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Long-Term Projects

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File: 127665260295.png-(327.15KB, 553x1023, Eva.png)
28336 No.28336
Another new Wakfu thread.

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Can we get some Shushu panties now?

Aren't threads supposed to autosage at like 400 posts? Why did it keep bumping past 800?

I think here in /coc/ they never autosage, just get locked whenever a mod wonders through.

File: 12766586253.jpg-(64.11KB, 440x406, Amalia Hmmm.jpg)
Last thread: >>26674

For anyone who left something behind.

Is there any chance of getting the music for the show posted in >>27686 in an mp3 format?

I can try to make an mp3 version of the music later today if I have spare time.
At the moment my computer is busy encoding an HD version of episode 24.
I have a fairly decent computer, still it takes me 4 hours of encode per episode... HD is wonderful at watching, but a real pain in the ass at making!


Ah. Well, if you can manage it, I'd be really grateful.

Here it is:

Wakfu - Sur Tes Pas - MP3 version:

File: 127668704181.jpg-(60.23KB, 640x480, 1250177786220.jpg)

Huzzah! A thousand succulent pigs for you, good sir!

Oh, almost forgot. Is there any chance of seeing the remixed theme used at the end of the boufbowl match in episode 12/Nox fight in 26 available for download?

Well, I'm afraid we'll have to wait for Ankama to release a full Wakfu OST...
Until then, I'm going to devour my thousand delicious pigs! ^_^


Ah, shoot. Oh well, enjoy your pigs! I shall enjoy my mp3!

I think I love this show a bit too much

Anyone else feel the same way?


I sometimes get that feeling. Then I watch a random episode and feel as though I can't get enough.

if you like this show too much , watch episode 5 over and over, this will cure you instantly.


I haven't downloaded episode 5 yet.

File: 127670467845.png-(287.02KB, 700x376, tristepin.png)
Hey, /pco/, regular /co/ here. Kind of a long story, but I need a little help with wakfu, so instead of making another thread, I'll ask here.

There's an episode where Tristepin starts talking about what it means to be a knight with Evangelyne, and starts talking about a tragic death. What episode is this, and does anyone have a French transcription of it?

Thanks in advance.

he brings up dying in battle episode 7, i think it comes up in episode 10, he explains he wants their adventures and "tragic death" to be well-known in ep20, and obviously in 25
you are not alone...

also, question. Some of my episodes stopped playing. The MPC i use should have CCCP, but when i open it, it just stays on "stopped". Any idea why?


Excellent. Thank you.


Which one is episode 5 again? Refresh my memory

The one with the bullguys overrunning the jelly village.
Though he's probably referring to the old set of voice actors making it sound bad.
Wich is no longer a valid excuse since the rerelease of it, wich has the new VA's.

Actually, episode 5 was the very first Wakfu episode made by Ankama. That's why it's somehow, well, the "least good" episode of the serie.

Just wondering... has anyone here translated Corbeau Noir (comic).

Also where can I get/buy/download them?

He doesn't explain shit in 20, because he's not in 20. Kind of getting tired of people bringing that up as the 'it's what he wanted' argument.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to discuss things not having to do with the translation of the show/ related materials on a different board? There's a thread for it already.


it's the one between 4 and 6.


I'm naming all of my Pokémon in HeartGold after Wakfu characters, and only catching the one's that would be suitable to name them after. I'm a terrible Pokémon trainer, but it's worth it to have Grougal happily play in the grass or Vampyro suddenly hug me.

Point has been made many many time, however it seems we always find a way to wonder off topic. I say, with the lack of episodes that need subbing and only one other project ATM, leave the chatters chat.

The only exception.

Found this on /rs/. It cuts off just before the fade out but it's better than nothing.

File: 12767630978.jpg-(150.42KB, 382x1276, 1264905399703.jpg)
to what?

Is the theme for the rubilax battle on there?

damn , i still cant defeat deserboss / weedlok in wakfu les gardens, it drives me nutz.

yes, he's pretty tough. What's your char name ? maybe I could help.


Mithrana , my other problem is that i need to wait about 15 mins to load this damn game :D

My strategy on Deserboss is to simply run from him and hit him with some ranged attacks, and if i get stuck i use teleport , or replacement.
Does anyone have any idea when are they going to put ep 25 on les gardiens


its all fine and dandy untill he summons more sadidas, then i am screw'd.

I don`t really worry about them,they don`t have great mp, before you teleport, do you use mp?


thanks speed, but motherfucking server ruined all our effort.


no problem,meet after server goes available?


i tried this goddamn level 3 times today, maybe in about 5-6 hours?

5 hours

I know this wil sound extra-heretical, but have you tried using ... *gasp* ... Internet Explorer ?
For some strange reasons, there is a bug with some people using Firefox that increases dramatically map loading times, and that bug does not occur on IE. (don't if it occurs on Opera or Chrome).

Also, are you all guys on the Ateb Deslok server ?
Speed, what's your char name ?
Mine is Tinkie.

anyway it`s better to try 3 times a level,and then the 4th time to succeed, than trying for half a month without any chance of success(like me with the N mission)

Forence (and it doesn`t come from Florence,as I was asked by my friends,my name is Nick)but the server went down for maintanance

just scheduled backup save. Server is now back online

WHAT SERVER IS ON, then why it shut down, it usually isn`t that fast

For Deserboss (or is it Desherboss? I think he's spelled both ways in the game >.<), just run around, set as many portail piège as you can and attack him with poing surprise. If he uses his curse, you'll die after 17 turns, so I'd try to plant as many traps as possible before that and then simply attack him, and of course teleport away. Also, kill the first Sadida he summons right away.

When he goes under 1/4th of his health, he goes Berserker and summond Sadidas who summon puppets every turn, so by then you can just pray and melee him.

Alternatively, farm Zora's dungeon for Rune Moir. Makes everything easier =D

What the heck are you guys talking about? Wakfu les gardens? Thats not the closed beta of the game, is it?

I've been off the interwebz for about 2-3 weeks, and finally caught up to 25/26.

I am sad.

Also, I wish the Goultard special was longer.


it helps if you know french but not much, it's just a flash game in web browser where you "replay" wakfu episodes as your own Eliatrope.

it's simple , it's fun , it's iop.


looks like fun, but my french isnt that good any english guides out there or can anybody tell me for what i need wood and water and stuff?

MP any of us ( /w nickname ) in-game. We're on the Ateb Desolk server

- Tinkie
- Forence
- Mithrana

We can help if you have any question


wow... there are servers? oO i didnt see anything where i can select one : /

There are two of them :
Ateb Desolk and Tset Sserts (both backwards puns)

le corbeau noir?

so is anyone translating those comic books?

File: 127682032142.jpg-(8.44KB, 92x107, Dean amused close.jpg)

>Stress test
>Klosed Beta

Gotta love Ankama

File: 12768208067.gif-(5.96KB, 293x295, I'M A CRYING FAG.gif)

You monster!

It's a pretty old one, by Chink.

And I sincerely doubt that's the work of a single Sacrier.

You're right, there are two. Look on the right, one is holding her arm the other is doing its own thing...

File: 127683363874.jpg-(58.37KB, 700x360, eva 2.jpg)
This thread is boring, picture time.

File: 127683365379.jpg-(307.52KB, 1920x1200, Miranda.jpg)

File: 127683367626.jpg-(80.81KB, 576x816, evil yugo.jpg)

File: 127683370269.jpg-(183.15KB, 1600x1000, Eniripsa tofu.jpg)

File: 127683371340.jpg-(138.29KB, 975x1600, Amalia ghost.jpg)

File: 127683412379.jpg-(304.76KB, 800x1132, Eva dancing.jpg)
Anyone care to explain that one?

one of the pages from a doujin
it does not actually feature Eva, just some random girl in the crowd rapes Yugo. Total cocktease cover

aww thank you so much, i really wanted to see that again
now can you please delete it?

...That's not dancing...

I suppose, in a week.

lol, I don't know what you're talking about.

File: 127684013917.jpg-(807.07KB, 1744x1308, DSCF1505.jpg)
Hey deafdefiler. Remember we talked about a fapfic with Eva, Amalia and some plant tentacles? I know this is a bit of an awkward request, but can you link me to erm... reference? Keeping in mind that i'm still a moralfag at heart, nothing too outrageous SVP. I have a plot already in hand (if you can call what passes for a story in a fapfic a plot) just want to get an idea of what to write


...We should talk.

If you know how to IRC, #pco on If not, snapzprox on AIM.

File: 127687838088.jpg-(90.71KB, 750x600, 442_zoom_520.jpg)

Sorry speed but Wakfu Gardiens shat on me and i can't relogin.

goddamn moles.

TWO episodes again? for fucks sake, ankama is draining money from us like from a sacrificial lamb

And it's finally gonna have Eva art... ;_;

Yup, server crashed :/


what to do now?

Barrel roll


i will , but on 3DS. right now i want to beat RAZORTIME. for what 'he' did.

server's back

Just woke up. Any news?

Huh. Now I got all Arcanes and a hat with each of the 9 runes.

No reason to play this game until Episode 26 is released >_>

Caedo? You still alive?

I've tried and finally succeed in making proper HD encodes of episodes 24 to 26. May I upload them or are you about to release yours?

make more funny hats you don't have

Frenchy, Caedo, you still here?


Nope, you guys scared them away with that "epic" discussion in the last thread. You know what I mean...

So today we see that little ending ,my bet nox won't join yugo cuz he said "farewell" to him.

File: 127693331122.jpg-(19.44KB, 461x528, piercetheheavenswithyourhat.jpg)


i already saw a screenshot of one of the credits and wanted tp punch myself.

i hope you subbers will do their work . i hate incomplete movies.

File: 127693663152.jpg-(26.37KB, 640x360, Nox end.jpg)
I knew it would end like that


well.... fuck.

>i hope you subbers will do their work . i hate incomplete movies.
We will...
As far as I'm concerned, I intend to release English softsubbed HD encodes of episodes 24 to 26. They will have upscaled end credits appended from Ankama web raws.

