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yesterday I had a buffalo burger made from real buffalo first time in my life. Thats why they call it a buffalo burger.

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That looks so good.

How so?

its a joke
>the brain was clearly visible, so I gave it a try
sounds like something Jeffrey Dahmer would say.


will buy again

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File: 128522790958.jpg-(47.14KB, 600x541, corn everything.jpg)

No, even in moderation it fucks you up. And even if it was, you can't fucking have it moderation. In one meal, say, a pepsi and a hot dog with mustard and ketchup, you're getting HFCS in the pepsi, the hot dog bun, the ketchup, maybe even the mustard! Its in shit you wouldn't even imagine!


This may sound SHOCKING or even dare I say HERETICAL to some. But you actually need to TASTE food for you to properly understand what's so good about it.

and seriously what were you expecting? For it to be rainbow coloured and have chocolate marshmallows for kernels?

But then if you just aren't a corn person I'd probably understand. We had relatives from Denmark come over and they couldn't stand the stuff. Said it was pig food.

also white corn can be eaten on the cob. raw. god yes feels so good around my mouth, gurl.

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I wanna learn how to cook, but I can't be asked to hang around an oven for like 20 minutes. Please gimme some dishes that work well in a crockpot, stovetop or microwave.

  I've said it in another thread, pouch cooking is a good way to utilize your microwave.

  Pouch cooking, pt. 2

As for crockpots, just about any kind of chili or stew will do, seriously, go crazy.

Crockpot Clam Chowder Recipe Ingredients

4 potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch chunks
1 large onion, chopped
1 8 oz can chopped clams, drained
3 large celery stalks, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 cup clam juice
1 tsp fresh thyme
1/4 tsp pepper
1 quart half-and-half cream
2 Tbs fresh parsley, chopped
2 Tbs of butter
Crockpot Clam Chowder Recipe Directions

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ITT: Foods we can't eat any more due to childhood incidents.
Picture related. I'd just gotten my gallbladder out, so my mom made some of her very homestyle chicken and dumplings. They were delicious, and supposedly mild on the stomach.

And then I projectile vomited them out of my nose.

They're still delicious and everything, but...I also still remember exactly what it was like. Sorta kills the experience.

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Tuna. Between all the times my mom packed it for me in gradeschool and it went bad before lunchtime, the hideous, goopey monstrosities they served in middle school, and the bizarre, oily, smelly, reddish shit I had in Ireland, I am never eating it again.

i hated mashed potato until recently.

turns out i just hated my mothers mash

I can't eat refried beans. I used to more or less like them, but when I was fourteen, my dad wound up with appendicitis. He started presenting symptoms right after dinner (burritos), his filling of choice being , you guessed it, refried beans. The next few days were a goddamn nightmare because his symptoms were atypical and the hospital just kept fucking up, and somehow my fourteen year old brain just associated the whole clusterfuck with the fact that my had had eaten refried beans.

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I have recently discovered that, contrary to what I believed as a child and young adult, I like mustard. Tell me, what are good mustards? I wish to experiment.

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Honey Mustard is the mighty king of the mustard peasants.

Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard

It's my mustard of choice!

File: 128522761126.jpg-(30.11KB, 360x170, banner2.jpg)
Bitches bow down!

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File: 128319593861.jpg-(158.88KB, 486x500, 292877155_269808dd1c.jpg)

So... pajeon but with breakfast items instead of seafood?

Sounds like okonomiyaki to me.


That's a pizza.

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I love sandwiches. They're versatile and portable and often very delicious. Tell me your favorite sandwich!

For the moment, I am having a roast beef on kaiser roll with horseradish, red onion and some tomato I just got out of my garden. Tasty.

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File: 128451077188.jpg-(1.12MB, 1408x3675, 1283785454362.jpg)
Just thought I'd share something from /ck/
Oh god that sounds so good

File: 128487997134.jpg-(59.19KB, 500x500, 0002055924016_500X500.jpg)
I have been craving this stuff like crazy.

Sweet, delicious lebanon bologna

The results actually aren't as good as you're probably thinking. it's mostly flavoring with little bits of lox. Not very tasty at all.

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Ladies and 'gents. I need a chili recipe.
My friends are having a Chili-Cook-Off, and while I've never cooked chili, I want to kick some ass, so please--Help me along.
The winner gets voted the Pope of Chili Town.
I was leaning towards a rum chili, just because I love me some rum, and a bunch of my friends are booze hounds as well and would appreciate that.
So please, weigh in, yes? Much love~<3

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I'm not terribly sure. Any time I've eaten chili, I've enjoyed it, so there's that.
Though I've never been too terribly big on beans, which has never really hindered my chili experiences, but I was thinking of perhaps sidestepping beans if at all possible.


Use red kidney beans. Soak them overnight in 1:3 beans:water; ex: 3 cups of beans = 9 cups of water.

Brown the ground beef and drain it THAT'S RIGHT I SAID DRAIN IT YOU LAZY FUCK

Toss a chopped onion (or 2 small ones) and a handful of minced garlic into the meat and fry for a little bit.

Put in the beans.

Mix 2-5 tbsp of chili powder, 1-3 tbsp of cumin, don't hold back on the salt and pepper.

Add a can of tomato paste with 2 cans of tomato sauce (canned tomatoes won't hurt).

Mix well, leave on low-medium heat. Mix every five minutes or so for like 4 hours.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


Also make sure it's covered TIGHT or you'll be losing flavor the whole time. Add water if it gets too thick and taste it frequently. Use your own discretion with the spices. Some people get nuts and use cocoa powder and vinegar. Make it your own, that's the appeal to chili. Feel free to use ground turkey or even sausage.

