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File 138608347647.jpg - (965.64KB , 1136x1600 , LifeZone-00a.jpg )
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File 138055720796.gif - (961.88KB , 360x202 , New-New52 Teen Titans.gif )
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Batwoman Single!
Justice Leagus Mangled!
Jeff Parker for Aquaman!
And Villain Month had some pretty good stuff in it!

Meanwhile, the small screen superheroes face challenges of their own:

The Leader of the League of Assassins is revealed (you get three guesses, first two don't count)!

And Teen Titans Go! becomes Teen /lit/ans Go!
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>> The fuck am I looking at?

Carrie, starring Supergirl.

File 13840750647.jpg - (175.39KB , 780x731 , improved.jpg )
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Last thread: >>217934

So Stan Lee's Mighty 7 got animated, and I just HAD to share it:

Stan Lee's Mighty 7 (2014) The…youtube thumb

The Stan bits are... Stan bits...

But I do like the idea of a team of "Seven Superheroes" in which a whopping five are just flat out villains. And the animation's pretty decent actually.

All in all it makes for an experience that will leave you going "No seriously, this got animated? Huh."

(Incidentally, why aren't we talking about how legitimately creepyscary Afterlife With Archie turned out to be?)
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>> No. 219736
Autosage hit. New thread: >>219734

File 13840198408.jpg - (361.83KB , 3600x4800 , tinkerer-2.jpg )
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Here's a project that succeeded months ago, but I posted it in the /diy/ when that was the only board with such a thread, so I figure I'd mention it here too: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1727465155/spider-stories-an-animated-film

And here's the Cartoon Hangover short so many on regular /co/ can't believe anyone would like for some reason, Bee and Puppycat: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/projects/691171/photo-little.jpg?1381771006
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>> No. 219125
Fuck yes.

Is the rule 34 creeper in the thread?
>> No. 219126
File 138456275171.gif - (494.62KB , 500x289 , 1309324335850.gif )
>Dead Meat funded
Original Party Hard musicyoutube thumb
>> No. 219132
Creeper is around but everyone is largely being cool and enjoying the chance to talk to a Cartoon Network Alumni

File 138397635782.png - (294.30KB , 300x450 , Fables.png )
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I've been watching Once Upon A Time on ABC lately and recently learned of a comic book series that shares a lot of aspects with this TV program while lurking in a thread for the show on /tv/.

Is this comic good? If so, where could I download the series for my tablet?
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>> No. 218719
Thought it as good up until the point where the first Big Bad was defeated, then it kind of went in a weird direction. Mr Dark being an interesting character in concept, but falling a bit flat in practice.

The Jack series was interesting up to a point too, but Jack himself just became increasingly repulsive as the series progressed. Yeesh.

The Cinderella and Fairest spinoffs are interesting though, from what I've read thus far.
>> No. 218726
>Jack himself just became increasingly repulsive as the series progressed.
How bad did it get?
>> No. 218749
Really really really bad.

Gotta love the ox though.

File 138258935441.gif - (60.06KB , 320x409 , eggman_main[1].gif )
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Old thread: >>217183
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File 135129004364.jpg - (7.76KB , 270x200 , 1351286822429.jpg )
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Anybody see this yet? Australia made a tranny superhero. Maybe they've been hanging around Japan too long.
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File 137116526174.png - (8.11KB , 296x49 , Capture.png )
>> No. 218692
File 13839521069.jpg - (819.07KB , 2200x1700 , 1383911141559.jpg )
Shemazing things are afoot.
>> No. 218700
SheZow is not a tranny. Guy doesn't want to be a girl. Learn the difference.

File 137527920545.jpg - (52.65KB , 599x910 , Infinity_1375218363055.jpg )
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Won't you buy me...
Piano Chord...

Pic is Infinity Reading List. I really hope these charts aren't the best thing to come out of Hickman's run because so far...eugh.

In other news:
It's the X-Men vs. The Future and the Future ain't pretty!
The Ultimate Universe may just survive the Double Galactus!
The Thors Three strike the Godbomb! A lot!
The Four Horsemen of Death make their move all over the Uncanny Avengers!
Also, Avengers Assemble and Hulks: Agent of SMASH or something if you're into shoddily made cartoons...
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>> No. 218714

Let's also not forget that Byrne rewrote Sue and Reed's original meeting (Which delved a bit into Reed's work with the OSS during WWII) to be about 10,000 times creepier than it needed to be. With Reed being a college aged dude checking out at twelve year-old.
>> No. 218925
Just read Avengers vs X-Men, and now the What If mini.

...Dammit, I think they managed to make a WORSE what if. Whoa.

On the plus side, I also read the parody of the first issue, which was a fun time at least.
>> No. 218989
So Wolverine's going to be a bad guy now?

File 136953044398.jpg - (21.62KB , 500x335 , tumblr_mn6hfmn1Xn1s54bxko1_500.jpg )
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Let's admit it, we've made a few retarded ass original characters when we were younger. But which one took the cake? Which creation was your Broly?

I think mine was a dude, based entirely around mutilation and self-harm. Total 90s hardcore grimdark asshole. Like, if he gets disarmed (ha) in a fight, he'd rip off one of this arms, "YOU WANT SOME O' THIS?!" and bash a dude's head in. Or disembowel himself so he can strangle someone with his entrails.

