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File 128717981041.jpg - (40.20KB , 1000x667 , inception_4.jpg )
281812 No. 281812
Dream thread. Post some dreams.

Most recent dream I had involved me Googling an image for the cover for Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills." It was a skull with tusks surrounded by by fire and, for some reason, it was too overwhelming for me to look at. I don't know how to describe it. It just filled up my vision and I couldn't stand it.
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>> No. 281815
File 12871802256.gif - (300.91KB , 300x170 , 15i5ljn.gif )
Hardcore sex dreams, hardcore sex dreams everywhere!
>> No. 281818
trapped in a costco with a bunch of people and one serial killer, the killer is like, drugging people and skinning them alive and shit. The day before I had put a surgical knife (sheathed) in my pocket, and in the dream it was still there so I grabbed it, kind of snuck up behind the killer and stabbed him in the back... he turned around and went 'wtf' so I slashed across the neck, got the jugular but he wasn't dead yet! So I slash his face open, it's all nasty and fake-gorey and I keep slicing and he still isn't dying! So we had a fight-chase-scene and eventually I got his head off AND HE'S STILL ALIVE.

I went 'wtf' and I woke up! and that knife was still in my pocket lol.
>> No. 281828
File 128718108693.jpg - (60.13KB , 910x937 , 1282373192265.jpg )
I had a few


me when 6 years old: O hey magic sky castle, this sure is fu... OH GOD IM FALLING, oh hey a magical unicorn that will sav.... OH GOD ITS STABBING ME

me when 7 years old: there's a mummy chasing me... but the fucker is slow as shit.

>> No. 281853

also lots of intense verbal foreplay.
>> No. 281859
I rarely remember any of my dreams. and normally when I do they run together into one dream that makes no logical, or illogical, story.
>> No. 281861
File 128718548314.png - (278.13KB , 500x333 , 1280437496786.png )

>gf: I had a dream about you last night!
>me: Me too! What was yours like?
>gf: ....
>me: ...sex dream? Me too...
>gf: ...wanna hear mine?


Nightmares with irl settings and details are the worst. I had one recently where like, a slow-moving, Michael Meyers sorta slasher with a mask was lurching towards me, and I kept trying to enter the code to unlock the doors on my car, and I. KEPT. GETTING. IT WRONG!

A few nights later I go to the supermarket right around closing time. I'm typing in the code. I hear a rattling noise. I get nervous and get the code wrong. Footsteps, a weird rustling. Get the code wrong again! Turn and see just a homeless guy with a bag of cans. Gave him a buck and then sped the fuck out of there. 0.0;


see pic
>> No. 281870
Oddly enough, all of my nightmares lately have been about failure, not death. I usually end up powerless, and it's awful.
>> No. 281871
4 AM Max needs to stop making pudding.
>> No. 281874
No matter what's happening in the dream, no matter how fast I try and run, it's like I'm on a hill in semi-slow motion, not enough for it to be ovious, but just enough that running feels awkward.

Also SEX DREAMS rarely, and usually pertaining to fetishes I do not enjoy.
>> No. 281877
i rarely have sex dreams
the last time i got anywhere remotely near sex in a dream was having a conversation with a lovely young woman in a bedroom, culminating in her bidding me farewell and leaving

of course maybe i just dont remember my sex dreams
>> No. 281882
violent dreams are more common, though i tend to be an ineffective fighter in dreams, i at least manage to put up a good resistance before waking up

a dream i had a day or two ago was notable in that i was sort of winning, i and other people trapped in a strange compound were outsmarting and gaining an upper hand against someone in a contraption who was trying to run us over. the dream ended when we managed to drive away the contraption after wounding the driver somehow, and we were in pursuit of it for once instead of the other way round
>> No. 281897
I had a lot of dreams about being eaten by bears as a kid, and also one dream where I was driving Megas.

Nowadays when I dream, it's usually just a weird twist on something I'm planning to do in a few days and doesn't do anything but confuse me on what day it is when I wake up.

I don't think I've ever actually had a sex dream. Meh.
>> No. 281943
I thought I'd never have a naked-at-school dream because IDGAF about being naked so if I suddenly was starkers during a presentation I'd just keep going provided nobody, like, freaked out or called the police.

But I had a dream last night where I was naked at school and I hadn't shaved my legs. So I spend my time freaking out at a desk, desperately hoping people would be too busy staring at my tits to notice my hairy bear legs.

Goes to show you, anxiety dreams will find a way.
>> No. 281952
I've been dreaming a lot recently.
Mostly about monsters.
And demons.
And dying.
...and sex.
>> No. 281969
Man, I don't even get proper sex dreams, they're always mixed in with some kind of plot and I wake up before the sex actually happens. I dreamt I was in an airport cafe waiting for a flight, and a blond girl with freckles sat down across from me and kissed me on the cheek. Didn't know who she was, but she smiled at me and then we were under Eiffel tower in the rain, we were all alone and kissing, and we were peeling off each others wet clothes when I woke up. And then I had another dream where I was on some kind of ancient temple complex with lapis lazuli and marble floors and idols and columns and all that shit; the whole thing slowly rising out of the sea. It was night, and I was racing around being chased by some Lovecraftian creature and then I saw a set of steps leading up to a curtain, and I opened it and there was a lady in a kimono who took off my wet clothes and gave me tea and we were making out but I woke up before anything happened!

My subconcious is a freaking pussyblock. Also I guess I have a fetish for wet clothes?
>> No. 281972
File 128719970041.jpg - (24.30KB , 330x228 , old-canadian-train.jpg )
I forget most of my dreams, but one in particular's always stuck with me.

I was a passenger on a train, one of those types they used in the days of the Old West. Over the course of the dream, other passengers are murdered/vanish, and the situation turns into a who-dunnit. Finally, one of the remaining passengers, an old woman, was about to be taken by whatever had taken/killed the other missing passengers. The last bit of the dream I remember is me reaching out to her, yelling "No!"

At this point, my mom had woken me up. I was in a cold sweat, and she said that I yelled out "No!" in my sleep.

Now that I think of it, my dream seems like a rip-off of that chapter of "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door".
>> No. 282307
I had a dream the night before last where I had a Seinfeldian conversation about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Degrassi with a man with no hands and woman who had been cut in half in the afterlife's waiting room.

One of those things you wake up from wondering what the hell that was about.
>> No. 282310
So, I start out as a goldfish in a garage full of useless rubbish. I decide I want to explore the world in an oddly kids film-like way.
I then go on a cruise ship, which for some odd reason, turns into a plane at the middle of my dream.
I meet a couple that is getting married on a lift (...As in, the marriage ceremony is going on... on the lift) and when we get to the "top floor", I guess, we see we're crashing in a junkyard full of destroyed planes.
Then, I remember exploring a bit, then being picked up by armed forces. And being forced into joining in as some sort of commanding sharpshooter.
Then a battle goes on, I pick off a rag-tag team that looks taken out of a bad movie, (the nerd, the jap, the black guy and the coffee-loving chick) but I can't get the chick, and she keeps taunting me by showing me her coffee mug. And... it starts over.

So, yeah...

One of the more lucid dreams I've had. The closest I've gotten to remembering everything without actually being *lucid.*
I think I'm making progress.
>> No. 282326
So many sex dreams... Goddamn.
>> No. 282328

Can you give me some of yours?
>> No. 282329
ya sher y not
>> No. 282374
here's a fun thing: take some melatonin and THEN talk about your dreams.

seriously, shit gives me; not only dreams which were rare before, but the craziest dreams.

picture like, water world but the world is made of a bubble and it has that cool rainbow effect going on with it, that was the ocean and I was on a floating dock that doubled as a pirate town, and one of the pirates was dressed almost exclusively in pink feathery shit, and he seemed to be the boss.
>> No. 282874
File 128757086119.png - (100.20KB , 341x638 , 1279838956321.png )
Princess Bubblegum and I went to the fairy market. Princess Bubblegum ate some fairy cake and candy that looked like baby intestines, so she was so out of it that I had to lead her out and keep her from being kidnapped by fairies.
The sights at the market will fuel my drawings and writing for quite a while.
>> No. 282883
Last night I had my first teeth-falling-out dream in a while, possibly ever.
>> No. 282892
File 128758429849.jpg - (60.00KB , 600x550 , scorpio_by_mariyanikiforova.jpg )
The other night I dreamed I had become the caretaker of this old house, which happened to have been owned by some sort of mad scientist and the whole place was teeming with ghosts and monsters. A lot of the dream was just wandering around, seeing all sorts of creatures and weird architecture, but the highlight was when a sort of scorpion woman (pic related, it's roughly what she looked like, save that she had claws in place of hands) took a liking to me, which pissed off this scorpion man who had his sights set on her. Then the rest of the dream was me and the scorpion lady barricaded in a room to keep the guy out, and while he's out there ranting and trying to break in, she starts getting flirty.
>> No. 282953

confirmed for batshit dream maker, I don't even remember what it was but all I remember is that it was insane because I woke up and was freaked the fuck out
>> No. 283008
I keep having dreams where I am trying to scream but can't.
>> No. 283064
I was with Dean and Sam, saving people, hunting things.

The two best nights of my life.
>> No. 283068
Last night's dream: I was, for some reason, driving around (but with a viewpoint from outside the car) trying to find my friends, who had gone ahead somewhere without me. Anyway, I got lost and pulled off into a side street to turn around. My pov is from the sidewalk, and as I watch my car reverse into a random driveway...

This huge truck just plows into my car, totals it. I feel a pain in my chest, look down and there's this huge hole in my chest, and I realise that I can't breathe because I'm choking on my own blood. What was weird was that I was totally calm about the whole thing. It took me about a minute to die and then I woke up and thought, "huh, that was interesting."

Then I somehow fell out of bed cause I was waaaay too close to the edge.
>> No. 283073
File 128764251313.gif - (13.00KB , 160x247 , keeptrollin.gif )
I guess I had a plus4-related dream last night? It sure was interesting!

I was working as a dishwasher at a some nice steakhouse in NYC, and when I went on my break there was a huge crime scene outside the restaurant. Turned out Pablo was dead. The cops said he had 'overdosed' on marijuana and shot himself, but of course that was bulllshit. I suspected foul play!

So I posted about it on here, added photos of the crime scene and then everyone was like, stepping into the photos through their computer screens to get to the crime scene, and then I had a trenchcoat and a fedora because I was a private investigator, and somehow I used my problem-sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of the business. There might have been a few hysterical dames involved, but eventually we found out Pablo's once-trusted buddy Little Bear (the cartoon) had gotten into some nasty business some gang, and some thug had ended up firing a bullet at the wrong guy. Little Bear had already fled the country, but then the Canadian plus4 folk captured the little son of a bitch and made him pay.
>> No. 283075
What a Silly Billy.
>> No. 283105
last night i've had the strangest dream, a whole crowd of gay men fisting each other in the ass in horrifying extreme detail.

i'm not gay

>> No. 283106

Maybe you got pulled into someone else's dream.
>> No. 283107
I don't dream

So pretty much I'm dead until I wake up
>> No. 283123
Nah, that's his dream, he's just lying about not being gay.
>> No. 283194
Okay, so I was in this ruined, overgrown ancient city, filled with hordes of the undead and magical beasties. I was running through the whole area trying desperately to complete some obscure magic ritual that I don't understand at all to make things right, because the world was ruled over by gods (definitely plural, they were tangible beings with distinct personalities, very Greek pantheon type deal) that had been infected by some kind of extradimensional madness and were now trying their damndest to kill each other.

So I was fumbling my way through these ruins, pretty much unhindered by the undead, who I could kind of breeze past, but scared shitless of the horsemen of the apocalypse, who were loose and stalking me. It was the typical four accompanied by two others, Insanity and Power. They were mostly trying to kill me, but were also at war with these wandering colossi, huge glowing giants named Mercy, Forgiveness, Honor and Love, so they were at least distracted, but they could also pretty much appear anywhere at anytime and kill me as soon as look at me. Also I had to kill the giants as well, which I seemed kind of sad about, but it was part of the ritual.

Most of the dream is all ready getting kind of hazy, and I've lost a lot of the details (I think there was someone with me at one point, but she died fairly early on), so as far as I can tell I was mostly just running around clueless and frightened out of my wits. I do recall at one point I had to sneak into a massive cavern filled with just millions of vicious goblin-like creatures, and I had to get into the center, talk to their leader and trick him somehow, but I was stuck pretty much in the doorway cause I couldn't find my Thief's Ring (lol Demon Souls) in my bag of magic rings, and without it I couldn't take more than a few steps into the room without the creatures very pointedly smelling the air and licking the floor around my feet trying to find me. I also recall very, worryingly vividly being a demigod at one point, wandering around through the chaos, bitter that the higher gods got more attention than me, and coming across one of the horseman's mounts unattended. It had been wounded in battle, and I took the opportunity to flay it alive with my bare hands.

It was a pretty disturbing dream to have, and it made me very uncomfortable, but mostly all I can think now is it would make a sweet video game.

polite sage because no one wants to hear my messed up shit, and I'd feel pretty awkward about it being at the top of the board anyway.
>> No. 283384
Had a dream about a girl I knew in high school, which freaked me out a little, because I hadn't thought about her in a long while.
>> No. 283392
Last night I dreamt that everything I said came with it's own consequences written in floating neon letters about my head. It reminded almost exactly of the old fortune feature from 4chan. I need to get off this internet. :I
>> No. 283395
party doesn't stop. jesus christ.
>> No. 283399

Can you drag me into one of your dreams one night?
>> No. 283405
File 128777491416.jpg - (70.12KB , 676x507 , yaranaika.jpg )
ya, no freehaven.
>> No. 283406
That sounds weirdly coherent for a dream, but if you're telling the truth you have the most awesome dreams.
>> No. 283433
File 128778808162.jpg - (38.34KB , 395x416 , 121895411327.jpg )
Rorschach serenaded me in an empty mall ("I just want to hold your haaaand!"). Meanwhile, Nite Owl slipped on a wet spot in the jewelry store and cried over his broken ankle, embarrassing Silk Spectre irrevocably.
>> No. 283435
File 128778824541.jpg - (270.14KB , 1585x1266 , 121565129640.jpg )
>> No. 283586
Last night I had a dream that I was in a liquor store and Coela and her roommates came in. We gossipped for a bit and then I told them they could crash at my place. When we got to my place it was ridiculousy huge for some reason with really stupid floor layouts. After wandering around tons of rooms with a bunch of pillows and the curtains from total eclipse from the heart we wound up upstairs. Also there were ghosts everywhere. Or just one ghost a lot of places I don't know how ghosts work. Anyways at the top of the stairs there was a ghost and I had to beat him in a fiddle contest. I won cause I'm awesome and there was a ps3 in the locked room.

Then my alarm woke me up.
>> No. 283930
Debbie Harry leading a group of recently defrosted, murderous velociraptors with purple laser guns on white hoverbikes, in a prop warehouse/swamp.
>> No. 283945
File 128804727932.png - (58.19KB , 235x170 , 1286336277756.png )
All happened in one dream, no particular order:

- Roger Rabbit was being made up of balloons at an airport, while trying to remember how he got there.

- There were were these various rides designed for certain ages that a bunch of the Venture Bros. cast were on. Dean was on the wrong one and it fell apart in the pool. In order to save him the whole cast had to line up with Brock in the front. Apparently this could only be accomplished by watching an episode of Metalocalypse and as soon as the episode came on they would have to be pierced by a spear.

- Smoked my first cigarette, and as soon as I pulled it away it burst into flames.

- Something involving motor boats.

- Something taking place at a mall, where someone was being chased by two other people, and had to do various things to disguise him/herself to hide, like cover him/herself with coal. It also involved Digimon at the top of the stairs, specifically Gatomon, Wizardmon, and Myotismon, and Kari sprouting angel wings when Myotismon Digivolved.
>> No. 283964
File 128805235392.jpg - (430.67KB , 750x1116 , DOUBLE_K___035_by_captainosaka.jpg )
I was having an amazing dream that had like, a slow build up. There was all these people in this house or like, a community center or something. Anyway they're talking about how all these horrible things happened on the property and this one guy is getting mad about them. And some how, I knew the spirits of the place had possessed him.

He was getting more and more angry and his friends were talking about what to do. It sounds boring but the tension of it all was amazing. I just knew shit was about to go down. But before anything awesome could happen my cat knocked half of the stuff off my dresser and woke me up. Couldn't go back to sleep.

Image is my face.
>> No. 284125
File 128812006113.jpg - (15.29KB , 400x343 , sadbatman.jpg )
>I'm at my LCS
>First two hardcover volumes of Devilman are there
>Buy them
>Wake up
>> No. 284155
Finally an interesting one.

Okay so this dream involved a tribunal of matrons and a talking attack dog. I don't remember the details, but there were lots of sick people who I was supposed to help get medicine to, an acquaintance of mine who kept calling over a holograph phone who wanted to have sex with me but didn't get around to it, and some kind of escape plan after getting captured by the matrons.

I can't remember much of it, as per that xkcd comic that depicts how most memories of dreams go. That talking dog was kind of a pain in the ass, but she made for good conversation.
>> No. 284230
ring ring ring
Hello this is Ferrous
>ferrous let's have sex.
No bro I am delivering vaccines.
>...are you sure?
Shit bro I am so busy right now.
>but look at my ~naked hologram bawd-
Vaccines. Talking dog. Busy
>> No. 284239
File 128814589145.jpg - (38.01KB , 456x580 , ff is srs business time.jpg )
ya p. much
>> No. 284375
i dont even dream much so this one was odd
so its 11am and for some reason i am getting of at the station i usually get on (usually at 6am). suddenly i realise i dont have my shoes on, i cant really go to work without them so i go to call someone to pick me up when i realise i dont have my pants either, im still wearing a towel. im not even embarressed, im just trying to rectify the situation. and thats about all i remember.
>> No. 284378

Oh man for a minute I though Pablo was greentexting his own dream from last night.

I was like: "what"
>> No. 284585
"Step right up and meet the amazing Hammer Smith for only $10! $20 to actually talk to him."

There was another in which I had all the women and it really bothered someone.
>> No. 284586
Was it me.
Dammit how am I supposed to be happy if you have all the women standing in my way to reach you ;_;
>> No. 284591
Dreamed I met Coelasquid. She was 4 feet tall and looked like Oghren from Dragon Age, minus the beard. She could fly for some reason. She was pretty neat.
>> No. 284592
Sounds about right.
>> No. 284617
File 128829125564.jpg - (40.24KB , 509x385 , everything_went_better_than_expected.jpg )
>Somehow get engaged to a girl who might or might not be related to me
>I'm really not ready to make this kind of commitment
>Gilbert Gottfried is singing at the wedding
>Wake up
>> No. 284715
File 12883187865.jpg - (399.49KB , 1280x1942 , 1286555054243.jpg )
I was deadpool in my dream. I was in an empty convention hall, trying to find a man that was possessed by a god that I was paid to kill.
When I found him he was standing in the corner, facing the wall. I shouted at him to turn around.
He did so, pointed at my gun and laughed. I looked down and saw it had turned into a light blue, plastic, hello kitty covered water gun. I was so embarrassed! I tried running away to look for more weapons, but I could only find plates of omelets and pancakes. He easily caught up to me and said I wasn't even worth killing. He raised his hand and said he was giving me the psychic equivalent of an acid hit.
The rest of the dream I was still Deadpool, only running around this swirly, technicolor psychedelic wasteland trying to find my way out.
>> No. 284792
File 128836893257.jpg - (79.96KB , 593x487 , isnt she gorgeous mate.jpg )
I dreamed I was taking a bath and as I go to get out there's four huge spiders chilling on the edge of the tub; two Mexican red-knees (one fuckhuge, one palm size), a Goliath bird-eater, and a Brazilian black. Every time I tried to stand up or even shift my weight in the water one or some or all of them would turn suddenly and do that thing where they rear up with two or four legs in the air. This continued for maybe half an hour until the tub started to get deeper and deeper and when I could stand in it I just walked out the door in the side of the tub but then the water spilled into the kitchen and my mom got pissed and I woke up.
>> No. 284852
I had a dream last night where I was watching this movie. It reminded me of Children of Men, except darker (yeah I know). It was only like an hour and eight minutes long, so I thought it'd be cool to watch, but I kept coming to this part where there are all these partially decomposed bodies half-buried in a long hill of sand that was only like five feet tall. The perspective looked like I was someone or something crawling among the bodies and I expected one of them to come back to life for some reason.

