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OK, /co/'s been doing what it does best, namely brainstorming and making things better. Namely anon decided that making Inspector Gadget SERIOUS BUSINESS was an appealing idea.

Here's the gist of it: Gadget is a prototype full conversion cyborg, the very first of his kind. His body ruined under yet undisclosed circumstances, and much is made of him dealing with his new state.

Dr. Claw is a bioengineering genius and head of MAD corporation. He is a futurist, seeing the post-human future of mankind in a biological "man-directed" evolution, rather then in the synthesis of man and machine, as embodied by Gadget.

Penny is his niece, they have a bit more lighthearted version of the "Leon-Matilda" relationship. A tech genius, she is the embodiment of the young cyberpunk generation.

BRAIN is still undecided. Either a virtual dog, a computer canine companion, fulfilling the role of the original Brain, except in the cyber landscape, OR an uplifted dog that hacks computer systems with "computer empathy".

For details and a bunch of plot points see the original threads:

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File: 120356782365.jpg-(153.76KB, 687x900, 1203555471437.jpg)
Some more art that was produced.

File: 120356785710.gif-(6.99KB, 501x401, 1203552195967.gif)

File: 120356787611.jpg-(62.20KB, 707x768, 1203562945785.jpg)

File: 120356800088.jpg-(38.85KB, 714x698, 1203553574824.jpg)
Oh, there was also a neat idea for the plot to run according to "coping stages", i.e. denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, to reflect Gadget's mental journey.

See the threads for more info.

File: 120356804190.jpg-(189.00KB, 637x862, 1203566762315.jpg)

File: 120356806919.jpg-(89.45KB, 900x719, 1203564760394.jpg)

File: 120356813049.jpg-(152.44KB, 1160x1024, 1203560109781.jpg)

File: 120356815559.jpg-(58.57KB, 640x360, 1203566069199.jpg)

File: 120356818394.jpg-(54.94KB, 523x306, 1203565279437.jpg)

File: 120357174558.jpg-(291.57KB, 600x840, page1.jpg)
An awesome sample page.

File: 120357194812.jpg-(26.82KB, 573x506, BrAIN.jpg)
Personally, I like the idea of a perfectly organic Brain, that has an incredible, superior to humans intelect due to genetic manipulation (MAD's doing, perhaps?) he can't talk or be very expressive because he's still a dog like any other, but thanks to his collar, he can manipulate objects more eficiently than with his paws, allowing him to write to commnicate with Penny. In teory, nothing stops him from communicating with Gadget in the same fashion, but perhaps, in honor to the original cartoon, we should have Gadget not aware of Brain's intelect, seeing him as a normal dog, while Penny and Brain keep it as a secret, because that's what kids and dogs do.

File: 120357419739.jpg-(693.39KB, 800x1028, page_sample.jpg)

And another, on the same script.

I am so gay for Gadget now.


I really like these,


And this is like the child between them

File: 120358369274.jpg-(21.56KB, 314x359, Gadget.jpg)
Right now I'm working on a paper but I'll try and do some more contributions to this project tomorrow

Holy dang, this looks incredible.

Someone should a draw a picture of the Claw, or at least come up with a insignia(or logo) for MAD.

File: 120360904688.jpg-(17.81KB, 354x473, drclaw.jpg)
I'm pretty sure there's a reason that nobody's drawn Dr Claw.

He just plain looks weird. I mean, how do you translate THIS into serious?


Goddamn you to hell for posting thaty abomination.

File: 120360962567.jpg-(285.10KB, 600x840, testpage1.jpg)
I woke up this morning and doodled these based on what someone wrote in one of the threads.

File: 120360965660.jpg-(309.94KB, 600x840, testpage2.jpg)
not meant to be finished pages, just having fun with the idea.

maybe we can let go of his saying "go go go gadget something" every time he uses it


Ah, I'm on the fence on that one. I think it should still be retained in some form.

Gomu Gomu no Roller Skates!

