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File 134747411816.png - (226.64KB , 329x518 , preorders.png )
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I guess the old thread stopped bumping.

Just preordered my first 3A figure along with some other things. Might add Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku because of the cool car.

Do you have anything preordered, toy general? Anything coming up that interests you?
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>> No. 223328
as a Display piece they are great, just don't expect to be making action scenes with them.
>> No. 223370
Thanks Bunker. Probably won't pick it up then, especially at $60 which is the cheapest I've found it.

Right? Goddamn sexy Russian Batman.
>> No. 224445

File 138830076915.jpg - (493.77KB , 1100x2281 , pony_mash_11___physics_lesson_by_gsphere-d4dyim3.jpg )
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A.k.a. MLP:FiM
Haven't seen the last episode yet.
Also, thanks a lot dA.
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>> No. 223289
Rarity going country-crazy made me laugh
>> No. 223340
>"shipping episode"
I hope you're being sarcastic there.

Damn it.

Gotta admit that was funny.
>> No. 223364
Gift under the mistletoe.youtube thumb

Odd pairing that was oddly well animated.

File 137826516852.jpg - (65.73KB , 618x950 , 136433409535.jpg )
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Old one was autosaging.

Anyone into the new Valiant comics? XO and Bloodshot are pretty great action books, if not two of the better titles out there. Quantum and Woody is hilarious as always. Archer and Armstrong is the writer of Incredible Herc doing another Incredible Herc (if you've read the Herc run you'll love this). Shadowman is good too (not the best but I'm going to give it a chance). Haven't read Harbinger yet. Overall they're putting out stuff better than some of the shit the big two puts out.

Also Furturama is cancelled but Brickleberry is still going. The fuck?
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File 138601842030.jpg - (150.31KB , 578x889 , BatmanBane.jpg )
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Old thread: >>217079

Forever Evil is still happening.

Bane: We Bats now.

Bob Harras: Still ruining DC.

TV Shows: Plenty of rumors for new series, including Young Justice.

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>> No. 222963
Can't say I'm too excited about Johns writing Superman. Morrison's run on Action already drew on the concept of revisiting just what it is which defines Superman. Lobdell has been all about moving from one stupid fight sequence to the next with little interesting or well-scripted plot inbetween. Doesn't matter much if he outright ignores important continuity notes from the past 3 years because the books aren't very well synched. Plus the guy just seems to be spread a little thin.

JRjr, well, I'll wait until I see some more Superman sketches. That Superman isn't great, and man were there some low points in Captain America. But he still has a really distinctive look that I'd like to see applied to Superman's world.
>> No. 223005
File 13917035743.jpg - (53.94KB , 400x400 , tumblr_inline_n0jwg0ys1P1qbujox.jpg )
How is that Connor?
>> No. 223314
It's not, It's an alt Roy Harper.

File 13915026882.jpg - (8.80KB , 300x241 , image.jpg )
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If there's a Caturday,Muttday,and Bunday

Why not a mouse day
>> No. 222924
Because this board moves slowly. And I'm sorry if this sounds mean but 3 threads about essentially the same thing with a new set of ears is already too much.

File 139073880491.jpg - (290.60KB , 1024x805 , greatest_cartoon_characters_by_dunlavey-dcny49.jpg )
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A new thread to tribute all show that are awesome.
>> No. 222789
File 139118447538.jpg - (591.28KB , 1100x2685 , sick_lick_by_mysticalpha-d73mmpn.jpg )
>> No. 222849
File 139127851243.png - (0.98MB , 900x900 , rat_rage_rescue_rangers_by_robaato-d71bkt9.png )
>> No. 222858
Goddammit, OP...

File 138886469121.jpg - (102.01KB , 599x536 , TAILS IS SWAG.jpg )
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Previous thread: >>220754

So apparently SSS is going to have a short mini-comic (Sonic Origins) about the founding of the Freedom Fighters? Or something? What's up with that?
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>> No. 222811
New thread:

File 139014932081.jpg - (99.94KB , 352x500 , image.jpg )
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Never Say Never AGAIN!!!
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>> No. 222245
Surprisingly good growth for a movie of that type.
>> No. 222250
>> No. 222416

File 137151715543.jpg - (1.41MB , 1034x1519 , wakfu_by_kiwano07-d698auk.jpg )
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Time for a new thread.

