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File 134473951481.png - (197.49KB , 638x367 , Kanes.png )
187166 No. 187166
ITT: Motorcity General

Well, "Like Father, Like Daughter" was pretty much a perfect episode brimming with Action, Adventure, Drama, Character Development, Plot Twists and Sexy, Sexy Cars.
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>> No. 187167
A perfect letdown, you mean. Good chance to show us that Kane is more than just a monster, but they didn't. Good chance to show that maybe Julie has a bit of a dark side, but they didn't, and no "getting really worked up over the fact that her dad wasn't showing any hint of a good side" isn't the same as having a bit of a dark side. Character development? What character development? They're the same two characters they were an episode ago.

Good action scenes though.

And those were sexy sexy cars.
>> No. 187168
But they did show Kane wasn't a complete monster. Well, he is when it comes to everybody else: but not Julie herself. She's his one and only little girl, and he really does seem to love her even when she disagrees with him. Julie hasn't shown a dark side, but she did show initiative: by accepting to take Deluxe after Kane dies, she's doing something no other Burner would approve of because she thinks she can do some good. They're mostly the same characters, sure. But there was some definite development.
>> No. 187173
May i ask why Julie taking over Deluxe is a bad thing? Maybe i'm missing something here, but couldn't she free Deluxe from its tyranny when it's under her command?
>> No. 187176
>But they did show Kane wasn't a complete monster. Well, he is when it comes to everybody else: but not Julie herself.

No, it really didn't, because he was never given an opportunity to prove he's not a complete monster. He didn't really do anything to prove otherwise. "Not having your daughter killed for disagreeing with you" is not the same as "having some good in you." If - just for example - he'd been given a chance to catch all the Burners, but it would've hurt Julie, that would've been a chance to see if there's any good there. He talked about wanting to keep everyone in deluxe safe, healthy, and happy. If we'd gotten a shot of him, for example, yelling at an engineer who came up with an unsafe design, or threatening to rip someone's head off if a hospital didn't get its medicine on time "because people DON'T GET SICK IN DELUXE!" it could've shown he was serious about his whole "I wanna utopia" shit, even if he goes too far. Heck, even having him show that he was sad that his day with Julie ended up with him rushing off to work when he promised he wouldn't would've been something.

>Julie hasn't shown a dark side, but she did show initiative:

Soooo... she hasn't shown a dark side. Ep ends with her continuing to be the Burners' spy. No real difference except for a "maybe one day I'll take over," which may or may not go anywhere.

The show's hardly horrible, but they're not even trying to give the slightest bit of depth, and that's kinda sad.
>> No. 187183
Any youtube links for the episode I missed
>> No. 187188
File 134475406227.jpg - (159.54KB , 600x570 , tumblr_m81kb98FUf1qdmy5jo1_r1_1280.jpg )
Julie did show something of a dark side when she pushed her dad down to win their (squash?) game. Plus she showed understandable anger and frustration as her fellow Burners went over their violent plans for her father. While she's still one of the nicest characters on the show, through her interactions with Mike, Texas, the Duke and her father she's slowly starting to realize that some people are too bullheaded to listen to reason (which wouldn't be so bad if said individuals weren't so very dangerous when left to their own devices) and require a show of force to even garner their respect, much less their attention. What's more we find out that her knowledge on Kane Co.'s facilities and personnel is even more expansive than previously shown leading credence to the idea that she would make an excellent replacement for Abraham should control shift to her.

Kane on the other hand is revealed to be a sincere believer in Deluxe, viewing it as a bastion of peace and security though he places little premium on personal freedom. While still maintaining his aggressive and forceful demeanor he is shown in a rare state of vulnerability as he gives in to Julie's pleas to spend time with her, muses over his own mortality, and broods over his beefing it (destroying the transport by accident) in front of Tooley and his daughter with no one to blame this time but himself. Also of note is while he was all too eager to have people who disagreed with him beaten up for their meek objections he takes being bested by Julie rather well though he's still stubbornly opposed to her recommendations to ease up. If nothing else he comes to respect and trust Julie enough to formally consider her his heir and he makes it clear that before the events of that episode he thought her naive, sheltered and perhaps even spoiled.

