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374965 No. 374965
So /baw/, I'd like to work on becoming a big brainy smart smart instead of a dumb brainy dumb dumb. And unfortunately tumblr doesn't come up with intelligent boosting information as frequently as I'd like.

Sure, I could google this stuff, but I trust you random internet strangers enough to ask for your opinion on which sites are the best for educational betterment and self study. Anything you guys use to learn more that costs nothing is great for me.
>> No. 374966
i'll share some links later to things like MIT's free courses. there's an entire movement toward free online education. honestly, it's pretty neat and they're trying new things to make the courses more involving and actually educational, but it's still in its early stages.

before i share those (which will have to be later since i'm getting ready for work) I have to say that what makes people functionally smart is practicing what they learn. don't forget that. you have to practice and make actionable whatever it is you're learning about, otherwise you're just a tourist. a lot of people go through college survey courses thinking they know how to do physics or become an ambassador because they learned a little in school.

so that said, what kind of stuff are you looking to learn?
>> No. 374967
You need one of two things.
1.) Access to books and booksmarts. Be able to teach yourself things.
2.) Access to Brainybrainy Smartsmart people in social circles.

Libraries and book stores will give you stuff to chew on. Mental rawhide or mental deviled eggs depends on the book, your current level of understanding and education, and your ability to learn and comprehend. This requires only an investment of time, effort and comprehension.

Access to Brainysmart People is fine ambrosia, because unlike a book which can often feel like a conversation with an autistic child, going on a diatribe about all the nuances and complexities of pokemon (things you, in this metaphor, find totally alien and unknown) you can ask Brainysmarts to compensate, stop and elucidate on any forking subject even tangentially related to the primary topic. Unfortunately, talking to less educated or perhaps even learning challenged people weighs heavily on Brainysmarts, so don't expect them to educate you too often. They can sometimes take the hassle out of finding worthwhile books fitting of a layman, but just because a person is smart does not mean they can accurately place your own intellect.
>> No. 374979
lol using tumblr

not sure if any of the brain matter is left to salvage
>> No. 374980
The other important thing about talking to brainysmart people is that brainysmart people will tell you when you're missing something, need some challenging, or just plain wrong.

If you just read books, any old stupid idea can get in there.
>> No. 374983
This is another reason why I have such trouble with books learning.
Also, as a child I felt like books spent whole extra paragraphs just wanking around the point.
>> No. 374999
I kinda want to get a reading group going with you folks.

>recent research discussan
>real-world applications speculatan
>knowledge and skill expandan
>> No. 375000
I'd be up for that. How are we going to chose books?
>> No. 375001
girl, you know i'm down to ... there's no synonym for literature or publication that begins with f, but i'm down for science discussion. i just wish we were in similar fields so we could be equally engaged with the material.

i do assume we're talking about that kind of reading group... as opposed to a book club.
>> No. 375003
>i do assume we're talking about that kind of reading group... as opposed to a book club.

I'd be fine with either, really.
>> No. 375005
For the past several months I've mainly been doing a bunch of MOOCs on Coursera, edX, and Udacity. Right now I'm working on Stanford Databases, Intro to Finance, Programming Languages, Intro to Astrobiology, and HTML5 Game Development. I think it's been valuable -- though I also wonder if I'm just mentally chasing after 'certificates' that don't really mean all that much. Also it's so hard to choose what to spend my finite time on; I want to learn so much and never ever specialize...
>> No. 375006

Research articles, news reports, blog posts, or other forms of media; the only criteria I'd shoot for is "doesn't take longer than an hour to consume." Anonymous suggestions and votes made for the following group's assigned material?

But see, the only way I'd see this working is if there were different reading groups for different boards.
>> No. 375007
start with a topic we can agree on, see how many people we can get, and stick to that topic until we can get a feel for other sub-group interests.

we're a plus4chan research group. like you said, this is the general board. we'll need a theme.

also i like where this is going.
>> No. 375009
An article for your brainysmart people on 'do it yourself' seems appropriate.
>> No. 375010
People with a higher IQ absorb information more readily, I could read stacks and stacks of books but it would be useless if I tried to then teach the information to others, I could never master the material with a normal mind, and it would only serve to build more phantoms in the closet of your consciousness to randomly drawl upon you from nowhere in your reflections. A visage of something, but not quite whole.
>> No. 375011
I'd definitely be up for a brainysmart research/discussion group... I just wish I knew what would be a good topic to focus on. My own interests tend to be around computer science, science in general (space/technology/physics/etc), world history, languages (often studying about languages/linguists rather than learning to actually use one), and stuff like that... but I'm really up for branching out and doing whatever.
>> No. 375020
This post generated much better results than I expected and I expected good results.

Guys when do we open our own Watchtower and start solving world problems?
>> No. 375662
so I'm just gonna leave some sites that have helped me the most. betterexplained is my personal favorite when it comes to math (and some programming and business), and if you're not interested in math at all, it might still be wise to observe his methods and try to recreate and apply them to what you are interested in.


Scott Young is a blogger that posts a whole lot of articles with theories he has about methods of learning/being productive. you might get the whole ~gimmicky self help~ vibe from it, but he actually has some interesting ideas/exercises in his free ebook that you could at least skim. he also has a youtube channel and looks eerily like ryan gosling.


and for languages, here's duolingo, which doesn't seem to be very well known, but I got more out of it than 3 years of high school french or 1 of college german, so.

>> No. 375800
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