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File 136605585340.jpg - (418.80KB , 1632x1224 , 1365808622962.jpg )
376300 No. 376300
Hey, if any +4 regulars live in Boston or went up there for the Marathon today: hope you’re safe and sound.
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>> No. 376301
File 136605627069.jpg - (21.17KB , 240x243 , 240px-ATHF_LED_in_Cambridge.jpg )
What is it with Boston and bombs?
>> No. 376304
holy shit what

if this is another one of those homegrown white male terrorists i swear to god
>> No. 376305

Does it really matter who he is or where he's from? Outside of finding the perpetrators, that is.
>> No. 376306
Putting my money on a Ted Kazinski.
>> No. 376307
Obviously we need to know his background and motivations to sling blame around, start a furor of public outcry, receive the token political promises, make a memorial or two, and then forget anything happened as things return to the status quo.
>> No. 376308
Well yeah. If it's a foreigner we need to know who to retaliate against.
>> No. 376309
Fuck fuck fuck fuck. My father works near the Marathon path. Just sent him a text message asking if he was okay.
>> No. 376310
If he's anything but white, the media will only focus on his racial background.

If he's white, the media will focus on anything but his racial background.

If he's a she, hahahahaha it's never a she.
>> No. 376311
>If he's anything but white, the media will only focus on his racial background.

Only Fox does that.

The only way that would actually happen is if he's Arab. And in that situation, there is reason to focus on his racial background.
>> No. 376312
My father texted back that he's safe.
Also, a third blast has occurred at the JFK Library. No one was injured.
>> No. 376313

Keep us posted. I heard people there were told to turn their phones off to search for another bomb.


Eh, no. There's a reason to focus on whatever his motives may be, but racial background? Nah.
>> No. 376314
>> No. 376315
>Eh, no. There's a reason to focus on whatever his motives may be, but racial background? Nah.
If he's Arab, we already know his motive.
>> No. 376317

Untrue! Also, I suspect that this post is bait. Not today!
>> No. 376318
File 136606121429.jpg - (15.38KB , 250x250 , holy crackers.jpg )
>> No. 376319
I've heard conflicting stories about the JFK library - apparently it could also be a completely unrelated fire from a technical malfunction.
>> No. 376320
To be blunt, I'm not sure how motives and nationality/background can be separated. But yeah, we should at least wait until they find the guy before getting all political.
>> No. 376321
File 136606233127.jpg - (47.93KB , 448x473 , REDsniper.jpg )
I was at work when I heard about Boston. It's usually a really fun, jokey environment, and to have everyone being so dead serious and afraid was unreal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none of my Boston friends were hurt. :( I hope everyone there gets all the help they need.

And now for something completely different. (because I haven't had a chance to post this yet)

>used to be the costumer of the "eat food in your costume and I'll go Left 4 Dead witch on you" variety for a theater group at my college
>have to leave because of academic obligations
>find what I assume is a competent replacement
>go to see this semester's show
>dress visibly held together with fucking safety pins
>every person in the women's chorus wearing a dress from a different time period for no reason at all
>policemen characters wearing navy blue jackets with black pants
>later find out most costumes weren't put together until OPENING NIGHT

Jesus H. Fucking Christ. I consider it a personal failure if I don't have everything fit and finished at least a week early. Is it just me? Am I too anal about this? It's like I'm taking crazy pills.
>> No. 376322
They can't. Only social justice losers think that.

And keep your political bullshit to the political bullshit thread if we're going to do this.
>> No. 376323

It's not hard. Being Arabic doesn't mean you're Muslim (which is what I know you were thinking).

> Only social justice losers think that.

What a wonderfully stupid thought.
>> No. 376324
Welp, I've never had more near-heart attacks in a single day in my life.

Dad had the day off, went into the city to watch, was close enough that he his ears hurt from the sound.

One of the parents dropped of his kids early, to go vollenterr handing out drink at the finish line.

No one was able to get in touch with him all day after we heard, and he normally picks up his kids before 4pm.

5pm rolls around as we are all getting beyond freak, but he walks in, with a fake, putting on a brave act for the kids, and we just all pretend everything is normal.

Oh, and I wasn't suppose to be in today, got called in last minute, otherwise I would have gone in with my Dad . . .

I need vodka.
>> No. 376325
>(which is what I know you were thinking)
>I'm totally not projecting


I never said anything about Arabs or whatever in this thread at all. I'm just saying nationality/backgrounds can be linked with motives. They do that in investigations for a reason.
>> No. 376326
>>I consider it a personal failure if I don't have everything fit and finished at least a week early. Is it just me?

That's a professional attitude, but just be careful about getting ulcers from stress.
I work at a Haunted House and help with clothes, sets, and props. Making a zombie outfit consists of shredding clothes up, but those are done at least a week before opening day.
>> No. 376327

>I'm totally not projecting

Really? So why did this hypothetical Arab even come up in the first place?
>> No. 376328
Because some random anon brought it up?
>> No. 376330

And why did he bring it up in relation to a bomb? Are all Arabs Mulsim? Are all Muslims terrorists?
>> No. 376331
Don't try to bait me. Like I said before, keep your political bullshit in the political bullshit thread.
>> No. 376332
I'm frustrated over how unorganized my college is. None of the shuttle drivers can figure out who has what route, one teacher still hasn't graded a single paper three weeks after it was turned in (she couldn't even tell us whether she'd received it or not), and at least one other keeps fluctuating on what the requirements for another paper are (and won't specify what he wants changed when he turns stuff back).

I don't have friends or family in Boston, but I hope everyone's alright.
>> No. 376333

I'm not baiting anyone. Answer the question.


You guys got professor evaluations?
>> No. 376334
We do.

And I spoke too soon, someone who lives far enough away from Boston to not be anywhere near the marathon is trying to get me to freak out. The same guy from last thread who was constantly trying to get me to pity him. I can't deal with this.
>> No. 376335
File 13660682072.png - (58.90KB , 1391x548 , DELETEME.png )
Love is over
>> No. 376336
You kinda are, and the answer is no, unless you're this guy >>376315
>> No. 376337
>I'm not baiting anyone.
Except you are.
>Answer the question.
And if I don't?
>> No. 376338
Well that's the thing. I wasn't trying to bait him. I wanted him to realize what he said was silly. If he knew that the (hypothetical) guy being Arabic had nothing to do with the bomb, he should have just said so.
>> No. 376339

Then quit commenting on the situation if you aren't going to join discussion.
>> No. 376340
This guy sounds like a narcissistic/manipulative asshole. Whatever bad things he told you happened to him in the past, he's likely outright lying if not exaggerating. You need to straight-up block this douche.
>> No. 376341

Fill out an evaluation that gets the point across. If they leave a comment space, make it so that it's a finely-tuned response. Try to be tactful while letting them know changes should be made.

I've always assumed they throw out all the "0/10 SHIT TEACHER" evaluations, not that I'm accusing you of doing that.
>> No. 376342
He was 45 minutes away. I don't know if that's actually more close than it seems and I'm being a cold-hearted dick. I have seen people, though, who were not near a disaster, nor were their families or friends, and they wanted to be pitied and cried over as if they were among the dead. And that is the lowest form of scum, at least to me. They should not want this kind of attention.

I will tell him to back off.
>> No. 376343
>I don't know if that's actually more close
It's not. Maybe if he had been within a few blocks he might have something worthwhile to be pitied for, maybe.
>> No. 376347
tl;dr version?
>> No. 376350
>someone bombs a library
>no one gets hurt

haha geddit


no one goes to libraries



too soon?
>> No. 376351
>"well if he's arab we already know his motives"
>"yeah, motives and race are so the same thing"

>"how is that? not all arabs are muslim terrorists."

man this thread went to shit fast
i'm just gonna go back to sleep
>> No. 376352
I'm sorry things escalated, maybe we could've avoided this mess if I worded my post better, though it's not the best opener for a SYM thread regardless.

Whenever I see people claim there's no connection between motives and a person's background it just seems like a knee-jerk reaction to stereotyping, which is fine but cuts out some important, if difficult, discussions. Motives don't appear out of nowhere and I'd wager the circumstances people experience throughout life, including those related to their gender, nationality, and many other things factor into their motivations, from the day to day to the long term.

This leads into finding why people do things like this and trying to minimise them in the future. Whatever the reasons, mental, political, national, no way of addressing them will be quick or easy, just as the issues themselves are rarely simple.

The incident at the library was apparently a fire and unrelated to the bombings.
>> No. 376354
it's true . _.
>> No. 376355
Thank god.

You take over every damn thread.
>> No. 376356
File 13661112186.jpg - (31.34KB , 500x248 , image.jpg )
worst sym prompt ever
thanks, freehaven
>> No. 376357
File 136611121849.jpg - (31.34KB , 500x248 , image.jpg )
worst sym prompt ever
thanks, freehaven
>> No. 376359
The amount of strawmanning in this post is just baffling.
>> No. 376360

Hey, I could’ve posted about my personal problems again. :P
>> No. 376361
File 136611627550.jpg - (65.87KB , 708x533 , moomin3.jpg )
I live south of Boston and it's some scary shit alright. But I guess that's the point. Attention whores with bombs generally want us to feel fear, so I'm just going to go to work and try not to be bothered by the mass panic.

What really concerns me isn't so much the danger of the actual bomber as the people who may try to profit off of this. Redditors are already spinning up fake "motivational stories" and piling extra tragedy on the incident, it's disgusting. Not to mention for a few days the BPD are going to be on a wild goose chase for bombers, so the actual criminal elements of the city can probably do whatever the hell they want for the next few days with no consequence.

My girlfriend was about to go into town for an interview when it happened. . . She hates crowds so she probably wouldn't have been hurt, but I thank the interview gods that she didn't get stuck in the city when the panic hit.

Fucking Boston, man. This city'll kill you.
>> No. 376363
File 136612176963.png - (789.84KB , 817x652 , slowpokeandtopgun.png )
I don't really post nearly enough for that to be the case. I guess when I do, it's usually treating SYM as my personal diary, but that's true for most people here, and is also basically why SYM exists, I'm fairly sure.
Okay then.
>> No. 376364
>Advisor wants me to be her teaching assistant
>Okay sure
>Apply, interview, become TA
>Get mass email from the dean of students who I guess organizes stuff for TAs
>We're having a meeting today
>Okay yeah that's expected
>"You also have to attend a social event for all the leaders on campus tonight!"

I swear if the event is doing those shitty leadership building activities I will be pissed.
>> No. 376368
He's just jealous that you're the Slowking of our hearts.
>> No. 376371
So where do I go if I want to donate some money for the Boston Marathon bombing?

I'm going to do some research myself, but I also wanted to drum up some discussion on good places to donate money
>> No. 376372
I don't know any specific places, but like you said, it's a good idea to do your research before you decide who to give it to. Apparently a bunch of charities supposedly meant to support Haiti Relief and also breast cancer charities have come under fire recently for pocketing a bunch of the money

Government-endorsed charities are probably the best bet, if you can find any.
>> No. 376379

Brand new, and still rough around the edges, but seems to be legit.
>> No. 376402
The debate tonight is not only whether or not getting out of bed is worth it, but whether it's worth it for a walk through a light thunderstorm to get cheap vodka. My life grows more complex by the day.
>> No. 376404
Going back at 9, no one sells booze after midnight.
>> No. 376405
Turns out I am allergic to rapeseed.
>> No. 376406
File 136628339376.png - (96.56KB , 681x586 , this was a bad idea.png )
>take a shit
>out of toilet paper
>check for more
>out of more
>check the other bathrooms
>they're out too
>...use hand to clean
>hand smells like ass all day no matter how much I run it under hot water and soap
On the plus side, it's the cleanest poop I've had in a while.
>> No. 376407
File 136629084681.gif - (93.43KB , 450x370 , 1330806760417.gif )
>...use hand to clean

What the fuck. At least use a towel. Jesus.
>> No. 376411
File 136629872643.jpg - (133.44KB , 960x960 , BETRAYAL.jpg )

might as well put this here
>> No. 376412
Belongs in the politics thread.
>> No. 376413
File 136630399187.jpg - (131.44KB , 500x489 , tumblr_ml41xlVqFv1qc0vl1o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 376415
This also belongs in the politics thread.
>> No. 376416
File 136630742732.gif - (747.51KB , 245x184 , tenacious d - hallelujah.gif )
Got a (paying) summer job at my college's library!
>> No. 376418
What if Kentaro Miura and GRRM died in a plane crash?
>> No. 376419
I already suspect their stories won't be finished within their natural lifespan anyway.
>> No. 376422

Dude wants to do a casual project. Just got "sacked" off my old artjob, and I kinda want to get back on my feet with the aforementioned Dude's project.

>> No. 376423
Well, not "guh" per se.
Just, kinda weighing the pro's and cons. And I'm wondering if I'm good enough to satisfy said Dude's expecations and mental pictures... That stuff.
>> No. 376429
Friend was telling me she was being stalked and changed her name on Facebook to something fake as a result, so she'd been banned from Facebook and was switching to an alt account.

