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File 135803454317.png - (56.08KB , 736x489 , 1358022611282.png )
202391 No. 202391
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>> No. 202399
Fun little game.

When the hell is this going to get out of scheduling hell?
>> No. 202400
File 135805495124.png - (176.28KB , 909x787 , HiatusBlues.png )

Early 2013.
>> No. 202401
I just don't care about Gravity Falls as much anymore. I hate the fanbase, the lack of new episodes for months has killed my interest, and in retrospect a lot of eps are wasted on Dipper's stupid lust for Wendy. When the show airs the rest of season 1 they better drop that crap.
>> No. 202402
File 135805868031.png - (177.01KB , 527x391 , we meet again.png )

Well, well, well, if it isn't my old friend.
>> No. 202403
>When the hell is this going to get out of scheduling hell?

The same time as every other show, anon. The same time as every other show. (Seriously, what the fuck, cartoons. Why can none of you stay on for a whole season's run?)
>> No. 202406
File 135806231316.jpg?spoiler - (111.71KB , 600x800 , 1358058213390.jpg?spoiler )
A present from /co/.
>> No. 202408
He's just a bill.
he's only a bill

>> No. 202413
>brxu uhdolwb lv d jdph wr ph.dqg l olnh jDphv
>your reality is a game to me.and i like gAmes
>> No. 202431
File 135812215629.gif - (15.47KB , 245x250 , 1358099566059.gif )
>> No. 202433
File 13581221952.gif - (16.69KB , 245x250 , 1358101903799.gif )
>> No. 202434
File 135812222440.gif - (18.83KB , 245x250 , 1358102039359.gif )
>> No. 202435
File 135812224945.gif - (14.15KB , 245x250 , 1358102071643.gif )
>> No. 202436
File 135812226762.gif - (7.72KB , 141x142 , 1358099924571.gif )
>> No. 202437
File 135812228934.gif - (18.23KB , 138x151 , 1358102185159.gif )
>> No. 202439
File 135812239110.gif - (6.65KB , 194x210 , 1358102152709.gif )
>> No. 202440
File 135812240947.gif - (203.28KB , 1026x484 , 1358101944680.gif )
>> No. 202441
File 135812242595.gif - (13.56KB , 256x239 , 1358102118717.gif )
>> No. 202533
File 135822108195.gif - (524.19KB , 500x283 , MabelPiggleHuggle1.gif )

>> No. 202534
>> No. 204541
Boss Mabel is up:

>> No. 204561
How the heck do you download from Zippyshare? I end up getting a .HTML file when I choose to dl it >_<
>> No. 204573
Just enter the capcha and clip download and it should go automatically.
>> No. 204581
This new episode was hilarious. It was nothing but smiles and I had a grin all throughout.

On a side note the gremlin Dipper caught. Anyone else feel his design and art style didn't match the tone and coloring of the show? Also another question, anyone else think this was truly the most ferocious and scariest supernatural creature in the whole series thus far? I thought he was worse than the Summerween Trickster.

Was kind of hoping that Stan kept his won money.
>> No. 204585
File 136035964038.jpg - (58.57KB , 427x341 , MabelHappy2.jpg )

>> No. 204620
As crappy as this hiatus has been I feel grateful for having gone through it. The hype is all but gone and while some people are turning away because it's no longer the new hotness I feel vindicated in my original affection for this show.
>> No. 204623
Fan goddamn tastic.
>> No. 204873
File 136069253494.png - (36.43KB , 497x290 , 1360464586487.png )
Look who's hiring.
>> No. 205088
Another new ep today (Friday 15th), woop woop!
>> No. 205103
Already saw the leaked episode. Good show, but are we back to hiatus hell afterwards?
>> No. 205160
We get a new episode on the 1st. After that nobody knows.
>> No. 205187
episodes here
decode with
>> No. 205188
>> No. 205274
File 136112175541.jpg - (222.79KB , 1920x1080 , cue.jpg )
how the hell do i use this?
>> No. 205455
File 136333682336.jpg - (109.36KB , 585x597 , MabelPeacock2.jpg )

New and improved episode pastebin.


You still use the same decoder site.

What did you guys think of Deep End?
>> No. 205457
File 136333776816.png - (226.38KB , 499x282 , PacificaMermandoNTR.png )

Forgot the decoder.

>> No. 205463
Loved Wendy getting more screen and development time..sorta. Also Gideon and Stan fight is always interesting thing to have going on in the background.
>> No. 205467
Gideon appears but not jealous of Mermando getting with Mabel? Bad writing anyone?
>> No. 205472
he'd kinda moved beyond her and now just dicks around with Stan.
>> No. 205629

I think Gideon is a little younger than Mabel, and is at an age where he values being annoying over girls.