I'm pretty busy today, so expect them by tonight; unless Caedo shows himself 'till then.

File: 127695230147.jpg-(35.11KB, 640x360, gozerstanding.jpg)
> HD
>upscaled end credits appended


hey guys, watch me do an impression of ankama:
>je suis un grande willy. UN GRAAANDE WILLY

remember when we joked about pointless drama and wasted potential? Fuck. Fucking shit.

But just like with Grovy, it makes sense. He couldn't possibly keep killing people/deforesting the land to stay alive, and he was pretty much more machine than man at that point. A living corpse. Still, i would really have liked to see some redemption.

And before someone argues, he's dead, it is his children's grave. Note the watermelon. Fucking frenchies, everyone is doing well except for the guy who actually wanted to turn back the evil that occured.


someone will pickup his helmet and...

File: 127696452334.png-(683.95KB, 910x404, kabroook.png)


This will spawn many #34, of all 3 of them.

It was never said that he is dead. I don't think they even stated that he needs to drain Wakfu to stay alive, so he may just live so long normally (Xelors have longer lifespans). Hell, the Wakfu draining may have just extended his life enough, so he can still live a normal life.

I think he left his armor at the grave because he considers Noximillien - his own self - dead. But he may still be around, under a new identity, living peacefully. Maybe even turning up as an ally in season 2.

As long as Ankama does not confirm that he is dead, I think we are jumping ship on considering him dead.

Not to be agressive, but what part of "pile of dust/sand/ashes among his armor and loincloth bandages" didn't you understand ?

File: 127698695339.jpg-(205.23KB, 1440x900, Zee_End.jpg)
Here are finally the long promised HD versions of episodes 24 to 26.

Wakfu 24 - English softsubbed - HD version:

Wakfu 25 - English softsubbed - HD version:

Wakfu 26 - English softsubbed - HD version:

- h264/AAC .MKV encodes
- Softsubbed
- 1920x1080: Yup! Blue-ray resolution! Unfortunately, France 3's broadcast doesn't match Blue-ray quality... However, these episodes have the best quality you've seen so far among all Wakfu releases.
- End credits included: They were taken from Ankama's web releases and resized/upscaled. So the quality is lesser than the rest of the episode they've been appended to (especially in episode 24... -_-). But at least, the episodes are now complete.
- HUGE files: Well, quality has a price...

Enjoy, and have fun making hi-rez screen caps!

Sand can come from other places than dead mummies.

So is there a hardsub of 26 WITH the end credits?

I've downloaded it twice, already: the unsubbed version and the hardsub without the credits. Why weren't the end credits on that version, exactly? Didn't they air the show without them for some bizarre reason?

Thank you my good man. Is there any chance that we'll also get all the rest of the episodes in HD?

Seeing how there's wind in this place, this sand has been added VERY recently, it's not supposed to be naturally here.

France 3 broadcasts in HD only since May the 23rd. That's why so far only episodes 24 to 26 are available in HD.
To get the rest of the serie, we'll have to wait for reruns.

No HD either for the Nox special. It wasn't aired on France 3, but on France 4 which doesn't broadcast in HD yet.

Corbeau Noir. Is it being translated?

File: 127699503658.jpg-(48.41KB, 117x252, STRUGGLE-BUGGY.jpg)

It seems they were doing..... their things.

Now that frenchy and caedo disappeared, I doubt it.

Geez ! that was great !
Good job !

Even the credits are fine, the difference is barely noticeable.

Does anybody have raws for miniwakfu 25 ?

I just noticed something interesting about the end credits of ep.26.
Each sequence is shown in the reverse order from the episodes they are related to, starting from the sadidas from the finale and ending with Alibert and .. Nox & his family.
So, we are seeing the future in reverse chronological order ...
Mind blown

File: 127700579933.png-(98.30KB, 380x311, hero.png)
So... he was the hero, right guy? ...right?


Of course.

File: 127700651648.png-(549.89KB, 671x375, foreshadowing.png)
Am I just being a fag, or is this some foreshadowing? :[

I think he's just saying that at that moment to show how serious he is. But to answer your question, in its simplest form, yes it is foreshadowing.

File: 127700964864.jpg-(10.20KB, 241x187, 1270307051728.jpg)
more like MIND FUCKED

hope you're happy, it's gone now...

So it fell out of his armor. Shit, there's more than one way to get dust on the ground than just spontaneously popping into powdered death.

Maybe he burnt the bandages off, and he'll come back as some sort of scarred mess. Maybe he really did die. Maybe we're all reading way too heavily into this, and should just sit with our anticipation broners until Ankama busts out Season 2.


you really need a slap in the face and GET OVER IT.

File: 127701952446.jpg-(72.56KB, 642x362, Xelors.jpg)
Nox is still alive! He sells boufbowl goodies in Bonta... :-P


>Maybe we're all reading way too heavily into this, and should just sit with our anticipation broners until Ankama busts out Season 2.

Now you finally get the idea.

File: 12770409909.jpg-(14.01KB, 300x240, 438086-isador_large.jpg)
>hope is the first step on the road to disappointment
aha, now we get it

File: 127704586953.jpg-(1.01MB, 1638x2362, Le_Corbeau_Noir001.jpg)
>>28590 (first 36 pages of Untranslated Le Corbeau Noir) (Another link to the first 36 pages?) (Script for the first 36 pages, minus 23) (Rest of the raw Le Corbeau Noir)

Ok, this is previous work that F&C/company did. What is missing is:

-Script to page 23, and the second half
-Better scans of the first 36 pages
-Someone willing to spend 500hours in MS paint to Tack the script to the scans

I was snooping around in an old thread when I found this stuff, it seems that they were pretty well on their way to finishing thA WILD TANGENT APPEARED.

...and it never got finished

Wait, does that mean that F&C really decided not to take any more shit from all the morons who complained and left? All because of that pointless drama before?

I hope not. Those guys rocked.

anyone have the NOT HD versions of episode 24/25/26 hardsubbed?

i need a better pc for HD stuff....


..with CREDITS of course!.


According to my snooping, they were very well participating in the thread after the "Tangent".

use Windows movie maker, break them down to clips, then reassemble them, and at the end you`ll see it`s not even close to hd

The credits have only been released in HD, hardsubbed or not.

... anyone wanna put them on Youtube, for those of us who don't want/need to download the 700MB file for them?

May I upload only episode 26 HD credits to Mega Upload?
Only 15 megs...


If somebody finishes the rest of the script, I'd be happy to tack it all together.

Go for it.


Wakfu 26 Credits Only - SD version:

Wakfu 26 Credits Only - HD version:

...Either he brought a shitload of beach sand with him, or he's dead. Goodbye, Nox.


Good man.

Does anyone here know french???

anyone have picture of part's nox's cosplay set?

I'm just a ouiabou so my French isn't spectacular, but if Frenchy and Caedo don't want to finish translating Le Corbeau Noir, I could try my hand at it.

Isn't there a way to contact them somehow?


Maybe bribe them into coming back?

Ohh, internet bribes, I'm sure they'd bite... /sarcasm

They'll probably be back after season 2 starts.


I've already started, but if you want to make one to compare that's probably a good idea. I have scripts for 37-47 done, but I haven't read any of the pages before that, so when I finish (unless Frenchy comes back) they'll probably have to be editted for context.

Alright, quick question.

Why do you guys keep uploading this to mega upload/?

Is mediafire hard to get into?

Oe are you just annoyed of rapidshit?

Is there no other downloading ways or even make a torrent outta this, I'd go for that...

Andn since the whole thing is finally over, maybe SOMEONE can make a torrent of this for people(like me) who uses proxy server....

I'd be glad to do this bit here, I just don't have any way to DL this since Megaupload won't let me DL...

>>28695 here, I guess I'll namefag it up for this thread.

You're probably faster than I am, but I'll see what I can do. I'm a better editor than translator, so even if my translation sucks, I can help edit/proofread at least.


Mediafire is famous for interrupting your download and forcing you to start over again.

Rapidshare has a 200MB limit and with so many mirrors, you'd be lucky if you managed to pick on that was fast enough.

Megaupload has a slightly under 1GB free file download and is consistently fast.

Torrents are for Iop-brains, the kind much dumbder than Tristepin.


I'm so in love with you guys right now... and regretting dropping French in high school. :(

I use Megaupload because it has no 200MB upload limit and has a dedicated uploading client.
I wish I could help with some Torrent downloads, but there's a big fuss going on about anti-P2P laws in France at the moment. And I don't want Ankama to sniff my IP...


Yeah, editing/context will be an awesome idea.


So that's it, then?

Unless I step out of my web of proxies/piggy-backing on private wi-fi spots( the only way I can get internet) I'd have to either go to the public libraries(and that's a bad idea) or internet cafes(which is worse)

...I dunno, guess maybe I'll just wait for someone to upload this to Youtube/megavideo/whatever else and steal download it that way.(Using .flv downloaders....crap)

Or I could just get my house hooked up?

Why is public libraries a bad idea? If it's got free wi-fi, that's even better; if you have a Panera, or Barnes and Noble, those usually have it, and even some Pizza Huts have it.

File: 127713832250.jpg-(60.67KB, 696x618, FU Wakfu Evangeline.jpg)
I couldn't resist...

it's spoilered for a reason btw

For the guy complaining about megaupload, you do realize there are tons of torrents for Wakfu? Check Pirate Bay already.

Just a status report:

I've got 36 pages of the second half of Le Corbeau noir translated, plus page 23. I was away from home for most of today, but I should be free to finish it tomorrow. I'm including notes on things that I can't reliably translate, like rhymes, words that I'm assuming are unique to the Wakfu universe, and the tu-vous distinction.

Ho yay galore between Kabrok and Korvus, the original Black Raven, by the way.

"In trying to kill him, I learned to love and respect that guy..."


All right, once it's done go ahead and contact me through MSN or something. is both my contact name and my e-mail address.

