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File 139488909646.jpg?nsfw - (89.85KB , 467x700 , fetishes.jpg?nsfw )
390443 No. 390443
My main turn on would be reciprocity, like orgasm for orgasm type thing where people are taking care of each other. Major turn off is guro, how the fuck people can even look at that is just uncomprehensible.
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>> No. 390444
>how the fuck people can even look at that is just incomprehensible.
That's fetishes for you. Long as they aren't doing it for real.
>> No. 390445
Not him, but I think there's a very distinct moral line between fetishes and "holy shit what the fuck WHY"
>> No. 390449
Dead and dismembered things cause a very deep instinctual reaction in all animals. So either these people somehow lack a fundamental instinct, or their fetish somehow feeds off of it.
>> No. 390452
If they lacked the instinct, they wouldn't be aroused by it. Also it plays off a lot of other elements and interests that manifest as guro.
>> No. 390457
That cracked article by the dominatrix is really interesting.
>> No. 390458
Long as they aren't doing it for real, I don't think its my place to judge.
>> No. 390460
lol if you really believe that was a dominatrix
>> No. 390461
Okay, Phone sex operator. The fuck is your point here. You have an alternative theory that see through Cracked actually checking up on their article writers? Hell, the one from the Gitmo Psychiatrist is harder to buy.
>> No. 390462
Did she not say she did real domming too? It wasn't interesting enough to re-read but I don't think people would be paying as much as used car for phone-sex.
>> No. 390463
Cracked is a comedy magazine, they don't have to check shit, even when they do bother to do some halfhearted research it usually proves to be half right or completely wrong. Do you seriously believe they've interviewed Mossad agents and some of the other obviously bullshit claims they've made in the interests of comedy? Just laugh and enjoy, don't take it seriously, and don't use it as a source of information on anything.
>> No. 390464
Some people can. The world is weird like that now, some have nothing, others have doll collections worth more than a college debt.

IDK I thought it was interesting to hear about some of the things she talked about. That first one in particular, the whole feminization thing. I mean, I always knew /gif/ and /hc/ were screwy but that kind of puts it into light
>> No. 390465
Uh, they don't do "interviews". Cracked does submissions. The stuff we're seeing from Prostitutes, Army Bomb Disposal Guys, Psych ward patients, Heroin addicts, Dominatrixes? Those are actually articles written by real people in those professions, and Cracked does do background checks on those people who submit this material to confirm that they are ho they say they are. You may notice that the article is not from anyone who is part of their regular writer pool, and for most of those articles about weird professions and circumstances. And for a comedy article, it's surprisingly unfunny, and reads a lot more like someone talking frankly about their job.

Cracked may be a comedy website and may liberally sprinkle dick jokes everywhere, but a lot of their material is actually rather insightful, and well backed up with links to sources, even if some of those sources are behind paywalls. And they do conduct background checks on these people to make sure their credentials are verified, even if they keep their names off the pieces.
>> No. 390466
Guess you can't stop people if they want to be gullible...
>> No. 390467
Don't be a dismissive ass.
>> No. 390469
lol it's pretty hard not to when they're right.

>place your order now!
>> No. 390471

What's your point here?
>> No. 390472
If you are attracted to musclegirls, you are at least SOMEWHAT homo.
>> No. 390474
>if you're attracted to girls, you're gay
Makes sense.
>> No. 390475
The silliness of your post aside, you do realize that muscle is natural and not inherently masculine right

Not that I care about being homo. It's okay to be gay.
>> No. 390479
The Patriarchy made you think this way.
>> No. 390481
File 139497492678.jpg - (123.86KB , 784x1091 , 1236194247842.jpg )
I think girls smoking is really attractive, even though I know how bad it is for you.

Hookah, cigars, cigarettes, joints, pipes, and that freaking Sebsi, I don't even understand it but it pulls me in. I don't smoke frequently, but it's always radiated this certain aura depending on what's being smoked and where. The intimate smoke between lovers post-coitus, the gruff exterior and stare of someone gripping a cigar in her snarl, a pillow-decked hookah bar with some raven-haired socialite sighing out long trails of smoke, and that strange smell of burning leaves and a hint of new roads. It's always been sort of tempting and cool, no matter how many after-school specials they've thrown at me.

