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File 139336635232.jpg - (121.82KB , 397x600 , 1300448172343.jpg )
389951 No. 389951
For your health.
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>> No. 389953
I'm getting fucking tired of cleaning up this CP. Glad my workplace is insanely lax (to a fault) and I have some privacy so I can monitor /baw/ and clean it up with little concern of someone digging up my history or seeing it over my shoulder...
>> No. 389954
Thank you for your hard work. It's appreciated.
>> No. 389955
The other day, I was thinking how neat it would be if +4 had a "meta mod" system like gamefaqs used to have. Basically, if enough people reported something, it would be automatically deleted. I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm here at late nights, and if anyone else is, enough of us could report the CP and get it deleted before you go to work.

Of course, there's two big problems with this
The first is that it's an easily abused system (this is exactly why Gamefaqs nuked it)
The second is that it depends on Anonex being here.

I thank you for cleaning up. Sucks that you can't even browse worksafe websites at work without worrying about running into illegal shit.
>> No. 389956
BW are running a voice acting competition to be in DAI and I'm going to enter it and win it forever.
>> No. 389957
how does one enter, I don't have that great a setup but I think I could swing it.
>> No. 389958
You're quite welcome.

Outright deletion is a bad idea, but I've had similar ideas about such a system. Basically, once it reaches that threshold, it would become hidden; if it's not responded to by a mod in a reasonable period of time (for 4chan, an hour or two; for +4, 24 hours), then it automatically becomes unhidden and cannot be hidden through the system again. (A mod marking it as OK would also mean it can't be accessed again.)

Ideally hidden threads would not contribute to knocking threads off of page 10, and certain conditions could be used to lower the threshold (for instance, no text submitted with the OP image, or the OP image is of very small file size/dimensions which could indicate a crap image just used to be able to make a topic)

This can still be easily abused, but the results of the abuse would be far less detrimental (if the thread gets hidden and then marked as OK, it would bump to the top of the board.) But, yeah, that would require Anonex to be around, so it's all conjecture for now.
>> No. 389959

pick one of the scripts, record it and send it.
>> No. 389960
i got a new haircut and i look hot and i like it bunches
>> No. 389962
>would also mean it can't be accessed again
hidden. Can't be hidden again.
>> No. 389964
My job is a miserable piece of shit, thanks largely in part to the incompetent asshole higher-ups.
My niece is a heroin addict and her mother is an insane harpy who is the worst possible person she could be dealing with right now. I'm too far away to help out directly.
I'm in love with a close friend who is also a married man. I don't want to feel this way about him but I don't know what to do about it.
I have some wicked fucking cramps and I hate being on my period.
Am I healthy yet?
>> No. 389967
oohh I think I'll take a crack at the first one.
>> No. 389971
>> No. 389972
>I don't want to feel this way about him but I don't know what to do about it.

I fall for my friends sometimes, too. Not so much the ones that are dating, though. I don't think there's anything you can do. You can't help how you feel, but you can help your actions. If you think you're going to do something stupid, then be ready to distance yourself before that happens. If it bothers you that you can't be together and you can't get over it or be happy for him, then it might be a good idea to just let it go and move on.
>> No. 389973
Are you coping?
>> No. 389976
>My job is a miserable piece of shit, thanks largely in part to the incompetent asshole higher-ups.
Shitty, but you can change jobs, and it's generally better to do so while you have a job, even if it means your evenings will be taken up with job hunting
>My niece is a heroin addict and her mother is an insane harpy who is the worst possible person she could be dealing with right now. I'm too far away to help out directly.
Ultra-shitty, but if you're too far away to really do something, then you're too far away. That's a sticky situation legally, especially if your niece is still a minor
>I'm in love with a close friend who is also a married man. I don't want to feel this way about him but I don't know what to do about it.
Hyper-shitty. You should probably limit contact and not follow that up. Maybe trying dating around a bit, find someone else to take your mind off your friend.
>I have some wicked fucking cramps and I hate being on my period.
Who doesn't? Pain meds are awesome
>Am I healthy yet?
Bad News: You're dying. Good news: It's reaaaaaaaaallllllllyyy slow
>> No. 389977
>having to poop under time pressure
The woist.
>> No. 389978
Just do what birds do.
>> No. 389979
Well, I told my ex about what happened between me and his brother. He punched his brother and told him he never wanted to see him again and drove over to my house to smash a sewing machine he got for me all over the driveway. Didn't say a word. He was crying/growling. Well, I came clean and so ended that chapter. At least I won't be drunkly trying to explain that I still love him and shit.

Lol his brother got all buttmad at me when I told him I honestly didn't give a fuck about him and was just sad I ruined my relationship with his shit he immediately deleted me on all social media and told me to delete his contact honey I already did
>> No. 389982
File 139342725077.jpg - (52.52KB , 521x521 , Babby.jpg )
>Just remember this kid’s name before some crusty old white dude “innovates” his design and takes all the credit.
Do you intentionally try to sound like an idiot?
>Do you Thirteen? ,cause you're succeediiiiiiing~
Don’t you start with me. In what world is it necessary to make a “crusty old white dude” comment every time a news post says a kid invented something pretty nifty? Every single time?
>Oh jee the poor white people getting a bad rap for taking credit fdor things someone start a charity. Cry. Me. A River. You honkey motherfucker.
>> No. 389988
Why would you ever bother talking to someone who acts like that?
>> No. 389989
i'm going to need some time to figure out how to respond to that giant bag of cats that is that fiasco, but i'm glad you have a clear conscience at least. that's important. how did it even come up? did you start the conversation?
>> No. 389990
I'm sorry but your life sounds like paradise to me, you don't know how good you have it:
>You have a secure, full time job.
>You have a family.
>You're in love.
>You're healthy.
On the other hand you'd probably enjoy the peace and quiet my dull life provides.

True to fact, the grass is always greener at the neighbors.
>> No. 389993
why do i feel 13's coming up with strawmen again
>> No. 389994
Uggggghhhhhhhhh... I know I promised that girl I like that I'd let her call me to let me know when she's free, but a) it's been over a week since she promised that, and it wouldn't surprise me if she's forgotten at least, that's what I'm hoping and b) it turns out I'm going on holiday next week.

So, I guess I'll call her to let her know, maybe ask her if she's on Skype or something. I like the idea of talking to her at least once a week - last time I tried texting her we ended up being unintentionally brusque with each other.
>> No. 389999

Although I should have stated that the starting > and the other two >s were different people. My bad.

So, quick question. One of my cats, on occasion, sounds like she's trying to cough something up, or make herself sneeze. During those times, her meows get really whiny and phlegmy. She's going to the vet sometime this week, but she's been doing this since January. She also may have a bit of arthritis. What do?
>> No. 390001
Protom's white-male-guilt makes him pretty unpleasant to me, I had to unfollow him, it got kinda unbearable.
He's also one of the people who talks about how Tumblr makes up issues to complain about which is both amusing and kinda irritating.
>> No. 390002
>She's going to the vet sometime this week,
You're already doing it. Just make sure to ask lots of questions, especially related to anything you've introduced to the home shortly before the symptoms began.
>> No. 390008
>tfw having a great day and don't want to go to sleep and wake up and have to go to class and have responsibilities
>> No. 390011
I have a job interview in a few hours and I want to die. It's the first interview I've managed to get in over a year of applying to positions after passing the bar. The stress is driving me crazy.
>> No. 390012
>click on the name "Mother Nature Network"
>it takes me to some other tumblr that was also quoting Mother Nature Network
Great job, Tumblr software.
>> No. 390017
File 139352976847.jpg - (62.67KB , 1280x720 , Cry_Bolin.jpg )

>interview only lasts 20 minutes
>very brief, conversational, didn't ask very many questions

what does that meaaaaaaaaan auuuuuughhhhh did i fuck up, do they already have someone in mind? I guess I'll know in a week.
>> No. 390018
Is this a white collar position? If so, it unfortunately sounds like they already had a candidate in mind and were likely filling some required interview quota.

Still, do the usual interview followups with a letter to the interviewer thanking them for their time/opportunity, expressing your interest in hearing back from them good or bad, etc.
>> No. 390019
File 139353068462.png - (118.14KB , 500x271 , cry a lot Lantern.png )


I'm just gonna go get ice cream and eat until I end up in a diabetic coma. I stressed myself out all week for nothing, probably.
>> No. 390020
Look at it this way: If they have an HR policy for a set number of interviews they have to give per position before it can be filled, they probably have a myriad of other HR bullshit you'd have to deal with. This is actually worse if the company is small, because it means that someone high up the chain is authoritative and controlling (to the point of wasting everyone's time to feel in control.) If it's large, the policy was probably put in place over many years to avoid lawsuits and over-protect the company, which is sort of understandable.

So, while it would have been a job, decent chance it would have been stressful thanks to internal policies. So you likely dodged a bullet there.
>> No. 390026
Yeah neither of you are really in the right here.

Calling something out as "stupid" does not make you right or morally superior, it just makes you sound like another form of complainer, one arguing for a side that's a little less than savory, without any actual input or critical thinking. So, Proto might be a little insufferable, but you're in the same boat.
>> No. 390028
Try getting into a factory job like me, there's 150-500 people applying for my opening.
>> No. 390029
and to think i used to take the bacteria in my intestines for granted

God help me ; ~ ;
>> No. 390031
File 139355560422.png - (8.04KB , 158x163 , sir have i wronged you in some way.png )
>be casual friends with a person
>they're nice people
>get friend request on Facebook, okay that's cool
>few months later
>they post politics I don't agree with
>don't want to say anything but still think less of them now
>mfw this has happened at least 3 times in the past year
>> No. 390032
Keep your genitals inside your asshole?
>> No. 390033
Well, this is entirely dependent on said views. You don't need to go into it here, but it's all down to different people. If it's something you don't find agreeable but it's not that important to you, let it go. If it's something you feel strongly about...well, that's a bit more of an issue.
>> No. 390041
i want money but my job keeps making me sick
>> No. 390044
File 139357338834.jpg - (39.11KB , 640x480 , IMG_20140227_231735.jpg )
Its really awesome when people you knew and had a mutual attraction with but things just didn't quite happen with find you like two years later and want to catch up and they seem to have gotten over the things that turned you off before and you're a better person now, too, and I remember the first time we hung out he wanted me to read his mfuckjng full length novels he wrote when he was twenty and we would eat lunch together at work and use weed oil as salad dressing and taking shrooms together. I actually liked him, but it was stupid young guys being insecure and desperate to impress, you know? Not to memtion bullshit at work. But no matter what, we could've been good friends and he likes dungeons and dragons, too.

