is mine" and that "Don lacks a lover's face (or something like that)". The two battle, Mac struggles a bit to grasp Don's fighting style, but manages to knock Don around good. Dazed, Don teeters, holds the rose up in the air, and utters "Carmen, Mi amor...I danced so sweetly for you..." before flinging the rose into the audience and falling melodramatically. A sobbing Carmen catches the rose and rushes into the ring, while the baffled Ref begins a count down. As the ref counts, Carmen and Don reconcile, culminating in a kiss when the Ref finally reaches 10.

Completely baffled, Mac walks out with Joe and Doc, asking if he has a NORMAL opponent next. Doc says his next opponent is a burly Canadian trained by a bear. Mac groans. Joe takes a moment before he leaves the stadium to glance back at Carmen and Don, still kissing. He sighs, "Ah, L'amour," and hurries to catch up with Doc and Mac.


I lol'd so hard picturing this. Good job.

I admit I was thrown off at first by carmen, thinking she'd be one of those annoying stalker type girls that latches on to the hero but I was pleasantly surprised.

File: 12436126656.jpg-(66.02KB, 790x444, 954363_04242009_790screen021.jpg)
Thanks! I wanted to do a funnier episode after the whole Gabby Jay thing. I was a bit worried about Carmen at first, too: I don't like to use fan characters in my work, and Carmen was probably the biggest stretch I've made (since all we know is that Don shouts "Carmen, Mi amor!" several times during a match.) I based her design off of the woman in this screen, hoping that would tie her in better. If not: Oh well! There's always next episode.

Fun fact: the name of the Pizza joint Mac works for is from an obscure Nintendo arcade game. I like doing stuff like that. In an upcoming episode where Mac and his group travel to Japan, I think I'll have a club named "Space Fever".

Normally I'm a bit testy about /co/ fanfic projects - they generally seem to miss the point, going with a grimndark angle and butchering the original concept. This is completely different. It's kind of heartwarming, the entertaining kind of ridiculous (as opposed to OTT DEEPness) and it embraces the humor and energy of the Punch Out series really well.

Good job, guys.

Wonder who's gonna be the major circuit champ now?

Thanks! I hope you stick around: people who know how things can go wrong are as important as people who know how a project can succeed. It's nice to have people let you know if you're going too far.

I'm leaning towards Piston Hondo: I've got an idea for a two-part episode where Mac, Doc, Joe, and Disco Kid all travel to Japan for the title bout. Plus, then I can throw in the other Japanese Punch Out characters, Kabuki and Heike Kagero.

What about Bald Bull? when will he appear?

He's in the World Circuit, so not long after Piston Hondo. I imagine he'll appear after the Aran Ryan fight, though depending on community opinion, it might be longer: we COULD make either the Major circuit or the World Circuit longer to accommodate more fighters from the SNES and arcade games.

And speaking of which....

This is a list of all the Punch Out characters (sans Disco Kid), while this video:

includes all the characters from the spin-off, Arm Wrestling. If anyone has any ideas on incorporating these characters, let us know! I was thinking we'd include Kabuki as an unsavory rival to Piston Hondo with a boxing method heavily based on sumo, Bob Charlie as a rival to Disco Kid ("DANCING IS MY THING! He STOLE my THING!"), and Piston Hurricane as Disco Kid's wealthy father. What do you think, /co/mrades?



Episode 7: "Bring Me A Dream..."

We open on a Private Investigator staging a stake-out on a sunny afternoon: The Private Eye in question is none other than Mr. Stevenson, from the NES game Gumshoe. His thoughts provide insight on the three figures emerging from a building:

King Dom (also from Gumshoe, emerges from building with a strawberry ice cream cone, shouting at Pizza Pasta and Narcis Prince, who ignore him.). Two-bit sleaze that managed to get lucky and become the manager to the Sandman. Little fish who dreams of becoming a big fish. Short, fat man in a cheap white suit. Thinks he's the brains. (Ice cream falls from his cone onto his cheap knockoff shoes.) Is horribly wrong.