I don't really smoke much myself, and I've never bought a pack or pipe or anything. If I ever did, it'd be an e-cig or just to do cigars again. Still, it just gives off this feeling of intimacy and focus on the moment when girls do it.
>> No. 390482
File 139497527182.jpg - (30.22KB , 250x313 , tumblr_mzjychiaM91t2i0vzo7_250.jpg )
Smoking isn't actually that bad for you, in moderation it's been shown to have a number of health benefits.

Cigarettes are where that shit comes from and they are considerably different than rolled tobacco which is the same thing without the retarded bullshit they add to increase addictiveness.

And yes I'm fond of that one as well.

The only fetish I've ever been shocked to discover I wasn't alone in was dyed fingers.
>> No. 390486
Smoking of any kind is a horrible turn off for me. Aside from the health risks, I have problems breathing on a clear day, so when I have to walk through someone's second hand smoke it can be impossible to breathe.

Doesn't matter how hot the gal or the situation, if I see a cigarette I'm done.
>> No. 390488
I can understand people not liking this one. I mean, really, I can understand not liking a lot of my fetishes, but this one especially.
>> No. 390490
Depends on what you mean by "musclegirls".

If you mean girls which work out and have good muscle tone, then no. If you mean by the competition nuts that take steroids and testosterone, then... yeah, you're right.

Smoking in novels and anime is a turn on for me. Smoking in real life, pictures or movies is a turn off.

I have no idea how that works...
>> No. 390495
File 139499797768.jpg - (113.98KB , 800x1101 , 133016657428.jpg )

WELL SHIT, Thanks for clear up you fu-fuheads.
>> No. 390496
Yeah, athletic girls who take care of their bodies like like Mikasa and the Shingeki girls are fucking hot. Shit like Cho-Marisa or the Amazon from Dragon Crown though? No way.
>> No. 390499
>the Amazon from Dragon Crown though? No way.
We're not friends anymore.
>> No. 390501
File 139500915319.jpg - (21.99KB , 340x255 , youre_fired.jpg )
>the Amazon from Dragon Crown though? No way.
>> No. 390502
File 139501115245.jpg - (85.82KB , 500x467 , tumblr_n2hcwmcTIG1tqzz8to2_500.jpg )
the Amazon from Dragon Crown though? No way.

NOW YOU FUCKED UPyoutube thumb
>> No. 390514
Where's a good place to buy sex toys? I'm mostly talking about someone who will keep my shit discreet, not only in packaging, but also in regards to ads and whatnot.

I heard Adam and Eve end up sending you a bunch of catalogs if you order from them, and I'm not in the mood for that shit.
>> No. 390516
Well sex toy shops are always discrete. I would've thought most online sex shops would limit advertising to email these days. I've been happy with my one purchase at Yandy
>> No. 390518
Eh. I read Oh Joy Sex Toy from internationally famed Cartoonist Duo Erika Moen and Cristiano Ronaldo.
There's always links to lotsa sites, so I dunno, maybe one of them might catch your fancy.
>> No. 390524
So why does guro and scat get a "eh, it's a fetish" reaction but loli gets "you sick fuck"?
>> No. 390525
neither one gets a pass

guro is probably considered worse because of the whole death aspect of it all. but honestly, what you are seeing is likely skewed results. gurofags (what is the official name for people who fap to guro?) are kinda rare and don't shove their shit all over the place. i see more people into lolicon posting it where it doesn't belong (90% of 4chan boards) but hardly see anyone doing the same with guro.
>> No. 390526

also i just noticed you threw scat under the umbrella, too.

scat is the one fetish out of those 3 that consenting adults can agree to and doesn't involve someone being maimed/killed/mentally scarred for life.
>> No. 390532
lovehoney is brilliant. decent selection, reasonably priced, very discrete (with the packaging, invoice, no ads or junk mail, the billing, etc).
>> No. 390533
Because nobody knows about guro. Loli enjoyed he same privileges 10 years ago but 4chan/*booru/deviantart changed that, made it public. As little as 20 years ago you could order magazines with hardcore child porn in them, 30 years ago it was feature length films.