I got a new boyfriend tho pic related
>> No. 390046
>and they seem to have gotten over the things that turned you off
They didn't. You're just desperate.
>> No. 390048
>2 years
>you are internet anonymous
>I got more hos than u
>> No. 390051
>try ringing her mobile twice
>stright through to voicemail
>send her a text, telling her that we'll have to postpone our next meetup (I didn't want to say "date" this early on. Also, it's not really a date if she brings her cousin)
>accidentally send it before finishing
>send follow-up text, which I append an apology if I've been distant
>get a reply, saying it's okay and asking how I am
>at midnight

I'm assuming it was just my phone being weird. I'll try and ring her again soon, to see about us having another drink when I get back... and to see if she's on Skype, because this shit is getting kinda ridiculous.
>> No. 390053
Ease up there cowboy. Some people are midnight texters, they just can't always expect a reply. Don't freak out too much about it, you seem desperate and needy. Which you probably are, but like comrades' pal you will grow more patient and more understanding with time. Space can be a good thing to give people.
>> No. 390058
Yay~ signing up for healthcare exchange
>> No. 390060
>3 times
Hey maybe you're the one in the wrong.
>> No. 390061
File 139364545743.jpg - (118.97KB , 1280x960 , haaaair.jpg )
wow i like my haircut a lot
>> No. 390063
Kinda gay.
>> No. 390064
You have a point there. I guess I can afford to wait a week or so, then ring her when I get back. I suppose the fact that I've technically resolved this whole Girl A/Girl B bullshit makes me want to make sure I don't fuck this up.
>> No. 390070
Just keep it together and you'll do fine.
>> No. 390073
Well if you're pro-life/anti-abortion you would certainly think I'm in the wrong on this issue.
>> No. 390081
What kinds of booze do you guys like?

I really don't have a sophisticated palette when it comes to alcohol. My dad and I will have a drink, and he'll offer his opinion on the taste and how he prefers it in comparison to other brands, and it all just tastes the same to me. As I never enjoy the taste, I usually end up getting whatever is cheapest as I can never tell the difference anyway.

I bought some whisky the other day. My sole motivations for buying the kind that I did was due to it being on sale, and being amused by the picture on the bottle, which was a hologram of a guy whose eyes darted back and forth when you moved it.
>> No. 390087
I rarely drink. I'll usually keep a bottle of something, likely whiskey or vodka, on hand for when I feel like it, but it will take me months to go through a single bottle.

But I'm the same way; I have no real palette for alcohol. If I have anything on hand I'll usually really water it down with something else. I do like a good hard cider, but I get them on rare occasion.

Which is funny because my dad brews his own beer, has for over a decade. That might be why I don't care for it much; he would brew it in the basement, which is where my bedroom usually was when I lived with my folks, and when he was doing the "cooking" portion there would be a really heavy smell like dry dog food that got soaking wet. Not gag-inducing, but not a good smell, and it could be overpowering. So whenever I think about beer I'll remember that smell and lose almost all interest.
>> No. 390089
I like dark lagers, usually.

Nice n' heavy feeling with rich taste. Good stuff.
Another one's rum. Kinda like rum. And scotch, but I'm a bitch and need ice with it.
>> No. 390091
Ugh I had such an amazing time last night I've been floating all day god I'm not going into this with expectations but its just a good thing to happen and its worth the fucking time. Happy days

I like cheap white wine and whiskey
>> No. 390093
I only buy alcohol for myself if I need to sleep or feel especially shitty, so it's bargain basement gin and vodka. I've developed a preference for spiced or dark ale, though.
>> No. 390095

I'm so excited about living right now

CNT hndl it

Wow I just wow and then, whoa
>> No. 390096
How WOW r u rn?
>> No. 390097
File 139373947566.jpg - (120.19KB , 1280x960 , haaair.jpg )
I had to work 9 hours with a cold and that was unpleasant, but me and a qt new coworker spent all night insulting each other and grinning at each other when we made eye contact so that was enjoyable
So it suits me, then.........
>> No. 390098
I'm SUPER tired and also p sick. Hella runny nose. But again, cute new girl, so I'd say all in all I'm alright.
What's gotcha so excited cmrgad
>> No. 390099
This was my profile picture on Facebook forma long time I got confused seeing it
>> No. 390100
Just..... Life. Life has me so fuckking pumped. Everything. Humans. Et cetera.
>> No. 390104
File 139374710825.jpg - (145.90KB , 554x344 , 1342445622949.jpg )

Think I'll do some laundry and perhaps a bit of cleaning.
>> No. 390105
Hey Freehaven, you gonna sell me that Bayonetta gun or what
>> No. 390121
File 139378413095.jpg - (185.40KB , 1600x1054 , Flying-Dog.jpg )
buy good beer

bud light is for fucktards/buying large quantities for people you don't care about

dark beer good. light beer is pale imitation
>> No. 390122
File 139378473713.jpg - (86.15KB , 500x687 , 1393507738593.jpg )
Talking with non-artists about art is probably one of the most soul-destroying things an artist can do.
>> No. 390123
Thanks for the input guys, it's appreciated.
For the job situation the plan is to find another less problematic job in the same company. If I'm unable to do this then I'll leave the company entirely.
For my niece, I love her and I can support her emotionally and morally. But until she cleans up (which I hope she can) I can't support her financially. I just hope this doesn't have an unhappy ending.
For the guy, I can only wait for it to go away. Part of me suspects the feelings aren't one-sided, but he's devoted to his family so it's a dead-end street. He's a very good friend (and co-worker) and I'll miss him terribly if/when I leave.
My period is over, for now. My Dr. and I have decided to try me out on a new birth control formula next month. Fingers crossed that this works.
Am I healthy yet? I'm not certain but I may be on my way there.

Honey, have you thought about therapy? My family is insane and I live three thousand miles away from any of them but still stay in contact via phone and internet. I've been in therapy for ten years to cope with having grown up with them. Maybe this is something you should consider.
>> No. 390133
my stomach is dying a painful death and mostly i'm hoping it's not appendicitis because the doctor sure did refuse to give me an ultrasound ha ha so if it ruptures in my sleep or something
that would be bad
>> No. 390136
>> No. 390141
Why is it cold again?! I thought we where done with tht shit!
>> No. 390144
just snowed a good four-five inches here. why won't it stop!!! And I've heard its flooding in Cali and they have a drought, how does that work?
>> No. 390147
>And I've heard its flooding in Cali and they have a drought, how does that work?
For one, if the ground has been overly-dry, it won't be able to absorb as much water as it has in the past (think of trying to clean up a small amount of liquid with a dry sponge; it just pushes the liquid around at first).

For two, drought or not, if they get far more rain than usual the various run-off areas and such won't be able to contain it, leading to flooding.
>> No. 390149
Cold weather really makes you want to snuggle with someone.
Preferably if said someone's got a cute butt.
>> No. 390153
Anyone else ever get hype as fuck over something mundane?

I'm heating up water right now so I can boil some eggs and am really excited about this for some reason. I mean, it's going to be absolutely delicious when I put the hot sauce on it, but it's not like this is something new for me.
>> No. 390154
>tfw cuddling with qt3.14 all day long
It's the best.

Usually when I'm get bored I get hyped over things like that. It's not a bad thing.

Or when I'm hungry.
>> No. 390155
I thought of that while playing vidya today and started laughing so hard I had to put down the controller.
>> No. 390156
I'm hype as fuck over everything g and I love it. Planting seeds! Building a shitty playpen for my pet rats! My rats eating blueberries! Buying cat litter! Paying a traffic ticket! Going to work! Fixing my plumbing!

But really when you're happy everything is an excuse ton get hyphy
>> No. 390157
>oh hey moose we fired our second-oldest employee this morning
>oh hey we need to flash her computer, follow these 20 steps and install as many programs that take 20 minutes each
>disc imaging? lol is that like the computer imagining something?
>I had planned to leave 45 minutes ago
>Still 45 minutes to go
We're a small company, and the IT duties are handled between my boss/company owner and a guy she'll bring in for really heavy things now and then. I just do a shit load of programming; I want to take over IT duties, but there's so much on my plate now that I can't reasonably offer to do it.

Oh well. I'm basically getting paid to watch a progress bar increase while listening to punk metal.
>> No. 390158
Still cold, ice still on all the trees.
Last nignt the ice was so heavy that it broke large limbs.

Might need to cut back on the meds. Unless you're just naturally happy like that....in that case I'll just be over here being jealous.
>> No. 390159
I don't have an account, but I lurk NeoGAF a lot. Sometimes the video game side gets to be a bit much (not unlike 4chan's /v/), so I venture to off-topic to creepily read posts of people I don't personally speak with online. It's weird, but whatever. Today, I stumbled across this thread


Which discusses a forum-user's brother-in-law that went missing recently. I live in the midwest and don't really have anyone to spread this around to, but I figure I'd drop it here. I don't even know these people and just knowing that some guy disappeared like this makes me incredibly uncomfortable and sad.

I think we have a couple people here who are in the Seattle/PNW area, so take a look at the information in the first post just in case you know something. Even if you don't live there.


Did you get any pictures? Iced tree branches look beautiful. It's one of my favorite winter sights that I don't see too often.
>> No. 390160
i dunno. i think her happiness sounds p legit to me.
>> No. 390161
>>390158 was me the whole time!
Just forgot my name.

I got a 3DS, give me a little bit.
>> No. 390162
File 139391293452.jpg - (120.92KB , 640x480 , HNI_0017_MPO.jpg )
Not very good, but I tried.
>> No. 390163
File 139391309438.jpg - (91.41KB , 640x480 , HNI_0018_MPO.jpg )
>> No. 390164
Can't see the ice all that well, but the 3DS's low quality images are kinda charming. I have have a few 3DS pictures of my surroundings when we got hit with snow late last year/early this year.

I'll post them tomorrow if I remember
>> No. 390165
File 139391337110.jpg - (66.46KB , 640x480 , HNI_0014_MPO.jpg )
>> No. 390166
File 139391347811.jpg - (87.04KB , 640x480 , HNI_0016_MPO.jpg )
>> No. 390168
I agree. I thought It'd be better than this. I was really hoping for a better picture against the street light.
Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera. I might try again when the sun is up, but i think the result would be the same.
>> No. 390169
What should I make my Facebook profile photo? I hate all my pictures of me (either they remind me that I'm still a fatass or they remind me that I was, briefly, fairly fit) and Valentine's is long past so Forever Alone is not long apropos.
>> No. 390171
pictures of cats
>> No. 390174
Picture of you with cats from that shelter you volunteer at.
>> No. 390175
File 139392080286.jpg - (30.27KB , 460x280 , I NEED PICTURES MOOSE.jpg )
you know the drill
>> No. 390177
hey here's an idea

no more CP
>> No. 390178
File 139392203699.jpg - (76.60KB , 720x960 , 1620615_10152149554113880_1594467988_n[2].jpg )
This is far more prescient than you can know, since >>390174 (though not with me in it, because again fatty fat fat). STORY TIME.

So this is Wyatt. Wyatt was abandoned in a foreclosed home for nearly two months, a home that was completely boarded up. Neighbors saw him in the windows now and then and tried calling animal services, but they never responded at all. Eventually they got ahold of the rescue I volunteer at, and someone may have busted down some boards and retrieve him.

When we got him he was extremely malnourished, covered in maggots (amongst other things), dehydrated, etc. We're not sure how he survived in there, but certainly he wouldn't have much longer. An infection in his eye was so bad that the whole thing had to be removed. He was coddled and nursed for 3-4 months, we eventually got national attention for it (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/05/foreclosure-pets-cat-colorado-locked-in-home_n_3875309.html), and, aside from the missing eye and an odd gait with his hind legs (we don't know if he had that before or if it was from being in that situation), he's quite healthy and happy now.

So he will make for a good FB avatar.