Pizza Pasta. Ex-boxer with an unfortunate name and ties to organized crime. Claims to be the Sandman's trainer, though the champ hardly needs it. Ill-tempered. The muscle?...

Narcis Prince. Agent to the Champ and occasional pugilist himself, though he never went pro. Possibly the REAL brains, though how much influence he has is unknown. Smug, arrogant, and...well, narcissistic.

Stevenson waits until the three drive off before he gets out of his car. He walks to Dom's office, sees that it's locked, glances around, and casually kicks the door in. Time to go to work.

Meanwhile, Mac is warming up for the fight with Bear Hugger later that night. Doc tells him not to worry: Bear Hugger usually isn't a fierce fighter, racking up most of his wins from the difficulty in being knocking him down. Doc reassures Mac that, since he dropped King Hippo, he'll be fine.

Back to Stevenson. He ruffles through the files in King Dom's office, with several folders naming boxers working for Sandman, including King Hippo and Soda Popinski (a folder labeled "Gabby Jay" is seen in the trash, while a post-it note reading "Aran Ryan?" is on the desk.) Stevenson reveals that he's been sent to find out the story of the Sandman, how one man can remain the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the world for over ten years...and to see if there's a connection to the boxers that keep going "missing". Unable to find anything concrete, Stevenson is about to give up, when one folder catches his eye...."Mr. Dream."

Fight Night. Mac reassures Glass Joe that they'll grab some coffee and pie after the fight while Doc excuses himself to get a chocolate bar. The mood in the red corner is generally laid back...

When Bear Hugger suddenly enters the stadium. He stomps towards his corner, the ground shaking as he walks. He has a look of steely determination, with blood lust in his eyes.

Doc decides to hold off on getting the chocolate bar.

Stevenson reads the file on Mr. Dream, the first trainer Sandman ever had...

Mr. Dream was a shining beacon for the WVBA. The model poster boy with a knack for taking youngsters under his wing and teaching them the ropes: and by all accounts, his favorite pupil was a fresh-faced youngster from Pennsylvania named Mr. Sandman...

Back at the ring, the fight begins. Mac is surprised by how swift Bear Hugger moves: Mac is barely able to dodge each attack, let alone counter. Mac looks to Doc for answers....only to be caught in a crushing bear hug while his head is turned. Mac wavers, and falls to the mat...

For all intents and purposes, Mr. Sandman and Mr. Dream were like father and son...until that fateful day when Mr. Dream accepted a challenge from an ex-wrestler named Giant Panther...

Mac barely manages to make it to his feet before the countdown ends. Before Bear Hugger can start another assault, Mac is saved by the bell. In the corner, Doc can't understand what has Bear Hugger riled up: and can't think of a suitable strategy to fight him. Bear Hugger taunts Mac, but he's not very good at it. "YOU! Yeah, you: What's your gimmick? Being SMALL?!? That's a STUPID gimmick! It's not as stupid as Glass Joe's, but it's STILL pretty stupid! YEAH!


Giant Panther used trick moves, cunning and brutal. He not only laid out Mr. Dream, he took him out of boxing forever. Mr. Sandman, enraged, challenged Giant Panther to a match...

Back at the fight. Mac is still barely able to dodge. Finally, he sees an opening when Bear Hugger leans back for a bear hug: Mac knocks him in the face, sending him toppling.

Mr. Sandman's fight with Giant Panther lasted three brutal rounds. Sandman was barely able to keep up...when he remembered a move he came up with... a move that, when Mr. Dream saw, told Sandman never to use....Mr. Sandman reared back, and shouted "Dreamland Express"...

...when the match was over, Sandman took pride in the fact that, while Panther had knocked his teacher out of boxing, Panther would never be able to move anything below his neck. Mr. Dream was horrified and disgusted at the lengths Sandman went to, and quit as his teacher. Dream's rejection hardened Sandman. It made him bitter, jaded, and cruel...and when Mr. Dream's friend, Doc Louis, challenged Sandman...