File: 120363069338.jpg-(43.38KB, 665x614, Claw.jpg)

It's actually not that hard. The problem with Claw is that he's as cliche as a villain can possibly get. It's not his fault, however. Considering the time he was created, he probably started some of those cliches himself.

Wow, you took one of the dumbest designs ever, and made it actually look good. My hat is off to you, my fine Anon.

File: 120363463511.jpg-(181.20KB, 675x900, Gadget_sketches3.jpg)
Just say the name of the device? Or "Flamethrower--Go!" I could so see him trying to say "Go go, Gadget Flamethrower!" and Penny just giving him this "...what." look. And thus he stops.

Also-- i'm the Anon. who did the OP's drawing and the follow up one. Just posting some new drawings I did. Sorry about the shitty Brain, but I did these in class and I didn't have any references. (Thus why the Claw looks nothing like the action figure. I'm gonna have to change that next time.)

We should keep it. "Go Go Gadget" should be a code that activates a verbal Gadget interface. So that he doesn't accidentally torch someone while having a relaxing conversation about flame throwers.

I liked this idea when they called it robocop.

File: 12036392334.jpg-(13.38KB, 195x325, 1189931892430.jpg)

You mean cyborg policemen having existential quandaries is not 100% original?

EGAD! Hold me, /co/mrades.

bite me.

File: 120364036581.jpg-(82.81KB, 301x430, gogadget.jpg)

Just incase someone didn't catch my ideas from last night.

Gadget - Cop who gets horribly injured(fire, acid, whatever) but manages to, by a miracle, survive. He is told of “Project G” and offers himself up for a new robotic body. As he rises through the ranks to inspector he gets word of a dangerous criminal calling himself The Claw, who begins to make attempts on his life. As if that wasn’t enough, his sibling and their spouse have just died and left their teenaged daughter Penny behind in Gadget’s care. After an attempt on Penny’s life by Claw, Gadget realizes that hunting down Claw must be his number one priority.

Penny - Gadget’s genius niece. She’s a expert hacker and mechanic. She starts off sorta’ reluctant of her uncle and his mechanical body, but grows fond of him over time. She becomes more or less his sidekick(without his permission of course). Make her around age 16 or 17 and feel free to give her a pistol at least once, even if she does turn out to be a terrible shot. Maybe she guns down one of Claw’s men to protect her uncle and suffers psychological side effects?

Brain - A computer program used by both Penny and Gadget to solve crimes, hunt Claw, and keep in touch. It also lets Penny, unbeknownst to her dear old uncle, keep track of Gadget.

The Claw - A shadowy figure who runs the organization M.A.D(can’t think of a good meaning yet). He is determined to destroy the technology that man relies so heavily on and “purify the human race of it’s mechanical sins”(good quote right?). He is particularly set on killing Gadget for flaunting the very technology he is against, and has decided to make a point in showing humanity it’s wrongs by killing their great inspector.

Also have a few extra characters. Chief of police, another inspector who’s got a little grudge against Gadget for stealing the spotlight, and some members of M.A.D. Just a few ideas. If someone is willing to draw it I’d be willing to contribute stories for it.

File: 120364828187.jpg-(45.55KB, 300x327, christopher_lee1.jpg)
Our Claw should look something like Christopher Lee.


I like this Gadget. Very much what I've had in mind during last night's brainstorming.


Good thing, too, seeing as how that's pretty much how I pictured it.

I'm just rolling with my first thoughts here, but M.A.D. could stand for something like Mutually Anonymous Developments. This serves the purpose of explaining the acronym and giving some direction to the way they operate. a giant mega-corp being a villain group really doesn't make sense in a modern setting, so they could work similar to terrorist cells, in which small groups of scientists/agents operate autonomously. This has a number of advantages, for instance, if you wanted to take them down, there's a bunch of little groups that you'd have to hunt down rather then just going for the figure head. Also, this keeps them ahead of the competition, and prevents their new developments from being stolen too easily.

also, there's no reason not to toss in the occasional subtle shout-out.