He may be obsessed with Mabel, but he doesn't truly love her, she is just another thing for the spoiled brat to possess.
>> No. 205667
File 136344358294.png - (792.43KB , 1280x1196 , MabelMerman.png )
HD ep.

>> No. 205685
I think you're right.
Gideon - I can buy and sell you, old man!youtube thumb
>> No. 205749
File 136350194476.png - (963.04KB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2013-03-17-02h33m01s184.png )
Rulin da pool
>> No. 205754
File 136351605145.png?spoiler - (0.96MB , 952x768 , WendyBelly2.png?spoiler )

GFG can get kind of...weird at times.
>> No. 205755
File 136351638180.png - (463.57KB , 714x600 , WendyBelly.png )
Might as well post all the shoops.
>> No. 205756
File 136351654360.png - (2.90MB , 1920x1080 , WendyGanguro.png )
>> No. 205758
File 136351702625.png - (749.80KB , 1177x1032 , WendySwimsuit.png )
>> No. 205759
File 136351765742.jpg - (251.79KB , 960x540 , MabelLifeguard.jpg )
>> No. 205760
File 136351811146.png - (337.24KB , 755x581 , WendyMermaid.png )

There was also a Tambry shoop, but I forgot to save it, so have this instead.
>> No. 205761
File 136352464725.jpg - (372.99KB , 500x688 , tumblr_mjfxnxR1dt1rro63oo1_500.jpg )
At first I thought Mermando was a red herring and it would be revealed that he just lost his swim trunks.
>> No. 205774
File 136354192217.png - (1.17MB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2013-03-17-04h22m14s178.png )
Think they are tweaking her interactions with Dipper.
>> No. 205776
Wendy got fired for being a shoplifter (or stealing from at her job). I think Wendy's seriously a bad influence on Dipper. I hope they drop this angle from the show soon.
>> No. 205778
oh she most definitely is a bad influence, but his attraction to her is a common one which is why I think they keep on playing it.
>> No. 205785
File 136355343510.jpg - (194.90KB , 640x360 , PacificaLifeguard.jpg )
>> No. 205800

That's funny, because I was seriously hoping you wouldn't come back after the big Plus4 shutdown.
>> No. 205801
Excuse me?
>> No. 205802
File 136358858612.jpg?spoiler - (17.30KB , 650x300 , herring.jpg?spoiler )
>At first I thought Mermando was a red herring

you were almost correct, but it turned out he was blue instead
>> No. 205832
File 136361113577.jpg - (151.99KB , 680x383 , TambryLifeguard.jpg )
>> No. 205835
Anybody got an hd link of Double Dipper?
>> No. 205854
why has stan's hat changed?
>> No. 205855
File 136363344367.jpg - (137.92KB , 1280x720 , pachat.jpg )
its like a pacman hat now
>> No. 205859
File 136363451379.jpg - (130.31KB , 603x480 , Mirror Shield.jpg )
Because crescents are bad.
>> No. 205860
And red blood. Here have some Ganondorf sneezing snot and mucus after getting cut up with the Master Sword. Fuck Nintendo.
>> No. 205866
File 136363974689.gif - (364.25KB , 940x705 , wendy-hey-kid-wanna-ss.gif )
>> No. 205872
Well blood isn't very E for Everyone.
>> No. 205874
Actually yes it is. Disney is not afraid to show blood in their G rated movies. G rated is the equivalent of E for everyone. Though nowadays "political correctness" has upped the rating of Disney's classics into PG territory which for videogames is the E10 rating. Its still for everyone.

The problem really stems from Nintendo being a bunch of faggot pussies who have no balls gladly tow the line for the sake of "family friendly" shit like they were the videogame version of Disney (by that I don't literally mean that they're like Disney, but that they try to be so focused on being a family company and inoffensive that it is detrimental to the quality of the product, kind of reminds me of 4Kids actually). Too many of these business suit guys, are just pansies who are scared that they'll not sell out as big as they hope. They're disgusting.
>> No. 205875
File 136364312766.jpg - (116.25KB , 500x357 , tumblr_mjpxbpLLVB1rll28uo1_500.jpg )
I'm sorry, I was under the impression EVERYONE IS FUCKING FILLED WITH IT
>> No. 205876
>At 9 o’clock, an all-new “Gravity Falls” soared to a series high in Total Viewers (4.5 million) and delivered its #2 telecast ever in Tweens 9-14 (1.7 million/7.0 rating) and #3 telecast in Kids 2-11 (2.5 million/6.4 rating).