Stevenson is interrupted by a chittering under the desk. He looks... and sees a squirrel trapped in a small cage. "Well," Stevenson thinks. "I'm breaking and entering already, so as long as I'm being unprofessional..." Stevenson opens the cage. To his amazement, the squirrel doesn't panic: it simply bows at him, then races out the window. Stevenson decides it might be time to go.

Back at the fight, Bear Hugger manages to stand up, but he's enraged, and sloppy. Mac manages to knock him down again, this time for the count. Mac and his team are about to leave, when Mac hears a sobbing from the other corner...Mac slowly approaches Bear Hugger...

It turns out the reason Bear Hugger had been so ruthless was because Sandman's goons had taken his friend hostage, and now he would never see him again...the squirrel Stevenson freed scampers into the arena and chitters to Bear Hugger. Bear Hugger turns... and is overjoyed to see his little buddy again. The two share a bizarre reunion ("YOU LITTLE GUY! I'm gonna...I'm gonna kiss you! I DON'T CARE WHO SEES!") while Mac begins to walk out with his team, as Doc Louis starts telling Mac about his next opponent, Piston Hondo... only to have Disco Kid run up and tackle him. "Mac, baby! Don't tell me you were going to go to Japan without me!"

Cut to a few days later. Mac, Joe, Louis, and Disco Kid are all boarding a plane bound for Japan, while Bear Hugger and his squirrel friend are fishing, bear style, in a pond in Central Park. He manages to catch himself a koi before a policeman asks him to stop.

At first, I was like AWESOME
But now, I'm like :3


Thanks! I'm going to try and post the two parts to the Piston Hondo episode tonight.

If anyone has any ideas for Great Tiger, let me know. I'm kind of stumped on him.



On a different note, sorry, but no episode tonight.

On the plus side, I've come up with the perfect way to introduce Dragon Chan: he'll appear right after the end of the two-parter.

Great Tiger: Well, his big thing is being a spiritualist, right? He floats and stuff. What if he was a clean fighter who's grown discouraged about the state of the league, and believes that Little Mac is just another phony. Over the course of the adventure, he comes to see that Little Mac is the real deal, and this reignites his faith in the sport.

Hmmm.... I like that. We had him show up as a bad guy in the second chapter, but I vote we just retcon that into Pizza Pasta or someone.

I picture a moment during the match where Great Tiger slips up for a split second, and gives Mac an opportunity to win... but he doesn't take advantage of it, because to do so effectively would possibly kill Great Tiger. And in that one moment, Great Tiger realizes that Mac is sincere.

Keep up the good work!

Is this going to remain story-only or is somebody going to illustrate or even animate this in Flash or something? The stories are fun enough that even an amateur animator and voice actors could carry it, I think.

I'd love to get some drawfags on it, if anybody knows some.

Flash might be a bit ambitious, but hey, if someone wants to take it on, I'd love to see the results!

File: 124401737890.png-(40.04KB, 165x139, aranryan.png)
Oh! One more thing I wanted to ask: Working on the latest episode, but I need your input, /coc/:

How crazy should we make Aran Ryan?

I mean, I picture him as a definite sadist, but the Wii game suggests he's a bit of a masochist as well, and I'm unsure of how much I should play up that aspect. My basic instinct is to play him as someone who is just out to cause as much violence as he can who somehow gets fixated on Mac.

File: 124401971438.png-(212.38KB, 400x224, turdrag1.png)
You know, I never jump on these things because I'm not huge on how involved /co/ gets in it's fanfiction, but I do need Flash practice, I like the style of the game, and I have a good three years of experience animating beefcake. If someone made a minute or two long trailer/one-liner joke thing and recorded some decent voices, I could chip at it in my free time. I can't make any promises about how fast it would get done because work for money comes first and my Flash experience right now is pretty limited, but I could try to take a stab at least.

Aran...hrm. I think the concern here is making his character too dark: a flat out masochist might feel a little off when compared to the rest of the series. Hint at it, maybe, but don't go blatantly past 'digs the rush of a good fight even if it hurts.'.