But the main character of the movie was some kid trapped in a big building, like a weird sort of science lab with a lot of floors that all opened up to the central area (like a hotel, only smaller). Instead of rooms, there were all these compartments. The boy only saw in one, and there were these two really big cats with no legs. I mean, they were about the size of tigers, but they were orange and white housecats. There was something wrong with them so they couldn't reproduce normally, so the people kept them here where they could be taken care of and stuff. This guy who was like a janitor or something kept trying to find the boy and he was the villain, even though the boy just got locked in when he accidentally stayed after closing time. I skipped forward to the end of the movie and the last scene is the kid and his friends on a bridge near a city at night and they all jump for joy air at once and the frame freezes in that cliche movie way. I have no idea how we got from piles of dead bodies to jumping for joy.
>> No. 284938
I dreamt I was the only person in the world with eyes, and everyone else had precious stones sewn into their sockets. I was some low-caste servant type, and was my job to scoop out the eyes of young children. I used the same melon-baller I used in culinary school, and the kids had been drugged and were all stretched out on iron-wood platforms, naked save for thin feather-robes, in this huge, black marble hall that was open to the sky (pink-streaked with the odd dragon flying overhead), with all these channels cut in the floor leading to a drain at one end. When I finished a child these little bipedal mole-like animals, who had eyes, would bind leather strips around the sockets and one would carry them away while another had a long, thin snake that wrapped around his neck and carried a water-skin besides. The snake acted as a living hose that rinsed the eyes and gore into the channels. There were hundreds of children, all thin-skinned and delicate like papercraft birds, and they never stirred.

When I was finished it was dark, but the moles had hung strong-scented candles everywhere, and by their light we finished cleaning the hall before we snuffed them out. It was then the children woke, and their weeping was just a murmur from the soft, hidden bedchambers they had been put in. I was inspecting the gems and stones to be sewn into their sockets with another mole when I first heard it, and we halted our talk to listen.

Eventually we were sitting on the steps of the marble pavilion and drank tea watching the caravans of the royal families coming to pick up their children in the morning. They were quite far off, and the only lights visible were those used for the huge reptilians drawing them down the road, and I looked at the stars and felt ashamed for seeing them, having eyes like an animal.

and then I woke up!
>> No. 285091
File 128847286941.jpg - (45.16KB , 800x600 , batman.jpg )
Second dream in two nights. That's some sort of record for me.

The entire dream felt like a mixture of an animated Batman movie done in the style of the animated series and some generic action movie. The action movie part came first; I don't remember much of it except where Batman was in a gunfight with these guys in a helicopter near a bridge in the middle of a day. At one point Batman punched this old business man in the face.

Later, Batman and Alfred are having an argument in the Batcave. Batman wants to go but Alfred says he won't let him. Then Batman gets in the Batmobile and starts to take off down this long tunnel and he and Alfred have this epic battle where they keep out-planning each other to ridiculous levels. Alfred had this costume on that looked exactly like Rorschach from The Watchmen.

Then, at the climax of the fight, Batman looks ahead and *gasp* there's that old guy from before heading straight for them riding some sort of freaky blue organic trolley! Batman's like, "It was you!" and the old guy's like, "It was always me!" Batman and Alfred jump off before the Batmobile and the trolley collide and the old man morphs into some sort of giant blue-and-pink dragon and they start fighting. The dragon is just about to crush both of them when it stops and tells Batman that he has a business proposition for them. There's this baker in love with this lady chocolate maker and the business man wants Batman to hook them up. So Batman bursts into the chocolate factory or whatever and starts acting like an idiot and tells the lady to do a puppet show with the confectionery treats, specifically requesting that it be "wacky."

Then I woke up.
>> No. 285158
First of all, I promise I'm not making this up to be lolrandum. This is a real dream. I was walking down the road where my friend lives, a place a lot of my dreams are set. It was a glorious day but I wasn't really enjoying it because a tattoo I'd had done on my ass and back of my legs was talking to me. It was complaining that I was covering it up with my trousers, and to punish me it was repeatedly shitting. My trousers were filling up with its oddly dry shit, each about the size of a table tennis ball. My biggest concern was the embarrassment of other people in the street thinking I was the one doing the shitting.

So I started jogging down the road, desperately trying to not spill any of the tattoo's droppings. As I got to the shops on the crossroad, I suddenly remembered I could fly (another common thing in my dreams) and so I flew up onto the roof of one of the buildings, unfortunately spilling some shit nuggets in the process. I then hovered across the road and into the open window of my parents' house (not actually in this location IRL). As I got into their bedroom, I realised it was all a dream and that I didn't have to worry about getting a reputation as a guy who shits all over the place in public.

So, bolstered by this discovery, relieved, I took great armfuls of shit from my trousers and hovered in midair, overlooking the chairs and tables in front of a café. I swooped down over the crowd of patrons, eating their sandwiches and drinking their tea and coffee, and tossed the shit all over the place - far more than I could realistically carry in my arms. It splashed into their tea and landed in their food just as they took a bite of it. Within seconds they were after me, as I flew off down the road with increasing effort, lowering towards the ground. Inevitably I was going to be caught as I slowed, lowered and as they sped up and grew in number. Then I woke up.
>> No. 285205
Somebody just trolled me in my sleep...
>> No. 285469
So, uh, sex dreams don't mean anything right? Because I had an extremely sexy dream about a close friend I'm not attracted to and who is also the same sex, not that there's anything wrong with that.
>> No. 285470
Dreams are just dreams, bro.
hahaha psych enjoy your gay
>> No. 285493
Dreams are partly just your brain processing things simultaneously that may or may not even be related. Don't read too much into them unless it really really makes sense or strikes a chord. A big gay chord. Maybe a chord progression. Perhaps something like a staggered F A G. You'll know.
>> No. 285546
dreams can just be crazy shit, but they can also give you a little insight into your own subconscious personality!

and there ain't nothing wrong with a little bisexual attraction, bro.
>> No. 285561
Nah man its cool. I mean I had this one sex dream sometime where this girl with no face and a pretty flat chest violently raped me while I cried, and then the cops showed up while it was happening and she killed herself. And that didn't mean nothin probably.

So yeah you're fine.
>> No. 285623
I ended up telling my pal about it today and we laughed, especially because in my dream I asked, "Isn't your boyfriend coming over?" and she replied, "He'll never know," like we were in some kind of porno. So it's all good. even if I can't stop thinking about how crazy hot it was
>> No. 289251
First dream I had resembling a nightmare in a while.

On the day the Harry Potter movie was going to be released, I planned and announced to have some sort of Dumbledore's Army rally, where we'd break into Hogwarts or something; only problem was that I still hadn't read the last book by the time the day rolled around, and I didn't think I'd have the time to do it, either.

The nightmare part came in when I was watching The Poughkeepsie Tapes and saw an image of the fate of the woman who had been kidnapped by the serial killer--skinned and hung up on the wall, for the lack of a better description. After that, I was sort of in the movie (and sort of not) interviewing said woman before her death, while she was being held hostage. She had blood-stained teeth and smiled as she answered my questions. At the same time, I was in my room and trying to turn on the lights, but all of the bulbs had been burned out. I'm not sure why this part was so scary, there was just a constant feeling of dread when I went outside my room to get some new bulbs.

It was just one of those indescribable "you had to have been there" nightmares.
>> No. 289455
File 129002669430.jpg - (9.68KB , 292x400 , simon-pegg.jpg )
I had a beer with Simon Pegg, actually 2 beers. He didn't really enjoy his second one, he said it was weak. Then I had an "I Robot" kind of problem with human looking robots trying to take over everything. I only remember the end, where I had to trick a couple of robots to follow me to a console where they got reprogrammed.
>> No. 289519
Had a nap today; dreamed that one of my professors was trying to decapitate me with a sheet of photo paper.
>> No. 289529
during a nap the other day, I dreamt that my most feared professor (my adviser!) invited me to a huge party at her place and hugged me a lot. If you can't tell, this was a nightmare.
>> No. 289533
File 129005867676.jpg - (122.75KB , 555x412 , bali-mynah.jpg )
A few days ago, I had a dream that I walking out the back of my house in my pajamas and slippers. Suddenly, a bird lands on a nearby telephone, a Bali mynah. The bird then starts harassing me in the voice of one of my friends.

Next thing I know, me and my friends are wearing leather jackets and riding Harley-Davidsons to the midnight premiere of the new Harry Potter. Last thing I remember was taking a right onto the street leading to the theater and keeping the mynah safely tucked under my jacket.
>> No. 289568
File 129007058184.png - (292.40KB , 281x700 , yo dawg inception.png )

Sweet dream, and sweet doubles.

I had one where I was lost in the fog in this city. It might have been San Francisco. It might have been Bakersfield. I was going up this hilly street and pulled into the parking lot of a McDonald's. I was looking for someone. Inside was the most horrible sight you'd ever seen. The ceiling was covered with tracks of these...trays. Dripping with grease. Annointing every poor bastard in the place with an unholy chrism. At the time, in my dream's twisted logic, it made it a modicum of sense. It was some automated doohickey, meant to collect and distribute the plastic trays of food, but there was some malfunction in the fryer or some bullshit. Anyway, the place reeked of fry grease. I ducked and dived between the drippings, asking the people inside where the person I was looking for was. Then I was flying through the clouds. Then I woke up.

Yeah, I basically dream acid trips.
>> No. 289602
crazy dream that had some kind of violent take over of a house, the death of a lot of loved ones, and some kind of apocalyptic scenario ended with me having to pass on the sword Anduril to a diminutive person who wasn't a hobbit in order that the person would perform a rite that would help end the horror, all under the watchful eye of Elrond.

I cried upon passing on Anduril. I don't even know how I got that sword. It was modern times. The last owner passed it onto me after all our other commanding officers died. It became my responsibility. I was stressed out but in my dream I cried upon realizing that I was now formally responsible for things I wasn't ready for because better men than me, men that I respected, had died/left.

I think that's the lesson to take away. That last part might be a true story.
>> No. 290322
I had a dream last night that I was eating Gorilla Munch.

Goddammit, /baw/ get outta my head
>> No. 290327
fuck yes we're posting dreams again let me tell you guys this superlong story of my dream, no hold on it was important and meaningful listen

Okay, so I was at the Worlds Longest Garage Sale in fucking kentucky or somewhere, and I found some old bird selling all this whack occult shit, charms and amulets of old bones and precious stone, old leatherbound grimoires, and stuff like ancient scimitars from the old days of the ottoman empire, quetzal-feather capes, basically a ton of really cool old shit and no one else was really there so I asked how much she was selling this stuff for and she was like 'shit, man, just take it all and buy me dinner' and then her grand-daughter or whatever was there, around my age, and I was like how about I take her out with me? and then I guess we were on a date? and the girl could only eat raw vegetables and rare, red meats, so I was just like girl, we're going to a steakhouse.

so we're at the steakhouse and we're cutting our steaks with these gorgeous fucking ceremonial knives, and it was all shadowy and candelit in the steakhouse and I could see these giant shadows of wings coming from the girls back, and I was trippin, and then the walls of the steakhouse (ebony-panelled, it was gorgeous) had these things crawling out of them, shadowpeople or whatever and the girl burst into flames or some bullshit and I drew my magic knife and there was this giant, gory battle between us and the shadowpeople, they would possess the other diners and jump at us. the knives would stab into them and the people would bleed and get ripped open, but then purple would streak up and all over their bodies, and then they'd burst open and explode and black smoke would rise from the gore. then the roof of the steakhouse cracked open, split and shriveled up and bled thick blood down upon us, and I looked up at the sky and saw funnel clouds forming, heard the wind roaring and the rain whipped down at us and I thought shit, all my cool stuff is in the car outside

so there was a tornado and shit got all torn up, there was an earthquake too and I guess I was trying to 1. survive and 2. save every other human in sight and 3. kill all the shadowpeople and then out of the crater of the earth hell started pouring out, but not fire and flames like you'd think but violet lavas, delicate demons of smoke and shadow, and pomegranate-juice rain that burned my skin and tasted bitter, like a burned spice, and I drew my blood and rain-soaked feather-cloak around me and took one last look at the earth, because I knew I was going to die without even having made it with the hot phoenix girl goddamn it
>> No. 290367
Last night I dreamt I bought winter stuff. Sweaters, jackets, heavy coat, caps. Nothing surreal or illogical. Just me buying stuff.

I wish I had a job.
>> No. 290545
Been having recurring dreams of finding PS1 games at GameStop. Feels disappointing, man...
>> No. 290548
Had the most pathetically dorky dream where I was on a date with current vidya gaem crush. Yeah, I know, it's sad, shut up. The point is, everything was sparkles and wonderful until out of fucking nowhere my roommate shows up and ruins everything by telling me she's going to have a party at the apartment. I get pissed at her, we start fighting, and then vidya crush left because he was annoyed at us.

I swear to god, I woke up, sat up, and glared at my roommate while she was sleeping. I was SO PISSED.
>> No. 290561
I had the strangest nightmare a while back.

I was falling through a massive black void. At some point, a few very detailed and very old maps of alien worlds appeared before me and I fell through each one hearing a bizarre scream as I passed through each. Towards the end of the dream I saw intensely warped faces that would have been comedic if not for the way they moved. It was in a disturbing warping and churning way in which they drifted across my contentiousness. I woke up with dream paralysis, which leads me to wonder if the dream might have been lucid at one point.
>> No. 290575
Funny dream I have tonight!
Long story short: I went to a con with some of you and I met both Coela and Doom in a table they have for that event. For some reason, my sister and one of my best friends where with me(odd since I know my sister would get bored quickly in a con) and later I met I guy that called himself "Cristina" and offered me to play Magic.
Then, I woke up.
>> No. 290822
I had a deam last night where I was a mass murderer.
>> No. 290914
I had a dream I was with a group of space people teaming up with those squiddy robots from the Matrix to fight Team Rocket on an alien planet full of floating rocks. And we could hop cross dimension into a universe where the robots were organic creatures. If we offered them food in the normal dimension and they accepted it, they would switch from their robot bodies to their living bodies.
>> No. 290919
Sounds like a reverse Matrix.

Last dream I had, I kept trying to have some alone time so I could masturbate, but people kept showing up, needing something. Needless to say, I woke up horny.
>> No. 291362
I was in a supermarket and a stranger said something about a certain drink. So I went to check it out and it was an alcoholic yogurt in a container that looks like American yoplait but larger. I don't know if you ever do this, but when I'm thirsty in a store, I sometimes open the drink and start drinking before I buy it. So I open this beverage and realise that I'm allergic to alcohol, then I look at the price and it's $5475. So I put the container down and leave the store as if nothing happened to go into the next store, which was like a Rite Aid but with furniture for sale in the back. I went all the way to the back and poke a hole through the dirt wall to let the rebels know that I have weapons and armor for them to use. So they knock the wall down and I give them Lugers and bed mattresses for protection. We all run out shooting the men in riot gear. As I pass the bus stop, I hear a small voice telling me to wait for someone, there's a little girl with an umbrella sitting there. I sit next to her and wait for the bus. As the bus arrives, I feel this strange feeling that feels like it's the Doctor (Dr.Who) but it's not quite the same and out comes McLovin wearing a yellow raincoat. I think he was just another time lord. We leave the bus stop and go up a square spiral where we see aliens coming for us, Covenants, we start a gun fight. As we are pushed back, I pause, change weapons and select a target (like KOTOR). Successful head shot. I pause again, change a disk and I am now racing on a futuristic track (like WipeOut) but there are no ships, we are all flying head first. I'm racing Micheal Jackson and Kobe Bryant. On the third lap Kobe sets something off that throws me off track and I land in front of an old Asian lady cutting meatloaf out of the ground.
>> No. 291363
I dreamt I was a human Starscream, but I was a skater instead.
Also I was gay with Skyfire and we cuddled on a field.

>> No. 291365
I was living alone as an old man. The rest of my family were all dead from age or too distant to get in touch with. My present consisted of a small, scarcely furnished apartment, a crappy job and little time left. Even the majority of the friends and loved ones I have now were dead.

There's lonely by being apart from your friends, and then there's "most of my old buddies don't exist anymore, and I'll never relate with them again."
>> No. 291378
File 129082190738.jpg - (40.90KB , 360x473 , tee hee.jpg )
I was the misfit daughter of an upperclass German family in 19th century England. My grandmother was trying to groom me into the next English queen (I was one of several possible heirs) but I just wasn't monarch material. It culminated with a family get together where Grandma shamed me in front of the entire extended family and blamed my mother (her daughter) for raising a failure.

Thanksgiving as usual!
>> No. 291380
Ice skates or roller blades?
>> No. 291383
can barely remember my dreams these days

I was drawing something, and it was beautiful. then I was interrupted, and I looked back and no matter how I looked at it again, the drawing was horrible. I knew that it had been the same thing, but it just... wasn't beautiful anymore.
>> No. 291385
>> No. 291392
I had another zombie dream last night, which made it all the more odd when the first thing my lady did when I saw her today was insist it was time to update our zombie apocalypse survival plan (which which we did, at great length and detail). I didn't mention the dream once.
>> No. 291420
File 129083567723.jpg - (58.60KB , 500x326 , sidekick_lx_color.jpg )
Can you see the future?
>> No. 291464
...I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had...
>> No. 291563
The mystery deepened further when I mentioned not being able to sleep well because of zombie dreams, and it turns out she is too.
>> No. 291954
Had a dream that I was in an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog and Ed Edd 'n' Eddy...except I wasn't, but it involved me breaking a lamp or something that belonged to a gang, and they planned to come over to my house to beat my ass or something. Apparently a similar situation happened in one of the aforementioned cartoons as well as Earthbound, but it turned out alright, so my friend assured me that it'd probably turn alright for me too. I still ended up locking myself in the bathroom and waited for them to pound at my front door.

>Wake up
>> No. 292015
I had a dream I remembered and it was about people here.
Mayekoi had her awesome brown fro hair back and was drawing and Orca. Then Crushling was there, her hair long again too, and she gave me a cookie.
I have very bland dreams.
>> No. 292018
File 129109800089.jpg - (57.11KB , 435x600 , Sigmund-Freud-photo1.jpg )
It means you want to have sex with your mother.
>> No. 292062
I think the other night I was a highly efficient assassin mowing down prepubescent students at some kind of underwater academy, which served as a front for crazed genetics experiments, and my only opposition was the cast of Expendables. Bruce Willis blew my face clean off and I bled out in a slowly flooding hallway surrounded by fresh corpses and bizarre aquatic flora. It was neat-o.
>> No. 292072
Last night I dreamed I met Dr. Professor at an anime convention and he wore a lab coat he refused to take off for any reason.
>> No. 292108
File 129113440943.png - (15.25KB , 476x608 , Psycology101.png )
>> No. 292150
This one was.. bizarre. I had a dream where I ended up at some pizza place and as I was sidling along the buffet line, one of the chefs came out with something he called "God Pizza" and goddamn it smelled great. It was made of those awesome European cheeses instead of the plebeian American ones.