She's a really nice person, and I don't think she actually has it in her to do anything vicious or mean, but I'm still hesitant on believing her.
>> No. 376433
gf visited mit over the weekend last week
and now the shooting
if it had been a week later
>> No. 376451
>not using the cat

Fucking disgusting.
>> No. 376459
File 136640583695.jpg - (202.25KB , 1280x727 , tumblr_mjf07d6M5E1qesgcco1_1280.jpg )
So my sister's cat died suddenly Tuesday, the family dog has Cushing's, and her cat tested positive for FIV today.

If anything happens to this puppy...
>> No. 376464
File 136641230061.png - (12.84KB , 500x500 , WELLEXCUUUUUUUSEME.png )
Today I had to go in for an ultrasound.
The waiting room was full of happy moms-to-be.
A couple of them asked me if I was hoping for a boy or a girl.
I told them I hope it isn't gallstones.

I'm very sick and no one can figure out what's wrong with me.
>> No. 376466
I had to go into the hospital for gall stones a year or so ago. I hope you don't have them, and that you feel better soon, Junk. I wouldn't wish them on anyone, they suck.

I hate the implication that when women go into the hospital, everyone assumes we either have cancer or we're pregnant. Like we have no other reason to possibly go to the hospital.
>> No. 376470
>I'm very sick and no one can figure out what's wrong with me.
This feel. I know it.
>> No. 376475
>say something really amusing to other people i really really want to impress
>get acknowledged for it publicly
>don't say anything again for the rest of the night because i don't want to blow newly found social cachet
yup. friday nights. not bad.
>> No. 376478
My dad got sick again, he has bleeding ulcers but this was worse. He had been having stomach pains, was sleeping on the couch then suddenly sat up, started convulsing and throwing up a lot (blood--he lost a lot). I freaked out, mom was calling 911 and I was still freaking out when the dispatch office called back and was talking to me. EMS came and got him, stabilized him in the ambulance and took him to an emergency room. Mom and I went to the emergency room, got in and saw him and he was looking a lot better, talking coherently but he was weak and cold. They transferred him to a bigger hospital for care.

I can't get the image of him convulsing and throwing up out of my mind. I seriously thought I was going to lose him, I thought it was the end. I was holding his hand and saying "I love you dad, I love you so much, please stay with me" and he opened his eyes wide and stared right at me and all I could think was "this is it, this is the end and I have to accept it." He says he doesn't remember anything. I'm still so scared that something is going to happen. It feels so unreal, like something you see happen on TV
>> No. 376482
God damn it. If only I could speak as well as I type people might not think of me as such an insecure creep.
>> No. 376485
File 136643970266.jpg - (99.57KB , 600x467 , the golden corgi.jpg )
>Golden Corgi's exist
>> No. 376492
Ugh.. what a rotten predicament you're in. At least he's where he needs to be right now.

At 17 I went in to get an X-ray and sonargram to check for stones, hernea, and other problems. They couldn't find a damned thing, but that didn't stop the pain from continuing.
I think not being able to figure out what's wrong with you and the cost of finding out is the worst thing. Because you're still suffering from whatever you hoped they'd find, but unless it's substantiated, everybody thinks you're a hypochondriac or exaggerating.

But the last two times I went to the hospital, it cost 1,300 for an x-ray, and then two years ago my esophagus started fucking up. Couldn't swallow properly for two months. Turned out it was just incrediibly bad acid reflux. That was $1,500 for the emergency room visit.
>> No. 376493
I share your pain.

>everybody thinks you're a hypochondriac or exaggerating

And this is why I don't go to the doctor even if I think there might be something wrong with me. I don't like the disapproving looks or the complete lack of concern, so I'll just pretend I don't feel pain instead.

>> No. 376496
I... is that blood on its front paws?
>> No. 376497
Yeah, last summer it was searching for a tumor in my chest.

I managed to figure out what my problem was better than my doctor.
>> No. 376498
Generally it's not just how you talk, it's some sort of weird aura you put off.
I don't really know how to fix it, sorry.
What'd it end up being?
>> No. 376501
I've had a dry cough for 6 years. I thought it must be dust or dog allergies, but my dog died last year and I've taken notes on where I cough and it's literally everywhere and at any time. I don't think my lung volume is what it should be. If I lift my arms horizontally and rotate my torso, I hear a noise that sounds like wood being sawed when I'm not breathing in or out, and I don't know if that's a normal thing everyone can do, but I don't think I used to hear it. Then again, it's really difficult to remember what it was life was like before I got this. No other symptoms. I'm not a smoker and I'm not around people who smoke. It's not bad enough to complain to the doctor about--"dry cough" is such a broad symptom and the one time I did mention it to a doctor (while I was in there for bursitis on my elbow, completely unrelated) he didn't seem to think it was a real issue and kind of gave the impression that he thought I was faking it/a hypochondriac. He did give me a referral for a chest x-ray, but I never went for some reason. Now I'm just kind of ashamed to go back because I did not follow up like I should have back then. Also afraid that although it's a pretty benign thing on the surface, it might be representative of something A LOT WORSE or something that I'll never be able to get rid of... a fear that does hit some hypochondriac alarm bells, so maybe I don't really have a problem at all and it's just in my head. It's not even painful, just annoying, and people around me notice it more often than I do.

Is there something wrong with my lungs. Is there not something wrong with my lungs. Can everybody do the sawing noise and I just don't know because you look hella stupid making those movements so nobody does it while anyone is around? I just don't know anymore
>> No. 376509

Perfect examples of how our health care system sucks.

I myself suffer from a number of mild to moderately bad chronic health problems, and even when I've been tempted to go to the doctor for something the last couple years, I still haven't. I have no job or insurance, nor am I covered by my family, and they're always having financial troubles, so I'd hate to ask them unless it was for something really important. I know this is bad and I may end up suffering for it later, but I don't have a whole lot of options. And the worst part is, I know I'm not the only one in a situation like this.
>> No. 376510
They got back to me and said my blood and ultra came out clean. I'm still in tons of pain for at least an hour a day. They said they were thinking it might be ulcers, but they didn't test for it, and tell me to come back if it's an "emergency" since I just moved and don't have primary care provider. I also don't have insurance so idk I'm just going to live w/ it for another month while I raise money to go it again.

Being sick blows.
>> No. 376511
I am going to listen to Abba all night long and no one can stop me
>> No. 376512
Someone help me pick out a good beer. I'm done bumming off of my roommates because Coors sucks ass.


I wouldn't think of trying.
>> No. 376513
Ulck.....I know that feel JUNK. That feel of the pain being so bad that instinctively curl up into a ball for what feels like forever. Tears coming out your eyes, not because your actually crying, but due to the pain your going though. Well, that's what I went though.

Anyway, I recommend ONLY EAT steamed white rice and ONLY DRINK organic apple juice. Baby food is another thing I recommend if you get bored of rice.
You need something lite and easy to digest without pissing off your ulcers so they can heal.
>> No. 376515
AHA after 40,000 seconds i'm free
it's time to conquer earth it's time to eat these cookies
>> No. 376516
>Relieves: Upset stomach due to overindulgence
I don't remember Pepto-Bismol's instructions being so fucking condescending.

Somewhere out there is a variety of Leinenkugel's you'll like. You'll just have to try them all until you find it.
>> No. 376517


>> No. 376518
File 136652900320.gif - (211.52KB , 400x225 , 131682731563.gif )
>Eight Hours Later
>> No. 376522
Why would I stop you?

Hope you can get well soon Junko-sama.
>> No. 376525
Hi guys.
Don't mind me.

Just a bit of a venting post.


That will be all.
Thank you.
>> No. 376532
File 136656097993.png - (178.51KB , 639x359 , jamesnervous.png )
>two years ago
>briefly in abusive relationship with guy who used me for sex and threatened to kill himself when he didn't get his way
>hasn't faced any consequences since despite me trying to warn people about him
>learn from a dear friend that he's moving in with his girlfriend soon

>guy who thought it was OK to use suicide as a bargaining chip
>moving in
>with his girlfriend

I had to have that same dear friend reassure me that it's not my fault if he does something horrible to her. I feel like it would be, though, because maybe I didn't try hard enough to stop him or maybe I should have spoken to her directly even though she's only a friend of a friend. I want to think that he's changed and that he's not the toxic, manipulative person I knew, but even after I extended an olive branch he has made no move to atone. I'm lightyears better than I was—I've written a thesis, I'm in a great relationship, I'm going to grad school, I love my life and I don't hate myself anymore—but this thing of darkness still bothers me. I just don't want him to do to anyone else what he did to me.
>> No. 376536
Duvel, but it's not cheep.
>> No. 376537

Do you know this new girl?

Part of me wants to say stay out of it because he may have changed. The other part is that your friend is right in that it's not really your responsibility.
>> No. 376538
Oh, I've no intention of getting involved! I just thought it was appropriate for a SYM thread.
>> No. 376539
oh uh

well here's hoping for the best, then!
>> No. 376540

Oh, my bad. I thought you wanted advice. Yeah, it's fine. I have to get things off my chest sometimes too. Still don't know what to make of that situation. It makes me uncomfortable and I'm even less involved than you are.
>> No. 376549
This is probably gonna sound cheesy, but whatever.

I don't have a "true" familial relationship with my family. My extended family keeps to themselves, and my more immediate family doesn't get along. It ranges from simply having nothing or very little in common to my parents and siblings downright abusing each other, so I feel disconnected to them, and unsure how to ask my extended family for advice, or if I even could.

I guess I just want someone to have a platonic "true" familial relationship with. Just so I can have someone to ask for advice and spend time with and stuff.
>> No. 376550
I'm getting real fucking tired of SYM threads just being used for emotional baggage shit.
>> No. 376551
I'm sorry. Nothing really goes on in my life besides emotional baggage shit that's really worth mentioning. I'll cut it out if nobody curr though.
>> No. 376552
File 136660760567.gif - (843.48KB , 213x183 , wahtdafack.gif )
Girls don't text me nudes anymore.
>> No. 376553

Go write about it in your blog.


I'll text you some nudes. Post number.
>> No. 376554
I saw cherry flavored moonshine with tons of actual cherries in it in the liqueur store the other day. I love cherries and I guess I'll like moonshine, so there is no way I won't enjoy this combination.
And Irish Cream...I'll need some of that too.
......And Capitan Morgans Private Stock Rum
.........maybe some whip cream/cotton candy flavored vodka
...........I'm out of honey whiskey too.
It'll be a while before I can afford this list of mine though.
>> No. 376555
i think bruce wayne is kind of a fuck
there. i said it.

but i would follow that asshole into hell.
>> No. 376563
File 136664234794.jpg - (50.69KB , 472x704 , tumblr_mkl738aZgj1qaihw2o1_500.jpg )
Remember those shitty things that marginally inconvenienced you?

Yeah neither do I.

mewithoutYou - Nine Storiesyoutube thumb
>> No. 376574
So as I was leaving for work, this terrior or corgi mix (couldn't really tell which) comes up to me, happy little fella. It had just started sleeting, so I got the tags and called his owner. Owner was too far away to come get the dog, though. The owner also said he had no idea how the dog kept escaping; turns out he was hopping onto the 3-ft-high fence and going about his merry way. (This surprised the owner, which surprised me; I had put the dog back in his yard and was leaving only to hear a noise and turn around to see it jump the fence right in front of my eyes, as if to tell me "oh fuck you I'm not staying outside in this.")

Long story short, I wound up taking it to the Humane Society shelter near me for the guy to come pick it up later. I left a message for the owner where the dog was and that he needed to buy a high-fence (preferably enclosed) fenced kennel for his backyard. As they started to bring it toward the back it resisted and jumped onto my leg as though it wanted to stay with me.

St-st-stupid dog, it's not like I want a pet or anything... ;_;
>> No. 376578
There's this guy in my French class with these wonderful pronunciation skills and I'm super jealous. He gave a presentation today and I didn't want him to stop speaking.
>> No. 376582
there's also complaining.

We do that alot too.
You seem to take a liking to it as well.
>> No. 376585
File 136669680973.jpg - (124.55KB , 750x500 , drosera.jpg )
Carnivorous plants are so cool.
>> No. 376588
This guy in class keeps asking me if I hate him. Seriously, after every conversation I have with him, he asks me that. He says he asks everyone that, which worries me.
>> No. 376590
File 136673402964.png - (176.12KB , 624x352 , The_Good_Guys_2010_S01E18_HDTV_XviD-LOL_[VTV][(020.png )
>> No. 376591
>> No. 376593
>> No. 376594
got a job interview
oh god what do i say
im gonna fuck this up
oh jeez oh gosh
It's just for an overnight stocking position at Wal-Mart, I'd probably have to beef it harder than I'm capable of to not get hired, but still.
Shut up, it puts money in the bank.

>> No. 376595
Good luck Slowpoke!
>> No. 376596
File 13667529854.jpg - (11.48KB , 154x213 , 1229454832334.jpg )
>person I haven't talked to for a while is on facebook
>IM her, for old time's sake
>get into conversation about why she hasn't been at rpg club we both used to go to
>she felt like it was kind of a boys-only, no girls allowed kind of place
>ask her if it was something she felt was coming from her table, or from the club in general
>mention that other women have joined the club recently, and that some tables are generally less douchebaggy than others
>mfw I get a message from her boyfriend, asking me to stop IMing her, because my doing so "annoys" him, and (in his own words) "I do not like it"

Now, my first instinct is to tell him to cool off and let his gf choose who she communicates with... on the other hand, that could possibly lead to my face getting punched, and I like my face to be non-punched as much as possible.
>> No. 376597
So this girl stopped going to this club because it was a sausage-fest.
Then her boyfriend jumps on you just for IMing her, obviously because you're a guy.
...And this doesn't seem fishy to you?

