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377393 No. 377393
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>> No. 377394
Self exploration is really scary.
>> No. 377395
File 136800273385.jpg - (15.96KB , 184x184 , Rametarin.jpg )
There's no harm in knowing yourself.
>> No. 377396
File 136800304312.jpg - (60.22KB , 720x960 , 2013042795150129.jpg )
Double posting because I don't want my problems on the front page to be all mopey and shit until the next thread comes about.

Three weeks ago my boyfriend and I basically stole the neighbor's cat. The cat who they let roam a large, busy neighborhood right next to a large, busy highway usually littered with roadkill of the feline variety without a collar or any sort of identification. The cat who was pretty much always starving and who would sit outside people's houses trying to get in during the winter.

We took him, let him live inside, gave him everything he needed and he seemed happy as hell. Yesterday we woke up to him pissing blood and crying in pain. After a long ride with an angry, bleeding cat with enormous claws, his new vet told us it was because of a urinary tract infection that he must've been suffering from for a long time. Far longer than we had him. She also told us that had we not brought him in and gotten him treatment he more than likely would've died very soon.

So today while I'm at work his original owners showed up, and demanded him back. My boyfriend didn't exactly have a choice, he was legally their cat, so he handed him over and explained what happened yesterday. The guy told him he'd take the cat home, two houses away, and come back to pay him back for the medication and the treatment. Twleve hours later and the motherfucker still hasn't come back and clearly won't be. The cat wasn't exactly happy to go with him either, he hissed and ran away from him down the driveway as soon as he tried to pick him up.

These people obviously don't care about the damn about the cat, and the cat clearly doesn't like them, so if they make the mistake of letting him out again we're gonna take him back in and give him to one of my boyfriend's friends in the next town over. If the people who actually want to take care of the damn thing can't have it then they sure as fuck can't.
>> No. 377405
File 136800675123.jpg - (251.01KB , 883x533 , Mighty_Morphin___Dalek_Rangers_by_cragus2.jpg )
>> No. 377407
If I were you, I wouldn't wait. Steal him again. Or better yet, report the guy to the ASPCA. People who neglect their pets are almost as bad as the ones who outright abuse them.
>> No. 377419
Today is my birthday.

>> No. 377420
Happy birthday, Moose.
>> No. 377429
> Oh fuck I think I'm developing lactose intolerance.
Eat yogurt regularly. I had mild lactose intolerance, but now that I have a cup of yogurt (Activa, for other reasons) every morning, I find that I can eat things like ice cream without needing to take Lactaid or have any issues afterwards.

Still haven't tried regular milk, but I imagine it's better there, too.
>> No. 377432
That ASPCA thing sounds ideal. Just taking the cat could still be treated as theft.
>> No. 377434
Go out & do something for your birthday, dude.
>> No. 377435


You depress me and I'm a huge loser. Have some fun.
>> No. 377438
Good luck, the Autonymoose. Lead a happy life.
>> No. 377439
I find that when I am frequently occupied, I am not depressed. The longer I spend doing something, anything, the less depression and anxiety actually bother me. So long as I don't actually think about it.

I started reading webcomics again. Several of them are on hiatus, so I pick up others in the meanwhile. I'm almost up to date on Homestuck. A couple hours a day every couple of days, and I'll be there by the time their own hiatus is over.

I might pick up a show to watch over the summer, too. Don't have the money for Netflix, but I can make due with Hulu Basic and other sites. Maybe I'll take suggestions on what to watch. I just can't let my worries consume my life.
>> No. 377440
Well, this weekend I'll go to see Iron Man 3 and eat at either IHOP or Olive Garden. Alone. That's it.

Works for me.
>> No. 377441
>I'm almost up to date on Homestuck.
Is it worth it to catch up on? I quit about the time that the humans and trolls met in person because it became far to LOLRANDOM for me.
>> No. 377444
I only got up to the part where a couple of their dreamselves met. Not in real life. I'm still in Act 5.
>> No. 377459
Happy Birthday man.
>> No. 377470

You've got a few months before the game comes out, may as well have something to do.

Fair warning though, about...halfway through Act 6 it gets kinda stupid and pedantic.
>> No. 377471
Hey, happy birthday!
>> No. 377477
>it became far to LOLRANDOM for me.

I don't want to start a big discussion on Homestuck or anything because it has its own board, but could you explain what you thought was LOLRANDOM about Act 6? Or at least what made it more so than the rest of Homestuck?

As far as I know, sarcastic caps LOLRANDOM is usually code for badly done non-sequitur, so please explain if you're using it for something else here.
>> No. 377488
You'll have to be more specific on events, because I don't remember what was in what acts.

Anyway, the whole narrative just ran long for me. For instance, you had the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff insertions, which were at first entertaining, but then too much time was spent with them. (Although "I warned you about stairs bro" will also have a place in my heart.) Then you had the chat sessions which often just ran on and on and on, too often about inane crap. I imagine their point was character building, but it was just too much for me and I lost interest in most of the characters. Finally, I kept getting the feeling we were going to hit some closure point--not the end of the story, but a major turning point--and when we were about there something out of left field would happen and we'd spend an act explaining why the left field was always there in the first place. No proper suspense build-up.

Actually, on the character building, the four "quadrants" for troll relationships just seemed a huge waste of time for me. Yeah, it explained some of their interactions, but it could have easily used human terms instead of coming up with some renamed, expanded list (and then inserting playing card relationships into that.)
>> No. 377509
Just stealing it now would require breaking and entering, so gonna avoid that. As for the ASPCA, that's a last resort. Having pissed off neighbors isn't ideal. But I'm gonna get that cat away from them as soon as I can somehow.
>> No. 377519
Yesterday I learned of Edward Fortyhands. Why would you do this?
>> No. 377520
My girlfriend's going to be studying in engineering at MIT.
I have no idea what I'm going to be doing, but currently it looks like automotive.

Is it normal to feel bad about this? I feel like she should have a respectable lover, not some blue-collar redneck who just fixes cars all day. It makes me feel terrible to think about how fucking low-class I'd seem to people in STEM fields. Even my family told me to lie about what I want to go to school for in job interviews because being a mechanic is so unrespectable and nobody wants to hire someone who's aspiration is "manual laborer."

I dunno. Maybe my lack of self-esteem is making me blow it out of proportion.
>> No. 377521
>ally, on the character building, the four "quadrants" for troll relationships just seemed a huge waste of time for me. Yeah, it explained some of their interactions, but it could have easily used human terms instead of coming up with some renamed, expanded list (and then inserting playing card relationships into that.)
The fact that it was overly complicated and unnecessary was part of the joke. There's a reason he used explaining the quadrants again as a threat to the reader, and then writ it large with the Leprechauns.
>> No. 377522
Your family is dicks. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do manual labor, and you certainly shouldn't feel bad about it.
>> No. 377527
Then it was a lame joke that ran on for far too long and worked its way into other plot points. (Like the clown-infatuated troll killing a few trolls and only being calmed by the main male troll as they're kimesis or whatever it was.)
>> No. 377532
1. You're blowing it out of proportion.
2. Anyone who thinks being a legit mechanic is a negative thing is being straight-up retarded. It's a stable, practical job. Some people might sling barbs your way, but 10 bucks says they're bitter over wasting time and money on a degree with no pay off.
>> No. 377533

> a mechanic is so unrespectable
Wait, what? It's not seen as a glamorous job, sure, but I've never seen a good mechanic go without respect. Engines are a huge part of our lives, we wouldn't be able to work as a society without a practical mechanic servicing (and often improving) our machines.

> It makes me feel terrible to think about how fucking low-class I'd seem to people in STEM fields.
As someone with not just a college degree (Bachelor's) in a STEM field (Computer Science) with a STEM job (systems integration and development), you have my full support in becoming any kind of mechanic you like. Society's push on everyone going to college is a bad idea, IMO; even if everyone was college capable (and they're not; not saying you aren't, only that college isn't for everyone), we'd still need those who would apply practical, manual labor like mechanics, gardeners, food service, etc.
>> No. 377535
Also another STEM BA (biology) with a STEM job plus starting a PhD in microbiology for reference.

Fuck the haters, 'poke.
>> No. 377537

Didn't I answer this question for you earlier? People look down on everything that's not STEM on the internet, in spite of the fact that they probably use services made by non-STEM people on a daily basis. Also, people on the internet seem to suffer from some sort of weird complex where they have to shit on people that didn't study what they studied. Some of these people have a fucking laundry list of reasons that people don't study STEM (they're lazy, they're too stupid, and so on and so forth). I'm no psychologist, but I'd say it comes as a result of people a) needing to feel superior to others, b) miserable people trying to convince themselves that their choice was the right one or c) dicks. Probably that last one.

>we'd still need those who would apply practical, manual labor like mechanics, gardeners, food service, etc.

Mm-hmm. I've thought about this (mostly for my writing...English major speaking here). What happens when we get robots to do everything for us? We can't just have a continuous chain of robots doing maintenance on robots. A person has to come in somewhere.
>> No. 377538

I found this highly relevant. I'm at the "get meds" part of the description; I have no idea if I'll ever start really using emotions again.

> A person has to come in somewhere.
Given a continually advancing society, though, that person will eventually have to be in STEM. Someone that inputs requirements, and then a computer creates the design and the programming that will be printed and put together by another robot, which will be transported by yet another robot, and monitored by another robot for serviceability, and so on.

But once we get to that point, we'll also be at a point where the majority of the people won't have to work at all, because robotic farming and manufacturing will be so cheap and widespread that money doesn't serve much of a point in basic necessities. There will still be mechanics, but they'll be hobbyists and tinkerers or will maintain antique cars.

Also by the time we get to this point we'll likely have had a few very bloody revolutions over capitalism. All of this is at least a few decades off, if not longer, but we will get there barring a second Dark Ages.

In any case, a mechanic will be a respectable, though perhaps not high-paying, job for some time to come, and Slowpoke should definitely pursue that if he's interested. I wish more people would focus on trades they enjoy rather than do the college route in the hopes of $$$$.
>> No. 377539
We won't ever. Humans perform tasks that robots can barely dream of. Most robots still struggle with stairs.

I failed out of 2 universities trying to study computer science. I don't grasp enough of the science to actually have a real, graduating job in my field. I'm stuck at a low-wage paper-pushing job with no prospects and the creeping fear that whatever I do with my life, I will still have to struggle upwards.

It can be a blow to the ego to slum it with people in a higher social strata than you. But calm your fears. Rich or poor, the only thing that matters about money is that you have it. Auto-repair is a service industry that will nearly never run out of work, though like computers, you should probably be prepared for it to change very rapidly. The trick is to never let yourself sink into monotony; never become truly bored by what you do. Tire of it, take a break, invest yourself in other interests in your life, but always try to find something interesting about it.

The pay is not amazing in such jobs but it is relatively steady, and that can be blessing unto itself. Especially if your girlfriend will be attending such an intensive college, she may not always have time to be a breadwinner, and loans do nothing for material comforts and everyday needs. After college? She'll be an amazing breadwinner, probably earn more than you. She'll also have a lot of debt. It may not play out exactly like that, but you have a chance to be a real support for her and ensures she graduates with the best education possible.
>> No. 377540
>We won't ever.
O ye of little faith; we most certainly will, it's just a question of time. The same doubts were there for flight, autos, space missions, etc.

In fact, all of the necessary tech exists, it's just prohibitively expensive at the moment and disjointed. Proper A.I. might be the only thing lacking, but many repetitive tasks don't need true A.I., just complex rule sets. Now it's a matter of maturation, perhaps a few breakthroughs here and there to speed that up.
>> No. 377542
you overestimate our ability to create artificial workers using limited resources. There will always be a place for tinkerers, doctors, and service workers. Robots can cut down on the cost and remove a lot of the complexity. The point where they are sufficiently advanced enough to be autonomous as to require absolutely no human intervention is incredibly far off. In his lifetime, 'poke may see an entirely new type of engine emerge; that does not invalidate the known history of automotive repair or his individual experience, but it does require adaptation. As the tech evolves, it only really replaces service line jobs. It changes the nature of the business, yes, but it does not stop the business and it does not remove expertise in a field. But the true expert should know that whatever field they get into, it has to change.
>> No. 377543
http://bootiebabe.com/shop1.html You can now paint your nails with a butt. Finally.
>> No. 377544
So, the only legitimate "fake geek girl" I've ever known?

Obsessed with the Joker, made comic book club all about her, pretty sure she alienated all the other women who came to club?

Turns out she lives in the city I'm moving to. Across the country.

Mother. Fucker.
>> No. 377545
To be fair I was a total cunt back then, so maybe I misjudged her or she's changed, too. I just worry since geek social circles tend to be small.

Sage for triple posting.
>> No. 377546
>open up instant messenger
>people will talk to me if they have anything worth saying
>nobody works like that
>you have to make the connection yourself
>so I will reach out
>have nothing worth saying
>oh now i get it
>> No. 377548
>What happens when we get robots to do everything for us? We can't just have a continuous chain of robots doing maintenance on robots. A person has to come in somewhere.
As automation advances, now jobs will arise that weren't possible or even imaginable before the technology existed. For example, there's less call now for people to do simple addition now that we have calculators and computers. But once that technology arose, the new job of programmer became necessary to tell those computers what to add, and to "teach" them how to apply the lower math computers are good at to questions of higher math.