I've never smelled anything in a dream before either. The guy went into a discussion about how you could eat it all you want and you'd probably lose weight. At this point I woke up on the couch and the TV was playing one of those shitty weight loss diet informercials.
>> No. 292216
Sometimes a curly haired girl drawing an Orca is just a curly haired girl drawing an Orca.
>> No. 292219
And in that case, it's called reality
>> No. 292220
File 129116701523.jpg - (35.52KB , 576x432 , D8.jpg )
>> No. 292477
I have weird dreams pretty frequently.
Last night I was in an old school Opera theater watching a movie. I think it was supposed to be Vertigo. Its packed with a formally dressed crowd; Spats, tailcoats, tuxes, the works. All of the seats are crammed together without any aisles and I'm trying to find my seat. I'm starting to freak out because I'm edging through seats at the edge of the balcony and the screen is moving closer and closer. It starts swallowing up the rows in front of me and I've got people behind me yelling "down in front!". I suddenly just fall into this seat and someone holds onto my hand. I turn and see its Leslie Nielson sitting next to me. He gives me the unltimate "we're gonna be fine" look. I give him a "lets do this" nod and we put on our 3D glasses.
>> No. 295257
I think I had a dream within a dream.

In the first level, I had a plastic see through arm that served as a hamster cage. It had shavings and a little house in it.

In the second level, I met this guy growing pot on his backpack. I told him it would be better if he grew it in a room, so the cops couldn't see him. So we moved into an empty office which seemed to be part of a big building, we put blankets down and started spraying them with some special chemical that made weed grow out of it.

All of a sudden, I woke up from the second level, back to the first because my arm was itching. It was a small insect inside the hamster cage arm crawling along the side. I was starting to feel little itches all over the body, as if I was covered in bugs, so I just closed my eyes and said to my self "It's just a dream, wait it out". The insect in the arm disappeared into the shredding, all the others vanished and I returned into the second level.

When I got back, my friend had moved into another room. As I entered, he lifted the blanket in the middle of the room and revealed a safe. So we cracked it. Inside was a second smaller safe, which looked like it was made of some sort of stone, like it was centuries old. Inside that safe was a small object that didn't look like anything useful or important so we put it back and closed the safes.

Then the bug started walking around in my arm again. So I woke up again to check on it and there were to insects in my arm now, but I could only feel one at a time. They disappeared pretty quickly, so I was able to get back to work in the second level again.

Once again, my buddy had moved on while I was away. This time he showed me a secured door that required a code and asked me if we should go in and let me know the he already find that code. So obviously we went in. But we set off an alarm. Somehow I knew the only way to stop the alarm was to use that strange object from the safe. So we rush back, open both safes and come back with the little trinket which stopped the alarm just by being close. In this locked room was a ladder leading down to what looked like the insides of a small space station. The left was closed off, but to my right was a small room with a hamster cage in it.

I was reminded that I was in a dream and and woke to the first layer for a little while, then woke to reality because I was thirsty. After a little drink, I was able to sink back in, straight the the second level.

I heard my friend calling me, telling me to hurry, that someone was coming. I left the hamster room and looked quickly at what was in the room opposite the ladder. All I can remember is that I couldn't understand what I saw, but it was a secret worth a lot of money. I then climbed back up the ladder, closed the door and left the building.

Everything after this is pretty hazy. I just remember meeting the owner of the building, he had white hair and wore a blue shirt with clouds on it. He was ready to share information with us but disappeared into a shop to get a drink and never came back.
>> No. 295262
A lovely little monster and a lot of cum. Worms and grubs and nightcrawlers may have been involved. I woke up wonderfully calm.
>> No. 295464
I surgically got another set of arms. It took some time to get the nerves/reflexes adjusted.

There was also some sort of murder conspiracy going on, but that always happens.
>> No. 295469
File 129243728131.png - (36.00KB , 1024x768 , 12922742561.png )
Woke up at three in the morning in a cold sweat today.

I dreamed I was an inmate at an old-style Victorian Era prison, near the end of my sentence. I remember talking with my wife and daughter during a visit, telling them that I'll be out soon as the guards walked me back to my cell.

Next thing I know, I'm being woken up in the middle of the night and taken down to the basement by a few guards. There, a bunch of the societal higher-ups are holding an occult ceremony. They have the whole deal going on, pentagrams drawn on the floor in blood, ominous chanting, etc.

I'm forced into the center of the pentagram and the chanting gets louder and faster. I'm begging people to tell me what's happening, but they just continue chanting. The last thing I remember happening was seeing a crackles of red light and seeing the vague silhouette of something appearing.

I swear to God, I have not been that scared in a long time. I honestly felt as if someone was in my room with me, watching me. I was too freaked out to look around, so I kept my head under the covers/pillow.
>> No. 295472
Holy shit, man. That's spooky as fuck. Victorian prisons were hellish.

Anyway, last night I was captured by demons and made into a slave. Housework, wasn't too bad. However if I fucked up I got tortured into a fine pulp. So, I decide that fuck it, I'm out. And basically just cheat my way out of there. So my dream starts cheating back and removes the bridge leading to the exit. When I start to run to see if I can jump across, I wake up.
>> No. 295475
It started out with me trying to help a friend unload some stuff from his truck, when he decided to take a look under the hood and work on it a bit. Next thing I know the police show up and arrest him for performing illegal maintenance amd threaten to rough me up a bit if I say anything. Suddenly I'm working at Sacred Heart and I got woken up by my phone ringing.

I don't get it.
>> No. 295480
Sometimes I have dreams within dreams, where I go to sleep and wake up and it becomes incredibly confusing what's real and what isn't. First I'm going to work, but suddenly I worked at Sur le Table and I had a 40% employee discount and life was heaven.

Then I was waking up at 6:30, realized I had to be at my regular stupid dump store by seven. My mom came in the room and I was like, this is stupid, and my mom said she would call them and say something. And my turtles were going crazy in their little tank, so I fed them and went to back to sleep.

Then I woke up at 5:30, showered, dressed, and had a boring regular day at work, got home at twelve, and decided to take a nap before school.

The second one was reality! I woke up at eleven and posted about it on plus4.
>> No. 295487
I keep on having dreams about visiting airports and train stations, it's strange.
Anyways, one of the dreams that interests me is one I had almost two years ago, where I was living in a desert-like area. My friend and I were going to meet up for the day and do some shit at I guess a mall or something. So I was walking along the road in the morning, looking for my friend and so I found her and time skipped to the afternoon and we were heading home. Since I noticed it was still somewhat early, mom wouldn't be home yet from work so I went to the post office to see dad for whatever reason. Once I got in the building, I noticed he wasn't there, so I went to wait in the queue to ask the person behind the counter where he was.
Then suddenly I felt faint and fell to my knees; I could hardly keep myself up. The people in front of me just looked and stared, so being the embarrassed mess I was I turned around. I guess that triggered something and my nose started bleeding. I could feel the warm trickle of blood streaming down, going into my mouth (had it open from having a hard time breathing), then I could feel something in my throat. And then I puked up some teeth and blood. I looked up for a second and saw my dad. I started calling out to him, but he was on the phone and couldn't hear me. I called out again but a bit louder and he still didn't notice. I hurled up more teeth and blood, then everything went black. Then I woke up, and could taste blood in my mouth etc. Shit was creepy man.
>> No. 295488
File 129244169318.jpg - (34.38KB , 500x293 , master of my fate.jpg )
I was caught in between a couple of meddling ornithologists and the cranky hawk they were trying to wrangle - a hawk roughly five feet tall. One had the bird by the tail but it decided it liked my fingers; I shut my eyes in fear that it would bite them off (its beak was the length of my forearm), but I only felt its smooth warm face. We were still and waiting for it to lose interest, but eventually the tortuous fear was too much and I jerked away, startling the bird into snapping indiscriminately all around him. I thought it took my whole hand off, but while I was bleeding everywhere and stumbling away from the screeching tangle of bird and scientist, I woke up.

This thread is making me wish, as I did when I first saw it, that Inception had more surrealistic elements. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the movie and the cool gravity shit they did, but the impossible architecture is one of the only impossible things that happened. Where were the underwater demon prisons and sky fortresses populated by otters, is what I'm saying.
>> No. 295493
File 129244202130.jpg - (30.79KB , 450x486 , otter_u_talkin_bout.jpg )
>> No. 295539
I had a dream last night that I was looking at little gift shops and an asian man was showing me this zen set and since I wasn't really paying attention I screwed his display up. He then lectured me about how I'm going through life too fast and trying to get too much done at once and that I should slow down and enjoy some incense. And he gave me a little incense burner and I spent the rest of my dream trying to fit the stick in, but it wouldn't fit and it was so frustrating.
>> No. 295583
File 129248726914.jpg - (67.53KB , 641x436 , 1254631522251.jpg )
I wish I had normal nightmares. I'd take anything over this.

I'm sitting at home with my brother, looking out the window into the backyard, and we see a dog running around. A very familiar dog. I think to myself, "That's impossible. She died over a year ago. It can only be a ghost." I go outside to investigate, and the "ghost dog" is identical to our beloved Maggie, who died slowly and painfully of epilepsy in May 2009. My dream-self is still skeptical. I run towards the dog, expecting to go straight through because this must be a ghost, and I don't. She's real. She's warm and furry and goddammit, she even smells the same. It's Maggie. She's alive. I can't believe it, but I'm convinced, and I'm just so happy to have her back. Hugging her and holding her collar, I yell at the house for everyone to come out and see, it's Maggie, she's all right, we must have made a mistake, she never died, everything's going to be OK now...
Naturally, by the time my brother and parents get outside, she's dead in my arms.

Then I woke up. What's wrong with me? Why does she keep coming back?
>> No. 295586
I dreamt I had a little wooden box, and when I opened it there was a tiny zoo in there. I could reach in there and lift out one of the animals and then it would suddenly be life-size. They were all mythological creatures, kirin (like on the beer bottles), winged tigers, guardian dogs, cherubim (four-headed mashups of a lion, a ram, a bull, and an eagle), turtles that carried entire little universes on their backs, etc. And then I could just stroke them a little, and they'd fall into my hand, back in miniature-size, and I'd place them back in their little zoo. I had a hard time taking care of them because food was hard to find and each creature had such specific requirements, had to be taken to specific places like the Himalayan mountains and stuff to roam and graze, it was like some expert-level zoo tycoon shit. I had a really hard time handling it, and I was worried about the animals constantly. Then there was a global drought, and everything dried up and died, and I just couldn't do it anymore.

So I took the box with me and went down into some caves till I reached a pit of lava, I was inside a volcano or something. I kept descending down some natural staircase for miles, weeks, months, until I reached the warm core of the earth. I was exhausted, worn out, and I had been trying to care for the animals the entire trip, and it felt so good to be there. It was the feeling you get when you return home after a long trip, or coming back to your childhood home you left years ago to find everything exactly as you left it or something. A lot of my dreams happen in emotion and sensation, and this was a huge part. And down in this cavern there was a huge serpent, all the colors of the grand canyon striping it body, and it coiled around me and I held up the box to him and said 'I'm sorry, I'm not worthy of this duty,' and it opened its mouth and I set it in there, and the snake took back what was its own and I was forgiven, and I sank down into the coils and fell asleep listening to the long-needed rain fall on the crust of the earth above me.

also I found some old sketchbook of mine and realized >>284938 was the setting of some fantasy story I had in my head several years ago. I'd forgotten all about that shit.
>> No. 295587
She isn't coming back. You aren't letting go.
>> No. 295627
>>295487 here
I had yet another strange dream last night. This time I was in a small village, but for some reason there was a supermarket in it. It just finished raining and mom asked me to go do shopping before it closed for the night. So I walked down to the shop and noticed I couldn't find something on the list so I asked one of the employees for help. She told me I'd have to find this person in the restroom (?) and that was the only person who could help me, so I went there and despite looking I couldn't find that person. Wasn't really surprising though, the room was extremely dark and it didn't seem like anything was in there.
I went to leave and I was teleported back outside, but this time it was daytime and snowy. I was in a garden in a place I didn't recognise, but there was a house nearby so I went in to ask things. There were a few other people in there, didn't realise who they were at first. Suddenly there was a white flash and I guess I was a ghost, hovering and looking down at the people on the floor. They were Disney characters, decapitated and with blood everywhere. I was creeped out and tried to find the exit, and found a conservatory with two other characters in it. I tried asking what happened but they were decapitated in front of me, and the dream was implying that I was the one doing such things. There was a door in there though, so I left. Then I woke up.
>> No. 295649
>Disney characters, decapitated and with blood everywhere
Holy fuck.
>> No. 297581
Ugh, I had a dream about the bombing scene from Barefoot Gen. I wish I could un-dream it.
>> No. 297603
File 129356373033.jpg - (163.23KB , 469x358 , sighting5.jpg )
Okay, I recently remembered a freaky dream I had almost a year ago.

In it, I traveled to Lake Okanagan in Canada to try to capture/find proof of the legendary Ogopogo. However, instead of hiring out a whole fleet of ships to do a wide-sweep scan of the lake like on MonsterQuest or whatever, I try for a more straightforward approach. I rent out a nice little boat with a friend and take it out into the middle of the lake. Once there, we try to attract the creature like one would with sharks; we dump buckets of chum in the water. In addition, on the underside of the boat we tied several large chunks of meat on a rope, with a video camera recording the scene just above them. Once we set up the bait and camera equipment, we wait, taking shifts watching the monitors all night.

Then things get freaky.

It’s about two or three in the morning and I currently have monitor duty. I’m still watching the screen dutifully, but I can feel exhaustion creeping in. Just then, I notice a faint outline of something coming up from the depths towards the bait. Now, when I set out to find Ogopogo, I expected to find something akin to a seal or a primitive whale, like a Basilosaurus. What I saw was not like that.

Out from the murky depths came a, more or less, human head. It was ghostly pale white with the faintest hint of pink. It was attached to a long, serpentine neck which led to, for all I know, a plesiosaur-type body. It’s face was gaunt, reminiscent of Voldemort in the movies, with a flat nose and sunken, black eyes.

Slowly and deliberately, it reached forward and took a bite out of one the hanging chunks of meat, then slowly retracted itself back into the inky darkness. A few moments later, it came back out and took another bite before retreating once more. It kept repeating this cycle several more times until there almost nothing left on the line. After taking the last of its fill, it looks up directly at the camera, as if it knew I was watching. Then, for the last time, it pulls itself back into darker depths.

And then I woke up.
>> No. 297635
I dreamt about a bunch of kids from my old high school and I were playing flag football, except it wasn't a football but a glassy stone sphere, like a highly polished granite. And I threw it and knocked this one guy I used to copy math homework from out, and he was bleeding everywhere, and the other kids just laughed, scooped up his blood in their hands and drank it down, dribbled it on each other, painted their faces. The poor guy lay there dying, and someone suggested we slit his throat and hang him up like a pig to drain out so we could make a nice roast out of him later on, and I said that would be a good idea. We got that shit all set up in someone's garage, and then we all went back to playing flag football until the sun set. Other people got hit with the sphere, including myself, but we all just bruised, fell over and got back up or whatever. By the end of the dream we were all starving and talking eagerly about how good that one guy would be.

I had actually liked that guy, we were the kind of good buddies who could act like complete assholes to each other, so I dunno.
>> No. 297847
File 129372282922.jpg - (4.22KB , 90x128 , 1266584784134.jpg )
I haven't had any terribly creepy or scary dreams, but I've had some REALLY weird ones.

For an example, I once had this dream where I was in this bar or a saloon or something, and there was a stage where the saloon girls would sing and perform or whatever. There was no one there in the saloon except me and this one woman singing on the stage. But anyway, I noticed there were two dressing rooms there. (I have no idea why) There was one for women and one for men, and I decided to go to the womens dressing room. But when I opened the door some formula driver barged out completely naked (except for his helmet), and with one hand he was holding dalmatian puppies and on the other hand a gun. Then he shot me, I died, and the dalmatians licked my eyes. I was like 8 years old when I saw this dream.

Yeah it was pretty pointless.
>> No. 297994
Last night, I had a weird dream that psychos and murderers and such were brought back from hell by some cult and were brainwashing numerous people. They wanted me dead because I saw the parallels between their plan and some video game that was in my dream.
>> No. 298123
Had a dream about me, my goth girl sidekick, and a talking weenie dog named Meat being up to no good. And just as we're being wheeled out into an ambulance after our latest crime, we end up being arrested by Bruce Willis and his own quirky bunch of good guys, which included Sarah Palin for some odd reason
>> No. 298128
My dreams have a tendency to start out mundane and gradually become more and more outrageous. The one I had last night started with me looking out the window at my backyard. I thought it was odd that it was still light out, since the day is pretty short in winter. Then I looked up at the sky.
"What the fuck? Is that a dragon?"
>> No. 298133
All I know about my dream last night was that it was an unholy mix of Minecraft, Avatar, my old dorm and roommates from two years ago, and Con Air.
>> No. 298184
Despite usually lackluster and depressing dreams, I happened upon one recently...

What I can remember starts me out somewhere, some commercial district of a city in Britain, everything is especially overcast and grey. Me and three other people are trying to flee the city, and we're arming ourselves with guns out of some duffel bags and treating wounds. We're about to depart and in a rush, I turn around. An oncoming horde of undead are charging the office building we're standing at. The charge is led by the Dark Lord Voldemort. My companions are Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

The rest basically plays out like Left 4 Dead: Wizard Edition.

It kicked ass.
>> No. 298269
I've been keeping a dream journal. Sometime sI wake up in the middle of the night to write them down but then they look like this.

12/27/10- in a building maybe in UNR. very crowded lots of people. evil people on the unreachable third floor that is blocked off when the stairs moved into the ceiling and when they went into the ceiling their faces began to slide and tiwst and they screamed went into a lecture hall to take a test and listen to leture but left there were so many people walls were cream colored lots of screaming
>> No. 298272
File 129399722964.jpg - (8.87KB , 256x372 , ohgodtera.jpg )
Had a dream that I had to go into witness protection, so, they made me a girl. Like...MADE ME a girl. But I was still living in my home town. I was supposed to tell everyone that I was my long lost sister, the by product of a one night stand my dad had years ago. I think my brain forgot that I was in witness protection at some point, because that's the last I remember it being mentioned.
>> No. 298273
Had the worst nightmare last night

I dreamed I was going bald trying to deliver the muppet christmas carol to a jewish friend who lived inside my old high school
>> No. 298301
File 129401055572.jpg - (50.78KB , 410x478 , chill frog.jpg )


Frogs. I had a dream about a pond full of bright green frogs. And then going to some cutesy kitschy little store with my mom and she was all excited that all the Christmas stuff was half off. And then I got home to take a shower and my gf was in the shower and I was like "Ok" and got in with her like it wasn't unusual at all. My non-nightmares are fairly boring, if surreal.
>> No. 298314
>dat frog thinks it's easy bein' green.
>> No. 298522
File 129410961749.jpg - (77.97KB , 450x725 , jellybelly-flavor-guide.jpg )
I dreamed that some magical person refilled the bag of Jelly Bellies I received for Christmas during the night.

was p. disappointed when i woke up for reals
>> No. 298524
File 12941119419.jpg - (69.24KB , 440x536 , 1225857532942.jpg )
reality will knock on his door eventually
>> No. 298525
I have recurring dreams where I am performing a task in front of an audience (singing on stage and iron chef-ing for instance), and I am completely unequipped to do this thing (which I am in real life), but everyone involved expects me to participate and the audience is legitimately pissed when I don't do a good job.