We came up with this: "Malleable Adaptive Darwinism". It is in the second rapidshare of the OP.

uh... "malleable" and "adaptive"? that's redundant.

Not really. Malleable ≈ Controllable & Adaptive ≈ Changes.

Malleability is a physical property first and foremost. To use it in reference to something more abstract is fine, but in this case, adaptability overshadows the intended meaning. since adaption is a reactive thing, there is no purpose to having "malleable" qualify that the adaption is voluntary. basically, it can't be adaptive without being malleable, so there's no point in having both.

also, it sounds more like a system than an organization.

incidentally, though, if this means that Dr. Claw has similar abilities to gadget, except with a biological flavor, Gadget could have an awesome "We're not so different, you and I" speech.

I have a suggestion that may solve the problem of making Gadget too grim: Penny could be constantly hacking his brain and reseting his personality/memories.

Think about it. Penny's lost her parents, and wants to keep her uncle as the Bumbling but good natured cop she's always known in spite of what happened to him. So anytime Gadget would logically start to really become aware of what he is and possibly angst, she hits the reset button again and it's back to the bumbling Gadget we know.

Of course, it's a complicated system she's dealing with, so she creates glitches (Like summoning the wrong gadget at times) and even possibly flashbacks that Gadget sometimes questions. And of course, his creators would probably be confused as hell as to why a billion dollar project is acting like a buffoon, which provides humor as well. It would also provide a chance to provide some great character development for Penny, and provide a logical reason for her to follow him on cases since she's screwing up his system and putting her Uncle in danger.

Introducing Claw and the animosity between him and Gadget: Going with the idea of Claw being similar to Xanathos, I can see him offering special scholarships/awards to especially talented children. It would not only look good on a public front, but allow him to keep tabs on future talent to hire. He meets Gadget at the awards ceremony before the accident, and they have an immediate animosity toward each other. Which could be fueled further if Claw takes a personal interest in Penny as a worthy member of the organization or even as his heir, and is responsible for the death of Penny's parents or Gadget's accident/creation.

Just some thoughts inbetween classes.

A superb idea. Also, Have Cheif Quimby as a good-natured James Gordon-like character, who realised a while ago that Penny's the real hero, but chooses not to spoil anyone's fun.


I thought the point of this project was to make Gadget the real hero.

so has anon lost interest in this?

i like it but i guess anon is out of ideas. my suggestion is keep in mind that he's a police officer there might be some in work adversaries.

also about the brain hacking. gadget (whats his first name anyway?) might get angry if he discovers Penny and Quimby are erasing his memories just so he doesn't face the harsh reality that is his inhumanity, while penny only wants her uncle and Quimby his own robo-cop gadget wants his life back.

just a suggestion.

... Does Gadget even have a first name?


In the movie they gave him the name John Brown, for whatever that's worth to you...

It's kinda boring, though...

I always considered his first name to be Inspector. I refuse to accept anything else.


Well, I'm all for something fancy, like Fernald or Edmund.

Mr. Innis Pector?

Ha. That I like.

what does the one with the claw want?


I don't really like tha tidea. It seems too evil for a teenage girl.

So, she's not a loli anymore?

That makes me a sad panda.

Giving the dog computer empathy would make him too much like Ein from Cowboy Bebop.

This makes me want to see another personality form from all those memory wipes. Not exactly a real persona but like a mixture of a black box and a fractured AI, The part of Gadget that Penny couldn't control.

File: 120615220254.jpg-(93.02KB, 600x800, 1206141926091.jpg)
An awesome Claw from today's thread.

File: 12061522464.jpg-(47.61KB, 400x612, 1206143871951.jpg)
And a sassy Penny.

Anyone have that little bit of copypasta from that thread that reignited this?

He needs a monocle.

my steampunk sense is tingling


Oh hell yes. Steampunk FTW.