Top stories:
>Tome 2 of the Franga is coming out July 4th (I think. Well, it's definitely in July).
>A new animated project dealing with the BoT is in the works. More info will be revealed a little after Tome 2's release. What we do know is that it takes place after the franga and it's something closer to what the full lenth film will be like.

Besides that, the thread is open to discussion.

Old Thread: >>192074
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>> No. 222626

Biiiiig update from Tot himself here. Some particularly interesting points:
* The intent for the rest of Wakfu is to have a "Harry Potter" style arc of the protagonist growing up (so if Yugo's a teenager in the OVAs, he'll be an adult in season 3).
* Season 3 has not and will not start production until Ankama lands a business deal for it.
>> No. 222628
Aw, just the time to autosage.

New Thread >>222627
>> No. 222654
>teen in OVAs
>adult in season 3

Hope he's still cute. nohomo.

File 13645272453.png - (571.87KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-2012-01-14-03h02m53s167.png )
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Fox,wolf, and other canidae are welcome
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>> No. 222545
File 139076385944.jpg - (223.02KB , 640x851 , MAD Season 1 Episode 08.jpg )
Fantastic Megan Fox
>> No. 222692
Ready for another canine thread?
>> No. 223203
File 139202699458.jpg - (40.93KB , 720x576 , b05.jpg )

File 137358186568.png - (414.38KB , 900x900 , 137013836277.png )
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Last Cat Girl thread has hit the bump limit, lets start another.
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>> No. 222234
File 13901605507.jpg - (1.18MB , 880x2868 , Cat List 45.jpg )
I added Agaza from Roswell Conspiracies and Katty Katswell myself to the cat list to complete a row.
>> No. 222237
Anyone up to make a new cat thread?
>> No. 222540
The artist is 1800. He has an account here: http://rule34.paheal.net/user/1800
His/ her work should be easy to find with some basic searches.

File 137646760195.png - (505.78KB , 520x3391 , fars kärlek tmnt.png )
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So who HYPED!
And I will story time more TMNT movie 3 manga later.
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>> No. 222464

File 138976410946.jpg - (44.79KB , 600x300 , look at those two guys runing and everything.jpg )
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>> No. 222003
Wait, aren't there still unaired episodes? I'm much more interested in watching what's already been made than I am about an ending for something that immediately precedes a 9 year old movie.
>> No. 222008

“I’d like to make clear that this storyline does not represent The Clone Wars series finale,” Filoni wrote. “I’ve seen some confusion about that online and want to set the record straight. There are additional Clone Wars episodes on the way and one arc in particular marks the series finale in my mind. We’ll have fun discussing that in the not too distant future.”
>> No. 222023
I couldn't find a better article at the moment.

File 13871401371.jpg - (379.09KB , 1024x1463 , Frozen-movie-poster.jpg )
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So, what do you guys think?
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>> No. 221737
File 138920158193.jpg - (367.21KB , 1280x1560 , 1389161926634.jpg )
You can call it a girls movie though they are better than that.
>> No. 221741
Hadn't seen this thread in a while and thought you were talking about Elsa.

I don't remember the trolls actually advocating secrecy at all, just noting that previous memories would be lost. They messed up when they heard The King spell out how he misinterpreted that as "Anna shouldn't see ice magic ever again", and the warning against fear as "Elsa should be constantly isolated". With how aware of human nature the trolls are later on, it's pretty obvious that quick scene changes are the real culprit.
>> No. 221749
maybe that should be the villian in the next princess movie. Also if there isn't a Life of Tigger parody pic as soon as we get art of her and the boat, I'll be dissapointed.

File 138919979339.jpg - (62.05KB , 565x404 , What time is it again.jpg )
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Source - http://www.myphilwong.com/time-again/

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