But before computers existed, no one could've foreseen the need for programmers, so if you asked someone back then "Won't the economy be ruined because all those add-monkey jobs will be gone?" would never have been able to say "No, there will be programming jobs in place of those add-monkey jobs."

Also--while it is feasible that computers might eventually learn to be creative and thereby make additions to Culture, you've got to remember that Neil Gaiman quote:

>Saying that we have enough artists is like saying we have enough scientists, we have enough designers, we have enough politicians — we have enough politicians — but, you know, nobody gets to be you except you. Nobody has your point of view except you. Nobody gets to bring to the world the things that you get to bring to the world — uniquely get to bring to the world — except you. So, saying that there are enough writers out there, enough directors out there, enough people with points of view. Well yeah, there are, but none of them are you. And none of those people is going to make the art that you are going to make. None of them is going to change people and change the world in the way that you could change it. So if you believe somebody that says, “no, no, we’ve got enough of those,” then all it means is that you are giving up your chance to change the world in the way that only you can change it.

Basically, even if computers get to be as good or even better than you at whatever task you're working on, they won't have your voice. Robots might one day write an amazing new novel. But they won't write The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Only Douglas Adams could've written that. It's not about skillset, it's about perspective. And everyone's perspective is unique.

So at the very least, there'll always be a place for creative work from humans, even if robots begin competing with us for attention at some point.
>> No. 377549
File 136823391638.png - (367.66KB , 640x480 , pepper-ann-nervous.png )
Uh...she doesn't also happen to like Iron Man & Robert Downy Jr?

And Heath Ledger?
>> No. 377550
>forced to live with psychotic mother
>still visit father once a week
>she threatens to kick me out if I go this week and says she's allowed to force me in this manner because Mother's Day

Fuck this bitch's entitlement. I wasn't even planning to go this week on account of it falling on Mother's Day, but the way she barged into my room and screamed that I had no choice but to stay here with her or I'd be thrown out itches me in all the wrong places.
>> No. 377551
File 136823678729.png - (334.51KB , 640x739 , 1317798532630.png )
I woke up this morning and found the cat sitting on my front lawn. He's not supposed to be outside for at least another four days, until his medication runs out. But there he is, roaming the neighborhood and crying for me to let him in.

I'm gonna burn these fucking people's house down.
>> No. 377552
I graduated right as the Iron Man movie came out, so no idea. Yes on Heath Ledger.

Also I've kind of suspected you of being one of the dudes from that club before oh shit.
>> No. 377566
File 136825348738.jpg - (29.48KB , 374x531 , slowpokeandwhyamisostupid.jpg )
Aw man guys, thanks for the support. ;_;
I felt a lot better about it after I slept on it, I guess it was a combination of insecurity and stress that's been buildin' for a while.
Thank you all for the reassurance, though. Means a lot, sincerely.
>Didn't I answer this question for you earlier?
Yeah, that was when it was about my family tellin' me to lie in interviews though, and was more about curiosity since I've always thought mechanics were cool-ass dudes, this was about feeling inadequate.
>> No. 377568
Get out ASAP.
>> No. 377569
People in this situation know they need to get out. The problem is when you try and put one foot in front of the other, and your antagonist has the power to yank the rug out from underneath you and conveyor belt you back to where you started, you either need a miracle or people who give a fuck to help.

Babyboomers are the worst people.
>> No. 377579
Save that kitty, Dan. Save him.
>> No. 377580
File 136827982988.jpg - (110.13KB , 600x468 , 17607_nylon_fishing_twine_polyester_twine_pp_multi.jpg )
And again we return to the idea.

Take a picture, save cat, file report.

Slowpoke, you are a good chap, no girl could want for more.

I can't see you having to worry too much, it's a whole city.
>> No. 377581
it is so goddamn cold
>> No. 377582
File 13682807508.jpg - (27.85KB , 266x285 , 1356927697561.jpg )
I can keep you warm, baby.
>> No. 377583
Oh my.
>> No. 377585
Unless you've lived in NYC for the past 15 years, you're thinking of the wrong guy.

And I'm probably thinking of the wrong girl...
>> No. 377587
This was 5-6 years ago in NYC.

#2many Venkmans
>> No. 377588
I blocked a guy on facebook a couple weeks ago for being a crazy anti-semite, among other things. He was also trying to get all his friends to spam Toni Morrison's email in some creepy bid to get an article published in the Washington Post. He thought it had gotten rejected because of racist power structures in journalism; having read his article, I can say with little doubt that it got rejected because it was poorly written and nonsensical. When I left the group he immediately messaged me asking why I had left. Then I blocked him. Just today, he emailed me trying to open up a dialogue. I'm starting to get seriously uncomfortable.

You can read the entire gripping saga of the anti-semitism debacle here: http://imgur.com/a/sQXEA. Crazy guy's posts are in bright red.
>> No. 377589
dammit, the period wasn't supposed to be included in that link
>> No. 377590
You forgot to blank out his phone number, broham.

People like him are a big part of why I'm glad I went the science route in college.
>> No. 377591
Fuck, where did he post his phone number?
Well, good for you, I guess, but I went the literature route and I don't regret it. There are crazy people in every major, like this CS fedora I know who actually believes that anything non-science has no practical use at all and that there's no way anyone not in science could ever be working hard. People like that are a big part of why I'm glad I went the literature route.
>> No. 377592
Never mind, I blacked it out. Thanks for catching that!
>> No. 377593
Family told me they think I need anti-depressants earlier. Not even as an insult during a fight like they usually say, just kind of a statement. Didn't think it was that noticeable/bad.
Scared of medication tho.
That's so absolutely terrible that it's hilarious.
Like, it's really, really bad, but there's humor in how ridiculous it is.
>> No. 377594
Also, this guy was on track to go to med school until he got into an MFA program. So...he was crazy in science as well.
>> No. 377595

Something that's interesting to point out: the scientific community has nutjobs from what I noticed. Sometimes these people are nutjobs in ways that are unrelated to their fields, but still nutjobs nonetheless.

Science may be about seeking objective truths, but it's still spearheaded by humans, who can be very subjective and irrational creatures.


Talk to your doctor. If your family is in support of it, that's a good thing if you do end up on meds. Support is one hell of a drug!...I could have stated that differently.

>Is actually on antidepressants himself
>> No. 377598
Oh, I know the sciences have obnoxious idiots, too. It's just, for me, a whole lot easier to blow off fedoras than folks who argue that basic critical thinking skills are imperialist/racist/whatever. I've also never met a science nutjob who made it all the way to professor, but I've had to suffer through a couple humanities courses led by dudes slinging similar rhetoric as Anon's acquaintance.

And the thing with the US med school track? You don't have to major in science to go to med school; you just need to take a few courses that are barely above upper level high school classes. The one similar crazy I knew in the sciences was also pre-med. Not sure why, since she thought that biotech was evil and that most medicine is white people poison.

(Not being a fedora and shitting on humanities. Most of my friends in college were language or art majors for a reason. I've had more outstanding non-science professors than ones in my major. Plus I minored in German lit, etc...)
>> No. 377601
all this psychoanalysis and evopsych what the fuck /baw/ i thought we were colleagues
>> No. 377602
PS. Brain drugs are pretty great, Slowpoke. Good luck!
>> No. 377604
Having now spent a year back in NYC, I think I can say that aside, from a few conveniences, I have no love for this place. Maybe it's because I've spent years in rural Virginia, but the city politics here seem to unsettle me more than crowds these days. That and the subway system.
>> No. 377610
What the fuck is this "signifying" thing the crazy guy keeps talking about? What does signifying have to do with redefining a loaded word? If I went on a rant about how murder is something more people should do because murder makes you feel good, and by "murder" I mean "hugging," am I, uh, "employing signification"?

I am so confused about all of this.
>> No. 377614
The few times I visited NYC, one of my favorite things about it was the subway. I loved the thrill and novelty of it all; being underground, on a train, rather than driving around everywhere myself. I even loved walking down the streets for this reason, since everything was so close and the buildings were tall and decorative wherever I looked. It was exhilarating in a foreign way. That said, I'm not sure if I would have as much love for it if I had to live with it everyday.
>> No. 377615
Man, I am back home for the summer, God lord the true wretchedness of this place never fails to amaze me, walk into a Tim Horton and half the poor patrons are drooling on themselves, sewage STILL running into the river along with the run off from the mill.

And then the mayor turns around and wonders why we have the highest illiteracy, are the fattest, most disabled and most elderly population in the province while somehow in his alcohol poisoned mind thinking we are a tourist destination rather than a fishing community with no jobs because the mill and shit contaminated all the fish.

Fish, Which the people still eat resulting in our lovely statistics such as a 1 in 52 sever motor impairment rate from some bizarre phenomena that looks NOTHING like mercury poisoning.

I just gotta get through 4 months here without getting into trouble.
>> No. 377616

OR become the new Mayor.
>> No. 377620
Tiki for King of Canada.
>> No. 377621
Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism…youtube thumb
>> No. 377622
Tried, best I got was city planning and I got backstabbed super hard on converting the old bomb shelters into school houses and they pulled an old by-law to have me out of office on the grounds of my criminal record.

And the reason why is a local douche who has his eye on buying the airport for dirt cheap, fucking all two planes it has; the Miramichi is full of these dirt bags who are content to be big fish in little ponds, s'why we have 32 car dealerships, these fucks thrive on keeping taxes low.

Pretty much.
>> No. 377636
Anyone in the STEM fields who can't respect a mechanic is a colossal faggot up their own ass. A mechanic gets to work on and play around with the very things an engineer likes to deal with.

It pays a very respectable amount, and the "blue collar" stigma only exists in some parts of the country.
>> No. 377639
Definitely not me, then. I've stopped schooling around 2002 & started my current job in 2007.
>> No. 377645
I'm gonna have to wait a bit. Neighborhood gossip says they let the cat out to try and catch us taking him again. We let him stay for a while and sent him back home for now. In a week or two when they're used to him roaming again we'll snatch him up.

I'm gonna find that cat a damn home that isn't with those bastards even if it kills me.
>> No. 377649
Even worse for STEM people: What happens if we reach that point?

Seriously, if we actually /do/ reach a level where labor is automated, where's that leave them? I mean, if we actually reach that, and get to share in the abundance, and robots take care of all the technology who's going to need these people anymore?
>> No. 377654
I was going to say. Is 'mechanic' really looked down on ANYWHERE?
Any cultural region that appreciates NASCAR, at least, has to respect mechanics. That leaves the bible belt and the backwaters out. And it deals with enough science, physics and math that..
I'm at a loss. Who the fuck sees mechanics on the same level as janitors?
>> No. 377664
I wish my parents would wake up and realize it's still socially acceptable to wear a t-shirt almost anywhere.
>> No. 377665

Like I said, geek social circles tend to be a Venn diagram. I constantly run into people who turn out to know other friends of mine who live on the other side of this very densely populated state. vOv
>> No. 377689
>Meet two guys dating, Guys A and B
>Like both, but A is far more aggressive in asking me out, so naturally spend more time with him
>Eventually fall in love
>Oh shit, I'm engaged! I need a job for a ring and income and what have you
>Remember person B was always raving about this company he worked for that shipped employees, and their loved ones, out of their state and all around the US to program shit
>Apply, fly down to the SouthWest for an interview, and get the job!
>As soon as I get back Guy A proposes to me, I accept.
>Since I need more inside info on the company, contact person B (who has a bf now) to see if we could hang out and I could poke at his brain about the company
>We usually get drunk after a while and end up falling asleep cuddling while watching movies
>This happens every two weeks or so, and eventually I realize I'm in love with B as well
>Person B finds out his own bf was cheating on him, confides in me and I show him various other profiles of his that I know of, several of which indicated a preference for no condom sex. I don't know if I did this out of good intentions or if I was sabotaging their relationship out of jealousy. A little bit of both probably.
>B confides in me that he and his bf got in a drunken brawl, and that B ended up driving drunk home. B is mad at his bf for letting him drive in such a state. I comfort him as best as I can.
>We end up cuddling in bed again, except I drunkenly tell him that I love him, and B says that he's known for a while that he loves me
>We have sex then, and it's fantastic. Better than with person A, who has trouble staying hard because of various physical problems.
>Now the company is shipping me off away from B, and he's trying to patch things up with his bf. We sent each other sappy good byes, and I'm spending all week in tears listening to sad Radiohead tracks and other sentimental bullshit
This sucks. At this point I guess we just have to keep in touch at a distance, sending each other constant texts and photos of our travels, but I want more. I want guys A and B, even though both believe in strict monogamy.

This would be far easier if I could blame anyone but myself for re-engaging conversations with Guy B and being a general whore, but alas I cannot.
>> No. 377691
File 136841792573.gif - (893.47KB , 245x245 , tumblr_meveeqG2wV1radtuu.gif )
>>Google search why Pandora is flooding me with Spanish ads
>>Go to second result
>>It's a sports forum
>>First post says 'What the hell? This is 'Merica, speak English.' Amused at sarcasm
>>Oh wait he means that seriously
>> No. 377694
I could really use a drug addiction. I'm thinking alcohol.
>> No. 377697
especially when you don't have someone to guide you or hold your hand

this has been the hardest 48 hours i've had in probably 4 years. a lot of self-exploration. it's worth it.
>> No. 377700
File 136843644423.png - (461.08KB , 584x697 , bottled_anger_by_spilled_sunlight-d4o6sng.png )
So in a god damned ridiculous effort to save money on electricity, my mother listened to that aging family friend that used to babysit me when I were a child. She claimed she saved $50.00 a month just by unplugging her television when she wasn't watching it.
I wake up this morning and discover my younger brother, probably at her direction, unplugged the surge protector from the wall. The one housing the Playstation 2 and the Dish Network box, as well as that six year old large screen television. Our television, when plugged in, makes some sort of electronic 'click click click click click' noise and the little red light that flicks on to let you know it's receiving power blinks right along with it. I fiddled with the cord, I fiddled with the outlets on the surge protector. All of them appear to be working fine. It's the television that is fucked.