The comic actually ended sooner than I expected. There are several pages of bonus material at the end, so I now have the remainder of the comic fully translated. I've translated some of the bonus material as well, but pages 087 to 093 are not included, because those ones are full pages of text that will take more time.

File names are according to the contents of >>28670

(On and around 048 my translation is a little clumsy; I beg of someone to correct it.)

I only got up to page 60, but here's what I did for Kabrok's slogans on page 48:
“All you fans of bric-a-brac, come on down to Kabrok's shack!”
“For used equipment without a dent, do your shopping at Kabrok's tent!”
I know they're not completely accurate, but I think they flow a little better than a more literal translation.

Thanks! I got the comic and scripts for the rest from Frenchy, and I'll get to work on it as soon as it's all downloaded.

When the point of a line is rhyming, you do sometimes have to take liberties.

Gah, roommate watching World Cup is throttling my downloads, and I just had to restart...

Something I'm a little worried about, though; the pages downloads list themselves as 1-36 and 47-97. Is that just mismarked, or will I be missing ten pages?

If you're using the links from >>28670, it looks like all the pages are there but some are mislabeled. Page 23 is listed as page 48 and page 26, so it's probably better to go by the actual page numbers instead of the file names.

File: 127719555018.jpg-(1.47MB, 1522x2362, Le_Corbeau_Noir002.jpg)

Damn, you guys moved quick in a short amount of time.

I've got a bit of time, if you hold your horses for a few days more I can rescan those first few pages.
If you're up to it still, compile the later pages.

I'll do everything I have so far, but any rescans will be entirely welcome, and will be sent to Frenchy for translation touchups.

The news on Wakfu`s official forum from someone inside Ankama,season 2 will begin in early 2011.No official date yet

For those who can read french,here`s the address:

File: 127722188681.png-(84.56KB, 238x204, ohplease.png)

>Early 2011


It`s gonna be a loooong wait alright.
Good thing I can read french.I`ll be able to read some of the up coming wakfu comics.
Not the same as watching the show but it`ll be better than nothing


>Thank you! On behalf of everyone at Ankama: Thank you!

>Thank you to everyone for your support, for all of your forum posts, for all of your comments that we take into account, and for the sheer number of you who watch and love the Wakfu series!

And also, thank you for all of the thank-yous that you have given us!! :)

>We are always trying to better ourselves to give you the best quality episodes! To share our news with you, season 2 of the series is being realized and it will be aired at the beginning of the year 2011 on France 3!

>As we wait for 2011, we’re going to spoil you and prepare you for a show that you won’t forget! It will start this summer with the re-airing of Wakfu season 1 on France 3 and France 4! New series like Planets, Panda Z, and Eureka Seven will also make appearances! You will know more very soon if you stay connected to our updates at

>In any case, we’ll be with you and we will do anything to make sure the wait doesn’t seem so long, so don’t hesitate to share your favourite moments and your comments!


A member (not Ankama staff) comment in the same thread says that season 2 will start in February. Not sure where they got that information, but everyone seems to be taking their word for it.

File: 127722486536.jpg-(60.04KB, 640x512, Eureka_Seven_by_Cuchaz.jpg)
>a person who looks to be Amalia's VA makes announcement
that could mean... NO RESET NEXT SEASON
>we're airing Eureka Seven
I am calling it right there, right now. Next season: Girl Eliatrope. Happy ending.


Well, if they are re-airing episodes, we have a possibility of getting HD streams if our recorders are up to it.


I just realized that I made another mistake... on 059 I translated a piece of dialogue as "I will remain one of the twelve biggest crooks in the world", but it should be "I will remain one of the biggest crooks in the World of Twelve".


Got it, edited the script. I wasn't that far anyway.

While I'm here, incidentally, can anybody recommend a font?

File: 127723022063.png-(5.84KB, 224x177, Comic Fonts.png)

Comic Sans MS if your working from a vanilla fonts list, as terrible as it is. Maybe Arial Rounded MT Bold?

If you're cool with cluttering up your harddrive with downloaded fonts, I'd start with the ones to the left (they're all free).

Does anyone have and idea how old Miranda and Kabrok are in this comic?

>_> his beard keeps throwing me off.


using the raws's font as an example, it strongly resembles the first one

and the 2nd to last one.

It doesn't look much like Comickbook, and I did notice the resemblance to Comic Sans MS... I just really, really don't want to use Comic Sans.


I don't think specific ages are mentioned, but Kabrok is repeatedly described as quite old. It's kind of the whole point; he's supposed to be in retirement, because he's too old to continue adventuring. Miranda is talked about like she's very young, but that might just be in comparison to her husband.


Crazy Roman or Take out the Garbage

File: 127730097063.png-(25.82KB, 1130x900, Carlyugo.png)
Early 2011, Fryman? That's too friggin' long!

I'm in the process of translating the bonus material for The Black Raven (087-093), but I'm gonna need a little help.

In an interview, Kabrok uses a couple of fencing terms, and I'm not sure if they're actual moves or imaginary ones. The ones he uses are "Plié retourné" and "Plat différé", but I only know their conventional translations and not in a swordfighting context. Right now I have them as "Fold back" and "Delayed flat" (as in the flat of a blade), but those don't sound at all authentic.

If anyone can even pretend to know enough about fencing to give me names for those moves, I'd be grateful.


If they are legit fencing moves, then it may be ok to leave them in place.

Example: Touche' is actually the term used for "Point", however, in the english language, we still use the word Touche' in other contexts and in its own french context.

After watching the ending credits myself, I think that Nox is gone for sure...

File: 127736212449.png-(43.37KB, 1130x900, carl grovy.png)
well look at it this way. He could have burned his old attire and scattered the ashes on their gra-
oh who am i kidding? It's over

Also, updated, if anyone likes my fanwank

File: 127736279049.jpg-(652.10KB, 1638x2362, Le_Corbeau_Noir001.jpg)
Midnight progress report!

43/98 files are now readable by English-only speakers.

Has it been mentioned that we love you?

File: 127739486635.jpg-(49.68KB, 896x512, 1265692846516.jpg)
probably not enough


First, i wanted to say that you are a wonderful wonderful person. Second, i wanted to ask, though this might be redundant, where could i find the subtitles?


Muchas Gracias


Love Frenchy and Marshmello too, they gave me the script.


Our thanks goes to them too.

I was just wondering tho, did the first half get rescanned?

Hey guys, my "tears of blood" comic came in. Is anyone interested in translating?

File: 127741223294.png-(544.01KB, 502x549, Capture.png)

Got all the extra bonus pages done... A few notes, though:

I tried my best, but I don't know enough about the Wakfu universe to correctly Anglicize all of the made up words. I got ones like "dragoturkey" and "gobball", and I made up ones like "Scalefish" and "Ghostmask", but I couldn't come up with anything for words like "Corbac" or "Sidimote" or "Katrepats".

Also, 088 seems to use much more old-fashioned/elevated language than the other pages. The result is words that a lot of English-speakers wouldn't know anyway, like "panoply" and "magnanimity" and "shagreen". It's your choice if you want to keep it that way or tone the language down.

Lastly, I apologize for the format. Hopefully you'll be able to figure out what goes where. I was rushing a little bit too, so I didn't thoroughly proofread it.

Shiny. I'll keep on trucking.


Sidimote is a place name from the game (Sidimote Moor). Kriss la Krass is from there.

And isn't Katrepat the name of Wagnar's castle?



Can someone post episode 6? The torrent I used is lacking it and so is this post.

Midnight Update!

47/98... Oh god I'm a failure, my friend discovered Demon's Soul, and I've been playing with him...

so... the answer I take it is a resounding no?

I'll do it!

It'll be done with a machine and human editing, but I think I can do it...

Who's it about?

a sacrieur called Silas
ok I will get scanning...

Midnight Update!

67/98 files complete, dunno how many are bonus pages. I'm already a half-hour past midnight, I may just keep trucking until it's all done.

your hard work is greatly appreciated

The comic itself is done, I just need to get ahold of Frenchy so we can work out how to do the scrapbook bit.

Missed out six?

anyone have hard-subs of the mini-wakfu episodes? I seem to remember one of the older wakfu threads having them...



File: 127761131199.jpg-(115.47KB, 640x480, 1276714086176.jpg)
Sadlygrove dies without much thing, getting the demon form for nothing but to get toasted. Fantastic
Evangeline/Amalia keep being "omg so cruel destiny gonna die" emo bullshit the whole episode and having their ass saved by other characters
> Ruel can't arrive on time, too busy getting references from other animes to care
Yugo fighting the STRONGEST ENEMY ALIVE OMG SO STRONG and get his attention caught by anything around like a retard and forget about his murdered friend and let his enemy go and act like "omg he has heart he deserv 2 be free even though he knew he wouldn't be able to go back in time".

Joris is a fucking snail, was watching Gurren Lagann with Ruel

There is still season 2

Gonna watch just to have Sadlygrove saying "Death is so overrated nowadays".

actually Yugo had no idea Nox was planning ANYTHING related to time travel. If he did, he may have given up on purpose. As far as Yugo was concerned, Nox wanted to kill all the brown girls for fun. And he wasn't distracted by "anything", but by the most powerful creature in their world, screaming like a beast in the black of night as lightning split the sky. You know, stuff that happends everyday.

but yeah, the ending was frustrating to me as well. I wish everyone was more useful, especially Amalia, Grovy and Ruel. But it does reemphasize that the hero is Yugo, which is fine by me...

File: 127761354943.jpg-(61.96KB, 272x211, yibbityhupr.jpg)
Problem is: Yugo didn't knew that was the strongest thing in the world, he knew Nox alwasy have a card under his sleeve(eg: all fights, also at sadida forest invasion). If the scene change was the same as when Grougaloragan arrived at his egg it would be fine by being distracted, but the distraction was almost like "Oooh! Shiny, a penny! Let's just forget about taking revenge of my dear friend, who died like a dog and was always fighting for his friends and this emboidment of all evil infront of me" which made me fucking scream of rage.