He should be a bit of a dirty fighter as well.


What about Aryan as a Tyler Duran parody? You could thread that fine line between masochist and sadist if you take it from a cartoony angle.

Hmm... How many characters would you be willing to draw? Because my gut reaction is an opening sequence for the show, but that might require a bunch of characters shown for a few seconds at a time.
Yeah, I think we need to keep anything overt out of it: I'm thinking things like fighting Mac in a restaurant, Mac hits Ryan, Ryan reels back... then slowly rises, his vertabrae and neck cricking one by one, until finally he's up and says..."Ye've probably got cheeseburgers in them gloves, haven't ye Mac?" before breaking a plate over his head and laughing.
I haven't seen Fight Club or read the book, but from what I've heard of Durden, it sounds fairly appropriate.

Nice, I like that.

OK, so some personal stuff has come up, and I'm sad to say it will be a few days before I can post the next episode.

But, in the meantime, I've got some ideas to bounce off of you guys:

First off, I've come up with ideas for three seasons:

-"Contender", the season we're in now.
-"Off-Season", about Little Mac traveling the world, training and competing in exhibition matches. I figure this will be a good opportunity to bring in a bunch of the Super Punch-Out and Arm Wrestling characters.
-"Title Defense" Where Mac has to defend the WVBA against the final assault from the crime syndicate Sandman built. Ends, of course, with a huge battle royale against the crooked boxers and Mac's allies, while Mac defends his title in the ring one last time in the two-part series finale, "Mac's Last Stand".

Also, I've come up with some ideas for revamped characters:

Mad Clown- Bear Hugger's Italian cousin. He used to both box AND wrestle, but retired to pursue a career in theater. He's the intellectual counter to Bear Hugger, able to speak fluent Italian, English, French, and Spanish (though when he gets angry enough, he lapses into simply ranting in Italian.) Despite acting superior to Bear Hugger, he's not without his quirks: namely, he refuses to take off his clown make-up, which he wore while fighting and during his debut role, Canio in "Pagliacci".

Alice and Ape III (from Arm Wrestling.)- a pimply, gangly 14-year-old boxing nerd (I'm leaning towards being from Kansas), her dream is to become the first woman to win the WVBA championship. Little Mac and his "old-school style" were her inspiration to take boxing seriously, leading her to build her own training robot, Ape III. After Little Mac spars against the robot, she builds the holographic training system in Doc's gym.

Texas Mac (from Arm Wrestling)- stereotypical Texan that Mac encounters while touring the world training. Manages to get under Mac's skin so much that he enters an arm wrestling competition to take Tex on... despite relying more on technique and speed to score KO's.

Dragon Chan and Hoy Quarlow- Dragon Chan travels from China to take on Piston Hondo in Japan... but a string of events forces the boxer to take on Mac instead. Dragon Chan is a young amateur who intends to enter the WVBA next season, under the training of Hoy Quarlow. Drago n Chan is incredibly humble, while his realtionship with Hoy Quarlow is similar to Mac's with Doc's.

I don't mind drawing a bunch of them, it's probably faster to present a bunch of different characters than do a lot of detailed animation. I want to do as little cutout tweening as possible, probably more of a Venture Bros style of limited animation.

... by which I mean to say, I plan on making new drawings for every action and full animation when there needs to be, rather than segmented puppets like you usually use Flash for. So new characters won't be too much work because I'm not making a new cutout puppet for every character anyway.


Ah, OK. In that case, all we need to do now is pick a theme song.

Any ideas, /co/mrades?

I think that the game's main theme would work just fine. The one used in the trailers:

any kind of outline of events you want to happen in it? so I'm not just making something that just looks like a dumb, sloppy fan trailer for the game...