File: 120621408660.gif-(366.15KB, 700x2625, steamed.gif)

File: 121129771943.jpg-(193.32KB, 512x512, witchlerfani_azula.jpg)

Oh my!


OK I'm bored and see this wonderful thread but nothing new. So I'll bite and give my thoughts. I suggest that Gadget have a personality that borders between a idealistic buffoon and a cop who knows that he has to push the envelope sometimes but is just trying to see if doesn't need to. That said, there are times he simply WANTS to just kill this criminal or even considers suicide but only not to because of Penny, as she's already been through having 2 dead parents. But of course there will be times where Penny steps in and erases a part or two from his memory to keep her uncle in a cheerful mood, how SHE wants him to be. But then there's the government, specifically one of the scientists who worked on PROJECT GADGET maybe, want him be their "wetboy", erasing those memories, and Claw, being the bastard him he is (or is supposed to be), finds out eventually and tries to seduce Gadget to his side using these memories. All of this because Gadget's brain is now a semi-artifical AI capable of many things, and since those deleted memories have to go somewhere,(under the impression that they can't be deleted without the explicit will of Gadget himself, as it would make him, simply put, a walking flash drive.) they're backed up somewhere deep in Gadget's subconscience, creating two other personalities, one being the idealistic buffoon Penny grew up with, the other is a man who takes full advantage of his abilities to his own ends and maybe likes offing badies a little too much. The "true" personality is buried deep underneath these two, eventually resulting some conflict between the three.

Also, to solve any confusion over Gadget's life before the accident and his origin, let's do this:
- For all intents and purposes, Gadget's real name is classified; only Penny, the Chief, and maybe Claw know his real name, since [enter real name] is deceased and died in the line of duty. From the accident on, he is known to the public as either "The Inspector" or just Inspector Gadget to the public.
-On the aforementioned 3 personalities, before the accident, Gadget is just the usual cop to most people, so when there debate on what he was really like before becoming a walking Swiss knife, we never know which personality is the true one to most. This keeps Gadget shifting between buffoon, a regular cop capable of deducing mysteries to a certain extent, and a sociopath.
-Gadget should have his accident be a mystery, but be subject to interpretation and be related to Claw somehow, maybe he stumbled on a plot related to MAD but is found out and killed, maybe he witnessed something he shouldn't have, whatever the case, make sure he doesn't know Claw was involved, at first at least
-In order to rationally explain why Gadget can't memorize all of the Go Go commands considering how his brain works, let's put him in a situation where immediately after surgery he's has to use his abilities without going over the commands, maybe like him going over the basics, and then BOOM, something bad happens and he needs to be put into action immediately. After he somehow handles that threat, he doesn't want to go through over 9000 training exercises asks for the "manual", only to get one the size of a phone book and one of an ongoing series. Of course, the gadgets themselves have to be believable.
-Although Gadget should be able to hack anything to a certain extent, Penny should naturally upstage him completely, maybe secretly be one of Gadget's contacts, as mentioned in the original thread.

That all for now, I wanna see how far this goes before making more suggestions. Also, considering the popularity of the "Crisis of Infinite Kims" thread, maybe we should convert all of the accepted ideas into a fanfic, for now, given that trying to make a comic from all of this takes a lot of time, the pages can roll out as each chapter is done. I COULD write said fanfic but I have never written a fanfic even though I have some good ideas, I just never feel like put my ideas down for fear that I won't finish it. So yeah this is me getting rid of the frustration at seeing a thread like this not going any where.

File: 12117068886.jpg-(224.17KB, 896x806, WOWCommercials.jpg)
the hair is growing directly from his brain because they can't draw the whole gore with out putting on a MAX label

I'm the guy who posted >>4789 and >>4788
what is this and what does this have do to with the topic

Taken from 4chan:

Gutterballking !BIzpasqTws 06/22/08(Sun)14:53 No.4699779 [Reply]

A new Gadget series with a "darker edge"?
Sounds like good news to me...

