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ITT: Foods we can't eat any more due to childhood incidents.
Picture related. I'd just gotten my gallbladder out, so my mom made some of her very homestyle chicken and dumplings. They were delicious, and supposedly mild on the stomach.

And then I projectile vomited them out of my nose.

They're still delicious and everything, but...I also still remember exactly what it was like. Sorta kills the experience.

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One time I ate a bunch of marshmallows, then got a cold the next day. For years afterward the smell of marshmallows made me want to throw up. Now I just find the taste unpleasant.

If you've ever puked hotdogs then you will never want to eat them again.

My sister had a bad experience with some fresh eggs. She cracked on open to find a half formed bird embryo inside. She still won't eat eggs to this day.

File: 128034668459.jpg-(168.25KB, 1600x1200, Celery_cross_section.jpg)
When I was in fourth grade I tried a stick and bit down on it and it ravaged one of my baby teeth, I was a bleeding mess.

When I was a little kid I saw a food fight and thought everyone would have fun with that stuff. So I flung a spoon of mustard in my father's face. He then forced me to eat the mustard out of his beard. To this day I start puking whenever I have a faint taste of mustard in my mouth.

>He then forced me to eat the mustard out of his beard.
I... I'm not sure whether I should laugh, or...



I can't use a straw ever again. Wisdom teeth got pulled out at an earlier age than most, and I was a really stupid kid.

Also raw tomatoes after that one rotten one. Couldn't tell until after I'd already swallowed it.

I-I'm sorry, anon, that sounds like an awful experience, but I can't... stop... laughing. I think it's because I'm seeing your father as Thurop Van-Orman/Pendleton Ward because they both have large beards.

Also, >>3952

File: 128043806165.png-(21.83KB, 600x400, muk poison puke.png)

This is so dumb, but I caught part of a horror movie my mom was watching once... a guy's face was melting or he was hallucinating and thought it was or something; I can't remember what happened exactly. I just thought his face looked like a mess of refried beans.

And then we had burritos for dinner that night!

I couldn't believe it. It took years before I could eat them without gagging.

I got a lot of stomach viruses when I was a kid, and my grandma would always give me chicken broth and 7-up to eat. Over time, it got to the point where even when I wasn't sick, the smell/ taste of either chicken broth or lemon-lime soda would make me nauseous. It still makes me feel sick to this day. Classical conditioning, man.

My best friend has two younger brothers. The elder of these two brothers was always doing experiments as a teenager, and being a teenage boy, a lot of these experiments involved either fire or paintball guns.

One day I go over to their house, and I run into the aforementioned brother before I can find my friend. As a way of greeting me, he sticks his hand, palm open and obviously burnt from whatever experiment just blew up on him, into my face, and asked me the following question:

"Does this smell like cooked hotdogs to you?"

I didn't eat hotdogs for the rest of the summer, and every time I eat hotdogs, I still remember it and have to tell myself that I'm eating animal bits and not human flesh.

Urgh, that reminds me of when my hungry college roommates and I thought it would be a great idea to four boxes worth of Kraft mac and cheese. It turns out that the amount of butter you put in vs the milk is way too much if you just stupidly quadruple the recipe, so the roommates left the huge amount of leftovers for me knowing I wouldn't waste it. The fact that we had 99-cent discount hotdogs in it didn't help. The rotting-flesh smell of old hotdogs filled my senses for what felt like weeks. D:

I never put hot dogs in pasta anymore (or anything that's not on a bun) because it means hot-dog-smelling silverware that just won't lose its stink no matter how hard you wash it. :/

Hell, that stink is why I stopped eating hotdogs altogether.

This one time my parents forced me to eat the pickles on my cheeseburger instead of picking them off. I took a bath right after dinner and threw up in the bathtub, and some of the pickles came up whole and just floated there.

Not only do I not eat pickles but I don't take baths anymore (only showers).


Things don't get thrown up whole unless you swallow them whole, & that's probably why you threw up in the first place. Learn to chew, darling.


>Calling a man "darling".

How quaint.

Rice congee.

