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File 139675726898.jpg - (631.05KB , 800x1119 , pony_gundam_unicorn_by_shepherd0821-d546se7.jpg )
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WHAT'S IN THE LAPLACE BOX err I mean in the 6 key box.

previous pone general: >>223439
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>> No. 227330
No Exalted.
>> No. 227331
Well damn, it's identical to the ending of the first MK movie.
>> No. 227596
File 140888312492.png - (524.56KB , 735x2011 , a_shadow_over_whinnysmouth_by_callmedoc-d7wgglz.png )
Posting this here, since this is where the idea came from, from Rametarin.

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTJ_eQbBtls

File 137431829869.png - (384.68KB , 1000x790 , you like Pacman dont you.png )
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With a new Sonic cartoon on the way and Pac-man & Angry Birds on TV (and having find a pic to start with) I think we need one of these.
And if you find the new stuff to crap then we can talk all of the old crap.
Like this one: 1983 CBS Saturday Supercade Introyoutube thumb
Or this one: Pole Position : Intro [HQ]youtube thumb
And even this one: The power team introyoutube thumb
Or ones that dont suck like... um...

Anyway, speaking of PM&TGA, I like that its has not one but two literal buttheads and uses what to me looks like high end cgi to make fart jokes.
Because, fuck being classy.
And it's a superhero show that skip on the whole secret i.d. thing.
Thats something.
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>> No. 223148
File 139187805423.jpg - (553.45KB , 985x1538 , P00022.jpg )
>> No. 223149
File 139187827337.jpg - (550.57KB , 984x1536 , P00023.jpg )
The end!
With 3 sidestory for another time.
But I dont think this thread can take that...
>> No. 226916
Man the spambots sure love this thread.
Hope they kill it so I can start on the next one.

File 135803454317.png - (56.08KB , 736x489 , 1358022611282.png )
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>> No. 214082
now don't you start.
>> No. 217990
File 138269153642.jpg - (647.79KB , 1280x479 , IWASSOBLINDHELIEDTOMETHEDARKNESSISNEAR.jpg )
>> No. 218574
File 138376970561.jpg - (111.45KB , 500x597 , theyrequiteapairmabelandbearo.jpg )

File 134473951481.png - (197.49KB , 638x367 , Kanes.png )
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ITT: Motorcity General

Well, "Like Father, Like Daughter" was pretty much a perfect episode brimming with Action, Adventure, Drama, Character Development, Plot Twists and Sexy, Sexy Cars.
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>> No. 225526
Its okay for what it is it could be a lot worse but they've done well with what they've been given. I hope they get the chance to do some other Dreamworks material that had been shelved due to lack of interest from the higher ups, mainly more Megamind.
>> No. 226516
The whole formulaic story-of-the-week style that left us with few actual developments came from Disney and Disney alone. They mandated this show to be episodic when Titmouses' original plan was to go full story mode.
>> No. 227575
This is annoying in some ways, though in others I do like a side story here and there instead of just main plot.

File 139028121779.jpg - (21.60KB , 480x360 , vlcsnap-2014-01-21-00h13m10s155.jpg )
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last thread >>212520
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>> No. 227541
File 140486194297.jpg - (514.16KB , 1211x2505 , Tuff Puppy 1-52.jpg )
Tuff Puppy episodes 1 thru 52
Grab them before there gone...
>> No. 227544
So is this where Caturday is now or what? Where the catgirls at?
>> No. 227545
man, it take forever to post a thing. I wind up with a page of errors, too.

File 139745237237.png - (198.31KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mpp3m1rbdU1rsmq32o1_500.png )
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last thread>>205719
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>> No. 227491
File 140413465821.png - (274.35KB , 565x315 , 603453ep141.png )
>> No. 227492
File 140415584697.png - (1.17MB , 1280x1686 , 63b8d94b290b087563b9b95b0a5e6ebb.png )
>> No. 227543
File 140498202886.gif - (493.53KB , 270x267 , 1393715599116.gif )

File 139107353242.jpg - (837.37KB , 765x1074 , Hedron 001.jpg )
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Fox,wolf, and other canidae are welcome

Old thread can be found here >>206767
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>> No. 227538
File 140479538263.jpg - (112.17KB , 1159x800 , 009_fushia-body_rom_v001d.jpg )
>> No. 227539
1. Use the new board plz.
2. From Australian animated series Animalia.
>> No. 227542
File 140497227765.jpg - (25.29KB , 640x480 , Alice Tantei Kyoku - アリス 探偵局 34 (DVD 6.jpg )
From Alice Detective Agency. I think she is a wolf, and... she is a pickpocket who stores her loot in her cleavage. :D

File 13985403828.jpg - (38.45KB , 600x280 , batusi.jpg )
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Old thread: >>223008
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>> No. 227290
Yeah, I'm certain everyone ever now knows at least three plus versions of his origin.

I dig the realism they've been doing recently with the movies as it is a nice change of pace from the older movies which were pretty out there (flying counter clockwise arou d the world to reverse the flow of time, what the fuck?), but there are still so many directions one can go with the character.