Runner up.
>> No. 390179
File 139392216032.jpg - (116.29KB , 640x480 , 128403870421.jpg )
is it normal to not find 3D porn attractive anymore because they girls dont look like your girlfriend because this hasn't happened to me before and its mad weird
>> No. 390180
That's cool.
>> No. 390181
Bitch I ain't on no meds
>> No. 390184
internet break. someone ban me please. i'll talk to bea if none of you mods do it. if you need me, text me/email me/call me

>> No. 390187

Why must they taunt us so?
>> No. 390188
File 139396826066.jpg - (117.53KB , 960x720 , 1977277_10152201343032114_580815127_n.jpg )
beep beep i bought a jeep

this was meant to be just a project car but its just so fun to drive that i'm considering selling my car and making it my daily
>> No. 390189
File 139396928080.png - (132.50KB , 248x256 , 1265186687746.png )
Well, not the legal kind.
>> No. 390190
Not that weird, porn in general has lost a lot of its' luster since I started doing the horizontal tango with my girl on the regular
>> No. 390191
File 139398037956.jpg - (35.21KB , 142x298 , habeas2.jpg )
shortly after this i tired to remove the bumper to fix something
a single bolt has thwarted all my attempts to remove it

i am just about ready to torch the car, my house and myself
>> No. 390192
Venkman, my doctor prescribed me at least two doses of orally active DMT a month so OK

But rly its strange because a lot has happened that would have Norma.lay sent me down the depression tunnel and it just... Didn't? It is a thing that lives in my little human, but the animal and the human are figuring shit and its just wow I have been on the right track! I've been happy for... Quite some time kind of a miracle for what used to be a real depressed shithead I just wow I wow no I'm not quite that drunk yet but oooohhh boy.
>> No. 390193
Hahahaha I love it
"hey, you've got some problems, so take some LSD Lite, should help. im a professional. winks, gives thumbs-up"
But yeah I feel you man, that's how I've felt for a few months now. I'm just so empowered and on top of things, like bad shit will happen or someone will say something mean and while it would have completely fucked up my day beyond repair before, now I'm like "well, that's bad, but life is still good! I'm still fantastic and the world will keep spinning!"
I sometimes feel like a Japanese Anime because I'm just so HOTBLOODED and FIERCE and wanting to WIN sometimes. Not even anything in particular, just so alive.

It's pretty great.
>> No. 390194
Good job slowpoke!!!

Its funny about psychedelics. They're totally a tool for this shit, and psilocybin in particular works similarly yet differently enough to antidepressants that I feel like it actually fucking works?? There's interesting data when you delve deep enough. I've found ways to reach that mental ghigness tho, the ability to take apart your brain and throw it all out on the ground and pick throughmand just check out what's going on in there. Its funny
>> No. 390195
I will be happy to take ether car or jeep off your hands if you want.
The house too.
>> No. 390197
My life is so fucking empty, that getting a new and shiny debit card is the highlight of my last few weeks.
>> No. 390201
Don't feel bad. I buy a lottery ticket each Sunday to give me something to look forward to in the middle of the week.
>> No. 390203
Seeing posts from the religious half of my Facebook friends reminds me how happy I am that I left religion behind.
>> No. 390204
I wonder if I should get away from tumblr and that whole crowd.

I mean, I believe that there are a lot of social causes that should be talked about, especially now, as we sit on the brink of technology forever changing almost everything we know about classic society. But I see it as more of a goal of informing, and attempting to change existing structures to be more accommodating to people of all creeds. The thing is, I think it's making me a little paranoid to real world situations.

Additionally, in my own corner of reality, I did not realize the extent to which the SJW crowd had become truly corrosive. The stories I keep hearing are of people with absolutely no guidance, no schooling in the very delicate balances associated with discussing these issues. They act out of anger and victimization, using incidental instances to fuel their rage as hobby, rather than drive to discuss actual social change, the future of social policy and how to affect real change, and what that looks like for people. I think what churns my stomach the most is that, at their worst, they look exactly like the 4chan hivemind on their worst days: spoiled, conceited, and out to ruin lives rather than truly affect positive change. I saw social justice as a kind of healing, an atonement for values I had previously held and acted on in ways that I myself do not savor anymore. But the overall tone of the movement is... disheartening, to say the least.
>> No. 390208

Maybe you could just stop following SJW tumblrs. I mean, there's more to that website than them.
>> No. 390209
Not that guy/girl, but it's harder than you think. SJW has spread to the extent that even a lot of fandomcentric Tumblrs will gleefully reblog SJW posts blindly in between more "normal" posts. A lot of them may not be active participants in SJW asshattery, but the majority of them are nevertheless silent supporters and enablers for it. It's actually disappointingly rare to find people with a healthy perspective on social justice, who will only reblog SJ posts with actual legitimacy (e.g. calling out actual examples of double standards that aren't astroturfed or selectively edited) while ignoring or disputing the more outrageous claims (e.g. BRAVE HAS NO BLACK PEOPLE THEREFORE IT IS RACIST BOYCOTT DISNEY GRRRR).

If you don't want to go totally cold turkey on Tumblr then just stick to following fanart-only blogs, close friends, or people with a history of being independent thinkers and level-headed on social issues. Or jettison the fandoms with a tendency to pull ridiculous SJW bullshit like Superwholockvengerfreekyojinstuck while sticking to the smaller ones which tend to have older and more rational folks.
>> No. 390213
File 13940632652.gif - (156.43KB , 450x550 , 1393918695311.gif )
>Not unfollowing anyone who posts social justice crap on your feed with a zero tolerance, no matter how much you like their other posts.

Step it up, senpee.
>> No. 390217
Hey, turns out Peanut Butter and Sweet and Sour don't go well together.
Or Peanut Butter and Ranch.
Or Peanut Butter and Cool Whip.
>> No. 390218

I'm following 129 blogs and only one of them ever reblogs SJW things.

It's not hard. Just exercise good judgment or ignore them like you would shit posts on 4chan.
>> No. 390219
The problem is that my approach to what I consider social justice is highly divergent from what the more stereotypical SJWs look like. Though I follow some blogs that post somewhat incendiary opinions, I don't follow any blogs that are just outright arguments, and I tend not to reblog anything that might constitute hatred or inarticulate, unsourced points. IMO, the best way to carry out social justice is to give voice to disenfranchised perspectives, but to back those voices with cit-able data and articulate, reasonable opinions.

Due to the atypical nature of the blog, it means I actually am somewhat isolated from what appears to be the more public and obnoxious aspects of the whole SJ thing. Still, as anon says, one toes a fine line between informing and enabling. Stepping back purely to fandom blogs or more non-divisive material seems disingenuous; whatever my thoughts on social justice, information is my one true love, and in that regard it is more difficult to remove myself from difficult and dangerous viewpoints. The nature of the modern world increasingly poses technologies and moral quandaries that necessitate we move past the hatreds of old to greater understandings, least we find ourselves ham-stringed by the hatreds of anew. Still, the increasingly toxic reputation of the SJWs has given me pause over just how much of my blog might be constituted as tacit approval. And the paranoia wrought by constantly exposing myself to potentially unfounded opinion seems to have worn on my nerves and my real-world satisfaction a bit.
>> No. 390220
I remember the roots of the sjw movement, all the way back on some dark depths of livejpournal. Lesbians writing gay pornography about foctoona
Characters began to worry that because they were only writing about white males, they were self hating antifeminists. After the Russians fully took over livejoirnal, everyone hopped on over to tumble and all hell broke loose. My god, those were some times. I could deliver fucking lectures on internet social history up until, idk, 2009 and that's quite a waste of brainspace
>> No. 390221
Chill out and follow some "anti-SJ" blogs if you need to.
A lot of them are reactionary and awful, but some are people who are interested in social justice but don't want to be associated with SJWs because of the reputation SJWs have.
They tend to have more uh, abrasive opinions, but they're less hateful about it overall and in my experience, back up what they're saying with more sources, which sounds up your alley.
>> No. 390222
The interesting thing was that it started with self hatred and a desire to feel better about themselves. They wanted to stop hating themselves, so they started hating others. They wamted to feel special, the
Lesbians wanted to explain why they liked porn about penises, so they came up with new sexual identities. The ones who started it? White harry potter lovers who sexually fantasized about harry potter and some other twelve year old fucking. Remember that.
>> No. 390223
What if they have a nice body and post nudes, though.
>> No. 390224
Even then. Titty ain't worth it.
>> No. 390225
>Stepping back purely to fandom blogs or more non-divisive material seems disingenuous

It's no more disingenuous than ignoring troll posts on /co/ to actually discuss comics and cartoons. These people just want attention. Do not give it to them for behaving poorly. You cannot educate them or correct them because they do not want that. They want to argue, they want to make you mad, they want to feel important, they want to feel like they matter, they want a reaction.
>> No. 390231
>Or Peanut Butter and Cool Whip.
I'm thinking this combo just needs more banana, but a switch to canned whip cream might be called for.

>After the Russians fully took over livejoirnal, everyone hopped on over to tumble
SJWs confirmed for slaviphobics.
>> No. 390234
You know, I've seriously always wondered why lesbians are so into yaoi. Even the ones I've encountered in real life who are proud and confident about their lesbianism nevertheless constantly obsess over male heartthrobs like Darren Criss and get way more invested in male/male ships all the way up to drawing or seeking out bara porn than they do in ships with girls in them. It almost makes me wonder if they're actually Kinsey 4 bisexuals who think they're lesbians.
>> No. 390235
I've had a great time on holiday, and I plan on asking Girl B out for drinks again, but the question I'm struggling is... should I call it a "date"?

I never referred to my nights out with Girl A as dates, which I suspect was part of what led to us drifting apart (me having feelings for somebody else was probably a more salient factor). However, there's this childish fear inside me that thinks me calling it a date would automatically make her wary...
>> No. 390236
I always thought it was because they were just attention whores, like the various people I've seen at cons carrying around yaoi "paddles".
>> No. 390237
They're not though. Some of these people I know in real life and they're really chill about their sexuality. It just strikes me as weird that they identify as only being into the same sex when their attention is predominantly focused on the opposite. Why not just identify as bisexual if that's the case? They seem comfortable enough with bisexuality that I don't think it's because they're really closeted bisexuals hiding as lesbians, they truly identify as the latter despite being obsessed with guys. <aybe it's because it's that guys don't arouse them like girls do, but then why all the cock laden porn?
>> No. 390239
Maybe it's not for the cock, but for a different angle on homosexual relationships, especially since homosexual men are more taboo than homosexual women. Like how some men have fantasies about being a woman and having sex with men as a woman, but would never consider having sex with men as a man. It's not so much about being attracted to the gender/genitals, but the act that goes along with them.
>> No. 390240
File 139415391247.jpg - (7.51KB , 197x222 , 128513234268.jpg )
>Peanut Butter and Ranch

why would you even
>> No. 390241
Yeah, a lot of the yaoi I see lesbians being into online looks slightly more feminine than my IRL impression of actual gay men.
>> No. 390242
I had a bunch of condiments in the fridge and I was out of jam, so...
>> No. 390243
You know how in dystopia stories, 'perfect' societies are shown for cruelty and callousness, imperfections in the system that make the actions really inexcusable?

Well, what if the twist was a society like that was, say, destroying the lives of the lower rungs of the population in a way that benefitted everyone else, but there wasn't some petty twist that it was flawed? What if instead the system was perfect, these people would live lives that drained society, and even hurt it, and their disposal was a total positive, everyone benefitted from their destruction despite the shock and sorrow it caused to those closest? What if there was a world where empathy was illogical and the facts proved it, and giving everyone the chance to live would utterly destroy utopia into something worse than it was built on?