I brought some to school one day, and I forgot to take the leftovers out of my lunchbox.

Good lord. The smell was inhuman.

File: 128211143120.jpg-(18.35KB, 341x360, Charlie the tuna.jpg)
I might have ruined canned tuna for myself recently. Someone left tuna in the fridge for god knows how long and I got sick of looking at it. Instead of throwing out the whole container like I should have, I decided to rinse in all down the sink.

The is the worst plan I have ever had. I've never come so close to throwing up from a smell before. I had to cover the smell up with a lemon and a degreaser.

I can't share any personally, despite almost dying of food poisoning once and chucking more times than I have fingers, I don't hate any food enough to not eat it. Yeah, I have the appetite of a refuse bin.

Ok, semi-related. back in Russia, in ye olde poor country, he asked for a whole cake for a birthday present. Not to sound like we are in a fucking Kolhoz, but for example meat was eaten seldom, ie holidays, and so on. And the asshole ate it almost entirely, alone. Then threw it up in the middle of the party. That taste of cheap fatty icing still brings back memories of a birthday table covered end to end with pink puke and sprinkles.

File: 12822554257.jpg-(23.05KB, 500x327, kamaz.jpg)
Wait, got another one. My mom went vegetarian for many years, because dad decided to bring home the bacon.
ba dum tish
He got a wild pig and dressed it at home, with zero instructions. Now you know how hunters hang animals by the hind legs and slit their throats? That's done for a very good reason, namely, animals have a lot of blood in em and it needs to be out asap. When you have a russian corporal with a combat knife go at it with a pig carcass, the house looks like an abattoir. Newspapers covered in gore, fucking guts, bones, sinew, like the predator decided to display his collection there.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. This... is what he used to "hunt"
pic related

English muffins
Got sick from a school breakfast muffin sandwich and threw up every time I was upright for a whole day

What the fuck. Did he take it home dead or something? In pigs it's especially important to get the blood out quickly, so you have to slit the throat while the heart is still beating so it can all pump out. You have to wash it a lot, scald them, and a wild pig probably still had its testicles... really hope you didn't eat any of that pork.

I hate it when an animal is killed for no good reason and then fucking wasted. I'm cool with butchering and hunting, I've slaughtered before, but at least know what you're doing and don't waste a piece of that animal.

Back on topic with the thread, I can't eat a certain kind of pea soup my mom used to make, because not only did it look like boogers but I also threw it up once. That's pretty much it.

The story, as he told it, is as follows... He was driving down a road in the aforementioned army truck. A wild pig ran across. He swerved to hit it and took the roadkill home.

And yes, I did eat some. Survived thankfully...

In first grade, I'd always puke whenever they were serving the School Food take on chef salad, regardless of whether I ate it or brought a lunch. To this day, I don't have the courage to take on the real thing (this goes double for pork tenderloin, despite it going down without any problems).

Spinach. When I was little, I really liked spinach. Then I mistook a bowl of collared greens for spinach while at Golden Corral one afternoon, and vomited them back up all over the front porch upon arriving at home.

I still enjoy it on pizza, but I won't eat bowls of it anymore.

Hot Dogs... They used to be a staple after school munchable, but then in the cafeteria in kindergarten,They had apparently served me one that was bad and I ended up reliving it in reverse all over my lunch tray. I have had they same reaction ever since, but corndogs are fine for some reason.

Tuna. Between all the times my mom packed it for me in gradeschool and it went bad before lunchtime, the hideous, goopey monstrosities they served in middle school, and the bizarre, oily, smelly, reddish shit I had in Ireland, I am never eating it again.

i hated mashed potato until recently.

turns out i just hated my mothers mash

I can't eat refried beans. I used to more or less like them, but when I was fourteen, my dad wound up with appendicitis. He started presenting symptoms right after dinner (burritos), his filling of choice being , you guessed it, refried beans. The next few days were a goddamn nightmare because his symptoms were atypical and the hospital just kept fucking up, and somehow my fourteen year old brain just associated the whole clusterfuck with the fact that my had had eaten refried beans.

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