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So here's the thing. Yom Kippur is this Saturday, and that means a big damn fast. Anybody got an idea for a meal that will get me through twenty four hours of no eating or drinking? Hard mode: it has to be kosher.

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What would? If you're use to eating more nothing will work. Glad you made it through : ).


well yeah honestly there's nothing that will really last you all day only a little longer than usual

you should try barely eating for awhile next time

i used to be able to go more than a day without eating just out of necessity your body eventually acclimates to it

fuck yeah poverty

It's really more of a calorie/slow digestion issue I think. Well, that and having a high enough salt content to promote water retention.
Really, it's the not drinking that's the hardest part. I think what got me this time was dehydration.

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So I'm looking for ways to improve my cookie recipe, and I'm thinking, "CINNAMON IS DELICIOUS." Can I just throw a couple teaspoons of cinnamon into the dough and get the flavor I want, or is that a bad idea?

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Will do!

Turns out I had to delay it again because I only had like two tablespoons of butter left, and the nearest grocery store is like 30 miles away, so I try to only go when necessary.

I get paid/go shopping this Friday though, so I'll probably make them this Saturday.

File: 128477315386.jpg-(3.69MB, 3264x2448, P1020807.jpg)

It's me again! Just got back from the potluck, and I'm posting what is left over. I deviated again and used both baking soda and baking powder (about 1 tsp. of both, I didn't measure), and a literal dash of vegetable oil because once everything was combined, it didn't look gooey enough. Everybody who tried them said it tasted like gingerbread with molasses flavoring mixed together, and it was good. So success!

I also baked it in a 13x9 pan this time around, and thanks to the vegetable oiling and then flouring of the pan, they didn't stick at all (the pan their photographed in was what I took them to the potluck in, since it took up less table space).

The topping on them was just some sprinkled brown sugar.

Poster of >>3948, >>4153, etc.
Mine came out looking very similar.
They were very bitter too, but bitter in a good way. They're the kind of cookies you'd like to eat with a cup of pure, straight, black coffee on the porch of a small wooden cabin on the top of a mountain in the late fall, while wistfully contemplating the beauty of nature.

I ditched the allspice and most of the cloves, because I don't like allspice, and only had like a quarter of a teaspoon of cloves. I also stirred in some bittersweet chocolate chips to a small portion of it, that was really, really good. Topped it with white and brown sugar, though I didn't like the slight grittiness that the clumps of brown sugar brought to the party(the white melted in just fine).

Next time I make them, I'll probably combine to white and brown sugar to try and remove as much of the clumpiness as possible, and add in chocolate chips to the entire batch.
And maybe add some pumpkin pie spice to maximize that delicious gingerbreadiness. Maybe.

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I apparently called Broccoli "Treetops" when I was a little kid.

I used to call mint leaves wrinkle-oaks when I was young.

I have no idea, either.

I called peas "good spinach" when I was a kid.

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We need a general alcohol thread. I was too lazy to check past the 1st two pages to see if we had one. I give Anon from /baw/ credit for the idear.

Let's start first with favorite drinks.

I put down white russians like a hate crime.

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Long Island Iced Teas, or anything that taste fruity.

I have been meaning to pick up some butterscotch rum and some mead from the liquor store down the street, but I always seem to be out of money.

I love a good (read: strong) margarita. I've found a few places that make them fantastically. That's my favorite hard alcohol drink when I go out. And none of that frozen/slushie margarita shit with ionized salt on the rim and a thin-sliced lime, no no no. I like it with one or two ice cubes and kosher salt on the rim, and a giant lime wedge.

As for beer, I'll go with New Belgium Brewery's 1554 or Mothership Wit or Skinny Dip. It depends on what I'm eating or what time of the year it is (SD is seasonal).

senor, are you a homebrewer too? i'm tipsy and probably shouldn't be starting a batch of mead, but I'm considering blackberry mead. i have frozen blackberries...

and yes, everyone needs to make mead there is absolutely no excuse not to. its fantastic and look, here is the best beginner recipe -

underage is the best time to start! by the time its ready, and i mean really good and ready, you'll be legal.

hide File: 128331030956.jpg-(56.73KB, 300x382, 300px-Dracula_SotN_portrait.jpg)
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I'm gonna try learning to cook some recipes. I know a few things, but I'd like to try and learn some of the basics by heart.

Anyone got any basic cooking guides I could work with, like how to cook a steak, various egg styles, etc.?

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Pedestrians like Brown.

Real cooks like Gordon.

2/10, too obvious.

File: 128450850685.jpg-(1.24MB, 1354x4500, 1283782472628.jpg)
Not necessarily "basic", but what the hell

hide File: 128412690437.jpg-(177.87KB, 572x437, Superbar.jpg)
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>fat people general


TRUE, but the Superbar was a most glorious thing in a fast food restaurant. Screw Taco Bell when I can make my own tacos all I want at the SUPERBAR.

Used to steal corn chips all the time. Friend got caught once and he was like, "what, these aren't free?"

hide File: 127554443666.jpg-(488.95KB, 1967x1907, ridiculously high resolution steak.jpg)
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For dinner tonight I am making steak, with mushroom sauce. The sides will be garlicky whole roast baby potatoes and steamed broccolini.
Ridiculously hi res picture of steak related

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?

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Having bologna and cheese on potato bread.

Fuuuuuck, now I want some. Fuckin' waffle fries man. FUCKIN' WAFFLE FRIES!

I bought ostrich burgers. That's what is for dinner.

File: 128399782958.jpg-(59.12KB, 700x449, 4312bell_peppers.jpg)
Mushrooms sauteed in butter,
with added orange, yellow, and red bell peppers.
The crisp taste of the peppers against the mushrooms deeper flavor, thrown in some salt, garlic, and Garam Masala to compliment the flavors

Protip: Throw the bell peppers in later, keep the crisp taste.

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