So my family destroyed a perfectly good 32" television by trying to save a dollar or two a month from 'vampire' power. And I know damned well this unfortunate circumstance is going to be used as justification for giving me a hard time later, when it becomes just another reason to get up my ass, angry about their own lives.

I hate these people. Can't fucking leave well enough alone. But maybe the lack of a Livingroom Television Set will do them some fucking good. Maybe they'll save enough money not watching TV to afford a new one by this Christmas.
>> No. 377701
Actual addict here, it's not too cool.
>> No. 377702
hello friend.

This is a great and beautiful and heavy and real thing. I cannot offer you any answers, wisdom, or words in place of them, and I wouldn't if I could. I just want to thank you for sharing.
>> No. 377703
How is it beautiful?
Just out of curiosity.
>> No. 377705
real honest human connection even in its tragedy and complication is so very beautiful
>> No. 377706
drug exploration is wonderful and eye-opening.
don't do it, tremaine. life on and off drugs will both feel wrong and no amount of sobriety or consumption will change that.
>> No. 377707
I guess I can't really consider infidelity beautiful in any sense of the word, but opinions and all that.
>> No. 377708
thank you anon, for saying this for me.

the thing with drugs is most of the greatest parts of drugs are things that were inside of you all along~. The heavier mind-altering/chemical inducing drugs just break down more walls. The idea is to figure out your shit before you do drugs, and then the drugs to explore these new ideas by being in altered states of thought and time. Or just really high.

If you're going to drugs remember to be a chill bro and enjoy yourself, no one wants to be a sad high piece of shit!
>> No. 377710
you're welcome, friend.
>> No. 377712
>>the thing with drugs is most of the greatest parts of drugs are things that were inside of you all along~

Thank you for saying this. I don't do drugs myself, never had the desire to, but there are artists I look up to and admire who do, and once people found out they did drugs, everything creative and inspired they released was attributed entirely to alcohol or weed. As if they had no inherent artistic talent unless inebriated. And that pissed me off.
>> No. 377715
this is more a comment than a judgment, but it seems you've had a long standing concern about feeling authentically

it's in my mind that there's no right way to feel. there's only how you do, and the acceptance of that... especially if it's different from how you perceive other people to feel... gives you an amazing kind of freedom. i think you've been exploring that quite a bit. that's what it sounds like.

i'm not making any suggestions because i'm not making and judgments. just some thoughts.

if you do start using more chemicals, start with some target ones. especially using pablo's advice. i might even start you with small doses of ecstasy.
>> No. 377718
no, not addiction. addiction means being a slave. be a user, not an addict.
>> No. 377719
speaking of drugs, I've been avoiding just about everything but weed and cigarettes these days. I need to untangle the wires in my head. I want my energy and passion for living back.

Maybe it isn't good for me to look to drugs for this kind of thing, but it helps so much. It gives me guidance, it helps straighten out the paths, it allows me to look forward and back with greater clarity. I'm sick of just standing around in a black and white world, I need some fucking color in here.
>> No. 377721
You okay, Larry?
>> No. 377722
Everyone immediately jumps to the cheating/infidelity/NTR assumption about these sorts of things, especially men, because jealousy can be intense over such admittances.

But the simple fact is that there's a myriad of ways that people express affection and intimacy, and a physical connection with a different person that you love does not invalidate feelings for the first person. People get so wrapped up over infidelity because they feel betrayed, but really a person only shies away if they feel that their needs are not being met within the relationship by the offended party. The thing is is that infidelity happens; sometimes a person is sick of their S.O., sometimes they just love someone else, and that connection in and of itself is special, and doesn't change anything about their relationship with the first person.

There are some couples out there that exist in "open" relationships, where either partner can bring any other partner to bed, but they have to tell their S.O. and possibly share that person. It's not an easy lifestyle but the sex can get pretty amazing.

But the immediate reaction of most people would be to label the offending person a whore and tut disapprovingly. And that's not fully necessary. My mother has referred to one or 2 gentlemen over the years who, while not my father, I get the distinct impression that I could've been a whole different person. Still keeps contact with them. It's not as unusual as you might think, and I wouldn't beat yourself up over it too much, especially if person b is trying to get back with their BF. It was a moment of fleeting beauty, and it doesn't seem like the kind that would turn into much. I don't know if I'd tell your current squeeze about it unless person b re-enters your life in a more significant way.
>> No. 377724
I don't have an issue with having multiple partners; open relationships are totally fine as long as it's clear that's what they are.
It's cheating that I find so offensive. It's the fact that at least one, possibly two people are being betrayed for selfish reasons. And it is selfish; they said themselves they want both, and so they're sneaking around with at least one even though both A and B very monogamous.
>sometimes a person is sick of their S.O.
Then leave them. Don't cheat.
>sometimes they just love someone else, and that connection in and of itself is special, and doesn't change anything about their relationship with the first person
Then tell the first person, and let them decide how they feel about it.

It's just so, so scummy to me to violate the trust of someone you apparently love in such a big way just because you can't deal with making a bit of sacrifice.
Again, it's not a "slut" factor or anything, cause as long as everyone involved knows and are okay with it, yeah, go for it, I don't give a shit. But when you enter an exclusive relationship, cheating just bothers me a whole fucking lot.
>> No. 377725
Just panicking for no good reason. Like always. Sick of feeling like everything is tainted and strange. Like it wants something that I can't figure out. Alienated from the world around me and having to squeeze potatoes to remind myself it's real. Tired of unwanted thoughts blindsiding me. And trying to get out of taking prescribed meds by self-medicating. I don't want the presence of a doctor in my life. And I'll never have to worry about losing my prescription to alcohol or weed or meth or whatever. And there all so easy to get. This is really the only place I can bring up bad ideas without feeling weird.

It's gotten so frustrating lately. I shouldn't worry this much. It's dumb. I just picked up my anti-depressant. Fluoxetine HCl.

I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time.
>> No. 377726
I see. I'm sorry you're feelin' that way--wish I could say or do something to help, but I really can't, especially because I'm just some loser Pokemon from the internet.

You definitely don't need to apologize, though. You aren't wasting our time.

Hope your meds help out some, man.
>> No. 377728
I've been waiting for an opportunity to post this.

>> No. 377731
Thank you. I pretty much agree with everything he said. Bosch is an excellent inspiration, by the way-- I never had the inspiration to draw like him, but his work always fascinated me. I could spend hours looking at all the little details.
>> No. 377733
finished all my undergrad work forever and now I am drunk on a monday
>> No. 377735
I prefer the drugs for my stress and mental issues, but I kind of agree with the guy.

I don't get less crazy on drugs, I just tone back what's already there, usually because other people can't handle it. Rooms full of people nodding like that thinking "it must be the dope" are rooms full of people who do not do dope. The only thing it's really good at is relaxing you. And after an hour or two of just staring at a page, trouble is you might be too relaxed. Hallucinogens in a wheat field probably had no more effect than the legal toxic dumping grounds near your house are having.
>> No. 377736
Whenever I read stuff like this, I get shitty at myself because I used to be the same way until I went, "Well, you can't really knock something harmless like this unless you try it once" and succumbed to curiosity. Feels sorta like I don't have the moral strength I thought I did.
>> No. 377737

I graduated last Friday. High five.

I'm not drunk, but I have had a few beers tonight.
>> No. 377739
>moral strength

so very little strength exists in not experiencing the world
>> No. 377740
File 13685106218.gif - (555.26KB , 300x260 , tumblr_m8jqni0CYo1rna603.gif )
Soooo my neighbor's revolving door of neglected animals continues!!!!

She's getting rid of the cat she's pretty much ignored for the past 3 months and already has a rabbit. Counting down the days until I have to start going over there to feed/water it because she's too busy leading guys on to take care of the poor thing.
>> No. 377745
>Again, it's not a "slut" factor or anything, cause as long as everyone involved knows and are okay with it, yeah, go for it, I don't give a shit. But when you enter an exclusive relationship, cheating just bothers me a whole fucking lot.


I've gotten really fucking tired of people using "being polyamorous" as an excuse to cheat on people. I ain't got problems with people who are promiscuous, I don't slut-shame. I cheater-shame. There's a fucking difference.

If you had let yourself become a hopeless addict, then yeah I'd say you lack moral strength. But if your reasoning was
>Well, you can't really knock something harmless like this unless you try it once
and you decided to try something out just to see what it was like, and obtain a better understanding of it to help reinforce or dissuade your personal stance towards it, then I don't think that means you lack moral strength. It means you have a rational mind.

>If you're going to drugs remember to be a chill bro and enjoy yourself, no one wants to be a sad high piece of shit!

As someone who wasted his one time on ecstasy venting to someone who really didn't want to hear my problems about the hardships of being suicidal, I can second this statement.
>> No. 377748
Still feel like locking down completely on that subject would be to do a disservice to the relationship. Maybe it's just I've had so many people walk away from me that I don't think it really matters. Just gonna find someone else, or keep existing. Honestly a little honesty there might even strengthen the relationship.

But I still think there's a difference between "I fucked some rando at a bar last night to spite you" and "I slept with an old friend who means a lot to me who is trying to get back with his boyfriend". Hardening where flexibility might serve better does you no service.
>> No. 377749
I'ma just say it isn't cheating unless you're married, because marriage is a whole different game.
>> No. 377751
>I'ma just say it isn't cheating unless you're married

That is a terrible fucking mindset. If you're in a serious relationship, you're in a serious relationship, whether you have a ring and papers to prove it or not.
>> No. 377753
If you've agreed to be monogamous with someone and you go back on that promise, it's cheating, regardless of marital status. "Going steady," or dating exclusively, is an agreement to be monogamous. And unless stated otherwise (like, if you know going into it that you're getting into an open relationship or that your partner is polyamorous), you can assume that once someone is your girlfriend/boyfriend, you're exclusive.
>> No. 377757
Well yeah it's a case by case thing and what I was saying wasn't in regards to >>377689, it was more towards >>377722.
>> No. 377765
Well, you're wrong, but uh, okay.
>But I still think there's a difference between "I fucked some rando at a bar last night to spite you" and "I slept with an old friend who means a lot to me who is trying to get back with his boyfriend".
Yes, but they both boil down to "I don't give enough of a shit about you or our commitments to give up something that I want, and have the large possibility of betraying you further in the future."

Seriously, I don't get how you guys are even defending infidelity like this, much less romanticizing/glorifying it.

A while back Tooth said something about her boyfriend calling her "a great hole. Among other things," and the response was nearly fucking unanimous that she should dump him for it. If she'd came here and said he cheated on her, would she have gotten responses like "that's so beautiful," "tell him not to beat himself up, it's more common than he thinks," "well you guys aren't married so it isn't even cheating," and, I reiterate since 3 people said it somehow, "that's beautiful"?
Or is this some "protect our own" thing where we have to reassure people who post here that what they're doing is A Good Thing even when it's terrible?
Seriously, I am fucking lost. Cheating's not the literal end of the world or anything, but it's still really fucked up and awful, and I really just cannot understand why anyone would defend it.
>> No. 377768
1)Tooth's situation was very straightforward. She was unhappy with who her partner was as a person, and it wasn't a "serious" relationship. Anonymous' situation is substantially more complex, and with much less information.

2)We can't really help them without making wild guesses and overstepping boundaries. He came to us in confidence and didn't really ask for advice, so much as just explaining his situation and expressing disappointment. So we encourage him that at least it's horrible in a human way, and that it can probably be overcome.

3)Anon knows that he did something wrong.

4)It is beautiful.
>> No. 377769
1.) I'm not really in many +4 peeps' social circles, I mostly just see what's on /baw/, so I may be misinformed, but that...wasn't the case, at the time at least? She really liked him from what I remember, and ended up just shrugging it off as him being socially incapable or whatever, no?

2.) Manslaughter is also horrible in a human way. Not comparing the two, just saying, being horrible in a human way doesn't mean much.

3.) That doesn't mean everyone should say "no you did the right thing you precious butterfly you." I tried not to really directly condemn until everyone started praising them, but shit man.

4.) Eye of the beholder, I can't really refute that, I just see no beauty in doing something that would hurt someone so much if they knew about it, just so you can have your cake and eat it too.
>> No. 377770
P.S. Everything is beautiful from the detached and overly empathetic viewpoints. Broken glass when you watch it shatter or have it under a microscope. This guys just unlucky enough to have to dig it out of his foot.
>> No. 377773
1) It's ultimately irrelevant to this case beyond the fact it was a simple decision on whether or not a teenage girl stay with a guy who she didn't seem happy with even though she cared for him, and this is a grown adult juggling three hearts rather than holding two in his hands.

2)He should and does feel bad. The anon did a terrible thing and knows it. But it means something, and that's great. Even if that meaning is that he's terrible.

3)"Yeah, you did a terrible thing, but those emotions are great to have" is not praise. Neither is debate over what cheating is exactly. Cheating is violating the trust of your partner emotionally or sexually. The boundaries of that trust can be stated or implied.