Is that last bit of concept from the new concept? It reminds me of Cyborg 009. Fitting, isn't it?


Why was this never done?

because /co/ never finishes anything.

File: 122364644824.jpg-(105.75KB, 900x693, 1222917674142.jpg)
Found this the other day.

not too long ago in /durp/ someone wondering why aren't there transformers who's other mode is human. IG is that transformer.

File: 122372872025.jpg-(244.43KB, 1024x768, 1220310944703.jpg)
I've had these for a while, and I assume they fit here.

File: 122372877670.jpg-(105.42KB, 512x711, 1220311181038.jpg)

Stop hogging all the world's awesome.

(Might write more, might not. Sorry if this contradicts any previous ideas.)

The Chief looked down from the observation booth. He pointed his cigar at the man on the table. “Tell me what I’m looking at here,” he said to the scientist standing next to him.

The younger man adjusted his glasses. “Well, this is the ‘final product,’ so to speak. All the repairs and upgrades have been completed, so right now we’re just waiting for him to wake up.”

“Okay, tell me more about these ‘upgrades.’ I want to know what we’re paying so much for.”

“Well, that could take a while. Our design team really focused on versatility, so he’s basically a Swiss army knife of-”

“Just give me the basics,” the Chief interrupted.

“He’s almost entirely artificial now. The only remaining organic parts are his brain, his digestive tract, and most of his circulatory system. That means he still needs to eat, and if he gets hit hard enough, he’ll bleed. Everything else was either too damaged to save. Even his skeleton and muscles are metal now: a lightweight titanium alloy, to be precise. He’s about nine times as strong as the average human. He’ll be able to lift more than half a ton of weight over his head, and his punches will do as much damage as a heavy-duty pistol.”

The Chief whistled. “That’s quite an uppercut. How’s he on defense?”

“He should be able to withstand light gunfire easily, but I’m afraid we had to skimp a little on the armor to keep him from getting too bulky. Luckily, his reflexes will be jacked up and his legs are designed to run at twenty miles an hour, so his best defense will probably be not getting hit in the first place. Speaking of locomotion,” and here the young man’s voice began to grow in enthusiasm, “We’ve installed flexible, telescopic joints in his limbs and neck, allowing them to extend up to five times their original length. There are also retractable wheels in his feet, each with its own miniature engine capable of propelling him at twice his default speed. And the cherry on top: collapsible helicopter blades that come out from between his shoulders. He should be fully capable of flight.”

The Chief raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that a little… Over the top?”

“We were trying to focus on versatility, and after all, this guy’s gonna have to take on M.A.D. single-handed. Actually, some of the boys in engineering wanted to attach a third hand to his skull, but we decided that just wouldn’t be practical.”

The Chief sighed and kneaded his forehead. “Anything else I should know about?”


“Well, we gave him cross-spectrum eyes with a built-in HUD, but most of the other stuff’s ‘just-in-case’ equipment. He’s got a low-power laser in his left hand and a multimedia communicator in his right, a fire extinguisher, a glasscutter… You know, a bunch of little things that were easy and cheap to fit in.”

The Chief seemed to be thinking something over. “Wait, why did you give him a phone in his hand? Couldn’t you have built a communications relay right into his brain?”

The scientist cleared his throat. “Well, we tried, but the upgrade interface system took up too much room. You see, with all the human cybernetic transplants we’ve tried before, anything more complex than a replacement limb or eye just didn’t work. It seems as if the human brain simply isn’t wired to handle anything beyond a human body. If we tried to put all of this hardware under the control of this man’s mind, it’d either take years to condition him to use it or he’d have a mental breakdown from the foreign input. So we put all the ‘extra parts’ under the control of a simple, semi-autonomous program that he in turn controls via a vocal command system.”

“So he has to tell his body what to do?”

“Basically, yes.”