While it would usually goes without saying for any normal parent-child relationship, the fact that Abraham and Julie do seem to genuinely care for one another is noteworthy as they spend a lot of their time opposing each other and decidedly not spending a lot of time together (ex. Abraham is surprised that Julie visited him at the beginning of the episode)
>> No. 187191
File 13447570858.jpg - (41.11KB , 500x375 , kane.jpg )
>Julie did show something of a dark side when she pushed her dad down to win their (squash?) game.

She showed she was frustrated he wasn't showing any good in him, and (more importantly) she wanted to keep his mind on the game, not letting him get think about checking what was going on at the office.

Julie showing a dark side, purely spitballing, would have been something along the lines of
* Julie finding herself in a position to actually hurt her dad for real, and considering it for even a split second.
* Kane showing Julie all the things Kane co. does in New Detroit, and her thinking some of the bad things aren't necessarily that bad.
* Julie not having an answer when Kane shows some of the idiots in Detroit Deluxe (like Tooley and the braindead Deluxe consumers), saying to her "Freedom? Oh there's a few bright bulbs out there, but how do you think people like THAT would live without someone to guide them?"
* Julie doing anything that actually showed darkness

>Plus she showed understandable anger and frustration as her fellow Burners went over their violent plans for her father.

Yup. That's not a dark side. Her finding herself thinking similar thoughts about her own father, even for a moment, would have been a dark side.

>Kane on the other hand is revealed to be a sincere believer in Deluxe

Not really, no. Seeing him doing things that would've clearly had the goal of keeping people safe, even if he went too far, would've shown that he really believed in his whole "perfect society where people live in safety and peace" talk. All we know is that he talks about Deluxe being for the good of its citizens even to his daughter. We don't see anything that makes us think he actually gives a shit about them. And while the other eps emphatically show he cares about stopping rebels more than he cares about citizens, that doesn't mean he couldn't be shown to care about Deluxe's citizens in a twisted way AT ALL. He talks the talk, but does he even try to walk the walk? This was pretty much the prime opportunity to show us there's some real depth to this villain (him feeling sad because he pulled a boner at carburnageddon isn't really depth). And they didn't. S'allright, it's still a decent stylish show, with fanfuckingtastic animation, it's just so far not showing any interest in being above average in characterization.
>> No. 187194
Why does Julie have to be specifically dark anyway? That seems like an oddly specific requirement for character development that I'm not getting. She's more about being stuck in the middle of a complicated situation that isn't as black and white as Kane or the Burners like to make it out to be, than she is about wondering if sending killer robots after poor people is possibly a good idea. She's what humanizes Kane. Kane doing stuff to help people instead of just talking about it would be something I guess, but he did show a lot of appreciation for his daughter and that shouldn't just be ignored. Despite her being a good person and him DEFINITELY not, they have a surprisingly good relationship (discounting that big secret.)

You're only thinking of development in terms of Deluxe's worldbuilding, and I think that's a problem.
>> No. 187198
I'm afraid the ep was a bit of a letdown for me too. Not a huge letdown, but like... it almost got to being REALLY good with how it looked at Julie and Kane, but never got to where I was hoping it would. Their relationship's the most promising part of the show, but I feel like the writers haven't pulled the trigger with it yet.

>Why does Julie have to be specifically dark anyway?

Title of the ep? I suppose you could argue that they're both really driven, but all the Burners are driven. In the end the ep didn't live up to its name and show us real similarities.
>> No. 187201
The title is a reference to Kane passing on the mantle to Julie. Not that Julie has a Secret Dark Side. lol why would you guys be expecting that anyway? Are we watching the same show? Are we thinking of the same character?
>> No. 187203
Yeah, hoping that a couple of the main characters might stop being two dimensional, lol, how stupid can people get?
>> No. 187204
File 134476614183.png - (1.17MB , 1277x716 , underworld.png )
As long as the Motorcity underground doesn't try to take over Deluxe (looking at you, Duke) then I'm sure Julie won't have to do something crazy like rallying Kane Co.'s army to boot the gangs out of the city.
>> No. 187210
I'm really excited for episodes about the other MC gangs.