It's not like you can do anything about it, but that sort of shit really bothers me. I hope someone beats the shit out of her boyfriend before he ruins her life.
>> No. 376598

Don't be a pussy. Tell him to calm the fuck down and tell him he's welcome to come play PnP. I'm not saying you need to get into a fight with the dude, but he shouldn't be reacting like that over some conversation.

If you haven't been blowing up her phone (or IMs in this case) I don't see a reason for the dude to flip out. If your story isn't biased, he sounds a bit like an insecure short-dick scared that someone's trying to bone his girl.
>> No. 376600
My dog might have liver cancer.
>> No. 376601
I remember one time he responded to her status updates with the phrase "sorry guys, she's taken!". I thought it was skeezy at the time, but I thought mentioning my opinion wouldn't have been well-received.
I agree with you. As to any personal bias, let me fill you in on the wider picture; I haven't had a conversation with this young woman since mid-December, and the conversation was flowing well on both sides (there were a few gaps, but that was because we were both doing things irl). My last three IMs had no reply - I summarised them in my previous post, and I posted them in quick succession. It was then that I received the command from the bf, which I'll post in slightly edited form (names have been changed to protect the etc.):

>Minifig, please stop messaging S. It annoys me. S has asked me not to say anything but I do not like it.

>> No. 376603
>S has asked me not to say anything

So.. They talked about it. She probably stopped responding because of whatever poison he spouted off at her once he found out you two were conversing. He sounds like an insecure, controlling piece of shit.

This sort of bull makes my blood boil somethin' fierce and I don't even know these fools.
>> No. 376605
At least he said please.

I would just tell him to relax and that you aren't trying to get with his girl or anything, you're just old friends. Maybe invite him to come with her to your club thing, just to show there's no hostility. This probably won't change anything, but at least you can say you made your intentions clear and were civil/polite to him about this at first. If he keeps being a douche, THEN you can tell him to fuck off.

This is assuming of course that you don't have ulterior motives to get into his gf's pants. If you actually do want his woman then gentlemen's honor says you should challenge him to a duel. I recommend pistols at dawn. Russian Roullette if you have slow reaction times.
>> No. 376607
Tell him to go choke on a chode.
>> No. 376609
Funny thing is, I tried getting with her friend a few months ago. Nothing ever came of it, because this is me we're talking about. The possibility that she might bring her friend along is one of the reasons why I want her to come back to the club.

I think he's still a member of the club - he definitely joined around the same time she did. That's why I'm concerned about him escalating things.

I am really tempted to just link him to this article: http://beingridiculouslygoodatlife.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/how-to-stop-being-possessive.html

and her to this site: http://www.bswaid.org/
>> No. 376610
It's been several hours now and I still haven't eaten anything because I don't know what to eat. Something is wrong with my head.
>> No. 376611
File 136681068993.gif - (940.78KB , 300x221 , Oh my god its fucking nothing.gif )
>Had to burn a bridge with the company I've been with for 2.5 years to get into my bottom tier career job.
This better be worth it.
>> No. 376612
Mention that to him.
>> No. 376613
good luck on your professional bridge burner career, bro
>> No. 376615
File 136681787096.png - (381.43KB , 638x479 , beatamotherfucker.png )
Are you absolutely, positively sure that her boyfriend exists, and isn't a 'thing' she does on the internet to intimidate guys away from her who she doesn't want to deal with? I had a ladyfriend that used to do stuff like that. She wanted to spare her reputation as actually having a backbone and telling men to leave her alone, so she invented a guy that only existed on the internet to warn other dudes away from her. Her reputation would be spared, and men she didn't want to speak to would think they'd have to contend with Tarzan if they didn't leave her alone without her having to tell them bluntly to stop. After experiencing this phenomenon more than once from different women I've gotten to know on this here internet, it's just kinda something I take into consideration when situations like this crop up. Sometimes it's legitimately an asshole controlling them, sometimes they just want to give you that impression so you'll leave them alone. Drama drama.

Supposing this dude does exist, the situation is difficult. She clearly tolerates and enjoys this controlling, entitled manchild's company enough and is nonconfrontational enough to think she can control them, or prevent behavior or outcomes she actually would have to make decisions she doesn't want to have to make. Right now, she wants a reality where she can be with this guy and his negative qualities don't exist, so simply tries to avoid situations in which he'd be exposed and his weakness would rise to the surface. And in turn, he uses this in order to justify isolating her from situations in which he isn't in control. So, she tries to deny them. And all the while, her boyfriend runs around like a five year old with a labler reminding everybody "HAHA SORRY GUYS. ALL MINE. MINE. TAKEN." So even if you could or should kick his legs out from under him and put treads on his face should he start shit, no matter how much he deserves it, it won't change the situation much. It'd just drive her into his arms and isolate her further.

Your ulterior motive for getting her to come back is kind of clunky since it's to attract her friend to follow her (sorry, that's how I feel. It's not flattering, but I'm keeping it real.) but in the process you stumbled into a thorny situation. At least you aren't trying to get her to come back to get into /her/ pants. This is good, because you could honestly say, "I'm not trying to get into her pants" to your conscience and mean it. It also gives you a justifiable reason to approach that friend of hers on the subject of her asshole boyfriend and explain what's up. As an outsider to that little social group, you don't have the credibility to try and talk to that girl about her prick beau, but as her ladyfriend, that other girl certainly does. And if you bring the evidence of what kind of jerk she's dealing with to her, she'll have more influence and credibility what he's doing is unacceptable than you ever could as a potential new friend and as a dude.

If you choose to intervene for her sake, and rocking that little tree might be wise for both parties involved (pressure goes a long way) bear in mind that this guy sounds potentially volatile and will be searching for the nearest candidate to have possibly interfered in his little controlled relationship. Which means he might visit or corner you some place and bark all kinds of ridiculous shit at you to intimidate and frighten you off from saying anything and rocking his control over the chick. I recommend hanging around somebody who would not take that kind of shit happening in their presence without being able to slap his shit, if he decides to get up in your face, since it doesn't sound like you enjoy confrontation or conflict at all if he decided to get physical.
>> No. 376616
I use the word fuck in everyday speech around people my age and with friends. So why do I get annoyed when I see people using it in every sentence online?
>> No. 376617

Because you're a fucking fuckhead you fucking fucker that fucks dolphins or fucking something fuck fuck fuck fuck.
>> No. 376618
Ugh, so for years I've always been kind of a social recluse due to a combination of an extremely introverted nature and being a nerd in an environment where studiousness was social suicide. As a result I never got to pick up normal socialization cues like how to approach someone, start a conversation with them, ask them if they want to spend time together, or maintain a friendship after putting out the initial gestures.

I want that to change. Thing is, I'm already in my mid-20's at which point everyone else around me is way past that stage and already has formed close friendships so it's extremely hard trying to catch up. And every time I try to do something about it I only end up coming off as massively creepy instead of just shy and probably scaring off any potential friends. Any advice from fellow introverts who managed to overcome this? Observing other people and trying out the standard Google help tips isn't really working.
>> No. 376619
I actually had an ex who did what Minifig's describing, but when I was trying to continue a preexisting friendship with his new girlfriend. He said he wanted to remain friends, but if I tried to talk to him, he misconstrued it as flirting, and if I tried to start a conversation with his girlfriend, he took it as a threat. He severed ties with me and with several friends he'd known even longer than I'd known him, male and female. I don't really have any interest in keeping up with what he's doing or talking to him ever again.

I try to restrain cursing to being really angry or being really excited. It loses its appeal when people use it like punctuation.

I feel the same way, anon. I wish you the best on it. I'm trying to join a few clubs myself, but my college doesn't have many, if any outlets for meeting people.
>> No. 376620
Given that I met the guy at the exact same time I met her then yes, I'm pretty sure he exists.

As to your other points, you're completely spot-on. I am kinda skeezy, but I do honestly want "S" to have fun, and I was under the assumption that being at the club was one way to go about it. If she doesn't want to, that's okay too. She can make her own mind up about stuff, and I can't make her do stuff she doesn't want to.

I've just sent him a message saying exactly that, as well as a few salient points (such as "I'm not trying to steal your girl, so stop acting like I am" and "I haven't spoken to her since December" and "You talked about it, then decided to go ahead and be a dick anyway? Christ, you're an arsehole". Okay, I didn't say that thing exactly like that, but I sure wanted to. Oh, how I wanted to...).

... in fact, he's just replied to me. According to him, the only reason he told me to back off is that I keep mentioning her friend, and it annoys S, who is too nice to tell me. I didn't mention her once during last night's conversation... but I have asked after her in previous conversations, mainly because I haven't spoken to S' friend since around Halloween. He also told me not to give him relationship advice; in his words "we've been together 5 years and we have no trust issues" (I was checking S's timeline, and she did seem pretty excited about their 18 month anniversary earlier this month).

I know I seem like I'm digging for stuff, but I'm kinda pissed about him pulling this on me. Uch...
>> No. 376621
Given that I met the guy at the exact same time I met her then yes, I'm pretty sure he exists.

As to your other points, you're completely spot-on. I am kinda skeezy, but I do honestly want "S" to have fun, and I was under the assumption that being at the club was one way to go about it. If she doesn't want to, that's okay too. She can make her own mind up about stuff, and I can't make her do stuff she doesn't want to.

I've just sent him a message saying exactly that, as well as a few salient points (such as "I'm not trying to steal your girl, so stop acting like I am" and "I haven't spoken to her since December" and "You talked about it, then decided to go ahead and be a dick anyway? Christ, you're an arsehole". Okay, I didn't say that thing exactly like that, but I sure wanted to. Oh, how I wanted to...).
>> No. 376623
That's the sort of thing these people do. In their heads, all they know is a great big sense of possession and control over whatever it is they're trying to keep for themselves and keep other people away from. They'll say anything they can think of in order to keep you or anybody else away from them, including putting words in the mouths of who they reason is their possession. "We love eachother so don't even think of getting involved/We spoke about this so whenever you want to speak to her come speak to me first/ She's scared of you so she told me to tell you to don't talk to her anymore/ Don't talk to her friend either." The difficult thing about it is it's totally and completely reasonable that somebody in a position exactly like yours, if the situation were reversed, could verywell be that of a homewrecker. Or you could be a stalker/predator/manipulator. When it comes down to he-said she-said, it's a gray area. Bear in mind that whether or not you are, it can appear that way to people if he screams for help and tries to make you/others out to be invading their space.

It doesn't help that a lot of women sort of seem to like guys that do this, or at least like deferring to men who act this way. So whether he's at fault for being a controlling, insecure little shit, or she legitimately tapped him to be the big scary mask, it's ambiguous without proof. Just the way they like it.
>> No. 376624
Sorry for previous post - +4chan is being kinda shitty for me, keep getting 504 messages when I post on /baw/. Also, I can't delete posts - I just get some message about "strpos" and other computer stuff I don't know about.
>> No. 376627
I know that appealing to S would be foolish at best - right now, I just wish I knew how to deal with... let's call him D, we can all pretend it means "Dickbag". Here's his latest missive, carefully edited:

>Minifig, Clearly you misinterpreted my intentions by ASKING you to stop talking to S.

>Every time you talk to S you ask about R [S's friend]. It annoys S and I. S is such a wonderful person that she hasn't got it in her to tell you herself.

>I'm sorry that you took what I said to be a bout of insecurity caused by your messaging my girlfriend, but I assure you; it's not.

>I've asked you to leave S alone and I would like you to do so.
, please don't ever try and give me relationship advice. We've been together over 5 years and have no trust issues.
>> No. 376628
Tell him, 'She doesn't need your permission to speak to other people, I don't need your permission to talk to her. If she would prefer I don't speak to her, she can tell me herself.'
>> No. 376630
>Every time you talk to S you ask about R [S's friend].

Uh, what's this about?
>> No. 376631
When I chat to S on facebook, I usually ask about her friend R (I'm not using real names, as it could lead to even more drama), who I haven't really spoken to for about 5 months and used to have a crush on.

Speaking of which, I just received this message from "S":

>Im sorry everything got out of hand. I like chatting with you but it feels like you're only ever interested in R and not actually talking to me which is kinda annoying i guess.

So... yeah. S appears to be the only one in the scenario who's acting like a grown-up and straight up told people what she's feeling.

I honestly didn't think my mentioning R was too bad... last time I did it, it was mostly just me asking "Why the heck hasn't R communicated with me lately?", to which I was told that Stuff had Happened. No more information was given, and I didn't ask for it - it felt like the best thing to do at the time.

Obviously, I was wrong. Only thing I can do now is sincerely apologise to S and insincerely make peace with D.
>> No. 376633
>project delayed for 2 months sorry bro see you then. ;3
>> No. 376634
Oh well. I'll be fine. Its not the companies fault, its the client, and I can't really blame them for wanting to put out a good product.

