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File 139170693876.png - (100.22KB , 360x504 , Batman Shazam.png )
223008 No. 223008
Old one was saging.

Ben Affleck Batman Shenanigans

Geoff Johns getting his overrated mitts on Superman again

Everyone's turning White.

Forever Evil was not as bad as Infinity, two more issues to see how it all wraps up

Harley showed Ivy her homicidal, pointy beaver

I think that's about it.

Oh, and JL 3000 is darkly comedic, action-packed fun
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>> No. 223012
I believe there was also something of Batman and Ivy. Hey if this somehow gets us Robely Quinn then I'm game.
>> No. 223014
>Everyone's turning White.

on black history month.

BTW Johns said rebooting Superman in the new 52 to point out how lame and retarded that will be.
>> No. 223018
>Everyone's turning White.
Wut? I thought Wally West was turning black?
>> No. 223020

Woo another batman show, how will I ever contain my enthusiasm. Why have a Comic Police Procedural when we can have, Batman without the Batman. Arrow does that Better anyway.

I thought that was just for the Television Series.
>> No. 223031
Last time I remember really, really enjoying a new Superman story was escape from Bizarro World. Though, I might be forgetting something. So that's primarily why I'm actually considering Johns' Superman.

I fully accept that it might be terrible, but I've very much enjoyed stuff from both creators. And it seems Johns will be down to just this book and Justice League.

oh, and just because I saw this while trying to get my facts straight:
>It's official: Comedy veterans Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing a "Preacher" adaptation for AMC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Breaking Bad" alum Sam Catlin is also on board the project, and will serve as showrunner.
>> No. 223043
Has anybody mentioned this yet? Because it's a thing that's happening.

>> No. 223061
File 139174301738.gif - (779.18KB , 490x368 , Batbaile-Adam.gif )
>> No. 223064
File 139174966528.jpg - (1.41MB , 1988x3056 , Detective Comics (2011-) 028-016.jpg )
That Red Arrow is a ginger Connor Hawke is less frustrating to me than his previous identity of Roy McQueen being overwritten, since it's yet another example of Robinson's original outline for the series being disregarded. It's not even an issue of respect for the writer, there were simply several important plot threads hanging around when Superman went Anti-Life that will probably never be addressed now. Plus more JSA characters were supposed to be around by this point. Shit, even if Taylor does draw on Robinson's ideas, it probably won't be until fall, at the rate this Superman battle is going.

They teamed up to fight Scarecrow. She was surprisingly eager to help, considering she coulda just runnoft the moment he opened her cell. Also, Batman looks really uh, distracting without his belt or shorts.
>> No. 223069
Had a thought, would a Cable and Deadpool style Harley and Ivy book work?
>> No. 223071
File 139177441739.jpg - (407.87KB , 600x562 , 1329932460696.jpg )
>Also, Batman looks really uh, distracting without his belt or shorts.

Wait what? No, gosh no, I mean look at Superman! it's not like his costume is fucking terrible...oh.
>> No. 223080
File 139178340788.jpg - (84.80KB , 400x611 , 770883.jpg )

>> No. 223098
The Cape Creator: Bill Finger,…youtube thumb

>> No. 223104
Yea if one could restarting Sirens would be great. I was just going with what is established at the moment that being Pam and Harley. An Outsiders type book would be neat.
>> No. 223154
File 13918926711.jpg - (91.16KB , 400x618 , stu.jpg )
A great comic you're not reading. Sholly Fisch is writing so like his Batman The Brave and the Bold it's loaded with in-jokes and references to DC history. And its just fun seeing Batman hang out with Mystery Incorporated.
>> No. 223279
#1 is only selling for stupid prices... guess this is another one I'll be trade-waiting for.
>> No. 223288
File 139209476345.jpg - (189.80KB , 900x1219 , batman_and_robin.jpg )
Son of Batman Previewyoutube thumb

It looks like Damian's animosity toward Tim will be aimed at Dick in this adaptation.
>> No. 223332
File 139220098410.jpg?spoiler - (277.31KB , 500x585 , tumblr_n0virvhN1J1rsltmxo5_500.jpg?spoiler )
Batman 28 was released on Comixology a bit early today, and here's a brief spoilerless rundown.

- Takes place six months in the future, acting as roughly Batman Eternal 39.5 and a peak at the new post-Batman: Year Zero status quo.
- Gotham has a new Kingpin of Crime, and it appears to be someone written correctly for the first time since the reboot, hooray!
- Harper Row has a new secret identity (isn't Nightwing).
- And a fan favourite has made/will make a welcome return to the DCU (spoiler in the image).
>> No. 223333
And the gun is less, "gun" and more UT Shock Rifle kinda deal hearing some describe it.
>> No. 223341
The character with their back to us?
>> No. 223350
Catwoman, who is now a smartly dressed kingpin of crime and no longer on friendly terms with Batman.
>> No. 223352
So Spoiler going to lead us back to the universe that isn't full of crap.
>> No. 223353
Pretty much, they said way back when that Batman Eternal is Snyder and Co. reorganising the Batman status quo, complete with permission to use any character in the Batman Catelogue they want. Hence Spoiler appearing after the kind of Orwellian attempt to erase all traces of her from Lil Gotham etc.

Amusingly Geoff Johns said that he's going to do the same to the Superman comics when Scott Lobdell leaves in April, and there are rumours that the Teen Titans-related books are also going to be rejigged too.

So, yeah, it took two or so years but DC realised that the reboot was handled really, REALLY badly!
>> No. 223376
File 139226962635.jpg - (920.69KB , 1080x1661 , Justice League 3000 (2013-) 003-010.jpg )
Even in the grim dark future that is JL3K, Hal finds himself a yandere.

And into the one where she was tortured to death by a third-rate villain whose origin includes getting rabies from a raccoon.

Snyder has actually been given gradual access to pre-New 52 events and characters since his first arc closed. That's why the human tapestry seen during Death of the Family, the one showcasing Joker's greatest hits, referenced his murder of Sarah Essen Gordon during No Man's Land.
>> No. 223727
File 139276996976.jpg - (272.96KB , 900x1366 , SDOTU-Cv4-659de.jpg )
>Scooby-Doo/Teen Titans crossover
>with TTG designs
>> No. 223728
File 139277017299.jpg?spoiler - (237.00KB , 900x1394 , BM-BEY-UNI-10-02fa5.jpg?spoiler )
And Justice Lords Beyond!