>> No. 205877
Oh hey that reminds me, Infinite was leaked apparently
>> No. 205923
Take me there.
>> No. 206335
File 136405116738.gif - (103.93KB , 647x362 , wendygrinds.gif )
>> No. 206348
feels like i'm wearing nothing at all
>> No. 206349
She does look trampy in there.
>> No. 206676
File 136443080612.gif - (1.23MB , 1280x718 , Pacificalicklipwink.gif )
>> No. 206706
These edits are mildly disquieting.
>> No. 206711
OK I lol'd.
>> No. 206715
File 13644629665.gif - (218.68KB , 650x365 , WendyPopsicle.gif )
>> No. 206716
File 136446323359.gif - (1.48MB , 497x278 , WendyBeingHerUsualSelf.gif )
>> No. 206736
File 136449444911.jpg - (196.29KB , 640x360 , CandyLifeguard.jpg )
>> No. 206738
File 136449570221.jpg - (194.25KB , 640x360 , ClerkLifeguard.jpg )
>> No. 206785
File 136454191899.png - (438.97KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-03-28-22h54m24s220.png )
New Episode Time!

>> No. 206787
That was the best body swap reaction I've ever seen.
>> No. 206798
That was beautiful. One thing I love about Gravity Falls is how it packs a holy hell of a lot of story into 22 minutes.
I'll miss you, Soos' almost-girlfriend. And Waddles!Dipper. Dipples.
>> No. 206818
This fucking show!

That bit with the glasses- Is Stan possibly not the original Stan? When are they going to get back to whatever his secret elevator basement means?
Is the fact that the writing is so good that the fact that the Gravity Falls Mystery is so far in the back seat it's five cars back a sign that they'll never deal with it, or just that we won't mind as they rarely touch on it?
>> No. 206820
Okaaaaaay why the fuck is this show ON Disney? Was I the only one who didn't laugh at Dipper's leg being without punchline getting bitten and chewed by a wild wolf? No joke, no magic werewolf, or taking coyote from the Simpsons who bit Homer. It was just grim and violent wild animal attacking its prey and they play it like its something and light and funny? Come the fuck on. This show belongs on Cartoon Network or the HUB and be PG rated.

And quite frankly I don't find the idea of a wild animal chewing up a little kid to be humorous (and then Dipper makes a reference that an owl tried to rip his tongue to boot after the wolf did him in).

On a lighter note....again WHY is this show on Disney? I mean flat out Bird and the Bees jokes? The only thing Disney provides is GOOD animation, the rest? All it would take is a Soccer Bitch to get this gem of a show canceled. I mean before both Mabel and Dipper got depressed over the truth about life sucking but that was a What If story so it didn't REALLY happen. However in this episode Mabel's childhood literally got raped by Stan in a double-whammy of good writing being a responsible and caring guardian.

"Goodbye childhood...."

Making it canon that now Mabel knows what sex and reproduction is....this is on Disney? Geez.

Also I've always felt it was weird how Dipper NEVER made any friends at GF. And was wondering about that. Now this episode made me feel sorry for him even further. The kid can't catch a break. He gave up his new room under dubious writing and now has come to the realization that he's lonely without any friends.

This show makes Dipper suffer a lot doesn't it?
>> No. 206821
that could be a possibility given those are the glasses Yong Stan was wearing back when they did the time travel and they seem to mean something to him the way he looked at them.
>> No. 206832
A birds and the bees speech is not mature content lmao. Especially when nothing is explained onscreen. That overreactive soccer mom will need a horde of other soccer moms and incredible persuasive skills in order to convince a network that they should take a show off the air because her preteen children are too young & innocent to watch an episode where preteen characters act their age and deal with preteen problems.

It's also not the first Disney show to bring it up. I am pretty sure the Proud Family did at least once.
>> No. 206833
I think you're both over analyzing the sow an oversimplifying Disney's capacity for darker humor. Their cartoons where never terribly squeaky clean, and hell, even their terrible life action shows have some occasional mature themes or gags.
>> No. 206834
File 136457904919.png - (306.34KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-03-29-06h03m13s4.png )
love the title
>> No. 206836
File 136457938974.png - (85.96KB , 259x230 , pig.png )
>> No. 206837
I did think it was pretty out-there for Dipper to barely mind a wolf chomping on his leg, but it was a lesser-of-two-evils joke with no lasting import so I don't care. Don't say Stan "literally raped" Mabel's childhood, though. That is a double misuse of language. Triple, if you get finicky with the definition of a childhood.

Dipper does get beat up on a lot, physically and emotionally, but he usually snares some kind of victory when all's said and done. He hasn't made any really good pals yet, but he's still got his best friend back in the end. Plus apparently Stan's just waiting for the day that Dipper tells him off to shower avuncular pride on the kid.