What if the human condition in this world was not the tool that drove men to good things, but the gremlin that topples great men for the average good?
>> No. 390245
That's quite understandable then.
>> No. 390246
Sounds like boring drama unless it feaures an observer from outside.
I get what you mean, something without a hypocritical, mustache twirling villain on top, but if the sacrificed side of that society didn't agree, it would be feel barbaric to anyone from outside nonetheless. I guess that's what they call "fascism"...?
>> No. 390248
Sounds like the sort of thing a Calvinist would write, and other Calvinists would buy not because it's well written (as it doesn't sound like there's any actual story being told here, just a fantasy) but because they also want to believe that the world might work like that.
>> No. 390250
Except that the obvious outcome is that the system is ultimately proven to be untenable. That's the issue of real life; there is very much a portion of society that consolidates wealth and uplifts themselves on the attention of the rest of society while that society slowly decays.

That's the lie of all "perfect" societies in dystopian fiction: society is uplifted upon the moral that they are essentially better than the dregs. The problem that always occurs is that when the dregs are truly examined, they are amongst the best humanity has ever produced in terms of being human, approachable, likable, people you can actually empathize with. Elevated Societys' persecution of these people is inevitably proven to be a propagandistic lie, one they exploit to convince the middle of society that those below them are not worth helping, not recognizing the massive cognitive dissonance in preaching such rhetoric to those "below" them.

If you're saying the goal of the story is that we can have a society that persecutes a certain underclass to the overall benefit of everyone, well that isn't science fiction, it's a pure lie, with no grounding in the basis of reality that science fiction so heavily relies upon. You don't have a poignant story, you have L. Ron Hubbard level fabrications.
>> No. 390251
I remember that being the specific reason I never used Livejournal. I never expected their brand of self-victimization and shaming people into doing stuff would branch out to other places.
>> No. 390253
Being approachable and likable and empathic isn't really a 'best of humanity' trait in any measurable term beyond working in the confines of humanity. Empathic connections build groups, but that just makes us a smart herd of zebra. We can empathize with things easily, we naturally try to with our fantasies of getting things and creatures that aren't like us at all to be more like us. I mean, we think it's great because then we can make friends and socialize easy, but you're still running on the terms of 'empathy is good and those in power are only there by corrupted circumstance' because it fits that narrative that the caring are good and the uncaring are bad.

There could be adequate reasons to choose the legacy of one man over another when you remove human empathy from the equation. Selective breeding and population control have been used before for desired results, if we chose to elevate some over others for physical, mental traits, we could have a stock of similar results. This isn't a sense that none of their children are singled out from exemption, a purely logical analysis that works to mingle the best with the best on grounds that are solely for a stronger human.

No prejudice beyond the strong and weak.
No exceptions beyond the fit and the unfit.
No sense of corrupted hand in play, manipulating the odds in their favor.

Maybe it's run by a machine, or an alien, never really locked into the system it made. The observer from outside discussed. I know the reflex is to go 'that can never happen' but the point of fiction is to wonder the questions of when it can. If we knew the system was not build on propaganda but on actual, scientific results, could we still call it a lie or wrong? Again, think about that, the most amount of people happy for the least amount of necessary seperation, calculated and tested for any and every variable with a mind that could process that system without flaw. No way to point and go 'it's okay to shut it down because it's flawed'. You're only alone with the choice of being aware the system has a dark secret, or to shut it down and let men go back to what they had.

No easy out with a logic loop or a 'well this is too hard for you, here's a revelation he was a bad guy all along'. The choice is just the hero's to make, no code of honor or easy way out. Just the choice.
>> No. 390255
Frankly, I'm getting the same vibe off you that I get off those people who cite pseudo-scientific studies "proving" that all black people have lower IQs than white people. Everyone keeps saying that your idea isn't very good, and you just go "But what if there was evidence that it was good? Solid evidence?".
>> No. 390256
Then you're just looking for a way to shut down the actual question. I'm trying not to be upset, but a question being 'taboo' is the whole bloody point. I want to examine this point through all the fuzz of it not working because 'it's always a lie', or 'it sounds racist so I don't have to talk about it' to avoid the question beyond talking about it , just the pulp of the concept and what someone would do if confronted with that pure and cold and logically. Does a man's own emotional convictions of his or her moral rights outweigh something that while objectionable to him, and probably others, was also shown to be working?

If the 'right' thing to do, wasn't the best thing to do, would it still be right to do? Maybe that has a racist parallel to you, but that's besides the point. There isn't a 'correct' answer to find from me, you don't get more or less points by choosing one side or the other. I want reasoning. Choose yes, choose no, just explain yourself and stick to it.
>> No. 390257
there is no such thing as 'objective moral good'

if you build a system to govern humanity that aims to remove crucial parts of humanity then that can very definitely be considered a flaw

>What if the human condition in this world was not the tool that drove men to good things, but the gremlin that topples great men for the average good?

if humanity were considered 'bad' then what exactly defines the meaning of 'good'?

>topples great men for the average good

what makes their desires 'better' than other peoples'? what makes their pursuit of happiness more valid than that of the 'lesser' people?

the common setup provides a source of conflict, something vital for a story to be interesting
a story about an actual 'perfect' world would generally turn out to be boring and can easily look like propaganda

>Maybe it's run by a machine, or an alien, never really locked into the system it made.

this one line redeems your idea because now you inject a source of conflict ('optimality' from outside vs human emotion) into a setting that otherwise looks either too static or like political wank

note that this idea certainly isn't new; I'm certain that a supposedly utopian setting containing a potentially fatal flaw but it is more ambiguous whether the reader would consider it a flaw at all has been done before

by the way, doing something just because it isn't usually done does not necessarily result in a good idea or interesting product; you could write a book about a 'perfect' character with a flat personality (and no internal conflict) who succeeds at everything he does and everyone he encounters is one-dimensonally 'good' (on his side) or 'evil' (against him), but that would make for a really boring story
>> No. 390258
after that post I have to add something:

if the system wasn't operated by a nonhuman force then the 'subversion' you want doesn't actually work, because the 'greater good' is then defined by the people who control the system - humans with power using it according to their own ideals is not a 'petty twist', it's basic human nature

human morals do not exist without the context of humanity
>> No. 390261
You're the one talking about a fictional situation where a group of people being "objectively" worse than another group, and how they "deserve" to be treated like shit. You can't blame me for seeing certain parallels...
>> No. 390272
The thing is that any society that ensures happiness by the oppression of any one group, political, ethnic or otherwise, that society will always be in revolt, and always tumultuous. You're trying to say that if you could write a situation justifying this oppression, 1) could you do it? and 2) could you truly justify it? The answer to both of those questions is "no", because people will always revolt against oppression, especially oppression that you really have to struggle to make work. Interesting note, while on a micro level, racism in the U.S. is dumb people fighting over something meaningless, at a Macro level it's a method of societal control, not unlike the one you propose, where poor white people are arrayed against poor black people simply so that when they get bent over the table and screwed by rich white people, they don't blame the people actually responsible for the fucking.

The problem is that everything you purpose will necessarily end in eventual revolution. You're trying to take the most dangerous animal on the planet, Humans, lock them in a cage, and tell them that it's for its' for their own good. Can you not see how that plan is doomed to failure?
>> No. 390274
I need to get a proper bed. The loft bed I have now with a "thick" futon mattress just does not cut it. I need a long twin or something, still elevated a few feet so I can fit stuff underneath, but not nearly as high as this loft.
>> No. 390276
To a logical extreme: If suffering could be removed from the majority of a society, what percentage of that society would it be acceptable to put in constant suffering? Show your reasoning.
>> No. 390286

I submit it would be acceptable if that suffering was reduced to one person, Moe King Tripfag. My reasoning being that nobody would feel all that bad if it were him constantly suffering (because he is a jerk).

What do I win?
>> No. 390287
Counterpoint: I say Moe is cool, and I am right.

Checkmate, Mindwipe.
>> No. 390290
Enough to promote a culture of creativity and caring that would be both willing and able to work most optimally toward removing the suffering of those constantly suffering without just making the whole thing collapse. Giving yourself a solid footing before you try to lift others up so you don't just tipple over on them. Going with at least some degree of a time share system or otherwise spreading out the suffering would probably be better in many situations, though.
>> No. 390291
Do vaginas actually lose their tightness over time or is that just a myth?
>> No. 390292

One cannot weigh the value of the life of a human even against multiple other lives. Someone once said, "It is better that all should die than one should live in slavery." Now, granted, this someone was a minor fictional character from the backstory of a 90's-era RTS that barely anyone remembers because it was completely overshadowed by the similar-but-slightly-better Starcraft that came out a year or so later. However, I still agree with it.

>I submit it would be acceptable if that suffering was reduced to one person

I volunteer as tribute.
>> No. 390293
I fucking hate that my fear of death can be traced back, in part, to that episode of the X-Files where Mulder has a possible vampire in holding and the guy goes on this hysterical rant about how there's no afterlife. It could've been anything else. I found dead animals all the time and I wasn't raised to be religious. Plenty of influence right there. But no, it had to be the goddamned X-Files.
>> No. 390298
Just wanna say, the first episode of the new Cosmos was fucking great.

That is all.
>> No. 390309
So I have two alarm clocks: the first has a really bright display but a softer alarm, so it plays a music CD (that I had to change the volume to low on, because the clock quickly goes to max volume) and then later plays the alarm. As a backup the second alarm clock, with a much dimmer display, plays after that to jolt me out of bed. It's basically the only reliable way to force me out of bed.

This morning I happened to get up at the first (softer) alarm, and went to lay on the couch in the living room until the second went off because my room was so hot. I do that sometimes, and when the alarm goes off I go up and turn it off.

But when it went off today my roommate, who's room is next to mine, started going "FUCK. SHIT. I WANTED TO SLEEP IN. FUCK." On the one hand I felt a bit bad for waking him up, but on the other this is nothing that I haven't done literally every single day except Saturdays for the past month. If he'd wanted to make sure he could sleep in he should have spoken to me and I would have made alternative arrangements.

Also he went on like that for almost a full minute, which was kinda funny. I did try to keep as quiet as possible after that so he could go back to sleep. But 45 minutes later he was dressed and out the door, so maybe he didn't want to sleep in...
>> No. 390316
File 139449860487.jpg?nsfw - (294.18KB , 2048x1536 , technology fucked up.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 390317
Hahaha. What.

I would be heavily surprised if the OP actually took that picture, though.
>> No. 390319
File 139450805484.jpg - (1.63MB , 2183x1876 , case_stack.jpg )
I'm floored that this is somebodys fetish, regardless of if they enacted it or not. Although being an immigrant myself I do know quite a few people who would agree to that and worse just to come live here.

Such cases.
>> No. 390320
File 139451452385.jpg - (29.64KB , 251x236 , 1276307894321.jpg )
Oh /g/.

It was a 'pic unrealeated' kinda sorta thing. That is NOT the person the post is talking about, but someone else from an earlier thread that the poster felt like posting again. Take that as you will.
>> No. 390325
How did I know what this was from the "oh /g/" reaction? It's the first thing that came to mind.
>> No. 390327
>> No. 390337
after birth, yes. if kegels arent exercised, yes. over 'time', no.
>> No. 390346
I know that there's plenty of data for Life Expentancy (how long you're likely to live), but is there any data on some sort of "Life Efficacy", that is, the expected max age that you'll be able to live mostly independently or, at least, have your full wits so you can give full instructions to those who assist you in living?