I can probably snag a simple job for the time being and if worst comes to worse (or whatever) I can rough it for 2 months. Minimal utility use and powerbar meals here I come.
>> No. 376635
So S doesn't even speak with R anymore, and thus can't tell you what R wants and if she's interested in you, correct?
>> No. 376637
It's weird having real people concerns.
>> No. 376638
Been off my meds for about a week and a half, lets take inventory;

>casually start having suicidal thoughts again
>tear up over anything and everything
>Insomnia turned up to eleven resulting in constant fatigue
>start becoming hyper obsessed about appearences again, nearly have a panic attack over what my hair looked like before walking the dog.
>Become enraged at the smallest annoyance, enough to have to repress the urge to beat the shit out of whatever caused said annoyance.

And I'm too broke to renew my prescription until next month.

>> No. 376639
i make the same offer to any of my friends, internet ones included. talk to me if there's anything i can do, financially even. tumblr messages or my e-mail if you have that.
>> No. 376640
You're very kind and I appreciate what you do.
>> No. 376642

How much do your meds cost?

Also talk to this >>376639 guy.
>> No. 376643
oh, happy birthday Tiki!(?)
Thank you! I got a second interview tomorrow, which is a good thing, but uh, really only increased the amount of time I get to stress over having an interview hanging over my head.
Oh well though, I need money, and if panicking for a few days gets me to that goal, I guess it's worth it.
I'm terribly sorry.
>> No. 376644
I've noticed this problem too, but here's how to deal with it, at least until Anonex fixes whatever bugs are causing it. HAHAHA, good one, right?

When it gives you the 504 error, don't try to post again. Go to the main page and refresh a few times. Usually you'll see that the message did go through and the 504 error just happens for no raisin reason. If you still don't see your message after waiting a little while, try to post it again. And use a simple password for all your posts in case you want to fix or delete messages. You'll get a bunch of weird text, but it will get deleted, so no worries.

/The More You Know

Now, Minifig, here's what I recommend you do about your little situation. First, talk to S and tell her that you feel like her boyfriend is trying to intimidate you and keep you from talking to her. Tell her that you will back off and stop talking to her if she wants you to. Say that her boyfriend should stop being such a controlling asshole let her make decisions for herself. Next, apologize for talking about R so much (even if you weren't) and maybe don't ask about her anymore til things cool down a little. If you really still want to be friends with S, don't let her feel like you're only interested in talking to her to find out about her friend, even if it's not really like that.

You are good people. I thought about making the same offer, but money's pretty tight on my end right now, and people might feel weird accepting something from some random Anon.
>> No. 376647
File 136685791172.gif - (975.37KB , 250x233 , tumblr_mlhbmpRo2i1s7k4nmo1_250.gif )
Thanks buddy!
>> No. 376649
Happy birthday as well!
Thank goodness facebook can actually do something useful for me at least (aside make me contact good old friends form ages ago).
>> No. 376650
Just thought I'd chime in and say that you're a nice person, and I'm happy there are people like you in the world.
>> No. 376651
oh boy.
>> No. 376652

Firefly DNA + Trees = glow plants

Not much of a mad scientist plot, but it's a good start.

And Happy Birthday Tiki.
>> No. 376653
I support this.
>> No. 376654
This is both gorgeous and amazing and oh my god I cannot wait until every home has a 3D printer.
They're working on printing organs now. Organs. Printing organs. From a 3D printer. Like hearts n'shit. And now we're reading and compiling DNA like we would software.
so excite.
>> No. 376655
File 136687808314.jpg - (3.77KB , 251x205 , 1281377506813.jpg )

>They're working on printing organs now.
>Printing organs

How the hell...?
>> No. 376658
There is a non-cellular scaffolding called the extracellular matrix that basically defines the shape of your tissues and organs. It's possible to reintroduce stem cells onto this matrix and have them grow over it to produce a fully-functioning organ. I don't believe this is perfected by any means, but they have made rhythmically beating rat hearts with this, and I believe they have attempted it on at least one human heart (that was not fit for transplant). This is an enormous breakthrough in organ transplantation, because we can use the recipient's own cells to grow tissue over the scaffolding, and as a result, they will never need anti-rejection drugs because the "new" organ is not registered by the body as an "other".

Right now, the only way we can get this matrix is to strip an existing donor organ of its cells and replace them with the recipient's. This takes a lot of time and it's difficult to strip the matrix without damaging it. BUT. If we can print an extracellular matrix from a template, which is what they're trying to do, we have no need for stripping procedures OR donors. If you are in need of a liver transplant, for instance, all we need is some of your stem cells (which we can get from your skin) and your very own liver can be regrown in a lab in a few weeks! No waiting list! No waiting for a young compatible person in good health who has signed their donor card to die tragically in a car accident.
>> No. 376659
Here is a (scientific) article about it: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15157928
Here are a few regular articles: http://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2012/08/ghost_heart_a_framework_for_gr.html
Here is a guy talking about how you grow organs in a lab: http://www.ted.com/talks/anthony_atala_growing_organs_engineering_tissue.html

I will try to find the video where I first heard about extracellular matrixes being used as scaffolding to grow new organs, but it's being elusive.
>> No. 376660
>Sometimes it's legitimately an asshole controlling them, sometimes they just want to give you that impression so you'll leave them alone.

How in the hell could someone fake having a boyfriend like that? This is sort of a situation I can only imagine succeeding if you only know the girl through the internet and not in real life - or with girls who are probably in the crazy deep end already, if they're willing to create a legit looking account and a web of lies that's convincing enough for others to believe in.

It also kind of saddens me that the first thing someone considers now-a-days when they hear about a situation where a guy's being a manipulative douchebag is, "Hm. Is this even real?" It almost feels like an excuse to justify ignoring what might be something foul going on.
>> No. 376661
File 136688388388.gif - (13.96KB , 450x450 , science_robot.gif )
Thank you for explaining.

Science is AWESOME.
>> No. 376662
And thank you too (if you're a separate person)
>> No. 376666
I don't think this guy is being manipulative towards his girlfriend. He is being polite about the situation and he tried not to give the real, more personal reason (Minifig is creeping her out a bit and she does not like him talking about/pestering her about her hot friend) until pressed. What he says is probably true--she doesn't want to hurt his feelings so she never said anything, but quietly resents his behaviour and talks to her boyfriend about it. He says that SOMEONE has to break the news to Minifig, and if she's not going to do it, he will.

I've had experiences a lot like this one, where I was too scared/cowardly/polite to break it off with people I didn't even like talking to that much, so another friend stepped in for me. I have a tendency to laugh a lot when I'm nervous and prattle on about stuff which some guys take to mean that I am interested in the conversation (or THEM) when I am definitely 100% not. I generally try to end "friendships" with people like this by hoping they just go away, and when they message me further, I do not like it at all and will not respond to them after a while of my own free will.

And man, they have been together for FIVE YEARS. He is probably not a massively controlling person who prevents her from forming friendships because that type of person wouldn't have let her form this friendship with Minifig in the first place. They scour your facebook and text messages and shit constantly for signs that they are not devoted strictly to them, force you to break off friendships, keep you home from any activities (like a club) where you may meet new people. in that sort of relationship you lose all your old friends and become cut off from the world, unable to form new bonds with people because your controlling boyfriend will scare them off right away or guilt you into ditching them by threatening suicide or whatever. S's boyfriend does not fit the profile of an abusive controller at all.
>> No. 376675
It might be tough, but if a person has a problem with someone else, they need to say so instead of having a third party do it, especially if that third party might come across as suspect. Yeah, this guy doesn't sound quite like an abusive asshole, or as controlling as he could be, but he definitely seems like the type to have the kneejerk "SHE'S MINE, SHE'S MINE, STAY AWAY FROM HER!" reaction if another guy so much as glances her way.

>they have been together for FIVE YEARS

Maybe not.

>(I was checking S's timeline, and she did seem pretty excited about their 18 month anniversary earlier this month)

So it seems like he's lying about how long they've been together too.
>> No. 376676
I didn't read this carefully before. Now I did, and I feel I should post this reward level here.

>Pledge $10,000 or more

>BE A PART OF HISTORY: Your name (or anything under 30 characters) will be written, in DNA, into the glowing plant genome!! As part of the DNA construct we will design and synthesize, we will add a watermark section using the same methods used by Craig Venter's team. We will add the names or any remarks from this group of backers in DNA to the final design and do PR around the messages - a unique opportunity to spread your message! BONUS: Glowing plant seeds
>Your name (or anything under 30 characters) will be written, in DNA, into the glowing plant genome!

Dose this mean that there are scientists out there that are just hiding all sorts of dirty jokes/messages in the very genomes that they are working on?
I kinda wish I had $10,000 dollars on me.
>> No. 376677
>inb4 some rich /b/tard starts a thread with "post ending in x number tells me what message to have written into the DNA of a glowing plant"
>> No. 376679
>Not much of a mad scientist plot, but it's a good start.
I don't know, I can imagine people planting their glowing plant seeds, watching it sprout, and then develop a peculiar bulb that later erupts in a swarm of mutant fireflies. Not that I think such a thing is particularly likely, but I can imagine it.

It's more likely that any spectacular failure would be of the real-world, depressing kind. Like accidental cross-pollination with non-GE wild members of the base plant species, causing species-wide mutation, with far-reaching effects on the ecosystem that would take decades to completely study.
>> No. 376680
>not readying all your money to fund a plant that shows glow-in-the-dark dicks on its leaves every night

are you some sort of faggot or something?
>> No. 376681
Yes, but a cool faggot like Freddie Mercury.
>> No. 376683
File 136689729394.gif - (486.32KB , 475x347 , 1366567424548.gif )
>might have diabetes
>about to move away to college which is probably full of dickweeds I'll want to murder by the time the year is over
>about to get a job
>have to do literally everything by myself
>pressure causing suicidal thoughts

>> No. 376686

That's normal.

It doesn't get better, though.

But it's normal.
>> No. 376687
If you have a black friend, please for the love of christ don't jive-talk to them if you're white. One of my black friends was actually complaining to me about people he knew doing that when he walked in the room. It's got to be one of the most annoying and offensive things you could possibly do.
>> No. 376688

just don't go in a killing spree in the campus itself.
>> No. 376689
It might just be me getting older or something, but I feel the general tone on the internet has gotten much more toxic and aggressive over the last few years.
>> No. 376690
Second interview was DOA, they didn't have any positions open that fit my schedule.
Was hoping to have the funds to visit the gf later this summer, doesn't look like that's gonna happen
>> No. 376691
Sup dew? Sheeeeeit nah I'm just chillin mang. You gonna be hangin at da club late?
>> No. 376692
It's not the first thing I consider, but it is something I consider, after meeting a lot of people (and a lot of terrible people) and having a lot of bizarre experiences. When multiple, unrelated chicks over the course of 15 years follow the same pattern, unrelated to one another and in totally different social circles, bragging to you how they scared off or diverted more intimidating or creepy/annoying men with this technique, you do kind of have to wonder: How many spiders are hiding in the grass, for every one you can see? When you observe a phenomenon actually happening and query to the individuals why they did it and what they were trying to prove, I guess it could be considered cynical. But it isn't inherently wrong.

In my (previously stated) experience, he'd only be "being polite" if the girl Minifig legitimately conversed with tapped her boyfriend to deal with him. If he didn't, he proactively approached the situation and got involved, solely to throw out the "OHHH. HI. I NOTICED YOU WERE TALKING TO MYYY GIRLFRIEND" card. That's not politeness, that's diplomatically establishing territory. It's phase one to put his foot up on top of her and claim his possession, and the subtle implication is that whomever is on the receiving end of this social display needs to keep their distance, or the person peacocking will consider them infringing on their territory, and anything they do or say will be considered self-defense. And given the girl's reaction, it does seem as if her boyfriend both lied about the seriousness and depth of their relationship, as well as took the liberty of reading her correspondences and responding to Minifig without her knowledge. What he was trying to do here is eclipse the girl and reroute Minifig away from her, completely. How she actually felt was irrelevant to her boyfriend, since she piped up apparently lacking knowledge this was even going on.

It's not sweet, it's not cute, it's not nice, it's not polite. It's a controlling behavior to read your girlfriend's private correspondences, respond to people messaging them, throw out how serious your relationship is and say "go away, signed: both of us." It's not on the same level as locking your girlfriend into a closet or phoning their friends anonymously to threaten them and put distance between them and her, no. And that's the point. The severity is limited both by the intelligence of the douchebag, the severity of their infatuation and the level they're willing to sink to to get what they want. The smart ones won't come out guns blazing, the smart ones will "be polite" and smile while turning family, friends and anybody they don't personally like or trust away from the door. This is real life, not Lifetime. Abusive assholes are not mincing, unearthly ugly or handsome men followed by dramatic music.

>I've had experiences a lot like this one, where I was too scared/cowardly/polite to break it off with people I didn't even like talking to that much, so another friend stepped in for me. I have a tendency to laugh a lot when I'm nervous and prattle on about stuff which some guys take to mean that I am interested in the conversation (or THEM) when I am definitely 100% not. I generally try to end "friendships" with people like this by hoping they just go away, and when they message me further, I do not like it at all and will not respond to them after a while of my own free will.