He'll be fine.
>> No. 206888
File 136461739854.jpg - (151.24KB , 640x480 , LfI8uPT.jpg )
>> No. 206911
I really wish that Dipper would have kept his own room. He's already old enough to start desiring his own space.
>> No. 206913
Aww I was really hoping Soos would keep the girlfriend, then again a new breakroom is nice.

Soos is really my favorite character, like by a massive longshot.
>> No. 206914
Aww I was really hoping Soos would keep the girlfriend, then again a new breakroom is nice.

Soos is really my favorite character, like by a massive longshot.
>> No. 206963

The Looney Tunes and Disney used to make suicide jokes all the time back in the day, i'd say that's much darker than Stan talking about the pituitary gland.
>> No. 206971
Apparently this was part of a large body switching episode event on Disney.
>> No. 207037
Remember in "Fight Fighters", when he crawled up a tree and batted at Rumble's life bar?

What a fucking champ.
>> No. 207666
File 13656065888.jpg?spoiler - (170.77KB , 500x474 , 1365601442527.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 207825
New ep' reaction: Nikki Yang is awesome, and this is probably the episode with the most quoatable lines in it.
>> No. 207839
This is officially the worst Gravity Falls episode ever.

The supernatural was a minor note detail and mostly dealt with nonsensical boring plot elements like the boy band thing and Dipper again lusting after Wendy. Not even STAN could save the episode since he wasn't his brilliant morbid cynical witty self. He was just being unusually positive and helpful ally to Dipper out of the goodness of his heart when last episode it was revealed that his idea of helping Dipper is to be rough on him. Its not like I don't appreciate Stan being good since him being mean to Dipper is not funny when overdone, but this was out there like someone who doesn't get Stan's nature wrote him. Plus the whole Wendy being angry at Dipper for revealing the truth about Robbie being a liar just makes me wonder ask......why don't they drop Wendy? She sucks and adds nothing to this show except unwanted romance garbage.

And they really did nothing with the whole Boy Bands are cloned in test tubes thing. So the whole sub-plot about Mabel growing attached to a random lame made up boy band that spoke in a stupid way was a boring trainwreck. It also ignores that Mabel already has a boyfriend (Mermando) who she writers to so I don't get where they suddenly have Mabel declare that every boy she loves gets out of her life.

Terrible episode. It was just awful. Nothing good. This is the Great Divide (Avatar Last Airbender) episode for Gravity Falls. Not a single redeemable aspect in this one.

I have to say, this show officially has been derailed with filler and its overarching storyline with finding out about the supernatural elements of the town with the different volume books has long since been dropped (even Gideon is no longer Dipper's rival and has been reduced to Stan's antagonist for childish jokes). Even if the show brings back the main story in the finale of Season 1, would it really excuse all this worthless filler and waste of time on outright bad ideas? I don't think so.

Gravity Falls is a case in point of wasted potential.
>> No. 207840
I liked it! Sev'ral Timez made me laugh a bunch; Dipper's subplot was rather bland and uneventful by comparison, but I'm glad he and Stan are able to hold a chat (even if Stan's incapable of much besides commiseration). Dipper really hasn't had much of a friend of his own yet, so this is nice.

I also appreciated how Mabel going nutsy koo-koo has a little justifying precedent, even though it wasn't strictly necessary because she's just kind of manic all the time. She hasn't had a lot of luck forming the kind of stable connections she's been after either. Poor thing.

I enjoyed this episode and it made me happy to watch! Amazingly, I could have used more of the group literally composed of five identical characters.
>> No. 207845
File 136581821895.png - (157.59KB , 500x800 , 1365815653744.png )
Well I loved this episode. Candy was comedy gold, and I think Stan is more positive with Dipper since that time with Mabel-in-Dipper's-body standing up to him.
>> No. 207846
File 136581825668.png - (179.47KB , 500x800 , 1365816903076.png )
>> No. 207850

>MG: Are you able to tell us how these items from your trip will be incorporated into the show?
>AH: I’ll say that it is highly likely that a very large inanimate lumberjack could come to life in the series. After visiting that attraction, it has sort of been haunting my dreams and the things in my nightmares usually make their way into the series. So that is entirely possible. One thing that surprised me greatly was that when we visited Confusion Hill was how many things that we didn’t know have already been put into the show. There were a lot of strange parallels. Grunkle Stan is sort of this old guy that is into Grandpa humor, like the kind of plaques and T-shirts you find at a bait and tackle store. There was this episode, [speaking in Grunkle Stan's voice] “I’ve got the complaint department here” and he holds up a trash can. Sure enough at Confusion Hill, there was something that said “Press this button” and it was a mouse trap. There was also an episode where he says [speaking in Grunkle Stan's voice] “Look behind this curtain to see the most terrifying monsters” and it was a mirror. They had they exact attraction at Confusion Hill. I was shocked at how well we managed to psychically pick up on this corny tourist trap humor that really exists. Just being up in those trees and seeing nature, I feel that it really reinvigorated our artists. We got a chance to see how beautiful the Pacific Northwest really is. We will probably explore the woods more as well in future episodes, since we were really inspired by them.
>> No. 207898
>implying Great Divide was actually bad
>it wasn't
Stop yapping and enjoy the show, Dipper working with Stan was brilliant, and it was nice to see bad side of Mabel.
>> No. 207905

