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File 138904518554.jpg - (139.03KB , 565x802 , I made some adamantium mitts for Wolverine.jpg )
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I made some admantium mittens for Wolverine, cos he might get frost bite
>> No. 221641
File 138905072490.jpg - (17.20KB , 322x344 , wolverine-happy.jpg )
>> No. 221643
only if he plays with frost

File 135389579523.png - (422.13KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-2012-11-25-03h04m59s88.png )
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What does everyone think of this show?
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>> No. 221231
Noh but apparently an adolescent gator is being added to the mix.
>> No. 221519
Blythe's dad, how are you so based.
>> No. 221550
Nothing can beat a really awesome dad.

File 138713760399.jpg - (125.51KB , 610x938 , sonic259.jpg )
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Previous thread >>219734

Solicits never got posted here for some reason so might as well do them now.

Sonic 259

The brand new world of Sonic the Hedgehog barrels ahead at breakneck speed with "The Chase" Part Two: Sonic fights for his life against a NEW terrifying super-badnik! Just to make matters worse, they’re battling on an out-of-control train! With Dr. Eggman waiting at the depot, Sonic’s in a fight against time – and killer robots! Featuring high-speed cover art from Sonic artist supreme TRACY YARDLEY! plus an exclusive SEGA game art variant!
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>> No. 221523
Im confused. Ian's posted a few things on Bumbleking today, one of them confirming that the cut content isn't coming back.


At first I thought he mean't just Penders' work, but not just his stuff has been cut.

So is that confirmation that Mina, Monkey Khan etc are gone for good too? :/
>> No. 221528
People keep trying to find meaning in every single thing Ian says despite Ian saying he's not trying to sneak hidden answers in his posts.

Ian said the cut content isn't coming back unless something crazy happened. We knew this already. Finding any deeper meaning in that is pointless. We don't know if "cut content" refers to anyone non-Penders, or if it just means the stuff Penders ran off with.

If we're going to assume everything that hasn't shown up yet is 100% gone forever, we'd be including people like Munch the Rat or Alan Quail too, since they haven't been mentioned yet. Who's to say they exist?
>> No. 221529
New thread: >>221521

File 138842322936.jpg - (153.30KB , 565x556 , Anyone out there.jpg )
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http://www.myphilwong.com/blog <-----here it is, don't usually post on boards. what do you think?

File 138306419455.png - (148.56KB , 770x1090 , 20131029.png )
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>> No. 221260
Is it wrong to be overwhelmingly attracted to him?
>> No. 221261
course not everyone has a thing for Boris.
>> No. 221262
File 138822155539.jpg - (240.62KB , 650x1011 , 444.jpg )
This is the most important lesson.

File 138413661367.png - (185.72KB , 405x259 , tree-of-harmony-Capture.png )
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The staff is hyping the heck out of it, looks like we'll see what it's all about in November 23rd.
Season 4 My Little Pony:FiMyoutube thumb
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>> No. 221224
>implying that we dont watch it online
>> No. 221252
So this thread is a goner then?
>> No. 221267
Really liked today's episode.

File 138742450214.jpg - (272.75KB , 1280x1024 , discover_empower_lg.jpg )
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Brought up in /co/ general.

Heyzues Christy I've been meaning to get into the series forever but never seem to get around to it.
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>> No. 220936
Kinda feel like I shouldn't go into details since it's spoilers as fuck. If you haven't read any of the series I don't want to blow things.
>> No. 220941
With out getting into spoilers(hopefully) we get some form of resolution to the Sistah Spooky/Mindf**k storyline and more info on why some stuff happens to Emp.
>> No. 221085
You can dl the first few volumes fairly cheap as a package deal from the dark horse online store, elsewise there's scans floating around, it's not rocket science.

Warren loves the taste of your tears, just keep that in mind.