Like I'll be on stage with some band I don't know like "okay you play drums now lol" and I try to drum and I shit at it and everyone's looking at me like "yo why are you such a fuck-up", or I'll be in some cooking competition and when the fucking 50-year professional gods of food are done I'm still chopping something or rinsing something and everyone is just staring at me waiting for me to hurry the fuck up or just leave.

The most recent dream like this was last night, when I was in a pit crew for some NASCAR thing and I couldn't do anything right (because I don't know shit about cars why am I even there), and someone hit me with a tire by accident and the whole team got so pissed someone grabbed my arm and shoved me onto the racetrack while the audience booed me. It's a very frustrating theme.
>> No. 300280
I had a dream last night that I asked Kosh why he named all of his files "hurp.jpg"
>> No. 300292
I can't stop dreaming about spiders.

I hate spiders. They fill my life and I hate them.

When I dream of them it is always me opening my eyes and seeing one saunter towards me. I can never move my body, and those thing legs just slowly make their fated journey to my flesh. I can't scream and I can't move. Except sometimes I can, and I am not me anymore I am just watching this god damn spider ballet. They are dancing and weaving in the air and making the most awful of clicking noises. I feel something on my now observable feet and it is another one of the fucking beasts crawling up my leg. The corner of the ceiling erupts and they cascade down and fill the room.

I can't cry or move and any place that my mind retreats is eventually engorged with the horror of the eight legged.

I uh.

I think I might be arachnophobic.
>> No. 300465
he just replaces the previous hurp with a new hurp.
>> No. 300507
I had some dream about bing invited to an iphone unveiling. It had shoulder buttons and it could ride on this rail system for some reason and it cost 500 dollars even with a contract. I think you could ride the rail system somehow in my dream logic but dream me was still a sarcastic mac hater so he was complaining about this overpriced garbage and I was proud of him.
>> No. 300521
Long story short, I dreamt I was Mel Gibson and I had a threesome with these two chicks and one was fat and the other had glow in the dark blue pubes and it was beautiful.
>> No. 300555
File 129522667188.jpg - (22.76KB , 415x439 , Waltz_Landa_trollface.jpg )

Which one were you doing?
>> No. 300606
Nightmares have become an internal wake up call for me as they're now starting to get me up in time to bathe and eat before classes. The dreams get ruined by me looking at some ugly giant bug or someshit and then I’m up and grooming in time to still be early for history.
>> No. 300619
That answers how, but not why
>> No. 300620
Seriously, weirdest dream ever.

I was back together with my ex...and I was pregnant. Like in Junior! I was freaking out because I knew this wasnt right. Everyone was coming over, and, next thing I knew, my ex was the one that was pregnant. Less weird. Okay. But still, she was like, about to have it in the guest bedroom, everyone was around, then, I woke up.

So I went to this old comic shop I haven't been to in years. They had all this new 'old-stuff'. Stuff I didn't know existed. But I was being accused of shoplifting. So I left...and REALLY woke up.
>> No. 300707
File 129532848760.jpg - (125.07KB , 500x268 , leap of faith.jpg )
My family was packing up to get the hell out of dodge before a group of templars disguised as paramedics came to our house to bag 'n tag us for our assassin roots.

Time to put down the controller.
>> No. 300708
I dreamt me and my ex were on Maury, only I was gender-swapped. My ex was with another guy, and she was saying I was the father of her baby. It wasn't very exciting, we were arguing very calmly and the new boyfriend was just sitting there watching it play out, and the audience looked bored. It turned out I wasn't the father, and I sighed with relief and turned back into a female.

Suddenly the audience started freaking out, calling me a shapeshifter and a vampire or something, and I was trying to explain it was perfectly natural, and then some Harry Dresden-lookalike got all up in my face with some magic shit and I was being chased out the studio and into the street, but then my ex and her new boyfriend and the baby pulled up in their car and took me away to safety. And I decided it wasn't safe for me to live in this town anymore, so I packed my bags, loaded my guns, got on my horse and set out West.
>> No. 301143
Last night I had a weird series of dreams, though only two are at all clear in my memory.

One involved me in an enlarged version of a house I used to live in, and someone was trying to call me all night. I would pick up the phone, hit the talk button, then the call would be dropped, and a pre-recorded error message would play. It went on like this for hours, the phone constantly ringing except for when I was trying to answer it. Finally the call went through, and suddenly I was a Russian mercenary and the person who was trying to call me was Balalaika.

Second dream that I can remember was a series of men, women, and children, all suffering the ravages of various diseases. Not real diseases either. Horrific sci-fi diseases involving things bursting out of places nothing should be bursting from. The imagery alone was freaky as hell, but on top of that, there was a female voice with a slight British accent calmly (sometimes even jovially) narrating the effects of the diseases and explaining the physical effects that were occurring.
>> No. 301156
Last night I dreamed I had a lighter then i woke up and I didn't
>> No. 301202
I've had fever dreams today...

One in which I worked at a new family owned pizza place in town. And Papa Johns kept begging for me back.

But, it was book-ended with experiences with my younger cousin, who I'm only recently talking to again.

The first part, I was asked to keep an eye on her and her friend by her parents, because they're dopey 14 year olds. We watched tv, played Wii, had fun. I've never hung out with her irl, so, it was weirdly detailed.

The second part, I'm on my way back from the new job, when the radio starts reporting about a break-in in my neighborhood. He killed a girl. Home alone. Just as I see blue-lights, I wake up in a cold sweat.

>> No. 301488
File 129582967149.jpg - (55.61KB , 540x405 , 1264034128005.jpg )
I keep having dreams about my old college. It was right next to the beach. I have dreams about these sand dunes on the bluffs, and the winds are really strong, and I'm able to fly short distances by spreading my hoodie and jumping. And then, down by the cliffs, near the water's edge, there's a cave with a steel door blocking it off, and lots of warning signs, "keep out" and stuff. But the lock was rusted away by the sea water. Inside there were these dark pools, and stone walkways along the cave walls. I could see small, bioluminescent arthropods and squid, but no fish. On the cave walls, by the flickering light of the creatures, I could see drawings. Ancient etchings and faded paint. Turtles and squid and fish and great waves, complex geometric patterns and spirals, but no human forms.

In the back of the cave the walkways ended, but I could see an opening in the water. The underwater portion of the cavern went further, but I had no way of exploring it without scuba gear, and started to feel horribly afraid, even in my dream. Then...these huge, dark, barely-visible purple tentacles began to drift out from that opening. They moved slowly at first, drifting about lazily, but then they started to get agitated, thrashing and stirring the surface of the water, before lashing out blindly above the surface. I ran all the way back to campus, and was thinking of telling the police or maybe the marine research lab, but then I woke up.
>> No. 301551
Best kind of dream.
>> No. 301593
File 12958980915.png - (177.00KB , 479x344 , hurpbob.png )
I dreamed I had cut a small hole in a sofa cushion, and was stuffing a toilet plunger handle-first into it, under the impression that this would somehow pick up television signals. Also the cushion was stuffed with a soft, fine soil.

I am envious of your visions from the Great Old Ones.
>> No. 301607
File 129590266593.jpg - (194.64KB , 1236x826 , 1227319782769.jpg )

Creepiest part is that not only do I keep having that dream, but when I told it to my mom, she was all 0.0 the whole time, then said that she'd had similar dreams. D:
>> No. 301860
I was on George Takei's wikipedia page and in his picture he was wearing some sort of domino mask with non asian eyes drawn on them. I clicked on a link which led me to be on a running train, in the open, between wagons. Only one had a door though, so I opened it to find myself in a jewellery store. George was there and so were some other people. They were all part of some game show about breaking as much glass in the store as they could, so we shattered everything there was to shatter. I was using a fish wrapped in bandages. But during the whole time in the store, i had a lingering feeling that I was being watched by some government agency and that feeling became a lot stronger when we found some secret files and what looked to be blue prints for a big project. We hadn't yet figured out what it was when I got a real world phone call which woke me up.
>> No. 301864
I dreamed i found that granadier's cap in tf2. That's it.

What the fuck, i don't even play it that much.
>> No. 302206
File 129632773624.jpg - (3.04MB , 3072x2304 , 13519941.jpg )
I was riding a horse on an invisible road over a foggy Scotland with Gandalf and Legolas. We were looking for the Viking chief. This was the first time I had such thick fog in my dream, it was like a movie where you discover things up close with extra dramatic effect. We found the village and walked past a few houses, which looked exactly the same. A log hut with a stone tower next to it. after passing a few more we realised that we were lost in this Viking suburb. We wandered for a while until we found a big stone wall that was part of the central castle, but it was deserted. We looked around for a while and found a door leading to the basement. The Viking chief was possessed and the villagers was standing in a circle around him, I had to beat him, but I wasn't allowed to kill him. So I looked in my inventory, found King Dedede's hammer and started to beat him with it, but that just wasn't working. So Gandalf took the hammer from me and did a forward thrust spinning the hammer on it's axle, like King Dedede, then boped the chief on his head. When the chief came back to his senses he told me his daughter needed help. I found the daughter, who turned to be a girl I used to work with and she said to me "I have a problem with my laptop, can you help me?"

Then I woke up.
>> No. 302207
That's exactly how my dreams work. Like 6 or seven compiled into one with no explainable transition between them.
>> No. 302229
File 129634194043.jpg - (163.07KB , 500x379 , graco3[1].jpg )
In my dreams, I am the mommy. It's me.

I haven't had pregnancy related dreams in weeks, and have started having recurring dreams about motherhood. I'd say the shift happened around two months after I started dating. I think my brain is trying to tell me something.
>> No. 302230
File 129634205497.jpg - (22.78KB , 600x481 , Uterus_Plush_Toy.jpg )
oh god why does this exist
>> No. 302319
Me and Graddamit went dinosaur-back riding.

It was amazing.
>> No. 302323
my pregnancy dreams are always these horrific heterosexual nightmares. Or else I'm getting another girl pregnant.

Last night I dreamt about a fish that was eating everything, and it was growing and growing, and the only way for me to stop him was to find the sea-wizard who made it, and I went on an epic journey through Arctic oceans and sunless seas and the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic, swimming down rivers and through canals and in subterranean caves, and I ended up in the San Joaquin river near my house. In the end I was looking out over the Pacific ocean preparing to jump in when someone came and grabbed my hand, and I turned around and I guess I had a wife in the dream? And she was standing there with our adopted baby in her arms and told me it was okay, and could I please come home now? And so I did, we had a little cottage by the sea, and I was cooking up a nice meal for my beloved family when I woke up.
>> No. 302330
[Wife] "Come home, same-sex lifepartner."
*And then they ate fish for dinner.*
>> No. 302349
File 12964175208.jpg - (63.90KB , 624x390 , SNAG-00072.jpg )
>> No. 302352
My dream made no sense but it's the first one in a while where I've been able to remember so much.

I was in some random tiny village with my family, and we chanced upon a Chinese bookstore -- like a bookstore in the middle of nowhere dedicated to Engilsh books about Chinese history and language. On one of the shelves there was a rice cooker with a bunch of hard-boiled eggs inside, but for some reason I couldn't have one because they were reserved for someone else. In the back of the store there was a guy selling scuba dive-suits that I walked past. And then we were at a map, or maybe it was us floating over a globe or the Earth itself. We were examining the path of the Silk Road (remarking on the name of one of the town along the route, called "Hussie" -- yes, of MSPA fame), and somehow noticed that the map was jumbled, with Ireland and Scandinavia removed from Europe and stuck on the north coast of far-eastern Siberia. Except in the dream it didn't seem jumbled; rather, it seemed like an eye-opening revelation as to the true nature of the world, and that maps that put Ireland next to Britain were just contrivances like the rescaled, relocated maps of Hawaii and Alaska put near the continental US in American maps.

For a few minutes after I woke up I was utterly convinced that was the way the world looked.
>> No. 303743
I dreamed about Anonex. I guess I've finally gone crazy. I've may have had a couple plus4 dreams here and there, but usually just about browsing the site. In this dream, I was making him a handwritten FAQ and list of bannable offenses for some reason. Which is probably a bad idea, since my handwriting is atrocious. I think there were two or three other anons/namefriends too, mostly female, not sure who. And since I don't know what he looks like IRL, my brain envisioned Anonex as a youngish-looking guy with reddish or brown hair. And that's about all I can remember.
>> No. 303916
I dreamt a German Shepherd ate me alive. I was all, "Sic em, boy! Go find that bandit and we'll get the bounty!" and he was all, NOM NOM NOM MASTER. So betrayed.
>> No. 305805
I had a dream last night that there was some kind of party I was going to, and the person preparing it said what would I not want to be in it and I answered "Spiders, I guess"

And when I got to the party there were SPIDERS FUCKING EVERYWHERE including the food.

God, that host was a dick.
>> No. 305811
I dreamt I was making croissants and filling them with chocolate, and then I rolled some the dough into little snail shapes with a cheesy custard danish filling studded with rum-soaked raisins, and I made the little elephant ears with carmelized apples on top to make mini tarte tatins of sorts, and my wife (the same woman is always my wife in my dreams, wtf) was brewing coffee and helping me work. We were at a low wooden table, it was an hour before dawn or so and a fire was building in the brick oven of our rustic little kitchen.

I may be a little obsessed.
>> No. 306418
So I dozed off in front of my computer. Occasionally I'll have a Super Serial dream of something terrifying and scary. This time it was Silent Hill. I've long since grown out of being scared of the environment, mostly due to fanboy wank.

Pyramid Head, yada yada. Whoop-de-doo. Except this time something different happened in this dream;
Rick of Splatterhouse burst through a decrepit wall, powerbombed Heady through the musty rotten floorboards of the apartments, gazed up at me from the floor beneath (the lobby), shouted something like "STOMP OUT BULLYING!" in broken Engrish, and flipped out the god damned window.

I woke up mad.
>> No. 307976
File 129923114494.jpg - (50.37KB , 500x508 , 1272839127408.jpg )
Driving through the fog out in the country. The fog lifts. It's raining, the sky is grey, and huge, black buzzards are flying low. I stop and get out. There's a broken down RV in the road. An old man is sitting in a gigantic puddle created by a sinkhole, either laughing or crying. He's holding a shotgun. there's this creature on the road, dead. It looked like a Bigfoot, only it was smaller, man-sized, with long arms and a brightly-colored, orange and red baboon face, and its fanged mouth was frozen in a snarl. It was stiff when I kicked it. It looked very real, and very dead, but even dead it was terrifying, despite the two open gaping holes in the chest and neck. It just shouldn't have been. And in my dream I thought that seeing it alive broke the man's mind. Dead, it still had this aura of danger to it. I felt vulnerable, standing there in the downpour. Then I woke up.
>> No. 310235
File 130042897434.jpg - (19.30KB , 320x320 , looking-for-sleep-in-all_1[1].jpg )
I was just falling asleep, and I was in a similar position to the one in the pic, but my right hand was touching my head. I was thinking of zombies and started to dream that I was getting ready for an invasion. I got some weapons ready and started boarding up the windows. Then my hand twitched and I thought it was a zombie grabbing my head from the top of the window. I woke up and laughed.
>> No. 310289
At first I was dreaming about Finn from Adventure Time getting his giant head examined, then some kid with glasses comes out and starts talking about some mad scientist dude
>> No. 310291
File 130046079039.jpg - (80.93KB , 752x599 , john-henry-fuseli-the-nightmare.jpg )
I had another traumatic experience about half a year ago.

I am currently experiencing an episode of "reccuring dreams sharing the same theme." The last time this shit happened, it took about, I dunno, a year and a half or so until they slowly went away.
Yes I'm telling the truth. No I won't talk about it.

Here's a personal tip I've aquired over the years to help against nightmares:

If you should find yourself in an undesirable situation, be it dream or reality, open your eyes real wide and squeeze them tightly again, fast and repeatedly. I don't know the biology behind it, but the eyes seem to be the only part of your body you have control over while asleep. This action will be present IRL while you're asleep, and WILL wake you up in about 4 to 5 seconds.
That's probably the most useful tip I've ever given on +4chan.

For advanced lucid dreamers, it may take a while to get used to, but simply look at words and numbers. Apparently the part of your brain responsible for interpreting symbols is shut down while you sleep. So If you look at a number or a word, look away, then look back again and it remains the same, you're awake. If it changes, you're alseep. Yes, it takes some practice, but once you've mastered that move, you can move on to the next step: Once you know you're dreaming, you can pretty much control that dream.

I usually turn my dreams into either a sex filled orgy, or torturing somebody I really hate.

End of tip, good luck.
>> No. 310297
Rewatching Band of Brothers (for the 5th time) has brought back my war dreams. War nightmares? I don't know, they're not exactly scary. I just feel so tired when I wake up, and sort of preoccupied for the rest of the day.
>> No. 310304
I had a dream that a lot of my good friends died and I was horribly alone.

I woke up sad :(
>> No. 310323
I know exactly what you mean. A couple weeks ago I dreamt my best friend was telling me she was going to kill herself.

Me: "Don't do this! I can't live without you!"
BFF: "You'll have to try."

It has haunted me ever since.
>> No. 310327
I had a dream where I was screaming at my mom. Like, horrible shit like "I'll NEVER forgive you for all the shit that happened to me." Just awful, terrible stuff. I made her cry.

I woke up and had to CALL HER and apologize. She was so confused to get a call at 8 AM of me going ":< Mom I don't mean it I love you"
>> No. 310342
I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I asked a cute girl out on a date and got blown off.

>> No. 310374
File 130050015522.jpg - (196.17KB , 458x611 , 1263716389108.jpg )
I had a weird and amusing dream where I went over to a friend's house to play video games and some D&D. He was renting half of a house, and welcomed me in saying that the other people hadn't arrived yet, and the other tenants weren't home, but not to worry about it because they were nice and easygoing.

Anyway, I went to look for the bathroom, and got totally lost in the house. Nothing frightening about it, just a little exasperating, because I could hear voices a few rooms away, and I knew everyone else had arrived and was talking: "Oh yeah, you need to mumblemumble yeah, well mumble HAHAHA yeah..." And I kept passing rooms and more rooms, unmade beds and slightly sloppy bathrooms, baskets of laundry, all of it very homey and comforting and human-smelling, but I could not find my way back to the living room.

Finally I opened one last door and found myself outside in the night. It was a sort of small walled-in parking lot, not where I wanted to be. I tried the door again, but it had locked behind me. With some frustration I realized that I would have to walk around the block to get back to the front door. But I had my backpack with me, and about a block away I could see a lit-up mini mart sign.

I turned back toward the house and bellowed: "I'M GOING TO BUY BEER! I'LL BE BACK IN A BIT!"

And faintly from inside the house, I heard someone bellow back: "OKAAAY, WE'LL WAAAIT!"

When I woke up I was chuckling. It was such a real-seeming dream it took me a few minutes to realize it hadn't happened.
>> No. 310375
File 130050082052.jpg - (66.61KB , 450x252 , hungmyhead.jpg )
I went through the day my Brother almost beat a girl to death from his perspective and I've never felt so disgusting.
>> No. 310376
A while ago I had the most realistic dream I've ever had. There was nothing surreal about it, but I will probably never forget it. In the dream, a girl I knew in high school and I hooked up during our senior year. We dated through college, moved in together, got married and had a happy. successful family. I woke up with a horrible ache in my chest and a burning urge to find out what she was up to.
>> No. 310377
What was she up to?
>> No. 310379
She's working for Reaper miniatures these days. She was engaged for a while, but it didn't work out. Depending on how things go I might end up joining her there.
>> No. 310534
Modifyers, Adventure Time and Sym-Bionic Titan cameos all in one night
>> No. 310536
I had a dream that we had a field problem (where we go to the field and pretend we're in Iraq or some shit) that was located within Disneyland. So we had our tents and vehicles set up next to the magic castle and stuff.