Perfect. All we need now is a good cut of it.
I've got some ideas. Beginning: Just Mac suiting up, ala the opening to Super Punch-Out. Once guitar riff starts (0:10 in above video), each strum is a different flashback of him training: a quick hit of him punching a punching bag, chasing Doc through New York, training against a heavily-padded Glass Joe, etc. Each one probably only needs to be a static image. After the first ten strums, we then cut to Mac climbing into the ring: quick shots, each time changing with the strum before finally ending on his grin: He's ready. Trumpets start up(0:28): we're shown scenes of Mac's fights in time with the music: jabbing King Hippo in the belly, upper cutting Von Kaiser, etc. at the downbeat (not sure if that's the word) at 0:31, we see a few shots of HIM getting pounded, up to 0:34. Then we see shots of Mac's allies: things like Disco Kid dancing, Glass Joe holding up the spit bucket and giving an enthusiastic thumbs up, Piston Hondo bowing, Bear Hugger flexing (possibly with the bear and the squirrel striking the same pose), Doc Louis biting a chocolate bar, etc.

Beyond that, my ideas involve Mac punching the screen at the end as the title appears, ala the Wii game.

How's that for a start?

Good stuff. Like I said, I probably can't get started on it right away because I've got commissions to do and job applications to fill out, but I'll chip at it.

Anyone know of a site with full body art of the characters? I know the official site has them all, but they're kind of from the waist up and since it's a flash site I can only save them for reference with screen grabs.

Episode 8: "Warrior Honor: Part One"
We open the episode in a darkened gym somewhere in Japan. Narcis Prince, Pizza Pasta, Super Macho Man, Von Kaiser....and, hidden in the shadows, Mr. Sandman, are standing outside the ring. Von Kaiser is suited up for fighting, but he looks hesitant. Pizza Pasta urges him onward. Von Kaiser steps into the ring...and we see Aran Ryan do his trademark opening match shout. "Let's go, Let's go!" Aran Ryan easily pounds Von Kaiser to the mat, but he's not done yet: Von Kaiser tries to crawl away, and Aran Ryan drags him back in. Finally Aran Ryan is left panting over a battered Von Kaiser. Super Macho Man says he likes Ryan: Pizza Pasta agrees. Narcis Prince does not: he knows crazy when he sees it. Sandman overrules him, and welcomes Aran Ryan to his organization.

No, this isn't the whole episode, just the opening scene. Just wanted to let you guys know I hadn't forgotten.

Gotta love those "next time on punch out Z" previews

I'm still reading this! Keep it up!

This is too real now. Seriously. This has to be made.



I'm still plugging away! Let me run a few concepts by you guys while I work:

I'm thinking Von Kaiser will reform in this episode, partly because he finds a letter to Glass Joe from Gabby Jay, partly because he's become the new WVBA punching bag since Glass Joe took the season off to train with Mac.

Heike Kagero is a friend to Piston Hondo, a boxer turned J-Rock star with some slight xenophobic tendancies.

I really hate the title "Warrior Honor". Seems so generic. Anyone got any better ideas?

If this means that Mac will be friends with Glass Joe, Disco Kid, and Von Kaiser, then eventually it would be great to become pals with King Hippo as well, therefore befriending all of the Minor League circuit.

See, this brings me to another point: I've had such a hard time deciding what to do with King Hippo. He's one of, if not THE most popular character in the series, yet, from a character perspective, there's not a lot I can work with.

Like, Von Kaiser has the clash of his military style and his timidness. Disco Kid has his wealth, peppiness, and general carefree nature. King Hippo...eats a lot, and grunts. He's hard to write for. Anyone got any ideas for an angle I can play with?

Also, I picture an episode where Von Kaiser gets on friendly terms with the group, but I don't think he'll join the main cast: Mac, Joe, DK, and Doc seems like a big enough group in my humble opinion.

Well I had this idea rolling in my head for a bit. What if King Hippo didn't know that his opponent's were throwing their fights with him? When he finally confronts his translator about this, he is infuriated and challenges Mr. Sandman to a match. Super Macho Man tells Sandman that he'll put the king in his place, but Sandman decides to do it just to show Little Mac what he's in for.
So the exhibition match was set and Little Mac and the others are sent an invitation, complete with front row seats. King Hippo shows up wearing a manhole cover to protect his weak spot, but with a single Dreamland Express during the fight, it's shattered and Hippo is sent flying out of the ring and into the announcer's table. Mr. Sandman then points at and says one of his trademark taunts along with mentioning how the Doc's a joke training a joke. Figured this would be a good way to give Sandman a bit of interaction with Little Mac and give King Hippo some screentime.