Also no nothing big's gone down with the Kanes yet, but mostly because we're not on the end of the first season yet. Calm down dudes.
>> No. 187226
Except they can be more than two dimensional without being "dark". Julie is, if anything, the least "dark" of the Burners. It's better to expand on that, and show how it works with her relationship with her father, how it affects her team and her place in Deluxe's future rather than simply make it so she'd think "maybe it wouldn't be so bad to bulldoze houses with people still in them." If you want someone who might be pushed to an extreme, there's better characters to look for, whose characterizations wouldn't have to bend over backward for it. This is more having one specific expectation not met and decrying the whole thing rather than actually not getting any depth at all.
>> No. 187228
Dunno if I thought Julie would go dark, but I thought they'd go somewhere with how she got frustrated at the beginning of the episode then again during the match with her dad. That just sorta fizzled out though.
>> No. 187233
>Why does Julie have to be specifically dark anyway?

She doesn't. It's a direction they could have gone in, and the title of the episode combined with her bit at the beginning of the episode and her racquetball match with her dad would have been a good lead-in to something a little juicier. But she certainly doesn't have to go dark, no.

>She's more about being stuck in the middle of a complicated situation that isn't as black and white as Kane or the Burners like to make it out to be,

How is it not black and white? Kane is genuinely evil, the Burners are completely good, and this episode, which was a good chance to show some shades of gray, did nothing to change that status quo. About as cut and dry as it gets.

>She's what humanizes Kane.

Humanizes him by the smallest amount that him having a daughter could humanize him.

>Kane doing stuff to help people instead of just talking about it would be something I guess,


>Despite her being a good person and him DEFINITELY not, they have a surprisingly good relationship (discounting that big secret.)

No, they don't. She apparently spends almost no time with him. At the start of the ep she said she wanted to see some evidence that her dad wasn't a monster. She got none, but oh well, that results in no change to the status quo that existed before this ep. There was no talk of "good ol' days." The way they talked it seems this is the first time she's ever confronted him about his actions, which doesn't suggest they're close enough to really speak their minds. It's not the worst relationship ever, he doesn't throw her in the dungeon for talking back, but it's certainly a missed opportunity. Having one of the heroes secretly be the villain's daughter could've led to a lot more.

>You're only thinking of development in terms of Deluxe's worldbuilding

Unless you're using "worldbuilding" in a very different sense from what I'm used to, I don't see how.

>Except they can be more than two dimensional without being "dark".

Can be.

>Julie is, if anything, the least "dark" of the Burners.

Yup. That's how it seemed at first, and it looks like there's no intention of going beyond that. Mike is the cool one that feels vaguely bad about working for Kane (but then it turns out he never actually DID anything he should feel bad about, so he may as well cut the crap), Julie is bright and sunny and that's pretty much it, Chuck is a Shaggy that knows computers, Texas is funny and into Kung Fu, and Dutch... Dutch is Texas's straight man.

>simply make it so she'd think "maybe it wouldn't be so bad to bulldoze houses with people still in them."

Well the problem there is that Kane talks about building a utopia to keep people safe, but never does anything that rises about Snidely Whiplash level villainy. So she's never given anything else to react to. A bad guy genuinely trying to create "a better world" and going too far could be shown doing things that might fall more in the shades of gray range, but okie-doke, Captain Planet-level villainy it is.

>If you want someone who might be pushed to an extreme, there's better characters to look for,

I don't think the other characters show any more potential.

>The title is a reference to Kane passing on the mantle to Julie.

That's not how the phrase "like father like son" is used. It's a phrase that implies two generations have some similarities in personality or what they're drawn to.

>Are we watching the same show?

Some of the early stuff hinted at a little depth. Kane talked as if he'd been betrayed by Mike, and as if they'd worked together for a while, Julie being Kane's daughter did seem like it had some potential, and the fact that Kane talked about making a "perfect city" instead of just wanting to conquer did make him look like there might be more to him than met the eye. But apparently Mike was only ever a cadet and never did anything under Kane to justify Kane's feeling of betrayal (or justify Mike's shame about his past), Julie's relationship with her father is fairly eh, and Kane is just a monster with no redeeming qualities (except stylishness).

I'm not saying the show is bad. It's good. Could've been much better. They're going with characterization on the level of the new Thundercats, or maybe Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. But they're crafting a very stylish, funny, and action-packed show, and I always look forward to new eps. Just going "shoot, looks like a lot of the things that initially seemed to have potential actually didn't." Solid B show.
>> No. 187255
To me it seemed that the terminal he was using was so glitched out from being slapped around by Tooley that it became prone to erroneously registering screen taps.

