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File 136899298745.png - (293.35KB , 844x513 , 1368608327-10.png )
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Dayum, Zeus!
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>> No. 225241

Well at least something is getting to Mega Man 3 before the heat death of the universe.
>> No. 225242
I had no idea that was even still going. Amazing.
>> No. 227260
File 13997378155.png - (1.53MB , 800x1156 , 5c6cf2be89f4508f78df50ee808d97181509579797.png )

going good, art takes a healthy improvement before too long

File 138437527185.jpg - (156.69KB , 550x846 , 1384363981982.jpg )
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Old thread isn't bumping.

Good and Bad things are happening.

Wolverine's got a new suit, no healing factor, and is working for bad guys.

Deadpool is awesome.

New Ms. Marvel might be awesome.

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>> No. 225092
Hmm not bad, a very Evolution styled Wanda
>> No. 225103
Aaron Paul Pietro? YES PLEASE!
>> No. 225137

It's Aaron Taylor-Johnson who's in that role, you know, the guy from Kick-Ass. Also, despite Scarlet Witch looking super Ellen Paige, it's Elizabeth Olsen playing her.

File 139434368955.gif - (1.23MB , 325x244 , Wheezie_tickle_Zak.gif )
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a sfw reptile thread
>> No. 224704
File 139434377275.jpg - (351.15KB , 800x576 , The_Lovely_Couple_by_KaijuSamurai.jpg )
>> No. 224706
OP, I'm going to have to stop you right there.

On the first four pages we have: This (Lizard) thread, Cat thread (x2), Dog thread (x2), Bunny thread, Bird thread, Mouse thread, and a (ML)Pony thread (x2).

Four of those are on the front page. I think you started a few. If you like animals, please just make an Animal General for the ones that are unlikely to garner a lot of attention. We don't need a thread for every Genus (or even Family.) MLP gets a pass because it's a property. Cats and dogs are pretty popular, both as pets and as characters, so those threads will be used a lot (both have hit autosage at least once.) If something gets popular in an "Animal General" thread it can be spun off into it's own.

Are you just trying to increase the post rate? If so, thank you for your efforts, but when almost half the page one threads concern animals it will likely do more harm than good.

At the very least, start a thread with some sort of inspiration, like a lot of pictures/thoughts about a show that captures that animal well (like Godzilla, for this thread; not just a single image.)

File 138665094943.png - (453.16KB , 700x889 , tumblr_mxjb44ZvYX1qejbf0o1.png )
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Extra Comics: Read Annie in the Forest Part 1, legally and for free.

Latest comic: oh lord the emotions
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>> No. 224568
The next page only makes things trickier.
>> No. 224638
> We all knew that Mort had died at some point.

Well, no shit!
>> No. 224750
>Polite discussion
>Leave for a few months
>Come back
>Trans this, tumblr that, die cis scum here, not talking about the comic there
I'm out

File 13634632026.jpg - (152.42KB , 535x648 , Ripclaw.jpg )
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Old thread is dead, we cloned a new one from it's Cybernucleic Acid.
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File 138048205452.jpg - (36.97KB , 577x578 , randy[1].jpg )
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Randy apparently gets an addition to the video game Minecraft on a future episode of South Park. Currently unknown as to rather the whole episode will be dedicated to it or if it's just a reference to it apart of a larger story, but he was naked in the clip so that'll be somewhat intriguing.
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>> No. 219482
>> No. 220029
File 138599983646.jpg - (176.14KB , 450x636 , death_of_the_warrior_by_delijadodgson-d6jrjtd.jpg )
People really seem to dig Princess Kenny
>> No. 224208

File 139246091737.jpg - (32.41KB , 368x294 , 1335219813497.jpg )
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So seeing as it's (just past) Valentines day, lets talk about everyone's favorite subject, shipping!

Who's your favorite ship?
Who's your favorite crack ship?
What pairing do you despise?

Previous Thread: >>222793
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>> No. 224311
>> No. 224313
Cover images aren't a piece of story being held back for an extra charge.

The fact that you can't tell the difference is mind-boggling
>> No. 224427
New Thread:

File 13837464583.jpg - (201.53KB , 800x671 , 1383744419231[1].jpg )
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Can we have a thread about this, +/co/?

Vanilla /co/ has already begun a civil war over it, as per usual with new cartoons. Personally I like it, the color tones are very relaxing, but I think it needs a few more episodes to really shine.
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>> No. 224041
File 139329336825.gif - (2.24MB , 490x453 , the loop you all wanted.gif )
I wasn't ready for this or Opal's form
>> No. 224043
File 139329645483.gif - (2.04MB , 450x260 , 1393292050654.gif )
>> No. 224044
File 139329801022.jpg - (889.14KB , 2560x1920 , 1393192842772.jpg )
bump limit?

File 139285129160.jpg - (35.63KB , 410x281 , Blinky-bill.jpg )
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Let's face it, this aussie needs to come to USA on like weekday afternoons on Cartoon Network during the Summer, who here thinks so too?

anyway, this general thread can have entries from all 3 seasons, the movie, books, & christmas special, anything Blinky Bill related, it can be here
>> No. 223813
I think it rather belongs on Boomerang
>> No. 223825
That's just the channel they use to keep things from falling into syndication.