Yeah, it was nice to see her being the inconsiderate one for once rather than Dipper (Carpet Diem might also count, but they were both kind of at fault there).
>> No. 207908
File 136588779395.png - (383.66KB , 1282x720 , vlcsnap-2013-04-13-17h15m53s218.png )
These credits... I LIKE THESE CREDITS.

Has he written anything else on this show that I just didn't notice before?
>> No. 207913
Yep. This, Aquabats! Supershow, Yo Gabba Gabba, and having kids are why Homestar Runner's been in stasis for years.
>> No. 207915
ya missed his post where he slapped a vinyl sticker on a co-workers car after he saw their old worn out one at Disney.

Summerween the Ween we get because the other has been missed...for a number of years.
>> No. 208034
File 136606824925.jpg - (87.13KB , 620x349 , we're nonthreatening.jpg )
I can't help but think mocking the manipulative boyband structure on the Disney channel is counter intuitive.
>> No. 208036
Foes it matter? Mabel still loved the boy band even though they were literally regurgitated genetic experiments. The truth didn't deer her and it won't stop stupid tween girls from worshiping the boy band of the moment.
>> No. 208044
Hell, Disney's the biggest thing keeping those jokes relevant.
>> No. 208097
If Lady Gaga can make money from people laughing at her, why can't Disney?
>> No. 208124
Disney has a habit of this. Even before Gravity Falls, we had Enchanted, which was a whole film's worth of Disney making fun of itself, and even before that, we had Hercules making fun of their own oversaturated marketing.
>> No. 208183
Disney these days at least seems to be able to have a sense of humour about itself, which is ironic considering how Waly himself was VERY particular about protecting his brandname.

See the incident where two animators made a brief porn cartoon with Minnie and Mickey Mouse for Walt's birthday. He had a good laugh at it, then immediately fired them after finding out who made it.
>> No. 208552
anyone got a link to where i can buy dippers hat?
>> No. 208730
File 136721119732.jpg - (19.05KB , 400x400 , dippers hat.jpg )

The other hats on that site depress me so so much...
>> No. 209392
So what is everyone's favorite remix of the GF theme music? I think mine is:

>Gravity Falls Theme Song 'Made Me Realize' (For Orchestra) - Single
>> No. 209393
>> No. 209414
Gravity Falls Intro - Lemon Demon Versionyoutube thumb

So uh...what is this?
>> No. 209415
They commissioned a few people to create the Gravity Falls theme. Niel Cicierega was one of them, but they ended up choosing Brad Breeck's song for the opening instead.
>> No. 209522
>> No. 209529
>> No. 210606
File 137030314983.jpg - (41.70KB , 369x500 , 1358190136919.jpg )
Just got into the show and it's a ton of fun. I wish they could get more conspiracy stuff into the newer episodes, though. The whole puberty/relationship thing is nicely realistic but I love the show for its fantastical elements more.

>people actually complaining about Dipper fixating on Wendy

Are you kidding? Boys that age will do anything, including ignoring obvious Illuminati imagery, in pursuit of Dat Ass.


Well that's. . . nice.


Wow, those are some really depressing implications. So do you guys think that discovering all the secrets of Gravity Falls made McGuckin lose his mind entirely? Also, when do you think Bill is coming into the show?

I for one would like to see more scary stuff in the show, it's not creepy enough lately.
>> No. 210607
>Are you kidding? Boys that age will do anything, including ignoring obvious Illuminati imagery, in pursuit of Dat Ass.

Exactly why real kids SUCK. We do not need to be reminded of how stupid and annoying real teens or kids can be and how worthless they would be as protagonists since their hormones are driving them to fuck. There's a reason Adventure Time is called Shipping Time nowadays. Too much fucking romance crap. Dipper's obsession with the town bicycle makes him annoying.

Other shows also bother me like Hey Arnold where the characters are even younger than Dipper and yet they behave like teens who have unusually active romantic lives (makes you wonder why were they all like 9 years old to begin with when their behavior is nothing of the such).