I bought a bunch of stuff and then took it all with me onto a water ride, and a bunch fell off the side of the ride so I had to wait till dark and go back when it was dry. I got the stuff but slipped and slid down the ride into the now-dry "riverbed" which was full of giant Tachikoma-like robots. I ran into my uncle's cabin from the mountains and they shrunk down and I closed the door, leaving through the top floor to the main tent area.

Then someone was running around yelling "It's Christmas Eve, don't forget your Christmas Eve pudding!" and I went to get my pudding.

It was all very weird.
>> No. 310722
I had a dream last night that the second season of Panty & Stocking aired and it didn't pick up where the last season left off. Episodes kept airing but no one talked about it, and then it started crossing over with Pokemon and eventually became a full-on Pokemon show itself with Ash being a complete badass.
>> No. 310723
But Rawshark, that did happen. Don't you remember all the parents protesting how the "slutty powerpuff girls" were corrupting their kids who tuned in to see more Pikachu?
>> No. 310725
File 130068475557.jpg - (45.42KB , 480x360 , 126972493420.jpg )
>> No. 310773
Just dreamt that my friends and I were driving and came across shooting for the new Star Tours involving a full-sized AT-AT walker and I was actually allowed to drive the thing.
>> No. 311840
I barely remember the dream itself, but last night at 4 AM I woke up yelling "No Mom, I don't wanna go to Home Depot!"
>> No. 312650
I was a detective and went to investigate a company for something or other. Turns out they were actually an escort service, not what I thought they were (no idea what I thought they were). I had a lovely chat with the proprietor who was quite open about how they do business, and in the process I offered suggestions to improve business. As thanks for that, they signed me up for a duo "sensual massage" and then also for a threesome with two other hot escorts. But I was worried I wouldn't be able to make the appointments because I had army bullshit to do.

And then I drove an empty bus away from the place.

Once again I have a chance to get some in a dream and fail. I'll never have a wet dream. ;_;
>> No. 312651
Last night I dreamt of my archenemy, my 5th grade teacher. I mutilated his body while still alive and slit his throat, then I fed him to the dogs... Something's wrong with me...
>> No. 314950
File 130299295045.jpg - (94.36KB , 400x358 , my own clone.jpg )
I had sex with myself. A separate person who was me. It was... as hot as you might imagine, but by the end the other one's face had blurred and was no longer recognizable to me - a stranger. I woke with my face wet from tears.

The worst part? It has begun to recur.
>> No. 314995
I was played a video game of Coraline that had multiple endings and FMV cutscenes that were all stop-motion just like the movie. On one of my playthroughs the beginning took place in the house and I had to hide from this guy who wanted to come inside. He eventually broke in, and I panicked, but then it revealed Coraline was hiding on the roof.

Then there was a bit where you drove with him and Coraline kept making the car crash.
>> No. 314996
>I was played
>I was playing

>> No. 315005
You know the climax of Rango, where he has the showdown with Rattlesnake Jake?

I was in Rango's shoes. I was freaking the hell out, but I knew I had to do it, so I did.

>> No. 315023

You really liked the movie?
>> No. 315027
File 130304315157.jpg - (28.59KB , 320x240 , kingramses.jpg )
>> No. 315036
Just had one of those horrible dreams where you realize that you have several important classes that you had completely forgotten about all semester. The particularly horrible thing about it was that I couldn't tell for sure if it was just a dream or not upon waking up -- I remember having faint memories of forgetting about these classes before, but I couldn't tell if it was because those classes were real or if it was just because I had had that dream before. I had to actually pull out my schedule to calm my fears.
>> No. 315038

>> No. 315039
I had a dream were I went into a school and shoot everyone.
>> No. 315045
I dreamt I was with a lovely lady going to go see Rango. Except when we got to the theater, the screen kept changing places and every seat we went to, we couldn't see it or it was partially blocked out. It was horribly frustrating and we missed the entire movie and I woke up very upset.
>> No. 315048
I had an odd one last night.
I was riding a bike through a city and it was getting dark. For shelter, I went into an under-croft of an apartment building. I had just locked my bike into a bike rack when I turned around to see I was in an old and cramped Shinto temple. Various monks where walking around aimlessly or sitting in chairs mumbling. I tried talking to some of them but they acted like I didn't exist despite looking right at me. I made my way into a tiny courtyard where there was one man holding incense and appearing to pray to a blue curtain. One man was stumbling about babbling and another very old man dressed in read robes was staring at a small wooden dowel on a slat wooden base. I took notice of the wooden rod but the longer I looked at it, the babbling man began to scream. After a moment, the babbling man transformed into a boney demon with huge eyes and spider claws. As I ran to escape I noticed the other monk's faces began to crunch flat but they made no sound. As I went under a gate out to the street, day had arrived. Looking behind me, I only saw the temple but there was not a monk or monster to be seen. That's when the dream ended.
>> No. 315071
File 130307845749.jpg - (171.91KB , 1280x720 , 1302544788828.jpg )
Are you sure that was a dream and not reality?
>> No. 315102
In one recent dream, I was having wild sex with two female friends of mine.
It was awkward seeing them the next morning.

I think it's a remake of a previous dream I had in middle school of two different female friends.
>> No. 315190
I had a dream where I wanted to masturbate, but people were in my house. I was trying to get them to leave without letting them know why.
>> No. 315193
I dreamt a fuckload of things last night.
But I dunno what I mixed with hallucination.

I'm at school, invited to a party, then I go to a fancy restaurant with my dad at an extremely fancy hotel, then I'm back at school.
Then I'm at the party, and I'm drinking a fuckload and a fuckload.
Then it turns into a castlevania like thing. And them I'm fingering a 7 enchantress, aka a girl I know from school who would've been at the party.
>> No. 315338
File 130325166530.png - (6.44KB , 405x443 , awwwwaitwhat.png )
Cross-posted for relevance.
>> No. 315775
dream about the grim reaper being a lady skeleton, go under her robe and lick her pelvis and stuff, i think she enjoyed it
>> No. 315813
In my dream last night, two people on two separate occasions asked me about watching an Iron Man cartoon. I never knew there was one, but I looked it up and apparently it does exist. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?
>> No. 315866
I was in the bakeshop at school shaping baguettes when someone came in with a big tray of marijuana seedlings. They were $1.49 each, and I bought about ten of them and put them in my car. But in my excitement, I forgot about my bread and so my dough was overproofed and I didn't get a good oven rise. So we made pizzas after that, and used marijuana leaves as a topping, but then we forgot to take them out in time and the bottoms were burned. Then I went home with my marijuana plants, but one of them started dying and shriveling up on the drive home. They kept shriveling and I only got to save six of them.

I was very disappointed when I woke up.
>> No. 316321
I have got to stop having dreams about what my day is going to be like. Especially when said day is pretty much the same day I'm going to have, save for me being late to something. I'm never late to something. When I die, they'll never refer to me as the "Late Nocky." I'm going to be THERE. "We are all here to mourn the present Nocky..."

Anyways, Dreams. No more reality dreams.
>> No. 316438
I dreamed I was in my middle school, except the geography was all off. I was having fun, being a douchebag as usual. Then a /b/tard from my high school came and forced me into some room and i had to run, bite, and punch my way out. When I got outside, I couldn't breathe and everything was so bright. I loved it.
>> No. 316568
I dreamed I was on the run from a cannibal chef who wanted to serve my friends and I up in his restaurant to unsuspecting customers.
I can't remeber what exactly happened in the middle of the dream. but the chef wasn't a threat anymore, and we'd taken over the running of the restaurant. Except we were standing at the door of the freezer, trying to figure out which meat was safe to serve up to customers and which was long pork.
>> No. 316580
You had a dream about me???
>> No. 316619
Had a dream marathon or something the other night, where I'd wake up every two hours, go back to sleep, and have a new dream.

The only one I remember is that my mom wanted to marry my brother in order to stop homosexuality or homosexual marriage or something and I was trying to call 911 to make them stop. I think at some point I had a gun pointed at my mom's head. Weird as shit.
>> No. 316747
I'm a week away from graduation. I just had a horrible dream where some professor of mine (one I've never had except in the dream) let me know that because I had missed just one of his lectures or assignments in an event I was completely unaware of, I had to withdraw from his class and wouldn't be able to graduate. I had to beg and beg for him to let me back in.
>> No. 316758
So I looked in the mirror to find that I had these absolutely HORRIBLE bald patches on top of my head, and nothing I could do, short of just giving myself a combover, would fix it.

I woke up and was relieved to have my glorious shoulder-length hair.
>> No. 316827
I was sleeping during the day and it got a little hot. For some reason I had a lucid dream I was in some asian-type family's house. It was nonsensical and foreign. Modern, nonsensical and foreign.
I went to look for my family and opened a sliding glass door. They were bathing in a giant depressed tub. For whatever reason I had no idea that water was escaping through the door and flooding the rest of the house.

Why. Why did this dream happen. I spent the next 4 dream-relative hours wracked by guilt of flooding somebody's house and soaking all their shit with soapy water.
>> No. 319969
When I dream I usually have the same attitudes and beliefs that I do in real life--I may dream that I'm burglarizing houses or murdering people, but I have the same attitude that I would in real life: "God, this is a terrible idea; how did you get roped into this situation?"

Which made this dream very strange to me. I may as well have been a totally different person.

For one thing, I was in junior high, about 14 years old. I was living a normal life and had a friend that I thought of as a potential girlfriend, but no way was I ready to put that idea into action yet. I liked her, she liked me, let's leave it at that for now. And one day she said, "Come and meet my family."

And her family was a large extended bunch, abut a hundred people, not all related by blood. And they lived way out in the country, in a mountainous area all by themselves. They had seceded from the country and the world, more or less, not from any fanatical reason but just because they thought the outside world was too disorganized. "If you want something done right you have to do it yourself, and that's what we're trying to accomplish here." They raised their own food and livestock, and made their own materials as often as they could.

The buildings where they lived were not farm-y or countrified, but a mixture of technology and slapdash expediency, no real central design, just "whatever works". One person had a normal room with a TV and computer and game consoles, another lived in a giant rainbow beaded hippie hammock. I was told that the denizens had a lot of freedom as to how they wanted to live, as long as they did their work competently and contributed to the wealth and stability of the place. And then, I was offered a place there, myself.

Here's what I found odd: in real life, I'd be understandable hesitant, you know, this all looks great but I'd like to think it over, do some research, Google for strange new cults in my area etc. But in the dream, I was thrilled, very excited in a serious solemn way, as if I'd been admitted into the space program. This was a huge honor, and my only concern was whether I'd be good enough to fit in. I hoped that I would.

We walked outside, and there were snowfields close by on the sides of the mountains, even though the air was warm. The snow glittered like huge drifts of crystals. The adult who was explaining all of this nodded at my female friend and said, "And of course, you two may room together, if that's what you both want." My friend rolled her eyes and smiled at me. The adult smiled too. "And yes, I know very well what you'll be doing in there, there's nothing to be coy about. I'll lay down some rules, and you'll follow them too, but once that's hammered out, the rest is between the two of you and none of my business."

Man, when I woke up, adjusting to reality took a little while!
>> No. 320802
I'm only confessing this because it's important to the dream involved: I am a recovering alcoholic, mostly dry with occasional little setbacks. Like most of you, I have stupid, frustrating dreams about school. Like rather fewer of you, I also have stupid, frustrating dreams where I'm trying to get drunk and I just fucking CAN'T.

But this dream? It combined both! God I was glad to wake up.

I dreamed it was morning, and I was preparing to walk to my old high school in the snow (I usually dream it's dark and snowing, my subconscious is depressed I guess) and it was imperative that I bring booze with me to school. Going without it was unthinkable, stupid, like showing up without money or books or a pencil. I was going through the drawers in Dad's room, also snooping in my older brother's room, very frustrated, unable to find a bottle of theirs that had already been opened, and knowing I couldn't open a fresh one because that would be too noticeable. Finally I found an open one, took a drink but mostly spilled it down my shirt front, tried to wipe it off. Great, now the bottle is down two inches and I didn't even swallow most of it. Shit. Next I tried to go shopping for it, and wandered into a mall which was somehow attached to the high school. there were halls with lockers, classrooms, little tables, sandwich shops and a convenience store place where you could buy booze. All the hard stuff was behind the counter and I didn't have enough money for it. So I went to the refrigerator case, lots of other people were scoping out the contents, it was pretty picked over, nothing but pricey wine and expensive, weak beer. "I could drink twelve of these lousy little things and not get hammered," I thought. "It would cost all my money, too." I went up to the clerk, who was standing at a cash register that was raised two feet off the floor; you had to stare up at him likie a courtroom judge. "Don't you guys have any of that red stuff?" I asked. "You know, it's alcoholic soda basically, comes in a big can, 12 or thirteen percent?" Then I woke up. Just one of those dreams where everything is a total clusterfuck, but I had to laugh at it once I was fully awake.
>> No. 320828
I dreamt the whole internet was going crazy over some holy grail of porn. It was just some vanilla girl on girl scene with two pretty girls. What made it special? The girls were highly intelligent and well-respected experts in their respective fields of studies.
Even my dreams revolve around the internet. I am pathetic.
>> No. 321267
I had a fun dream last night. I and about ten other people had been hired as combination cleaning staff/historians, and our job was to go through this huge old government research facility and put it into order. It had been closed down entirely about 50 years ago, very abruptly. Apparently everybody just dropped what they were doing, stopped taking notes mid-sentence, turned off their centrifuges and incubators and the lights, and just walked out.

Which sounds the first ten minutes of a horror movie, I know, but we were having a lot of fun. Our job was to clean things up, transcribe handwritten notes, and try to figure out what they'd been doing. We had no supervision and no deadline, and we were running around in lab coats, picking things out of cardboard boxes and yelling "Dude! Come here, you have to see this, this is officially the worst handwriting in the world," and "What is this, is there actually something important in these test tubes or is it just dirt that fell in?"

We were in no way qualified to do the job, but we all knew that didn't matter, we'd been told to do the best we could. It's interesting to have a "New Job" dream with no stress involved.

Then again--maybe we were all just expendable...?
>> No. 321288
I dreamt I was pregnant and was trying to get rid of the baby through neglect/unhealthy choices/"accidents."

The people I've told this to are reading a little too much into it, I think.
>> No. 321289
I dreamt that I was at school, which I've been done with for years, and was trying to masturbate in the bathrooms, but people kept interrupting me.
>> No. 321298
I always dream I'm at the cinema.
Fuck, I don't get it.
This time I broke into a mall just to play a film in the theater's lobby with my drowsy dad and my hyperactive sisters. I remember my in-dream analysis.
>The way Kick-Ass deconstructed all known about comics and their adaptations, this does so with foreign animated media.
All I remember. And a picture of a woman with a tear being the only bit I saw.
Honest, that's weeeeird.
>> No. 321415
File 130737677266.jpg - (96.84KB , 741x600 , 741px-John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare.jpg )
Does anybody have reoccuring dreams/nightmares ?
>> No. 321417
Practically everybody does to some degree whether its locations, people or entire sequences.
>> No. 321418
File 130737780454.jpg - (100.94KB , 497x427 , nightmare going copy.jpg )
>> No. 321419
File 130737782982.jpg - (40.79KB , 200x221 , stare.jpg )
>> No. 321420
File 130737785026.jpg - (38.12KB , 200x202 , stare back.jpg )
>> No. 321422
the scorpion woman is your mother.

the scorpion man is your father

the women takes care of you

the father is angry and wants to punish you thinking he is right in that

or something I dont know

I dont know if its offtopic, but does anyone know a horror move(if it is a horror movie?) where a character is having a reacuring dream or a continuation of dreams, where he falls a sleep and he begins to dream where the last dream left off?

He dreamt of a red balloon that he lost, of a psychotic little brother he never had, of dead parents and a demon in his closet
>> No. 321448
I meant more like, traumatic incidents in which the situation reoccurs. Cause I have 2. Happened everyday for months, after a year they pop up every week or so. 5 years and I get them once in a while.

ALSO RELATED: Anybody a lucid dreamer ?
>> No. 321492
>Anybody a lucid dreamer ?
Haven't practiced in a while, due to my shitty sleep cycle. But yeah.
>> No. 321497
Not entirely sure if it counts as lucid, but dream me does exactly what I would do were I in dream situations so it's totally like lucid dreaming.
>> No. 321499
I'm too afraid of sleep paralysis to try lucid dreaming.
However, I am lucky (or sometimes unlucky) enough to be able to remember my dreams from start to finish very clearly, as thought I had just watched a movie.
>> No. 321500
If you ever have sleep paralysis, you can just hold your breath to make your brain shit itself and wake you up.
>> No. 321502
For a while I used to have dreams where I'd be in a park or walking down a street or something, see a stranger, and they'd smile at me before pulling out a gun. I'd wake up right when they'd pull the trigger.

I am very wary of people I don't know.
>> No. 321529
Protip for lucid dreaming:
Keep a notepad with you at all times. Fill it with random words. Make a habit of regularly looking at a random page, look away, then look again. If the words remain the same, you're awake, if they've changed, or didn't make sense in the first place, your in a dream.
It's cause the part of your brain responsible for interpreting symbols is powered down during sleep. You can see them, but they won't make any sense. Inception kinda left that little detail out.

Protip for nightmares:
If you're in a bad dream, simple shake your head violently. You may have noticed how people sometimes twitch while sleeping. If you shake your head (which I do, but it works on any limb) your physical body will move strong enough to wake you up. Inception kinda left that little detail out too.

"Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them."
>> No. 321550
I just have a small "A" on the back of my hand.
That helps.
>> No. 321675
I have a recurring dream where I'm walking by the side of a busy road, maybe a highway, at night. It's raining or has rained, and the streetlights and headlights make the wet asphalt all glittery. There's no sidewalk, and I'm more than a little concerned about the roaring traffic on my left, and the ditch that I know is on my right side but can't see too well, since it's dark. So just walking a straight line feels like some video game where I'm trying to stay as far away from the traffic as possible without taking a header into the ditch and spraining an ankle. But I'm kind of cheerful about all this, because I'm going somewhere important to do something interesting, and I'm excited about it.
>> No. 321992
I dreamed I was shot in the dick with an arrow.

I still feel slightly uncomfortable.
>> No. 321993
File 130798783652.jpg - (11.22KB , 230x230 , Plugra-European-Style-Unsalted_0716B0CB.jpg )
I dreamt that Savemart had the $2.69 per lb. manager's special on Plugra again (for the record, this stuff is normally $3.89 for half a pound) and I bought twelve pounds and stocked them in the freezer and made luscious croissants for days.

It was beautiful ;_;
>> No. 321995
The other night I dreamt I was eating a really good tomato salad. Woke up drooling and ravenous.
>> No. 322816
Dream of a family get together. Other people I don't know are there, but my brain never gave them relationship or context to the situation. They were just there. Party crashers?

Mingling. Talking to my dad's father.

Out of nowhere, ugly ass transexual comes up and tries to kiss grandpa. Confused and offended grandpa punches tranny in the face, being said tranny is A.) a stranger B.) trying to kiss an oldschool heteronormal dude. C.) an ugly ass tranny.

Tranny complains about it and then leaves. Throughout the rest of the dream, the ugly tranny pops up like Waldo and starts stealing stuff and taking it back to his car. Something about compensation/alternative to suing anybody.

I don't even know. This dream was mildly offensive.
>> No. 322820
Well, I hear they don't like to be called 'trannies' for one.