I find a bit annoying the "chosen one" thing, sure, sometimes it is interesting, but I prefer everyone fighting along to overcome bad guys, like in the Black Crow. The ending having everyone doing really small things while a kid was giving a beat to a 200 years old master of time who trained, fought, battled insanse monsters for his family and sacrificing everything he had for his goal, just because the kid was the "chosen one" is kinda annoying. I had the exact same problem with Avatar ending.

File: 127761385052.gif-(2.57MB, 256x143, 1277468227553.gif)
I guess I can agree
I liked the brotherhood of tofu better when it was together


i agree that is rather frustrating really for the world of wakfu Yugos power isnt all that special or extreme either. Personally i find grovys abilities linking with rubilax far more unique then yugos abilities. Also come on Nox can teleport free of will and was way stronger plus heck his fight with grolagran was way cooler and more epic then the bout he had with yugo plus he showed a lot more power in my opinion. I know it was said nox was weakened because of the fight but still come on i feel like Nox was gipped as well as all the other characters really.

File: 127761684910.jpg-(20.28KB, 890x502, wakfu2009-12-25-23h27m18s255.jpg)
Whats with Evangeline becoming all moe/dramatic at the last episodes? For instance, the scene she kiss Sadly on the cheek was like moeblobxplosion.

They decided their usual style wasn't appropriate to convey the emotions they wanted to show. It's not the first time, either; Grovy's been doing that kind of thing for the entire series, just not quite to the same extent.

...I think I may kill myself.

I had the ENTIRE INTERVIEW done, every line painstakingly matched to fit where it needed to, three different applications of text boxes every time the fucking thing changed between normal and bold, and then go to save and...

"GIMP has encountered an unidentified error and needs to close."


I'm fucking done for now. I'll redo it tomorrow.

File: 127763672952.jpg-(15.64KB, 468x262, TF2 Sad Demoman.jpg)

I understand your pain, mate... things like this have happened to me also.

File: 127767811020.jpg-(18.67KB, 321x220, hmmm.jpg)
Watch Wakfu
Watch the End
Complete utter failure, enemy did not only archive what he wanted to do, but also wiped any threat and a whole race out of the surface.
They just (almost) survived due to the failtime travel

well to be honest, nox succeeding was foreshadowed from a mile away. As well as Kamina/Grovy's tragic end


well i supose you are right about them barely winning but eh i guess im just saying that it feels less like they deserved it. i know odd but what i mean is that it was all Yugo in that fight i would of liked to of seen everyone more involved in that final fight. also keep in mind yugo technically beat nox its just that yugo gave nox a opening at the last second for Nox to pretty well cheap shot him. Its not all that brutal a thing to me though its just i feel like a lot of other characters development went to waste in those final episodes.

i mean grovy finally got rubilax under control and that only played out for a couple of seconds really before razortime won. then amalia and eva just shut down after a couple of bits ruel only shows up for a second to deal a crippling blow to razortime. In the end i feel that they just missed out on some potentially awesome stuff with the other characters. However dont get me wrong the series is bloody awesome i wouldnt of watched it if it wasnt but to me really it just feels like the other characters were cut short while yugo got a big spotlight. As for my feelings on Nox im willing to say its probably just my prejudice XD i thought he was absolutely one of the best villains ever and i hate the fact they killed him.


I assume they'll just be given a chance to shine next season, at least I hope they do.
Amalia and Eva both got cut short, they just sat there crying like idiots. Ruel wasn't even there for most of the fight, and by the looks of it didn't even mean to do what he did.
Grovy got the chance to better himself and overcome the problem he had the entire season, so although he was wasted potential, he at least had a complete ending.

Also, anyone else think that Grovy was on the mountain in demon form when they first saw him in the Yugo v Nox fight? I thought it was foreshadowing that he was still alive, not showing Ogrest there. It took me a while to realize it was Ogrest.


I keep seeing people say Amalia and Eva should have done something, but what the fuck should they have done? Amalia was practically in a coma, and Eva had just fired her best shot WITH A BUFF from Amalia, and done jack shit. The thing runs on and fires pure Stasis; in case the sheer power of that is lost on you, do you remember Ruel crushing a Noxine in the first/second episode? Do you remember that little bit of gas causing a tree that would normally take hundreds of years (if not thousands) to grow instantly? Stasis is anti-Wakfu; it's just as powerful, in the opposite direction.

Now tell me, what could anyone have done to defend against that? Aside from killing the thing that uses it, there's nothing, and they'd already tried their best with no effect whatsoever.

File: 127771757268.jpg-(123.36KB, 850x619, sample_ae570b4b88ebdd47479d9bc4e7ee3696129ad7c3.jpg)
1. Fight (Nox Sadida), Amalia sleeping, Eva running like fuck. Then Evangeline tied up, saved by Sadly, everyone fight and Amalia use a doll to hit, they start chit chatting and he manage to get away easily

2. Fight (Nox Puppets), Amalia sitting meditating about the actual situation without helping, Eva don't shoot anything because of Sadly. Then Evangeline tied up, saved by Sadly, everyone fight but the Tree of Life possess useless Amalia and reverts the flow of battle

3. Fight (Razortime), Amalia sitting give her power to Eva, Eva finally shoots something with all her power, it blows a arm full of statis and explodes the enemy, showing how much power both of them used. Robot stands up as nothing had happened, showing how much power both Evangeline and Amalia had, while a drill made of only shovels deals way more damage.

...I see nothing wrong with this. Though Eva getting tied up the second time, Grovy also got the shit kicked out of him by the same enemy. It wasn't until Amalia (who was paralyzed by the incredible agony of being able to feel the pain of hundreds of trees being evaporated) got taken over by the tree of life that anything happened.

As for the GIGA DRILL ripping an arm off while Eva's big shot did jack shit, that one's easy: did you see how fast that thing was burrowing? It was burrowing through ground fast enough to fly a good distance into the air after coming out of the ground. That's significantly more power than anything anybody else in the cast (save Nox, Grougal, Tree of Amalia, Joris, and Unleashed Rubilax) has ever done. The only surprising part is that it only took off an arm, instead of outright destroying the thing.

Spoilers Everywhere

That's just you misidentifying that monster to make up proofs that Grovy is still alive because you so want him to be
That monster was Ogrest, there's just no doubt about it (from the shape that totally looks like him and doesn't look like Rubilax to the location where he is fund : Mount Zinit
Deal with it

So you're saying Grovy and Tree of Life helped everyone? I'm not saying they didn't.

as sad as it would be, I think a much better ending would be where everyone fought their hardest against Razortime, and everyone died. Even Joris. Then Ruel almost stops it, but since it's an engine of un-life, it's tougher than a few drills. Then a time reversal saved everyone but Grovy. That would emphasize the value of his sacrifice, and the importance of Yugo's quest.

Also, did anyone else get a really weird vibe from the finale? Remember Adrian Veidt?
Your greatest accomplishment is failing to stop mankind's salvation
Your greatest failure is fruitlessly stalling me for several minutes, causing your friend to die a second time

I half agree and half disagree about the finale. I wasn't disappointed by it or felt that it was cheap or anything, but it is the sort of ending that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and I think it was intended to.

Nox raping countries full of people and living beings for two hundred years only to fail and have all of those lives be lost for nothing, and to have him suffer his personal loss on top of that with no hope of redemption is probably the most depressing ending to a fictional work I have ever experienced, and it's just that much more disconcerting when you remember that Wakfu is a Saturday-morning cartoon.

Tristepin's death gave futility a whole new meaning. The heroes facing an enemy (Razortime) that was basically undefeatable was a good scenario, and I think that the beginning of the Razortime fight was very well-handled. What ruined it for me was Adamaï suggesting to Yugo "let's leave our friends alone to die at the hands of this undefeatable enemy while we take on the real bad guy", when Yugo's power in particular would have been amazingly helpful in the Razortime fight. Tristepin dies due to this decision. Ruel, who was basically put on a bus a few episodes ago for not being as cool as the younger heroes, comes out of nowhere moments too late, only to make a TTGL reference and then take no further part. Having them all die at the hands of Razortime actually would have been a satisfying ending considering the conditions, but instead Mister Deus Ex Machina arrives and in one blow does to the unbeatable enemy what the four (five including Rubilax) other heroes couldn't altogether. This all renders Tristepin's sacrifice absolutely pointless, and it's the most unsatisfying end he could have had.

And then of course the Eliacube reversing time and then cheaping out minutes before it could have saved Tristepin was just insulting. He deserved way better.



Totally didn't contradict myself.

File: 127775503578.png-(72.38KB, 1024x634, grovy where.png)
such a poignant picture ;_;

Hum are we not watching the same series or what ?

Whil I agree Grovy's sacrifice did not help beating the opponent, it is FAR from being pointless.

His sacrifice was the difference beteween dead cra & brown girl and alive cra & brown girl.

That is far from being pointless.

very good use of spoiler tags there.


My point is that it wouldn't have been pointless if not for Adamaï, Yugo, Ruel, and Joris. Ruel and Joris proved that Razortime could be beaten, but they only showed up after it was too late (and then they had the gall to say "Sorry I'm late, what did I miss"). That scene immediately took Tristepin from being a tragic hero to being a pathetic victim. Yugo and Adamaï would have been indispensable in the Razortime fight, but Adamaï had the brilliant idea to leave their friends to die while he and Yugo ran off to be heroes, instead. Yugo didn't even use his full potential when fighting Nox; him not fighting Razortime was an absolute waste.

Razortime could have been beaten without any casualties, but everyone who would have been useful in that fight was either fashionably late or just didn't want to be there, and that is what made it pointless.


That doesn't make his death pointless. That makes his death unfortunate.

fine... less significant


I had that happen to me recently with a paper I was writing. I feel your pain.

What's the current status on The Black Raven, if I may ask?

Eva x Amalia dirty story is done
obviously nsfw

hope you guys like it

Umm I can't access that site, any chance you could put it in a .txt file and then up it to MediaFire or the like please?