I wouldn't have trusted the old writers to not fuck this up but I've got confidence in the current guys. Christos Gage's JL Beyond has especially been fun.
>> No. 223733
File 139277960759.jpg - (328.75KB , 900x1367 , LARFLEEZE-Cv11-eb34d.jpg )
12 Issues or MOAR!!!
>> No. 223734
Simone goes to Britain, DC Cancels The Movement. Yea both it and its partner comic were non starters, and it looks like some will show up in the new Titians. Still kinda a crappy move.
>> No. 223830
File 13928715197.jpg - (28.40KB , 752x564 , DCC11770.jpg )
Oh Shit.

I may end up buying this, even despite the fact that it has everything going against it (and by everything I mean being a DC Collectibles figure and being a new 52 design, even if it does look like it has joints and is not a Pat Lee based design)
>> No. 223847
I lost the ability to feel bad for Simone when she agreed to put the Simone Seal of Approval on their plans for Batgirl.
>> No. 224071
http://io9.com/what-we-learned-from-the-script-for-gothams-first-epi-1530515272 welp that is something to take with a large grain of salt.
>> No. 224139
File 13936122787.jpg - (73.39KB , 1200x800 , 1393610859716.jpg )
>> No. 224140
VERY ACCEPTABLE at least from what I can see.
>> No. 224151
File 139364824296.jpg - (11.54KB , 640x359 , Ra's_al_Ghul_Beware_the_Batman_001.jpg )
So I watched the remaining two episodes of Beware the Batman that appeared in the last few months.

I wasn't all that taken with Attraction. Lately I've been really skeptical of the treatment of mental illness in media, so that soured me on this a little. Outside of that, it didn't do much different. Didn't shake up the Katana/Batman dynamic or have a new formula for the episode. It was solid, but not exceptional in the way that a 12th episode that suddenly became the second last episode needs to be.

Now, Fall was a FANTASTIC mid season finale. The framing device of Alfred's life, while a little convenient, is just so well done. They use it to highlight Bruce's major character flaw in this. And it's the consistent flaw that's been around since episode one.

The major B plot up until now was followed up on well and I really liked the fact that this version of Ra's ads asiatic features to the traditional white guy Ra's design... Actually, I just noticed that they (unintentionally?) made Ra's old school facial hair look like a Fu Manchu... Not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, basically the only flaw about Fall is that it's the last episode. It ends on a massive cliffhanger, and that's a bummer.

Oh well, at least Clone Wars is putting it's final season on Netflix, so I can enjoy that show, which I started watching only because it was before the DC Nation block. I'm not interested in watching the earlier seasons, but I really enjoyed large chunks of 5, so that's something to look forward to.
>> No. 224152
There's 13 more eps after Fall.
>> No. 224153
Oh. Wikipedia didn't say that... Any word on airing?
>> No. 224154

The latest update was yesterday.


>Cartoon Network has provided The World’s Finest with programming details for the month of March 2014, and once again, new episodes of Beware The Batman are absent from the schedule. The CG-animated series was removed from the Cartoon Network schedule back in October 2013, marking exactly six months since an episode aired on the US channel.
>When asked for a statement, a representative for Cartoon Network would only say that there are future plans for Beware The Batman but no specific details are currently available.
>While the remaining fifteen Beware The Batman episodes from the series’ first season currently remain unscheduled, two unaired episodes were included on the recent Beware The Batman – Season One, Part One: Shadows of Gotham DVD and Blu-ray release – “Attraction” and “Fall.”

Because they expected the episodes to have aired by now, the Beware the Batman comic has given away some of the things coming in the last half. Oracle, Man-Bat
>> No. 224166
You know one of those things that would have actually brought interest and raised the cartoon up a bit as the action picked up, but fuck that we've got to make room for more animated Sitcoms since they are doing that adult swim extension bullshit.
>> No. 224167
I expect those fifteen episodes will be given the final season of Generator Rex/second second of Mystery Incorporated treatment - shelved for a year then burnt off in early morning/afternoon weekday airings.
>> No. 224385
Does make you wonder what the heck DC Entertainment are thinking will become of their plans fo the DC Nation segment, considering how although CN are owned by the same people, they seem determined to only keep Teen Titans Go going. Have they effectively closed the door on any further dramatic animated DC titles for the foreseeable future? Will we all have to watch Constantine and Gotham to get our DC TV fix?

Oh yeah, the new Arkham game's trailer came out.
Batman: Arkham Knight Official Traileryoutube thumb

Seems to be based after City, you can play as Harley AND you can drive the Batmobile this time! :D Also it's made by Rocksteady, so it should be more consistantly good, unlike Origins which had good parts but was kind of... meh.
>> No. 224450
File 139401768646.jpg?spoiler - (922.90KB , 1119x1719 , 2014-03-05 07-34-33 - Forever Evil (2013-) 006-023.jpg?spoiler )
So I think many people who actually followed Forever Evil correctly guessed the identity of the hooded prisoner. But there's a slight twist. This must be what detractors see when they look at New 52 Captain Marvel.
>> No. 224457
That's still going on?
>> No. 224459
I know right, it just kinda keeps going, I'm more than a little surprised to see anyone cares actually.
>> No. 224460
File 13940324705.jpg - (134.99KB , 495x751 , WFINE_Cv23.jpg )
looks like some of the costumes are starting to slide back even if it is Earth 2.
>> No. 224461
File 139403247019.jpg - (1.11MB , 1920x1476 , 07.jpg )
>> No. 224462
File 139403258079.jpg - (775.44KB , 1920x1476 , 06.jpg )
And is it just me or does anyone else see a certain influence on Batbaby's design there?
>> No. 224463
That happened a few months ago. Bits here and there are reverting. Captain Cold is a guy with cold gun again.
>> No. 224465
All it took was 90% of their talent leaving but they still won't admit most of the changes were toxic.
>> No. 224471
Heard Azzarello's off Wonder Woman. Did the Amazons ever get fixed?
>> No. 224476
Not until late summer/fall. And if you didn't like Azzarello, you really shouldn't get your hopes up about the next writer.
>> No. 224477
File 139404408920.jpg - (10.41KB , 181x279 , index.jpg )
Cheeks should be doing a Superman book all the time. This issue summed up everything Superman is, and what DC's been missing for the last few years. All I need now is Cheeks to draw the Super Fridge.
>> No. 224478
I just wish he wouldn't add that weird mole fetish he has to everything.
>> No. 224479
File 139404513867.jpg - (240.66KB , 779x1200 , aos.jpg )
Adventures of Superman is so good. The last story was a team-up with THE IRON GIANT.
>> No. 224487
And it only took 6 months for the confrontation promised in those early teasers and interviews to actually happen.

