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Ladies and 'gents. I need a chili recipe.
My friends are having a Chili-Cook-Off, and while I've never cooked chili, I want to kick some ass, so please--Help me along.
The winner gets voted the Pope of Chili Town.
I was leaning towards a rum chili, just because I love me some rum, and a bunch of my friends are booze hounds as well and would appreciate that.
So please, weigh in, yes? Much love~<3

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what kind of chili do you like, and how big is your pot?

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oh theres also the master of chilis recipe

I'm not terribly sure. Any time I've eaten chili, I've enjoyed it, so there's that.
Though I've never been too terribly big on beans, which has never really hindered my chili experiences, but I was thinking of perhaps sidestepping beans if at all possible.


Use red kidney beans. Soak them overnight in 1:3 beans:water; ex: 3 cups of beans = 9 cups of water.

Brown the ground beef and drain it THAT'S RIGHT I SAID DRAIN IT YOU LAZY FUCK

Toss a chopped onion (or 2 small ones) and a handful of minced garlic into the meat and fry for a little bit.

Put in the beans.

Mix 2-5 tbsp of chili powder, 1-3 tbsp of cumin, don't hold back on the salt and pepper.

Add a can of tomato paste with 2 cans of tomato sauce (canned tomatoes won't hurt).

Mix well, leave on low-medium heat. Mix every five minutes or so for like 4 hours.

After 2 hours, add some peppers. Jalapeno and habanero work well. Don't cut them or anything, just plop em in.

Serve with garlic bread.


Also make sure it's covered TIGHT or you'll be losing flavor the whole time. Add water if it gets too thick and taste it frequently. Use your own discretion with the spices. Some people get nuts and use cocoa powder and vinegar. Make it your own, that's the appeal to chili. Feel free to use ground turkey or even sausage.

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