Like Superman essentially becoming God at the end of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," (I liked it) is something I'd like to see expanded on somewhere as I found it to be an interesting enough concept. But nope, gotta do that origin story.

>> No. 227424
Watching "Son of Batman" and I can't help but think the League of Assassins outside of Damian and Talia would know something about firearms.

The trailer for "Assault on Arkham" looks dope. Fuckin' Suicide Squad!
>> No. 227535
File 140478683982.jpg?spoiler - (411.18KB , 1280x1967 , 2014-02-05 07-33-02 - Action Comics (2011-) 028-02.jpg?spoiler )
>Any buddy wanna trying stepping up to defend Greg Pak now that it's clear he just wanted to write more Hulk?

File 140428439739.gif - (64.10KB , 456x332 , legen297.gif )
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been a looong time I saw this show,
and it's seems hard and rare to find all episodes
in good or higher quality.

File 140400839265.png - (0.98MB , 800x600 , CartoonBlock628.png )
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It's that time again. TONIGHT:

Parenting Done The Right Way With Don Wei: eps 24-26 SERIES FINALE
If you want a picture of the future of puns, imagine eight boots dancing on an undead face - forever.: eps 31-34
Gelatinous Monsters and Naked Children: Japan on a Tuesday: eps 42-43
Hulk Hogan's Absurdity and Merriment.: eps 8-10

It's the finish line for OBAN tonight, wrapping up another show with a triple-episode closer. Next week will be the start of Dave the Barbarbian, so get hype. Tonight is also the next season poll for Beetlejuice, so let's see of the Ghost with the Most stands a ghost of a chance to stay on the small scream all the way to the bitter end. The Hulkster also won the vote for last week, so expect a triple threat match, brother.

Don't forget to vote for the bonus episode (DIGIMON and ROCK n WRESTLE only for tonight), and submit those skub/anti-skub slogans, along with your Dr Hiss Says quotes.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 227488
File 140401533146.jpg - (50.43KB , 640x480 , 3DIGIMON.jpg )
Looks like based on the poll that Beeltejuice is the ghost with the most cancellations, so wave goodbye to the puns.

now it's time for DIGIMON: If they say "chaos" in this show one more time, they're gonna trigger a Sonic crossover.
>> No. 227489
File 14040159163.jpg - (72.86KB , 599x794 , Andre at the Beach 60s.jpg )
Rock and Wrestling.
>> No. 227490
File 140401784888.gif - (520.19KB , 389x292 , 4HULK.gif )
file deleted for Digimon this week.

Last up is HULK HOGAN'S ROCK'N'WRESTLING. Wait, which board does this show belong on?

File 140388518711.png - (4.40MB , 3501x2550 , At long last.png )
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I know it's been a while, I know most of you have probably forgotten, but things are in motion, the promise will be kept.

File 139941680531.jpg - (935.68KB , 950x1229 , ksbd46.jpg )
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>> No. 227286
File 139994865938.png - (690.52KB , 768x1149 , pa.png )
why are you doing this to me zack
>> No. 227287
First Mort, now Eightfold... this has not been a good month for spirits in webcomics.
>> No. 227475
File 140376586937.jpg - (313.07KB , 800x1067 , 2014-06-12-chp7-page-02.jpg )
.... things are getting real in String Theory

File 140340860670.png - (0.98MB , 800x600 , CartoonBlock.png )
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It's that time again. TONIGHT:

Professor Weiton and the Ultimate Prize: eps 21-23
Little Roadhouse on the Prairie: eps 27-28
Naked Children Ride Animals, All Viewers Get Arrested: eps 40-41
Black and Tan: The True Story of Junkyard Dog and Superfly Snooka: eps 6-7

Prepare your tears, as we are quickly running out of OBAN. Next week shall be the grand finale, to be replaced with Dave the Barbarian. Beetlejuice will be on the chopping block next week as well, so prepare to decide some fate.

Don't forget to vote for the bonus episode, and submit those skub/anti-skub slogans, along with your Dr Hiss Says quotes.

10 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 227464
File 140341405882.jpg - (24.30KB , 500x280 , DIGIMON MATT AND SORA LIVE SEXGAHAHAHAHA.jpg )
Oban gets the extra episode next week, so I guess I'll vote for digimons.

Also, pic related. It's everyone's OTP.
>> No. 227467
And once again, I can delete any post of mine except for the OP. Apologies for leaving another one of these threads here...
>> No. 227468
Next week just bump this one or an older one.

File 13559230539.jpg - (1.70MB , 1280x1968 , HydraBatman1.jpg )
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Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place!

Previous Threads:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 227420
File 140249830978.jpg - (251.21KB , 975x1501 , Sludge-01-00-FC.jpg )
>Sludge [Malibu Ultraverse]
>> No. 227444
File 140294193055.jpg - (83.71KB , 416x640 , hardcaseashsdfront.jpg )
>Hard Case [Malibu Ultraverse]
>Ultraverse Year Zero: Death Of The Squad
>> No. 227447
File 140322316349.jpg - (277.25KB , 800x1210 , night man v1_1-00.jpg )
>Night Man [Malibu Ultraverse]
>Volume 1
>Volume 2 & Misc

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