It's going to be drawn by Finch anyway, so even if the writer is competent the book will still be a chore to read due to all the heavy blacks and snarly goblin faces. Not that Azzarello's glacial pacing helps his story but at least Chiang and his fill-in buddies can draw worth a damn.
>> No. 224500
File 139406192674.jpg?spoiler - (1.39MB , 1988x3056 , FEAW6.jpg?spoiler )
HAHAHAHAHAHA Arkham War's ending

>it's the last issue
>ends on a cliffhanger but doesn't tell you where it's continuing

DC: "To be continued! Where? Don't know! You figure it out, chump!"
>> No. 224503
File 139406420415.jpg - (147.66KB , 1920x1080 , Dark-knight-rises-wallpaper-61.jpg )
Awesome. Comic Bane is now swagtastic as the live action version.

I'm not being sarcastic here. I thought the coat looked good on movie Band and I liked the mannerisms he had there. And fuck everyone who didn't love his voice.
>> No. 224504
There's a Batman vs Bane one shot coming out next month that at least advertises the end of this whole mess. Not sure why it wouldn't be advertised at the end of that issue, unless they simply didn't have a plan going forward. Which wouldn't surprise me.

Nice Tom Hardy impression, there, Bane.
>> No. 224507
File 139406671043.jpg - (82.51KB , 400x613 , bane1.jpg )
An added bonus is it hides the shittiest part of his New 52 design that tubey backpack thing.

I looked and the solicitation for Arkham War's last issue also says it leads into Forever Evil #7. Buy'em all!
>> No. 224532
Thanks, but I learned to just not read DC.
>> No. 224533
>> No. 224742
File 139442739498.jpg - (102.41KB , 671x1191 , razer_and_aya_by_gabzillaz-d507hsb.jpg )
How would you have put them into the New52?

Would you place them in the same book right away or on separate titles at first?

What's your nightmare scenario as to how they could be implemented in the New52? The creative decisions that would make you rage to high heaven?
>> No. 224743
> How would you have put them into the New52?

I look at them.
I look at the Nu52.

You're asking me to put them in that ungodly mess? No. Nosir, I'm not going to do it.
>> No. 224747
It would probably turn out as well as it did for that green bow chick from Young Justice.
>> No. 224748
Oh man, she didn't even survive one comic. They fridged the fuck out her for Red Robin's sake. And for the record, Aya is already in the comics or at least the ship is.
>> No. 224749
Fucking Lobdell.
>> No. 224751
>Mocks gay people to their face
>"I'm sorry (you don't have a sense of humor)

How is this man even still employed? Seriously?
>> No. 224756
That has nothing to do with his job?
And DC sucks?
>> No. 224766
>That has nothing to do with his job?

Nope! On stage at the DC panel! also where he harassed the shit out of a women with uncomfortable sexual propositions.
>> No. 224768
It wasn't a DC panel.
>> No. 224790
>That has nothing to do with his job?

I'm not certain I agree. In terms of literature, the average DC book is a step down from greeting cards, and is equally focused on commercialism. Lobdell's been an embarrassment to the company, PR-wise. For a company that puts bucks first, it's surprising he's still around.

>DC sucks

Well yeah.
>> No. 224810

Welp so far new DC cartoons is looking dead. Hopefully the way those shows were treated is part of the reason for Snyder being chased out and we'll get some returns or new shows on the slate.
>> No. 224811
I doubt we'll never see DC cartoons again.
The stupid civil war can't last forever.
>> No. 224812
Say part of that depends on who they get to replace Snyder. So far the pipeline is quiet on who they'll get.
>> No. 224814
File 13945590207.jpg - (57.03KB , 600x995 , BidYjsGIQAEjzgi.jpg )
The live action Flash costume is nice, but the latest pic reminds me of a photoshop cosplay costume on deviantart. Anyway, with so many great shows on TV now (which are arguably rivaling Hollywood films), it's great to see DC Comics take advantage of the medium.


It's not like DC cartoons were treated better before Snyder. The last season of JLU was aired unadvertised. Kids WB were really the best place for them.

Judging by TTG staying on the network and the new Scooby-Doo show, DC will have to cater their shows to Cartoon Network, if they want them to last longer than a season.
>> No. 224839
Wait, Snyder as in Scott? Why would his presence reduce the amount of DC animated stuff?
>> No. 224845
>Wait, Snyder as in Scott?

They mean Stuart Snyder, not Scott Snyder. Stuart Snyder is the very soon to be former CN head.
>> No. 224880
File 139472023066.jpg - (127.34KB , 960x639 , constantine-pic-c1a82.jpg )
Filming on the Constantine pilot has begun, and it seems that in addition to having a character be English this time, they've also got him looking like Constantine. Huzzah!
>> No. 224882
From here,
>> No. 224887
File 139472316414.jpg - (85.43KB , 599x900 , 1394722932642.jpg )
>> No. 224904
So what are classic comic book lists that I can read? I read some of the classics but rewatching DCAU really made me want to read the old universe.
>> No. 225051
Superman With a GoProyoutube thumb
This is cool!
>> No. 225053
File 139513871865.jpg - (115.17KB , 634x843 , article-2583043-1C60282600000578-145_634x843.jpg )
Set photos of Gotham's versions of Jim Gordon and the Penguin have been leaked, needless to say people are freaking out that the characters in the very first episode don't look like what they will ten years or so along the line.

Like, "Where's Gordon's moutache!?" "Why's Cobblepot so thin?!"

Not like people's can grow hair or put on weight over the course of a decade or anything.
>> No. 225054
File 139513894279.png - (48.55KB , 592x552 , teen titans triumph.png )
Ahem, I think you're forgetting the current top rated program (that's right, higher than AT, RS, SU, JT, Gumball, and Dragons) of Cartoon Network is a DC animated show. It's also getting a second season.
>> No. 225076
Wow, that Penguin is almost...cute?
>> No. 225079
File 139520197886.jpg - (99.34KB , 634x937 , gotham4.jpg )
Wow that's actually a pretty damn fine looking Cobblepot. Maybe this show will have a chance.
>> No. 225107
Nice trolling and/or cherrypicking.

TTG is undoubtedly a success. But the ratings in your screencap are from a week in which TTG had a premiere episode while AT and RS had reruns.