4)Beauty isn't always positive. But whatever, eyeballman.

Sidenote: All things I have to say to that anon are officially banned by rule 1A.
>> No. 377774
I find it hard even to have romantic feelings for one person, so I've never really understood polyamory, but I think I'd need to know more about Anon's situation before I say anything.

With past relationships, I've been very firmly in the field of "Unless we discuss it beforehand, we're monogamous, and if you sleep with anyone else, it's cheating." Of course, the two exes I got the most involved in didn't feel the same way.
>> No. 377776
That's a good way to go about it. I'm sorry you got your heart hurt though.

I've only ever been interested in one person at a time, and a few have had sex with other people. I just asked them how it went and enjoyed the dirty stories. Also, condoms until the next time they were tested.
>> No. 377787
I feel pretty helpless. And taken for a ride.

The long and short of it: I was convinced to take up programming by a person that insisted it wasn't that hard. I tried to explain the difficulties I have with mathematics, let alone the inexperience beyond basic babbymode arithmetic, and they simply heard none of it. I said I needed something that would take, at maximum, a year to learn. That's how long I thought I had, that's about how long I thought I could continue to tolerate living in the way I do.

Come to find out it's going to take between 3-5 to learn what I need to do what I've been trying to learn. Since I don't feel I have 3-5 years to sit around and study, I feel like I'm just wasting my time and being pacified.

The world wins again.
>> No. 377788
How could programming take five years to learn? Do you have to learn how to do polymorphic algorithms or something?
>> No. 377790
Ram, I've known you for many years now.
So let me say this as a being with some years and mistakes under his belt.
>Since I don't feel I have 3-5 years to sit around and study, I feel like I'm just wasting my time and being pacified.

That is wrong. Believe me now IS the time in your life to sit and study. It's a whole different deal if you DON'T LIKE programing, but not taking it because you feel you don't have time is a big mistake.
(family problems are a separate deal, altogether.)
Oh, as for mechanic stuff, go for it. Especially the diesel and boat engine stuff. Maybe even the plane stuff too. I'd talk to our Mig about that plane stuff. As I recall though, computers are widely used in todays cars. So maybe some basic programing would be good.
But believe me when I say this, if you put this off now, the less likely you'll be able to get to it tomorrow.
>> No. 377794

I don't know why, but I only really fell for people after we'd been together for awhile. And the two I was actually close to having sex with had a "we're having sex whenever /I/ want and there will be no condoms because I hate them, and if you say no I am justified in sleeping with someone else because /you don't love me/." It kinda put a damper on ever wanting to have sex.
>> No. 377808
I was told it would take 3-5 years to understand all of what I need. I'm trying to learn a language and get competent enough in it that I can financially support myself. But I want to do better than only know how to make comparative to minimum wage with it.
I don't do book learning very well, Hunger. I would've taken this up years ago if I could just fucking understand the math. I tried to convey, "MATHEMATICALLY RETARDED. PROBABLY NOT FOR ME." This person fucking ignored it and was convinced the issue was less I had problems with comprehension and I guess more laziness, because they were positive I could do it. When it came time to ask them for help understanding the math to continue understanding the programming, as I've mentioned to them I don't learn well from things I can't question when I don't understand something in them, they just.. tossed recommendations for books at me and fucked off. That is the complete opposite of what I expected, but in retrospect I guess it was too much to hope for. People that can teach themselves things from books (particularly math) don't seem to comprehend other people have brain problems.
It makes me so fucking angry. I can't question books, I can't ask them to explain something they've said that I don't understand in a different way. It's a wild fucking goose chase and it always has been. This is exactly where I didn't want to be stuck, and here I fucking am. Led down another worthless fucking hole and then told I'm on my own when I get jammed.
>> No. 377809
Bitches be crazy. Good luck in your future attempts to find patient adults to love.

I'm sure there are forums that would be happy to help you.
>> No. 377812
Have you tried asking on internet forums? Programming forums can be full of assholes if you ask the wrong thing, but they often know their stuff.

Really, though, the best thing to do is to learn how to google for code snippets. Anything you're trying to do has probably been done before, and any question you have has probably been asked before, too. If you google your question, chances are you can find something helpful. Usually from either TechNet (if you're learning an MS language), StackOverflow or Experts-Exchange. With web-languages, you'll sometimes see stuff from places like A List Apart or W3Schools, too. Or PHP's official documentation, which is pretty handy.

Actually, the official help files for most programming languages I've looked at have been pretty useful for learning them. I think I learned Ruby almost entirely from Ruby's help files, and PHP almost entirely from PHP's text files. I know I must have done so with QBasic, because I didn't have internet when I learned it, and never got a book. I did have a book for VB, but it wasn't a great book, and the help file made up for a lot of it. C++ I actually took a class for, back when I was flirting with the idea of getting a computer degree, but the class was boring, so I never followed up on that.

Also--if you google it, consider backing that up with a Bing search. Lately when I try to search for code snippets, Google sometimes overcorrects my syntax and tries to treat it as a search for general information with similar terminology, and when that happens Bing is better at finding what I'm looking for. It's one of those weird situations where Bing being less clever makes it more useful.
>> No. 377813
Time to make the donuts.
>> No. 377814
I do. They don't always help, and I have a lack of tolerance for dealing with people with information I need but a refusal to cough it up.
4chan's 'science and math' board is the only place I know of that would at least have one person that knows the answer and might actually give one you could use. At least that would even out the dozens of posts just restating "go read the book more", "go read MY recommended book more" or "why not just take a career in fast food?"
By the time any straight answer is arrived at, I'm about ready to give up and do something else to calm down.
>> No. 377815
This is something on which we need to hear more.
>> No. 377816
File 136862606835.jpg - (97.82KB , 627x480 , treehouseofhorroriv1.jpg )
>> No. 377817
So I'm gearing up for the Halloween season.
I'm going to post these videos to help you prepare as well.
...Ok I just wanted to post these because I think they look cool.

Transworld HAA Haunt Show 2013 Show Flooryoutube thumb
Transworld sales floor- short

Transworld 2013 Entire Show Flooryoutube thumb
Transworld sales floor- long look

Gelatin for appliances and wounds.wmvyoutube thumb

plastic corpsingyoutube thumb

big dogyoutube thumb
This ones for Toothy
>> No. 377818
Oops, forgot my name.
>> No. 377827
i get

extraordinarily angry

at telemarketers

look lady, i do not care if you are just on the phone to feed your child

you are part of the scorn. the hive. i will therefore call you a derogatory word and demand you take me off the list because i fucking hate you goddamnit

>> No. 377828
You've probably already done so, but registering our phone numbers at https://www.donotcall.gov/ has worked for the people I know.
>> No. 377829

Calm down, damn.
>> No. 377830

Stop doing this, you crazy people.
>> No. 377831
File 136867243055.jpg - (47.76KB , 381x600 , 381px-Phantasm_5_tall.jpg )
FUCK YOU, Tell that bullshit to Christmas.

FUCK CHRISTMAS, It's 'bout dat Hallowe'n
>> No. 377832
You need to learn how to have fun with telemarketers when you can. They don't do more than robocall me anymore because I ask to slide meat and vegetables between their butt cheeks and eat their ass like a sandwich.
Pretend to be Bill Clinton. Call them good examples of Americans (extra points if they sound Pakistani). Before you hang up, mention going to McDonalds
Sing them love songs.
Make their miserable lives in their miserable jobs just a bit more surreal, if not amusing.
>> No. 377833
I'll tell that to ANY holiday that tries to worm its way in too early.

But yeah, x-mas is the number one offender.
>> No. 377841

Here are some ways to get rid of telemarketers, in roughly descending order of efficiency:

1) Tell them to take you off their list. They are basically legally obligated to do so, although it will only be for their specific company or conglomerate. DO NOT BE FOOLED if they claim they can only do it by bringing you some paperwork; they are trying to sucker you into a meeting.

2) If the guy sounds like a typical white guy, answer the phone in another language. "Bueno?" works wonders for anywhere in the southwest USA. Most don't have translators on hand and will not bother having someone else call you in that language. Just make up gibberish-sounding Chinese if nothing else.

3) Say "not interested" and hang up without waiting for a response. Most of the time they will not call again. If they do, just don't answer when the phone rings a second time.

4) No matter what they say, tell them you have already gotten it taken care of, even if you do not know what the hell they are talking about. They know you are lying, but they won't come out and say so.

5) Never answer the phone unless it's someone you know. Don't answer just because caller-ID says it's not a business or a 1-800 number; they have ways of getting around that so it displays a private number, and some call from their cell phones anyway.

6) Get angry and curse and shout. This is at the bottom of the list because some just take it to mean you are weak-willed and would be an easy sell if they can get past the vitriol. They are trained to stay calm and move the conversation along. However, some newer guys might get upset and actually leave you alone.

Also bothered by salespeople knocking on your door? Here's how to prevent it!

1) Fence your front yard around the door and put signs of a vicious dog. A large food/water bowl, some torn up toys, whatever. Many salespeople are too timid to chance it, especially if they have been doing it for years and have been threatened or bitten before.

2) Get an actual dog and put it in the front yard, if you're the type and your neighborhood allows it. No shitty little poofy dogs, either, but like a mean rottweiler or doberman or other stereotypically bitey breed. No signs! A "beware of dog" sign is usually fake, and they know it.

3) Fence around the door and lock it. They will open unlocked gates and fences and other barriers with no hesitation, but will not actually jump over a fence, as it may muss their clothes and is of dubious legality.

4) Leave signs of abandonment. Park your car away from the driveway, leave newspapers lying around, allow the porch and front yard to look unkempt. Most salespeople try to maximize their time efficiency to only hit houses that look like there is someone home. BEWARE if you are in a bad neighborhood, as these signs are also used by burglars to know that a home is abandoned and will be easy pickings.

5) Live in a gated community, one that has an actual closed GATE that can only be opened by passcode. Technically, you are not legally protected in most cases from solicitation, but most will not waste their time waiting for another car to enter so they can drive behind them.

Under no circumstances just hide behind a "no solicitation" sign. NEVER! Except in certain very specific community situations, the definition of "solicitation" is so broad that it has no legal weight whatsoever. It will not stop any but the most green salespersons, and in fact has the opposite result. Such a sign is often taken to mean the resident is a pushover, and thus an easy sell. A "no trespassing" or "private driveway/property" sign is only marginally better. Similarly, a "private" community that has no gate but a "no solicitation" rule will do you no good.

Your best bet is always physical barriers that prevent them from reaching your door in the first place. They'll leave stuff stuck to your gate, but that's easy to just throw away.

Source: I'm a salesperson.
>> No. 377852
You monster.
>> No. 377858
File 136869791763.jpg - (64.68KB , 600x720 , 528464_10151846460759966_1261528900_n.jpg )
I don't think of myself as a confrontational kind of guy, but there are just some people that need to be corrected.

I'm at minimall yesterday, picking up some paint since I'm getting into model building again. There are a few teens out infront of a clothing store and I honestly think nothing of it. It's what teens do.

But, then a middle aged man comes stomping around the corner. He's wearing a white shirt, shorts, and running shoes. He's out of breath and soaked in sweat. Clearly, he was out trying to get in better shape and good on him for that.

That's when one of the teens has to comment, aloud "There's a McDonald's down the road, I think. That should help you run faster!"

I really can't stand this kind of dickish behavior. Leave the motherfucker alone. He might not have a choice in the matter, after all. He might be diabetic, he might have had a heart attack, there are so many many reasons why a middle aged male is out running, probably against his desires.

But it goes on, fat joke, fat comment, just not leaving the dude alone.

I'm not afraid of a bunch of kids infront of a store. Kids are little scaredy shits that'll tuck tail and run the moment they get stared down by an adult. So I have to go over and ask them "Think that's funny?"

"what, it is bro, chill" and all sorts of other ignorance. So, I have to point out a few things about leaving high school. I specifically pick on the 2 couples there and tell them that I'm sure their facebook feeds would be filled with bellyaching and whining about one another since the odds are that they'll break up within a year. I go on to tell them that, more likely than not, they'll end up just like him: Maybe or maybe not being overweight, but struggling to stay in shape under doctor's orders. There will come a day where you will probably have to give up your greasy burgers for salad and your beef jerky for celery. There will come a day where you notice quite a few of your old high school friends, the people you love to chill with right now?


There will come a day where you're the poor fucker running out here and some dumbshit high school seniors are out there being snarky to you. I closed with telling them to laugh it up while they can, because they'll end up just like him.

Of course, they gave me the usual "Pfft whatever" kind of response. But, I left them knowing that I would probably be right about a lot of those things, mostly the break ups. I relish right now in the idea that within a few months one of them will be choking down tears over their relationship going tits up and their thoughts just might turn to me and how I was correct.

The middle aged dude came out of the DQ he went into with a cup of water. When he walked by, I pulled out one of my ghetto ass "Free discovery flight" cards and give to him infront of them.

