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File 136512908184.jpg - (52.35KB , 300x300 , facebook_logo_cross_out_300x300.jpg )
375831 No. 375831
A discussion with a friend earlier got me thinking about this. It seems like everyone and their dog is addicted to the damn site these days, but surely there must be some better alternatives for those of us who can't stand Facebook. I'm surprised they don't really seem to have any major competition yet. Yeah, there's Twitter and Tumblr and such, but they kind of suck too. Livejournal may as well be Deadjournal, except I think there actually was a site called that. Myspace is a wasteland, and for the better, since they were worse than Facebook. I don't think Formspring caught on all that much, and they were only so-so. What else is out there?

Oh and this is what some people apparently think of us anti-facebookers.

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>> No. 375833
Why are you anti-facebook?
>> No. 375835
Google+? That's what I'm trying to convert my friends to, anyway.

Not that I use it much myself...
>> No. 375836
I dislike the way it's set up and I dislike how blatantly they can keep violating people's privacy and getting away with it. TBH, I don't really like social networking sites in general, since I'm a fairly private person, but in the event that I had to choose one to connect to friends and family, I'd rather have something other than Facebook.

Oh, I forgot about that. I've been trying to cut Google out of my life as much as possible too (though I still use youtube and their search engine) since they're just as bad or worse when it comes to people's privacy. And fuck them for requiring SMS verification. Fuck them hard. "Don't be evil" my ass.
>> No. 375837
I hate social networks as much as the next guy and I'm with you on having a problem with google's nosery, but I'm having trouble running from it. And the only alternative I can mention is Orkut, which ALSO belongs to google, so... yeah... :/

The only interesting one I can think of is Twitter, since you get updates from personalities from whatever interests you have.
>> No. 375842
The innate problem is that any "social" site will generally ask for the same info Facebook will for the same reasons. There's a wikipedia page listing 100+ social networking sites from all around the world, but the thing is they're all more or less worse than facebook.

I don't mind the invasiveness because I feel like that's really kind of a realm of illusion as well. Yeah, Facebook is stalking me, hell it's using my own posts to stalk me. But so's everything and everyone else in this game. Until marketing becomes an unviable money maker, It's really one of the biggest things keeping our economy going.

I'm not even that bothered by things like Facebook being able to tell if you're gay or not.

Because that's predictive software. And we're going to see a lot more of it in the future. The machine doesn't necessarily know what it brings, it just puts 2 and 2 together and gets 4. Most of us leave a digital wake a mile wide in terms of what we look at and where we go online. The data is just so obfuscated that in many cases it would need the dedicated effort of a human mind to really track what we, individually, do.

Which of course, was basically proven back in the 90s when we had a wide enough userbase that networks weren't extended regional cliques, and everybody didn't know everybody. Something like a visible email on a forum profile is enough. A lot of people aren't very bright when it comes to hiding stuff like that. Cause too big a tantrum with a few sockpuppets in forum with savvy mods, and you got the proto-version of dox'd. Every dirty little horrible thing you did laid bare for a bunch life failures who probably insulted your artwork to laugh at.

And the thing is, you control what you put on those networks. They are very public networks. Whether they are run by an unscrupulous company full of lazy assholes is almost a given. That's essentially the problem with all public discourse over the wire. We bypass it here because we're niche enough and Anonex abandons the site for months at a time leaves well enough alone and with the mods.

I do get the paranoia, especially about things like having your fb scoured by background checkers for a job. I think some of that's more a problem of culture; I don't want to be rejected from gainful employment for having a picture of myself drunk on fb when more than likely everybody, including the fucking fact checker, was drunk that weekend.
>> No. 375845
The biggest alternative that people are actively using is Steam.
>> No. 375857
I don't like most social networking sites (even YouTube) because I'm constantly getting friend suggestions for people I genuinely don't know or don't follow for a reason (usually because we have nothing in common, but the site thinks because they're popular or because we have a friend in common, I'm indebted to). I can click the x button on it, but it'll just suggest them again.
>> No. 375858
File 136518452590.jpg - (11.84KB , 227x222 , images.jpg )
>Gaia Online
>> No. 375861
So your main problem with Livejournal is that no one else uses it? That is in fact going to be a problem with anything our friends don't already use, so you'd need to either ask them and hope they're all using some other network you don't know they use, or get them to start suing something until it's populated enough. If you can get people to use anything at all that allows you to both subscribe to and produce RSS feeds, I'd go with that just because it's at least somewhat compatible with any other system that does the same.
>> No. 375866
File 136519095237.png - (90.79KB , 476x356 , it ricking rn raggy.png )
I didn't write it I just found it. "Social Network" is still a nebulous term. By some definitions, 4chan's a social network, although an extremely obtuse one
>> No. 375868
Oh, not laughing at you, but rather at how tragically comical is to found that on Wikipedia.

Livejournal was what tumblr is now.
Now, it's just filled with russian bots.
>> No. 376460
nobody needs those social brain poisons
>> No. 376461
File 136640689417.gif - (1.60MB , 450x337 , 1353391311063.gif )
>IRL or online
>> No. 376474
why are you here
>> No. 376479
What the hell do you know, Murray? You're bald.
>> No. 376483
To read a close knit community's thoughts and opinions, occasionally adding in my two cents via snarky comments & observations.
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