The only way I would accept Dipper's obsession with Wendy is if Wendy scars Dipper. I'm thinking a scenario like Bobby Hill in King of the Hill when he was with that 14 year old girl while he was 12. The girl was mildly interested in him and was a vegan. Bobby showed how inadequate he was for being with an older girl and she breaks his heart leading to Bobby eating that raw steak out of spite just to hurt her vegan tendencies. After that Bobby moved on.

This is what Dipper needs, he needs to have his heart broken. For his own good and for the quality of the show. Its either that or we can drop all pretense and have another Shipping Time show. Or better yet we could have another Legend of Korra show where a character's worth is determined by who they want to fuck or who they fucked in the past regardless of old age (like Tenzin's generation).
>> No. 210608
I just marathoned the entire series up to date the other day. Really enjoyoed it, But you know, from the way people were complaining, I was expecting Wendy to actually be a major factor in the show that was making Dipper unbearable, and it turns out that she's had like six lines over the course of the show. You guys seriously need to stop projecting your issues with women onto this show. Mabel's crushes have played more of a role in the show than Dipper's crush on Wendy.
>> No. 210610
...now you're just lying.
>> No. 210613
Did you actually take the guy seriously or are you actually him?
>> No. 210614
No, look at the facts here--Mabel's relationships have actually impacted the meta-arc. The kids may never have found out about the supernatural world of Gravity Falls if it hadn't been for her going out with that pack of gnomes. She may not have ended up liking Gideon romantically, but his obsession with her has created the first recurring antagonist in the series. Mermando will probably show up again at some point, and at the very least was much more of a focus in his episode than Wendy--who only served as the catalyst for Dipper getting into HIS B-story, which was actually about him avoiding the wrath of that crazy/awesome chief lifeguard--despite being the cause of Dipper's plot for that episode, she barely even showed up in it. Even the time-travel episode that seemed all about Dipper trying to have a perfect moment with her just used Dipper's crush on Wendy ended up existing primarily for the purpose of setting up the ending where we saw that Mabel's happiness was more important to him in the end.

About the only episode that really centered around Dipper/Wendy was the cloning episode. Which ended up having a good and healthy moral message to it.

The most recent one, where Dipper ended up breaking up Wendy and Robbie (which was ALSO a B-plot, to Mabel's A-plot about the boy band), went to the trouble of pointing out how Dipper was thinking more of himself than Wendy throughout the ordeal, despite ostensibly being the "good guy" in that. Which is why Wendy was mad at him in the end. Dipper was only helping her because he thought it would make it easier for him to get with her, not because he was being a good friend.

If anything, the Dipper/Wendy relationship is one of the more honest and healthy looks at the classic "Boy has an unrequited crush" genre of romance in kid's shows.
>> No. 210618

351 - Buzzyoutube thumb
>> No. 210621
A good post imo.
>> No. 210622
File 137033202333.png?spoiler - (448.76KB , 1280x717 , Intro_grunkle_stan_running.png?spoiler )
When will Bill be featured in the show?
My dear boys and girls, have you been paying attention at all?

>> No. 210628
File 137034889374.jpg - (187.84KB , 789x1000 , gravity_falls___embrace_the_fall_by_aktheneroth-d5.jpg )
>an analysis of relationships in Gravity Falls that is actually good, and not an angry tirade against women and children from a sad troll

Where am I?
>> No. 210629
File 137034913867.png - (30.47KB , 717x148 , 1360131423782.png )

. . . I don't get it
>> No. 210630
File 137035050763.png?spoiler - (432.06KB , 1280x718 , bill.png?spoiler )
>> No. 210648

To whoever reported this post saying it was the misogyny/kid-hating troll, did you even read it?

Good post, friend.
>> No. 210667
Odds are it was the misogyny troll.
>> No. 210669
File 137040940241.png - (152.97KB , 700x650 , dr_soos_by_maxgraphix-d59q5ch.png )
The person reporting it probably saw just another long post about relationships in the show and automatically assumed it was the troll rambling again. Can't say I entirely blame them for the reflexive reaction.

The specific post Junk is referring to doesn't seem to be the troll, and they actually made a good post.

The post a few above that one, where he's rambling about how Wendy needs to scar Dipper and leave him heartbroken, now THAT'S the troll.
>> No. 210670
That's what I meant. The guy who reported the legitimate post, did it out of spite.
>> No. 211587
RE: Land Before Swine (yes, it was leaked a couple of days ago).

Yikes, Stan is a BAMF.
>> No. 211592
Soos is best.
>> No. 211616
Soos ONLY acted like an obnoxious flanderized retard (similar to buck tooth Patrick Star from Spongebob) in this episode for the sake of the plot of this episode in regards to being a callous retard that annoys Dipper.