Compare ratings for all AT premieres of season 5 episodes, with ratings of TTG premieres and you'll find AT still outperform TTG:

Same goes for Regular Show.
>> No. 225159
File 139530984279.jpg - (1.50MB , 1988x3056 , damian army.jpg )
Was not expecting this from an Aquaman team-up.
>> No. 225181
You weren't expecting graphic and gory images in a DC comic? Guest starring a character who's totes serious business for big boys now? Written by Peter Tomasi?
>> No. 225189
I didn't think of the creative team being fans of gore but now that I think about the cartoonish way B&R used horrible injuries for those Batfreaks and stuff like Batman dismantling Frankenstein, it does kind of make sense.
>> No. 225190
Everyone knows Geoff Johns loves dismemberments and blood vomit but Peter Tomasi has an even bigger hard-on for that shit.
>> No. 225212
Speaking of which. Scott Snyder, too.
>> No. 225269
So it looks like the last half of the Beware the Bat series is pretty good. Shame its dead as it is.
>> No. 225270
Well, that's what it gets for having interesting female characters, a dramatic storyline and not mindless comedy like Teen Titans Go, I guess.
>> No. 225272
Yea trying to build on atmosphere and story and not common name recognition. What do you think this is Guardians of the Galaxy?
>> No. 225275
You are missing the point, Girls dared to like cartoons not aimed at them.

It's their fault for daring to step outside the demographic box they have been exiled to for the purity of all.

No girls allowed is the unshakable rule, when will they learn?
>> No. 225277
Oh c'mon Tiki, you can't make EVERYTHING about girls being excluded from the fandomm. Seriously dude, that's just fucking obnoxious, not every little thing that happens has to come back to these same issues that a few highly-vocal self-appointed crusaders thi-

-oh Dini said that's literally why it got axed? Cartoon Network's trying to cut anything that doesn't fit into their pretty arbitrary critera for "thinks likely to get boys to buy toys"?

...Yeah, I got nuthin'.
>> No. 225280
Might be one of the reasons Snyder was told to leave or be thrown out. FiM is going crazy with this cross demographic appeal and they stick to rigid old ideas of demographics? Sounds like the dude that got Snyder to leave was really pissed hearing they had multiple chances to bring in other demographics and it was all flushed.
>> No. 225292
Remember the polling DC did the other year to evaluate how well the nu52 worked (spoilers: not very well)? Female readership was down to 7%. It was at 8% 20 years ago.

They not only failed to make inroads on the "half of all humans" demographic, they actually managed to SHRINK an already pathetically small percentage.
>> No. 225294
>> No. 225298

Greg Weisman over on his website said that he'd pitched a third season of Young Justice, an Arrow Family-centric spin-off and a whole bunch of other DC-related stuff (including a YJ novel that would act as an official third seasony thing) and was turned down flat over and over again.

The comparison brought up in the Dini/Smith conversation was that someone, possibly Snyder, wanted shows like Adventure Time... but interpreted that as just "silly humour for boys" ...despite the huge female fanbase of AT, in addition it's gradually deepening plot and multiple complex female characters.

It's weird, you'd think that cross-demographic appeal would be something that they'd want to encourage, not stamp out.
>> No. 225299
To be fair. I believe that was said about Young Justice, not Beware the Batman, since Dini raised the issue on December 2013:


As far as I know, Beware the Batman was poorly promoted (quite possibly due to a darker Batman cartoon being an incovenient project after the Aurora shooting) and had poor ratings among both boys and girls. And to be quite frank, compared to Young Justice and Green Lantern TAS, I thought Beware the Batman was rather lackluster, so I won't miss it that much.

And I kind of understand why execs only focus on a specific demographic, it limits business risk, if you aim merchandise at just one group, even if it flops you might have only small losses. Yes MLP succeeded, but it snowballed largely due to 4chan, Lauren Faust intended to make a show with cross-demographic appeal, but Hasbo execs originally didn't have such plans or expectations so FiM was largely a surprise hit. If you produce each show with the intention of appealing to everyone, the way Dini suggests, you have to produce merchandise for eveyone and then if that show, or just its merchandise, flops, you'll lose a huge amount of money. It's a big risk and I don't think it's surprising execs working for big corporations aren't willing to take it.

Also, let us please not pretend Dini is unbiased here. He has a large beef with Time Warner over their cancellation of Tower Prep, which was his pet project. But at Disney he's involved in Ultimate Spider-Man which is, in my opinion, far more mindless than Teen Titans Go and entirely aimed at the young boys demographic, suddenly not a problem if it helps a show he works on stay on air.

It's easy after you've cashed all those checks from Time Warner and Fox over two decades to lament about the demographics of the cartoon business. Is it a discussion worth having? Yes it is. Are Paul Dini and Kevin Smith the guys to lead it? In my opinion, no.
>> No. 225301
File 139558504382.png - (66.93KB , 576x295 , 2974462-0041993419-dan-d.png )
Ya'know, given how awful the new 52 was and is I had not made even slight attempts to look into it.

What an embarrassing clusterfuck to see quotes like this at a time when Superheroes have never been more popular.
>> No. 225303
It did well, girls liked it and they killed it for it.

Tower Prep was good and Beware the Bat was as well and they preformed very well with a large contingent of girls, getting axed for people with vaginas daring to like it.

And "For business" is a shitty way to do business.
>> No. 225304
>It did well, girls liked it and they killed it for it.

Which one's "it"? You respond to a post mentioning YJ, Tower Prep and Beware the Bat it'd be helpful to specify.

Tower Prep, quite possibly, but we have only Dini's word for it and it's not like he has no stake in presenting the cancellation as a bad move.

YJ had very poor toy sales, mostly due to Mattel messing up by forcing the packaging to be in colection bundles and the poor quality of the toys themselves.

>Beware the Bat was as well and they preformed very well with a large contingent of girls, getting axed for people with vaginas daring to like it.

Nonsense. Beware the Bat had poor ratings, 1,0-1,3 millions for a new Batman show is disappointing. Poor promotion may have contributed, but the ratings being bad is undeniable. It was not a popular show.

>Tower Prep was good and Beware the Bat was as well

What is and isn't "good" is subjective and entirely based on taste. I thought "Beware" was average, you thought it was good. No point discussing that aspect.

>And "For business" is a shitty way to do business.

That's a platitude.

Big corporations always limit risk. Pixar started doing more sequels after joining Disney, too. From their perspective it's reasonable. Dini worked in such a business for decades, it only bothers him now that a show of his got canned.
>> No. 225310
Woah, there. Teen Titans getting potentially put back together? That's fantastic.