I think they did touch on it again when Mike Chilton congratulated her for being aggressive. He doesn't know she was talking with her dad about the same trait, but she seemed to take that as an affirmation that taking after her dad just a little might be a good thing, and given how tyrannical he is, there's a lot of room for just a little to go a long way.

I'm thinking it could be be neat to have an episode where Julie has a trail run at managing Motorcity, only to do too well at it due to Claire acting as her assistant but failing to understand the subtleties of being a double agent.

I'm also curious how the main group formed. Mike only arrived about a year ago, and Dutch must have joined the group after that, but was anyone just hanging out with Jacob before Mike showed up or what?
>> No. 187258
>"Like Father, Like Daughter"

anyone willing to hook me up with this episode? can't find it anywhere
>> No. 187266
Just get it from demonoid.
>> No. 187269
Demonoid is dead, dummy.
>> No. 187271
File 134483068481.jpg - (10.40KB , 100x100 , =D.jpg )
Y'don't say.
>> No. 187273
meh, hopefully it ends up in one of those "watch cartoons for free" sites
>> No. 187460
File 134492347685.jpg - (187.72KB , 666x441 , wanted burners.jpg )
This is why you lose, Kane.

Inaccurate Wanted Posters. Oh sure, they're a good cheap shot at your enemies, but ACCURATE wanted posters work better.
>> No. 187475
File 134494562936.png - (248.85KB , 921x892 , tumblr_m8q846csJd1qhr6bfo1_1280.png )
Are you ready kids?
"Aye Aye Kane Co.!"
I Can't hear you!
"AYE AYE Kane Co.!"
Who lives in a hover pod up in the sky?
"Lil' Mike Chilton!"
Rambunctious and eager and ready to fight?
"Lil' Mike Chilton!"
If freedom and cars be something you wish,
"Lil' Mike Chilton!"
Then he'll punch your spine and kick-in your ribs!
"Lil' Mike Chilton!"
Lil' Mike Chilton!
Lil' Mike Chilton!
Lil' Mike Chilton!

Liiiiiil' Miiiiiike Chillllltooooonnn!
>> No. 187503
File 134496481179.png - (254.12KB , 640x368 , tumblr_m8ifp5kPtW1qgq2dxo8_1280.png )
Here ya go.
Quality ain't exactly HD material, but it's better than nothing:


>pic related; the quality will be something along the lines of this.
>> No. 187527
File 134497407155.jpg - (89.02KB , 1188x700 , The stupidest motherfucker in existence.jpg )
If there is ONE COMPLAINT I have about Motorcity it is this DUMB STUPID IDIOT MORON DIMWIT.
>> No. 187547
Proof that just because you're a badass doesn't mean you're a great character.
>> No. 187551
While I have no love for the char I see no reason for hate.
>> No. 187555
I don't hate him either, but his motivation is fairly disappointing.
>> No. 187565
he just reminds me a lot of that one guy from tron legacy
yknow the one who was a literal attackbot
which is riveting as character motivation

revengo is a pretty good name though hah
>> No. 187572
File 134498683261.png?spoiler - (245.88KB , 500x356 , possible.png?spoiler )
A few weeks ago I would've said that he might have an interesting motivation yet-to-be revealed, but that was when I expected more of their writing.

He's either someone from the condemned tenement mad at Mike for not doing enough to stop the demolition (which is a terrible motivation) or another one of the Kane co. cadets angry at Mike for not going through with the demolition (which is a terrible motivation).

Or maybe he's JASON TODD!
>> No. 187586
idk i kinda assumed it was another cadet mad that mike got all the promotions?? thats not too terrible a drive, its at least better than the potential alternatives right?
>> No. 187610
Or worse, he's Mike's evil twin brother
>> No. 187965
>> No. 188046
File 134532395520.png?spoiler - (157.48KB , 900x243 , kane concept art.png?spoiler )
>That feel when you suspected that Kane was probably once a great, caring, moral guy like Mike when he was around his age.

>That feel when you suspected that Kane tried his damn hardest to help people for the greater good, only to be corrupted, used and betrayed by the very allies he trusted and promised to help.

>That feel when we'll probably witness Kane slowly transform into the monster that he's now become, thanks to fear, distrust, hate and paranoia from the horrible tragedies that haunt his past.

