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File 13985403828.jpg - (38.45KB , 600x280 , batusi.jpg )
226680 No. 226680
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>> No. 226685
File 13985487318.jpg - (33.31KB , 640x480 , 456.jpg )
Batman was cancelled. It was uncancelled years later. That's the definition of a revival. That Bruce, Alan and Paul were still producers at WBA during those years seems irrelevant. Those three were also the only ones involved with both the Fox and WB seasons of Batman. In addition to Eric, all the other major writers and directors from the Fox years (Kevin Altieri, Boyd Kirkland, Michael Reeves, Randy Rogel) had moved on - except Dan Riba.

Batman had 3 seasons. A 65 episode 1st season, a 20 episode 2nd season (that largely aired as The Adventures of Batman & Robin), and the 24 episode 3rd season as The New Batman Adventures. And the 1st is easily the most uneven. Kid friendly and moral message scripts like "I've Got Batman In My Basement" and "Cat Scratch Fever" that slipped through before they found the tone, animation that varies from gorgeous to eye-bleedingly awful. New Adventures had "Cult of the Cat"--the 1st season had the just as lousy, TWO PART "The Cat and the Claw." It's just easier for the 1st season to hide the crap because it has 3x as many episodes.

And I won't have anyone besmirching the greatness that is "Critters."
>> No. 226689
I stand corrected about the number of seasons. I was going by a listing I saw on a streaming site, that was dumb of me. Both Wikipedia and avclub prove you correct.

For what it's worth I didn't think "Cat Scratch Fever" was bad. "I've Got Batman In My Basement" and "The Cat and the Claw" were awful though, agreed. I do think if I would list episodes I consider top-notch, the % amount would be higher in seasons 1 and 2 than 3 though. But that's a taste thing obviousy.

Enjoy your talking goats.

Sorry for the short reply, I'm super sleepy, it's 01:00 over here and I woke up at like 06:00 in the morning.
>> No. 226719
File 139861938616.jpg - (1.11MB , 1920x1476 , justicelordsbeyond.jpg )
oh my
>> No. 226722
I am not entirely sure how to feel about this...
>> No. 226746
File 139867032215.gif - (1.64MB , 360x202 , damian vs_ deathstroke.gif )
I know Son of Batman gets a lot of guff, but man, this scene was pretty metal.
>> No. 226747
Soooo, Zack Snyder's been confirmed as the director of the Justice League movie (with no Wonder Woman film, though apparently they're "warm" to the idea).

Thoughts? I'm probably in the minority when it comes to Man of Steel, which I thought was enjoyable but flawed. If he leads more towards what he did in Watchmen (again, enjoyable but flawed) than the faux Nolan stuff he had in MoS it might be good.
>> No. 226748
laughably awful.
>> No. 226751
File 139869597927.jpg - (41.46KB , 450x490 , batman-75-anniversary-darwyn-cooke-kevin-conroy-dc.jpg )
Someone didn't liked the Nolan trilogy of films.
>> No. 226752
Man, that Adam West one is somehow the most menacing.
>> No. 226763
His fingers are primed to start the Batusi, equal parts dangerous and hypnotic.
>> No. 226775
File 139872945678.jpg - (1.70MB , 1988x3056 , Superman (2011-) 030-013.jpg )
So Spider-Man and Super-man are my favorite heroes, or they used to be.

The bizarre level of hate these books are throwing on former wives is REALLY REALLY gross.
>> No. 226776
File 139873003877.jpg - (1.96MB , 1920x2951 , Larfleeze-010-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-017.jpg )
Have some satire to soften the blow.
>> No. 226778
For Both I always found their love admirable a testament to their bond being much deeper than physical attraction and romantic love though those were part of it. I just I can't bring myself down to the level of a bitter man-child who wants the world to reflect their loveless lives.
>> No. 226779
Ditto, it's just so pathetic.
>> No. 226784
Well, you're still a terrible editor, Quesada.
>> No. 226800
You post that page like it's something that couldn't happen to Lois if she were still wearing a ring.
>> No. 226804
Should I have posted the one where she's being extremely out of character and bitchy? Or the one where she's fucking some guy while Clark can hear and knows it.

There is a lot of hate for Lois now and it's apparent.
>> No. 226873
>> No. 226874
>Or the one where she's fucking some guy while Clark can hear and knows it
Out of all the shitty things the new52's done, that one keeps sticking out to me as the most nonsensical to me. Why the fuck would you want Superman to be introduced as a cuckold? Seriously, who went onto the first issue of a brand new Superman and thought "screw spectacle and adventure, what this brand needs is Superman listening in on Lois Lane having sex with another man"?
>> No. 226894
Nah, you're not alone.

Man of Steel was decent enough, I guess. It's just somehow impossible to do a Superman movie that's actually considered good. There's plenty that can be done with the character, it's just no one wants to.
>> No. 226895
I say scrap retelling the origin every time and don't make it some kinda shitty tie in overdue sequel (looking at you Returns). Just start it with Clark clicking away on typewriter tossing friendly barbs with Lois over stories in the office.
>> No. 226898
>I guess. It's just somehow impossible to do a Superman movie that's actually considered good.