File 138757781282.jpg - (36.75KB , 640x360 , eubie-the-happy-elf.jpg )
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>> No. 221009
so what is Cartoon Networks annual running of grandma up to and how many times have you seen Elf?
>> No. 221010
I've seen Elf once.
That's as much as I needed to.
>> No. 221042
Cox n' Crendor - The Yule Lads (The Intro)youtube thumb
Cox n' Crendor - The Yule Lads Continues!youtube thumb
Cox n' Crendor - The Yule Lads Strike Back!youtube thumb
Cox n' Crendor - Return of the Yule Ladsyoutube thumb

How much more awesome if Christmas movies had these Elves/Gnomes

File 138721977090.jpg - (17.58KB , 512x384 , clarissa.jpg )
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stuffed friend finally got released.

(the date on the vimeo is correct, but it was password protected for a long time for festival screenings)
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>> No. 220824
that wet sloppy 'kiss' is so gross.
>> No. 220846
The credits music sounds like something from Coraline
>> No. 220848
crap now I'm thinking of that pic of Coraline being goosed by her dad because he thinks its her mothers bottom.

File 135600404834.jpg - (44.62KB , 419x300 , 4085500156_7c17869c44.jpg )
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What is your faviorite TV episode ever.

Soccer Anyoneyoutube thumb
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>> No. 219184
Istanbul - Tiny Toonsyoutube thumb
Tiny Toon Music TV - Julie Bruinyoutube thumb
They Might Be Giants - Particl…youtube thumb
>> No. 219407
The untouchables of Elliot Mou…youtube thumb
Titeuf S1 - 32 - Pidocchi All'Attaccoyoutube thumb
>> No. 220732
Lloyd in Space Season 3 Episod…youtube thumb

that is a very high concept that I didn't expect to find the old Disney Saturday Block.

File 138662027275.jpg - (890.23KB , 721x1024 , 5356543709_2d3c748c22_b.jpg )
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It occurs to me G has an upcoming movie and a full comics slate yet no thread so lets do it! starting off with some G music and the recommendation of HOLY FUCK READ HALF-CENTURY WAR!

Goodbye Godzilla/Love Theme fr…youtube thumb

Save the Earthyoutube thumb

Blue Oyster Cult - Godzillayoutube thumb

Gojira's (Godzilla) Theme Songyoutube thumb
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>> No. 220621
>all those links

You missed one.

>> No. 220642
File 138695939131.jpg - (627.47KB , 1256x931 , 2425802-ang9__2_.jpg )
And another.

The Anguirus Songyoutube thumb
>> No. 220712
Anguirus is like the Krillin of Godzilla.

File 13855508914.jpg - (46.78KB , 300x300 , ArchieComicsLogo_sm[1].jpg )
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Previously, on Archie General: >>218759
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File 136955418867.png - (836.12KB , 853x480 , everybody act natural.png )
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So, there is this show... about a mouse reporter named Geronimo. Together with his sister, cousin, and nephew, they travel around the world (and their hometown) in search of scoops and adventure. The show currently airs in most of Europe, but not in America.

Based on a more popular and well-known children's book series of the same name.
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>> No. 220451
Could you try to rip them?
>> No. 220544
Are DL links allowed here? Deletion of this post would indicate 'no'.

An episode from season 2:
>> No. 220545
File 138683173542.png - (197.98KB , 720x404 , vlcsnap-2013-12-08-13h54m50s159.png )
And another one:

File 13544807477.png - (661.12KB , 900x576 , 1270441640_omegaro_cartooncartoonwhole2sm.png )
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A tribute to all show that are awesome.
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>> No. 220456
File 138668609522.png - (474.73KB , 1000x1129 , 2013-12-09-mikerguest.png )
>> No. 220674
File 138699191294.jpg - (1.14MB , 969x1006 , 1386991423844.jpg )
Harry Enfield: loadsamoneyyoutube thumb
>> No. 222094
File 138988161228.jpg - (343.68KB , 1100x684 , sunset_helper__4_by_uotapo-d72dgi4.jpg )

File 138390133718.jpg - (173.01KB , 600x849 , 00001273.jpg )
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>Results guaranteed.
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>> No. 220319
File 138643890136.jpg - (304.41KB , 900x899 , Anniebooze.jpg )
A request fulfilled.
>> No. 220416
File 138659351399.jpg - (130.79KB , 800x1158 , berserk-29997.jpg )
This is kinda reminding me of Farnesse's mother describing her and Serpico's relationship in Berserk.
>> No. 220420
Wasn't expecting THAT.


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