Ironically, I came here to post about a dream in which I was getting aggressively hit on by Rupert Graves in extremely bad drag. Any other day, Rupert. Any other day.
>> No. 322854
Had a dream a few nights ago. Forgot half of it, but I know it was staged in some sort of...extreme horse-racing track. Climbs and hills and bridges and rivers everywhere in an arena. Anyways, the half that I remember is the one where I was sent to get the jockey. He was about knee height to me and was sitting just inside a washer, his knees to his chest. I talked to him - or at least tried to. He was completely apathetic about everything. I had to drag him out and give him a speech or something that would inspire him. That was when I became Kamina and woke up.
what is this i don't even
>> No. 322923
After a bunch of shenanigans trying to catch my run away dog in my dream last night, I accidentally found myself on a stage. The spot lights were on me, and the audience was waiting. I looked down at the candy I had been eating most of my dream. It was sour mambas. I looked up and suddenly started doing this weird prancing/skipping/strutting thing across the stage. It was like I was suddenly a puppet, but I couldn't see the strings. I dropped my candy.

I started talking in a singsong voice, but I don't know where the words came from... "How terrible the times of today are, when fruits turn against fruits! Raspberries against lemons! Bananas against strawberries!"

Then I heard my dog barking offstage and felt control of my body return. I freaked out and ran off stage and explored a weird place my smug bastard of a dog kept slightly out of reach in the whole rest of the dream. Little sneak didn't even have the decency to run into a place with a floor...
>> No. 323111
I just had a really amusing dream that involved Green Lantern.

Hal had taken a bunch of Sinestro/Yellow rings and was up to no good, causing some trouble in the neighborhood. Kyle, John, and Guy wearing their Blue, Indigo, and Red rings were put to the task of stopping Hal (along with other characters I can't quite remember). Eventually Hal tapped into some new power of the Yellow rings that transformed him into what everyone feared most, Superboy Prime, who began tearing everyone a new asshole. Kyle and John push themselves to the limit trying to contain Hal, buying time until Guy comes in with their secret weapon: a walkman radio that was tuned to NPR.

Putting the headphones on, he's able to generate so much rage due to the touchy feel-y liberal headlines (which he was shouting out as he attacked Prime) that he completely atomizes Superboy Prime/Hal. Everyone cheers, Guy's hailed as a hero, and Atrocious showed up and fan-girled a bit.

I rushed to /co/ to talk about the new issue, and just as got to the page I woke up. I... I want this comic to be real.
>> No. 323114
On a totally unrelated note, which I can't be bothered to look into:
How did they actually create the zero G effects? Vomit comit or string?
>> No. 323326
I dreamt there was a strange caterpillar-shaped creature covered in feathers running around my sister's old room. It was freaking me out but I could never catch it. Eventually my cat caught it. She picked it up in her paws and began stretching it out, stretching and stretching and I could see the feathers falling off, the skin splitting and tendons unraveling and then there was a loud popping sound as the creature finally split in half.

"It was disrespecting me," my cat told me when she saw me standing all horrified at the door. "I had to put an end to it."

"That's fine, Angel," I said. "But what the hell was it?"

"A dinosaur. You've got to stop all the time travel, you keep opening up holes and shit like this gets through."

"I'll try to be more careful, Angel," I said, and then I woke up with my cat purring an inch from my face.
>> No. 323399
I had a dream where I was just so busy with work and all that I didn't even notice that my beard had grown to a ridiculous size. Oh, how I was disappointed when I woke up...
>> No. 324759
Hell of a weird dream I had:
It was basically like a horror series/anime/or something about a guy who invented a sort of circular Captain America looking shield that was kinda like a saw with a very fine blade, and for some reason the inventor of this began to made a mayhem with it after some freak accident.
After he killed a merman(or mermaid? It was kinda confusing)-demon hybrid creature with algae appendages, a group of other kids and pre-teens with monstrous summons stop him and the blade shield thing kills it's creator and it ends destroyed. Somehow.
>> No. 324775
let me tell you about the dream i had

I had lost my legs in afghanistan, and tried to hang myself with a tie while in a hospital.

later I went to a school reunion or wedding reception or some kind of unspecified party, and sat on the sidelines avoiding eye contact.

While in the hospital, I managed to rig up the tie onto a ceiling tile or something, but it was then too high to reach. And I just sat there and was dumbstruck by the sheer slapstick irony that I hadn’t foreseen this, and I was too crippled to kill myself without help. I was fucking Lt. Dan incarnate, I wanted to die but all I could do was life a shitty half (ha ha) life.

so yeah
im still going into the army after college
>> No. 324836
I dreamt that there was a zombie apocalypse. I was in a group of survivors with my two sisters, my older sister's best friend, and Nick from L4D2. I kept annoying Nick, but I can't remember how (not that it'd be difficult). My best guess is I made fun of his vague semblance of a gut and/or asked for a piggy back ride.

Anyway, we made our way down to the parking garage of a condominium, piled into a rental car and took off, battling the undead hordes along the way. We passed another group of survivors, the Beatles ca. 1966, and I said, "God, Paul McCartney is really, really attractive," and my sisters made fun of me.

We stopped at this patch of lawn that was right outside a foggy golf course with a ridiculously tall chain-link fence around its perimeter. There was a small crowd of people gathered, all peering into the fog with their weapons at the ready. After some time passed a zombie materialized and walked up to the fence, trying to reach for the people on the other side. Nobody did anything, but I flipped out and shot it in the head. Everyone stared at me, but I was like "What?!" Another zombie appeared, and I shot it before it could even reach the fence. Everyone kept staring at me, I got really uncomfortable, and then I woke up. And then I realized that UGH it was like that scene in The Walking Dead where the guy's about to shoot a zombie that's trying to get at him through the chain-link but then the other guy's just like no, leave him alone, the inference being that these are still human lives and blah blah blah I felt like a JERK.
>> No. 329797
Anybody ever have a dream where you're in love and having a good time, nothing sexual, just spending time together, then you wake up, you're still in love but you realize that the person doesn't actually exist?

Every time I have a love related dream, I by the beach. Which probably adds to the joy.
>> No. 329802
File 13145728034.jpg - (419.76KB , 1000x1289 , 1248813176448.jpg )
I was dressed like an old-style reporter. I'm in this absolutely filthy old apartment. I was listening in on, and spying through the keyhole of an old-style door, on this group of cannibals. Bodies hanging from meathooks, blood errywhere, the whole Texas Chainsaw Massacre deal. The leader was butchering this mass of human meat, talking about the importance of tenderizing and how different sorts of people tasted better. I was taking notes and dropped my pen, so I split and ran for the elevator. It opened right as I reached it, and this...thing was inside.

It was a blue plastic milk crate, packed with brown paper, stained red with fresh blood in places. All sorts of garbage and trash was piled on top. Something black and ominous was thrashing inside, hidden except for brief glimpses of a serpentine form seemingly made of ink.

Describing it hardly captures the sheer terror of it. There was just a shapeless, awful thing, barely visible beneath wrappers and old newspapers, directing the motion of this crate. It saw me, somehow, despite lacking eyes, but chose to ignore me. It slid down the hall, leaving a black streak behind it. Three of the cannibals rounded the corner, wielding machetes and meat cleavers. They shrieked when they saw it. I looked away, and was showered in blood as whatever was inside that thing emerged and tore them to shreds. Looking through my fingers, the thing slid around the corner, pushing aside their severed limbs and rolling their heads. I cowered in the corner, listening to the shrieks as it continued into the apartment and massacred all the cannibals. My dream time-lapsed, and I was being interviewed by the police in the apartment, now even bloodier than before. Luckily, they didn't think I'd done it. I couldn't have. The coroner said that some had been pulled apart limb by limb, while others seemed to have exploded from some great internal pressure.

Later, I was hitching a ride. A guy in a pickup pulled over and drove me to a truck stop. I somehow realized he was part of the group of cannibals, and he knew I was the reporter who broke the story on them. He chased me into this truck stop bathroom. I ran into this stall...and there was the crate. It slid ominously forward, let me jump out of it's way, and promptly dismembered the poor bastard.
>> No. 329808
Last night I dreamed that my grandfather had faked his own death and been hiding out in Perth for the last 24 years.

This is easily the second most depressing dream I've ever had.
>> No. 329815
Yeah... those are good days.
>> No. 329904
I dreamt I was being stalked by an empty living skin that behaved like a horrible monster blanket.
It could talk, but it couldn't really operate its hands very well. It was like being stalked by a deflated balloon with a smiling, eyeless face. Even sounded like a person talking into the skin of a balloon when it spoke.
It spent most of the dream trying to get into the house, which fortunately was impossible and a little pathetic since it couldn't reach up to open the door. For some reason it could only construct and compress, but couldn't really 'strike' or move things very well.

Eventually it figured out if it swallowed rocks and dirt to give its hollow insides mass and substance, it could give itself something to 'push off from' on the inside. Broke down the door, then realized it didn't need to eat me, since it could already move. Then it just walked off. To where? I don't know.

Jesus christ.
>> No. 330035
I don't know why, but everytime I dream about my grandparent's house there are always bees. And I get stung. Like in one dream where we went to visit them half their house was a bee's hive, in another there was a nest on the side of the house we had to wash off, and when they lived in some mountain in the middle of the grand-canyon and the house was being attacked by dinosaurs and they were kung fu masters or something; I was stung by a bee.
>> No. 330254
just dreamt i was kissing with one of my best friends. she's the one who instigated at a a party with mostly her own friends and family in attendance. we had been sitting at the dinner table she told me to be honest and asked me "If we were in [the middle of] a plane crash, would you be talking to me or would you panic?"

Instantly said - talk to you.

She smiled a knowing smile and kissed me again.

Much later on after a stressful perusal of some resort facility we were staying in she pulled me into another room to watch DVDs with friends. I ended up accidentally waking her up when she fell asleep and wanted to continue where we left off at the dinner table.

Then my alarm wakes me up. I'm confused and annoyed. Pretty sure it wasn't the alarm that kept me from continuing. Avoidance of success means control of my failures. :I

Thought I'd tell you guys. No way I'm telling my girlfriend this one.
>> No. 330262
I haven't dreamt at all in the past, I dunno, few years. Is that a good or a bad thing?

I mean, besides some or other dream of me not being foreveralone and with a girlfriend.
>> No. 330275
Have you been sleeping a full 8 hours straight?
And how chaotic/dynamic are your wake ups? Do you have time to relax after you sleep?

Those would be my main questions.
>> No. 330276

Last time I slept more than 7 hours was around a month ago when I decided to skip class one day. I don't get a lot of rest, it's often wake up to either my cat fucking with me or my mom telling me to get up, then shower and breakfast and off to college then work and come back home.
>> No. 330280
There's the prob. Take some time to actually SLEEP. RIGHT.
>> No. 330281
Guess I should just go to bed at 9PM to get up at 5 for college, and miss all the fun of the night life.

It's not like I'm really missing out on a lot of shit anyway.
>> No. 330285

That's why I said not much, I mean, sometimes my bros are drinking and shit and there's always the ocassional gig, but yeah.
>> No. 330286
> dream
Imagined my neighbors across the street all died for no apparent reason. Then white vans with the insignia of Cobra from the GIJoe cartoon showed up and pulled all the bodies away in a "clean up" crew like action.

Then i shot up a Transformer Decepticon with a AK-rifle of some variant, and later a 40mm grenade launcher (the huge rotary/revolver-looking version) after the 'con machinegunned a huge hole in the wall where the window i was firing from was.

It was just as awsome as it sounds.
>> No. 330358
I actually had a dream in a dream yesterday.

I dreamt I was living in a renovated, modernized version of the kindergarden I attened when I was a toddler. There I fell asleep, and respectively dreamt of a TF2 update.

They reintroduced class grenades again.
>> No. 330374
Dreamed the other night I was some type of space marine dispatched to a massive alien colony whose species seemed like a cross between Green Lanterns and Nazis. They'd create green guns and armor but nothing else, and they all had purple or pink skin like Sinestro. I guess the Nazi aspect manifested itself mostly in the architecture, because despite being in outer space, most of the building looked like drab gray military installations and fortresses from 1940s. Like stock photographs of what Berlin looked like during the war. That and the aliens dressed like they were members of the Wehrmacht. Our mission must have been to exterminate the whole damned lot of them because I wasn't given any directive. Just shot at them for what seemed like an hour. After running around the landscape and blowing away a few stragglers my commander was all, job's done let's go home. Instead I decided to explore. Strolled around inside a castle admiring the scenery. Happened upon a really fucked up version of grey goo - like a cross between self-replicating nanobots and chicken breasts. Remember the Dogscape thing? Imagine that but it's chicken instead of dog covering the land. It would cluck if you shot at it and giant beaks would rise up like sand dunes and shit. It wasn't docile. Created some Akira level shit to kill me and I had to fight my way out. Apparently it was a synthetic compound manufactured by the aliens and used as a clean energy source...somehow. But the higher ups were convinced it was being developed as a weapon. After that my dream kinda broke down. I think a full-scale war erupted due to the chickenscape discovery and I found myself directing ships to blow up the colony, which vaguely resembled Oa. Might have ended when I piloted this big assault carrier thing directly into a reactor-like structure to blow up the colony. Guess I died.
>> No. 330599
File 131515573651.jpg - (74.40KB , 640x480 , dream .jpg )
I had an odd one last night.
I dreamt that I went to visit the park near my old elementary school. Curious to the changes that may have happened, I went up to the old back entrance and snuck in. The layout was similar but there where awkward twists and turns in some hallways and the main entrance was ten times larger than it should have been. The strangest feature had to be the fact that most of the walls had been painted a calming baby blue. looking around, I saw a few of my old teachers, who appeared to be even younger than I remembered somehow. They where dressed in bright red togas and when I went to greet them and ask them if they remembered me, they would smile and tell me how much of a burden I was to them. How much my cowardice, lack of focus and overall slow wit was a joy to abandon when I left. Feeling something was amiss, I exited the school the same way I came in. I was greeted by an old road that lead into the ruins of an Indian temple, drenched in lush jungle.
>> No. 330606
File 131515829090.jpg - (164.71KB , 927x1409 , 1307750613691.jpg )
Last night I dream I was a green lantern, doing battle with shade, in brazil.

god that was a fun dream, however I may have gotten overboard with it when I got so annoyed at his shadow clones that when I caught him I decided to curbstomp his face.
>> No. 330608
Just woke up from this one.

There was a new season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, it was complete shit and they changed Shake's voice to where he sounds like Keanu Reeves. I raged about it, tried to explain it to my brother, but then my family is calling me an idiot for some reason.

Next I'm playing some video game in real life. I think the plot was that me and some other dudes were going to pull off a big heist in some mansion. I'm talking to this dude at a counter, and press a button behind him which sets off the alarm. Me and the other guys run up a spiral staircase and make it to the roof, but before I set foot out there, everything turns black with a red wireframe.

I see a message in front of me: "Rewriting the world without christian influences." Even though I wasn't christian, a black wall with a strange symbol was both blocking the roof exit and coming up the staircase. I see another message: "You will become the other..." something, can't remember. So right then, I got crushed between the black wall behind me and the black wall coming at me.

Something else happened after that, but eventually I feel my entire body go numb, a loud buzzing noise, flashing lights and colors, lines of code going everywhere. Like I got absorbed by a computer and became part of it. I woke up then because I thought I just died.
>> No. 330673
File 131522705780.png - (228.97KB , 640x480 , dream.png )
Last night I had a dream I was in the Mediterranean Sea among some ruins. It was absolutely beautiful. For some reason the statue of David was there along with some others and there were hieroglyphs on the walls. I was trying to get a picture of the area (the sun was setting and it was really pretty) with my camera but the light was low and my hands kept shaking so I couldn't do it and got really frustrated.

Then my friend who was swimming in the water (by the fountain thing in the middle of the picture) started drowning and someone else saved her.

It was strange. I tried to draw the area but I'm not very good (traced over the statue to try to make it look actually like a person)
>> No. 330676
File 131523449288.jpg - (35.00KB , 600x480 , homepageImage1.jpg )
Do any of you keep a dream/nightmare journal?
>> No. 330678
that would be a nightmare in itself
>> No. 330681
I have a sketchbook. Sometimes I also sketch stuff in there, that I've seen in dreams.
>> No. 330682
If I have a particularly vivid dream and have a few minutes, I type up my best recollection of it and keep it in a folder marked "Dream Records" with the handful of other such documents.
>> No. 334954
Dreamt I owned a pop-up book of Titus' Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding special. His dad was represented by some kind of horrific multi-limbed black entity and there were little pull tabs that played recordings of him.
>> No. 334959
i had this reoccurring nightmare when i was a kid

some dude up in space had this bigass like satellite and I had to try to stop him, and when i was up there he was saying how he had already sent the R-rated missiles to earth I and I couldnt do anything to stop him. So i just ended up watching the earth get blown to pieces.

Next time i got their earlier but for some reason I got turned into a digimon, and couldnt do anything. So repeat earth destruction

Next (and final) I was up there again, and because i couldnt do anything i summoned people to help. Goku, Link, Megaman, and a Charizard i think beat the guy up and stopped the missiles
>> No. 334960
so yeah my dreams show me the future
>> No. 342778
I owned a hotel and was going from room to room to get some peace because I really wanted to masturbate. But people kept interrupting me without noticing. I also happened to have dingle berries.
>> No. 342782
Good for you.

Dingle berries?
>> No. 342783
File 132390126072.jpg - (68.17KB , 620x465 , penis-passion-fruit.jpg )
Shit, both metaphorical and literal, that gets caught in your ass hairs. This being a dream, though, I assume the guy had actual hanging bodies of fruit coming off his crotch.
>> No. 343610
I've had two /ck/-related dreams lately. The first was there was this whole epidemic of people's food processors and blenders and such breaking down. It turned out there was some compound in vanilla extract that was corroding the parts (?!) and since there's a lot of baking done around this time of year that meant disaster. (I can't remember anything else from the dream, but I woke up in a panic. Must have been intense.)

The second was my dad suddenly turning out to be lactose intolerant, which meant he couldn't have cheese or milk for his tea or make homemade ice cream and so on. I suggested he try rice or almond milk or something as a substitute but he was a big baby and refused, so no more dairy for anyone, ever.
>> No. 343620
had a dream that i was in line at an airport to get on a plane and i saw david tennant sitting at a booth just for himself. felt terrible, especially considering how much i love him, that no one was going to see him. it looked like a mall or bookstore signing, and no one was there. i went over to him, told him how awesome he is and how he should never stop trying (god i feel like an ass for assuming he's not doing well with his career) and then after that the dreamed metamorphed into another less interesting direction.

i missed the flight, though. had to find another way to hawaii. totally worth it.
>> No. 345140
My subconcious is apparently a bad fanfiction writer. Had a pretty disturbing dream where Spongebob was swallowed by a whale and slowly being digested. Everything in the dream looked like a felt or construction paper cutout, which was good I guess, since it was kind of gory. For some reason Spongebob had an inner core of three circling red globules, like a Metroid. When that began to dissolve, it triggered a vision of sorts. Something about how he had been too selfish and this was his punishment. But he would be given a second chance. And then Spongebob, restored, burst forth from the whale in an explosion of light and offal.
>> No. 345356
Dreamed I and a friend applied for a job with a construction crew. They worked hanging sheetrock, placing sheets of it 40-50 feet high up on a wall by passing it from person to person. But they didn't use ladders. See, if you were good at the job, you'd learned how to jump up at the wall, smack your hands down on it hard, and make them stick. You then climbed up like a lizard. If you were a beginner, you were allowed to strap a circular magnet to each hand, to help you climb. My friend and I couldn't do it, though; not even with magnets. I slid right down, no sticking power at all.