“I don’t know how I feel about this whole project. If the Inspector’s new body is our best bet at taking down Claw… It just looks like everything could go wrong far too easily.” The Chief took a long drag on his cigar before adding, “And there’s nothing I hate worse than when things blow up in my face.”

I'll take a shot at it, I mean how hard can writefaggotry be?


"what just happened" the inspector thought to himself. everything was dark and he could hardly feel anything. "so what powers it?" said the commissioner still chomping down on his cigar. "food" answered the scientist with a smile clearly proud "batteries were just too heavy for us to implement so we decided to use what we've got ad what we had was his digestive track, he works on food like you and me just with a lot more machinery in the way" .

"am I dead?" the pile of organs on the table thought "no, it can't be. there are no angels or devils or skeletons with scythes, where am I what just happe..." his thoughts we're abroptly cut off as the most annoying sound he ever heard rang through his ears, like a Dial-up modem but 3 times as fast and 5 times as loud.

"I wouldn't get close if I we're you" the scientist begged as the head of the police force hunched down to take a closer look at his brand new toy "he could wake up any minute no.." the sound of metal hitting bone rang through the room as the Inspector jumped up and headbutted the commissioner.

>“And there’s nothing I hate worse than when things blow up in my face.”

absolutley perfect

Different anon, I'd like to add a helping hand
"YOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!" "Chief, are you alright?" the scientist yelped as he went to the Chief's aid. "WHAT IN THE BLAZES, THAT HURT" "Told you to stay away" the scientist s as he gestured a nearby assistant for a wet rag "Anyway, our Inspector is awake now." Both men turned their heads to gaze at the fruit of their labor in astonishment, who proceeded to stare back in confusion, holding his head in pain from the noise still in his head.

"................Ummmmm, oh yes, introductions.", the scientist spoke as the silence grew uncomfortable, "Umm, I am the supervisor of this initiative, and *cough* this is Chief Quimby" the young man said as he pointed to his older superior. The Chief then handed his cigar to the supervisor to extend a hand. "Welcome back to the land of the conscious, Inspector". What the Chief then felt was a slightly cool touch, making what had been said about the installations quite true. Meanwhile the Inspector was still very much confused and in slight pain. "Well son, I know you have a few questions, so I'll just let the good doctor here explain............" "Well, your body was badly damaged from numerous gunshot wounds. Extreme blood loss, but all in all, we managed to save you from certain death. Of course, we had to do some adjustments......" At that moment the Inspector inquired "Adjustments?"


first anon trying to continue


... Bullet wounds?" he suddenly stopped as the memories hit him like a brick wall...

"this is Team Alpha, we reached the third floor, encountered 2 armed men no wounded we're going in" he reported into the radio. Officer Ennis Pector one of most notable officers on the force, a corrupt force, struggling to protect a very corrupt city, it was always like this people getting shot every week just because some wise guy with a machine gun and bad aim tries to take out another wise guy passing on the same street. being a cop is considered suicide as they have the special ability to attract gun barrels like the north pole attracts compass needles but someone has to do it.

today was special, they got a few leaks about the most homicidal criminal they ever had. "this is the commissioner, don't you rush it, Sargent Pector, I don't want you to spoil this for us, it could be the last chance we get at this guy" the speaker on his collar shouted out as the SWAT team declared the hall clear and were ready to open the next door "don't worry Commish, I'm doing this one by the Book" that was his last transmission that day, just a few seconds before this one "[b] officer down! officer down! they got Sarge!" the last thing he remembers before it all going black is the sound of gunshots.

I've been thinking about this for a while. I came up with a few details to flesh out the background and the story, feel free to use them (or not) as you wish.

1) "G" (still nicknamed gadget) never survived the, "accident" that destoryed his body. He's an AI with whatever surface memories they could remove from the dying brain in a confused jumble, attempt G of A - G - and he'll remember almost nothing of his previous life at first, only recalling details as time goes on. He's fully uploaded with details on policework and forensics, but tends to do things by the book - at least at first.