File: 127783752974.jpg-(30.64KB, 529x412, masterroshiasjackiechuntalking.jpg)
>Razortime could have been beaten without any casualties, but everyone who would have been useful in that fight was either fashionably late or just didn't want to be there
See, this is where you kids mix up issues of scale with laziness.

Throughout this entire series we've consistently seen that Yugo and company aren't exactly top-tier fighters. They're weaker than monkeys, men dressed like birds, possessed shushu guardians, etc. Ruel used to be, and the kids have the potential to get there, but they're not. Nobody knows who they are at large. Nobody cares.

Nox wasn't a global threat, even to the people who had an idea of what he was doing (e.g. Grougal thinking it was impossible and he'd just fail or kill everything.) Knowledge of his activities wasn't widespread anyway. He's not a big enough villain to merit immediate attention from anyone except the people he's trying to kill- a relatively small group, at best 8.3% of the world's population. Fucking yawn.

Joris is a player in things a magnitude greater. Little bastard gets to show up when he wants to- you're supposed to be seeing him as a mysterious and powerful dude who helps when he can, not a babysitter who you can bitch at for not saving your waifu's boytoy. He has more important things to worry about than your ship, believe it or not.

It's the fact that you grew up with DBZ instead of Dragon Ball- the concept of the rest of the world being above and beyond the protagonist and crew eludes you.

This. Infinitely this. Keep in mind, if this was an event of Huge Magnitude, there would be armies of Iop, armies of Osamodians, armies of all the World of Twelve.

Nope. Only Cra and Sadida.

Also, even at the end the Sadida refused to entrust the Eliacube to Yugo, even though in all honestly it's his right. He's still a nobody.

Also, this isn't the last season. Characters are going to make mistakes, and Grovy's death is the first major consequence of their mistakes. In any good epic story, people die. Important people, people you love.

Sadlygrove death is comparable to Wash's from Firefly/Serenity. It's was abrupt and seemingly out of nowhere, but it served a grave purpose: to remind us our characters are mortal, and that what they're fighting for is more important than any one of their lives.

And in coming episodes, Yugo is likely going to blame himself for Grovy's death, and this is going to cause a sink-or-swim conflict within himself. Do you beat yourself up over one failure or swear to yourself you'll never let it happen again?

...If he hadn't done what he did, we'd be down an Eva right now instead. Would that make you happy?


I find it funny that you think that the only reason the ending made people sad was because they fap over Eva. Some people genuinely like Sadlygrove's character, you know.

I agree in the premise. But that doesn't mean the ending is flawless. I never meant to say that Joris is a dick for not saving Grovy, but it does appear somewhat upsetting when he comes only at the last second. His presence was unnecessary, his entire role could have been fulfilled by Ruel, who was due for a dramatic comeback. I can totally understand Goultard not giving a fuck (or Grovy forgetting to tell him his whole mission and asking for help), or the heroes being out of their league. I mean Wagnar, a no-name guardian keeps a 5-element shushu and Kabrok has defeated him in the past, even when out-numbered (see comic, his helmet is a trophy). Even Kriss la Krasse is in the preliminaries, I find it difficult to imagine how their championship boufbowl matches are played. Maybe on the moon, to avoid collateral damage... Overall, the setting plays out a major conflict, but it leaves room for speculation of what else is going on behind the scenes. And I can totally respect that. If it was about the greatest and best of the world, it would be quite shallow.

It's just the final fight in 25 felt really empty. pew bang pew bang pew "legend".Want to know how I would change the ending, while keeping the same message all around?
5 of them (minus ruel) take on Razortime, but even portals prove useless, since it is a walking tank (remember how it crushed the Feca to death with a step, despite them being the game's best tanks?). Only after seeing the hopelessness, Yugo and Adamai run for the clock spider, while everyone else stays to buy them time. Amalia is caught by a blast and can't run. She sees the wave of energy coming at her, when demon Grovy takes the blast, falling into Eva's arms. She whispers "We'll enter the legend together" just as razortime walks up to them and shoots them both. Amalia is all alone against the robot, she summons the last of her strength when all of a sudden Ruel bursts from the ground and injures it, as well as Joris come to her aid. In a desperate struggle the two great heroes bring down the monstrosity and turn triumphantly, just to see Amalia turn to wood. They keel over in sadness. Yugo fights nox, loses, nox rewinds and saves everyone... but Grovy.

and the hundred or so sadida guards he spent on making the towers

It's an opinion, deafiler. I personally feel that grovy's sacrifice loses some meaning when someone knocks out the big bad with an animoo ninja slash

doesn't mean I find it any less heroic

btw did you like the story?

Haven't gotten around to reading it yet, too many people around.

File: 12778533449.jpg-(21.26KB, 890x502, ohwowsostronganddarkomgawd.jpg)
ITT: You post smart to try to reason some wild change on a kid show trying to go the Darkz evIL sad ENDing OMG SO BADDIE way.

Also, Adamai can manipulate the so legendary statis that can erase all life, haha, Adamai.

I like Pipoun too, I just don't see why I should feel like his sacrifice was insignificant or lessened by what happened.

Dude was above and beyond death. He wanted to be a hero, and die in battle if that's what it called for. He died in battle a hero. That was, honestly, the happiest ending I could perceive the character getting. Razortime being felled easily by someone a tier above is irrelevant. For the situation he was in, he did damn well.

Conflict tends to be disheartening. A tank rolls over your best friend and 3 minutes later a jet flies past and casually busts it, you're entitled to feel like they shouldn't have died. That's how you know when a good battle has been written- the casualties feel senseless and sting a little, and make you wish someone had prevented them. You know it's a rubbish battle when it turns into a kill-em-all or Advance Wars style "everybody wins except the infantry" bullshit.

Hi there. After making a V2 of episode 5 I noticed episode 6 from the big copypasta list is also a V1 from the first airing and has been redone by Ankama afterwards. Differences are not as big as Ep.5 but I think I'll redo it anyway. Also, it should be easier since there are no VA change and the first script was good (less work for me ^^ )

Differences include :
- Better resolution : 890x502 full screen, versus 640x480 with black bars (you can also notice the watermark moved)
- Overall better quality (less blurry and more contrast)
- The V.A. is the same (and from the same recording) but it has a better lip-synch (old one was off by almost half a second)
- Some of the background musics have changed
- The flashback scene when young Eva visits young sick Amalia has been redone completely
- Some minor details have changed (spell effects, background furnitures ...)
- A few framing/camera angles changes and added camera effects (shaking on an explosion, or camera tilt when Az hits Vampyro)

I'll keep you informed hen this is done.
Also, I'll check if my versions of other episodes from the beginning of the series have differences with the one from the download list, just in case ...

that, was actually, pretty touching. I'm sorry for letting my wishful thinking run rampant...




Now all we need is Le Corbeau Noir to come out. I heard it was almost done. =D

It is. The bonus pages are a bitch the likes of which I've never seen; I'm just going to use a fairly neutral color to completely fill over the French text...


Would it be easier to get a template "parchment", photoshop miranda/kabrok on and then just write in the text in the new page?


I think that I speak the mind of us all, when I say that we freakin' missed you man. Are you always the bearer of good news or what? ;)

File: 127789664798.jpg-(92.07KB, 856x480, Miranda Discuss.jpg)

Meh, works for me.

The only problem I had with the ending is SadlyGrove losing too quick to RazorTime when he was fused with Rubilax. I can understand that Grovy alone couldn't stand it at all, but with Rubilax on his side at least he could have put quite a fight before getting beaten the shit out.
Also, Ruel.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

Back to the subs project. I checked the other episodes :
- Ep. 1,2,3 are the newer versions
- Ep. 4 is an older version but the only two noticeable differences are the aspect ration (black bars) and the same case of lip-synch a little bit off like in ep.6. Also I have a tiny bit better quality encode (less blurry) but overall, nothing worth redoing the sub before we get an HD version this summer.

You aren't. I'm perfectly okay with what happened and I think that Grovy's sacrifice was neither useless (saved the girls) nor pointless (great dramatic moment, plus that's how he wanted to end ... just maybe not as soon as he did, but oh well ... ). However, I agree with you that we could have used 10-15 seconds more of Rubi-Grovy brawling with Razortime, not a big deal though. Also I agree with those who say Ruel could have served Joris' purpose, but that's not a big deal either and I don't hate the midget for that.

Oh, and I forgot this too : v2 of episode 6 will have end-credits

it could have been better shown but i am ok with it as well, after another watch-through
It took ~1/4 tank for razortime to clean the forest like an atom bomb
It took the same amount of power to do fisticuffs with a Iop

far from useless

Because I don't have a reliable way to get Kabrok and Miranda selected. My hand isn't that steady. Besides, the portrait frame has the color discrepancies too.


"Useless"? Never said that nor implied such thing, it was an obvious important sacrifice in the same time SadlyGrove decided to take the hit that was meant for Eva and Amalia.
Like I said in my last post, the only thing I didn't like about the ending was Him and Rubilax not shown as formidable rivals, but who knows, maybe Razortime was simply out of their standards, just like GPN said in >>29129

And about Ruel, I would have liked to see him more in action, but I guess no one can be always in time, not even in a such importan fight.

I was adressing all the recent "Grovy's death sucks" in general, I agree with you. Sorry if my post was unclear.


Oh, it's alright. I thought that post had singular tendencies.

File: 127792935451.png-(329.33KB, 1349x763, Yugo Komeiji.png)
If Ogrest have all Dofus and used then to beat the Gods then where was Goulgaloragan and Adamai+Yugo Dofus?.

He had the Legendary Dofuses, which are different from regular dragon-egg Dofuses. They never hatched any dragon and were made as powerful artifacts by the first generation of dragons.

it would be great to have the mini wakfu episodes subbed and also the main theme video subbed with both languages. can someone teach me how to do it?