Society changes man.
>> No. 390536
Guro often ends up being so over-the-top it ends up looking silly, like regular cartoon gore or a slasher film. Plus, the damage a visible, blatantly integral part of it, not just a psychological element that people can easily ignore or misinterpret. That kind of reasoning is, I think, why American media worries more about sex than violence in general.
>> No. 390538
Honestly, any color variation on hands keeps me interested.
>> No. 390539
Since when?!
>> No. 390540
i can second this, they're great for variety and discreetness.

being such a popular site, plenty toys will have reviews, which i always find a good indicator as to the quality of toys. they're pretty fast for delivery, too, sadly they no longer seem to do the free delivery on any item? that was pretty nice if you just wanted to buy a cheapo cock ring on a whim and didn't want to make your order up to a tenner to get free delivery.

bondara is also good for discreetness, but don't rely on them for good quality products-they're better if you want to try the cheap version of a toy to see if it kind of fits your fancy before splashing out on the expensive version.
>> No. 390542
File 13950982698.jpg - (65.41KB , 500x625 , tumblr_mzjychiaM91t2i0vzo1_500.jpg )
Yup, they are rad.

Oh yeah.
>> No. 390552
File 139511720541.jpg?nsfw - (320.03KB , 1200x800 , tumblr_maavzwhNgA1rstdqio4_1280.jpg?nsfw )
check out vitiligo porn

>Vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin

btw it also works on white people
>> No. 390627
I really like guys who eat women out, and I'm gay. This is an interesting quandary.
>> No. 390630
Eh. Sexual orientation isn't a binary proposition. You can have some heterosexual interests or even be attracted to women from time to time and still be predominantly homosexual. And what culture you identify with is more important than behavior.

Or to put it another way--a lot of lesbians use realistic dick-like toys when making love to women, because they enjoy the feel of a dick even if they aren't attracted to men. This isn't cognitive dissonance, it's just that human sexuality is complicated and personal, not something that really NEEDS to be distinctly labelled.
>> No. 390632
No, I'm fine with all that. How do you find a couple willing to let the guy eat the chick out while I fuck him? Craigslist?
>> No. 390654
Almost any married couple at any swingers party, club or meet is willing to experiment in that way. It depends on where you live though, so places like craigslist might work best.
>> No. 390659
Oh right, I forgot swingers were a thing. Thanks, dude.
>> No. 390900
I love large breasts, but have never had the pleasure of actually touching one. And now I have this lingering fear that if/when I do, it will feel no different from my moobs, but with no hair. :/

...How hard is it to get a prostitute outside of Nevada?
>> No. 390939
File 139623675070.jpg - (197.05KB , 354x500 , malay_club.jpg )
Prostitute? If you just go to a bar at night you probably won't even have to pay.

Western prostitutes are way too expensive anyway, but if you really want to go that route then just get cheaper ones in Thailand or Malaysia. If you decide to go beyond the massage parlors, always wear a condom and be prepared to import non-prescription antibiotics over the internet in case you catch an STD, for example azithromycin for chlamydia, benzathine penicillin g for syphilis (get a friend to help inject you if you're squeamish), ceftriaxone for gonorrhea, and so on.
>> No. 390940
>I don't hate crowded/loud areas like bar
>I have money to go overseas
>where average breast size is much smaller than America
Only one of these statements are true.
>> No. 390948
File 139628233111.png - (844.82KB , 998x670 , AverageBreastCupSizeintheWorld.png )
>I don't hate crowded/loud areas like bar
You're thinking of clubs (or extremely popular bars), finding a more sedate bar is easy.

