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We need a general alcohol thread. I was too lazy to check past the 1st two pages to see if we had one. I give Anon from /baw/ credit for the idear.

Let's start first with favorite drinks.

I put down white russians like a hate crime.

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Fuck yeah, White Russians. I also love me some Baileys when I'm too lazy to mix something up.

My zombuzz wore off and I don't want to drink all my roommate's orange juice making screwdrivers, so I've switched to white Russians for the night.

Wine. Most any wine. I can appreciate the finer varieties, but I'm perfectly content knocking back a bottle of the cheap stuff.

Gin and tonics are my poison, double lime. Shit gets me just the right amount of buzzed.

I love white Russians, but they're a bit too heavy to drink more than one a night. So it's usually vodka chased with either cranberry or mango juice for me.

I love wine but it makes me too sleepy to be a proper social lubricant. :(

File: 127222389647.jpg-(40.86KB, 600x800, mead.jpg)
oh gawd mead so good

i could drink this forever

File: 127222411368.jpg-(1.13MB, 3648x2736, mulled_wine3.jpg)
oh gawd mulled wine

delicious pond water

File: 127222478896.jpg-(62.85KB, 480x640, 126758184447.jpg)
Whiskey was here.
All other alcoholic drinks are losers!

I've wanted to try my hand at making mead for the longest time.


Do it, DO IT NOW, you will be forever happy if you make your own mead.

Mead is god tier.

My parents used to make mead when I was growing up, not sure why they stopped.


wat cool things didnt your family do holy shit

My dad used to be uninsurable because he did too many cool things.

>Do it, DO IT NOW, you will be forever happy if you make your own mead.
Having taken a closer look at some instructions and finding it seems within my means, I think I'll have to do just that. Until I get that started, I've got dandelion wine to keep me busy.

Your parents rock.

File: 127230961714.jpg-(18.22KB, 350x350, 1253-smirnoff_premium_vodka.jpg)
I hate you. I hate you so much, all smarmy and and good in cocktails and oooh, I get you drunk and happy fast! Fuck you! Fuck you and your two day hangovers you are the worst. Nothing makes me puke like vodka. Nothing makes me puke but vodka.

Urgh, someone save me from myself.

File: 127231327426.png-(894.42KB, 600x989, the-whit-knight.png)

I used to get that then I found out that premium imported vodka is actually amazing and only fucks you up in good ways. This one bottle of Finnish vodka in particular, goddamn

File: 127231463277.jpg-(156.56KB, 500x375, Ringmur!.jpg)
Mead is good stuff! My brothers brew mead every year for the medieval week, and I'm thinking about picking up brewing myself.
Should probably wait 'till I'm 18, though

I found a recipe somewhere for Pineapple ginger beer. I reeeeeally want to try making it. It'll probably have to wait until after we move.


I've been on vodka from the start. My first drink other than champagne and wine from celebratory functions was some vodka as a greeting and to make us feel warmer in Mongolia. Then shortly after my buddy came back from Japan with sake and some Korean soju. Last Thanksgiving with the family, the cousin broke out some Norwegian stuff.

Fuck, I could really use a glass now.

If you like vodka as much as I do don't forget the name Hanger One. It's a SF local vodka but it's the best I've ever had in my life.

I've been getting into Asian beers. I like Hite and Asahi. Also, I need more fucking double chocolate stouts. FLAVOR COUNTRY.

File: 127259306297.gif-(105.25KB, 400x400, hanger one vodka straight.gif)
woops. forgot my hat.

Amaretto sour


File: 128328686721.jpg-(17.77KB, 271x473, 47a57195-4177-4132-9235-0042296ad1ce.jpg)
Fallen in love with this stuff recently.

Long Island Iced Teas, or anything that taste fruity.

I have been meaning to pick up some butterscotch rum and some mead from the liquor store down the street, but I always seem to be out of money.

I love a good (read: strong) margarita. I've found a few places that make them fantastically. That's my favorite hard alcohol drink when I go out. And none of that frozen/slushie margarita shit with ionized salt on the rim and a thin-sliced lime, no no no. I like it with one or two ice cubes and kosher salt on the rim, and a giant lime wedge.

As for beer, I'll go with New Belgium Brewery's 1554 or Mothership Wit or Skinny Dip. It depends on what I'm eating or what time of the year it is (SD is seasonal).

senor, are you a homebrewer too? i'm tipsy and probably shouldn't be starting a batch of mead, but I'm considering blackberry mead. i have frozen blackberries...

and yes, everyone needs to make mead there is absolutely no excuse not to. its fantastic and look, here is the best beginner recipe -

underage is the best time to start! by the time its ready, and i mean really good and ready, you'll be legal.

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