2) Eventually he discovers that his artificial eyes have a filter before the signal reaches his, "brain" Some facts about his house and surroundings (and even his body) have been deliberatly hidden from him. A powerful antagonist?

I'm not sure about the dog. Maybe the uploaded mind of a dog forms the basis of a helpful AI to gadget like the cat in "accelerando".

3) Eventually he (it?) discovers that the body of the man he thought he was, thought unsalvagable, was removed by M.A.D and, "saved" with freakish biological augmentations (Maybe call him A or alpha?). Think a biologically upgraded man to compete with, G's mechanically upgraded body. He hates G - for stealing his life amongst other things.

I dunno, I think the conflict there is a little too pat. He's a fake who thought he was real and has to fight his old self, who's been driven mad with bitterness. It's like if Robocop had to fight Murphy who's now a gangster.

Maybe if it was a clone created from the body? That way the idea of who is the "real" Gadget is an active point of contention; Gadget isn't just fighting for his life, but for the legacy of the man who's keen mind and good soul were used to create him.

I don't know if this is too late to throw destabilising ideas into the mix, but I was just ruminating over Dr Claw. His motivation, that the future of humanity lies in bionics instead of mechanics, strikes me as a bit...slight to have a bitter conflict over. Although I will admit to feeling some disquiet over Dr Claw having a face, since I considered that one of the most egregious character-rapes ever committed by mortal man.

Considering we're going for the over-the-top cyber-noir angle, I feel an easier way to make Dr Claw faceless is to make him literally "faceless". He has transcended his physical form and now inhabits his own internal network operated by his MAD corporation as a semi-omniscient AI. The claw is simply to manipulate devices outside his network and to pet his favourite cat. His ultimate goal is to link his network to the web and bring all of humanity into a single consciousness.

His disgust with Gadget would not be over his mechanics, but over his physicality. The idea that someone could fuse with technology and remain an individual he finds singularly repulsive and a unsightly threat to his plans. Since Gadget often feels this way about himself, this should lend the confrontation more pathos than it previously had. This could also make Penny's relationship more interesting, since she finds inhabiting the web as comfortable as breathing and would otherwise be sympathetic towards Dr Claw's goal. But Gadget would be obsolete in this new world order, and she loves him too much to let him just disappear.

Any thoughts? Or is it too late in the project for things like this?

so Doctor claw is Skynet?

Here's a thought on Dr. Claw, Since he's a posthumanist, and you never see anything but his hand in the cartoon, maybe that's the only remotely human looking piece of him left?

File: 12563588387.jpg-(64.45KB, 640x480, earthmover.jpg)
Oh, and since I completely missed this, I wasn't thinking Skynet. He has a definite "Body" but it's not really used anymore.
Something suitably nightmare fuelish, like this, but with technology.

The previous idea is better. Claw is human. He loses his hand and has to have it replaced with his "claw" and he hates that it is less skillfull than his human hand. He wants to further evolution not pervert it with technology. He hates his robotic hand - refering to it as a claw and also hates gadget because of a similar issue

this just doesn't make sense to me.

gadget seems to be of no importance to him at all. if anything he will want to take vengence on the man who built gadget. make him pay for his horrible crimes against flesh.

Or you know, hire him to build him a better hand.

he was the one who made the original arm. he couldn't put the same delicacy into it.


Gadget is the epitome, the very personification of everything that Claw despises.

gadget's hands aren't delicate either. he just couldn't do it.

Then I have a hard time picturing Inspector Gadget being able to do his job.

what part his job requires super delicate hands?

i had always sort of naturally assumed Gadget's backstory was something like this.... he and Penny's parents secret agents/detectives chasing down Claw but were caught in a car-bombing together. Gadget was mutilated but lived, but not her parents. Rebuilt and ready for revenge, he adopted Penny, but his gadgets regularly malfunctioned because he is unaware that her parents' ghosts still haunt him. While his robot eyes can't see them, ghosts and tech combined do NOT add up well....