I like to think I am a smug force for good.
>> No. 377859
Man, teenagers are shit. Even as a teenager I hated being associated with them.
>> No. 377862
>"Angelina dumped me! I.. I need to be alone with my feelings!
>Time to mellow out with some classic 'break up' sadness music.
>> No. 377863
Good job for calling them on their bullshit.
>> No. 377870
I've recently met a family through a common friend of ours. He's primarily friends with the son. I've been helping the daughter with English (I live abroad) and recently her and I have been sort of dating, but nobody knows because I'm older and she doesn't know how her family would react. (All over 18) Last week, the son, the common friend and I helped the dad build the foundations to a warehouse for his business. At the end we all got paid, and I got a little bonus for the English lessons. The guy paid me for time I spent fondling his daughter.
>> No. 377871
Did you at least teach her how to dirty talk in English?
>> No. 377872
A little. I mean, we are doing some English, but we've probably spent more time with our hands all over each other.
>> No. 377873
So I find out my brother and my cousin are having sex, and I'm wracking my head trying to come up with what to do.
She has a boyfriend, but my brother is currently between girlfriends.

Really hope they're using protection...
>> No. 377874
File 136872915521.jpg - (80.26KB , 336x397 , incest-incest-ugly-toothless-redneck-demotivationa.jpg )
That's never pleasant. Can't say as I have any experience on this matter, but you really should leave an anonymous note. Maybe a drawing of a mutated fetus.
>> No. 377879
>this guy
>> No. 377880
Well if they're actively going for a kid I probably can't stop them, and if they're not then that isn't an issue.

Bigger issue imo would be family/friends finding out, which would get them disowned. And probably in jail (is first cousin incest illegal?), get trouble at work and school. They'd basically have to move away and their lives would be ruined. Oh and my uncle would shoot my brother most definitely.

So I don't know if I should try and talk to them about it, scare them out of it or what.
>> No. 377881
Oh obviously I love both of them to pieces so their feelings do matter in all this.
>> No. 377882
If you talk to them about it, they'll come to you with all their relationship stuff. It'd be a good way to keep tabs on them and make sure they play it safe.
>> No. 377883
Ordered an SSD from Amazon through a "Fulfillment Partner". E-mailed that it was shipped on Monday, got a tracking number, but it has yet to return ANYTHING. Today is the first day in the "delivery window", but no arrival; I seriously hope it comes tomorrow so I can spend Sunday putting it and the new graphics card in.

>> No. 377888
File 136875040783.gif - (498.69KB , 245x240 , 1364224241440.gif )
Sounds kinda hot.
>> No. 377889
>is first cousin incest illegal?
If both cousins are adults, I don't think they can really do anything more than stop them from getting married. And even that's legal in some states, and most of the world outside of the United States, I think. And second cousins are legal everywhere in the US, I think.

There's actually very little biological reason to go against relationships between cousins, as long as it doesn't happen for several generations in a row. Weird mutations only become more likely if they already run in the family, and both cousins happened to inherit the genes contributing to them. Like, if both cousins have eleven toes on each foot already, then yeah, any kids they had would be likely to have eleven toes, too. But otherwise it's not really a big deal other than culturally.
>> No. 377892
Looks like it's roughly 50/50 in the states:

Don't feel like googling laws about sex between cousins, but as you said, I think most states have nothing on the books to stop it.
>> No. 377893
File 136875559785.jpg - (43.67KB , 634x373 , problem.jpg )
>> No. 377896
"I have some nice people who listen to me whenever I go overboard"
>description of plus4chan to my doctor when she asks me how I deal with my depression
>> No. 377897
File 136877318036.jpg - (16.32KB , 564x251 , Ferro loves men.jpg )
Brett/Dude called me out for being a little bitch and posting that i'll never come back and then continually coming back to check on people and post stuff.

so yeah. fuck it. i've never been as regular of a poster since the first time i jumped ship, but clearly i'm not leaving the avengers site, so you still have me.

sorry to that one or two or twelve anon who seem to think i'm shit. well, no, not really. you guys just don't like good content.
>> No. 377898
I wish I had a reason for coming here.

The only motives I have are just ... fucking petty.
>> No. 377899
File 136877623473.png - (11.19KB , 655x260 , 128141125629.png )
Ferrous, you are still my husbando, ne? <3
>> No. 377900
>senpai has noticed you this day
>> No. 377901
File 13687800512.jpg - (16.18KB , 566x259 , Ferrous Fellow Loves You 2.jpg )
o i should have posted this
>> No. 377902
I want everyone to stop coming to this site and go outside and stop thinking and just be a fucking person.

When I post[ed] here, I didn't have any want, need, desire to communicate anything from myself. It goes to say that my presence here initially was ironic satirical, lambasting the shit nature of a shit format for a shit website of nameless, endless words and people communicating nothing endlessly. I wanted to shake that up, and yet acknowledge the joke that we're in here. Some people got it, others processed it and wanted to understand it in terms of value/merit, therein it was shitposting. Like, if I'm not talking about my sad life or offering advice to another's sad life or comics or videogames I'm shitposting. [Look, now I sound butthurt, haw]

I grew to want to help a lot of you, in a detached, unidentifiable way. At least, the majority of 'my life is hard' people have been copy-pasting the same ineptitudes and, subconscious or not, willingness to not help themselves for years now. Some of you are young, and I couldn't [won't] fault you for that. I want to show people things that inspired me, that pushed me out of my way of thinking, and well, pushed me outside. I think I talked about outside being more, of that state of mind, of shutting off all your insecurities and anxiety and human shit and stress, and just breathing and taking in.

The people I met in meatspace from here, almost completely all now 'sworn off' or simply moved on, have all been pretty great people. I guess I have that. The people I grew to want to support have made great things or small victories, and I'm happy for them, whether they know it or not that's fine. Everyone who is still here formed a little plus4 family, or some kind of facsimile of one, and I think that's good for you if that's what it serves.

Now I think of plus4chan as an autobio comic. Like a shitty one, that I read to pass the time and try to feel experiences through another lens or idea, or live briefly in a different space, moreso from where I am now, in the ocean, all the time, these things are needed. I need words and to know my words go somewhere. One day I won't need this and maybe I'll go too. Probably not. I don't know where to go on the internet, I'll never replace this butt in my heart.

what the fuck I just wrote a small novel about the worst site im so sorry who will even read this like two people
>> No. 377903
i don't live here. i just want to emphasize that and point out that this isn't really a home for most anyone. at least, i would hope the same for anyone else who posts here. i just needed to remember that i don't just come here for nostalgia. i come here because occasionally i want to connect with real people on a site that isn't facebook, or skype, or gchat, or whatever it is because in this context.

i've been denying that i enjoy this at all in part because i've been trying too hard to pretend that connections here aren't as meaningful as connections that i live outside, when really this whole site is simply a single vessel for real people. everyone here is a human. this is a play space. it's safe for some and potentially even dangerous for others. that's worth something, but it is not the complete human experience. i have no further intention of inviting people through the internet to become the real human beings they already are. i only hope to play with them in the space they're in and let them know where they could go should they be so inspired or find it necessary to escape.

but no really the bitch levels about life being hard are astounding. it's like /r9k/ here sometimes.

have fun or do what you need. i no longer respond to complaining if there's no intent to do something about the problems.

also obviously i used your post as a prompt and this is not a direct response to you, pabs.
>> No. 377905
fk u fgt
>> No. 377908
File 136878607720.png - (15.43KB , 300x100 , DFYHF_+4.png )
>I want everyone to stop coming to this site and go outside and stop thinking and just be a fucking person.

You can't make me, you're not my real dad. Besides, it's not like any of us could leave anyway.

>who will even read this

I did.
>> No. 377909
File 136878678575.png - (14.80KB , 200x200 , d-doushiyou.png )
>> No. 377910
i'm tired
>> No. 377913
Acting superior does not, and has never made you superior to anyone here, nor has your conduct been any different from the people you feel superior to. Your flaws are just different. You still expressed them in the same way everyone else did, but you did it less honestly and with a more smug, self-satisfied attitude. You did it while pretending you had any wisdom to share but getting high and arguing about the definition of art. For every time somebody relieved stress by searching for someone to say back to them, 'You aren't insane. This thing that happened in your life is actually disgusting and it was uncalled for. I can't believe how absurd this is', you posted praise to yourself for apparently being above the need for that sort of validation. When in truth, you were simply validating your state of mind to yourself when you hit the reply button. You're navel gazing from inside your own colon. You're more inside a structure when you're out and about outside than many people here are while they're inside. You can't even see passed yourself to see that.
That's why you'll never leave.

>> No. 377914
I know what you mean, Tooth. I know what you mean.
>> No. 377916
I like this enough to not counter-reply, maybe therein proving your point?

That being said, critical anon of my heart, where would one[you?] determine a superiority complex?

For every time somebody relieved stress by searching for someone to say back to them, 'You aren't insane. This thing that happened in your life is actually disgusting and it was uncalled for. I can't believe how absurd this is', you posted praise to yourself for apparently being above the need for that sort of validation. When in truth, you were simply validating your state of mind to yourself when you hit the reply button.

I completely agree with this.

>> No. 377917
File 136879738715.jpg?nsfw - (134.31KB , 564x600 , bea-arthur-naked.jpg?nsfw )
Honestly though, Bea Arthur had some nice titties.

I agree they're all terrible people.
>> No. 377918
>point out that this isn't really a home for most anyone
It is for me.
>> No. 377919
File 136880265750.jpg - (21.76KB , 342x327 , so sorry to hear your news.jpg )
>> No. 377920
I'm sorry you have to live in a place without a fridge.
>> No. 377921
File 136880315865.png - (490.09KB , 449x401 , Girls.png )
>they still take the medium more seriously than the expression
>he still thinks that this constitutes complete human interaction
>she still posts here to vaguely complain
>they still get insecure when someone calls them out using a meme
>moe still looks at pictures of naked Bea Arthur
>> No. 377924
Pretty bird. High flying bird. Proud and regal bird. Born in a nest it may not have cared for, able to fly as per how nature shaped them. When trouble hits them, they get high and avoid. Other animals can't get high or avoid problems. Other animals have different methods than birds. Other animals have different niches and environments, and lead the lives they can based on what they have, and what they don't.
Some birds see the bird as the ultimate state of being, and other animals as inferior to birds. If only those other animals could be birds, it reasons, maybe they wouldn't make "stupid" mistakes of living how they do. Maybe if the bird sits and perches, observes, so superior to these animals unlike itself, a little bit of bird will rub off on them. They won't be troubled by their lives, because they'll live like the birds.
The bird sees itself superior to the industrious beaver, because the bird does not trouble itself with actually creating things with meaning. How troublesome. And for what? Why bother, when you can just escape? Maybe the beaver could learn from the bird. The nests it makes taking up so much room and affecting the environment so much. Why complain about how hard your job is when you can do the smart thing, and fly south?
The bird sees itself superior to the badger. Rage is poisonous, it reasons, and why trouble yourself with fury and complain about the conflicts when you can avoid violent struggle? Why would anything live that way? Maybe the badger could learn from the bird.
The bird sees itself superior to the bear. The bear exists just to eat and increase its own material self. It lives or dies by its bulk. It's mobile, but completely sedentary during the winter. It's solitary, its lodgings are scant. What would anybody need with so much stuff and greed? The bird thinks the bear would have more to eat if it just needed less to live. It sees no wisdom in being so large and being so inactive.

One day the bird's greatest advantage will get compromised. The strange, exotic shape nature forged to allow it its advantageous, freeflying existence will be broken, and completely unsuitable for the environment they now have no way to escape from. Escape was their survival. Then, it will have no choice but to continue living in this compromised way. The bird will not have the determination of the badger, the cunning or size of the bear, the streetwise of the deer or the background in tools and the environment of the beaver. The bird will just be an awkward, deposed little king plodding about a forest it thought itself superior to the creatures therein. It will see the value in the other creatures choosing to live the way they do, and the wisdom that went into their niche. Whether it likes it or not, the bird will be forced into confrontation with things in the forest it has never had to confront before.
Things that the beaver's dam will shield it from.
Things that the badger could simply tear apart, if it cared to stop digging and look up at all.
Things the bear would not see as a problem, but dinner.

May the bird continue to think itself superior because of the distance from the material it keeps, because if it ever loses that advantage, it is too awkward to live any other way. Deep down, the bird knows it too.

>> No. 377925
holy fuck this is so hard not to take personally and be offended how do you even from internet posts completely distanced from my personal self i ju raaaaaah

I've never seen the value of metaphor vis a vi just saying things straight. Looking beyond that[my personal opinions, haw haw], you're a skilled writer critical anon. I hope you continue writing, you have a passion for it that's clear through your words.

That's all I have to say on this.
>> No. 377926
File 136880512782.jpg - (135.27KB , 975x603 , girls2.jpg )
>they still think spoiler tags aren't just imageboard highlighter
>rita repulsa is still coming out of that garbage can!
>they still haven't posted pictures of her hot sister, scorpina
>> No. 377927
File 136880567979.jpg - (19.47KB , 547x403 , your dick.jpg )
sorry. old shitty meme. i'll figure out how to post again.
>> No. 377928
I like his birdsong, though. It's so pretty, even if it's just declaring territory.
>> No. 377929

>One day the bird's greatest advantage will get compromised.

i too fear the day when air runs out
>> No. 377930
Speaking of...check out ths sexy list of sexy guests that make me want to attend this years dragoncon.
*Nether Sexy Rita or sexy Milf (according to the Japanese version) sister scorpina will be attending.