My favourite idea was this one point where he'd tear off his own head and lob it at someone, a la Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

I think his name was Fracture or something equally idiotic.

What about you guys? Who was your Broly?
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>> No. 218376
Yeah, but Tuxedo Mask got SOME power, so it's not like they would be completely defenseless, even if they wouldn't have a full-fledged force of Sailor Senshi to protect them.
>> No. 218392
Yeah in the manga he actually has a finishing move
>> No. 218627
File 138382815610.jpg - (265.29KB , 800x826 , 1383828070396.jpg )

File 138352336396.png - (357.10KB , 640x480 , Weapon Brown Kickstarter.png )
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Why haven't you given your money to the Weapon Brown Kickstarter yet?

>> No. 218467
Finally. I can't get the first graphic novel of this.

File 13752790481.png - (151.43KB , 383x750 , tumblr_mq5wkuoK6m1rpejmvo1_500.png )
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Farewell Hetty!
Not a pleasure to meet you.
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>> No. 218479

with SCIENCE!!!!
>> No. 218537
File 138372961691.jpg - (161.99KB , 600x849 , 00001272.jpg )
Let's just keep using this thread until it's off the first page. That's gonna be a while.
Also, smooth, Kat. Real smooth.
>> No. 218541
Everything went better than expected!

File 135506348644.jpg - (19.58KB , 400x613 , 1354062215581.jpg )
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Everyone has a favorite D-lister. What's yours?

I love Wild Dog. He's like Punisher on a shoestring budget. My favorite group is probably Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters.
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>> No. 218470
Your pic's from Inferno, in which Madelyne Pryor was the main villain, and one of the deadliest opponents the X-Men ever faced. Specifically it's from the scene where Sinister captures her, reveals that she's a clone and her whole life is a lie, orders her killed for being imperfect and weak, and promptly learns that he vastly underestimated her. She went on to bring the X-Men to their knees in Inferno, at a time when an effective female villain was a rarity (a time which hasn't passed...), but was also portrayed as a complex and conflicted character.

To be clear, it's not so much that I'm defending him (he was far from perfect, any many of his stories haven't stood the test of time), it's that I have considerable problems with two of your criticisms.

He had his kinks, but they didn't prevent him from being a couple decades ahead of every other writer in the industry when it came to writing women (hell, he had a better batting average than most mainstream writers do now). The trend of just looking at his quirks and dismissing everything he did in terms of writing women even though EVEN NOW most writers don't show them as much respect as he did? That's... really sad.

But what really rubs me the wrong way is the assertion that there's something wrong about a white guy trying to set some stories in Japan, in books meant to have a global scope, written during a period when Japan was emerging as a major power. That's the sort of flawed reasoning that ends with people claiming Avatar: The Last Airbender is "Cultural Appropriation" (or "Orientalism" if you'd prefer).

Saying that Claremont was allowed write Americans and Brits (despite growing up in America) but not Japanese or Native Americans like Dani is like saying Larry Hama was okay writing Americans and Japanese (third generation, he'd never been to Japan), but never should've been allowed write those stories with Russians or Native Americans like Spirit (Nat
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 138101997911.jpg - (471.09KB , 976x1532 , 1380931212224.jpg )
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It's October; so lets get spooky shall we?

What are your favorite horror comics or halloween specials?

Also a treat:
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>> No. 218195

Hey this is awesome, I loved that story... 240p? In the year of our lord 2013? Seriously?

Still cool, thanks.
>> No. 218196
File 138309936451.jpg - (37.17KB , 300x461 , ragemoor.jpg )
Ragemoor has to be one of the best horror comics I have read.

It's about an old haunted castle that is really a sentient giant rock monster created by planet Earth as a defense mechanism against space elder gods. It's Lovecraft with the dial up to eleven. The comic starts with the last Earl of Ragemoor inheriting the castle and it's inhuman servants, quickly going insane trying to satisfy the whims and needs of the monster who now owns him body and soul.

If you haven't read Ragemoor. Sit down and meditate where your life went wrong, then read Ragemoor.
>> No. 218315

It was okay, but really felt like a low-rent House on the Borderlands. "Unspeakable horror that I will now describe in great detail" gets old after awhile, too.

File 137727088350.gif - (302.24KB , 693x1812 , Bufksdlwef30dsleFGdsv913[1].gif )
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Just caught up on Order of the Stick after letting it pile up for awhile. Tarquin continues to be the greatest.
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>> No. 218162
That is the correct costume.
It is the costume that is correct.
>> No. 218176
File 138306394191.png - (132.64KB , 770x1090 , 20131028.png )
>> No. 218184
I find it scary. And I seen some scary shit in my time.

Also, my current wallpaper.

File 137907554343.jpg - (168.64KB , 600x911 , exsangtease1.jpg )
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A Teaser For Dark Horse's Upco…youtube thumb
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>> No. 218063
Goddamn it, people, we are going to talk about Hellboy: The Midnight Circus, and you're all going to like it! Some really important things were revealed, especially concerning a new character that we have kinda known about for years!

We could also talk about Neal Adams's "Blood", appearing in DHP, which is the spiritual successor to Batman Odyssey; in that it is completely batshit insane and nothing the characters say seem to relate to what someone said before.
>> No. 218064
I meant you in addition to him and me.

Sure I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 218067

Midnight Circus is really good, Fegredo does a great job, and I'm certain it's setting up something big for Hellboy in Hell.

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