So we were relegated to ground duty, getting boxes of nails and tape, going on sandwich runs. I was jealous of the workers' climbing abilities, and got pretty pissed off when they went on lunch and sat around dissing "those pussies that have to use magnets, man; if they can't do it right they should just quit." I woke up thinking what assholes they were, but grateful that I hadn't told them that I was afraid of heights.
>> No. 345369
Last night in my dream there was a scene like an incredibly beautiful animated movie. Like, unbelievably beautiful. It was this lush, vibrant view of a savannah with animals amidst it. If I were an artist, I'd be feverishly trying to recapture the scene, but as much more of a writer, I can only lament that no number of words penned over a lifetime could hope to convey even a glimmer of how gorgeous it all was.
>> No. 345512
Is lucid dreaming as cool as it sounds?

Knowing you're dreaming, do anything you want with but a thought, feels real?
>> No. 345553
Yes. But it's real easy to pull yourself out of the dream once you realize you have control.
>> No. 345557
If anything, it's harder to STAY in a dream than it is to leave it. I lucid dream from time to time (not intentionally, it just happens sometimes), and generally it's very soon after I become lucid that the dream world just sort of crashes around me.

I think part of it is that once you're lucid, your eyes start following your conscious orders again, and if they stay still you'll break REM--that's why one of the techniques they give you for escaping a dream is staring at a single point.
>> No. 345592
My brother and I were at a comicon. Not sure if it was meant to be a big, important con like SDCC, but we were in a huge complex with multiple levels and halls reserved just for the con. Anyway, he enlisted my help in tracking down an indie graphic novel from the 90s. We were going from hall to hall, vendor to vendor, looking for this extremely specific item, dodging between people and all that, bit like something out of any movie with a shopping montage. Pretty mundane dream. There were little touches here and there which caused my dreamself to literally pause and go "Waitaminute...", but for the most part, just running around a con floor.

Then the rockets started firing.

Guess my subconscious got the message this scenario was too boring, cause explosions were going off. There was no explanation. Out of nowhere military helicopters hovered outside and launched rockets right though the windows. Couldn't tell if people were dying. What really made the rockets awesome is they were implausibly huge - about the size of a van - and didn't explode on impact. They'd lay there and blink red like a video game missile. There was a pretty cool moment where I realized one wasn't a dud and had to outrun an explosion. Brother picked me up after the force knocked me on my ass and was making sarcastic comments while I babbled like an idiot. Never did get that comic.
>> No. 345642
had my first ever went-somewhere-naked dream. took me like ten minutes to realize it was just a dream when i woke up.
>> No. 345697
Since I left the army almost a month ago, I have had four separate dreams about still being in the military, and something stopping me from getting out.

I don't remember details enough to post each one, but the last one involved moving out and people moving my stuff around and it rained and I had an SUV was an epic amount of interior space. Oh and I stopped half way through to solve a murder-mystery involving some guy that could expand this bubble around him that would pull people through anything; I watched a guy helping me get sucked through a wall, turning into a blob as he did so, before I was sucked through myself. The guy let me go though, said he liked my spunk.

I really don't know what's going on.
>> No. 345774
You'll probably have Military Dreams all your life; although that Scooby-Doo-Doctor-Who Military Dream didn't sound all that bad!
>> No. 345776
Did you butt-thrust in everyone's face?
>> No. 348057
A dreamnt that I was Para-sailing above the ocean at night, and the sky was like Skyrim nights; stars and space was so close, northern lights above. It was wicked.
Inception Soundtrack HD - #12 …youtube thumb
>> No. 348065
Sometime ago I had a dream about Steve Jobs becoming Dr. Manhattan or some weird shit along those lines
>> No. 351391
I've had this friend for a few years now. A good friend and quite beautiful but not the type of person I'd see myself with. Well for the second time I've had a dream with her in it and we happen to be together in these dreams. No sex in the dream, we just happen to be a couple, hanging out, cuddling and I'm actually in love in the dream. My problem is, I'm still in love when I wake up, it doesn't just feel like a crush, but more like that feeling you get when you first start dating someone. Last time it took me a couple of weeks to shake off that feeling.

The coolest thing about this last dream was the swimming pool. It was part of a hotel, the bottom of the pool was made of glass and underneath was the ocean with coral reefs and tonnes of colorful fish.
>> No. 353125
So, according to my subconscious, mentally disabled people transform into survival horror enemies at night. See, I was some kind of orderly transporting an invalid patient to a site in post-apocalyptic Kansas City. None of the buildings were damaged but plant life was completely non-existent and the river which bisects downtown was 50 feet higher...so I guess some of the buildings were damaged after all. Anyway, I get to the site and I'm separated from the rest of the staff. So I spend the rest of the dream trying to locate them. And this hospital, this gigantic 100 story hospital, was filled with nothing but retarded kids and their caretakers. Who always seemed to be young blonde women completely oblivious to these kids coming at me with knives.

Also there were Halo and Soul Calibur action figures in the lobby. And Mike Mignola versions of Disney characters. Those didn't add to the creepy mood of my dream but damn were they cool.
>> No. 353176
Last night I had an awesome dream where I was taking a tour of Tokyo and Tomokazu Sugita was my guide. We hung out at Tokyo Disneyland and I got to practice my Japanese on him while he practiced his English with me.

Then following that dream I had another one where my dad collapsed and his last words were how he wished he could've spent more time in my life. So now I don't know what to feel
>> No. 353188
Started out as a vaguely JRPG type adventure fighting otherworldly horrors, but gradually became more mundane until it somehow morphed into an Archer clone with occult shit instead of spy shit. I think there was this running gag where Not Archer would let himself get possessed by ghosts, because it was even better than getting buzzed.
>> No. 355470
File 133601510031.jpg - (73.05KB , 850x639 , the-seventh-seal1.jpg )
Go to sleep. Dream. Receive huge box of solid chocolate, in fancy packaging with a little bow. Wake up, gleefully swing body over to bedside shelf for the delicious delicious chocolate that surely must be waiting for me.


The sadness carried with it a powerful physical sensation that spread across my body. I actually said, if only softly, "God fucking dammit."
>> No. 356010
File 133666353566.gif - (264.97KB , 478x369 , tumblr_lwvd7gYvv41qdsl3co1_500.gif )
Last night I dreamt about flesh-eating goats. An entire nature documentary on them. They kill their prey by ramming into it with their horns, then dig in with their teeth, which were sharper than normal goat teeth, but still not quite sharp enough for something that was supposed to be a carnivore.
>> No. 356011
Yesterday, I dreamed that I went to an etheral other world located in my High School, then saved a Nidoran♂ and ♀ trapped in a fire in the real world.
>> No. 356094
Today, I had the ultimate wish fulfillment dream:

1) I went to a metal concert (I can't tell you which kind, but the musicians didn't have make-up)
2) The bassist, a girl, had bared her chest with the other musicians. When I got to her in the bathroom, I said I was very proud for her for doing that and she looked at me like I was cockroach (not a wish, that)
3) I hated her for that, so I went in the park outside (dream logic!) and started doing Parkour, everybody followed me, but I was still the best at it and was leaping and diving and rolling like mad
4) I was a girl (hence the fact I could see her in the bathroom) and it was really cool
>> No. 356124
Dreamt about octopi. Monstrous, titanic, Kraken-level octopi. Even had the classic eye spots. The perspective of my dream kept shifting. One moment I was watching a a nature documentary, next I was flipping through an old book full of faded photographs, next I was swimming with them. Yes, them. They traveled in pods like whales. And not unlike whales they were mostly harmless to humans. They had modified suckers which acted as filters, so they just dragged their tentacles like a jellyfish would. Algae and such other organisms would anchor themselves to the creature's hide, and if their host lived long enough, other marine life would move in and create these massive floating colonies. So I was diving through this sprawling underwater forest where everything was alive and exploding with color. It was awesome.
>> No. 357125
File 133783261196.jpg - (92.79KB , 699x392 , beetlejuice108.jpg )
I dreamt that I could detach the lower half of my body. It made shaving my legs a breeze.
>> No. 357168
Smoking live baby mice was a thing. Like, just stick 'em in a bong.

For some reason my friends were using an opium pipe, though.
>> No. 358852
File 133970923778.jpg - (92.14KB , 600x600 , paul mcbeardy.jpg )
Dreamt that Jay-Z recreated this photo with Blue Ivy. It was adorable.
>> No. 358858
I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night.
Except he wasn't alive as you and me.
He was all undead and spooky.
>> No. 359141
File 134003810989.jpg - (31.08KB , 498x378 , OH+_f39827400180d0e9e3e7a316ff9015e3.jpg )
Ever had a dream where you got something you really liked, then found out you're in a dream, then try to "transport" that thing into the real world, only to find out it didn't work?

Is there a name for this phenomena? It's not really lucid dreaming.


I sometimes dream that I'm really hungry and eat loads of stuff in my dreams without getting satisfied. When I wake up I need to belch cause I swallowed too much air during dream-time.

I also drool once a month or so...
>> No. 359162
I dreamt that instead of remaking a good, recent movie, I remade a poorly-made, older, shitty movie that had had the potential to be amazing. Dream cut away before I could see if I had fared any better.
>> No. 359185

I don't get why Hollywood doesn't do that instead of remaking/rebooting good films.
>> No. 359186
You really don't? They consider them loser ideas. No one is going to give them a second chance no matter how many promises are made about what the end result will be. Hollywood is a gambling agency, not a business that analyzes its failures constructively to re-organize them and try them out again.
>> No. 359432
I was inducted into a secret monster hunting society after finding this huge library hidden under Philadelphia. The books were awesome, so I read them a bit.
Then I decided to start a new life on the road, hunting monsters. This blond girl and I were figuring out how to steal some clothes from a store, when this lady in a top hat and red tutu lured me into a building. It was like a crack house, only they were goth, cyberpunk cannibals instead of crack heads. It was dark, and there were sides of human meat in the windows. I knew I had to save my irl friend from them, because they were trying to make her into one of them. My friend was dressed like a piece of candy corn, for some reason. I tried blending in and avoiding eating anything, but then I got distracted by the books in their gift shop. Eventually I got out and made a plan with the blond chick to save my friend, but I woke up before I could.

I'm a shitty friend in my dreams.
>> No. 359638

It's a shame they don't. When people only back projects on how much money they make, creativity sometimes goes down the toilet.

There's a lot of movies, games, etc. I wish they'd give a chance to- they had such great potential but were fucked up so badly.
>> No. 359640

To wit: Manos.

Someone could make a good movie out of the basic ideas/premise of the original, but no real film studio would bankroll the project.
>> No. 359643
Mm, I can see Manos being done well potentially...the other issue is that it's been ingrained in peoples' heads as one of the most lovably bad MST3k films ever. People may not want a non-campy version of it.
>> No. 360281
Had a dream that I finally was fed up and was going to see a porn star in person. Not fuck her, but basically a private web-cam-like show. Stripping, masturbation, etc. It's exceedingly rare that I actually have sex in my dreams that might involve it. I've even had a dream where we were just about to go at it and the chick changed her mind and left. Anyway this was at some sort of convention and I was waiting in line behind other guys going in for their own private show. It was $100 per person, and for some reason I was paying in Bitcoins, except they were tangible and I had three filing boxes full of Bitcoins sorted into plastic bags (so I never saw the actual physical Bitcoin, just the bags holding them.)

Somehow my family also wound up there and my mom got in line with me, not knowing what was going on. I tried my best to get her to leave before I went in to get ready myself, but she didn't, and when I came back out she had found out what was going on and my sister had taken my boxes of Bitcoins and destroyed them so I could not longer even watch this chick masturbate. And then my dad was there and he and my mom were disappoint in me and they yelled at me and I cried and ran off and somehow got lost in the Montana wilderness.

Then later I had another dream that was basically My Gym Partner's a Monkey, except with mermaids and underwater instead of animals and jungle school. And the biology teacher was a real bitch and wasn't even teaching biology, it was something like trigonometry. And we had a test that was essentially a real-life combination of Laser Tag and Team Fortress 2.
>> No. 360290
I know that feel, bro. Most, if not all of my sex dreams are either really heavily censored (once the actual sex happens, they cut away) or my parents walk in and get really angry at me, or it's I'm in a situation where it's uncomfortable and either I really, really don't like the person but they won't take no for an answer or I can't get turned on. I have no idea why.
>> No. 360294
I have a lot of dreams about work and my coworkers. They either tend to be mundane, insane, or like last night: an action-packed adventure when Whole Foods has to close because of some emergency disaster and it was me and random coworkers and regular customers against the world. Plagues turning humanity insane, the earth quaking, fires burning, etc. And in the end, because every apocalypse action movie needs it's half-assed lovestory, the coworker I have a huge fucking silent thing for kisses me as the explosions go off, and I wake up feeling like Michael Bay crept into my apartment and gently teabagged me in my sleep.
>> No. 360323
I'm always fighting something in my dreams. And not like a fight fight; I'm fighting ideas, organizations, the occasional dragon or zombie horde, but nothing that is ever surmountable in single combat, no matter how BF the G is.

The last one was some kind of mountain of challenges. Some compatriots and I were trying to pass these challenges set forth by an Illuminati-style organization in a bid to gain access to them. We all drank some kind of engineered hallucinogenic, so powerful that one of us dropped dead on the spot. The rest of the dream was a murky blur of combat, physical, and mental challenges undertaking while trying to covertly undermine the systems of the facility we were held at.
>> No. 360344
>be a fucking genius
>always know when you're dreaming
>lucid dream constantly, which is basically like being God in your mind
>awesome, but....
>never be surprised again in your dreams
>depressed now
>> No. 360410

>Be a fucking genius.
>Recognize that dreams are not worth bothering over because it isn't reality.
>Automatically wake up as soon as I know I am dreaming.
>Supposed loss-of-logical-reasoning that happens with other people during dreams does not happen to me.
>Anything weird or fantastic happens... I know I'm dreaming.
>Brain compensates by making all my dreams EXTREMELY mundane.
>Can't tell dreams from reality anymore because I dream about shit I do everyday already.
>Never get laid in my dreams, because I don't in real life.
>Being a genius sucks.
>> No. 360415
jesus... you're saying this kinda garbage with no irony?
you do know TMC is a troll, right?
>> No. 360529
Last night I had a dream I was Batman and I was at Arkham talking to Harvey Dent asking about trying to find someone and then I had to leave through the sewers for some reason when the nurses came over

and then it abruptly changed to me being the leader of an army (which was a class at my college) and trying to compromise with the leaders of the other army, one who was actually my old history teacher. We were swinging on swings at the park and I saluted as I approached.

It's all kind of blurry now but in the second part I remember talking to someone who was talking about the other leader (not my old history teacher) saying "That's the most dangerous one."

I also remember trying to take care of a little boy who was my brother and feeling immense sadness about it because he kept doing bad things and whenever I tried to help him or stop him I ended up physically hurting him.
>> No. 360653
I've been having a really weird set of dreams recently...they have continuity, almost episodic in nature. At first I thought they were nightmares, because I was living in Michigan again, but instead of living in my hometown, I was living in Ypsilanti because it was closer to EMU, where I got my Bachelor's Degree. I was in my early 20s in the first dream, and I had just gotten my degree.

The point of the dream was this: instead of working counter-jockey jobs thru this point in my life, I was a secretary to a guy in the mafia. At first it was a regular secretarial job, but then I was asked if I wanted to make extra money under the table. I of course jumped at the chance, and they taught me how to use a handgun (I already knew how to fire a rifle) and how to throw knives. So I was a bodyguard for a new mafia guy higher up the ladder, but I still worked as a secretary. Every dream after that, I was climbing the ladder and doing increasingly dangerous & illegal things. The last dream I had in this bizarre series, I killed the Don on his deathbed, cleaned house and assumed the role of Don. Before I woke up, a call came in from the Old Country, telling me I'd crossed the line and my life was forfeit. That was three days ago, and I haven't had a continuation of the series yet.
>> No. 360781
I had multiple dreams about apartments last night. In one I ran a small, weirdly-shaped apartment complex and was worried about something with the electricity.

In another I worked at some massive multi-level baking plant and it had attached apartments that had a really cool layout but looked like they had been put together with leftover wood from other projects. And at some point a door connecting to an office from my apartment disappeared so I decided to move the furniture around. And the stairs for the back exit would fall apart like Legos.
>> No. 361200
I was walking down a stretch of highway in the middle of the desert with a bunch of friends from high school. I got exhausted and dehydrated and ended up collapsing in the dust. When I woke up we were on a fancy train, and I was just lying on a row of seats. I pretended that I was still out while my friends discussed treating my dehydration. They had to give me water with some medicinal powder in it, but they had to figure out how much I needed based on my weight. They decided to calculate my weight by measuring the volume of my legs, and my friend's boyfriend started measuring my legs, not by using a tape measure or string and a yardstick or anything like that, but by actually drawing a 1x1 inch grid on my legs. I was so embarrassed I pretended I was still unconscious. The dream went on like that for a really long time before I woke up.
>> No. 363252
So to help me get up in the morning I put a powershot right in front of my alarm clock so when it goes off and I go to hit snooze, I get the shot, hit snooze, then do the shot and wait for it to kick in.

At least, that's the idea. The reality is that I grab the shot, hit snooze, and then lay back down and cuddle with the shot until I actually muster up the strength to break the seal and down it. (Anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours, all the while hitting snooze.)

Well, yesterday morning I did just that. However, every time I laid back down after hitting snooze I guess I went right back into REM and had mini dreams. And EVERY MINI DREAM started with me chugging that power shot. Every single time I dreamt that I unwrapped the top and drank it; one time there were like 30 ozs in the 5 oz bottle and I drank it all. And then each time the alarm would go off I'd wake up and reach for it with the hand holding the powershot and get confused because I could have sworn I already drank it.

Really fucking weird.
>> No. 363496
There were 3 dreams that all ran at the same time. In the story that formed the bulk of my dream, I was trying to fuck a (literally) black skeleton girl. Maybe fuck is too strong a word. I seemed a bit unsure of how the attraction worked. She came off as depressed when sober; maybe I just wanted to hold her or something lame like that. We were at a nature retreat outside a mediterranean city crawling with tourists and both coming down off a high caused by something that looked an awful lot like crushed walnuts. Lots of walking past trees that morphed into something else a second later. I remember being entranced by her voice...but cannot remember anything she actually said. Then we had to find a place to stay for the night. She wasn't one of those Harryhausen type animate skeletons. Quite a bit of flesh there, really. But I'm not sure what else to call her.

The second dream, which seemed to be a dream within a dream and was playing on TVs, was about the suspicious death of a mentally disabled pianist who gave impromptu performances. He was considered extraordinary. And a point of pride for disabled people everywhere. So great was this injustice that apparently we had to be on alert for riots. I guess in my dream there was an organization that decrees who can and cannot become a professional musician and the news kept shifting back to its leader denying claims of bigotry or ableism or whatever it's called in this case.

Third dream was my brother playing Banjo Kazooie 3. He was already in the hotel room we payed for, like he'd been expecting us. The game looked pretty fuckin cool. Some kinda next-gen Kinect controls. Really complex enemies for a platformer. He died many many times, though.
>> No. 365321
File 134635032319.gif - (1.29MB , 158x129 , no no no no no.gif )
Grandpa Simpson and Grandma Bouvier having sex. POV style.

There was rimming.
>> No. 365323
I dreamed me and a friend were going to a party. The party was at night, and I was driving there. Me and my friend were joking around and having a good time like we usually do.