Do some who have mini wakfu 25


>Koishi Yugo


File: 127802849287.jpg-(0.96MB, 1534x2227, Image (18).jpg)
so uh, I have tears of blood scanned... should I upload it to the public, or email it to a translator?

pic related, it's Sacrieur

Hey I just bought the Wakfu art book, and in the english translations Sadlygrove is referred to as Percedal

yeah, they probably realized that Sadlygrove sounds dumb in English. His full name is Sir Tristepin Percidal.

In short, Dally...

translation : "hey kid, wanna /ss/ ? "

jesus, that looks like something out of Naruto.

File: 12780773366.jpg-(176.20KB, 620x500, gr.jpg)
this comic panel...


Is that an original comic or just the show rearranged as a comic?

She's totally groping his pecs.

I've got episodes 23-26 and the two specials left to watch. Now, I was wondering if you guys could help me with this dilemma:
Does the Goutard special need to be watched in between certain episodes, and the Nox special after ep 26? I mean, story-wise. Or can i watch both of them after ep 23, for example? Do i have to watch ep 26 to understand the special, or worse, if i watch the Nox special first, will it be a massive spoiler for the end?
I'd really appreciate it if you guys could advise me :D


The Goultard special has no place in the Wakfu storyline. Watch it whenever you want. The Nox special is safe to watch pretty much any time after you learn what the Eliacube is.


That said, I personally think that the Nox special is more effective after you've seen episode 24. But you don't need to watch the special to understand the finale, or vice versa.

Show rearranged as a comic. I think it's from the mini-wakfu magazine


yeah, the one with little brown girl on the cover.

i'm currently playing dofus 2.0 and im IN LOVE with the Brakmar city/prison theme:

File: 127809634596.png-(379.19KB, 1349x763, frenchysatori2.png)
Woah, she have arms, in Dofus and Dofus Arena she is shown as a Harpy like Goddess, also, I'm glad they aren't censoring the other classes from comics, it'd be sad not seeing some just because of the censorship.

Also, don't know that it has been already said, but the name of one of Wakfu servers is Tiva, kinda a female eliathrope, which in french mean You go (yugo), guess they will make the server names mean the same thing but just in different languages?


"You go" means "tu vas", not "ti va" >_>


And "You go" isn't "Yu go"

"Tiva" is "t'y vas", short for "tu y vas" which means "you go".

"You go" = "Yugo" using French pronounciation. ^^;

>And in coming episodes, Yugo is likely going to blame himself for Grovy's death, and this is going to cause a sink-or-swim conflict within himself.

That'll be too much like fucking Gurren Lagann, next thing we'll have Eva giving Ruel a kiss and him dying just before the last battle with the Anti-Spirals, no sir, that's not going to happen.


>>29186 here, I was saying that it isn't the exact pronunciation, just something close.

Yes, that's what I understood.
And you're right... That is if you're an English native speaker.
But when you're French just like Wakfu creators, using our ol' good Engrish accent, "You go" and "Yugo" are pronounced EXACTLY the same! ;-)
Something like "yoo-goh"...

File: 12781310998.png-(196.46KB, 429x427, 9579546944.png)
Sorry to interrupt the faggotry, but has there been any word of a Wakfu soundtrack?

Nothing yet...


what if season 2 was about female eliatrope?


File: 127813391732.jpg-(135.10KB, 800x1139, Wakfu_Violette.jpg)
Sounds good! :-D

File: 127813686726.jpg-(44.22KB, 600x438, 1278085891333.jpg)
Now that people said there is a chance that the second season isn't about Yugo group but some other group. Fuck, if they do this I'm droping the show.



Except I'll probably still watch it, just rage hard.

I doubt they would do that though. Barring all use of logic about how they just spent a season fucking developing characters, Supposedly Yugo is the last eliatrope. Why the hell would they randomly introduce a new one? It would be dumb even from a "lol boy and girl they would have a romance subplot" because Yugo and Amalia are already sort of like that, just very subtly.

Anyone want to see Yugo and Amalia's relationship become more obvious in the next season? I could see Yugo struggling with Grovy's death, Amalia comforting him, and Eva bawwing thinking about Grovy when she sees Yugo and Amalia together

Even if they introduce new characters, I don't think they'll change the main cast either.
However, we may see a few eliatropes -or eliatropettes-. Part of the plot will probably be about Yugo finding his origins, so we may take a tour of Emrube somehow; thanks to a flashback or some random time rift.

It would be cool to see another Xelor join the cast. Maybe there could be a character development moment when he's/she's accepted despite being of the same creed as the guy who nearly killed them all.

In every dofus there is a dragon and an Eliatrope, right? If Grougal's dofus hatches, we're getting another Eliatrope.

Current Status on The Black Raven comic?

File: 127816695041.gif-(468.89KB, 400x226, 646877026.gif)

>In every dofus there is a dragon and an Eliatrope, right?
Nope. in ep.16, Adamai explains that dragon eggs started one day to hatch eliatropes/dragon pairs, which means that dragons existed before and their eggs only hatched dragons 'till that day. Grougaloragran is said to be very old, even for a dragon, so he might very well be a pre-eliatrope-thing dragon.
Also, this is his "backup" dofus (the first one they lay) which didn't contain anything prior to him using it.

In ep. 25 & 26 you can see the dragon foetus through the shell : there's no eliatrope in it.

Finally, another example of dofuses not containing eliatropes (nor dragon in fact) is the 6 legendary Dofuses gathered by Ogrest, which were made by the first dragons as power artifacts.

As much as it pains me to say it, Ankama have a habit of giving characters backstory and development and then killing them off. I mean technically, you see the nox special AFTER learning that he died on his family's grave.. But my rage will power a thousand suns if they pull a complete reset.

That being said, new characters joining the group is almost guaranteed. They, after all, have to show more of the mmo. Considering Feca and Sacrieur are the most popular classes by far, I would say they are the new arrivals. Girl Sacrieur sounds delicious...

One last thing. I brought this up before, but no one cared, so I will repeat. They are airing Eureka Seven. If they keep the habit of borrowing plot elements like they did with TTGL, then most likely the next season will have a romantic interest for Yugo, as well as a goodend


Sacriers probably will be striped off the masochist tendency, like the Nox puppet (who isn't ever shown of getting stronger after some beatings), Feca was one of my questions, it is totally safe, but haven't been added for no reason(. eniripsas probably, Srams NO-NO (Mexican thing about people using Skull on clothing or some shit like that), Pandawa NO-NO (drinking), osamodas already have (KABROOK) same for Ecaflip (but it didn't display the betting games love, so probably no gaming reference).

>Eniripsas probably


You aren't taking into consideration the differences in French broadcasting standards. European broadcasters are boatloads more lenient than North American ones (dunno about British), and we've already seen that this show wasn't designed with a Saturday-morning American audience in mind. As long as they aren't dumbing it down to push for TVY7/C8/whatever, I don't think that Pandawas or Ecaflips or Srams would be a problem. Sacriers probably would be, though, unless they replace the blood with something else.


blood? what blood? she was working in meat shop as a kid... thus those crismon arms.

...They replaced the blood as soon as they starting making Wakfu as a sequel to Dofus. It's their tattoos, ripped straight out of their skin.

File: 127819181072.jpg-(10.64KB, 177x320, Wabbit.jpg)

I was thinking they were trying to make the animation universally accepted to all ages(by removing anything that other nations [minus those extremists] might not like) to avoid receiving little money from it, while making it have a interesting history avoiding the "pokemon-ism". Honestly, If ankama was really going on her "style" you'd see things like this.

Don't worry about sacriers, they swapped the power over pain and blood with power of cute HEART TATOOS and WILLPOWER XD .


I was thinking about the Eniripsa that healed Armand too. :3

File: 127819190651.jpg-(12.00KB, 400x237, Lampe-taverne.jpg)


Does anybody remember who provided the scans? I'm pretty sure the second half was Ginger Pally, but I can't remember the first...

Pretty sure it was an Anon.


The scans are over here


File: 127820525975.jpg-(22.49KB, 510x382, 1278097939407.jpg)

Whoa, thanks, I was lazy to post all things that had on it, so I just got the most famous ones.

The Black Raven comic has Kabrok being a drunken mess and mistaking Miranda for a prostitute, and the bonus material has a news article entirely devoted to castrating Gobballs. If Ankama wants to include the more controversial classes in season 2, I don't think anything's going to stop them.

speaking of which :

>Hung 'Short Memory' Lekahurse
I lol'ed heartily.



File: 127821723787.jpg-(1.07MB, 1622x2299, Image (0).jpg)
Actually, I can't take credit, I don't own a copy of black raven. I have a copy of Tears of Blood, that I am hoping to get translated... I have it scanned

in fact, fuck it. Here's the sacrieur comic

it's in french so far. It seems I can't garner enough interest yet...


What crawled up your ass and died in there?


I'm done. Nothing can make me edit this further.

The fact that it had no credits for raw providing? The fact that it's 3-4 times the size of the final one? Pick one.

Well, since it's Sunday and I finally have some time to spare, I'll make a script for your comic.


And once you post that script, I'll begin the editing!


one page have a text wirten over text.


Prespic hunt anyone?

I think it's intentional because black raven talks in a cool voice...


Great comic bro


Actually (though I doubt anyone will believe me), I did do that on purpose. Wanted to simulate the effect of speaking from within a metal container. Didn't like it too much, so I didn't do it at all later, but I guess I forgot to fix that one occasion.

Here it is:

Wakfu - The Tears of Blood comic - Script:

- One line per bubble, logical reading order.
- Page numbers refer directly to the comic, not to the scanned files numbers.

Feel free to refine my translation here and there if it happens to sound lame. ^^;
Don't hesitate to ask me if something is unclear.

Enjoy, and good luck on editing. ;-)

It seems to be missing pages 30, 41, and 42. What's up? Are those pages ads?

Before I forget: Great job on those.

think blank, or virtually no decoration. 41-42 has some decoration but it may as well be pencil sketches of a bush or leaves. I figured I trim a few megs...
je t'aime

File: 127834766979.png-(35.64KB, 801x481, 755iz2nwt9na4g0k8cs.png)
by the way, if anyone is interested, I found the lyrics to the full theme song

"Entends-tu le chant des héros, résonner
Vois tu les ombres sur ton passage, s'effacer,
Enfant de lumière,
Je veux être des tiens,
Pour écrire ensemble,
D'autres lendemains.
Au delà des doutes,
Je rejoins ton combat,
Quelque soit ta route,
Je marche sur tes pas.