>That feel when you realize that Mike is a potential Kane 2.0 or Beta Duke in the making.
>> No. 188054
Maybe he was so attached to Mike because Mike reminded him of himself at that age. He's the son he never had, who was destined to do great things. If Mike hadn't defected, maybe he would have been named the heir, since Julie didn't seem to want to run it and it would have been unfair to Julie and the city itself to saddle her with Deluxe if she was unwilling.

Also considering that Kane's best friend and partner was Jacob it's safe to say Kane probably used to be a really good guy.
>> No. 188112
File 134537475323.png - (0.99MB , 1276x716 , offtherack2.png )
An interesting if seldom mentioned revelation from "Off the Rack":

Despite his immense hatred for cars, Abraham Kane is a pretty good driver (he can even drive stick).
>> No. 188115
Well Kane was once friends with Jacob, who obviously has a passion for biking, cars, heavy metal, custom mods and such. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to say that Jacob might've taught him how to drive, or that they both shared similar interests for cars and driving from the start.
>> No. 189408
Japan Motorcity Promoyoutube thumb
>> No. 189494
File 134643709719.jpg - (98.82KB , 768x1024 , 1346433349262.jpg )
>> No. 189905
While I didn't mind, I think Motorcity might have had a bit of the opposite of Korra's problem: That is, it had a full season, but had the plot of a half-season stretched out over it. Several episodes probably could have been squeezed together and still preserve anything needed to set up later events. This is something that I think could maybe get fixed, but I'd rather see the pace stay the way it is than have it end up too rushed.
>> No. 190886
Really wanna find out what all this is about.
>> No. 193933
So is this dead?
Not like, the thread but the show itself?
>> No. 193941
Disney is sitting on the remaining episodes of season 1, and supposedly they'll start airing again October 26.
>> No. 193945
File 135014980830.jpg - (219.82KB , 960x660 , tumblr_m4yjxgzBHa1r935d5o1_1280.jpg )
After noticing a couple points, I can't unsee this as two degrees from being a Borderlands cartoon.
>> No. 194286
>Well if it isn't Brick, the greatest martial artist in Pandora.
>Behold, I have a gun that shoots a snake!
>> No. 194739
File 135059580133.png - (238.27KB , 500x549 , tumblr_m7vyp1RvTN1qes8iso1_r1_500.png )
Show's hiatus ends tomorrow, actually. "Fearless" (the leaked episode,) will be airing tomorrow in the U.S., while Canada gets lucky and starts off with a new episode entitled "Mayhem Night."
>> No. 194754
I have yet to watch an episode of this but it turns out I have the channel so I'm going to try and catch it.
>> No. 194766
Follow up. I don't know if it was the episode, the show or both but that was a damn fine half-hour of television.
This was in the episode.
>> No. 194780
Really? Shoot, and I'm working tomorrow night.
>> No. 194794
File 135062495586.jpg - (406.39KB , 647x823 , tumblr_m7lcbhiOYP1rz9ce8o1_1280.jpg )
You know what that pic needs? Some Rule 63!
>> No. 194804
File 135063623399.jpg - (26.72KB , 512x384 , vlcsnap-669125.jpg )
Oh crap. I just remembered that it's been over a month since I checked the Motorcity tag (and all related tags) on Tumblr.
Oh crap. It's going to take at least a day of solid browsing to get caught up.
Oh crap. I completely flaked on uploading that archive of all the Motorcity fan art I've amassed.

Ugh. I suck.
>> No. 194830
Be advised... there's at least one "stop whitewashing Mike Chilton" blog operating right now, and you can expect the kind of crowd it attracts.
>> No. 194832
>"stop whitewashing Mike Chilton"
>> No. 194836
File 135067234734.png - (205.33KB , 1153x897 , tumblr_mc4pnnBqbJ1qm1598o1_1280.png )
Yeah, that crap's been floating around for a while now. I just block anyone I see feeding into that mess. Makes it a breeze to ignore the drama and just enjoy the good stuff. Like adorable fem!Chuck.
>> No. 194850
Don't worry, I just spent a happy ten minutes browsing the #motorcity tag and didn't come across anything. I came across shimeji snapshots and a fixation on "yaoi hands" instead. I fucking hate the internet sometimes...
>> No. 194853
Wow, I thought they already gave up on that. Seriously, that's just sounds like an excuse to be an asshole, like those other Korra blogs on tumblr.
>> No. 194864
File 135068037986.png - (1.30MB , 900x1490 , tumblr_mba8pw5slK1qggipfo1_1280.png )
Still love Kaia.

