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File 138184245684.png - (266.15KB , 508x650 , 2spookies.png )
385559 No. 385559
We need a new spooky thread, especially since Halloween is coming up soon.
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>> No. 385561
File 138184319732.jpg - (220.11KB , 800x389 , grayscaleforhalloweeninspiration.jpg )
This is an awesome costume idea, someone here should do it and post pics.

>> No. 385563
I'm kinda pissed about Halloween. Halloween wasn't a thing in this country 15 years. But we got blasted so hard with marketing by companies who didn't really have a holiday to sell shit during this time of year and halloween episodes of all kinds of American shows, that it's now become a thing. And with Halloween becoming a thing, our actual tradition, Rummelpott (which is very close in nature, but happens at New Year's Eve), is now dying.
>> No. 385565
File 138185133326.jpg - (469.46KB , 900x1391 , the_astronaut_by_devin_francisco-d6k0vk4.jpg )
Guess if I wanted to use the Hellraiser 3 reference I had in mind for the new spooky thread, I should've jumped on making it when I thought about it the other day.

Oh well! Have some links.
>> No. 385671
I might do this if I can't come up with anything else in time.
>> No. 385787
Halloween = dressing up, and free candy

That shit sells itself to kids, and once something is sold to them tikes, it's automatically sold to their parents. Only the Mexican Dia de los Muertos stands a chance against it.
>> No. 385788
this is one of my fave creepypastas ever so far
i haven't finished it cause im a lazy sack of shit but it's rly gr8 i like it a lot
>> No. 385790
There's a file in my documents folder names "READ THIS.txt", containing nothing but blank characters. To my recollection, it was originally on my desktop, and I've tried altering a few times, with short messages such as "Just keeping this as a reminder that I must have made a blank document called 'READ THIS' on my desktop for some reason." However, when I go back to it later it's always back to being blank. At this point I'd rather not mess with it.
>> No. 385791

I am curious, and wish to learn more, but have trouble finding anything not german to learn from.
>> No. 385792
I've gotten trolled hard for telling these two stories, but hey...

My dad died a bit over a year ago, after a long, miserable (for all the involved) bout with the awesome combo of a debilitating neurological disease and advanced prostate cance with metastasis to his spine.

Sparing all the depressing details that don't matter, he died around 6pm. Half an hour later, mom recived a phone call, it was a friend of my dad who had moved some time ago to another city. The weird thing is that she didn't even say hello, her first words to my mom were asking if my dad was alright, because she had the sudden, intense feeling that something had happened to him. Shit still weirds me out me like nothing.

Another odd thing is that something like that happened to my own dad decades ago. He was a very no-nonsense man who naver cared much about supernatural mumbo-jumbo, but he told me that one day, he had heard the voice of an old friend of his whom he had not known for a while. According to him he heard very clearly and very load a couple of yells for help, and then nothing. Then, a couple of days passed, and he received a phone call from a common friend, breaking the news that guy died two days ago, drowned in a diving accident, and the time of his death matched closely the time of my dead hearing his voice.

Of course, you can dismiss this as a lame attempt to be 2SPOOKY4ME, all I can say is that I am saying the truth.
>> No. 385796
>and the time of his death matched closely the time of my dead hearing his voice.
Even your typos are spooky, anon.
>> No. 385805
It's not really that much different from Halloween, which is the reason Halloween is now slowly replacing it. Children go around in costumes at New Year's Eve, ring at people's doors, sing some traditional songs and get candy for it. It's a lot more somber than Halloween, though. It's like a bit of calm before the storm of fireworks.
>> No. 386000
So what are you guys doing today? No plans for me yet, all my friends are being lame.
>> No. 386004
Entry #77youtube thumb

Marble Hornets is heading towards its 3rd season finale. Possibly series finale.
>> No. 386009
I did the spookiest thing I could think of.
Worked the lunch shift at a fast food restaurant OOOOOOO~~~
>> No. 386027
That is pretty scary, actually.
>> No. 386029
I watched the bulk of the Hammer Films horror marathon on TCM, then went to work for a couple hours at a haunted attraction, then I came home and feasted on candy while watching a Vincent Price marathon. Peppered throughout all this were various Halloween videos on YouTube.

A Halloween well-spent in my book.
>> No. 386033
I was reading spooky urban legends (and a few true stories) at Snopes and got the shit scared out of me when my phone vibrated and rang and I didn't recognize what the noise was.

I got a good scare on Halloween, so I guess my time was not wasted.
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