Fuck, now I have even less incentive to continue on with The Culling and Death of the Family after the first arc was.a complete drag.
>> No. 225591
File 139629671494.jpg - (129.90KB , 500x951 , gotham-alfred-pennyworth-poster.jpg )
Doctor from the future is going to hang around Gotham for a bit and be a butler.
>> No. 225594
>Most of ratings are 10/10
>> No. 225596
Because people often confuse edge and emotion for depth amd significance.
>> No. 225598
As my father always said, Master Wayne, "I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow."
>> No. 225617
File 139632894955.jpg - (97.10KB , 764x1024 , BkFokfdCAAAwGG3.jpg )
>> No. 225663
I still can't get over the fact that Doctor Death died of Boneitis.
>> No. 225702
>Doctor Death died

First thought that came to my head.

Dead Tom's Dead!youtube thumb
>> No. 225731
So he injected himself with the stuff he killed people with.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it killed him.

...Welp, he was still smarter than editorial.
>> No. 225736
File 139663298856.jpg - (2.50MB , 1988x3056 , my only regret is that i have boneitis.jpg )
Honestly if it weren't for the monologue about losing his son to The War I could tolerate it. Cornball comic book science can be entertaining. Violence will always sell. Yeah the idea of Doctor Death being his own test subject for a bone regrowth formula is clearly just an effort to give his classically monstrous appearance a "realistic" explanation. But it's that kind of stuff that makes cape comics go round. Then he had to talk about losing his previously non-existent son to terrorists, and his son's CO being the uncle of Bruce Wayne, and the whole time he's using language that borders on punnery. He says people have to be hardened in order to survive. Hardened. Like a healed bone, get it? And then his head explodes because Bruce kept shattering his bones.
>> No. 225737
File 139664075722.gif - (106.79KB , 454x328 , boner_2.gif )

Sounds like Dr. Death committed a real boner
>> No. 225783
File 139676780859.jpg - (721.17KB , 960x1476 , superman about to get his shit stomped in by an un.jpg )
The first arc of Pak and Kuder's run on Action Comics closed out with Superman fighting a ghost necromancer who started a paramilitary organization of ghosts devoted to policing him. Ghosts. Who don't trust Superman and think he may royally screw up. They even had their own GI Joe-esque homebase.
>> No. 225838
A character monloguing about how their powers reflect their emotional state? Geoff Johns must have ghostwritten the scene.
>> No. 225857
File 13969634513.jpg - (293.74KB , 766x1100 , berserk-1592304.jpg )
You know I was reading Berserk and it occurred to me why turning characters in SOLJAS is so awful.

Because it's fucking lazy, they never specify what it is as a soldier they do and just hide behind a vague association with snipers and infantrymen as a lazy excuse for bad writing.

Like fuck, War covers almost every vocation so slapping SOLDIER on a character for backstory is the goddamn laziest thing in comics.
>> No. 225858
Based on current sales, here's what you can expect to be in the next wave of cancellations.

Constantine, Batwoman, Swamp Thing, Pandora, Birds of Prey, Phantom Stranger, Superboy, All Star Western and Batwing.

And here's what is getting close to being in danger.

Worlds' Finest, Green Lantern New Guardians, Red Lanterns, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Red Hood and Catwoman.

Grieve or rejoice their ends.
>> No. 225859
Most of those books either weren't very good in the first place, or had the best part of them gutted before. It doesn't seem to be such a bad lineup for cancellation.
>> No. 225860
Just DC reaping what it has sown.

Wish I could see Simone's face when she hears about Birds getting the axe, while Batgirl - the book she didn't want to write, but inflicted upon the world anyway - keeps chugging along.
>> No. 225861
Shame Batwoman has been steadily flagging. But I really wouldn't want to read whatever ham hands method they use to split up Kane and Sawyer anyway.
>> No. 225862
Superboy can't be cancelled fast enough. I saw someone make the spot-on observation that it's transparent in the contempt it has for its readers.


All Star Western should be on the upswing now that it's finally out of the 21st century. Someone must have realized that was killing the book. They pulled out of that story in such a perfunctory way and an issue earlier than solicitated.

I also would have stuck up for Batwing as fun. It's the Nightwing book that would exist if Dick's comic wasn't joyless and miserable since the relaunch. But then Batwing's current story happened. DC must have decided sales were lousy because Luke wasn't suffering enough.
>> No. 225867
>ends teen titans
>relaunches it in summer, continuing from where it left off with the same characters
>> No. 225868
File 139698572227.jpg - (567.57KB , 790x1200 , teen-titans_1 (1).jpg )
I forgot to post an image
>> No. 225875
HAHAHAHAHAHA you got me, DC.

How hilarious will it be if this really is being paired with a New 52 Gen13? It's like they looked at the Young Justice line's corpse and determined "WE DIDN'T GO 90S ENOUGH WE GOTTA GO FULL 90S".
>> No. 225878
I'd LOVE to see the entire Green Lantern line cancelled.

At this point the 90's weren't as 90's as DC is now.
>> No. 225879
DC's cancellation zone is under 20K. GL Corps, GL New Guardians and Red Lanterns all sell around 27K and are each dropping 1 to 2K a month. You can expect a relaunch of the line with shiny new #1s to get attention in the near future.

But I think the days of GL being able to support a family of books left with Geoff. DC will keep trying with new titles like Sinestro, relaunches and crossovers, but within a couple years the line will shrink from 5 ongoings to 2 or 3.
>> No. 225880
That art is BAD.
>> No. 225882
I normally like Rocafort's style, but that is... not good.
>> No. 225887
The more work he gets for DC the worse his art gets.
>> No. 225889
It's literally Teen Titans? Not 'Titans' or 'Young Justice' or even 'All New Teen Titans'? I'd say it's like they're trying to bury the previous 30 or so issues under the renumbering but apparently all those story threads will still be in play. And so much for Dick being on the team. Hell, maybe he's still in the book somehow, but Pfeifer just can't say anything since it may spoil the few surprises left in the conclusion of Forever Evil, and we have to wait until May to see that happen. Even through titles that will build on those final issues are moving ahead anyway. Get your shit together, DCE.
>> No. 225890
They already fucked up Bart, Kon, Tim, and Cassie but I would have loved a relaunched Young Justice book. Maybe we will get at least one new interesting Teen Hero book.
>> No. 225942
Batman Eternal 1 was pretty solid, though as a first issue it was mainly establishing the characters and the initial starting event.