The bulk of the 'yaoi hands' stuff I've seen is tongue-in-cheek, like the running gag about Mike's box-shaped butt. And Shimeji are just an amusing diversion. No real harm there.
>> No. 194871
File 135068450852.png - (66.20KB , 500x489 , tumblr_mc5p9lN13H1qch1mgo1_500.png )
it's the same people as the korra anti-whitewashing folk. once korra ended they wanted to keep being little shits so they jumped onto the next show with a brown protagonist. god i remember this from one of the whine-about-avatar-fandom threads on /a/ let me find it

ok i did >>>/a/107479

aside from them though the tag seems to be doing alright. more text posts and a bit lower quality artwork than i remember, but i think it'll go back to deluges of really well-done art once the show starts airing again. and i think it's cute that fans are drawing their own "posters" to tell everyone when motorcity airs, i've never seen them do it for any other show.
>> No. 194884
File 135069520390.jpg - (419.20KB , 834x1253 , tumblr_m943sk3SX11qdg6hjo1_r2_1280.jpg )
>huge storm which is rather unusual for October in Maine
>bad enough to disrupt the satellite signal
>right in the middle of the fucking episode

FUCK. And to think I was all excited when I thought I'd be able to watch it at home when work was cancelled for today.
>> No. 194951
Oh, I didn't know about this. So "Fearless" is out, what about the one where Dutch meets his parents?
>> No. 195184
>>Be in Canada
>>Watch Mayhem Night

Oh sweet mercy. Word of advice... don't watch this episode under the influence of anything, you will legit freak out and crawl on the ceiling
>> No. 195256
Why would anyone who isn't Bam Margera watch Halloween specials while high?
>> No. 195728
is there any where i grab all the episodes so far i need to get refreshed
>> No. 196070
>> No. 196144
>> No. 196535
File 135206484481.gif - (453.44KB , 500x277 , Kane and Mike.gif )
What is up with this whole Mike has no but thing?
I mean, what?
>> No. 196536
So, why have we heard jack and shit about licensing for this show to this point? Where's the toyline? Where's the videogames?

This show is MADE for cross media saturation, and there's nothing.

Poor life decisions?
>> No. 196581
File 135213065059.jpg - (76.34KB , 500x676 , tumblr_m6dkkuXqaG1rzvt74o1_r1_500.jpg )
People simply noticed early on that Mike's butt was rather flat and box-like, and it just snowballed into a running joke in the fandom.

See also: Dutch's long chin.
>> No. 196587
Disney can be just as flaky about marketing a show the board "doesn't specifically like" as much as CN. I'm afraid this is the show XD is going to try and replace Motorcity with.
>> No. 196603

>> No. 196604
Because Motorcity isn't getting a second season. ):


They hardly even gave it a chance. They unexpectedly cut it off halfway through the season without saying when it'd be back, it's like they were trying to kill this show even before they told Titmouse they weren't going to be making any more new episodes.

I hope the guys working on Motorcity, especially the animators, get a new gig soon, maybe with a different network that doesn't leave them out in the rain. It's a real shame.
>> No. 196605
I'm feeling a wave of anger that feels not like a volcano, but like an icy void. If I had telekinetic abilities, the heads of several Disney executives would have burst like watermelons under a falling anvil.

I'm praying another network picks it up. It's too fucking good to fall by the wayside, and I think any other network with even a scrap of sense would do well to snap it up.
>> No. 196606
File 135214730345.jpg - (104.38KB , 640x474 , rage1.jpg )
If you could somehow condense every bit of evil there was in the world into a single entity, it would be Disney. I haven't even seen this show and I'm mad as fuck.
>> No. 196608

>> No. 196611
I could see this being folded into the stuff Hasbro had kicking around about a MASK revival. Create innovative flash animation technology and your show gets the shaft...terrific. Its Titian all over again.
>> No. 196612
Man, I don't even have Disney XD, and I was hoping to start watching this eventually.
>> No. 196613
File 135215072162.jpg - (815.95KB , 715x957 , Doomed.jpg )
Honestly I am not suprised. People just don't like cartoons anymore it seems, all the good ones die too soon and the bad ones get renewed, there are live action shows on Cartoon Network; it will only be a matter of time before cartoons are a thing of the past.
>> No. 196619
There's one live action show on CN and it doesn't even do well in the ratings. CN's biggest hits are still cartoons like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Gumball. SpongeBob still does well for Nick (not as well as it use to, but still well enough) and Disney's Friday night cartoons get crazy ratings.