Refrain :
Sois, le feu et la terre,
L'eau et la poussière,
Héro malgré toi.
Vois, la légende s'écrire,
L'histoire se construire,
L'avenir est notre aventure.
Fais, vivre la lumière,
Parler les éclairs,
La magie entre tes mains.
Pars, suivre ton chemin,
Et regarde: tu peux voir au loin, l'amitié guider ton destin.

J'entends la rumeur,
Me souffler les mots,
D'un nouveau refrain,
D'un nouveau héro !
Le cri du soleil,
Quand le ciel te réclamme,
Là où ton étoile,
qui nous appelle.

Tu peux voir au loin l'amitié guider ton destin.

A chaque héros, son pouvoir !
Je suis l'espace je suis le temps !
A chaque quêtes, son histoire !

Ton futur, l'aventure, ta lumière, guider ton destin !"

Just wanted to share it

Works for me, thanks.


"Do you hear the heroes 'song, resonate,
Do you see the shadows on your path, fade away,

Child of light,
I want to be of yours,
To write together,
Other tomorrows.
Beyond doubts,
I'm joining your combat,
Whatever your way,
I'm walking on your steps.

Be Fire and Earth,
Water and Dust,
Unwilling hero.
See the legend write itself,
History build itself,
The future is our adventure.
Make the light live,
Lightning talk,
Magic between your hands.
Go, follow your path,

And watch: You can see in the distance friendship guiding your destiny.

I hear the rumor,
Whispering me the words,
Of a new refrain,
Of a new hero!
The sun’s cry,
When the sky calls upon you,
There where your star,
Which calls us.


You can see in the distance friendship guiding your destiny.

To each hero, his power!
I am space I am time!
To each quest, its story!


And watch: Your future, adventure, light guiding your destiny!"

Excellent job in the editting, man. It looks great.

Do you hear the heroes' song, resonating
Do you see the shadows in your path, erasing themselves
Child of light,
I want to be yours,
To write together,
About the days ahead.
Beyond my doubts,
I join you in battle,
Whatever your path is,
I walk in your footsteps.

Refrain :
Be, the fire and the earth,
The water and the dust,
Despite yourself hero.
See, the legend write itself,
The story build itself,
The future is our adventure.
Make live the light,
Speak the lightning,
The magic is within your grasp.
Go, follow your path,
And watch: in the distance you can see, friendship guiding your destiny.

I hear a murmur,
Whispering words to me,
A new refrain,
A new hero!
The cry of the sun,
When the sky reclaims you,
From where your star,
calls to us.

In the distance you can see friendship guiding your destiny.

To each hero, his power!
I am space, I am time!
To each quest, its story!

Your future, adventure, your light, guiding your destiny!

File: 127837329330.png-(420.88KB, 892x502, amalia sees eva naked.png)

Nice filename you have there...

File: 127838876281.jpg-(79.53KB, 897x502, yum_yum.jpg)
>"I told you to stop staring at me that way already! They'll find out..."

anyone have any mini-wakfu episodes other than number 1? subbed preferably, but I'll muddle through raws just to stave off some of the wakfu withdraw.

Augh, just discovered another typo. I'm going to have my friend proofread Tears of Blood before releasing it...

Ginger, why haven't we exchanged MSNs or something yet?

File: 127840409141.jpg-(709.60KB, 1920x1080, eva brown6.5.jpg)
i unno, you liked on Rizon last time

Okay. I'm trying to think of a nice way to say this... Get back in there so we can form a more permanent means of communication, because you need to know how awesome you are for scanning Tears of Blood and I think I may need some help with lines and stuff.

I haven't been able to find any of them, though that doesn't necessarily mean they don't exist somewhere out there.

Hey, I wonder who remembers me.
Probably no one. Im the guy who uploaded the pack of Wakfu tv music ripped from les gardiens.
Anyway. I bring you updated pack of Wakfu - Les Gardiens music. It's in shitty quality, blah blah, flash game blah.
There's few new tracks, where I think most important of them all is "Sound 16". Check it out first plz.

I hope you can enjoy this crap, even tough it's so low quality. I certainly do enjoy it.

I remember you doing it, but you have no name so it's hard to say I remember YOU.

And thanks!

well, theres the french lyrics of the main theme, i downloaded the video and the english translation helps a lot. so, could anyone teach me how to make a video in avi format with the lyrics in karaoke format and the translation along with the lyrics?. i want to have the translation in spanish, thats why i cant ask to just sub the video, and it would be too much if i request it in spanish.

>There's few new tracks, where I think most important of them all is "Sound 16"


Thanks !

File: 127851804482.jpg-(19.91KB, 366x363, 127369145487.jpg)
by the way, updated copypasta


Wakfu 24 - English softsubbed - HD version:

Wakfu 25 - English softsubbed - HD version:

Wakfu 26 - English softsubbed - HD version:

The Goultard special, hard subbed, in MP4 format
And in AVI format
Black Raven comic

Since everyone loves track 16, I edited it to remove the gap and to make it flow more smoothly. I don't know where the real beginning and end of the song are, so I had to guess... 16.5.mp3


Any softsubs of the finale that are less than 600MB? Or softsubs in general? I'm missing tons.

- Get the SD raws:

Episode 25:
Episode 26:
Nox Special:

- Get the subs files:

Episode 25:
Episode 26:
Nox Special:

- Get and install MKVtoolnix:

- Launch MKVmerge
- Click "ADD" next to the "Input file" window, and open a raw file.
- Click "ADD" once again, and open the matching subs file
- In the "Tracks, chapters and tags" window, click on the first line. Have a look at the "General Track options" under, and set "Yes" to the "Default track flag" option.
- Do the same for the other 2 lines in the "Tracks, chapters and tags" window.
- Click "Browse" next to "Output filename", and give a name to your softsub.
- click "Start muxing"

And voila! You've made your own softsub in less than 2 minutes! ^o^

> NOTICE : no servers are currently aviable with the requested data on them

can someone reupload this ?



to Wakfu Guardians:

episode 26 is UP.

right above Boa's head.

Oh shit yes, it's like I'm really a crazy time mage doing something epic!

Did the comic ever get fully translated? It's hard to keep track, through all of these posts.

Black raven? Yes, here

Tears of blood? Translated, but not put together yet. Deafdefiler is working on it.

Um... hardsubs.


anyone knows how to get there? damn they put it in worst place ever.

More precisely, they say an OST will be made during the second half of 2010; and we should expect more info by september.

>get tired of being out of the loop
>watch entirety of Wakfu in 2 days
...Dammit, nobody ever told me it was, like, THIS GOOD. Maaaaaan, now I'm late to the party.

Yes we did. We told you that CONSTANTLY. This is what you get for not paying attention.

It's true. These fags are really vocal about this shit. You'd have to be blind, deaf or retarded not to have noticed by now.

Rightfully so, mind you. As you found out...

File: 12787711147.jpg-(33.81KB, 380x345, laughingelfman.jpg)
Hey there's always people who don't like it. That doctor professor tripfag came to my livestream 2x and left after 1-2 episodes, declaring he is bored. He also told me he liked Berserk and (oh irony) complained that Eva did not show enough emotion during the boufbowl arc. Talk about cattle calling the kettle black.

Thanks dude, that's gonna do me wonders in a month.

File: 127883458837.jpg-(60.72KB, 400x571, lds2.jpg)
Tears of Blood, Tome 2 is scheduled for early 2011

I wonder if they'll tie in any canon characters

So what is Tears of Blood? It's Wakfu, but not a tie-in with the show?

Hey, the guy who ripped that music from Les Gardiens here.
This time I come with... a request.
I've started learning to become a drawfag(ONE DAY! ONE FUCKING DAY!) and I'm collecting various model sheets and such from animu, cartoons and comics for the future.
So, I wanted to ask.
Does anyone have some Wakfu model sheets?
I'll take anything as long as it's NOT a frggin' micro image.
I saw an Amalia one once, and that's it. Surely there's more?
Also, is there any hope of getting a model sheet of Nox?
Thanks, and sorry to be a bother.

Oh, additionally. Since I never actually did it.
I wanted to thank everone involved in subbing this, getting the raws, translating and scanning the comic(s) and that full opening theme.
Really much thanks.

mini wakfu 1-26 NOX mini wakfu 25???


The French official Wakfu site has some. Each character's profile has links to model sheets/promotional images/artists' sketches/etc, but not all of the above. They're still very useful for reference, though.

D'oh. How come I didn't think of going to that site?
Thanks, bro. This is good.
Shame there's no model sheet for Nox, still, good.
Thanks again.

File: 127890222255.jpg-(658.04KB, 1990x1545, Image (78).jpg)
like fuck there aint
have some of Gueuzav's sketches from the first Wakfu book

File: 127890233419.jpg-(782.60KB, 2023x1539, Image (79).jpg)
part 2
Hope these help
You can pay me back with... well... drawfagging Wakfu. So pretty much do as you were planning

Holy fuck! I LOVE YOU!
Thank you so much.
It will probably take some long time, since I'm basically a huge ass beginner at drawing (I can barely draw anything GOOD) but I'm slowly making progress. I promise to do some serious draw fagging when I'll (more or less) master the techniques.
Jesus... thanks again.
Also, some of those alternate designs are pretty fucking sweet.

Dunno if it can help, but AnkamaShop allows you to browse a few pages of the Wakfu artbooks.

The links:

Click on "Feuilleter le livre" under the covers'pics.
The flash interface which displays the samples may not be really useful, but looks like you can at least print them.

Looks like I'm cancelling my Nox comicon costume. I have $22 to my name and none of the cloth I need.

Aww that's too bad...
Hope your financial trouble settles soon.