Personally they made the thing kind of too big, if they kept it just with the one thing it would still be impactful, without it escalating like something from a Final Destination movie.
>> No. 225943
>Red Hood

Not too sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I and damn near everyone else aren't at all pleased about how Starfire was handled at least at first, but she's progressively getting better.

Death of the Family made no fucking sense. It might have been better had it not been for the "Lol, Joker is responsible for Jason becoming Robin!"

And Lobdell not being able to keep the bit regarding the Teen Titans consistent. New 52 group is the first and only Titans team. Starfire vaguely recalls being apart of the Titans and the relationship between her and Dick which happened when they were Titans.
>> No. 225944
Could it be Raven is apart of the Titans as she should be?

>> No. 225945
Also Fuck Superman/Wonder Woman not being on that.
>> No. 225951
File 139714243263.jpg - (67.49KB , 600x328 , fe1-600x328.jpg )
Oh dear.
>> No. 225955
File 139714414863.jpg - (246.32KB , 600x1047 , fe8-600x1047.jpg )
Oh gods.
>> No. 225956
File 139714424537.jpg - (96.97KB , 600x369 , fe11-600x369.jpg )
This is bad.
This is really, really bad.
>> No. 225959
That's going to be hilarious. It's Countdown 2.0!
>> No. 225960
This feels like Didio being mad OMAC got cancelled so fast.
>> No. 225964
File 139714694445.gif - (370.04KB , 650x450 , you hate time travel.gif )

I...can't even. What the fuck.
>> No. 225966
It gives me more the feeling this is an even worse version of Age of Ultron.

Oh Midnight Crew.
>> No. 225974
Since Cyril died in Batman Inc the only way that group makes sense is if Beryl adopted her own ward. An entirely new Knight and Squire team, who we'll only ever see as horribly disfigured cyborgs. So instead of the panel being one of those oversights so common in cape books, it's actually a little depressing.

I can't believe that rumor turned out to be true.

Well like the Bleeding Cool link says, Terry is going back in time possibly to murder someone, just like Wolverine die in AoU.
>> No. 225976
File 139716315017.jpg - (130.91KB , 450x644 , age-of-didiot-futures-end-dc-new-52-batman_beyond.jpg )
>> No. 225977
It took me way too long to realize this was a joke and not the actual cover.
>> No. 226155
File 139756481458.jpg?spoiler - (108.98KB , 534x712 , grayson.jpg?spoiler )
Well, we know what happened to Dick now.
He fakes being dead after he is revived, gives up on the costumed life, and becomes a Super Spy
>> No. 226156
Also, guess what finally has a release window?
>> No. 226157
File 139756663194.jpg - (20.70KB , 393x360 , 1359763361836.jpg )
I...think I feel an emotion....towards DC that..isn't apathy or raw blistering hatred? What is this? Is...it...joy? Excitement?
>> No. 226158
File 13975721073.jpg - (232.43KB , 1200x928 , dc-futures-end-teaser.jpg )
It lloks like 90's Superboy will come to the New 52 as a member of Daft Punk.
>> No. 226159
That supposed to be Team Terrific or just Mr.Terrific with Checkmate?
>> No. 226161
That guy reminds em of Jackson King, and... Bottom right...
Is that Golgo 13?
>> No. 226177
Green Lantern focus testing:
>> No. 226179

Much respect to that good sir. Warner Bros really needs to get its shit together and stop murdering shows to focus on the next incoming hero. Hell they had the '90s built solid on the Animated Universe with each show leading into the next. Who is in charge now thinking that utterly destroying the property that precedes the next will endear the viewers to the next one?
>> No. 226182
Why do we still call them batarangs when they're more like throwing stars these days?
>> No. 226184
Because it's catchier than Bat throwing star or Bat shuriken.
>> No. 226198
>A representative for Cartoon Network has confirmed that Beware The Batman will return to Cartoon Network as part of the weekly Toonami programming block starting May 2014. The CG-animated series is set to debut on the popular fan-favorite block on Saturday May 10th, 2014 at 3:00am (ET/PT). It will take the place of Ghost in the Shell on the schedule.

At least the remaining 15 episodes won't go pointlessly unaired for a year.
>> No. 226201
So pretty much everything DC has been cancelled, is there a single DC show that's animated still going?
>> No. 226202
Aside from Teen Titans GO! Yea everything else is dead for pretty bullshit reasons.
>> No. 226206
This is the most frustrating thing I've read in a while.
>> No. 226215
It's weird, they've cancelled their good long-form series, but the shorts they're making are pretty good thus far. Such as Bruce Timm's 75th anniversary short, or the Batman Beyond one that Darwyn Cooke's made.

You'd think that GL:tAS selling out on Amazon over and over again proves that there is an actual demand for them kind of think, though according to guy who made that show the marketing dudes kind of ask leading questions on what should be changed, despite the test audience being enthusiastic when watching the actual episode.
>> No. 226216
I actually liked how in Batman Begins they were more of throwing knives.

But then Batman forgot he had those in the sequels, and I got sad,
>> No. 226222
>"So what do we need to fix on this? :D"
>"Uh it doesn't look broken at all..."
>"So WHAT do we need to FIX on THIS? :D"

Still one could wonder if those isolated shorts couldn't be a test to see what people really want.
>> No. 226226
Well Amethyst SBFF, Thunder and Lighting etc were one foot in the hole to start with given the reaction to Young Justice having a strong female following.
>> No. 226234
The problem with focus testing is that humans are really bad at identifying what we like or don't like about something. It's certainly possible to tell through analysis what works and what doesn't, but our gut reaction isn't trustworthy. We all have a tendency to ascribe something's quality or lack thereof to superficial qualities that aren't actually at fault.

That's why, when Valve makes a game, they don't focus-test, even though they play test extensively. Instead, they have their playtesters play the game and they film their faces while they play. That way, not only do they get their genuine reactions in real time, they can identify the exact moment frustration or pleasure kicks in, and make minor changes to affect the reaction for the next round of play testing.
>> No. 226238
So you're saying episodes should be reviewed before they actually air?
>> No. 226239
That actually sounds way more informative. Maybe I should do that for those I ask to do a chapter review.
>> No. 226242
File 139778998554.jpg - (39.36KB , 480x319 , focustesting.jpg )

"How many of you kids would like Itchy & Scratchy to deal with real-life problems like the ones you face every day?"
All the kids raise their hands
"And who would like to see them do just the opposite -- getting into far out situations involving robots and magic powers?"
All the kids raise their hands
"So you want a realistic, down-to-earth show... that's completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots?"
>> No. 226247
Loaded questions man.
What can you do?
>> No. 226284
File 139790727223.jpg - (81.87KB , 1920x1080 , bane.jpg )
From /tv/ with love.