A convention for those who like Halloween and live in Ohio.
>> No. 377932
so what have i missed other than>>377921
>> No. 377934
You are a very good writer, I think. I like it, anyway.
Both sentences in this post are true.
>> No. 377936
Just us missing you.
>> No. 377937
File 136881373121.png - (62.38KB , 512x295 , yotsuba pat.png )

There there
>> No. 377941
File 136882534584.jpg - (26.23KB , 138x245 , 1365755208467.jpg )
>> No. 377945
Comrade lost her job, but she's got a new one.
>> No. 377952
I made the donuts.
>> No. 377954
I have a full filling job as a bouncer where I spend most night listening to people pour their souls out.
>> No. 377955
That sounds pretty fun actually.
>> No. 377956
When it is it REALLY is and when it's not it's REALLY not, like you spend some nights with people so happy about the world and others you feel yourself drown as you try to offer an olive branch to a human being lip deep in sorrow.
>> No. 377958
I come here because I need to vent, and I feel better when you guys offer some advice, because my parents aren't interested in hearing me out, and I've never had that much luck bonding terribly close with anyone irl.

I don't know who I am or what I want to be, because I've tried being who I thought I was, and people discouraged me on a regular basis. And there was awhile where I thought people could just give me a clear answer on what to do in life and then I could be led down a path of something that fit me super well and was easy. And I hate whining, but oftentimes I'm in a position where I know what I need to do and just...can't. Not because I don't want to, but because I need someone else to be receptive or to assist me in something and they refuse.
>> No. 377962
File 136883592253.jpg - (150.44KB , 419x750 , Scorpina.jpg )
>they still haven't posted pictures of her hot sister, scorpina

I can remedy that.
>> No. 377963
File 136883612395.jpg - (27.25KB , 384x288 , Scorpina_&_Goldar_with_baby.jpg )
>sexy Milf (according to the Japanese version) sister scorpina

>that feel when you shipped Goldar and Scorpina together when you were a kid and found out you were right
>> No. 377964
File 136883618493.jpg - (35.59KB , 320x250 , 3831.jpg )
>> No. 377965
File 136883630037.jpg - (13.86KB , 256x216 , OQAAADXx.jpg )
>> No. 377966
I only come here because Askal sends me high-resolution dick pics for every ten shitposts I make.
>> No. 377967
>Askal will never send you high resolution dick pics
>> No. 377968
I come here because Moe and Tiki post really good looking ladies.
And because it's easy to puke my problems here and not get put down for them, even if I get judged for them, which I can't really say for any other group of people in my life, except for the gf.

a-and cause i guess i like you guys...
>> No. 377969
File 13688408168.jpg - (263.70KB , 523x800 , 1368642240493.jpg )
That reminds me I need to do more of this.
>> No. 377970
Yes, you do.
>> No. 377971
File 13688418505.jpg - (112.78KB , 583x1000 , tumblr_mja4n7mrgg1qdu53yo7_1280.jpg )
T'was men who came out ahead today, goddamn this fashion designer.
>> No. 377972
File 136884206685.jpg?nsfw - (1.28MB , 2363x1600 , 1368494699340.jpg?nsfw )
Why aren't you guys on Skype anymore?
>> No. 377973
File 136884264572.png - (636.69KB , 500x620 , tumblr_mcehnmrQAT1qdg1yho1_r3_500.png )
I am on all the time.
>> No. 377974
Because I have little privacy, and I spent a lot of my time trying to make difficult information take root in my simple head.
>> No. 377975
File 136884293588.gif - (888.95KB , 500x298 , tumblr_mkjqblCBbh1qkg5u5o1_500.gif )
Goddamn it I've been making too many horror gifs and pictures, all my pretty lady pics are buried under monsters and murder.
>> No. 377979
File 136884391716.jpg?nsfw - (83.67KB , 737x1084 , war_weary___j___7_by_mjranum_stock-d5c7ewl.jpg?nsfw )
AHH FOUND IT, this is the girl who had me super impressed, NSFW because boobies albeit tastefully photographed are still boobies.
>> No. 377980
I am, but nobody's added me except Bones and Tiki. Probably for the better, I am just dreadful to talk to.
>that picture
you see this is what I mean
Yeah that's pretty fuckin' slick
>> No. 377982
I'd add all of you. Even just talking through anon, I don't hate anyone here.
>> No. 377984
>I've never seen the value of metaphor vis a vi just saying things straight

That's fuckin' rich, Natureboy. The day you actually develop a vocabulary to explain that notion and a worldview that doesn't boil that notion down to pointless platitudes is the day I actually might "go outside", though this is something I do on a day to day basis just to get by.

This is the Confessional. You get that? It all looks like poison because we don't necessarily bring our happy shit here. We sit on Facebook or Twitter or some other site with our friends and family and we share our joy with them because we want to share our joy.

This is where we bring our Outrageous Bullshit; that outlandish, incomprehensible, fucking horrible shit that permeates everyone's lives that they cannot take to their friends and family. Often, their friends and family are the problem. We don't necessarily talk about joyful shit here because the very point of putting it before a bunch of faceless weirdos is that the faceless weirdos don't, in some sense, know who you are. They can't hurt you. They can say mean things, they can insult you, you'll feel it, but usually, the people reading it have no idea who you are or where you are. The capacity for physical harm, as well as harm to professional or private reputation is more limited than say, a bar, a priest, or a psychotherapist. And generally, the knowledgebase is pretty expanded. Sure, it ain't talking to a doctor or a lawyer. but between the Trashmen, the EMTs, the Nurses, the Computer Techs, the Burlesque Dancers, the Cartoonists, and the Scientists, we have a pretty good well of human experience we can draw on here. That's all you really need most times; fling your shit at the wall and see if it sticks. Does it slide? Were you accurate? Does it stink (yes it always stinks)?

You'd like me to be a person? I am existent as one. Much to my chagrin at having to be associated with most everyone else, as we sit, breath, live and touch ourselves to weird porn of cartoon characters, so am I an actual person, the fact of which I cannot change for all the nuclear reactions in the heart of the sun. Go outside? It's 10 feet away. I'm sure my position will be greatly improved.

Alcoholics do not get better because one day they just decide to be better. Something has to change; they have to hit the bottom or cross a line, or hurt someone. Something unacceptable has to happen for them, some intangible pain that reminds them, every day, what happens when they do not make a conscious effort to restrain themselves. That's how the Battered Woman loves her husband; because for 23 out of the 24 hours in a day, it's acceptable. It's Fine. You Can Do It. For the Kid. Cause that's what real pain is like; 23 out of 24 hours in the day, it doesn't suck. It's not painful. You're doing stuff. Your mind is not there. Nobody cares about your pain. They want to be happy. Smile. It doesn't actually matter (it all matters). And for 23 out of 24 hours, all of our lives here do not suck. Some are quite good. We all have jobs, we all have internet connections, presumably we all have roofs over our heads. Statistically, we are all better off than somebody else.

There is no one thing I can say to anybody to change their life. None. Even as silver as my tongue is, I don't think I've ever handed out advice that truly changed someone's point of view. I can push deviant perspectives, unknown quantities, and alternative solutions, but I have never purposefully said anything to change someone's life, and had it work. Because for 23 out of 24 hours, it already works. And as Learn-ed as I am, as Intelligent as I am, as Profound as I can be, all my platitudes have ever fallen on are deaf ears.

We have this horrifically self-deterministic society here in America that believes in the "magic pill"; there's no Problem! It's You. You're just not pretending you're happy enough! You need pills. Or to work out. Or to open your heart to people! It's EASY! Just step outside and stop being you! Imagine all your problems gone! That's all you need, a dash of the Old Willful Ignorance, and it's fine. For the next 23 hours, it's fine. I don't have to lean on other people to get shit done, I just have to challenge myself more! The system isn't broken, I'm broken! Just give me some more pills and I'll be good!

tl;dr wish you'd stop just fronting this bullshit that to me looks very childish and helps nothing.
>> No. 377985
I have been violated, betrayed and used.
>> No. 377986
because no-one ever talks to me whether i'm online or not. it's a 50/50 chance if someone even acknowledges me if i talk in the main chat.
>> No. 377987
The main chat...well... that's idle city. I don't think anyone actually uses the chat to actually chat.
>> No. 377995
There's a chat?
>> No. 377996
because im shy

but im on there
say hi if you see me
>> No. 378004
File 13688684255.jpg - (485.98KB , 593x5393 , qsmi320.jpg )
>> No. 378008
File 136887417678.jpg - (48.71KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mmt521Xm501qfy2kdo1_500.jpg )
If anyone wants I'll open up a chat.
>> No. 378014
File 136888385678.jpg - (1.89MB , 1680x1050 , 1368467082592.jpg )
I too would like to get pinged on skype
>> No. 378015

nice projections bro

u should talk 2 someone
>> No. 378019
I'm not sure why I come here. Sometimes I feel like I'm trespassing because you guys seem to be a fairly tight-knit and old community.
>> No. 378020
On the cousin thing.

I confronted them and there was a minor fight, where me and my bro found out our cousin was keeping a little secret from everyone. Turns out her eggers have been preggers for 2 months and she's been keeping it secret so nobody makes her abort.

Anyway we're more or less fine with it now, she broke up with her boyfriend when I convinced her it was not only immoral but also risky.
My mom and aunt know but are turning a blind eye to it until Ellie starts showing. Then they'll claim some unprotected sex at a party or something.
>> No. 378022
Well, derp.
>> No. 378028
File 136890750968.gif - (0.96MB , 500x281 , tumblr_m1appgyDkY1r7w10go1_500.gif )
Alright anyone who wants in the skype chat just PM me at tikiwhoissneaky.
>> No. 378031
i love blowing a little weed smoke near animals

I know a cat that actually loves it. he gets so excited when the smoke blows - sticks his little nose up and trembles his whiskers and his tail goes straight up - and then he sits there with his head kind of drooping and forces you to cuddle him.
>> No. 378038
yeah yeah trying to get around to the idea of paying someone to tell me I'm fucked up

don't like paying for things I already know
>> No. 378045
i went out last night and ended up going home with this really cute young guy who was just my type (tall, chubby, cute) and then we got back to his room his dick was tiny and he couldn't get hard and then he started crying about his girlfriend in england so i left and had to walk by all his hallmates who were laughing up their sleeves and then it turned out i didn't have enough money to get the night bus so i sat in the gardens for two hours until 6am and it started raining and tbh i feel it's a really nice metaphor for my life at the moment.
>> No. 378046
File 136891902549.jpg - (79.72KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mjm6o2Weku1r7gy2bo1_500.jpg )
Ahh damn Tooth that sucks, didn't know you like a little chub on your guys though.
>> No. 378047
File 136891987242.gif - (475.60KB , 188x174 , so hot.gif )
Oh yeah. I mean I like almost all body types for guys but yum, dem bigger frames. A wee belly, thick thighs, fat ass and shapely arms, just big and soft and warm all over. Lord have mercy, I am so thirsty.
>> No. 378048
File 136892047388.gif - (726.68KB , 500x482 , tumblr_mc5plwdKjP1qztq0lo1_500.gif )
Tooth we are basically gender swaps on sexual preference.

( I can't post any bigger lady pictures due to most having boobies out)
>> No. 378051
File 136892157635.jpg - (50.69KB , 960x640 , swim.jpg )
Not quite - I am with you on the bigger ladies too! I actually don't find slim women very attractive (with exceptions, obviously). I like thick, plump, chubby, muscled or even just fat girls. We have good taste, you and I!
>> No. 378052
File 136892176779.jpg - (30.10KB , 320x322 , k278628_1278692511012.jpg )
>Not quite - I am with you on the bigger ladies too!

And I bigger boys again not posting any pictures for obvious reasons.
>> No. 378053
File 136892226591.jpg - (45.29KB , 142x300 , bigdave.jpg )
Chouzuki Maryou is such a babe.
>I like thick, plump, chubby, muscled or even just fat girls.
Also unusual heights. Ladies under 5' or over 6' are hnnnnnng.

And bearmode is like my ideal as far as guys go. Dave Gulledge had my ideal body before he dieted to lose all his fat, though maybe with uh slightly smaller thighs.
>> No. 378054
File 136892338251.gif - (1.54MB , 336x336 , 1304559922376.gif )
Some people just want to watch the world cuddle.
>> No. 378062
Internet self-diagnosis, but I think I might have Borderline.
>> No. 378063

Don't do that, please. It's your choice if you want to get stoned, but don't do that to animals.
>> No. 378066
... Jesus Christ.
>> No. 378071

its basically an /r9k/ post
>> No. 378073
>> No. 378074
File 136895426644.jpg - (16.38KB , 249x240 , electrlol.jpg )
Effin' hilarious. I just might screencap this to post in an /r9k/ beta thread.

That ended better than expected. The upcoming kid is troubling to hear, though...
>> No. 378079
well let me know how it does i guess
>> No. 378081
hey, you had your chance
>> No. 378082
and you blew it
>> No. 378083
Oh god, it must have been two or three years since the last time I was really sick. And I completely forgot how much this sucks. Especially if you're all alone. Everything is awful. I can't even drink water without my throat hurting like I'm pulling barbed wire out of it. I can't deal with this.
>> No. 378095
They're called 'bears', except they're supposed to have bigger dicks. Or at least thicker ones.

How big was he? Really wee or just undersized?
>> No. 378096
Well we don't have anything like Huntington's or other genetic disorders in the family so it should be fine.