You probably saved yourself a lot of discomfort.

I mean, cosplaying as Nox would be standing COMPLETELY STRAIGHT and STOCK STILL with your hands constantly at either your sides or folded behind your back. And when you'd turn your head or move your arms, you'd have to do so as if each motion were controlled by the ticking of a clock. Which would get uncomfortable quick.
Just saying.

File: 127916493674.jpg-(25.72KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2010-06-20-13h49m42s178.jpg)
...You don't seem to understand cosplay; you only need to be 'in-character' when somebody's taking a picture. Also, I generally hold myself completely still, and I was doing this Nox anyway.

I still might be, if I can find sheets at the local thrift store in the right colors...

Oh boy, it's that one Eva gore picture we've all seen and hate.

Take it back to /pco/; this thread is for projects, not porn.

Jesus, I'm a moralfag and an Eva fanboy and it doesn't even surprise me anymore. At least work on your trolling.

In other news, Myssai specifically says she is not drawing gore, so that means some chink fanboys requested it. Hahaha oh wow...

Hey what happened to this?
Ankama shutdown again?


The whole site is under construction. The main webspace was devoted to something completely different, and there were no internal links to the Wakfu page, so I doubt it has anything to do with Wakfu or Ankama..

Sheets + Rit Dye.

Well, I have a decision to make. How important is color to a costume?

Damn, if you were in the GTA I would easily help you out. I have 4x cotton 108" boxing wraps (enough to make a mummy or two) and several gallons of various colours of acrylic paint. But you had to not live in Canada, you basturd...

I would say, not very. If you're just rushing it along, getting the right shade should be the lowest priority. It's all beige-green. Who cares? The look and feel of the costume should be higher rank. Like the hat. If you get the hat and glowing eyes right, hell yeah. Besides, not like anyone will recognize Nox...

Of course a real clocksword would be coitus-inducing, but let's keep our priorities in order...

By the way, you may want to practice the movement beforehand. I tried to imitate Nox's jerky motion and twisted something in my neck. Fuck...

I'm making the clocksword out of a three-dowel base, foamcore for the point, pommel, and guard, and wrapped in paper mache, beige paint, and black for detailing. I've got some cloth left over from other projects that I'm going to use to wrap the handle.

As for the body wraps, I have a light blue sheet I'm going to bleach the living shit out of. The tunic I'm going to be making out of a dark blue material. The hat I'm especially proud of; once I find a balloon large enough to fill it for the paper mache, I'll have the most awesome hat ever.

Pants are probably the part I'm least happy with; while I've got the wrong cloth for the vest color, the pants I've got are flat-out black and tighter than I would like.

>As for the body wraps, I have a light blue sheet I'm going to bleach the living shit out of.
Maybe see that once you've got it white (or orange depending on the type of blue used) that you try getting it dinge up the old fashioned way- alternate tossing it into mud and letting it bake in the sun for a while.

As for the hammerpants...why not just buy a pattern and sew some hammerpants? Won't cost that much.

Buying anything is pretty much out of the question. I have $23 in my bank account.

Quick question. Did anyone realize that there is an entire MMORPG Wakfu. If so, is anyone playing it now?

Also I heard there is a way you can obtain an access key, available from July-August 5th.

Yes, I've known about it since before the series started airing. I've been playing since then too.

For info about the contests, just go to the website and look around.

Someone was asking over on /co/ proper:

/co/mrades, I come to you in a time of need.

What the HELL is the song that plays during the closing credits of the Nox special in Wakfu? I know it's only played for ten seconds, but I desperately need that song!

It's played for a lot more than ten seconds, but it's mostly in the background.

Anyway, we don't have that song yet, but we do have the version from Les Gardiens.


Yeah I entered already, thing is that in this game you need to roll with 3-4 people or you get assaulted.

You mean in other territories. Any green territory is protected, nobody can touch you. They might be able to join your fight and grief you, unless you enable autolock.

But don't worry. Next update, I will make the cheapest pvp build possible to pick on other countries' people...


We should both do water Xelor, and drain their AP to the point where they can't do anything.

File: 127940950279.png-(727.61KB, 1021x577, going insane.png)

I was the one asking for that song. The song I'm trying to find isn't Nox's theme, I was talking about that soft/melancholy song sung by the French chick that plays during the end credits, where we see an insane, colorful Nox running towards the camera.

It's driving my nuts trying to find it!

fuck that, they rely on crits, large amounts of AP and mental attack. Very diverse stats for a very low damage character. Plus, someone gets in close and you're in trouble.

Ginger's guide to griefing in Wakfu...

Really broken builds are as follows:

-2 fire xelors, temporal burn then UNLOAD on the enemy. Cataclysmic first turn damage, but only so-so if they have more initiative than the enemy. If enemy has more, he WILL miss his second turn, as both xelors take theirs 2x. Bonus if you get them to high 90's, as they both get extra AP and good weapons. They will also be able to spam Emphatic burn more often, since the duration nerf...
-Water ecaflip minmaxed for crits with rough tongue and heads or tails for heal/atk, and fire Sacrieur with mark of malady. This build can stack around seventy five+ critical failure. More if you buff AP on the eca. Just imagine.
-Water feca with agressive shield and anyone that can use cheap spells. Air Iop is god tier. Feca will heal absurd amounts of damage to himself and anyone on a X-glyph for 18-24 turns. I calculated as much as 75HP PER SPELL CAST. But needs high lvl and good equip. Did I mention he will rebound at least 25% dmg at max level? Fucking suicide attacking him.

What do you say? Wanna make some foreigners cry?

Actually you're not the only one who wants to find out what this song is.
Many people have already asked about it even on French official Wakfu forums. Unfortunately, somebody at Ankama has yet to give an answer...

oh no...
they did
it sounded something like this:
*register ca-ching*

Yeah, you're right. My bad, I didn't realise since I'm not very fluent in *register ca-ching*.

...You're a bad person.


Well, my cash is ready to be handed over to the first site that puts the CD up for say.

*register ca-ching*

File: 127946348619.jpg-(15.99KB, 640x358, goultard sip.jpg)
you know you love me

quick question - is wakfu still "open beta", or it is again closed ?


It's closed, but you can get access by doing a map-creation contest.

Basically, they give you a grid and pictures and tell you to create a map of a beach with photoshop or some editing program.

They even give you a free editing program too.

File: 127953502696.png-(316.64KB, 709x486, 45848534583.png)

I know what you mean man! Is there a set release date for it?

=> From 4chan:
>LM-G1 !de85kRb5gY 07/19/10(Mon)08:58 No.18680007

>I suppose kind of like how I did when I made the vocaroo recording of Nox, minus the laugh at the end.
>just changing things up a bit to make things a little more interesting.

Translation VS adaptation...
Well, translators are not English native speakers; so I understand you may want to change a few things so that they sound less scholar and more "at home" indeed.

However, as the Nox's special original translator, I don't really understand why your Vocaroo is "more interesting". Could you please explain?

im looking for episode 6 with credits.

another new wakfu thread here >>29618

at 419 posts if a mod comes through it will be locked.


Umm... - sorry, but it will be offline now for a while - until I redo the page.
Tried to do it now but PHP is acting like a dork soo... Not going to happen :(

>"as the Nox's special original translator, I don't really understand why your Vocaroo is "more interesting". Could you please explain?"

Well, looking back on what I said, "More interesting" does come off a bit offensive. This idea of changing things up is just something that I'd like to do but it completely depends on all of your opinions.
Completely okay with just doing the original reading of the lines.

Don't worry, I didn't feel offended at all. As far as I'm concerned, any improvement is welcome; and you can change what you want as long as you don't change the meaning.

For example, you can say "from this point on" instead of "from this instant" if you feel it sounds better. Nobody will care here because the meaning remains the same.

But it bugs me a little when you say "the World will refer to me as" instead of "the World will learn to call me". I think you're missing here the forceful side of what Nox says.
Basically he says "the World will learn to know me under the name of", which I adapted to "the world will learn to call me" so that it matched "my children called me" and "my wife called me". What's important here is "the World will LEARN", that is to say "I will make the world to". It's very forceful, and matches what Nox says before: "I will fix my life's clock", "I will surpass Xelor", etc.

Well, this may sound kinda pernickety, but what I mean here is that the translators have already done their best at adapting the dialogues so that they didn't sound too litteral. So, be careful if you want to adapt any further.
By the way, don't hesitate to ask me if you need help regarding this for your fandubs. ;-)

File: 127962499479.png-(273.00KB, 640x480, 1277705468867.png)
>Well, this may sound kinda persnickety

Not at all man! I completely understand now, when AND if I do go through with the dub, I'll be sure to alter it. Making a good dub that most everyone will be able to enjoy is at the top of my priorities, I just think that it will be difficult to get together a happy little band of VA's who'd be willing to lend a hand.

File: 127962537814.jpg-(177.80KB, 848x576, 1276050009755.jpg)
...and if anyone would care to lend a hand, you can reach me at my Email.

Gonna go take a nap now...

>I just think that it will be difficult to get together a happy little band of VA's who'd be willing to lend a hand.
Keep us posted on how many you get. I'd sign on, but my vocal range is pretty much dry quiet, several "doesn't sound right until modulated" robot voices, and Doctor Doom, none of which would apply here.

A torrent with nobody to seed is a sad sad thing indeed.

File: 127966859878.gif-(853.18KB, 256x144, 1277690285404.gif)
I'll try!
Hopefully everything will work out but I still have a lot of work to do. Fingers crossed!

File: 127977851479.png-(432.73KB, 865x386, Hat.png)
I just realized something :
He designed his hat in memory of his son's.


ok, I gasped out loud

but lets take this to the new topic


oh shit manly tears

>Bumping this thread

Fuck yeah, I love dinosaurs.


Is that any chance that someone, somewhere and somehow saved all the episodes in HD, softsubbed or original ?

File: 128388385967.png-(221.58KB, 463x421, bplease.png)
>Fuck yeah, I love dinosaurs.
including sexual tyrannosaurs?

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