...A winner is you.

This is looking great. Any more episode ideas or...?

They're coming. I'm dividing my attention right now between this, Real Life, the Disney cartoon thread (though I'm thinking I should pass that on to another writer), another series I'm thinking of proposing, and my own original writing.

I'll try and get the two part episode wrapped up by the end of the week. I know the entire set-up, I've just got to type it out.

The guy who made the original thread on /co/ here.

Fucking fantastic job, Punchy. Just so you know, I've been following your work here for a while and I try to check at least every other day.

Just goes to show how little ideas from totally untalented people can become pretty awesome things.

Thanks, man! And don't call yourself untalented, plenty of people will always be willing to do that for you.

As for everyone else, I've discovered something: I write better when there's rapid-fire community participation.

Long story short, would you guys be up for some writing jams over at regular /co/ sometime soon?



OK, a few ideas I had regarding this fight:

King Hippo's translator sits next to Mac and his crew at the fight, translating what King Hippo is saying. It's through King Hippo's translator that the group starts a pseudo-friendly relationship with King Hippo. (Any ideas for an old, obscure Nintendo character we can use as Hippo's translator?)

During the fight, King Hippo isn't even able to throw a punch: Sandman executes a Dreamland express right out.

The first uppercut is aimed to graze King Hippo, ripping the manhole cover from his stomach and sending it flipping in the air like a coin.

The next uppercut hits the manhole cover midair, causing it to crack in half.

Sandman pauses a moment to savor the look of shock and fear in Hippo's eyes before he delivers the final uppercut: one so powerful it sends Hippo flying in the air and out of the ring.

With a smug grin on his face, Sandman walks from the ring, stopping for only one moment to face Mac, growling "It's WAY past your bedtime, Mac Baby."

After that, King Hippo becomes an ardent Little Mac supporter: Mainly because he wants to see Sandman taken down a peg.


I'm tempted to say the guy from Burgertime, or Ness and the blond guy from the old Nintendo Power comics waaay back in the day.

File: 124780949335.jpg-(191.27KB, 605x838, 03.jpg)
Howard? Brilliant!


Yeah, Howard. Man I feel old seeing him again.

Just skimming, so I don't know if you've covered the World Circuit or not, but I had an idea I wanted to throw out there.

I thought it would be cool if the version of Mac from Super Punchout!!! made a cameo as a fake Little Mac. Mac and Doc could find him in some obscure little European country (I'd say Borginia if that wasn't from a capcom game) making money by giving locals the chance to box with "The World Famous Little Mac". They don't know that he's not really Mac because they get all their news from radio. He could even have a fake star uppercut, and Mac demolishes him with the real deal.

File: 124842911821.png-(14.77KB, 681x395, punchouttheseries.png)
damn, bumping with drawfaggotry to lure.
(I've always wanted an excuse to draw fanart for this game)

Punchy you better finish this, this is the greatest stuff I've ever read for a game that is virtually plot-less.

Oh my goooooood.....
the look on Glass Joe's faaaace....
This is... this is fucking PERFECT!

I've got to do more now. I mean, I've been MEANING to do more...but now I've GOT to, purely on the chance that I get to see more like this.

Next episode is coming after the next Fillmore Noir. I want to do a sort of jam over on regular /co/ and hammer out a few episodes, maybe even wrap up the season. This Japan episode has been giving me problems, but I think I've finally turned a corner with it: Piston Hondo will be the mildly xenophobic fighter now instead of Heike Kagero. This helps heighten tension a bit more for reasons that will become clear once I post the episode.