Please work on your backbone. Cuntbags like the guy Minifig has run across prey on this weakness and use it to muddy the waters of whether they're being a chivalrous hero on the behalf of a bucklekneed lady or a controlling asshat. If she would just tell him herself if she felt this way, and society didn't expect girls to waffle on actually telling fellows they're uncomfortable with to go away, it wouldn't even be up for debate. If this guy did this for another man, much as many might hate to admit it, it'd be more apparently possible he was getting involved from the peanut gallery and overstepping his bounds. :(

Again pulling from my experiences, I'd say he does sound only as abusive as he thinks he can conceivably get away with. And that is the WORST KIND, because the closer the relationship becomes, the more trust given, the more privacy, the higher and greater degree of abuse. But, it sounds like the girl Minfig was corresponding with may not have been drinking the kool-aid as much as the douche was betting, and that is a good sign.
>> No. 376693
This is the character building thing your parents always told you about. Learn to enjoy the pain.

I've had black people admonish me for "talking white" around them. I'm fairly certain it's just because they find it funny when people talk out of their normal meter and jargon and stuff, though. Or they really like caricatures of themselves.

I want to argue, but I mostly grew up with /b/ as my internet, so my perspective is kind of skewed.
>> No. 376694
I tend to talk to people like they talk to me, regardless of skin color.
I don't think I've ever sounded like that, but I've changed how I talk to be a bit more ~urban~ or w/e for some environments, and I've classed up the way I talk for others.
I think a lot of people do that.
>> No. 376695
I think it was Junk that said I sounded like a drunken cowboy.
>> No. 376698
File 136692276334.gif - (2.00MB , 500x294 , 1366829440421.gif )
All my high school friends are graduating from college this year and I'm just sitting in the corner looking like a retard.
>> No. 376699
I spent the last few years just politely expecting to die. So, what are you doing now?
>> No. 376700
> If she would just tell him herself if she felt this way, and society didn't expect girls to waffle on actually telling fellows they're uncomfortable with to go away, it wouldn't even be up for debate

there's the fucking problem

For whatever reason a lot of girls do the avoidance game. I know I do it. I know my friends do it. People have had to stick up for me when some guy wouldn't fuck off but he wasn't being RUDE to me so I felt bad telling him off. I've had to do the same for others. I've done it a few times for strangers on a bus where a girl was obviously uncomfortable with being chatted to and the guy either did not notice her body language or just didn't care. This is just kind of a thing that happens on a regular basis, and I've never actually realised how often it does until you said that.

This situation really looks, to me, like it's a case of avoidance game than controlling boyfriend. Maybe it is cowardice but that doesn't mean at all that this girl isn't capable of doing it, even if she is not really that meek in any other aspect. And I know Minifig and I know what he's like about girls he's interested in, so when her hot friend comes up as a point of contention, it's pretty easy to guess what happened there. Also the fact that the boyfriend brought up the hot friend suggests he knows Minifig is interested in HER and not his girlfriend.

I feel like you guys are making way too many assumptions about her complete innocence and his douchebaggery with little to go on, and it's not really anyone's business but their own to be honest. Don't try to "fix" their relationship or anything, Minifig. If you want to try to keep this friendship just tell her you're sorry for irritating her and you won't pester her about her friend again, but you'd like to keep talking because you had a good fun platonic time with that. And then keep your word. If the friend hasn't contacted you to go on a date yet and S does not like you inquiring about her then she's prooooobably not interested. If you rekindle the friendship and whatshisface backs off, I was right and this was a thing where she just got him to do something she didn't feel like she was up to. If she doesn't, then it might be because she just doesn't want to anymore, or because of her boyfriend, but either way you're not close enough with her to make the call or meddle with her relationship, so respect her wishes and move on.
>> No. 376703
I'm disapointed in both of you.

I Speak Jive - Airplane! (5/10…youtube thumb
Talking Jiveyoutube thumb

Or just watch a 70's Shaft movie.
>> No. 376704
Someone from my high school class is doing our 10 year reunion, and fucked if I care.

Don't get me wrong, they're not bad people, but I have no desire to drive three states to go to a pub and hang with 50-some-odd people I never hung out with in high school and have no close connections to. (I'm sure my parents would like me to visit, though.)
>> No. 376705
I don't think there's anything anyone can do to "fix" the alleged-innocent alleged-douchebag boyfriend's relationship. But, pointing out this instance to her would help substantiate and give her some history to go on, if she ever starts to see patterns. Sometimes all it takes is knowing the truth and the history and the repeat offenses for a person to make a more informed choice and not doubt themselves for making it. Sometimes, girls need facts to compete with feelings when a dude is dirt.

Ordinarily, I agree, I'd say, "Minifig kinda Minifigged it again," but he does learn from time to time. And she did pipe up explaining she wasn't trying to ignore or leave him to her boyfriend to death with. To me that doesn't seem like a fabrication to save face because it seemed like 'sic the boyfriend on him' didn't work.

As for the 'defer to society' defense? Yeah. It's something I've been observing for a while.
>> No. 376706

>People have had to stick up for me when some guy wouldn't fuck off but he wasn't being RUDE to me so I felt bad telling him off.

You know what I consider rude? Not telling people how you feel yourself and letting it drag on.

Okay, it's not rude, I was just trying to be dramatic. But start being straight with people. There's a polite way to say most things. Maybe this won't make you feel better, but that's something you have to deal with. I don't always like having these conversations with people that bug me, but if you're an adult, you need to be able to communicate like one.

I'm a bit floored that people even decide to play games like this. Well, game probably isn't the word I want here, but I feel that when you're beyond high school, you should be able to express yourself clearly without all this other bullshit on the side.
>> No. 376708
I hope Junk is doing ok.
>> No. 376709
I dunno, "I wasn't TRYING to ignore you" is a pretty average excuse for not talking to someone.

Also her boyfriend said
>S has asked me not to say anything
so she didn't sic him on Minifig, she just talked to him about it and he tried to play white knight because she conveyed that it bothered her but she was just going to take it anyway. It's not the best of decisions but it doesn't really raise any possessive future abuser alarm bells.

i bet you're a dude aren't you
>> No. 376710

>i bet you're a dude aren't you

Damn right. I'd prefer not to gender this issue, though. Absolutely no reason any person shouldn't be able to stand up and speak his or her mind on something. Societal expectations be damned, as they aren't helping in this case (or many others)


Same. And so it was written that Ram is a drunken cowboy.
>> No. 376711
File 136693464740.jpg - (120.42KB , 500x740 , tumblr_ml0f76aR1n1rg3qr1o1_500.jpg )
Thank ye kindly
>> No. 376715
File 136693765823.jpg - (32.27KB , 500x667 , Now_panic_and_freak_out.jpg )
>> No. 376716
Something happen?
>> No. 376719
I likes what what you said.youtube thumb
The subject of how and why people pull the 'go neutral and hope they go away, hope somebody else intercepts' thing has perplexed me for a while. I've got a theory, but it's not very flattering. It's all about accountability, guilt and responsibility. It's also probably incredibly sexist, but we're a sexually dimorphic species. So to me it's the same as being called a sexist if you say, "Men are typically taller, heavier, stronger, and their brains work slightly differently." Sure it's sexist, but it's also true.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about if this sort of thing shows up in other societies or cultures, so I can't apply it as an observation as anything but anecdotes for our own. But, it seems like it's some sort of defense mechanism women developed for existing in a more socially based hierarchy among themselves, than their male counterparts. There are different expectations for women in any society you go in. At least in this one, the ideal perception is of a person who is friendly, reasonable, and is perceived positively by their society. Or at the very least, not given a reason to be reacted to negatively, have grudges held, or be held responsible for somebody elses wrath. Avoiding somebody elses wrath (especially somebody who happens to be bigger, more driven and have some sort of expectation of the female) is kind of high on the list. Keeping other people from thinking negatively or holding things against you is also intuitively a concern, whether realized or not. And that means not being the one to face the music if somebody has to tell The Cousin her ass looks enormous in that dress and to put on something that fits her age. Preferably somebody else will do it and be considered the asshole, so nobody else has to be seen as one by her. And thus, order is restored with a few hurt feelings (and by extension, grudges) as possible.

Meanwhile men have little to no choice in this area, because it's considered being a wimp if you avoid being direct. If you're caught, you'll lose points quicker as a harsher penalty, because it's a behavior more tolerated among women than men. So, men see absolutely no point to -not- being forward and forthright, because farting around hoping an earthquake happens so they can change the subject without looking guilty of avoiding the topic is a gigantic waste of their time and effort.
>> No. 376721
File 13669397739.gif - (34.42KB , 100x100 , ONOZ_OMG.gif )
Not yet, but it will sooner than I'd like.
>> No. 376722
Are you dying?
>> No. 376724
They cost $25 but like I said, super broke.

I don't want to have to bother my parents about it because of the BUT WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED ANTI DEPRESSANTS? YOU'RE NOT DEPRESSED YOU'RE JUST LAZY HURF DURF thing my family still does.

Anyways, don't worry about it. I'm doing much better today. I made a mistake with my monthly finances and now I can't afford my meds, I made this bed and I'm gonna lie in it.


I know that feel.

What's worse is my brother and his girlfriend are also graduating this year.

I also realized recently that instead of spending the last three years trying to get into the comics industry I could have just started a webcomic like I'd wanted since sixth grade, AND I'd probably be making money at by now.

Don't listen to your elders kids, if something feels right but you're being forced away from it because of perceived propriety, don't fucking do it, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.
>> No. 376725
I don't want to make assumptions, but I think what Minifig's been dealing with is that whole issue of "if you're a guy, you can't be platonic with a girl and vice versa, all guys like girls, all girls like guys, everything ends in sex, everyone has to compete for everyone" deal and I hate that people like Mini's friend's boyfriend are like that.

I knew girls in high school who thought merely being in class with a guy or breathing the same air as him meant you were encroaching on the boy that she in many cases claimed she was with but probably didn't even like her. People are far too competitive with romance, there are many who act like there's a 500 woman to one man ratio and vice versa. This is also what leads to that "nice guy/girl" syndrome shit, that to win someone, all you need to do is be nice to them.
>> No. 376726

You sure about that? I'm on antidepressants myself and couldn't imagine being without them.

Also, I'm graduating six years after I first enrolled at college. It's weird because there's a bit of a disconnect with some of the younger students (some girls I was talking to didn't even know what Xena was). I don't put much thought into it. Some people get their first degrees into their 30s and beyond. I wouldn't worry about it, ya'll. Also, there's probably a saying that goes with this but I don't know what it is. Don't worry too much about "graduating on time" because it's the end result that matters, right?

Besides, it's not like either one of you has kids or anything. That's a pretty common story with my high school peers. And most of the girls that got knocked up went to school at some point so yeah.
>> No. 376729
That might be part of it. Playing along and laughing when nervous is submissive behaviour, it lets the other person know that you aren't a threat. It's the human equivalent of a dog putting its tail between its legs. Not pissing off someone who is physically larger and more powerful than you is kind of important, especially if pissing them off might end in rape, so women are more likely to defer to "play along and avoid as much as possible until my social group comes to help me" when some guy is creeping them out than men. Men are totally capable of doing it too, they just don't feel the need to as often. And guys seem to be less willing to stand up for other guys for some reason so if you DON'T attempt confrontation first, you might be waiting for help that only has like a 10% or less of actually coming.

Direct confrontation has a place but that place is when you and the opponent are on equal ground or the opponent is weaker than you in some way (physically, socially, whatever). It doesn't work when you aren't in a position of power which is why other strategies for dealing with creepy people exist.
>> No. 376733
Well, this has been a lively day today for this SYM thread.
>> No. 376737

I dunno how long you've been coming to plus4, but essentially this place and it's people is the major reason I was able to eject myself from my formerly completely shitty life with my abusive Mother (update: she's exactly the fucking same even after I've repeatedly explained to her why she needs to stop SURPRISING NO ONE) and on into building a much less shitty life on my own. I still have contact with my family, but I'm generally happier when I avoid Mum. I didn't manage to get help until AFTER I dropped out of high school from crippling anxiety and depression. Last year I went to a party, got molested (I say this because wasn't really sexual assault), hit bottom and started anti depressants.

I am in a much better place now than I was even six months ago, I've spent that time away from the brunt of my depression and anxiety and surrounded myself with people who care for and love me, when I'm having anxious or upsetting emotions I can take a step back and tell myself I'm better than all that, I'm more capable and I can handle myself, even if I fuck something up, I know because I've seen it.

I'll be fine. The doctor will be cross with me for not staying on a steady dose, but I know I'll be fine.

>> No. 376738
File 136694890089.png - (100.74KB , 242x241 , 1360995725469.png )
These threads get increasingly awkward when I realize I don't have a shitty life unlike most of you.
>> No. 376740
Not to the best of my knowledge. It's just some crazy stuff with friends.
>> No. 376741
File 136694910782.png - (2.43KB , 196x160 , rxn (155).png )
who is this mayerkoi guy
>> No. 376742
File 136694954958.jpg - (39.36KB , 450x338 , Oh_you.jpg )
>> No. 376743
No, girl, take da money. >>376639


But what if my heart tells me to stab people in the face?