File 132746996639.png - (81.21KB , 226x212 , rf Ivy yep.png )
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What téh fück?! It FINALLY updated, and the old thread it dead??

Oh well, I made a new one. Go and read the new pages NOW:

She promised to post 3 more on Friday.
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>> No. 223687
File 139269394776.jpg - (474.45KB , 820x844 , 1392317963[1].jpg )
Why is she even doing anthropomorphic prohibition cats? Just make pictures like this and sell them, my god.
>> No. 223688
The cats are allegedly for fun inbetween the heavy stuff. Of course when even the "fun doodles" take 4+ months of detailing, you kinda wonder.
>> No. 223736
File 139278696555.jpg - (6.62KB , 108x270 , Tracy Butler age 4 why did she share this with the.jpg )
If you paid any attention to what Tracy has been saying for the last 7 years, you would know that she was drawing cartoon cats for as long as she can remember. She is also more comfortable drawing wacky action with talking cats than with people.

tl'dr she likes to and she wants to.

File 139250591263.jpg - (83.23KB , 600x450 , lego-movie-600.jpg )
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this thread can be anything Lego related including, TV series, specials, direct to DVD movies, even Bionical & the Lego Movie,

anything with legos being animated, this is the source
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>> No. 223695
Not in the first batch of Star Wars sets IIRC.
There were Scouts, because they were in an Endor set, but other than that it was heavy on spaceships (and pilots) and Episode 1 kits.
>> No. 223696
Not in the first batch of Star Wars sets IIRC.
There were Scouts, because they were in an Endor set, but other than that it was heavy on spaceships (and pilots) and Episode 1 kits.
>> No. 223725
File 139276739430.jpg - (29.06KB , 480x360 , 1335621848714.jpg )

Which of these are worth watching/renting? I saw a Clutch Powers movie in CEX the other day, but I wasn't sure if it was worth ponying up for (I was already laden with cheap DVDs)...
They were working within the limitations of what they had, and doing a little foreshadowing! Neat!

File 139119374015.jpg - (650.12KB , 751x1126 , 1391105742875.jpg )
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Previously! On Archie General: >>221521

>Sperging over not calling Mobius Mobius
>Trying to propose Sega Sonic actually has a canon
>Some kind of shark girl!
>Penders says things on twitter worthy of a screencap
>That wily Mav is up to his old tricks
>I'm pretty sure he was the one that used the phrase "Sega apologist".
>Holy crap it's almost X time.
>HOLY CRAP there's a crossover coming what the fuuuuuu-

And now, the conclusion.
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File 139181109656.png - (51.93KB , 150x306 , 150px-Movie_Uni-Kitty.png )
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It's so good you guys.

Oh my God, it's beautiful, I can't say anything more because I'd be messing with all the little bits you don't notice until after it's over and the reveals and all the cool stuff.

I wasn't even this giddy for Toy Story 3. Go see it. Now.
>> No. 223107
This is for Lego movie, right? We actually have a thread on /mtv/ for it already.

>> No. 223401
How about we just make this a Lego general thread then?

File 137816913698.jpg - (1.70MB , 1280x1891 , 1374713424720.jpg )
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Welcome to the Adventure Time thread.

Try not to kill posters over ships please. It gets blood and other fluid all over the thread and it takes ages before it gets cleaned up by a mod.

Please enjoy your stay.
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>> No. 223408
It's not about the romance though, it's just about one awful writer.

Romance episodes ain't my favorites but when they're written by anyone other than Xayalapalong they're usually decent to what I'd dare to call good.

Though when all romance is made by the same dude you do have a point.
>> No. 223424
Thing is, he's very clearly NOT writing romance eps. Sugar did. He's writing eps where he rips the romance to shreds, as a joke. lol, apparently.

And I wouldn't say he's awful. Luke Pearson and Somvilay Xayaphone = the team that gave us Candy Streets... and the team that gave us Frost and Fire. It's not that we're dealing with completely untalented people, it's just that they're clearly not able to handle what Sugar left behind. And they made a fucking mess of it instead.

I feel slightly bad for Seo Kim. "Congrats, you're on the adventure time team! And two of your eps will very clearly go down as two of the three most hated episodes the show's had. Sorry 'bout that."
>> No. 223470
Tossing it in the garbage is the absolute best way to handle what Sugar left behind. It's already been brought up in the thread; Sugar's Finn was a fucking creeper who got way too emotionally invested in dumb infatuations and she made him act like a huge tool.

File 138472049740.jpg - (421.36KB , 1300x1768 , JJ-D_PM_valhalla06-00.jpg )
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New fun Thor movie = My storytiming a Valhalla book!
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>> No. 219242
File 138472550744.jpg - (583.89KB , 1300x1800 , JJ-D_PM_valhalla06-46.jpg )
>> No. 219243
File 138472572356.jpg - (403.76KB , 1300x1762 , JJ-D_PM_valhalla06-47.jpg )
The End.

Hope I can find more in time for Thor 3.
>> No. 223331
File 139219838535.jpg - (140.59KB , 623x572 , 3131683-2647834949-thor2.jpg )
That wasn't Thor. Whoever drawd this comics needs to check his facts lol

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