Cause I don't see the point in trying to live until 150 if you start crapping yourself at 85 and can no longer change your own adult diapers at 93.
>> No. 390347
File 139458312372.gif - (1.28MB , 320x180 , 1372244474685.gif )
>late afternoon
>Compose text to that girl I like, explaining that the reason I haven't called her lately is because I got a cold
>check phone
>text wasn't sent, because my phone is a tiny piece of shit
>send it anyway
>> No. 390353
Mini fig oh my god how long has this been going on?? Have you fucked either yet I'm confused
>> No. 390359
Had two dates with Girl A, but when I lost touch after Christmas. She seems to have moved on, which is good to know.
I had drinks with Girl B about a month ago. I've been trying to get a second date ever since, but when she's not busy with her college course, I'm busy being in an adjacent country or having a fucking stupid headcold. The fact that she hasn't replied to my last couple of texts is a little alarming, but I'm trying not to panic.

What you need to understand is that I'm autistic (in the clinical sense, not the "buzzword insult" sense) so personal relationships are pretty damn difficult for me to figure out. For me to go from years of assuming I'd die alone to having two women being interested in me is kinda disorienting.

Believe me, I'd love to get some, but I'm terrified that if I move too fast, then I'll fuck everything up. That I currently have a throat that feels like sandpaper, and a nose that turns into a faucet every now and then, doesn't really help.
>> No. 390361
Well I've been having a great week
>on spring break with bf
>last two days were beautiful weather
>got to spend time outside together
>went hiking with friends Monday
>so much sun yesterday, it was all warm and great

It's going amazing. Hope you're having a good week too /baw/
>> No. 390364
So my parents are moving nearby because my dad has allergies to wheat and corn dust/pollen so Iowa isn't working out too well for them. Plus my mom got a nice job in the area and has been mostly just telecommuting, flying in for a week every few months or so.

Anyway, one thing she mentioned to me was the idea of moving in with them when they get their own place, assuming it's large enough, though I would pay some rent (primarily to help them offset their mortgage payment, not because they're mean parents). However, even if this rent saved me 50% after factoring in the cost of travel (as I currently can walk to work, but doubtfully will be able to do so wherever they move to), I don't know that I'd want to.

1) That would only be $300. It's enough to pay off my massive debt faster, but not immensely so.
2) I would have to deal with the stress of driving; I HATE driving (but I hate riding more) because of the number of idiots I have to deal with.
3) I probably wouldn't have the biking opportunities that I currently have (not that I use them, but they continually seduce me.)
4) While I love my parents, we are not close by any stretch of the imagination. Plus, they're conservative Lutherans while I'm a mostly-liberal atheist, so we don't see eye to eye about many things. (I don't know if they'd care to snoop, but I'd probably encrypt my porn drive just in case.)
5) I also curse pretty frequently when playing games, and unless I do get the basement I would have to watch my language more around them.
6) If they come to rely on my rent, it will make it harder for me to get a different job and potentially move away (not that this is happening anytime soon.)

There would be some positives.
1) I'd likely have a larger room or, potentially, most of the basement to myself (if there is one) so I could do a lot more with the stuff I have.
2) I don't have to get used to a new roommate every 6ish months (or, worse, potentially wind up with a horrific roommate)
3) The guy that I rent a room from now has no fucking idea how to take care of his own house; it's not trashed, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was all kind of shit hiding in the walls and making me ill. (My mom isn't the most organized person, but with my dad's allergies the house would be kept pretty clean.)
4) Despite the disparity in our characters, whatever social net my parents would set up (and I guarantee it would be a large one) might drag me into it now and then, which may be useful.
5) Slightly decreased food bill, plus my mom makes some excellent meals.
6) Even if low, it would still be enough to help pay off most of my smaller debts within 1-2 years instead of 3-4.

Of course, I've long guarded my independence like crazy (a reason I hated being in the military, though I didn't realize it until I was already in), and living with my parents in any capacity is negative both personally and socially (not that I have anyone to possibly think less of me for doing so...)

What would you do, /sym/?
>> No. 390366
Wouldn't do it man. Once you've achieved real independence from your folks, it's really kind of a bummer to go back and live with them again. What you're learning by getting shitty roommates and managing your own finances is how to deal with other people, people whose problems you don't readily recognize, and who do not have most of their life already on track, like your parents. Additionally, their social network will mostly be composed of people like them, and not necessarily people that interest you. I find hanging out with the folks generally doesn't net me a lot of fast friends. While moving back in with your folks might drop the amount of time you're in the hole, you could just as easily do that by getting a better paying job. That could also potentially put you up in an apartment on your own if the roomies thing is just not your thing (and eventually it may not be). But having people around is expands your horizons more than just staying at your folks.
>> No. 390368
>What you're learning by getting shitty roommates and managing your own finances is how to deal with other people, people whose problems you don't readily recognize, and who do not have most of their life already on track, like your parents
The roommates I have are not shitty, but the frequency of change makes a shitty one possible. Also, I'm 28 and have both served the military and joined a fraternity, so I'm well aware of shitty roommates. :/

>Additionally, their social network will mostly be composed of people like them, and not necessarily people that interest you.
No, but those people might have sons or daughters that do, and we might get pressured into going to the same events.

>While moving back in with your folks might drop the amount of time you're in the hole, you could just as easily do that by getting a better paying job.
Too lazy/scared.

>But having people around is expands your horizons more than just staying at your folks.
Not in my current situation. I rarely interact with roommate du jour or the owner.
>> No. 390370
File 139471535083.gif - (483.25KB , 342x340 , is this racist.gif )
Is there a better word for this than racism?
It never really struck me as a way to say 'he's lesser or better because these are are the qualities of the Red Man' more 'these are the qualities and backstory of the Red Man in this fictional paradigm'. It's like making a distinction of Elves and Dwarves here.

This is sort of a kid's interpretation of 'The Indians' anyway, I don't think they're supposed to ever represent the intricacies of multiple cultures and groups, any more than the Pirates were.

Maybe, Racially dividing? Stereotyping? The Racism bit implies they're putting one person down over another and I didn't get the family was out to as ask all these questions to be mean.
>> No. 390371
Yeah, stereotyping.
>> No. 390372
Then I would say all that points towards eventually trying to move up, out, and on, rather than back to your folks. In my experience, your parents are a very known quantity and quality on your life, and while that may provide some security, it will no way really solve your problems. Plus, "oh hey our folks know each other" is a terrible reason to try and get along. Moving back in is equally a terrible prospect if there's the chance that you could get stuck there. I have about as good a relationship as anyone can with my folks, but I hardly ever want to see or talk to them. I know them, I've been there before, and frankly, they're a little old and they don't actually understand half the stuff I want to talk about, they just sit around listening and not really getting. It would not be as fulfilling for either of you, in my experience.
>> No. 390375
Outside of moving in with my folks, I can't see myself moving out anytime in the next two years; any increase I might get in salary is going straight to paying for debt, and I already have the cheapest living option I'm aware of here.

But other than that I agree.
>> No. 390388
Guess who finally started on hormones!
>> No. 390390
UGH my super cute coworker's friend worked with us today and was a total flirt-block. Hella lame.
Although she did say my butt was hot right before I left. B)
Yoooooo! o/
>> No. 390391
That's great news.

I thought you were already on hormones judging by the last time I saw a picture of you.
>> No. 390393
man Cute New Coworker isn’t even a little bit my type, it’s pissing me off how hard I’m crushing.
This is stupid.
I’m stupid.
>> No. 390394
Cool beans Tora Dora.
>> No. 390396

Nope, moisturizing! But thanks!


The heart cant be tamed.
>> No. 390405
moe, i see your difficulties watching porn now and raise you the fact i haven't spoken to or even seen my ex since last june and i still haven't recovered the ability to find (real) people sexually attractive yet. yes, the same furry incest porn loving league of legends obsessed 9gag loving asshole ex. i hate myself. i want to get off this ride.
>> No. 390408
Cleanse the palate, rebound with a fat person.

No, really, one night stand. Fat people are like ginger at a Sushi restaurant. They're not there for any other reason than to be the homely thing you use to reset your palate for the next fancy bit of fish and rice. You keep fish and rice swishing around, and you can drink all the water and miso soups you want, you still got a fishy, ricey, wasabi-y taste in your mouth and you're like 'well I could eat another piece but it'll have this mixed-up aftertaste and it'll suck'. So in comes George the piece of Ginger, wobbling around and he's like 'I'll take anybody, some people don't even bother with me!' and you eat it and it's not great but he's just happy to be there. And guess what? Now you don't have 'furry incest LoL ex' in your mouth making you doubt your ability to find a significant other, you got 'fat guy' and have nowhere to go but up. And you know he's fat, none of this relationship stuff sprung up on you, you took a stand to take a dive on a fat guy. YOU are in control.

And what does he get? He's a fat guy who got pussy. Crazy Redhead Scottish Pussy, Irn Bru and Shortbread flavored pussy, that's the pussy that'll motivate him to hang in there with the lower middle class tech job he'll probably get. And we need men like that to run Ameri- Scotland. Scotland needs them too, Tooth.

Are you a patriot, tooth? Are you a... whatever Scottish Patriotism means, tooth? Something about Haggis, maybe? ARE YOU THE HAGGIS, tooth? THEN GET OUT THERE AND FUCK A FAT GUY, AND BE FREE! FOR SUSHI! FOR SCOTLAND! FOR AMERICA! America will be happy too.
>> No. 390412
I really like that ginger and sometimes buy a jar and eat it by itself just because it's yum.
>> No. 390413
File 139482869915.gif - (1.47MB , 225x124 , 1389864363678.gif )
>> No. 390414
File 139483062920.jpg - (33.72KB , 323x457 , dysfunctional.jpg )
i've had sex three and a half times since then. i even had a threesome.

also wow is that what people really think about fat people.

and i'm not a redhead any more.
>> No. 390415
Chubby chasers.
>> No. 390416
Whatever happened to Kosh?
>> No. 390419
>still have crappy headcold
>Girl B still hasn't replied to my last few texts

I know I should ring her, but myphone manner can be weird when I'm healthy, never mind when my throat feels like crap if I'm not shovelling paracetemol and lozenges down my gullet.
>> No. 390420
He was killed by Mr. Morden and the Shadows for directly supporting the Army of Light with that Vorlon Armada.
>> No. 390422
File 139483982927.jpg - (7.91KB , 220x220 , you lost me.jpg )
>> No. 390423
I think "Vorlons" is a Babylon 5 thing.
>> No. 390424
My nose is bleeding quite severely. This is worrying.
>> No. 390425
I just bought my first vibrator. I'll let you all know how it goes.
>> No. 390428
File 139484738138.png - (50.40KB , 562x1061 , kosh.png )
Am i the ONLY one that looked up what a Kosh was and watched this damn thing?
>> No. 390429

I did look it up, but when I watched it it was for other reasons.
>> No. 390431
File 139485391074.jpg - (193.11KB , 1273x531 , 12643233535.jpg )
I knew Kosh is a Battlestar Galactica thing, but I haven't the patience to sit down and watch any live action television in about 5 years (last one was Stargate SG1). Or even read the TvTropes page, which is what I assume people do when they have a passing interest in a series, but would rather read a few hours worth of walls of text, as opposed to watching days/weeks worth of moving pictures.
>> No. 390432
>Battlestar Galactica
No, he's Babylon 5.
>> No. 390433
I've known what a Kosh is for a while but I never watched Babylon 5. But the poster known as Kosh never had much in common with the character beyond the caricature, did he?
>> No. 390434
File 139485595264.gif - (248.28KB , 480x270 , 1390185881430.gif )
Thanks for proving my point even further that I had only the foggiest that it was from a live action sifi series. Now, I will take my leave before I shove my foot any farther in my mouth.
>> No. 390436
Yeah, but when you watch Babylon 5 and you see the things Kosh does in it, it makes you really wish /draw/ would do a Babylon 5 thread. Pym was a seriously spot-on Londo Mollari.
>> No. 390441
Kosh's first edit was something like that. Single Asian Female web comic.
Kosh goes out on a date with this white guy. White guy talks klingon to Kosh. Kosh then informs white guy that he is not from Star Trek, but Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 was good....kinda got weird later in the series.
>> No. 390454
Apparently the 5th season kinda wasn't supposed to happen, they just had it happen
>> No. 390456
So my parents bought a house, but it's even further away and smaller than the one that had looked at first. After talking with my mom, they aren't that interested in having me live with them. They wouldn't mind, and I'd pay no rent, but the home is so small that there really couldn't be any place of my own outside of my small room.