We love you too and that is why you should take care of yourself.

>some girls I was talking to didn't even know what Xena was

This is a travesty. But the whole thing is on Netflix, so force them to marathon the good seasons. But not the later ones, that whole "Twilight of the Gods" thing was bullshit.

Be grateful for that.
>> No. 376745
File 136695153631.jpg - (204.28KB , 794x732 , 1365824428168.jpg )
So yeah, I spent a year of my life crawling out of a hole I made for myself only to end up in an even bigger one with no clear reasonable way out other than a lifetime of sustained mediocrity. I feel like locking myself in and just reading and reading until I find an answer.
>> No. 376746
as you wish, maya. just know that you don't have to carry the weight alone. people are even more prone to help if they know you're trying to be responsible. you're no burden.
>> No. 376747
so hey guys i got sacked and

hugs maya

just hugs.
>> No. 376748
okay jeez some of the stuffsaid just
actually kinda hitting close. I don't even wanna say anything about it. it kinda does.

[spoiler]and tell matt to drag his ass here once in a while to say hi. won't do his productivity any harm to come here once every blue moon. :T
>> No. 376755
There's a bee in my room. Get out bee. This is not a bee room. This room is horrible for bees.
>> No. 376756
Sorry to hear that FreeGlass

This is true

So, I've got this dumb idea. I've been thinking of doing a crappy radio show on livestream. Playing songs off youtube over livestream.
Nothing would be recorded and I would start a thread in /MTV/ to see what music people would want to listen too.
What do you guys think. It would, of course, be called +4 Radio.
>> No. 376759
>You sure about that? I'm on antidepressants myself and couldn't imagine being without them.

welcome to the fantastic world of chemical dependancy, where " I can stop whenever I want" is always tomorow and never today
>> No. 376761
Its the first time in week I finally don't feel pressured or rushed to finish something. Oh god its such a fresh breath of air.
>> No. 376763
Well, fuck. Technology like this only helps fuel my occasional bouts of paranoia.

>> No. 376769
>YouTube conducting survey
>includes the question "What, if anything, do you find frustrating or unappealing about YouTube?"

Oh lordy, where to begin?
>> No. 376770
I know what Xena is myself, but it and Buffy went off the air when I was 7-10, so I was too young to watch it.
>> No. 376772

I'm gonna be hanging out with him soon, so I'll bug him about it then.


I'm probably going to be on medication for insomnia the rest of my life fortunately that medication is ganja WOOOOOO but no seriously it's pretty terrible.

In other news my ladycrush is back because I think she's into me, too. I'm gonna hold off saying anything for another month, since we have a group project with a bunch of friends to finish up, and I don't want to ruin anyone's fun with any possible awkward fallout.

I end up staying over at her place at least once a week and we inevitably cuddle, hold hands when we walk around, recently we've started smooching on the cheek and exchanging eskimo kisses. I've initiated most of this stuff, but she always reciprocates. We often joke about being a couple to the point where I'm pretty sure we're just openly flirting at times. We've even joked about how I would have to be the one to make the first move because she likes A Man of Action...

The problem is that she does 80% of this stuff (the kissing is a thing I've never seen/heard of her doing) with her friends 90% of this stuff is shit I do with my friends (I hate cheek kissing as a greeting but what can you do, and platonic cuddles are great) and we've also talked about how much a lesbian relationship would suck because we love the D but she's always telling me how pretty I am and showing me her new vibrator and AUGH MIXED SIGNALS.

So yeah, I'll know in June.

Oh and my set benchmark for when I will start feeling old is the second I meet a kid who has NO IDEA what Wayne's World is. Because a time without frequent Wayne's World reruns on TV is a time when I'm no longer allowed to consider myself young.
>> No. 376773
Do it. Do it and lose nothing for the attempt.

Did you like your job?

If you can swim long enough, try to rain dance. The hole will eventually fill with water and you can play in the mud.
>> No. 376775

I don't mind being on meds. I don't intend to stop unless I actually get better. I was on meds for physical reasons in the past. I don't view my mind any differently.
>> No. 376778
Unless you have severe problems, and I mean SEVERE, there's no reason to stay under treatment forever. Your doctor is just juicing you out of your money at this point, fully aware of the addicting power of his stuff.
>> No. 376781
>this is what schizophrenics actually believe.
>> No. 376783

Loosen that tinfoil, son. Do you think I buy my drugs from the doctor's office?
>> No. 376784
your doc gets money from companies to sell you their products.
Also it's so much of a tinfoil that USA consume more head wrecking chemicals than the rest of the world together.
>> No. 376786
Sounds like you need some of those head wrecking chemicals.
>> No. 376788
Okay it is true that pharmacy companies and drug/pill pushers are abusing the system in many ways and yes, drugs are both overperscribed, toxic and whatsit. But your reaction has gone way past the rational and straight on into Scientologist "it's all a conspiracy" territory. There are degrees of concern that are warranted, and there's going full retard.
>> No. 376791
you are the only one to use the word conspiracy. There's no conspiracy, because as you said, it's a well known practice that is just overlooked by people who are under it, because they think their doctor is of course not part of it, he's so kind when he prescribe that shit after all....
>> No. 376792
Yeah, I did.
And there was the Nuzlocke gig. Lost that too.
So, back to square 1.
Not dropping the Drawfag dream guys.



Also, don't forget to tell him he won't be able to get rid of me once I move out to TO.
(i kid i kid... Hopefully shit'll be soon, though...)
(And seriously - I'm here if ya need my useless self. I'm a friend too, remember?)
>> No. 376793

Okay, whatever, bro. Considering my state of mind pre-medicine, I don't really think there's anything "head-wrecking" about the drugs I take, but whatever.

In b4 "You're a sheep!" and "Oh no, it's too late! The drugs got him!"
>> No. 376794
I used to think anyone could learn to do anything with enough practice (especially after my art teachers/fellow students said "there's no such thing as talent, you can do anything if you work hard"), but I'm starting to question it.

There's a girl in the room next to my dorm who practices singing really loudly and off-key on a regular basis until late at night, and I honestly don't think she's getting any better at all. She sings every song in the same style, even if it doesn't fit, and when I asked her not to be loud, her excuse was "I want to be Katy Perry". That doesn't excuse being loud and slamming on the wall and singing totally offkey and running in the hallway late at night when I have a raging migraine.

I have complained to the RA's, but they're pretty much non-existant.
>> No. 376795
>press button
>escape everything
>> No. 376796
File 136702230414.jpg - (58.67KB , 318x480 , selfdestruct.jpg )
The idea that only hard work matters is silly. It takes some objective analysis and a good way to approach the issue. Working smart is just as important as working hard.
>> No. 376797
That's how The Harbinger got started...except replace Livestream with college radio station.
>> No. 376798
that's not working hard, that's just being a tit. working hard means striving to do better and recognise & fix your mistakes.

some things take more intrinsic ability than others though. i mean if you are tone deaf you will never be able to sing well, if you naturally have a really monotone nasally voice you will never be able to sing well. it's like how you'll never win the high jump medal at the olympics if polio ravaged your legs as a kid no matter how hard you try to be the best crippled high jumper that ever lived. sometimes your efforts are best invested elsewhere.
>> No. 376807
>"I want to be Katy Perry"

You know what you have to do. Stop her, stop her before it's too late and another one is unleashed upon us.
>> No. 376808
Do people really have such a low opinion of people studying in automotive?
>> No. 376809

>Do people really have such a low opinion of people studying in automotive?

The real question here is "Do people really have such a low opinion of people studying anything in non-STEM fields?" and the answer is yes.

The way some of these people go on about things, you'd think that engineers literally do everything for society.
>> No. 376810
>we've also talked about how much a lesbian relationship would suck because we love the D

There's this new trend all the kids are trying called "being bisexual". But in all seriousness, sexuality is a lot more fluid than most people would have you believe, so there's nothing wrong with fooling around with your gal pal and still liking the D at the same time. You seem interested, she seems interested, don't worry about anything else. Seize the opportunity.
>> No. 376811

I was assuming the issue was more about being in a closed relationship and still wanting it. Or something. I can't keep up with you crazy kids these days.
>> No. 376815
We're both technically bisexual (AKA we don't give a shit), that isn't the issue, the issue is whether or not she wants a romantic relationship with me, and the chance that asking will set off an awkward bomb so huge that it damages our friendship irreparably.

I'm not SURE she's into me, and I can't FIND OUT until June as I mentioned, but I'm tentatively hopeful.


Got it right. We're not 'open relationship' type people, though, hence the "man being lesbians would be great BUT WHAT ABOUT THE D"

I guess strap ons and dildos are an option but that is getting waaaaay too far ahead of myself.
>> No. 376816
File 136707564678.gif - (41.88KB , 500x385 , Untitled.gif )
>The filter type thing from the faucet in the kitchen is gone
>Friend says it's been gone for years
>Remember touching it a few weeks ago and how it felt on my skin
>Start noticing other tiny details that have somehow changed and check dates and times on them
>Nothing important, at least

>Wake up from a nightmare
>TZ is next to the bed offering me a "whore's bag"
>It's full of human bones
>Go get some water, talk to some people, eat some carrots
>He's still next to the bed, holding the bag
>Sleep in an upside-down sleeping bag to ignore him

>Dream the rest of the night in lovingly drawn animated segments
>Flipping through a children's picture book
>On the left is a little sentence in children's book fashion about how the characters were fucked up
>On the right is an illustration of their face immediately following
>All funny animal characters
>In between pages get cartoon segments that detail some part of their lives that show just how fucked up they are
>Too structured to be a dream, not scary enough to be a nightmare

Brain, on the one hand, you've stopped telling me to kill myself. On the other, maybe you should find something better to do with your new free time.
>> No. 376817
You don't have to be 'open relationship' types, but some concessions for D seems fair. Would you grudge eachother access to it? Like, "is this really an open relationship because we like to sample the sausage platter every now and again?"
I think it might be time to contact a psych.
>> No. 376818
File 136708333984.png - (1.25MB , 599x1828 , knowthatfeel.png )
Ava's Demon is wonderful and makes me have feelings.
>> No. 376819
File 136708582898.png - (363.12KB , 599x457 , The worst feel.png )
It's really great.
>> No. 376823
File 136709902053.gif - (355.97KB , 200x154 , tumblr_lbr3znKX5h1qcpcxn.gif )
Wow.. the new JT album... isn't very good... at all...

It's like 80% unlistenable. wow.
>> No. 376824
The thing is that practice alone isn't enough, there has to be experimentation within that practice. It sounds like the problem isn't that this girl is incapable of learning to sing, but that she is unwilling to practice in a way that's actually conducive to growth. She's like those kids who draw only anime because that's the style they're interested in, and therefore never study life drawing or western cartoon styles, and therefore their anime art always remains shitty. As opposed to the kids who love anime art, but study everything and therefore become better anime-styled artists as a result of their learning.

You have to take yourself outside of your comfort zone to grow. It's not real practice if you only do what you're comfortable with and/or good at already. I speak from experience as an artist here. I was one of those shitty anime artists once. My "base" style (i.e. when I'm not trying to imitate anything specific) is still very anime inspired. But because I've studied traditional art, rubber hose, and even John K-style cartoons (and hell, even this shitty modern Flash style), I have learned things that have made me a solid artist that I could never have been if I had only imitated anime my entire life.
>> No. 376825
I get some odd thrill out of seeing what the guy who used my e-mail account to sign up for redbox is watching.
>> No. 376826
One day maybe I'll figure out why my sister is such a raging cunt.

>> No. 376827
This is very strange experience you are having
>> No. 376828
You should share his taste with the rest of us.
What happened?
>> No. 376830
You should find out who he is, rent one of the movies he's watched (but one of the earlier ones so it's not as recent), then find some way to "conveniently" run into him. Hold it up and say "Hey, friend. You wanna watch a movie?"
>> No. 376832
File 136710902030.jpg - (65.36KB , 605x560 , Untitled.jpg )
What is?

Mostly action and comedy.

He or she is in Virginia. If you know anyone in the area, feel free.
>> No. 376833
I just got off the phone with my parents. I feel like crying. In a good way. I've been in a difficult place lately. I've been stressed out (about school and the fact that my parents lost their house) and dealing with depression and all that. Things are getting taken care of back at home and there was just something very...loving about that phone call.

I've just been wanting some peace of mind lately, and I'm slowly working towards it. With help from my family oddly enough.
>> No. 376835

Is there anything else like it I should be checking out?