Kids love animated comedies, but when it comes to action shows, they're hard to please. Even Korra, which got big numbers for Nick, didn't do well with its target audience. TMNT seems to hit the right note with viewers, though.
>> No. 196621
Here's hoping this means they'll go off to work with a better network and concentrate on bigger projects.

I really liked Motorcity and I honestly hoped plot-wise it would get stronger. But well, c'est la vie.

Maybe next time we see titmouse, it'll be doing an Adult Swim cartoon based off Borderlands.
And it'll have a plot! And it'll be the best thing ever.
>> No. 196624
I've been at my mom's for a while (instead of my dad's) so I wasn't getting Disney XD. Now that I'm over here, I didn't get around to watching it and I have an hour to do so. I guess I'll get on it and try to at least watch one.
>> No. 196630
And yet all three companies chase that live action tail no matter how well it actually performs.

TMNT could be next despite how much of a guaranteed formula it is. All it would take is a bug up some corporate asses or kids becoming fickle and it's gone.
>> No. 196644
Motorcity is just one show on Disney XD, while TMNT is a whole franchise that Nick eagerly bought.
Disney can easily afford to just toss aside any show it no longer has any favor for, wheras I seriously doubt Nick will be cancelling TMNT any time soon, considering all the money that's gone into it.
>> No. 196645
But with the dollar being so weak nowadays and the bad economy can't this all bite Disney in the ass? I mean whats the point of owning if you do nothing GOOD and money making with that something you acquired? Nevermind spending so much seems irresponsible.
>> No. 196662
good ridance
>> No. 196688
Plus the fact that Ultimate Spiderman is doing well on Disney XD, so the real reason Motorcity is canned is because it doesn't have a brand behind it. If it was a Hot Wheels show, it could've gotten 2 seasons by now.
>> No. 196691
But it would be so easy to make Motorcity a brand. I'm still bewildered that they didn't have tie-in merchandise at launch.
>> No. 196746
I really hate it when my gut feeling is right sometimes.
>> No. 196747
File 135226478937.png - (487.27KB , 929x945 , tumblr_mcxsnmTjHd1rk06ixo1_1280.png )
>Maybe next time we see titmouse, it'll be doing an Adult Swim cartoon based off Borderlands. And it'll have a plot! And it'll be the best thing ever.
Admitting it right now, Handsome Jack would be amazing as the weekly BBEG. (Anyone point out how Jack/Hyperion was basically Kane/KaneCo? He even had his own proto-Deluxe in the form of Opportunity, he just couldn't get anyone to live in it...)
>> No. 196748
Aw shit, if you continue the analogy, the logical conclusion is for Motorcity to end with Kane shooting Mike in the back after seeing Julie's lifeless body.
>> No. 196749
File 135226648577.png - (1.44MB , 1650x1072 , teamfortress.png )
Or TF2, because if Titmouse or the VB guys made a TF2 cartoon I'd have a constant boner.

Just don't get Seth Green to write it because apparently he thinks the terrorists from Counter-Strike are the BLU Team.
>> No. 196750
>> No. 196799
File 135233178084.png - (490.97KB , 851x479 , Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 2_25_46 PM.png )
It's just wishful thinking, except for the TF2 sketch on Robot Chicken. That was on this week's episode.
>> No. 197369
File 13527885004.png - (204.88KB , 530x634 , 1352428110432.png )
Found these, I don't know if I'm late to the party but whatever.
>> No. 197370
File 135278858344.jpg - (14.75KB , 459x75 , 1352499496884.jpg )
>> No. 197371
File 135278892152.jpg - (16.25KB , 460x82 , 1352499641210.jpg )
And moar repostan. Please, if it happens what I think they are thinking, Gabe will be my new god.
>> No. 197373
Also, some people opened an online petition, I don't know but it's better than not doing anything about it.

>> No. 197379
ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod please happen titmouse please

i took that survey you asked me to do and i fucking sucked Valve's cock
you listen to me you really do
>> No. 197691
>Disney ever giving up anything ever to anyone

Nope. Remember BOOM! ?

Or the Slave Labor Press fiasco?

Disney TAKES, it doesn't GIVE.
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