>im gonna be an uncle!
>> No. 378098
Nah, not bears. Bears are more like >>378053 which is a bit much for my "ideal" range (though still attractive ofc). Less muscular/bulked but still somewhat toned? Anyway, he didn't have a micro penis but it was pretty small and quite thin, especially considering he was a tall fella with a large frame. It's hard to really judge if he never got hard though. At least he was clean I guess.
>> No. 378105
File 136900184031.gif - (1.69MB , 240x320 , tumblr_mlqg7uocoV1r0qoipo1_250.gif )
>got to meet David Evans
>Thanked him for the grand childhood memories
>> No. 378106
>> No. 378110
YESH. New SSD and graphics card installed. This is the first time since 2007 that I've set up my entire system from scratch; I've only imported my Thunderbird stuff, nothing else.

Also moved my Media Center 2TB drive (which was woefully underused) to my computer and will use this computers old 500GB drive for the Media Center. I now have roughly 2.4TB over three drives at my disposal.

Finally I can have more than four games installed through Steam at once. :3

Whenever I get sick, I always take a low-acid, pulp-free orange juice and mix it with Sprite (or another lemon-lime carbonated beverage of your choice) about 50/50. The OJ helps to boost the immune system, and the soda carbonation soothes the throat.
>> No. 378111
Whoops looks like I forgot my trip
>> No. 378113
I meant for the fat guy who started crying. Would make for a great green-text story.

It's troubling because putting a kid in the middle of such a situation. Are either of them even ready for children (financially, mentally, etc)?
>> No. 378114
Nobody is ever truly ready for children, but I'm confident something will be figured out.
>> No. 378119
I dislike that kind of attitude, it sort of smacks of "Nobody's ever ready for kids lol so just go ahead and have them". Not that I'm implying you're saying that, but I've heard that a lot. There IS such a thing as being woefully underprepared for kids, and some people just plain shouldn't have them, at least not til they get their shit together. And having this incest-born kid seems like a really bad idea to me. Sorry, but it does.
>> No. 378138
>Nobody's ever ready for kids lol so just go ahead and have them
Hahahaha, welcome to the opinion of 99.9999999999999999999% of parents in the history of humanity. Children are and have always been what's called an out-of-context problem (look it up) because you can't prepare yourself for something you haven't experienced and no one can properly explain to you what it's like.

>And having this incest-born kid seems like a really bad idea to me. Sorry, but it does.
That's. Nice. You're a nice person. Enjoy your day.
>> No. 378139
I would feel intense shame and question whether or not I should reproduce if I learned my parents were related on a first cousin or closer basis.
If you're human you're by nature related to other humans, but there's a difference between related by way of having the same great great great great great grandparents, and being the son/daughter of your mother's cousin.

You can't choose your parents and you can't choose the genes you inherit.
>> No. 378140
Well, as long as the two initial parents still have slightly different gene pools to draw on, the child should be relatively normal. You need to ensure that kid never has a kid with either of their family lines, otherwise that child will be a fucked-up flipper baby as "cutting" their genetic sequence with a genetic sequence that is already halfway similar to their own will introduce errors. The chance of these errors increases the more one inbreeds successfully.

It's not something I would generally angle for.
>> No. 378142
You'd think that after awhile, super-tall people would realize that calling an adult that's shorter than them 'cute and adorable' in a baby voice isn't flattering.
>> No. 378143
Then stop being cute and adorable, damn.
>> No. 378145
Oh hai.

Haven’t done all that much writing as of late, chiefly because I’ve felt awful…and because I slipped into one of the most erratic sleep schedules I’ve ever had.

The last two weeks have sucked hard.

On the bright side: I got back into pixel art over this past weekend(-ish), and I have a Pixeljoint account to show for it: http://www.pixeljoint.com/p/42834.htm

My sleep schedule should also return to normal tonight.

Hoping to get some writing done tomorrow.
>> No. 378146

Oh, and last week, I put in an application at a convenience store (situated next to a campground) that I can walk to in less than two minutes. Hoping to hear a callback soon.
>> No. 378148
I've never actually considered myself 'cute' to begin with, though.
>> No. 378150
Call them. Show initiative.
Is your lack of self-awareness really the other guys problem?
>> No. 378151
I...don't know.

The way I see it, I was dressed formally, put on makeup, and drank alcohol at an 18+ venue, and even when I do that, they don't see me as 21+, they see me as 12. I've been told I look too much like a kid to be taken seriously or to be flirted with.
>> No. 378152
I'm making a bigass list of Lego (Bionicle) I want to sell. Where should I post it? Is here good?
>> No. 378157
Yeah, here is fine.
>> No. 378158
That has to be useful sometimes though.

>I've been told I look too much like a kid to be taken seriously or to be flirted with.
You're hanging out with boring straightlaced people. I practically have to beat my friends with a stick to get them to stop flirting with jailbait every time we go clubbing.
>> No. 378163
living up to old tony stark again
i'm drunk
ask me anything
>> No. 378166
File 136910209844.png - (19.42KB , 534x502 , every single time.png )
I just get called short :(
>> No. 378167
I'm not sure if I want to date someone who's into legal-but-looks-like-jailbait guys. Some of them (at least in past experience) tend to be controlling, and they want a woman who looks like a little girl because they want to treat her like a little girl. And it's borderline berserk button for me. I get enough of it from my parents. I look to a romantic partner to give me the exact opposite.

They always say that like we don't know already.
>> No. 378169
What is the moon? I mean, what is it really?
>> No. 378170
it's where astronauts go for their pilgrimage.
holy realm of the 9 gods. shit tons of yayo.
>> No. 378171
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
>> No. 378172
i always say San Francisco since i'm from there
but right now all i can think about is retiring to Lucerne, Switzerland drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the beats of my heart until it no longer beats.
>> No. 378173
What did you have to drink?
>> No. 378174
Three Olives vodka straight from the 1.75L bottle.
>> No. 378175
Its impulsive, damn it.
We don't choose to say that sort of thing.

im sorry honey
>> No. 378184
First time I worked out in a while

I'm trying to lose some excess pounds
>> No. 378191
>I look to a romantic partner to give me the exact opposite.
Respect is a key part of love, find a guy that actually loves you and presto! Got what you want, a romantic guy that respects you.

Problem with that is: In order to find such a guy you have to wade through a legion of pedophiles and jerks. Because "the guy" might seem like a total freak at first, you can't judge people that quickly.

So best start wading ASAP, because the sooner you start the sooner it'll be over.

Good luck.
>> No. 378193
File 136915587037.jpg - (42.15KB , 283x213 , Darien.jpg )
>mfw people forgot that we merged Reaction Image threads and SYM
>mfw no one does reactions to daily shit anymore
on the other hand i'm glad my scorpina request was fulfilled.
>> No. 378196
File 136916104677.png - (222.42KB , 728x404 , my heart is dead.png )
>mfw gf wants to go to college in England for a year
>mfw I can't go with her
>mfw this will be taking place shortly after we stop being an ldr
>mfw I know I can't object because it's what she wants, but I know it's gonna be terrible for me
>> No. 378197
>> No. 378199
i refuse to read this because i refuse to believe that ideas are a stagnant well waiting for water to simply fall in

go read some literature and learn to feel something that other people feel in as intimate a way as you can so that you'll at least have lived someone else's lives.

maybe then you'll have some ideas. derivative ideas can still create original content
>> No. 378200
oh christ i fell for the freehaven honeytrap again didn't i. disregard that last advice. that version of my name literally sucks cocks.
>> No. 378202
Write about your experiences in your first job.
>> No. 378204
Being sick still fucking sucks. Tough it's not as bad anymore as it was at the beginning. I don't wish I was dead anymore. I just wish I could keep this food down.
>> No. 378205
File 136917032751.gif - (490.06KB , 350x264 , tumblr_l8rkxixasW1qd6cge.gif )
My friend and I had to drop everything and book it to the airport to stop one of our other friends from getting arrested. After we safely got him back to his flat the two of us went for dinner and they gave us both free desserts because my friend had to wait a few minutes for her food to come. What goes around, I guess.
>> No. 378206
>stop one of our other friends from getting arrested
wat. wat they do.
>> No. 378207
One of our other friends was flying home to Spain so they had been partying all night in to the morning. She told him a big secret that upset him, so by the time they got to they airport she had sobered up but he hadn't. He was crying, wouldn't let her on the plane, generally making a big scene. Someone called the police after he puked and fell asleep on the bench, but the other friend called me and we were able to get there just in time to stop him getting taken in for being drunk and incapable. The police officers were very understanding.
>> No. 378210
Anyone else read that as fist job?

>making a scene
>at an airport
Welcome to the terrorist watch list.
>> No. 378224
File 136918372232.gif - (428.21KB , 200x183 , 136856324914.gif )
>forever living in the shame of making the first Speak Your Mind Thread
>> No. 378227
File 13691843713.jpg - (11.73KB , 341x279 , hellajeff.jpg )
>> No. 378229
File 136918467218.jpg - (12.48KB , 154x205 , americans.jpg )
He is brown and foreign too, if our police had guns he would have been shot.

>tumblr's face when a young queer dark skinned spanish kid is shot by the big nasty police for crying loudly into a glass of wine outside of airport security near me
>> No. 378230
File 136918489772.jpg - (46.27KB , 776x602 , get-a-load_of_this_guy_cam.jpg )
>> No. 378238
Hells bells!

If you whippersnappers can remember the 90s it was either being roman looking or red haired gingers, with top hats and mustaches (even the women).

Now 1/5 people are straight up foreign and even more have a foreign mom/dad.

Just perplexed at how fast it changed.
>go on vacation to UK in 1989, enjoy it
>14 years later
>plan to come back once enough money is gathered
>not sure if want because it would be a totally new experience

Not as surprising in US and Canada, because we're colonial since the beginning. Old Euro countries have 100s even 1000s of years of history with virtually no ethnic changes. It would ruin it if I go to Italy and find out it's all Chinese people.
>> No. 378244
>not sure if want because it would be a totally new experience

Swap the Irish for Eastern European and the Indian and Afro-Caribbean for Pakistani. It's not that different? There is oodles of ethnic immigration all over Europe, it's been around (in force) since the colonial era. And it's not detrimental either, aside from the gradual rise of the MUH IMMIGRATION idiots. I live right in the middle of a predominantly Polish and Pakistani neighborhood, it's really rather nice.

(Oh, and my friend isn't an immigrant. He's a student.)
>> No. 378247
>it's not detrimental either
Well sure, but I paid for a vacation in X country, not in Y country. If I want to experience Polish culture it's probably cheaper to just pay for a ticket to Poland.

(no offense if you're non-native)
>> No. 378251
File 136919221826.jpg - (25.20KB , 400x311 , brick laughing.jpg )
Ohhh, you got me. I replied seriously but your second post was a little unsubtle; 6/10.
>> No. 378255

The vacation thing is serious. Where do you go for vacations?
>> No. 378257
THIS IS WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE how's everyone doing tonight?
>> No. 378258
reading all day
>> No. 378261
>was planning on asking a certain girl out
>choked and didn't ask
>probably won't get another opportunity
>> No. 378262
don't manipulate people in back handed ways ever but i usually stick to the idea that you can find and make more opportunities than you realize
>> No. 378263
File 136920167785.gif - (303.35KB , 152x152 , 1221383525957.gif )
Firefox decided to delete two years of internet history for no reason
>> No. 378264
>not deleting your entire history at the end of every day
>> No. 378269
I got an idea...sell me your Bayonetta gun.
>> No. 378271
File 136920951537.png - (223.31KB , 700x700 , 1360583480918.png )
>>erasing your past instead of learning how to hide it
You probably don't browse anything interesting anyway.
>> No. 378272

Remember these feels so you don't fuck up next time. It's a good motivator.


I bet you wish you bookmarked all those xvideos links now, huh?
>> No. 378274
>Talking to friends about a spooky childhood game
>Shit gets spookier and spookier as the discussion probes deeper into the game.
>Shit starts clattering and falling off shelves.
>Door slams shut on the other side of the house.
>Cats start screeching.
>> No. 378280
And then...?
>> No. 378281
The pills have started their dark works. I don't want to be dead anymore, and that makes everything else so much harder.

Debating what I want in a relationship, as well. I think maybe I could not drag a person into hell with me now.
>> No. 378286
Good to hear. Hope they continue to improve your mood.

If I may ask, what are you on? I'm on Celexa, and the next time I see my doc I'm going to ask him to take me off of it. I just have no interest in anything now, still have bouts of deep depression, and in general a negative outlook on life. I might ask him if I can try something else, but I don't know if a GP is the best person to get a recommendation from on this.
>> No. 378307
I'll try. It's been hard, because I've dealt with two controlling people, one who just had conflicting sexual interests than mine, and two who just felt a relationship wasn't something they wanted with anyone right now.

I am desperate, I am lonely, but not enough to just go with someone who would treat me like a fetish, or who wants someone meek so they can walk all over them.
>> No. 378308
File 136927959188.jpg - (33.21KB , 700x467 , 4LdN6SI.jpg )
I found the facebook of Flaccid Man. He is 800% posh and his best friend is actually in nearly all my classes. If FM mentions anything about me to this guy he's going to know exactly who I am. It's also basically confirmed I will bump in to him again. Let me die, pls.
>> No. 378309
it happens.
>> No. 378310
I'm sure this whole thing has been an ordeal for you, but I find it funny as hell. Please keep us posted on further developments.
>> No. 378318
...I'll get the hair dye.
>> No. 378321
so just to reiterate: You were about ready to bump nasties with a chubby guy when his wangdoodle turned out to be a bit small. So he started crying and missed his girlfriend, leaving you to walk away in the rain.