I can't get over how fucking gorgeous everything about it is.
>> No. 376836
Just that everything I do around her results in insults and yelling and physical threats and bullshit for no goddamn reason. At least I'll be halfway across the country in a few months.
>> No. 376837
Kid Hate remember to meet her on unmarked neutral ground and engage her before she lays down her pheromonal excretions.
>> No. 376839
>realizing how rusty I've become both mentally and physically
HAHAHA, I need to start doing math problems and taking a daily walk, because this shit's ridiculous.
>> No. 376842
>doing math problems

That's silly, you're silly.
>> No. 376852
yknow i used to think that
until i helped my sister with division

if you get it its kinda entertaining i mean i know what youre saying and i totally understand but holy fuuuck its so weeeiiiiiiird i gotta move out please help
>> No. 376853
How do you even live without solving math problems in your everyday life? Are you literally plugged to some sort of money/food/water tubes?
>> No. 376857

He said voluntary. He's not counting the times you have to do math.
>> No. 376859
What are you gonna read?
>> No. 376862
I know that feel bro.
>> No. 376863
Want some 2 Bros pizza?
>> No. 376865
File 136718103739.jpg - (107.44KB , 500x376 , 5201588172_a366bef4a9_z.jpg )
Oh man I just remembered pizza is a thing.
>> No. 376873
Well, what are you waiting for?
>> No. 376875
God knows I have, for like 6 months now.
>tfw NYC is like 1500 miles away
>> No. 376879
So the cat shelter I volunteer at had our annual charity auction/dinner thing last night. As the technical co-ordinator, I was in charge of tallying bids/getting receipts/not fucking things up (which I managed to mostly do). Overall it went well, though we didn't take in as much as last year (we also had less people, so it might work out to the same $/person, but it's still disappointing).

Thing is, this is pretty much my "big thing" for the year. The only social event I go to, and I'm working behind the curtains.

Probably for the best, though, since I figured out that it hurts to be too happy. Also the dress pants I wore only fit because I used the wrong connector; unless I can lose at least 30 pounds, I will never wear them again. (Which means I will never wear them again, as I'm quite lazy. Also I hate hate hate hate hate getting dressed up)
>> No. 376893
File 136720728395.jpg - (203.02KB , 640x478 , tumblr_mj8y0pNiwx1rnd61vo1_1280.jpg )
Finally got my Begg, now I'm just waiting on my falcutta and Taurus judge, the judge is caught up in yet another legal snafu over it's ammunition being .44 but I am fairly certain I can easily win that on the multiple chambers and my only desire for it being 000 buck protection and occasional varmint removal.

Year 3 of the judge acquisition saga ~WHEE~
>> No. 376894
I'm not sure how you're supposed to carry that without ripping yourself a new one or four.
>> No. 376896
Plastic sheath on a belt or thigh sling, plus mine is less impractical than that one.
>> No. 376911
Good news! I'm officially far enough out of depression for brushing my teeth to have value again. Bleeding gums are pretty neat. Also, little things are worth yelling over and human contact no longer annoys me. I have very little control over my emotions, though. Crying for no reason is nice, in a weird way.

I guess this is my way of explaining I'm probably seeing a psychiatrist or something in the next month. My mom found a free medical place of some sort or another, and I said I'd go if she went and at least got her prescriptions rechecked. It does dental and head shrinking and stuff. I'm really fucking nervous.
>> No. 376912
File 136722680967.png?spoiler - (459.95KB , 436x615 , BL1 Tannis.png?spoiler )
I'm really happy for you man, I hope it works out great.

On an unrelated note, I finally figured out who you remind me of.
>> No. 376913

Hang in there bro.

Your fellow anon has almost 8 years of depression in his sack.
>> No. 376914
Silly Slowpoke, the two options are that I'm crazy and can't afford medication or that I'm fine. In the latter case I have a few questions to meditate upon.

Also, I'm updating my look like/act like/want to be chart. And then bitching about how it's not /co/ related in every thread I see for it. Thank you.
>> No. 376915
We'll all hang on together, until we can build a human tower to the ground. And then we scorch the earth.
>> No. 376917
>human contact no longer annoys me.

Wait, wait, wait - legit question here. Is this a valid symptom of depression?
>> No. 376918
Crying for no reason is one of the nicest feelings in the universe.

Depends on which form of depression you have, Manic Depressives in particular suffer from it due to increased irritability.
>> No. 376921
File 13672436438.jpg - (123.83KB , 300x900 , 3qcjz8.jpg )
>want to see health specialists for my problems instead of my shitty general doctor
>they're all an hour's drive away
>> No. 376926
File 136724921327.jpg - (46.73KB , 351x615 , 1362978679622.jpg )
>presentation due date on handout says next week
>actually due this week
>specifically today
>> No. 376933
I knew it wasn't mine. And I knew it was kind of rude. But I opened the box.

I remember how it all started. A thread on 4chan. My friend was making this stupid thread about what was in his box. I thought it was pretty fucking gay, and just watched T.V. while he laid on his bed, clicking away on his lap top and laughing to himself.

"Hey bro," he called out to me, "I'm going to Taco Bell. Watch my box."

"Err," I said, "Is it going to do anything?"

He just laughed and grabbed his jacket. Moments later he was gone.

I approached the box. I watched it carefully. I knew there was something inside that I probably wasn't supposed to see. If it weren't meant to be private... my friend would have opened it by now.

I couldn't help myself. I opened it anyway. There was a woman inside. A real life, breathing, woman.

More than that. It was movie actress Emma Stone.

As soon as the box was opened, she leaped out in a panic.

"Oh Gangsta Squad," Emma Stone cried, "You are so manly!"

I knew it was true, but that didn't stop me from having my way with her. From sliding the bottom of her red dress up to reveal that milky white ass.

"Hmph," I grunted, mildly amused, "No panties."

"No. Never," she said in a hushed prayer.

I smacked that milky white until it was as red as her dress.

"Do you like being smacked red by the Gangsta Squad ma'am? Do you like it when I turn your butt cheeks into dirty tomatoes?"

"YES!" Emma Stone screamed, "YES, IM A TOMATO!"

And then she actually transformed to a tomato and the whole situation was just kind of perplexing.
>> No. 376934
I got mugged today.
>> No. 376935
That sucks. It's happened to my friend like 3 times already.
>> No. 376937
omg wat happen
>> No. 376938
Wow. You lead an exciting life.
>> No. 376939
File 136728939657.jpg - (58.26KB , 856x482 , return-of-the-killer-tomatoes.jpg )
Blast! Our Emma Stone Tomato was a complete failure!
Mmmm...perhaps our Emma Watson tomato will show better results.
Igor! Grab the spunges!
>> No. 376940
Shit, are you ok?
Are you hurt?
>> No. 376941
one guy came up to me and just casually said gimme the bag. I was just fucking confused then three guys ganged up on me
took some cash and the DS with an R4 I had in my backpack.

and i feel really fucking stupid because they werent even armed to begin with and I even fucking chased them but i was started feeling weak at the knees and they then started throwing rocks at me and fuck fuck aaa

I just play the damn scene over and over thinking what i should have done
And I just want to stop thinking about it but I feel relief saying it Idk I dfk
>> No. 376942
im fucking fed up
this fucking town man
>> No. 376943
Well, at least you weren't beaten up or worse.
>> No. 376944
File 13672931636.gif - (1.05MB , 499x341 , b0npvRC.gif )
Ugh, getting mugged sucks. I'm sorry to hear that.
>> No. 376945
We are happy that you are so fine.
>> No. 376947
Well, your safety is more important.
Glad you didn't get hurt. Sorry it happened to you though.
>> No. 376948
How well do you think you could've taken 3 dudes? As in: are you in any way trained to fight?

Look, even if you were trained to fight, engaging 3 people at the same time is difficult, and would just as likely have landed you on the ground, beaten, your stuff gone and you possibly injured. It's shitty but, living to fight another day is sometimes preferable.
>> No. 376950
They always go for the cute ones, don't they

nah. I've been meaning to learn krav maga but gdi

they weren't armed, and they weren't even fit enough to face me without pretending they were pulling out a knife or throwing rocks from a distance

its that kind of thing
>> No. 376952
Ah, fuck, I know how shitty it feels to get mugged.

>and i feel really fucking stupid because they werent even armed to begin with

And I DEFINITELY know how shitty that feels. Same thing happened to me a few years back.

I wish I could say something nice or encouraging, but really it just fucking sucks and that's all there is to it. I hope you feel better soon.
>> No. 376953
Oh shit!
That's terrible, but at least you're not hurt. And I'm glad you're fine.
And I can understand that fucking feeling, so rage fueling.
>> No. 376955
Freegles, you are a fragile meat entity and three on one would kill you. Probably easily. You did the smart thing.
>> No. 376956

Thanks guys.
In the end, I think I'm still thankful I am where I am. Poor guys'll end up dead the way the state is operating these days. Its just the massive difference in classes there is here. And in every 3rd world country ever...
And I guess I should learn something from this.
My nan, if I told her and if she could, I'm sure would say "Pray for them."
Heh. Of course I wish they'd burn scorched in hell but... Sigh. Its just one of those things.



...I wonder if this is karma for all the times I said "Mug Him" on here.
>> No. 376961
there are actually like 10 people in my class that are against wikileaks

and even more are against violent video games
>> No. 376963
What class?
>> No. 376972
Oh yeah, on Sunday I felt sick so I went to the emergency and it turns out I had heart arrhythmia. The funny part was that they asked me if I had been ingesting any alcohol, coffee or hard drugs, I mentioned the pot smoking and they just waved it off.

Anyway, I'm fine, probably just an isolated stress induced incident from all the not sleeping and not eating I was doing.

Stay on your meds, kids.


Chin up, my brother got mugged/beat up and he was a ten year old at the time. Just because they were unnarmed doesn't mean they couldn't beat the shit out of you, or to death, for that matter.
>> No. 376973
File 136735691847.png - (630.42KB , 766x470 , high high fecitious joy.png )
>Grow hair out

>Grandmother tries to give me homosexual intervention
>> No. 376975

it's full of women, some of them wives of military men
>> No. 376976

You can put me on that list, as far as putting people in danger goes. Exposing scandals is fine, but I have reservations for putting people's lives on the line.
>> No. 376978
The best argument I've heard for violent video games is pointing out Canadians play the exact same games yet somehow manage to have way lower violent crime rates.
>> No. 376981

Canadians are too passive to be criminals, eh. Wolverine is the only tough Canadian I can think of, and he's not even real, eh.
>> No. 376983
Break their nose and they'll just say "sorrie".
>> No. 376984

>"Sorrie, eh"

>> No. 376986
File 136737120743.jpg - (151.93KB , 500x636 , Luis Ricardo Faléro Departure of the witches.jpg )
WOO! Done with finals!

Also, Happy Walpurgisnacht/Beltane/May Day to everyone!
>> No. 376987
My bad, eh.

>April 30th
>May Day

Are you a time traveler?
>> No. 376989
File 136737724841.jpg - (186.42KB , 500x537 , monty python.jpg )
For fuck's sake Tumblr, it's a fucking baby.
Maybe when his balls drop he can make his own decisions.
Fuck you.
>> No. 376996
The original Hellboy movie is nine years old now.
time. stahp.
>> No. 377002
>girl in my class asks me for a scantron
>don't have any extras so she gets one from someone else
>feel great for next hour or so because a girl talked to me

Haha, wow, Self. Wow.

>feeling pissed off later on
>start punching myself in the face to relieve stress, which I haven't done since I was suicidal
>actually make my lip bleed a little, which I've never done before
>feel immense pride

It's been a good day.
>> No. 377003
>> No. 377006
File 136739416223.jpg - (210.06KB , 485x567 , 1296034310386.jpg )
Please get help.
>> No. 377017
I am the angriest I've been in a very, very long time. It's not but for the grace that I haven't gotten violent.
Holy shit.
I'm not in an elaborating mood, I just needed to tell someone. Thanks for being there, +4.
>> No. 377021
uh very little that wikileaks has ever posted has been an actual threat to currently running operations.
>> No. 377023
everyone's got issues, everyone has something to be sad about, everyone has wanted to escape everything at some point. I think about this a lot. I look at other people - baristas, the old guy at the convenience store, people walking down the street - and tell myself that the whole world is full of people who feel just like me and somehow are still making it.

why do I always want to run? what I am running from, what am I looking for? my life is pretty ok.

does anyone else get those prophetic dreams? two years ago I had a very specific one about my current job, down to the walk-in setup, the sauces in cambros, the view outside, the empty kebabs. I've had quite a few of these and every time I realize my dream is fulfilled, I feel one step closer to something. like I'm on the right track. these dreams are what have kept me going even when shit got too hard - I always knew that somehow I'd end up okay. I've had several of these moments in the past few months so I should be fine here, I should probably stay, but every other part of me is telling me to go.
>> No. 377026

I'm aware. I'm speaking out about the few instances.

That being said, I'm not against dirty laundry being exposed.
>> No. 377028
You know those muscles you use to hold your sneeze in?

Well I think mine are dying. They're not working anymore.
>> No. 377030
Man, if you have a commute to work, I highly recommend getting some history lectures from iTunesU. They're free and the majority of them have been really interesting. The top two would have to be from Yale, Early Middle Ages and The American Revolution.
>> No. 377035
no, fuck you.
>> No. 377041
I ordered some stuff from a friends etsy shop and now I can't stop smiling. I even got a little note.
>> No. 377048
>> No. 377062
Disregard that, I do not suck cocks. Why am I even here?
>> No. 377073


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
>> No. 377090
>does anyone else get those prophetic dreams?

