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File 136573885526.jpg - (839.36KB , 5076x3544 , stalinchurchill[1].jpg )
376154 No. 376154
ITT if we had the internet throughout history

>only the Britfag fails to look dignified
How typical.
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>> No. 376157
File 13657440583.jpg - (270.53KB , 610x739 , andrew-jackson.jpg )
You know what? Fuck you, Adams. You think you can get by with that pathetic corrupt bargain of yours? And I don't want your European elitism bullshit in my America either, you'll just make the line between the rich and the poor even bigger than it already is. Asshole.
>> No. 376160
>Benjamin Franklin
>Addicted to prostitutes.
>Button Gwinnett
>Caught beef and got shot.
>Samuel Adams
>Always starting shit.
>Alexander Hamilton
>Caught beef and got shot.

Man, I really wish we had World Star Hip Hop in the 1700s.
>> No. 376162
File 136577242091.png - (59.48KB , 200x250 , jackson-loc.png )
Man I'm so glad Jackson killed the banks, can you imagine the shit we'd have been in a few years down the lane?
>> No. 376179
File 136579794910.jpg - (36.34KB , 409x409 , 1364960885730.jpg )
>needing to look dignified
>> No. 376183
When a filthy Bolshevist and an American are topping you, you're really failing to represent us properly. Next thing you know he'll be letting India go.
>> No. 376243
File 136592133758.jpg - (98.05KB , 699x669 , I really want them to release Tropico East Asia.jpg )
Hey guys! We brought Democracy to Korea using Twitter!
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