File: 125753735159.jpg-(217.40KB, 900x1350, Go_go_Gadget_Noir_by_GreenSoda.jpg)

I like this idea, with one caveat: Gadget shouldn't be a normal cop. He wasn't one on the show; it was basically Get Smart the Animated Series, with MAD as KAOS, Penny as Agent 99 and the gadgets brought up to an absurd level.

So my idea is that Gadget actually works for a top-secret government organization and that MAD is an international terrorist group. Their leader can still be a posthumanist.

I actually started writing a story in this vein which I may post here; it has some references to Gadget being in the Army at some point and also it names him Jean-Luc Gadget (pronounced Gad-jay) who was born in France but raised in America. The scene I wrote was him meeting Penny for the first time.

"Go Go Gadget..." could be the initial "boot up" sequence. A sort of verbal password (connected directly to his voice box, so it can't be easily manipulated by a voice synthesizer). Sort of a whimsical but unlikely passcode. So he doesn't accidentally deploy his helicopter in daily life.

I was thinking "Mutual Adaptive Developments".
They use the organization as a front to fund the actual terrorist cells and scientists, but they pretend to just be a "supplier" or other big companies. This explains away their paper trail being so hard to follow (they have billions of agencies who get tech from them. There's no telling which ones are terrorists and which aren't) and why they've got so many warehouses (closer to their clients).

>“And there’s nothing I hate worse than when things blow up in my face.”

File: 126022458163.jpg-(13.81KB, 196x160, Inspector_Gadget141.jpg)
On the subject of Dr. Claw, I think the Omnipotent cyber-mind sounds a bit too out there and contradicts his hatred of technology.
And on that subject, look at all the technology he uses on a daily basis in his schemes. Or did I misunderstand that and he doesn't hat e technology as a whole, but hates human enhancement via technology?

Either way, I like the claw, it should be kept and is too iconic to just get rid of, but why would he get it?
I mean this man is violently opposed to technological human enhancement enough that he has a terrorist cell aimed against the concept. And if these guys are all genetic enhancement savvy, why not just grow a new hand?

I think perhaps it should be something along the lines of, he lost his hand due to [insert accident here] and they gave him the cyborg hand which at first was a blessing, but at some point, it fucked up somehow. It malfunctioned and resulted in someones death or something(maybe he accidentally killed his wife?), and that's what made him begin his anti machinery campaign.
Made him think that technology is unreliable and a danger to mankind. But he keeps the hand as a reminder to never lose sight of his goal or whatnot.

And I think that he should remain faceless with just the regular view of him for as long as possible, then at the finale we see him.

I always imagined him wearing a mask or helmet in the same design as the mad logo.
But perhaps it could be more like, he's done some genetic splicing so he's almost more of an animal that a human. Inb4 furry.

I think it's less "hatred of technology" or "human advancement via technology" and more that he feels replacing or replicating humans via technology is wrong. I.e exactly what Gadget is. A replication ofa human with technology.

In my mind, the character isn't so much anti-technology, but just feels that trying to improve humanity through technology is (in his mind), as doing things backwards.

Don't even remotely associate Claw with an animal or furries will jump on it soooo fast.

What if the Claw, as a person, is merely a shell of a being, due to some traumatic event. Think druggie who overdosed. The claw is controlling the major functions of the impaired body. The claw itself hates gadget out of jealousy.

This also solves the problem of, "Just grow another hand" because if another hand grew, it wouldn't be the claw, the actual claw would be obsolete. Also, the body itself could be too mentally damaged to handle the nerve connections.


I don't know if this got posted here, but there was a Grimdark Gadget thread on /co/ a while ago where someone pitched the idea that while Gadget in this new Noir reimagining is actually a competent police officer, he ACTS like a buffoon in order to keep Penny happy, and so she doesn't find out that he's actually a killing machine.

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