Then I had to stop the car because there was a barrel in the middle of the road. Then we noticed in the distance a giant Donkey Kong. The Donkey Kong was coming straight for us. I turned the car around and drove away as fast as I could but he was gaining. I turned a corner, parked, and turned off the engine and lights. I knew DK would be too stupid to find the car like that. But instead of running past he stayed in the area and kept looking for us. We crouched as low as we could so he wouldn't be able to see us through the windows. He kept looking for us until morning when he disappeared. We missed the party.
>> No. 365409
I was building a house and in the final stages of completion, everything kept falling apart. If I fixed one side, the other would break. If I fixed the other, some other side would fall over.

I think this is one of those dreams psychotherapists can tell you pretty easily what it means.
>> No. 365412
All I remember was a lock and a key, the key kept entering into the hole, turning and backing out again with sex noises and moaning.

When I woke up, I pondered, then laughed for 10 minutes.
>> No. 365445
File 134654055482.jpg - (30.83KB , 640x448 , 1213636790013.jpg )
I was trying to get the Demonsbane from Raithwall's tomb
>> No. 366201
Stereotypical gray aliens came to Earth and conquered it. Also they were fine with homosexuals but had something akin to "birthers" in the realm of homosexuals (whatever that means). As part of being conquered everyone had to wear shirts of various colors to depict their status, and in gatherings we had to show our required adulation by holding throw pillows above our heads. I was a lone rebel (there were groups, but I didn't affiliate) and my main plan was to find a car in this giant car lot where the aliens had gathered most of Earth's cars that would allow me to outrun and gun the aliens. I found the Batmobile, but it was like one of the plastic toys only full size.

However, I did have two cats (which were illegal under the aliens). So it wasn't all bad.
>> No. 366202
Oh, and at checkpoints the guards would have to lick your feet before you could pass, something about checking for shoe bombs or such.
>> No. 366213

Sounds like the basis for an interesting story. There aren't enough "alien" movies where the plot isn't just 'alien(s) want to kill everyone, humans kill them instead', or 'alien(s) are out of place and trying to fit in on Earth'. Usually whenever the "bad guys" win, it's the end of the plot and it's a sad ending; but a plot that just STARTS there, with aliens having already conquered the world, and how life is like AFTER that, that is interesting.

It's little wonder writers sometimes get ideas from dreams, when they're as crazy-but-relatable as that.
>> No. 366348
Was descending into some massive pit in the middle of mexico. There were platforms and shit around the pit, but they all balanced on multiple points and you had to tie yourself off to a partner to prevent falling into the pit. That's about all I can remember of it.
>> No. 367581
File 134872462639.gif - (958.34KB , 400x225 , tumblr_m5qm64BxLF1qadr5no1_400.gif )
Had a pretty long and exciting dream, but there was only one part that might prove interesting to anyone else: Adam from Workaholics was a Romero zombie with tentacle dick limbs and he deepfucked zombie Rebel Wilson all over my sofa. Just, all over it. If that thing had been real I'd be sitting in front of a toxic bonfire right now instead of a computer.
>> No. 367584
Had a dream where this delicious brown girl I had a huge crush on in the Army (but she was married and got divorced after I left, feh) went on a date or something, idk. But it ended up with her in my bed naked though we didn't do anything. So I sat in a chair behind the bed and masturbated to her and then she woke up and was freaked out as fuck because I was jacking it to her.

Then we played some MMO that was about building relationships and started all the way at the bottom. Weird.
>> No. 367585
... christ...
>> No. 367590
I had a dream in which my house, which is huge and fortresslike, was even huger and more fortresslike, and I was walking around trying to organize this party that I hadn't known was being held at my house till that very day. A lot of my coworkers were there, plus a few other people, and I kept accidentally running into this one gorgeous guy that, irl, I can't figure out if he's hitting on me or not, but we were always on our ways to different destinations. We were waiting for the 'guest of honor' to arrive (I have no clue who it was, seemed to be some kind of supernatural entity? an alien visitor?) - everything was all set up, and one of my friends was bitching at me for not putting on this hideous cocktail dress she had tried to make me wear, everyone was getting drunk (I didn't drink, but even in my dream I could feel the joint I'd been smoking as I was running around setting up shit), and then hot guy came up behind me and I was like, oh, you didn't get to hit this yet, and I passed him the joint but had to turn around. Lights were coming from the skies! Our guest had arrived! And I hadn't set up the antipasto platter yet. But I was carrying a chicken under one arm, the planned sacrifice, so I figured I'd put it out while others were plucking her feathers and then I woke up?
>> No. 367629
Okay, new recurring dream: I'm in my early 40s, and my partner has just been elected President of the US. We are both asexual females, and the thought of traditional marriage is distasteful to both of us for many, many reasons. We are partners, and we like it that way. Considering my partner won, I assume in this dream world that our relationship is tolerated, if not completely accepted, by some of the American public.

The political pundits (well, the ones who are butthurt my partner won the election, at least) are insisting on calling me "First Mistress" instead of "First Lady", and basically painting me as a harlot to the masses (which, considering my asexuality, is both hilarious and frustrating). All political pundits in my dream are somehow faceless but have really nice hair and clothes (and the women, bizarrely, have makeup where their features should be).

It is creepy as fuck, and because my partner hasn't taken office yet (it's post-election, pre-swearing-in), the only thing our PR people can do is send out statements trying to correct the pundits. They won't let me or my partner go on air, and they certainly won't let either of us go on the pundits' shows to correct them in person. I always wake up super frustrated and angry, because who the fuck nominated these faceless assholes to judge me without reprisal (or morals or ethics)?!

Unlike the crime boss dream sequence I had a while ago, this one dream is on perfect repeat; nothing changes and even when I recognize the dream, I can't change anything, not even the words coming out of my mouth. This also adds to the frustration level on my part, and for some reason I can't wake myself up during this dream either. It always ends with my PR person telling me "I'm sorry, but you can't go there right now; wait two months and I'll book you in."
>> No. 367631
And that's not the most fucked-up dream I've had. I thought I had posted it in this thread, guess not. I'll try to remember to post it tomorrow. In short, I'll just say the dream had ending credits.
>> No. 367676
Had a dream a whole bunch of shit was going horribly wrong and I was p much having a breakdown and panic attacks errywhere and shit was bad
but then Comrade and Tooth and some anon??? started talking me down and we all got high as fuck together and it was chill

I've never even smoked before

or spoken to Tooth more than like once

The anon never even identified himself he was just some dude who felt like talking stuff out with me and also had a bunch of weed

it was a weird dream. not altogether unpleasant though.
>> No. 367719
Honey Boo Boo was found dead in a chimney. She had been dismembered and severely burned.

Later it was revealed that her mother had been prostituting her.

Just calling it here and hoping I don't have prophetic dreams or some shit. What is wrong with my subconscious.
>> No. 367724
I had a dream once where I met a bunch of people off of plus4. Despite not knowing what most of them look like. Or having ever spoken to more than two or three of them. It was odd.
>> No. 367726
Someone was having sex with a video game character who had come to life. And by "come to life" I essentially mean the glitchy ragdoll whose arms flop everywhere and bends in unnatural ways and has dead, soulless eyes. It was incredibly creepy.
>> No. 372337
File 135532833230.png - (552.75KB , 1080x1600 , 001.png )
I had a dream night before last where I finally got fed up with it all and went to get a prostitute. I managed to find one who was extremely cute, had a hairstyle like the attached image (but not as young), and had breasts on the high B-/low C-side. I remember her lamenting that they weren't bigger as we walked towards where the action would happen, and I said that while I enjoy large breasts I prefer ones that are natural.

Apparently I had this small loft thing that was a "secret" where I had a bunch of my books and games and stuff with a few pieces of furniture; I took her there as it didn't cost me anything more. I was concerned she would laugh at all my nerd interests but instead she was into many of them herself, and we wound up talking for a long time before a "friend" of mine barged in. (That's in quotes because in my dream he was my friend but I have no idea who he was.) I yelled at him to get out but she said "that's okay I like DP". So we all started taking off our clothes but there was no actual sex, her and I half-spooned on a couch and there was heavy petting and that was the end of the dream.

Then, last night, I had a follow-up dream where my folks had moved an hour away but hadn't told me, so I had to drive there. But this gal was in their old town, and she called me on my cell and we just talked for some time until the shitty signal in the area went out and I couldn't get her back on the line. At this point I was madly in love with her but I couldn't remember her name; we had an enormous amount in common and she was extremely cute with a wonderful voice. During the conversation I was extremely happy and relaxed and when the signal cut out I got extremely concerned. And then this dream ended.

I can only find love in my dreams. ;; And now I'm super depressed.
>> No. 372340
>see attached picture
>uguu sempai
Jesus man, go outside
>> No. 372341
Just now read this. This is how I want to die.
>> No. 372342
Done. Enjoy New York.
>> No. 372343
Damn, you had two years to read that. Damn, this is an old thread.
>> No. 372978
I like photography. I always have dreams where there's this perfect shot and I just can't get it. Either I can't get my camera adjusted or find my camera or something else.

Last night it was a gorgeous sunset at a beach. I was with my friends telling them I had to take a picture so I was trying to get out a lens for my camera but it was in slow-mo and the sunset was turning into night and then I woke up.
>> No. 373251
File 135741372761.jpg - (577.97KB , 1000x816 , eijima_moko_bakery.jpg )
What's the significance to reccurring dreams? Are they supposed to be SYMBOLIC or some shit? I keep dreaming of volunteering at a farm complex thing, like a small town that's partly self-sustaining. Downside is I still feel the back-breaking labour and wake up sore.
>> No. 373261
Your dreams might be your subconscious trying to tell yourself you're ready to grow in some aspect of your life. To take control of where your life is headed. Maybe enroll in some classes, take up a trade, or find a career.

Or you could just have work on the brain. Dream "symbolism" is never concrete. It just associates common figures and scenes with expected physiological responses. Like psychology it's a very soft science with no permanent answers.
>> No. 373313
In my dreams, as long as I'm wearing a mask of a character drastically different from me, everything goes well and I'm a really successful badass with an amazing sex life and many friends and I never get hurt in combat, but in dreams where I'm me, sex always goes horribly and I get mocked a lot or I'm unappealing and unliked by everyone and things always go really badly for me
>> No. 373317
The last time I had a sex dream, I was not only much much more unattractive than I am in real life, but it also went pretty well.
>> No. 373318
I am not getting into details, because frankly I don't remember them, but recently I had a weird case of seeing one dream after another (being awakened by something before either one finishes). The last dream ended up with me holding a sword, only for someone holding one against by back, telling me to surrender. I was just about to figure out how to get myself out of this, when I woke up for the last time.
>> No. 373319
I think it might be a response to being told as a kid that I was hideous and I'd be lucky to get a pity fuck, even though I was sort of average looking, nothing really memorable but nothing repulsive either. I sort of worry sometimes my personality is unintentionally abrasive, though and I'm scared to drive people away.

Sex in general is just scary to me as a result, I think. Unfortunately. It's something I need to get over.
>> No. 373416
I dreamed I was getting a rather pleasant blowjob in my bed. I dreamed I turned on my light, went to look just to see who it was, and..
I had the mouth of a weeping angel around my dick. She was looking up at me with this excited 'blink and you die' expression.
I turned the light off.
>> No. 373417
That might be the most disturbing thing I've ever heard. You need to see a psychologist.
>> No. 373419
the image of an angel is an angel
i'm helping
>> No. 373421
Ya haven't heard a whole lot, then.
>> No. 373495
Last night I dreamt that someone gave me an adult python as a gift. I didn't have anything set up to contain it, was worried about it eating the cats we have, and had serious doubts about how tame it was, as it kept biting me in the face.
>> No. 373568
Holy shit, I actually realized I was dreaming and I still stayed in the dream for more than a few seconds.

All I remember was being in a green field of flowers when I realized I was dreaming, so I tried to create things with my mind but it didn't work like in the cartoons. Then out of fucking nowhere, a ninja threw a meteor at me and I woke up.
>> No. 373905
I dreamt I was on the beach, watching three sailboats with no masts headed toward shore. How could they get anywhere without masts? I wondered, and then I willed the wooden pillars into existence and smiled as they shimmered into their proper places. Two of the boats washed up to shore on either side of me and I watched the waves push them up and up, until they were safely anchored there where they would not be easily washed back out to sea.

That's when I noticed that, even though I was sitting on wet sand, the water refused to touch me as it washed up; it moved away from me like two positive ends of a magnet. I thought this was amusing and, the more I focused on it, I began to realize that I could control it. The water splashed up in a drizzle of brilliant sparkles or fluttered about in a semi-circle around me until the waves pulled them away and they tried again to reach me.

Someone came up to me along the shore and offered me their hand. It was a boy, a boy that I instantly recognized as a brother, although he bore no resemblance to the one I actually have. I took his hand and he pulled me up to my feet and we started running. I reached this extremely strange clarity when I looked down at my feet hitting the sand; everything became startlingly realistic. The sight of the sparkling ocean, the burning in my muscles as I ran, the smack-smack-smacking of my feet against the wet sand..

And then I lost it and woke up.
>> No. 373918
You would all sell your dream's rights in a heartbeat to Justin Bieber if he offered you enough money, no matter how precious you felt on your pillow the day you made it. No dream is powerful enough to be held on to when that much money is involved.
>> No. 374046
I dreamt that I was a shapeshifter. I could give myself different hair, eyes, and so on. Most of the time I retracted my genitals to be gender-neutral, but I could be male, female, or 50/50 of both if I wanted. I was unrecognizable no matter what, and I felt like a different person, like I'd never made any of the mistakes I'd ever made and I could finally move on.

The thing is, I didn't feel happy as myself, and I didn't feel happier or more successful with a different body, name, or even gender. I don't know what that says about me.
>> No. 374182
File 135944172320.jpg - (142.84KB , 797x1000 , like this but 200 feet up.jpg )
I dreamt that I was in a mandatory high diving competition for twenty-somethings, with all the contestants being people I knew in middle and high school. The line to the diving board wound around a brick yard and through a manky concrete queue area, and the ground was cold and damp with puddles of water. The wait looked like it would take forever but in no time at all I was climbing the ladder and getting ready to jump. Even though I'm terrified of heights, don't know how to dive, and can barely jump into water without holding my nose, I dove. Apparently my form was so perfect and awesome and the height was so incredible I blew everyone away and set a record for diving and there was no need for the remaining competitors to even bother. Everyone was losing their shit, but I just exited the stadium and went to an underground cafeteria for a chili dog.

Some other stuff happened involving trash collection around this pool/whitewater river behind sliding doors (it's a recurring place in my dreams), and then I was in my grandparents' old living room, reclining on a gigantic sofa with my sisters. There was a sheet being used for a projection screen and we were watching something, but then it shifted to footage of the diving competition, including shots from my POV. I started dozing off and I realized that the whole diving thing was just a dumb fantasy I was having. I was jolted back to alertness by my grandma bringing me breakfast, which was tuna sauce on toast and peas served on top of a sealed can of tuna. And she was congratulating me and saying how proud she was of me for winning the diving contest even though it was apparently just a dream?

I'm not sure if I realized by this point that THIS was a dream, too, but I remember being really confused because my grandma is dead and nobody in my family lives at that house anymore. I was happy to see her and tried talking to her but she went into the hallway and disappeared. I brought my plate to the kitchen and my mom and aunts were arguing about where they were going to get flowers to put on her grave, and I was like, "Oh." And then I woke up.
>> No. 374184
Even the dreams where I'm raped?
>> No. 374191
Uh yeah, odds are there's always some off-the-wall symbolism even in a bad dream like that, some combination you would never think of in waking life, so it could be valuable.
>> No. 374297
I dreamed I was having a lucid dream. You read that right - I dreamed that I fell asleep and then had a lucid dream, dream-within-a-dream style.
>> No. 374335
Ethel Smith (Hammond organ) 1 of 2youtube thumb

Visual pill for more lucid dreaming, watch twice and go to bed early for best results.
>> No. 374338
I have those dreams too. Dismemberment ones. I'm never the one hurting others, always the one being hurt or at the very least embarrassed or uncomfortable.

I think it's my brain trying to deal with the fact that I dislike myself immensely, but I always blame myself for a problem instead of wondering if the other person has a bug up their ass or something. I'm just against self-harm, or at least doing things like cutting or committing suicide, so I vent in my dreams so it's easier to manage when I'm awake.
>> No. 374339
File 135986547192.jpg - (253.09KB , 600x896 , 1099409-koolaidman.jpg )
>losing teeth in dreams
>wake up and they're all there
ahhh, hell yeah : )

>being dismembered in dream
>wake up and body is all there
Pic related
>> No. 374557
Jesus fuck.

Ok, not making this up. This guy had the body of a purple teletubby but the head of a man. He had a knife and he was trying to kill me. He was being hunted by the military for being a failed experiment, and he was warping reality and making clones of himself. Everywhere I went, he made himself known. He had some kinda demonic voice, and he wouldn't die. He was always laughing at me, killing all my family and friends, destroying my stuff, and every time I tried to punch him he was either made of steel or he teleported.

I eventually killed him by throwing him into a river and watching him wash away, but then it was like a video game with a voice and text saying "collect all the orbs for the secret ending". Then he came back and I started having a heart attack, then I woke up. I'm not sure but it may have something to do with me watching this before I went to bed:

Robot Chicken: Delicious Gummy Bearsyoutube thumb
>> No. 374558
goddamnit wrong vid

Robot Chicken: Doug's Bad Reincarnationyoutube thumb
>> No. 374560
Toothpick kept pushing out of the back of my throat.
>> No. 374602
File 136038968241.jpg - (540.78KB , 1479x1338 , 1280263425252.jpg )
Had a non-nightmare recently, for a change.

I was in Portland, it was raining, and I was older, like, forties ish. I was alone and kind of sad, on a business trip of some sort, and I wander into this dive bar only to find my friend. She'd apparently made it somewhat big as a musician and was performing there. I was so happy, feeling in my dream like I was really meeting an old friend after years. She pulled me up on the stage and asked me to sing her big song with her. It must have been big, because everyone, including me, knew the words. It was a beautiful folksy rock ballad, the kind that'd have been a big hit in the 90's. And there were words, real lyrics and a chorus, but dammit, they all melted from my memory on waking.
>> No. 375358
I dreamt I was standing outside by myself, and I went to light a cigarette, and I unintentionally caught my clothes on fire and burned my fingers.

This is especially weird because I've never smoked and I don't have any desire to start, but I am wondering if this kind of thing ever happens.
>> No. 375359
I dreamt there was an alligator in a mud puddle in front of our house.
And our cat had had kittens so I was worried and was trying to get them all in the house.
Except there was one that was all mangled, but not like the gator got it but almost like birth defect or something...
>> No. 375367
File 136404297524.jpg - (22.31KB , 720x394 , Dil.jpg )
I basically dreamed myself into The Crying Game, Dil mai waifu come back to me!
>> No. 375546
She's my waifu now!
>> No. 375551
Recently had two dreams based on Silent Hill. Apparently, my imaginationland can produce original monster designs.
>> No. 375555
I dreamed I had an extra 60bux I could give to a friend. Waking up to find it never existed devastated me.
>> No. 376930
Never thought I'd have one, but I had one of those sex dreams. Except I wasn't really having sex, it was like I was at a sex carnival. It was filled with girls in hooter's clothes, and there was a specific booth for every position and fetish. They served decent food too, and there were different contests to win a girl of your choosing to have your way with for the next hour.

The weird part is this happened twice in a row. I visited it one night, then the next night I came back with the weather being different.
>> No. 376931
I had a dream that a friend I liked was a siamese twin, and they took turns blowing me and making me grab their three boobies. They were bickering about who'd get the first load when I woke up.

To say that I had an awkward boner afterwards would be an understatement.
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