>where average breast size is much smaller than America
Pic related. America only has medium to large tits because of German pilgrims, but there are certainly countries with huger options.
>> No. 390951
Even for "dead" bars, I can't strike up conversation with random people nor do I like alcohol, so they're still a dead end.

Interesting image; but I still can't afford any kind of travel, nevermind overseas, so it's home or nothing.
>> No. 390952
Well you asked "outside of nevada" not "inside some state", so I just assumed you don't want to go to Nevada for some reason but can get anywhere else. IDK where you live in USA, most of the place is horrible when it comes to whoring.

Try Canada if you can, they have legalized prostitution and escort sites where you can pick/choose exactly which type of prostitute you want. And it's a ~$100 bus ride away from most states (not Hawaii) plus another $50 for feeling up a canuck (might be more if they have minimums).

>"dead" bars
Is that what the kids are calling places that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator?
>> No. 390953

And I meant bars that have low foot traffic.
>> No. 391101
> but if you really want to go that route then just get cheaper ones in Thailand or Malaysia

You don't really have to go that far, there are plenty of cheap places in latin america to go for such purposes.
>> No. 391103
File 139691810928.jpg?nsfw - (33.89KB , 615x409 , Transsexual found with two bags of cocaine as impl.jpg?nsfw )
Less chance of having your stuff stolen, being beaten up, head cut off by carted, kidneys stolen, heart ripped out in an ancient azteca ritual to appease the dark ones, forced to work off a debt as a mule with drug tits or kidnapped for ransom if you go to Thailand or Malaysia.
>> No. 391104
Closest thread to being relevant, I fucking love when /co/ promotions are actually related to the character or make a joke, and are not just drawing a character nude.
For example, take the Squirrel and Hedgehog American propaganda porn. About half of the porn has jokes or things relevant to the cartoon in it, and isn't just 'oh look female fox draw porn'. That's the thing about /co/ character pron as apposed to most of the rest; the subjects HAVE a personality, and that's often the reason people are attracted to the character in the first place. So drawings (not just porn but this is the fetish thread) that actually acknowledge the character's character are always better IMO.
>> No. 391108
Fuck any porn made for humor anyway.

I've never once found any "humor hentai" to be funny. I look at hentai to fap, not to laugh. And I can't fap if I can't take it seriously.
>> No. 391131
> I can't fap if I can't take it seriously.
You poor bastard.
>> No. 391133
I like guro, loli, amputee, scat, and most forms of rape in my porn, but the one I always feel really bad about and yet turns me on way harder than all of those, is lesbians getting raped.

Like, some group of mean girls in a country town tie the unlucky girl to a fence and force one of the jocks at the high school they go to fuck it out of her.

I don't know who I'm supposed to be imagining myself as in this, I guess I'm just a bystander looking on, but still...
>> No. 391134
File 139702186162.jpg?nsfw - (517.51KB , 1105x754 , I'm a rocket man burning out his fuse up here.jpg?nsfw )

Get out and stay out
>> No. 391136
Is this just a fantasy or is there actual porn of this? I mean, 34 is a rule, but really?

I'm mainly disgusted by my mild transformation fetish because transformation scared the shit out of me when I was young. Even in kid's shows. Also, I'm a furry with an irrational dislike of amusement park mascots, and became attached to a character only after thinking someone was gross for liking them. I have good reason to believe I am attracted to my own disgust.
>> No. 391138
> stuff stolen, being beaten up, head cut off by carted, kidneys stolen, heart ripped out in an ancient azteca ritual to appease the dark ones, forced to work off a debt as a mule with drug tits or kidnapped for ransom

Go to Cuba, man. The island is a pretty safe place for tourists (no, it really is), is actually a prety nice and interesting place to visit, and there are tons of good looking girls. Back in the day you could get yourself a 8/10 for a whole night for almost nothing, shit was insane. Things have changed a bit, but it's still a pretty good place for sex travel.

And yes, I am talking out of experience.
>> No. 391139
File 13970463454.jpg - (55.27KB , 226x179 , 1322673733785.jpg )
plz stop
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