>> No. 226289
File 139792093724.gif - (1.52MB , 320x180 , Nightwing and Robin.gif )
Here's hoping we'll see a Dick!Bats and Damian movie somewhere down the line. They had some good back and forth in Son of Batman after all.
>> No. 226315
I like this.
I really like this!
>> No. 226318
Batman: R.I.P movie when?

No? Yeah, didn't think so.
>> No. 226321
Dude, the Animated movies are 90% Batman, it's somewhere on the docket.
>> No. 226326
And wow the quality of these movies has been dropping starting with Flashpoint, they are fucking super terrible now.

Also is there a more fucking lame, lazy, overplayed villain than Deathstroke?
>> No. 226335
Doctor Doom?
>> No. 226336
Doctor Doom?
>> No. 226355
>Also is there a more fucking lame, lazy, overplayed villain than Deathstroke?


>But Doctor Doom
Has actually been in less multimedia lately than Deathstroke. I wonder if he'll be in "Gotham".
>> No. 226365
While that is true, trying to incorperate as much of R.I.P into an hour and a half or so film while still making sense might be a challenge.
>> No. 226367
File 139803709950.gif - (246.04KB , 245x138 , deathstroke fail.gif )
Deathstroke's plot armor isn't nearly as thick here as it usually is. He's skilled, but still vulnerable. So maybe that's a step in the right direction.
>> No. 226368
No, using him at all here is fucking terrible, the whole movie was but his role in it especially.
>> No. 226425
I watched Bats & son today, and I have to say I enjoyed it, even it took the main premise of the comics and run it into the ground. Stupid, but fun and harmless.
Ninjas vs guns, Ra's al Ghul going full Yoda, Gatling gun that shoots arrows, Deathstrokevania, Dr. Langstrom going berserk on a antidote-shooting turret, and plenty of silly nonsense.

Yeah, Deathstroke is terribly overused on the wrong scenarios, and it was ridiculous to see him as a ninja wannabee. But >>226367 has a point. Maybe, they'll stop using it as a generic batvillain and more as DC's Tasky...

Also, I found terribly disappointing that Talia was mostly a punching bag/damsel in distress for 2/3 part of the movie.
>> No. 226426
File 13981581106.jpg - (33.79KB , 1280x702 , no shake.jpg )
I don't get that complaint about Talia. She kicked ass for about 50% of the movie, killing dozens of Deathstroke's goons and quite a few helicopters. Even when she was caught and tortured, she refused to give any information away, including Batman's true identity. Not to mention the climax where she took a bullet for Damian so Slade couldn't coerce him into letting himself get killed. She even took her Lazarus Pit bath in stride whereas Ra's usually comes out of it screaming in insane agony.

Then there's this moment. Holy shit. Keep in mind, neither Talia nor Bruce is exactly shy about physical contact with the other (the yacht and sea base scenes), but during this really awkward, impromptu, and sincere custody battle, neither can really manage so much as a simple handshake. It says a lot about their respective shortcomings when put out of their superhero/villain comfort zones. Plus, it happens during the daytime, during which Batman's formidable costume and Talia's alluring catsuit look rather ridiculous.

Something to note is that both her and R'as stumble into Slade's deceptions because they're unused to not being the apex predator human; a mistake that Damian nearly replicates a few times if not for Batman holding him back and advising him to take note of his surroundings before running in guns blazing. In a way, that kind of shows why the League and the al Ghuls are so fixated on Bruce. Granted, the contrast could've been done in a manner more well-thought out than Talia raiding the castle through the front door (preempted by an explosion no less), but the writers were clearly fixated on getting to the scenes where Damian fights or quips at people as quickly as possible. Again, not an excuse, but you can see what they were going for and why they fumbled.

To the film's credit, it is trying to adopt the shakiest part of Grant Morrison's Batman run. It gives Damian a reason to be in Gotham in lieu of Talia sending him there to simply rattle Bruce and try to bring him to her side. R'as's death also creates a parallel between Damian and his father, building upon the unspoken implication that he isn't all too different from the furious, antisocial, and confused young Bruce Wayne who had just lost his parents; If that wasn't enough Talia is even gunned down in front of Damian. A premise that is arguably flubbed when Damian "spares" Deathstroke as there wasn't enough onscreen character development to make it organic.

The Langstroms served as an interesting parallel to the Wayne/al Ghul situation (note that Langstrom's wife and daughter have similar facial features to Talia and Damian's) as they are a family imperiled by the dealings between the League of Assassins and a "Bat Man" patriarch.

However, while I liked the movie, there are some things that I took heavy issue with:
>Damian's "and history repeats itself" line at the fairgrounds. Removing it would've made the scene more poignant with just the implication
>the Man-Bat plan being called "Operation Airstrike"
>Langstrom manning the antidote Gatling cannon
>the CGI vehicles
>the way R'as deflected bullets at the start of the film and his really dumb clip slow motion backflip

Other than that, I had a pretty good time. I hope they learn from this rough start and make some sequels; mostly because Damian's conversation with everyone (even Gordon, who doesn't directly speak to him) except Deathstroke were thoroughly entertaining.
>> No. 226433
While you point out interesting things, like how shy both Talia and Bruce are, I have to disagree with something:

>She kicked ass for about 50% of the movie

She only was active on that part (which is less than 1/3 of the movie) and after that, shes easily taken out in Deathstrokevania.

Also, her design suspiciously looked pretty much like Asami Sato from Legend of Korra.
>> No. 226448
File 139820047549.jpg - (101.13KB , 795x1200 , GRSON_Cv1.jpg )
>A thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins in this new, ongoing series. It’s a super-spy thriller that will shock you and prove one thing: You might think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick.

DC went there
>> No. 226452
Man why wasn't that the cover image they lead with? Even Janin's best work has a weird plasticy quality to it.

A surprising number of those solicits seem heavily dependent on Morrison's work:
>Bruce continues to feel the fallout from his extreme new crime fighting methods — is he ready to face the might of Heretic?
>Luke Fox has rejected his father, which leads him to rebuilding a more deadly and dangerous Leviathan!
>Superman finally succumbs to the Doomsday virus and transforms into SUPERDOOM!
And the Futures End ones seem especially confusing. Then again those are slated for September, quite a few months of stories away, in the midst of a time travel event. I wonder if the Earth 2 team will finally be off Namek by then.
>> No. 226454
File 139822042943.jpg - (123.67KB , 783x600 , batman vs_ Darkseid.jpg )
Don't forget, Bruce going up against the forces of Apokolips to cheat death (not his this time) once more.