I've been wanting to use him and the Green-haired arcade boxer for some time. The idea of him as a fake intrigues me: he definitely always struck me as more of an antagonist than the Wii and NES Little Mac, especially when he wins a match. Grunting "Piece of Cake!" or "FINALLY." does not shout "humility".

OK, so I've been doing some brainstorming on this, and I want to run some ideas by you guys: the "last bosses" of each season. Keep in mind, these are spoilers, though the first one should be pretty obvious:

"Contender": Mr. Sandman
"Off-Season":TD Sandman
"Title Defense: Mac's Last Stand":....Giga Ryan.

File: 124859174651.png-(15.75KB, 487x470, punchout.png)
Hahaha, mission accomplished. Keep at it! And make damn sure you post whatever you do on /co/ or /v/ or whichever, here.

I have only one gripe, while everything you've written so far is awesome in terms of characterizing everyone and everything else, it pains me to say this but this show is suffering from something a lot of shows that revolve around one single "main" character do: he ends up seeming like a lifeless card-board cut out compared to how deep everyone else is by comparison, in an attempt to not cement any single archetype on them. And I completely understand why you would do this, too, because if you focus too much on the main character the "revolving around them" reality becomes instantly apparent, not to mention in the game he's completely one-dimensional. If you can, I suggest giving Mac some personality too beyond that. Nothing has to be too deep, but I find you gotta be able to say "I know what he would do in this situation" since as soon as you establish that ground, you can break it, and build on it. You're so damn good at this I won't impose anything, but if you want to keep it mostly canonical, you should watch this:
if anyone can build on this, you can.
Here's a pic for prosperity. I'll see what else I can do.

I'd actually switch the Off Season with the Bruiser Brothers Nick and Rick, THEN bring back the other guy in the last season.


Your boss for Last Stand, is that TD version of him?

Nah, it's Aran Ryan on Giga Juice. If you've ever played Head-to-head on the Wii Punch-out, it's like that.
I have been thinking about how to incorporate the Bruiser Brothers. Maybe I'll make the second "last boss" an opener for season three instead.

Also, I've decided to give Fillmore Noir a rest for a day or two. You guys have been waiting MUCH longer.

Right now I can't get on /co/, but if I'm able to get back on by tonight, and nothing unexpected happens, prepare for the debut of the first Punch-out!! The Series TV movie:

Punch-Out!!: Tokyo KO!

Now, let's keep it clean, and come out boxing!

Oh hey uh... I started doing some boards for your intro thing but I kind of completely fell in love with the style of the game, so I went off to do an animation test to apply to the studio that made it with.

I don't expect anything to come of it, but if I manage to get an interview I can thank you for inspiring me to apply, at least.

That means a lot, man. Good luck!


Smoothies all round! Seriously though, good luck Coela.

We open the episode in a darkened gym somewhere in Japan. Narcis Prince, Pizza Pasta, Super Macho Man, Von Kaiser....and, hidden in the shadows, Mr. Sandman, are standing outside the ring. Von Kaiser is suited up for fighting, but he looks hesitant. Pizza Pasta urges him onward. Von Kaiser steps into the ring...and we see Aran Ryan do his trademark opening match shout. "Let's go, Let's go!" Aran Ryan easily pounds Von Kaiser to the mat, but he's not done yet: Von Kaiser tries to crawl away, and Aran Ryan drags him back in. Finally Aran Ryan is left panting over a battered Von Kaiser. Super Macho Man says he likes Ryan: Pizza Pasta agrees. Narcis Prince does not: he knows crazy when he sees it. Sandman overrules him, and welcomes Aran Ryan to his organization.

Sandman barks at Von Kaiser to get up and get back to America to run a chore for him before turning to Aran Ryan and giving him his first assignment: to find Little Mac and give him a proper greeting to Tokyo.




After the theme, we see Little Mac, Glass Joe, and Disco Kid leaving the airport. Doc wants to prepare for the fight with Piston Hondo, but Disco Kid has other ideas: before Doc can say a word, he's dragging Mac and Glass Joe off. Doc Louis mumbles something under his breath before following.

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