Yeah, I do. There were two specific instances I know I dreamed of beforehand, but they were both pretty weird. One was a self-fulfilling prophecy kinda thing, which really threw my head for a loop.

The other future-dream was sort of the opposite of self-fulfilling, since it didn't actually happen. When I got to the place and time I dreamed about, I recognized it and did things differently than in my dream. I knew if I hadn't had that dream, the events of the dream would have happened, but because I dreamed about it happening it didn't. Dunno if that really counts as a prophetic dream or not.

I actually get kinda scared that some of the dreams I have now are prophetic. Like a few nights ago I dreamed a really depressed, old, obese ugly bearded woman asked me out on a date. I felt too bad to say no so I just mumbled something (which is probably what I would do, since I am a coward) and then woke up. It was probably just a manifestation of some unconscious bullshit, but there's the tingling fear in the back of my head that THE PROPHECY SHALL COME TO PASS.

On a slightly related note, the animated movie Waking Life is about dreams and is really really good. I recommend it to you all.

Funny, people have told me I look like Edward Norton.

And yeah, I know. I'm gonna try talking to a psychiatrist in a few weeks.
>> No. 377091
omg your spoiler comment is old. old as balls.
>> No. 377115
I think that the number of bad relationships I've had has finally wedged itself into my brain and I'm having a difficult time being fully invested in my new relationship as a result.

>> No. 377118
I haven't been able to go to sleep until 6am for the past couple of weeks.

What the heck is wrong with me.
>> No. 377120
Come back when it's been months.
>> No. 377129
File 136750297459.jpg - (79.44KB , 900x506 , 1334493605106.jpg )
>history class
>cute girl with glasses sitting behind me
>start talking about snipers during WW1
>girl goes "can I be a sniper?"
>some people laugh
>turn around and smile "nope, snipers need 20/20 vision"
>realize I just sounded like an insensitive prick
>"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean..."
>she looks sad and looks away "no, it's ok..."
>> No. 377133
Yeck... I hate having to do stuff during the day. I'm sleepy and I want to go to bed.

Kinda wish I did have dreams like that.
>> No. 377137
>> No. 377144
I now have a prescription for prozac. Yay.
>> No. 377150

Ugh, no no no no nononono.

I can't even do something crazy to fix it like stay up all day and all night 'cause I've got shit to do tomorrow. If I don't get some sleep I'll be like some kind of eldritch horror.
>> No. 377155
My stomach feels like I swallowed an atom bomb.
>> No. 377156
Oh right, Obama is visiting the country and I got a free day from work because of that.
Too bad things are going mostly people protesting about it (things haven't been nice for our godawful government).

I find funny how the internet glorifies Obama as some kind of nerd hero, while in Costa Rica, a lot of people mostly don't like him due the whole anti-imperialism political thing and other people think he's gonna solve all the problems of this country like a fairy godfather.
Guess his charisma doesn't pass from tumblr.
>> No. 377157
He can solve very few problems by waving a magic wand.
But, enjoy your day off!
>> No. 377160
"If I didn't have bad relationships I wouldn't have any relationships."

This dude called me up again after months of me blowing him off because he wants to spend all his time hanging from trees in a zen like state and that is completely non-congruent with my spazz-ass techno-geek thing. And sure enough, about half way through the conversation he goes "hey do you have your harness wanna hang off a tree or a bridge or something?"

No dude. Just, No. I really think you're the only one who thinks that's cool.
>> No. 377161
Thanks, I know I will.
And actually, I've been having a very free week, since Labor's day was march 1st and I managed to take today for free. And all this has served me for getting more sleep time. I haven't slept well in the last weeks, specially due the sultry weather, some nights have been so hot I can't really get any sleep.
>> No. 377168
Haha what
>> No. 377180
File 136758480268.gif - (31.80KB , 425x248 , uscca-qa-good-holster-whats-a-good-holster.gif )
Oh...well then.

Now I'm just waiting on the falcutta.

Things are coming up roses!

Primary -요지경 (Feat.Mello…youtube thumb
>> No. 377185
Welp, turns out my mom has the family cancer gene after all.

Guess I gotta go get my shit tested.
>> No. 377187
Stomach still feels like an atom bomb went off inside it and I'm digesting the fallout.

Like, I don't feel physically sick or anything, or that I have to take a massive shit, but I didn't eat dinner yesterday and I didn't even feel like eating breakfast this morning.
>> No. 377191
I feel in a constant state of social awkwardness with people, because I am usually introduced to someone for the first time, who throws me into their group of friends who have all known each other for years, and I am afraid to ask what they are talking about.
>> No. 377194
File 136761377236.jpg - (5.92KB , 252x271 , chocolate-milk.jpg )
Chocolate Milk. That is all.
>> No. 377196
File 136761630737.jpg - (46.15KB , 449x604 , 134042837278.jpg )
I sometimes feel like I've stalled as an artist.
>> No. 377197
more posts like this, guise.
>> No. 377202
File 136761830686.jpg - (5.90KB , 289x343 , applejuice.jpg )
>> No. 377208
File 136762437227.gif - (701.13KB , 500x221 , tumblr_mm582050Td1s7zrb6o2_500.gif )
In case you ever questioned Janelle Monae being the best ever.

Janelle Monáe - Q.U.E.E.N. fe…youtube thumb

Oh my God I wish there was something I could do Kid Hate, I hope you and your family become and remain cancer free.
>> No. 377220
i just realized i don't know what the actual line is for when a person is cheating on someone else

i know it depends on the relationship, but my god there are days...
>> No. 377222
It can be a slippery slope, which is why so many relationships can get rocky because of it. Generally any kind of physical contact, especially intimate, falls under the definition.
>> No. 377228
>Generally any kind of physical contact

So, if I mistakenly brush against a chick's ass & she just laughs it off (or even returns the favor), she's cheating on her significant other?
>> No. 377233
That's why I draw the line at that sort of thing: whether she actually feels anything for you, whether that was just a friendly laugh, whether you're doing anything or not, the thing is is that even if you really want to lose your partner, while you are with that person, you have made a commitment to them. And any action seen as being familiar with the person who is in this social contract, whether it's really a sexual action or just an innocent mistake, it can be misinterpreted, it can be used as evidence in larger arguments, you can effectively become an artificial splint in a bad breakup. It's just better to not really do anything that could be construed as trying to purposefully sabotage a relationship.

tl;dr you don't really fuck with touching someone elses' person because it's a slippery slope one way or the other. You brush against, them, you're forced into a tight space once or twice, you bump into each other, whatever; just don't make a habit of it if you or they made a promise to someone else.
>> No. 377242
I wish Twitter wasn't so fun
>> No. 377258
A bestiality and furry porn blog just reblogged a photo of my dog and started following me. Welp.

Thanks, bro. We assumed she didn't inherit it since she's much older than my other family members at their first diagnosis, and she has been cancer free. vOv
>> No. 377259
Take it down and block them.
>> No. 377260
Can you delete a photo that's already been reblogged?
>> No. 377279
yeah. looks like we both non-verbally agreed that we were crossing some lines that her partner would not be keen on. dialing it back.

makes me sad, though. she and i have an important connection, too. that's how commitment goes, i guess. anyone outside of that relationship gets the scraps.

better go kill myself. better go figure out what to do now.
>> No. 377280
Oh my god my neck fucking hurts. I literally cannot turn my head without moving my body with it.
>> No. 377284
I am very drunk and I want you to know that I love you all very much, but I may have fucked some things up. You are all great and I want you to know I would touch all your dongles and whatsitz if that makes you feel good. I'll probably have a thousand words in the morning but I'll reduce it to ten so you won't care.

No, but you can threaten people futilely.

I will eat your neck and you can have mine.
>> No. 377290
File 136774041541.jpg - (17.27KB , 483x346 , 1326780187803.jpg )
What were you two doing??
>> No. 377291
>> No. 377293
What'd you do to it?
>> No. 377296
A few years ago I couldn't turn my neck left at all for at least 2 months. I don't know when it stopped hurting exactly because I had gotten used to just turning.
>> No. 377305
I wish our college had some kind of set-up where people could have dorms to themselves.

There's a lot of kids here right now, some of which can't live at home due to the distance between where-ever they live and campus, but they don't want a roommate, and they're constantly arguing with whoever they share space with, because they don't want to ever share a bathroom or living space with anyone, and just having a roommate, period, annoys the hell out of them. And it's hard for those of us who don't mind.
>> No. 377322
Trying to learn more complicated math than the sort of crap you learn in American grammar and highschool feels like trying to ride a rollercoaster you aren't able to locate the entrance for.
>> No. 377323
No idea.

It probably has to do with me sitting in the exact same position at my desk for too long.
>> No. 377331
File 136785299762.jpg - (5.28KB , 284x178 , dontgiveafuck.jpg )
>Hey Ram. I need to borrow some money
How much?
>some money.
Yeah. Do you plan to pay me back?
>little by little
Like that time I loaned you $130 to pay that bill?
Remember that? How I gave you $130 dollars from that stash composed of the money the paternal grandparents give every year? Ten years worth of it? The only income I've been able to keep since I were 18?
>I paid you back
I wouldn't have spent that $130 on JUNK FOOD and goddamned DVDS! It's emergency money, and I wanted it back in my wallet!
>I still paid you back.
Buy that shit with your own money. Grandma Money is emergency money.
>You still live here and you're going to contribute.
I'm the only one in this family that uses safety razors to shave when they need a haircut, doesn't go to movies, doesn't eat out, doesn't go to the theater, doesn't use or have a cell phone, doesn't drink, and doesn't go on 'joy rides' in the car. You make $45K a year. If I worked minimum wage I'd be lucky to make 15K. Pay your own fucking bills.
>you have no say in how I spend MY money.
That $130 was not yours to spend however you wanted. Candy and fucking movies is not a priority for me and YOU BUY ENOUGH OF THAT SHIT WITHOUT me contributing money to it.
>look, you live here tax free.
Oh, it's taxing, I assure you.
How much do you need?
.. I don't have that much.
>I'll take whatever you have. I really need it.
That's the problem. You take it, I won't have it, and I'll never get it back
>just pay what you can.
I'll give you $250.
>what? Couldn't hear you.
That's 1/6th what you're asking for.
>you SELFISH ASSHOLE! GET OUT! You are officially thrown out! I want you gone by the end of the day!
We've been over this. Call the police and make it official, or you're just blowing smoke.
>boohoo sob run into room crying.
>> No. 377334
File 13678608808.jpg - (25.21KB , 400x400 , fishing twine.jpg )
I've said it before I'll say it again, right on the stairs.
>> No. 377335
File 136786293954.jpg - (46.44KB , 500x333 , fuck this shit.jpg )
>ex and I unexpectedly reconcile and rekindle a beautiful friendship!
>wake up
>haven't spoken to ex in years (and when i did, it was super weird), but still have leftover feels
>> No. 377336
I'm really upset and mad at myself and I wanna fight someone to try and relieve stress and maybe get beat up in the process.
Bad idea all around.
>> No. 377337
also yeah I don't endorse murder, but, y'know, if there's anyone who has it coming
>> No. 377338
I want to kill everyone in this room right now. For a reason that's completely my fault.
>> No. 377339
Oh God, the internet is way too cluttered with videogame shit that is apparently somehow related to the topic I'm trying to research. I- I might have to go to the library.....
>> No. 377342
I'll endorse this murder. Prison will do Ram some good.

What did you do?
>> No. 377343
The idea being not to go to prison, hence the twine.
>> No. 377346
Yeah, but what if she lives. He can't exactly leave the job unfinished at that point.
>> No. 377358
Wow, just wow. That's even worse than the asshole in high school that constantly borrowed money from me and never paid me back a dime. Who the fuck said that, a relative?

Have you considered MMA?
>> No. 377360
File 136792663246.gif - (569.91KB , 500x374 , tumblr_mm1dpnjDtH1qmvy8zo1_500.gif )
His Mom.
>> No. 377362
>> No. 377363
Every time I get annoyed with my mom, I'm reminded she's not nearly as bad as a lot of the moms you guys have. I'm sorry, man, that sucks.
>> No. 377364
Welp. Got the blood test today. Will find out in a few weeks if my mutant power is cancer.

Rame, I am kind of weirded out by the fact that your mom apparently makes signficantly more than either I or possibly my own mom.
>> No. 377365
just try it
>> No. 377367
I don't want to fight competitively because I am scared of permanent or severe injuries sustained from repeated blows over the months/years.
It's why I'm not a boxer.
>> No. 377368
Hey Ram, I'll kill your mom if you kill mine. Then once the cops catch up to us, we can go on the run and make money by killing other people's horrible moms.

The serial mother killers.
>> No. 377383
She's a nurse. Like, Registered. She could fucking move down south and not work in an abysmal fucking boarding home, but I suspect the reason she doesn't move out of maine is because she doesn't want to live around non-whites. She wouldn't phrase it that way, of course.

noooooope. I want to go through life avoiding as much legal issue as absolutely possible.
>> No. 377424
Wow that dumb she could be making twice that much anywhere else depending on certification but she'd probably still be a bitch.
>> No. 377425
>> No. 377427
Oh fuck I think I'm developing lactose intolerance.
>> No. 377430
Autosage hit, new thread >>377393
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