>> No. 226900
File 139894346337.png - (75.26KB , 577x435 , jkwdscreencap1.png )
So this being like, the 4th Fucking time this has happened we can safely assume Will Dennis is one of DC's most toxic editors.
>> No. 226938
They want so badly to be “hard” and “edgy” but most often the results are sour, false and cheap. DC Comics is in danger of becoming the literary equivalent of Axe Body Spray.
-Steve Bennett

Nailed it.
>> No. 226939
Oh to hear that spoken in public, would be worth a standing ovation.
>> No. 226941
I miss when dc was fun, or at least when more of its books weren't grimderp.
>> No. 226942
As far as I recall, for all Nu52 has been a mess the books seem to have a bit more fun and creativity than before it. We were actually on a slight upturn before that Future's End shit.
>> No. 226944
Yeah there was a few but the quality has TANKED.

I think the Flash being the best example, holy shit is it terrible now.

All-Star Western hasn't been good in a long time and is still nailed to Gotham.

The Princess of Peace is the God of War not to mention New 52 Wonder Women was never that solid to begin with.

I dunno about anything else, those were the only ones I cared about and BOY ARE THEY SHIT GARBAGE NOW!
>> No. 226945

I could night find a single book that didn't dip into the grimderp. Even Demon Knights involved sacrificing babies and putting kids on pikes next to vandal savage fighting dinosaurs.
>> No. 226946
Still better than most of the post-Final Crisis books. Hell, even the post-Infinite Crisis period wasn't always good.

I think Wonder Woman suffers the most from glacial pacing and from adapting the gods in ways that stay true to their mythical roots. Building a character's supporting cast almost entirely out of backstabbing assholes works in the sort of neo-noir stories Azzarello normally writes because that murky morality is to be expected. But in Wonder Woman it only serves to undermine her, by making her seem too quick to trust those same backstabbing assholes and unable to control the situation since everyone has their own agenda she doesn't even guess at. It's like the book has got too wrapped up in it's own attempts at political intrigue.

Also they kinda gloss over the whole Amazons are baby killers thing since introducing it and that pisses me off.
>> No. 226948
File 139908609074.jpg - (22.46KB , 630x365 , 00000nun-more-bold-630-75.jpg )
>Still better than most of the post-Final Crisis books.


Difference of an opinion on that on buddy.
>> No. 226949
>All-Star Western
>still nailed to Gotham.

Really? At the most lenient, Gotham is at least a midwestern Detroit/Chicago type of city. It's not "The West". Why is the one Western book... not in the west?

At least Vigilante had the excuse of being a country singer in an Eastern city to fall back on, to justify his cowboy theme.
>> No. 226950
Read Batman '66 and the new Teen Titans GO then.
>> No. 226952
File 139910896090.png - (181.03KB , 511x480 , 1399090531789.png )

Fuck dude. Just fuck. I need to go lie down...
>> No. 226954
He went to the future for a while and they fized his face with modern surgery, but not now he's back and his path is taking him back to Gotham.
>> No. 226955
File 139911513478.jpg - (84.68KB , 500x714 , tumblr_n4zim7efI11qc724ro2_500.jpg )
Le sigh
>> No. 226957
File 139912470948.jpg - (80.51KB , 600x700 , starfire_by_halloweenholidaydoor-d6kd8ay.jpg )
>> No. 227027
File 139923052162.jpg - (457.81KB , 900x1366 , AC-Cv33-0abca.jpg )
So, couple things.

Any buddy wanna trying stepping up to defend Greg Pak now that it's clear he just wanted to write more Hulk?

Wally is back and bi-racial which is a good thing, except for the fact they've been making black characters white left and right and they are only doing this because they have the nice white face of Barry Allen to shove on covers, hence making Wally John Stewart 2.0, I hope I'm wrong of course but the series has not inspired my hope.

Also they've introduced him as being dead in a convoluted time travel story. So yeah, super.
>> No. 227029
They made Wally black because he's gonna be black in the show. It's a TV-synergy thing, and it's too bad it couldn't happen when Manapul and Booch were still on the book. With Venditti and Booth, it's guaranteed to be awful.
>> No. 227041
Man, it's Flash. Weird time bullshittery became an expected cliche for the character years ago. That it's only as simple as Future Blue Barry murdering back through time to kill his Present self is a blessing. What irritates me is that Wally comes from a broken home and idolizes Danny West. I don't know enough about Vendetti to speculate whether that's just fodder to support his hackneyed "misunderstood urban youth" image or possibly a set-up for Kid Zoom adventures somewhere down the line, but it's foreboding anyway. Bart is already an asshole. We don't need another one. And due to how decompressed comics are, and that this storyline seems more about Flash fighting himself than properly using Wally, it could be a while until they're on good terms.