Let's hope that this shit doesn't go viral and infect his actual personality. It would pain me too much if he stops being a lovable goof who is also a very much reliable friend with his own set of skills. The idea of Soos being able to man a boat and then they make him too retarded to know how to basic thing scares me.

Same goes with Stan potentially getting turned into human Mr. Krabs.
>> No. 211626
Seriously Soos has easily been the most useful character for most of the series.

His plans might not always work but Christ, he ate an entire eternal malevolent entity out of existence.
>> No. 211627
Soos is Poohbear.
>> No. 211645
His specified knowledge totally saved their asses this time. In fact, the worst he did was act a little carelessly in the mines and pronounced pterodactyl wrong. A far cry from Patrick level retardation.
>> No. 211834
Preview up for the next episode,
Gravity Falls - Dreamscaperers - Previewyoutube thumb
>> No. 211839
>The week after next
What's with Disney stretching out the series like this?
It's been a full year and we aren't even done with the first season.
>> No. 211929
File 137276878661.jpg - (62.14KB , 680x680 , 1358868851499.jpg )

>Bill appearing canonically in the show

I am unreasonably excited for this. I don't care if he's a not-even-2spooky one shot villain of the week, he's been sitting in the title sequence for far too long.
>> No. 212212
File 137320300239.png?spoiler - (280.50KB , 500x371 , tumblr_mpj9zrgWUP1s1h1llo4_500.png?spoiler )

Well good news! The episode's been leaked, and he isn't a Oneshot character!
>> No. 212213
Bill's voice sounded like a voice I've heard in many other cartoons. When I looked up who did the voice of Bill it turns out it was Alex Hirsch...
>> No. 212216
It wasn't 'leaked'.
The episodes are released a week early on Disney Video on Demand, by Disney.
>> No. 212220
So Bill/Triangle Demon....was he voiced by Mandark (Dexter's Lab)? That voice was so similar.

That said real fucking GREAT episode. They actually showed Stan's reference to being in Colombia in prison. Dat continuity. Some nice development for Dipper and his abuse throughout the series at Stan's hands. Gideon finally stepped up as the main central nemesis of the series and that ENDING.

Oh god I can't wait for the continuation of this multi-part episode. Sadly.....Disney and their hiatus bullshit really kills the momentum for this show. Also fuck the filler episodes.
>> No. 212222
>was he voiced by Mandark (Dexter's Lab)?
Nope. Alex Hirsch.
>> No. 212223
File 137321407314.jpg - (27.02KB , 220x337 , 220px-Dreamscapeposter.jpg )
The basis of the parody/reference if anyone wanted to know.

>> No. 212226
really? he sounds way more like randy pincherson from fish hooks, which Alex is involved with as well.
>> No. 212236
File 137322960685.jpg - (13.69KB , 453x300 , we want to go on adventures too.jpg )
I wonder if they'll ever use the super helpful items they got.
>> No. 212239
File 13732311741.jpg - (7.98KB , 217x233 , gfjournal.jpg )
>Anne Boleyn's hand had a sixth finger which was supposedly evidence of her witchcraft, the symbol and the hand itself being considered mystical objects and symbols
>> No. 212241
Also in regards to the episode, Bill's use of their symbols to refer to the characters (Pine Tree, Shooting Star, Question Mark) and his pointing to Soos in particular makes me think more is going on with Soos than we realize.
>> No. 212244
Anyone else think they're trying way too hard to force Wendy into the conflict against Gideon? Soos has a vested interest in maintaining the Mystery Shack since he's a loyal and happy employee of the property. Wendy gives no fucks about the place where she works so all of a sudden trying to include her into the "We all hate Gideon" club feels forced.
>> No. 212247
She didn't even appear for most of the episode, I really don't think they're pushing her into the plot that hard.
>> No. 212248
When listing reasons for why they all hate Gideon, Wendy says she hated him for stealing her moistener or something. But Wendy has never interacted with Gideon. Soos clashed with him during the shrinking episode, Stan has the business rival angle, he's also Dipper's rival in the book volumes of the town, and had a creepy crush on Mabel.

Wendy dropping in her two irrelevant cents and then disappearing for the rest of the episode while Soos yet again ventured with Dipper and Mabel to save Stan's mind from being jacked makes Wendy come off as forced. I got the same feeling with Wendy during the Halloween episode where out of nowhere at the end she shows up with the rest of the cast laughing maniacally as if she went through anything that the episode focused on (Stan trying to prove being scary to kids, Soos Dipper and Mabel surviving the candy monster).