However... while they will be taking possession of the house next month, they won't be moving in until late summer or fall. Considering that a room opens up here every six-ish months, I'm wondering if I can't move into their new place, live there rent-free for a few months (in exchange for upkeep on the house and, probably, paying utilities while I'm there alone), and then move back here once they're settled and a room opens back up.

I do run the risk that both new tenants here turn out to be long term, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case; the roommates I've had here have lived here to finish out their classes at university or just to gain a foothold. But, if that happens, I'll be living rent free and can take some time to watch for other openings (which may be just waiting out whoever lives here.)

Best case scenario: I have a home to myself for a few months and save about $1200 (after paying for the extra gas+utilities) in exchange for a bit of extra work and driving. I'll also get to test a lingering theory that something within the current place I'm at is affecting me negatively.

Worst case scenario: I have a home to myself for a few months, but then spend some time (I'd say a year at most) living with my folks before I find a new place back down here or a room opens up again. I save $1200 for those first few months, then $500*X months thereafter.

So long as all parties understand that it's as temporary a setup as possible, I think this would actually work out well. I still couldn't have a cat (my dad has super severe allergies; they are going to pull up all the carpet just because the current owners have a dog), and, in the best case scenario, I wouldn't get rid of any bills entirely, but it would still put me much further ahead than I would have been. Plus, coming upon summer, this room gets incredibly hot, so if they don't move until the fall I can avoid that serious discomfort.

I'll have to talk with my folks about this, but the idea really interests me...
>> No. 390468
Should I start bumping random threads from the back of the board just to keep the spam off the front page until it's dealt with?
>> No. 390470
You mean the CP? If it doesn't get taken care of quickly, sure. I'm around most of the day (having no life and all) so I try to catch it as quick as I can; unfortunately, the stuff posted later at night tends to stick around because no one is awake for a bit after it posts.

If I see posts that are just bumps to get stuff off the front page, I'll remove those, too.
>> No. 390480
I really want to go to the Haunted house convention in St. Louis.
I'm going to have to miss it AGAIN. This sucks.
>> No. 390485
And now for the latest installment of HOW BAD IS WINDOWS 8?


Windows 8 is so bad, Firefox won't develop for "all the 1,000" of it's users.

>> No. 390489
Bluh. My PC had its first-ever BSOD in around five years of usage last night.

Backin' it up now, cleanin' it out later.
>> No. 390493
Ditto, I'm on year six though.
>> No. 390494
I've lived in the St. Louis area all my life and I had no idea something like that was even here.
>> No. 390497
Here you go, bro.


Starts this month on the 20th at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis
>> No. 390500
Cleaned out my PC as best I could. It's running quieter (and a bit faster) now, and no issues seem to be cropping up.
>> No. 390504
>make a joke about Neil Degrasse Tyson and Tyson Chicken Fingers, not really connecting dots until after
>suddenly realize I only know the word Tyson from black celebrities and cheap chicken products
Is that racist? I can't tell.
>> No. 390505
About that chicken thing...intentional or not, just watch yourself in the future.
>> No. 390506
Oh ho! My parents apparently had the same idea as I did; they don't want the house sitting empty until they move in. So now I just have to talk to the home owner to let him know I'm moving out of here at the end of April and see if he's cool with me coming back when a room opens up again.

And even if he's not, tough titty, I'm moving. I have cabin fever from living in the same place for more than a year, so I need a change of scenary. It will also be a good time to monitor my allergies and see if this place might have some sort of problem that makes them worse.

...fuck, I have to sell as much as I can on eBay and pack by the end of April. :/
>> No. 390510
Motherfuck, it isn't open to the public. Only vendors and operators and other such people. Maybe I should try to get employed by the company who runs The Darkness or something, in preparation for the next show.
>> No. 390511
whats wrong with incest porn
>> No. 390512
Damnit, sorry anon. I TOTALLY forgot about it not being open to the public.
Speaking of Darkness, I know they're open at least one night during the con ($100 per ticket, also not open to the public). So maybe you can get a job or be a volunteer there.
Could just hang out outside the con and take pictures too.
>> No. 390515
well, chill out a bit yo. If she hasn't responded to the last few then she may be doing other things, or she already doesn't think it's gonna go anywhere. Just ease up a bit and see
>> No. 390517
File 139503200347.jpg - (29.23KB , 400x277 , asshole.jpg )
>quit 4chan and develop creative hobbies and healthy social circles
>fast forward three years
>job/family/health become incredibly shitty
>develop pretty bad rage, panic, and apathy issues, crippling at times
>regular coping mechanisms not helping
>screw it, how low can we go. let's shitpost on 4chan for a week or two
>+9001 self confidence, enjoying hobbies again, better outlook on life than ever

When will my reflection show just how fucked up I am.
>> No. 390519
I want to get into writing fiction, but aside from the Fear of the Blank Page, I also have an issue with feeling…well, it’s like, I can think up little scenarios and vignettes in my head and it feels normal, but when I think about putting it to paper (real or virtual), I tend to feel almost embarassed of trying to do so. (It’s not quite embarassment, but it’s the closest feeling I can think of that describes this.)

Anyone got any advice for getting over that feeling (or have any idea what that feeling is to begin with)?
>> No. 390521
Probably just to write it despite your misgivings. If it ends up being shit nobody is going to care, at least you tried and can improve on it. Can't do that if you never start.
>> No. 390522

I already have that in mind when I try to get past the Blank Page, but for fiction writing, it's something different. I feel...well, weird when I try to come up with characters and backstories and even just barebones ideas for plots. I don't think I can really explain the feeling adequately enough.

(Funny thing is, back when I was in the Rescue Rangers fandom, I didn't have this problem vis-á-vis writing fanfiction. Nowadays, though...maybe it's just a side effect of having sat on my ass without generating ideas/creating for so long during my adulthood.)
>> No. 390528
Everything I do sucks. Stop trying to tell me otherwise.
>> No. 390531
No. Fuck you. Your fear is self sabotaging.
>> No. 390534

You just have more suck to get out of you before you get to the good stuff. Keep going.
>> No. 390535
I got something here you can suck.
>> No. 390543
I've been thinking about that lately.

How do I keep myself from self sabotage?
I get all mopey and sad once or twice a week and I'm kinda afriad I'll do something shitty.
>> No. 390544

As someone who still regularly sabotages his own life (I'm trying real hard not to do it as much), alls I can say is that avoiding it takes a shitton of willpower and discipline.

I can't recommend an "easy out" or a simple "(x)-step program" that can help you. The best advice I can give you is to watch your thoughts and try to figure out why you think certain things about yourself (e.g. "Why do I think I suck at everything?"). Other than that, I got nothin'.
>> No. 390547
The only way to unsuck is to practice. Keep at it. Anyone claiming they're always perfect is wrong, or worse, they're trying to inflate their own egos to make themselves seem more important than they are. Especially anyone trumpeting their own infallibility on the internet.

We're all prone to self-sabotage, to falling into the same habits and patterns that have previously ruined us. And those patterns are hard to get out of, hard to shake, especially if we're comfortable, if we have no real reason to change. The only way you change is by making new habits, and forcing yourself to be who you want to be.

You are going to fail. You are going to stumble. Nobody who makes it look perfect ever started out that way; it's an illusion born of an immense amount of practice, coupled with you only seeing them in action the one time. You will fuck up. You will not make it perfectly the first time. You will not even make it perfectly the second time. And after the 99999999998th time, it may still not look right to you. But it will look better than the 1st time. You may never succeed. True victory is not a finite, fixed point, not in reality. True victory is trying to the last breath. That's the problem with being human; you may not ever succeed. And that's all right. As long as you keep at it, you can really fail either.
>> No. 390549
i may have accidentally a business
psych it was completely intentional
we in this

>> No. 390550
You know that just because people would pay good money for that sort of stuff doesn't mean you have to sell it.
>> No. 390554
Bluh. Another BSOD. I could have a virus/trojan. Fuck me.
>> No. 390558
It could also be hardware failure or a driver crashing. Make note of the error code it gives you and look it up if it happens again.
Also try the standard safe mode virus/malware scans as you most likely know.
>> No. 390563

Considering the event what triggered the BSOD happened at about the same time and was the exact same event, I'm fairly certain it's malware. So yeah, running a shitload of scans.
>> No. 390564
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yep, 'tis a trojan attached to the program what crashed the past two times and triggered a BSOD upon my trying to shut down my PC.

>> No. 390565
Malwarebytes in Safe Mode. That's the cheapest and easiest method for everything 7 and lower that still has a pretty good recovery rate
>> No. 390566

Already done. I'mma be keeping an eye on things, though, and I have a couple of live CDs (one an AV program, the other a Linux offshoot with an AV program installed) as a last resort.
>> No. 390567
Good man. Sadly frontline defense programs have mostly fallen by the wayside, so, can't really offer much advice other than watch what you download, and from who
>> No. 390569
Damn, an uncle died last night. Apparently things were a lot worse than we thought.
>> No. 390570
What the hell does PTHC mean?
>> No. 390571
Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

Pre Teen Hard Core. Google gave me a warning that CP was illegal when searching.
>> No. 390572
>Google gave me a warning that CP was illegal when searching
Cops will have your house wired within the week.

Keep an eye outside for a nondescript van, that's them putting a shunt in your phone/cable line.
>> No. 390573
Whoops, sorry mate, Project Prisma got you. I would be wary of doing anything mildly illegal online for a while.
>> No. 390574
Okay, I'll stop the downloading of books, I guess.
>> No. 390575
according to his family he declined a ventilator and said he'd lived a good life. Nice to hear of those that are ready for whatever is on the other side.
>> No. 390576
After removing the 40th or so image I finally figured that out for myself; didn't have the balls to google it to see if I was right or not. (Someone in IRC did, so they'll get the heat for the search.)