>Superdoom isn't wearing his badass corporate Power Armor

Missed Opportunity right there.

But hey, look at it this way. Morrison referenced past stories all the time to add flavor to his stories. So it's come full circle, though it being less than a year since some of those ideas were showcased makes it look more like a blatant rip-off than a respectable artistic choice.

Plus, people reusing Morrison villains, that almost never, ever happens.
>> No. 226584
>DC Solicits September's "Future End" Comics, Doesn't Name a Single Creative Team

Although to be fair, I can't think of anyone who'd WANT their name on it.
>> No. 226586
File 139834637660.png - (541.05KB , 800x449 , robinfire.png )
Put on your Chastity Mind Helmets because Gothtopia's got nothing on this:

Teen Titans Go! - Dreams - Robin's Dreamyoutube thumb
>> No. 226593
That was the worst episode.
>> No. 226596
Every TTG episode is the worst episode.
>> No. 226598
As someone who really liked [i]Teen Titans[/c], I have a good time watching them with my 13-year-old brother. I'd say they're enjoyably stupid, and they throw in a lot of DCU references that I like.
>> No. 226599
I think I would like it more if the Titans actually acted like themselves instead of being onedimensional parodies for the sake of humor.
>> No. 226602
>Every TTG episode is the worst episode.

I find most episodes average to decent.

Personally, I thought "Legs" "Be Mine", "Opposites" and "In and Out" were hilarious, but that's me.

Show has solid ratings, so kids some to like it at the very least.
>> No. 226603

>> No. 226610
File 139838566970.png - (286.52KB , 1190x736 , teen titans go all new 52.png )
The comic is also pretty funny and possibly the best Teen Titans book in years.
>> No. 226611
I'm gonna bet they didn't even MENTION Starfire because of what a goddamn shame what was done to her is.
>> No. 226624
Guess I'm one of the few whole likes this show. It's fine, not great, but just fine.
Love all those DCU callbacks, and it's a show I can't take seriously. Silly and fun. Something thatDC hasn't been in a long time.
>> No. 226628
Yeah I agree. As I said, I find most episodes at least decent, with 4 or 5 being actually very amusing and quite fun. It's not like the show is designed as anything other than comedy, and in that aspect it had at least a few home runs, going by my personal taste of course.
>> No. 226629
From which issue number is that panel btw.?
>> No. 226630
Nevermind found it and downloaded it, it's issue #4.
>> No. 226631
My beef with the show is not the quality of what it is by itself, but what it represents. After years of Teen Titans, a still very popular series by the time it was cancelled, being off the air...all this hype about a new series, with the original character designs and voice actors made everyone shit their pants with excitement. And instead of a new season of the brilliantly actionpacked, dark yet fun smoothly animated series we had before...it's now cheaply animated in flash and a sitcom. All because Stuart Snyder has this idea that comedies are inherently more profitable than action shows.
>> No. 226634
Yup, my beefs the same.
>> No. 226637
I think it was rather unrealistic to expect them to do a direct continuation. I know that such revivals happened for Futurama and Kim Possible, but those shows were without new content for a shorter period of time and had a larger adult audience. Doing a few one-minute shorts is different to doing a 26 episode long season.

Besides, the series had 5 seasons, that's a good and long run, and it ended on a pretty high note (quality wise). A direct continuation with a mostly different writing team (many of the writers of the 2003 series are tied down to different projects), is just asking for an underwhelming continuation.

Take a look at Xiaolin Chronicles as a sequel revival of Xiaolin Showdown, it's of such a poor quality that I would've found it preferable if they just rebooted the damn thing instead of calling it a sequel. There's other examples. take seasons 3 and 4 of Dexter's Lab without Tartakovsky. Or even the above mentioned Futurama Comedy Central seasons (which were very uneven).

The only direct revival of a US Cartoon where a drop of quality didn't occur is Kim Possible, in my view.

Why do so many people demand for good series to continue indefinitely until they become unwatchable?

I prefer some loose ends not getting tied up, than having a zombified show that's jumped the shark. I don't think a full blown comey spin-off was such a bad idea.
>> No. 226644
I'm relatively Ok with the series, but that episode was awful. We were told we were getting uniquely animated vignettes of the dream sequences and all we got was cat heads, live action, and a scathing dub job.
>> No. 226651

I think that they mention how she's dating Roy Harper now, something she seems kind of uncomfortable with though seemed psyched about it.

In other Teen Titans related news, it seems that Cyborg's going to be in Superman vs Batman...
>> No. 226654
You forgot a revival with closer ties to Teen Titans: Batman. I still hope someday that will happen again. They'll bring as much of the old crew back together again and give them 20 more episodes to play with.
>> No. 226662
Kid Bruce Wayne chosen to be Captain Marvel? Cute.
>> No. 226665
File 139851197412.jpg - (834.97KB , 2048x1536 , Teen Titans Go! (2013-) 004-117.jpg )
>I think that they mention how she's dating Roy Harper now
Indeed they do. Though the word "dating" is never used. But anyone who gets the joke knows what is being implied/referenced.

>You forgot a revival with closer ties to Teen Titans: Batman

You mean the 4th season of Batman TAS, "The New Batman Adventures"/ "Gotham Knights" on Kids WB?

I'm not so much forgetting it, I just don't know if one can really count it as revival. Yeah there was almost 3 years between the broadcasts, but almost entirely that same team worked on the first two seasons of Superman TAS in the meantime, so it never really split up. The (2003) Teen Titans writing team has now been split up for 8 years, so it's not really comparable.

Besides, even if you count it as revival it doesnt really undermine what I said, the Kids WB Batman TAS season was by far the most uneven of the 4 seasons. It had some real clunkers like "Critters", "Cult of the Cat" and "Animal Act". And they also lost Eric Radomski with his dark sense of humour and his fantastic and incredibly well drawn title cards for each episode.

Of course I'm still grateful that it exists, since without it we wouldn't have such gems like "Growing Pains" or "Beware the Creeper" ("Mad Love" would've still existed in its comic form). But it's hard to deny the season was more uneven, than any of the previous 3.
>> No. 226666
Thread is auto-saging I believe.
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