I'm not going to touch the Pak comment because the Doomsday thing isn't his idea and Doomsday is pretty much always shit, so I don't expect a great story regardless of Pak's handle on Superman.
>> No. 227137
>Bart is already an asshole

A mass-murdering asshole. EDGY
>> No. 227139
File 139941774894.jpg - (638.76KB , 1988x1528 , smallvilleaya.jpg )
You keep being cool, Smallville comic.
>> No. 227150
Thank you Mark Waid.
>> No. 227166
Oh yeah, forgot about that. Reading TT is harder than wading through waist-high mud. He was some kind of double agent child soldier and the time travel is part of witness protection, right? Whatever. It'll all be steamrolled in a few years anyway.
>> No. 227168
File 139946011664.jpg - (195.57KB , 600x923 , the-goon-39-death-of-the-goon.jpg )
The thing about the New52 is that it's been new coke, to make people clamor for new costumes, revamps, reboots and the like until it becomes completely unsustainable and then a "NEW EARTHSHATTERING EVENT" happens and puts the whole thing back the way it was and CLIMB OVER EACH OTHER TO GET IT BECAUSE FUCK THAT AWFUL, AWFUL NEW THING

But it's a bad plan, because it's killing all the actually good creators and without them no one gave a fuck about any of it, so I figure when all this is said and done a lot of these garbage editors that popped up over night Will Dennis who are fucking garbage will get the broom but DC will be pretty damn barren after that.

Hell it feels barren now, it hasn't done a single thing worthy of interest.
>> No. 227169
I miss what Bart and his friends used to be.
>> No. 227171
File 13994662409.jpg - (1.21MB , 1763x824 , 2945339-superdoom.jpg )
I just realized, in Grant Morrison's Action Comics he predicted EXACTLY what they'd turn Superman into, I know he's prophetic sometimes but holy shit he was knocking out of the park on Action Comics.
>> No. 227172
File 139946643581.jpg - (2.35MB , 1988x3056 , 2013-03-20 07-29-35 - Action Comics 18-006.jpg )
Like look at this.
>> No. 227173
File 139946678558.jpg - (258.38KB , 660x1024 , Superdoom-sigil-660x1024.jpg )
He literally turned the entire intro of Superman in the new52 into a searing critique of the new52 and how it literally represents the death of fun, it's all come true even Superman murdering people.
>> No. 227177
Predicted or foreshadowed?!
>> No. 227178
More commenting on an inevitable cycle repeating itself, as it already has over and over.
>> No. 227179
Maybe inspiration they took from.
>> No. 227186
File 139949495015.jpg - (305.60KB , 1440x900 , 1440x900.jpg )
>mfw people are actually excited and expecting Future's End
I know I should let them be... But Christ, I'm not sure if they don't know better.
>> No. 227187

>> No. 227191
>>Superman helps them forget the reality of their drab, obedient, lonely lives
If Grant didn't spend so much time espousing the good of superheroes like they're gospel I'd assume he was being satiric here. But that could still be the world that's coming.

It could be good! Maybe! There's 51 more issues for them to do something great!
>> No. 227193
File 13994961474.jpg - (13.87KB , 415x276 , kronklol.jpg )
>> No. 227199
File 139951215620.png - (35.09KB , 2332x400 , 52 omega lantern.png )
Beware the Super Sigil. Majesty or Madness may lie ahead.
>> No. 227200
File 139951551877.jpg - (728.52KB , 959x1471 , 1399504649198.jpg )
If Earth 2 weren't so serious I would actually really enjoy this.
>> No. 227204
>DC’s ‘Future’s End’ #0 Is A Depressing Smorgasboard Of Death And Mutilation

p much
>> No. 227205
Honestly, hasn't "DC Is A Depressing Smorgasboard Of Death And Mutilation" been true for like, a decade now?
>> No. 227206
Honestly, hasn't "DC Is A Depressing Smorgasboard Of Death And Mutilation" been true for like, a decade now?
>> No. 227223
File 139957801573.jpg - (683.73KB , 1280x847 , tumblr_n59kia1H6s1r7ni1io1_1280.jpg )
Meanwhile, in JL8 land, Yale Stewart manages to make the idea of J'onn becoming a black lantern kind of cute.
>> No. 227290
Yeah, I'm certain everyone ever now knows at least three plus versions of his origin.

I dig the realism they've been doing recently with the movies as it is a nice change of pace from the older movies which were pretty out there (flying counter clockwise arou d the world to reverse the flow of time, what the fuck?), but there are still so many directions one can go with the character.

Like Superman essentially becoming God at the end of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," (I liked it) is something I'd like to see expanded on somewhere as I found it to be an interesting enough concept. But nope, gotta do that origin story.

>> No. 227424
Watching "Son of Batman" and I can't help but think the League of Assassins outside of Damian and Talia would know something about firearms.

The trailer for "Assault on Arkham" looks dope. Fuckin' Suicide Squad!
>> No. 227535
File 140478683982.jpg?spoiler - (411.18KB , 1280x1967 , 2014-02-05 07-33-02 - Action Comics (2011-) 028-02.jpg?spoiler )
>Any buddy wanna trying stepping up to defend Greg Pak now that it's clear he just wanted to write more Hulk?
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