But congrats on your FBI profile.
>> No. 390577
oh my god food poisoning is the worst
it is literally the worst thing that's ever happened to me
i feel like my entire body's full of stomach acid and bricks
>> No. 390578
File 139520305551.gif - (340.96KB , 500x378 , dGKbOML.gif )
>(Someone in IRC did, so they'll get the heat for the search.)
>> No. 390579
File 139520930132.gif - (366.03KB , 400x328 , 1385613110175.gif )
Major Global Politics and talk of laws/law breaking always gives me an upset stomach. I'm not telling anybody to stop talking about it. It's just that have reality 'somewhere else' most of the time. Ignorance is 2 or 3 points of separation from bliss.
>> No. 390580
File 139520931955.jpg - (35.77KB , 379x568 , 176.jpg )

>get food poisoning from Mcdonalds
>vomit everywhere at school
>get parents to pick me up, still vomiting
>still vomiting when get home, and for the next hour or so
>lay on back on recliner, literally feel like I'm dying
>cat senses this and gently crawls on top of me laying down on my tummy
>stop throwing up after that
>> No. 390581
>forgot that my suicide girls account was set to autorenew
>didn't want to renew because new layout is shit
>get e-mail from them that they can't auto-renew because the card they have on file has been cancelled
And everything worked out better than expected.
>> No. 390582
yet here we are
>> No. 390583
Uh, not to pry but can we just permaban this bot? Shit's annoying
>> No. 390584

If you can manage to do it, tell me how. I’d like to pass that info along to TGFB’s mods, since they’re getting slammed by the exact same bot that’s nailing plus4.
>> No. 390586
Moose has said it's a botnet. Which means it's an assload of different computers, possibly spread across several different countries.
So uh, good luck.
>> No. 390587

I figured as much, but I also thought there might be an IP range worth banning. (I know MD5 hashbans on the images are all but worthless.)
>> No. 390588
>> No. 390589
I think I figured it out now. People don't discriminate against gay people for religious reasons. That's just an excuse. No, the REAL reason is because they're disgusted by the sex. When people see a straight couple holding hands it's like "aww, they're in love" but if they see a gay couple doing it, they wonder which one is the bottom.
>> No. 390590
Every zombie in the botnet has a list of websites to send their junkmail to, even if you destroy 99% of the bots the rest will keep sending.

Something tells me this is a very small botnet though, maybe less than 50 computers affected. You could try archiving the IPs, then informing the owners or IP providers one by one that they're victims of an attack.
>> No. 390591
>I figured as much, but I also thought there might be an IP range worth banning
I wish; as >>390586 said, the zombies are everywhere, so there's no consistent range to ban from. I have no problem banning entire countries at this point.

> (I know MD5 hashbans on the images are all but worthless.)
Not really. They still catch a lot of stuff; if our board software worked, it would also ban the IPs. But it doesn't, leading to the posting problems we had last month. Still, it slows them down a bit.

>Every zombie in the botnet has a list of websites to send their junkmail to, even if you destroy 99% of the bots the rest will keep sending.

> then informing the owners or IP providers one by one that they're victims of an attack.
Nay. ISPs won't do shit unless it's copyright infringement or you're partnered with law enforcement. And law enforcement is busy spying on every single American going after bigger fish than someone spamming virus links on a 4chan knock off.

If Anonex was actually around we could put in something that might stop it for a bit without resorting to CAPTCHA. But, that's not going to happen, so we have to hope we can ban the nodes faster than new ones are created, which is unlikely.
>> No. 390599
Fuck you, past self, you're stupid and I hate you.
>> No. 390602
File 139527156552.gif - (42.21KB , 225x200 , 1380479215562.gif )
>text that girl I like, asking her if she's free next week (it's been over a month since last time)
>mfw she texts back, pointing out that I didn't pay for drinks last time

In my defence, and I admit it's a shitty defence, I was dealing with all kinds of shit financially speaking, thanks to my former employers being shitty assholes who kept fucking with me by giving me all kinds of crap.

We had talked about this over the phone once before, and I laughed it off by calling myself a cheapskate. I figured that was the end of it, but if I knew how to make women happy, I wouldn't be giving you guys a blow-by-blow account of this crap.

I've texted an apology, promising to get the first round in next time, but I didn't go as far as to suggest a place to meet or anything (I know jack shit about decent bars in my area - I once suggested a decent pub, but she admitted she's snobby about those kinds of places). I know I've fucked up, but how close am I to recovering from my fuck up?
>> No. 390603
I'm right there with you. We should invent a time machine so we can go back in time to beat our past selves up, the fuckheads. That will teach them. And then we'll kill Hitler.
>> No. 390605
File 139527630513.jpg - (590.21KB , 900x2243 , prostitution.jpg )
>having to pay every single time no exceptions
Tell her that's technically illegal.

Also read this wonderful comic on the topic.
>> No. 390606
File 139528426978.jpg - (61.58KB , 634x404 , windows has encountered a fatal error.jpg )
Why kill him? Why not get him accepted into art school instead? We'd still be avoiding the whole mass genocide thing, and we'd have one less shit artist in the world.
>> No. 390608

>implying you can kill Hitler via time travel

Fixed point in time and all that.
>> No. 390609
>Implying one man could really be the tipping point.

Hitler was just a vessel for a whole host of nasty memes that had been going around at the time. After the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was stretched to the point of desperation, and the "otherness" of Jews (partially enforced by themselves, actually, in their insularity) combined with that desperation, the need for a scape goat, and the general xenophobia of people of the time meant that SOMEONE was going to go in that direction. The Thule Society predated Hitler, and someone else would have become the agent of their ideals. The German government of the time had patently ridiculous, easily abused rules, and someone else would have discovered the loopholes that Hilter did if he didn't.

This is one reason I have some small measure of distaste for the tendency to treat Hitler as a SPECIAL kind of evil. He wasn't. Any of us might be capable of his level of heinous monstrousness under the right conditions. To treat him as somehow special, as though assassinating him would actually cure the sickness that infected Germany and manifested in his administration, is to give him far greater credit than he deserves. If it hadn't been Hitler, it would have been someone else.

This is why it's so important to fight toxic memes when we see them in our own societies. They are self-sustaining, and when they find the right host, they can manifest in the most awful of ways. You can't just assassinate a meme. You have to find ways of replacing it with less toxic memes.
>> No. 390612
File 139531599150.jpg - (132.75KB , 800x559 , al gore contemplates global warming.jpg )
So what your saying is when Moose and I go back in time we should replace Hitler... with someone less bad?
>> No. 390614
Al Gore could be worse if he's given power over the Wermecht

>hybrid tanks
>execution camps for anyone who doesn't recycle
>mandatory sterilization to bring population to sustainable levels
>experimentation on removing buttholes from humans so they can't pollute the world
>> No. 390615
Therefore, what we should do is go back and stop Napoleon from going to war with Russia, thus preventing him from losing to the British, and the British creating Belgium, and the British joining Wolrd War I, and America Joining Wolrd War I, and Germany Losing World War I, and Germany starting World War II. No way that could have unforeseen consequences!
>> No. 390617
Don't kill Hitler, kiss Hitler. Heal his beef with the power of love.
>> No. 390621
I'd laugh it off and tell her you'll buy the drinks next time. Take her to a fancy-ish joint, something with 4 stars on google, be prepared to buy a new video game in terms of the bill
>> No. 390622
File 13953458145.gif - (0.98MB , 500x375 , tumblr_mysr7cnN1Z1qbdsz5o1_500.gif )
ughhh eating sucks
>> No. 390624
File 139534733152.jpg - (257.72KB , 800x600 , IMG_0198.jpg )
My emotions are horribly out of whack today THANKS, PERIOD. Like the rest of the week I was fine but right now I'm just so angsty.

I just got really offended over nothing and started crying and goddamn this is horrible
>> No. 390626
Fuck this social norm of men paying for everything. You have more money than me.
>> No. 390628
No, you have to replace the MEME, not the PERSON. I.E. replace the idea of using Jews as scapegoats with the idea of blaming all our problems on mosquitos.
>> No. 390629
Oh shit also there's an anime boob in that picture that I always forget about so it's technically nsfw I think, sorry about that guys

Could it be that she was teasing you? I know I tease about shit like that but I always offer to pay for my stuff when the time comes. It's hard to tell that sort of thing over texts
>> No. 390631
I know what you meant anon, I was joking.
>> No. 390634
i told my cute new coworker crush that i liked her and didn't even get the vaguest hint of an answer to it before i left work

unrelated: apparently asterisks don't do too well in the name field.
>> No. 390635
File 139536997697.gif - (1.00MB , 322x242 , DOC CHICKEN DOC CHICKEN DOC CHICKEN DOC CHICKEN DO.gif )
>Fred Phelps is dead
>> No. 390636

I refuse to celebrate his death, but I also refuse to mourn for him.
>> No. 390637
"I take no solace or joy in this man’s passing. We will not dance upon his grave, nor stand vigil at his funeral holding “God Hates Freds” signs, tempting as it may be.

He was a tormented soul, who tormented so many. Hate never wins out in the end. It instead goes always to its lonely, dusty end.“
— George Takei (on the news that Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is dying)
>> No. 390638

I'm actually praying for the bastard. With the shit he pulled, he has more to fear in death than any gay person (barring gay murderers, but that's because of the murder thing)
>> No. 390640
>I refuse to celebrate his death

I'm with this guy. I didn't even celebrate bin Laden's death; and I feel like I'm the only person in America who isn't a closet terrorist who didn't stand up and cheer. The world was left undoubtedly better without him, in this case as well, but I still will not celebrate. Death is nothing, the biggest nothing in all of life except possibly to fertilize the soil (pick your Circle of Life example from The Lion King or FullMetal Alchemist accordingly). Better that he had reformed himself and admitted his mistakes before death; that would have been something to celebrate. But this? Just putting him back in the news.
>> No. 390643
Class act, good man.
>> No. 390646
File 139539617658.jpg - (8.50KB , 592x320 , fredphelpsholdingthegodhatesfagsball.jpg )
Fools, Phelps is going to return as something far, far worse...
>> No. 390648
In an effort to get my work in on time for once, I stayed up for over 24 hours. I've never been awake this long in my entire life. I feel incredibly nauseous and my head hurts.
>> No. 390651
Had to put my dog of 16 years down this morning.
I haven't felt so miserable sense my Grandfather died, but now I just feel tired.

Mourning is weird.
>> No. 390652

I'm sorry for your loss, anon. That's awful.
>> No. 390658
Sorry to hear that.
>> No. 390660
Man(l)y tears for you, Anon. I know how hard that can be.
>> No. 390661
Internet at my parents' is so fucking garbage it actually bricked my Vita. Took three minutes to load this thread.
>> No. 390662

Nope, fuck him. I firmly believed in and would defend his right of freedom of speech, even if it was harmful hate speech, but this world is a better place without him. I am glad he is dead. Life is a gift we are given every day and those that abuse that gift should shuffle off this mortal coil as quickly as possible. It isn't difficult to be nice to people. I am happy that he personally won't be around to make this world more terrible, but it is unfortunate that he has created a legacy that will continue to implement his twisted prejudices.
>> No. 390664
Thanks for the kindness. I feel a little better now.
>> No. 390665
Its hard losing a long time companion, I'm going to have to leave my dog with my parents when I head west, if I took him I know he wouldn't survive the traveling.
>> No. 390666
so i asked her dead-on today if it was mutual and i still don't have an answer
Oh well, if she decides she's interested, she'll know I am too and'll hit me up I guess.
I'm sorry, anon. Loss like that is awful.
>> No. 390671
gonna guess that's probably a no. Mutual interest is usually more immediate to know
>> No. 390674
I assumed it was a no based on the lack of reaction yesterday. I still wanted actual closure and not just "well I guess..." so I asked outright and her answer was "I don't know."
Like I said, if she decides she's interested, I assume I'll hear about it.
>> No. 390676
Fair enough, though "I don't know" is usually a sign that she doesn't want to say yes but she doesn't want to make you freak out by saying "no". Could be wrong, just saying to brace your hopes here
>> No. 390679
yeah i'm not going to jail for this stupid site. either we have faster deleting janitors/me as a janitor/more mods, or i'm not coming back here. are you even kidding me?
>> No. 390681
Those next two require Anonex. The first requires the current mods to be more active. Soooooooo ja ne.
>> No. 390682
I wouldn't mind being upgraded to global. I'm usually here late nights EST.
>> No. 390683
I'll take captcha over this shit.
>> No. 390684
its not that problematic really, just like two extra words or number lines and its kinda easy to go through.
>> No. 390685
No captcha. Please no. Never.

