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File 13810713759.jpg - (41.62KB , 500x358 , babby.jpg )
385256 No. 385256
Hey guys. It's come to my attention that many of us are pretty depressed much of the time.
So, ITT stupid little moments that put a smile on your face, regardless of how insignificant. Or they can be significant. It's all good.

I'm not making this to criticize the depression thread or anything having had an extremely treatment-resistant depression for over a decade, I'm no stranger to depression myself, and I understand the necessity of venting periodically
I just felt it could use a counter-balance of sorts.

Anyway, my sister just sent me this.
Funny Japanese Sushi Commercialyoutube thumb
Idiotic, but it helped.
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>> No. 385257
File 138107181983.jpg - (46.42KB , 568x323 , WHO IS CANDACE.jpg )
I was originally going to make this a little-cartoon-moments-that-make-you-smile thread in /co/ as I've been rewatching some shows lately, but felt that we could use something similar over here. I'll probably still do it there too sometime.
>> No. 385258
So I was on a break at work with a coworker, who was having a cigarette.
Some stoned-looking-guy came up to us and started staring blankly.

"Uh, hi," we said.
"Um, you want a cigarette?" my coworker offered.
"No. Got a joint?"
"No, sorry."

He stand for a bit, and cranes his head so he's looking up. He exclaims,
and wanders off.

Probably the highlight of my otherwise dull day.
>> No. 385260
File 138108032571.jpg - (68.89KB , 625x415 , _Misc_ThisBearWantsToTellYouSomethingImportant.jpg )
>> No. 385265
File 138109287614.jpg - (179.40KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
Went over to a friend's apartment; they have a wooden floor. Another friend and I were just sliding along it in socks for like 10 minutes.
>> No. 385270
My little sis, who I adore, took me to a live Rifftrax broadcast of Birdemic.
Also, was going through my old youtube favorites, and dug up this
EXTREME RICEyoutube thumb
>> No. 385302
My cat's doing this again

I love it
>> No. 385362
IM@S - Who put the bompyoutube thumb
>> No. 385584
My sister just moved out. Which was kind of sad for me, but before she left, she and I played through the story mode of Sonic Adventure 2 for old time's sake, and for the final boss we switched off the controller to each other corresponding to the game switching between Super Sonic and Shadow.
It was a good time reminiscent of good times previously had.
>> No. 385658
Cat In A Shark Costume Chases …youtube thumb
>> No. 385690
Found this in the pet thread
Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do!youtube thumb
>> No. 385769
Let's Playyoutube thumb
>> No. 385852
File 138283938154.jpg - (330.49KB , 900x1238 , image.jpg )
Not huge into webcomics, but goddammit I love this.
>> No. 385858
File 138285023764.png - (222.80KB , 876x540 , extremely optimistic Pepper Clark by Kyra.png )
This image can lift my mood in a jiffy on any day. That smile is contagious.
>> No. 385869
File 138287695062.jpg - (12.17KB , 358x319 , chan-style-sage_standard.jpg )
I wish I could remember who drew this way back when. I think it was dave's bleeding cunt.

Regardless, it always makes me think of the days of Old /co/ and the fun I had posting there.
>> No. 385873
Oh man, thank you for posting this. Somehow I didn't import the RSS feed when I changed readers, and I forgot that BitF was a thing. Re-subscribed, I have some catching up to do...
>> No. 385886

Prodigal Robot - Brawl in the Familyyoutube thumb

I was already over the Megaman reveal, but everything Matthew makes is so joyous that I kind of got excited again.
>> No. 385889
While I don't find all of his comics funny, most usually elicit a smile. But I love them--especially his videos--because they're pure fun. His jokes are always lighthearted and innocent. If he ever uses innuendo... actually, I can't even remember him using any. But if he did it was PG at worst. And if he ever does grimdark, he never goes full tilt, and it's always a setup for a splendiferous end.

And apparently I had lost the feed back in May-ish, so I wasn't that far behind. All caught up now.
>> No. 385945
義足のMosesyoutube thumb
>> No. 386053
File 138334694682.jpg - (343.40KB , 414x2903 , comickrnz.jpg )
Speaking of forgetting about webcomics, I forgot about this
>> No. 386075
File 138348584357.jpg - (409.75KB , 827x1169 , 1728c80ea248b8ecdb06ab178e1991e9823592d0.jpg )
Searching Safebooru for "surreal" still tends to get a lot of cute girls, like most tags, but it puts them in some interesting scenery, seems relatively unlikely to dredge up not-quite-purged-from-the-database NSFW thumbnails, and also there's stuff like a panda wearing a space suit and a giant bacteriophage standing over a whale.
>> No. 386242
Searching Soundcloud for surreal plus instrumental has also given pleasing results.
>> No. 386414
I'm happy to have rediscovered a bagel shop from my childhood I forgot about that used to be one of my favorite places to eat.
I'm planning to spend a while indulging myself with nostalgia-food.
>> No. 386421
Everyone shut up and read this. Read it now.