I'm pretty sure, unless he's missing a chromosome or has an extra one that would affect decision making, he won't tell his buddy about this.
>> No. 378324
Oh no, I find it pretty hilarious too just...really cringeworthy at the same time.

Don't forget he couldn't even wake that wangdoodle up! I suppose he could lie or just miss out the terrible bits. I mean, he's a teenage boy who managed to persuade a girl to come home with him. Plus a bunch of his other friends saw me walking to his room with him (and laughed).
>> No. 378328
>> No. 378330
I saw that. It's upsetting and reminds us hell of a lot about humanity and cultural/ideological discrepancies in some really uncomfortable ways. someone was fucking beheaded in public. london, right? ... i don't even know what the appropriate response is other than disgust and anguish.


on the lighter side of things... anyone else find that there are people who annoy you online but are totally okay to deal with in real life? it's like two different people.
>> No. 378332
I know right? They cut him down in the middle of the street and no one did anything except one woman who confronted them but obviously couldn't do anything.
EDL is fucking livid that the police took half a fucking hour to respond, and both of these guys were suspected terrorists that were just allowed to walk about.

Also yes, I know such people. It's that way because they rely a lot on body language, spoken and situational context to be understood, so they come off bad in text. It's the same with some people and SMS messages. Not their fault.
>> No. 378335
ahahaha freeg, your town was featured on Russel Howard's Good News. he was laughing at all your furries. apparently it's becoming really popular down there, especially round Monterrey way.
>> No. 378338

That can not be true.
How the hell. The place has fucking backwards old-fashioned third world societal norms - how the hell are you going to be a furry when the only geek related things here are a shitty con with the worst shit ever and there's nobody even hinting at liking any furry stuff unless its to make fun of it and mispronounce it what the hell how could they even afford the damn habit and
how how just
just how

maybe he meant Monterey, California. That seems more likely.

and if it IS this place.... well maybe comissions ONLINE aren't the way to go!
>> No. 378339
The bible belt sells the most porn, amigo.
>> No. 378340
I know a Mexican when I see one, boy. Also he specifically mentioned Mexico/Mexican a few times.

>> No. 378348
i just don't know how the hell
a) they'd know about any of it.
2) why the hell i haven't heard of that in the first place i mean i pretty much revel in anything thats non-traditional interests here and I don't think I've ever even heard of that shit going on i mean i'd be -embarrassed- if only i didn't think it'd be pretty much an impossible thing
its like saying
when you're like
but i don't think he's ever played basketball even as a promotional event i mean ive been following the lad since cardiff city i mean what

>> No. 378349
I mean frankly I'd be glad if it were true but what the hell
Id fucking do so many comissions I'd be able to afford my own fuckin' place back in MA but how the hell would they even know about it
did someone just HEAR about this city when someone mentioned how a fuckin club won their continental cup three times straight and just i dunno
where can i hear that segment aaaaa
>> No. 378351
i watched it on bbc iplayer, it's ep 4 of the latest series.
>> No. 378356
everyday is sitting here consumed with lust day
too many mutually attracted friends and none of us allowed to fool around
please change social norms for this generation so it's okay to just make out and fool around with everyone
>> No. 378357
For all the flirting I do with people here, I've only ever gotten half a dick pic. smh.

Just do it. Societal norms are the weakest of bonds when mutually broken. Go look at Quickies in New York. Go do that.
>> No. 378358
you'd use those pics against us.
>> No. 378360
You aren't trustworthy.
>> No. 378362
they would sit in my dusty chanwhores folder with all the other photos of you lot i've collected over the years for me to fondly creep through now and again. i am lazy and anti-social, i can't be bothered trying to start drama nor do i have anyone to start it with. no time for nonsense, only dick.
>> No. 378365
be that as it may, I think Richard's still a little camera shy
>> No. 378366
After what happened to Pym, I can understand the hesitation.

I'd you a dick pic, but I'd probably just end up sending a picture of Nova.
>> No. 378368
the tease is as much fun as the reveal, and you can't tease as easily after you've already given the goods
>> No. 378369
you crazy, girl.
most people try and avoid pictures of dick on the internet.
>> No. 378370
>most people try and avoid pictures of dick on the internet.

You sure about that?
>> No. 378371
...Holy fuck you were right. That WAS in Monterrey.
Didn't see them mention much since it was barely over a handful but

...That was him driving in a plaza near Monterrey Tech...
That was surreal.

>> No. 378378
File 136939944413.gif - (187.51KB , 170x162 , 1208877320796.gif )
Ooof...I don't whine on here much, but man it was a long day yesterday & I need to detail it somewhere.

- Late Friday night, damn near out the door for work, find out co-worker is in hospital, have to come in 4 hours later
- Arrive at work early in the morning for truck/merch delivery, find out have to do open to close
- Trip over delivery items like an dumb in front of co-workers & customers, hurting my knees (& pride) in the process
- leave well after closing; forget phone
- come home to power/water out at apartment complex; just came back on as I got to my place
- instantly fall asleep; wake up to power out again (just came back on)
- none of my back-up gear work (dead radio, dead batteries, dead screen on laptop, etc)
- broke until payday

It ain't over yet, either; I still have Saturday to get through. And Sunday isn't guaranteed.

Well, at least a S.H. Figuarts figure came in yesterday.
>> No. 378383
I don't think you know what the internet was invented for.
>> No. 378391
File 136941178872.png - (34.28KB , 213x292 , 1340054326426.png )
>> No. 378394
It's pathetic but one of the things I'm looking forward to the most about moving to Texas is that I will be a thousand fucking miles away from any member of my broken fucking family.
>> No. 378395
You've my sympathies, dear.
Hit it like it's rattlin'.
>> No. 378396
I want very much to be an anarchist, but how on earth could I ever develop that much faith in people?
>> No. 378397
Do it like the anarchists and libertarians do. Embrace a system with absolute values and see only through that.
>> No. 378408
you're not getting any dicks outta me with that kind of jab, sister.
>> No. 378412
What about in to you?
>> No. 378413
not necessarily against it, but you're gonna need to sweet talk me better than that.
>> No. 378415
How many dicks do you have in you?
>> No. 378416
>> No. 378422
>> No. 378434
File 136944523194.jpg?spoiler - (7.53KB , 163x217 , TSA.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 378446
File 13694484912.png - (7.35KB , 157x193 , 1358143600882.png )
I though there were mutiple inside of ff.

Also, if tooth wants pictures of dick, just go to /soc/ or something. Geez.
>> No. 378449
File 13694490802.jpg?spoiler - (43.36KB , 500x333 , totally not a penis.jpg?spoiler )
You realize the irony of using that image in a dick-less scenario, right?
>> No. 378450
Is it just me or is tooth perpetually horny?

Also all redheads.
>> No. 378451
I did. I got a dick from it but it didn't go so well.


Also things are 8000% sexier when they come from people you actually know, js.
>> No. 378455
it's part of my SPD, i have mostly what they call "covert features" which includes obsessing over sex and intimacy. i know it's really annoying and obnoxious, please bare with me here. i'm not a redhead any more
>> No. 378459
tooth is it bad I was kinda envious of your date

I want to date someone with a dick but not necessarily use it in any way

I'm sorry

>> No. 378460
>i'm not a redhead any more

fine then, not redhead, still redcooch.
>> No. 378461
It certainly wasn't a date but nah man, that's cool. Different strokes for different folks.

1. The hair on your head rarely matches your public hair. Your pubes match your eyebrows much more closely.
2. Pubes are almost never any colour but brown or black, regardless of natural hair colour.
3. I was never a natural redhead. Lo siento.
>> No. 378466
>public hair

It's funny because usually the typo goes the other way around.
>> No. 378469
File 136945278352.jpg - (33.02KB , 640x480 , 148008682_640.jpg )
>I was never a natural redhead
well i guess that's that
>> No. 378481
File 136945500442.jpg - (21.75KB , 170x225 , 1259723684300.jpg )
>i'm not a redhead any more
>> No. 378486
File 136945650934.png - (323.72KB , 606x346 , slowpokeanddisappointment.png )
>i'm not a redhead any more
>> No. 378487
I didn't realise my red hair was so beloved. I look better with black. Shit, I look better with green.
>> No. 378490
>I look better with black


Not really, your skin tone is too warm.
>> No. 378491
>implying warm skin tones look bad with dark hair
>implying i have warm skin tones

lel no
>> No. 378492
File 136946090458.png - (192.90KB , 292x294 , cersei remains in disgust.png )
>i'm not a redhead any more
>> No. 378493
dicks and fake gingers.
>> No. 378495
It looked gorge, toof.
>> No. 378496
While we're on confession weekend, I find young William Shatner and young Bruce Campbell ridiculously good looking. Apparently this is weird because I brought this up to someone and received a blank look and dead silence.

Gotcha. I just wanna snuggle with a big bearish dude now. I don't mind sex being a long way off.
>> No. 378499
I'm just reminded of this comic right here
>> No. 378501
Huh. This is kinda nice.
>> No. 378503
>implying warm skin tones look bad with dark hair
They do. Black looks good with pale skin tones or outright brown.

May I post your pic from tumblr?
>> No. 378505
File 13694883459.jpg - (6.30KB , 200x252 , kirk.jpg )
>While we're on confession weekend, I find young William Shatner and young Bruce Campbell ridiculously good looking. Apparently this is weird because I brought this up to someone and received a blank look and dead silence.

No, that person is weird. Shatner was handsome.
>> No. 378506
He still is in his fucking 80s.

Brucy is no slouch either.
>> No. 378507
My anus is bearvolving. You could have prevented it.

>> No. 378509
I am unbelievably horny.
>> No. 378513

how horny are you
>> No. 378514
You can if you really want, but I definitely have a cool skin tone. Protip, the easiest way to tell is by looking at your veins. If they are greenish-blue, you're warm, if they are pure blue or purple, you're cool toned. Mine are blue. I also suit jewel colours and black clothes over earthy shades, and look best in blue-toned red lipstick (which is the lipstick in that picture). I like my black hair more than my red. /shrug
>> No. 378515
0.8 tooths
>> No. 378516
That's pretty horny. You're reaching maximum levels there.
>> No. 378517
File 136950323990.png - (3.08MB , 2063x929 , tumblr_lkhe2xQjR31qcrvseo1_1280.png )
OK here, one sextillion hours in paint.
I guess you could pull it off simply on account of being able to pull off anything with your face shape, at the same time, red would suit you far better than black.
>> No. 378518
File 136950379881.gif - (289.25KB , 300x162 , death by snoo snoo.gif )
oh sweet mercifu-
whatever happens, if you have to die from this, go out with a bang
>> No. 378520
File 136950461067.jpg - (29.61KB , 296x288 , 1339637148852.jpg )
I used to look so youthful. The years have not been kind to me.
>> No. 378521
>fishing for compliment
>> No. 378522
File 136950618382.jpg - (15.77KB , 280x227 , sleep paralysis.jpg )
I had the strangest nightmare last night. It was about nightmares.

I was repeating a scenario which always led to a terrible destruction. The scenario was always had the same result and events, but it took place in different settings with different characters.

I can only vaguely recall it. One was in a glitchy sonic game with Sonic half clipping through some giant metal fans and getting stuck. One was in a mansion turned old office building that turned into a medieval manor if you went inside. One was in a neighborhood at the beach with an active volcano as meteors slowly fell to earth. And a few others I can't recall clearly, but I'm pretty sure one was in a large kitchen made from polished copper.

At the end of each setting, I realized I was dreaming and tried to wake up, but each time I "woke" into a new setting tortured to live out the scenario over and over. One instance I''m pretty sure I did wake up, but I had sleep paralysis and couldn't do anything but fall back asleep. I imagine that's what my hell would be like.
>> No. 378524
Sorry, I left some details out.

Any attempt to change the result of the dream was met with people dismissing me and my warnings or concerns. Some even mocking me for trying to change or escape from fate.
>> No. 378525
lmao i don't need to fish to get compliments, anon. nice try though.
>> No. 378528
He's in his fucking 80s?
Jesus Christ, I thought Bob Barker aged well.
>> No. 378531
Time makes fools of us all.
>> No. 378534
as long as i've known her, she's been pretty real about her self-evaluation and she doesn't need anyone else to tell her how she should feel about herself.
>> No. 378535
File 13695174081.gif - (0.97MB , 500x390 , tumblr_mmg5uj6fVt1qmvy8zo1_500.gif )

Maturation is a natural part of all life, it shouldn't be reviled but embraced.
>> No. 378548
>> No. 378588
I had a dream last night.

>an old female friend has invited me over to her country
>she casually makes a move onto me
>we cuddle and kiss
>we are cool with it
>then some guy who lives with her comes in, starts to cry and shuts himself in his own room
>a second guy comes in, he looks pretty pathetic
>while my female friend is doing something, he shows me a box
>in that box are photos from my female friend getting jizzed on, fucking other guys, being a general slut
>that guy tells me she posts that shit on a blog named freak vampires with some twist or something
>somehow fermale friend disappears and the pictures get stolen by a nigger
>i chase him down to some office complex which kinda looks like a yard sale
>for the remaining dreamtime I collect the fucking pictures so my female friend doesn't have to live through the shame and humilation

That was one weird dream. Freaked me out.
>> No. 378630
p standard really

wanting to feel sexually desirable
wanting to feel like other men dont measure up
hero complex
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