Basically I can't help but feel that Wendy "Does not belong."
>> No. 212249
having her push the moisturizer slight - now, that'd be uncomfortable. this was barely a mention.
why did they include that mention? i dunno, probably something more to do with comedic timing than anything else. but there's not a whole hell of a lot of resources being devoted to her particular grievance. nobody cares and it is never brought up again.
you see, forcing requires some application of . . . force
>> No. 212251
>But Wendy has never interacted with Gideon.
Far as we've seen.
She may just hate him because he annoys her and makes unnecessary trouble for her at work.

She may do her own thing most of the time, but she's willing to be a part of the group when it's not boring. A picky social butterfly that one.
>> No. 212253
Just because we don't see something happen directly doesn't mean it didn't. A good, well-thought out fictional world has a lot going on at one time, even if we don't see it.
>> No. 212254
also someone noted using a Cabin in the Woods listing..she's first. But yea I wouldn't put it past this show to go fleeing deeper into the rabbit hole and reveal Wendy not to be what she seems.
>> No. 212260
Of course not. She's half-lumberjack.
>> No. 212263
File 137324991056.png - (25.81KB , 648x851 , Wendy12.png )

He says "forced" but I think the word he is looking for is "superfluous." You could have not had Wendy in the episode at all, and nothing would change.
>> No. 212269
You say that as though you think Manly Dan's children have a mother, and weren't just sweated out of his incredibly manly armpits.
>> No. 212272
and she sprang fourth from his brow.
>> No. 212279
Stuff happening behind the scenes isn't exactly a new idea in the show, what with Mabel mentioning that she'd been on an adventure with vampires that Dipper didn't know about.

And Gideon just stealing her moisturiser is minor enough a problem to warrant her annoyance, but not so major that it raises questions as to how Gideon was able to pull it off.

Like if they suddenly dropped in that Gideon was the one that Robbie got his hypnotising CD from, and that Gideon gave it to him because he knew Dipper had a crush on Wendy, so him giving Robbie the means to mentally enslave her would distact Dipper from Gideon's other villainous schemes.

As such, Gideon stealing something so minor just makes for a good joke compared to the others, while confirming that Wendy didn't just drop out of the series after the Robbie Incident.
>> No. 212708
Hmm... it might be Doctor Who logic, but might all the appearances of Bill prior to the most recent episode be him projecting himself back through time to watch people through images of himself...
>> No. 212783
Catching up: Man that thing with the deer was straight up creepy.

Also- August 2nd? What the fuck, Disney? What the fuck!?
>> No. 212788
Indeed it was unnerving since teeth are a sensitive part of the mouth. The only thing that could have made that sequence even more hair raising was if the deer bled a little after having its teeth pulled out with Bill's psychic powers.

And yes as we all know Disney is a SHIT when it comes to scheduling. But overall I'd say Nickelodeon is worse since they take YEARS to finish airing seasons. Still I don't defend Disney's actions and when they pull stunts like this is it any wonder that people just watch the episodes online and not bother with the Disney Channel schedule?
>> No. 213364
Gravity Falls 2013 Comic Con P…youtube thumb
>> No. 214048
File 137554965862.jpg - (173.33KB , 487x270 , 1373147244105.jpg )
>finale airs
>no fucks are given

welcome to +/co/

I thought the finale seemed a little dry. I'm fine with the status quo being restored, but there were just a lot of empty notes and pauses thrown in that made the episode seem stretched.

Also that goddamn Gideon Jaeger, someone tell the writing team to stop seing Guillermo Del Toro movies before they script an episode
>> No. 214050
>Motion capture mecha were invented by del Taco


>> No. 214052
The scheduling killed the shit out of it's hype.
>> No. 214053
Also normal /co/'s fandom really turned some off from talking about the show, even if they watch it. It was a good finale though, better than expected actually. That's the best possible way to beat a giant robot.
>> No. 214057
Fucking that was great!
>> No. 214062
File 137556122926.png - (1.15MB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2013-08-03-16h17m28s48.png )
HA HA HA..loser
>> No. 214063
That key ring new?
>> No. 214067
File 137556255881.png - (1.20MB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2013-08-03-16h39m52s169.png )
nah he's had it before. Still begs the question of what is it for if that CD was mind controlling. Maybe its keys to one of the caches of book items.
>> No. 214075
That was some good watchin'!
>> No. 214076
"We" that one word fills me with concern.
>> No. 214081

It sounded more like he said "I have them all," I think.
>> No. 214082
now don't you start.
>> No. 217990
File 138269153642.jpg - (647.79KB , 1280x479 , IWASSOBLINDHELIEDTOMETHEDARKNESSISNEAR.jpg )
>> No. 218574
File 138376970561.jpg - (111.45KB , 500x597 , theyrequiteapairmabelandbearo.jpg )
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