>> No. 386537
File 138488434093.jpg - (341.87KB , 1053x826 , casssteph8268.jpg )
>Regardless, it always makes me think of the days of Old /co/ and the fun I had posting there.
Oh god, so many memories. So much fun drawfaggotry lost after my computer crashed. This seems to be all I have left.
>> No. 386720
File 138549751756.jpg - (24.89KB , 400x300 , image.jpg )
>> No. 386930
Zaddy.tk: German guy doesn't k…youtube thumb

I laughed myself to tears watching this
>> No. 386973
>stealing other people's content
No, sir. That doesn't make me smile.
N Word, I Cannot Say You. (7:02am)youtube thumb
>> No. 386975
well, the audio wasn't working on the original video when I tried to post it
Daddy Long Legs, Who Did Name You? (3:32am)youtube thumb here, if it's gonna bother you that much
>> No. 387040
File 138660567680.jpg - (209.93KB , 821x1023 , image.jpg )
>Speaking of forgetting about webcomics, I forgot about this
>> No. 387059
File 138663486858.gif - (453.94KB , 180x180 , LeHappyLesbian.gif )
This entire comic is just...

>> No. 387163
I have never seen something so blissfully angry in my entire life.
>> No. 387164
File 138683884695.jpg - (64.80KB , 923x488 , 1361759598819.jpg )
>that fucking Strip #100 climax
>> No. 387410
My cat, who has demonstrated zero hunter/killer instinct, has killed a mouse.
He cornered it out of curiosity, and gently nudged it with his paw--too gently to cause any harm. The terrified mouse then apparently just keeled over and died of a heart attack or something.

I find this far more amusing than I should.
>> No. 387852
File 138827467568.jpg - (48.70KB , 600x514 , 1370483849383s.jpg )
>> No. 388225
File 138921694814.jpg - (149.88KB , 1024x1816 , BdfF3BGIMAAxi05_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 388227

This is the smiliest thing ever.
>> No. 388239
File 138922617857.jpg - (140.43KB , 709x516 , 127799081396.jpg )
I never got the real thing from Misery, so I'm thinking of making it myself. Only thing I don't think I can find is the mask.
>> No. 388241
ohhh I'm going to listen to this for way too long.
>> No. 388613
File 139022476844.jpg - (52.76KB , 500x429 , image.jpg )
>> No. 388860
I do some work involving the elderly.
I feel kinda bad for being amused at the difficulty they have with handling technology, but I was making some phone calls the other day, and one of the answering machine recordings went:
"...Hello?... Please leave a message when... after... oh no... cancel... How do I work this thing? I can't-- *BEEEEEEEEP*"
>> No. 388907
Ahh, this reminds me. A few years ago (I was still in school) I was walking down a road from the bus stop and a car drove past slowly and some guy leant out the window and yelled 'Howdy ho!' in an amazing high pitch.

Pretty sure it was the middle of the year.
>> No. 388908

I love Hope Corgi. ♥
>> No. 388909
me, too.
>> No. 388912
File 139107352076.jpg - (287.42KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
I was at the train station getting a ticket from a machine, except the machine doesn't take notes and I didn't have enough coinage. A kid (10 years old?) came up behind me, so I told him go first as I was fumbling for coins.

After getting his ticket, he runs back, points to the 'child fare' selector and says
'It's cheaper if you click this button'.
>> No. 389088
Currently working as a teacher's aide for a class of very young kids.
There's a very upbeat and energetic girl in the class who's so good-natured and happy it becomes kind of contagious.
I'll tell her to stop running in the hall, and she'll start skipping.
Also, there was an assignment about the five senses, and they had to write down what they could perceive with each of them, like "I see the sky," or "I smell food."
For feeling, she wrote "I feel awesome."
>> No. 389159
File 139158319397.jpg - (54.99KB , 720x960 , 1528648_10202834222115753_1710166195_n.jpg )
Mah dawg is apparently now a canucks, and looks very happy to be so.
>> No. 389282
File 139183888636.png - (407.43KB , 673x604 , 1361303738903.png )
Oh fuck me.
New Bell's South Africa TV Ad -- The Readeryoutube thumb
>> No. 389349
File 139193250077.gif - (3.61MB , 300x168 , wwB4ePt[1].gif )
>> No. 389879
How to Freddi Fishyoutube thumb

Now that I'm reminded that this game exists, I'm gonna have to get it for my sister's birthday as a joke gift (in addition to a regular gift).
>> No. 389948
File 139336265327.png - (415.75KB , 606x680 , 1384732497333.png )
This comment section is the most wonderful thing.
>> No. 390047
I remember this (both the game and the montage parody). Loved it.
>> No. 390084
File 139372087089.jpg - (97.89KB , 570x953 , il_570xN_437772214_f8dw.jpg )
please excuse these but i'm bumping threads to help get the CP off the front page. it makes me uncomfortable.

another option is to give me janitor powers wherein all i'd do is delete spam threads. promise.

>> No. 390109
I'll vouch for you.
>> No. 390110
Where can I get that and how much?
>> No. 390125

this is the etsy artist. you may be able to special order one. but here's her gallery.
>> No. 390277
File 13943017351.jpg - (132.21KB , 632x369 , tumblr_mhmly6PJP61qawq3lo4_1280.jpg )
Animal buds are best buds.
>> No. 390332
File 139454541397.png - (625.47KB , 1024x768 , 17.png )
How to posted YouTube video?
>> No. 390334
Just post the link.
Like so:
>> No. 390335
If you want it to be an embeddable video, remove the s from https when posting.

How To Cook Like Heston S01E01 Beefyoutube thumb
>> No. 390340
I meant it >>390335
>> No. 390561
File 139514545217.jpg - (355.65KB , 845x1003 , image.jpg )
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