Some posts on 4chan I have to retype 5 times just to submit. Above anything, we need Annonex here to do something about it.

Maybe give some users janitor powers or something like that? It doesn't even have to be full janitor status--just give them the right to delete CP bot posts. If they delete anything else, give them the boot. Or something. I'm just brainstorming here.
>> No. 390686
Probably a small expansion to the Janitor or Mod rolls would help. Least till whatever bot its snagged when it hits a bigger site.
>> No. 390687
> have a crush on a coworker
> tell you like her
> she doesn't give a reply
> ask her again if it is mutual
> she doesn't give a reply

I don't know the specifics of the situation so I could be talking out of my ass, but man, are you sure she is not being creeped out? I wouldn't push too much, else things could be easily misunderstood and you could have problems at work.
>> No. 390693
do you mean by email or text?
>> No. 390694
If a group is so locked in its own bubble of thought that it can't realize its tactics are going to drive it off a fucking cliff in ten-15 years, is it okay to just let them burn themselves out and try and make sure they don't fuck up too much when they inevitably do, or do you have an obligation to keep trying to help them realize they're about to crash and burn despite the reaction you get?
>> No. 390698
First ask yourself this question:

Does this group care enought about YOU, sp anything you may do or say would at least have a bit of sway on their actions?

Because if the answer is no, then don't do a thing, as it would be completely pointless.
>> No. 390700
Pretty sure. 98%.
I'm not that bad at reading people that I can't tell if I'm skeeving someone out IRL. If I'd gotten any negative signs I woulda dropped it altogether, that's why I asked directly later on, cause her lack of response was more like a thoughtful pause, not really positive or negative.
I mean standing three feet away from her during a lull in the work?
>> No. 390701
File 139551429429.jpg - (5.32KB , 225x166 , i am not a clever man.jpg )
>I should probably find some stuff to watch and do while getting my shit together.
>Little distractions could improve my mood.
>What's that show my friends watched? True Detective? That looks interesting.
>Should probably finish Oyasumi Punpun, too.
>And look into that one platformer, Limbo.
>> No. 390739
there's no more awesome feeling than public reactions to putting a bitch down, even if it was a weak put down

>at work, creepy dude who likes my not-single coworker grilling me in break room for info on her dying family member so he can schmooze her later
>say if she wanted him to know she'd tell him, straight up call him a creep and threaten to report him
>he asks if i'd like some cheese with my whine
>too angry to think, i ask if he'd like some shut up with his shut the hell up
>table full of deli clerks lose their shit
>> No. 390753
File 139569903344.png - (43.21KB , 300x199 , 3772501+_969fbbefce4dfbba9f187af43de0f7d2.png )
>Watching BBC News talking about Flight 370
>footage of the passengers' families openly grieving
>mfw my mother asks "Why are they acting like that?"
>> No. 390755
Is it sad that the only thing keeping me from suicide is the same sense of obligation that guilted me into pursuing unattainable goals in the first place instead of what would make me happy and ultimately financially stable.
>> No. 390757
My own clone
>> No. 390758
>guilted into pursuing unattainable goals that were not financially stable

That's interesting. Most of us are guilted into not doing what we want in order to become financially stable, and then try and pick up the pieces of our dreams on the other side. You felt obligated to your parents to become something you didn't want to be that made no money?
>> No. 390759
I majored in something "practical" that I have no aptitude and barely scraped by and was absolutely miserable. All of my friends who majored in things I enjoy and am good at (literature, languages, film, philosophy, etc...) were able to achieve financial independence much sooner than I did and are pretty much living their dreams. And at this point I can't switch careers into something at least cushy (say, IT) because all of my work experience and education are in a totally separate field.
>> No. 390760
PS. I want to strangle whoever came up with the meme that only science majors can reliably find work. Betting a boomer who never needed a degree to make a living.
>> No. 390761
>PS. I want to strangle whoever came up with the meme that only science majors can reliably find work.

Probably a freshman engineering student.

Jokes aside, I don't know how easy it is for all the majors to find work, but I can say that there are jobs out there even for "useless" degrees. I see a number of job postings that request the applicant have a degree in English or Communications or something. The only problem with these jobs is that they all seem to require 3-5 years of work experience in the field. I apply to the jobs anyway.

Of course, there are also a number of positions that seem to just ask that the applicant have a BA/BS of any kind or even just an Associate's.
>> No. 390762
>but I can say that there are jobs out there even for "useless" degrees

That's my point. An A English student with a good resume ultimately has more prospects than a B science student who was too depressed/struggling to build one.
>> No. 390764
Someone with a masters can easily find work, someone with a PhD can basically name their salary and has assured employment until they die.

Bachelors is the equivalent of college education, at that level it doesn't matter what you finished it's just something nice to put on a resume.
>> No. 390765
>The only problem with these jobs is that they all seem to require 3-5 years of work experience in the field. I apply to the jobs anyway.
How much luck do you have? How often do you apply in a year? Do you get responses etc?

Genuinely curious, I'm doing the same thing.
>> No. 390766
That really sucks. Can you at least use this misguided education for gainful employment? That way you'll stay afloat long enough to find some path that leads to a more fulfilling career.
>> No. 390767
Can't say much for the luck. I'm a recent-ish grad (Will be a full year this May). I got a call-back for an interview in my field shortly after I graduated, but that was a position that was offered directly to students at my school.

I've taken a few breaks in applying to jobs (I either got busy or depressed) so I can't say that I've been constantly sending applications in. I've gotten a number of callbacks/interviews for jobs that I didn't particularly want (from things like head cashier to selling insurance) but not too many callbacks from jobs in my field.

Right now I'm back to applying to random jobs just to put a little extra cash into my pockets. I may be going to grad school at a later date, though, because I'd like to go all the way and possibly become a college professor at some point.
>> No. 390769
That meme is kind of annoying, although I kind of bought into it a little as a lot of people at my college would leave STEM fields for business degrees. Which, to me, is the only degree truly deserving of contempt, even though I'm sure it's respectable on some level. Being able to do Science is as respectable as being able to Write, being able to philosophize, being able to act, the only problem is the perceived wage gap, which I believe I saw an Economist article on recently that solidly debunked that notion. Turns out having a degree speaks more to your economic level than what any one subject that degree is in, same for the other levels of degree. Which is annoying, because I did totally enter school with the perception that certain degrees were worth more than others. My distaste for Business Degrees is more rooted in the conceptualization of the role. There's something a little disgusting to me to only being good at "creating business", as while that is certainly a creative construct, I perceive a lot of unnecessary business that is simply designed to grind people for money, which I find distasteful on some level. It's not wrong to want to succeed, but for god sakes', have a product or service that is worthwhile. The seeming "tragedy" of more social oriented degrees was their perceived lack of demand, which now appears to be a falsehood.

I'd actually think that would probably come from a parent who mistook college for a straight line to a better job, and did not themselves perceive of how college can actually be used as a platform to create your own job, or to find a career in an industry sector that you previously didn't know existed. That's kind of the bigger issue; people don't really understand the demand of what they want to do until they've worked at if for a while.
>> No. 390771
That is almost exactly my situation, except I've been a graduate for about a year and a half.
>> No. 390772
>head cashier to selling insurance

Yeah, head cashier is no end to anything, and Insurance sales hit up fuckin everybody. I have a pure I.T. Resume and still my most prolific job offers are from Insurance sales jobs that always claim to have read my resume when they fucking haven't. I'd hold out for one of the jobs in your field then maybe think about more college, or doing stuff in your off time.
>> No. 390775
College is only useful for one thing in regards to getting a job, and that one thing is NETWORKING. Your actual degree or grade point average is nigh-meaningless.

In this day and age, 95% of the time you get a job, it's because you "know somebody". Attending college and hanging out with people who already have jobs in your chosen field, like upperclassmen and professors, is a surefire way to make sure you "know somebody" there. It raises your chances of getting hired from basically zero to more-than-zero. People will always choose the known evil over the unknown evil, so they will hire someone they know even when it's a meaningless entry-level position, over someone better qualified that they don't know.

If you graduate college with perfect marks but no social circle, I'm sorry: you failed. Good luck getting a job anywhere, much less where you wanted to be. If you did just enough to be considered menially competent, yet have a network of contacts, you'll be marching up your career path in no time flat. That is why frat boys become managers while bookworms flip burgers; it ain't fuckin' fair, but this world was built by, for, and of extroverts. Either pretend to be one, or die poor and alone. Your choice.

(As someone who's last job was as an insurance sales agent, I can attest to their "hire absolutely everyone and see who sticks" approach. Also, I can back up my previous "known evil" assertion by adding that anybody who quit was told they were "welcome to return" at any time, and it was TRUE. They would rehire someone who had proven virtually nothing other than their ability to fail before hiring someone new who might succeed; I literally saw it happen several times during my 8-month employment there.)
>> No. 390777
While networking is important, you seem to act as if there's no furthering of the education going on in the classroom. Stop that. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
>> No. 390782
That extrovert shit makes me more depressed than anything. College has lways been hard, but what's worse is how I keep fucking up my attempts to be social, and trying to be open ends up with me panicking and running off or I sy something wrong and I can't stay around. My permanent social state is burning bridges, and it only feeds how muc I don't like myself. My therapist keeps going on about being an introvert can work out , but unless I can just get networked into something simple I can just hide away in I don't see that happening.
>> No. 390785
>being an extrovert and growing a social network is the only way most colleges work out

Except if that were true, then you're not thinking through your original assertion. If that were completely true in any regard, you wouldn't go to college, you'd just join a frat. It may be difficult to find work once you get outside of college, but you're going to be S.O.L. at most college if you're relying on social networks anyway; Professors are not necessarily going to know people in industry, and while they can write letters of recommendation, they probably do that for a lot of people every year. You might try liasoning with your schools' job board to see if things really pan out, but mostly I'd stop worrying so much that ever social interaction you have has a "pass/fail" waiting to be stamped on it. That anxiety is probably short changing you more than simply being comfortable being alone, and being less uncomfotable when around people. The whole binary option of introvert/extrovert is false anyway. Nobody ever gets shit done if they're not alone, and nobody ever gets their shit out to other people unless they meet other people. It's a balance, not an either/or.
>> No. 390805
>Which, to me, is the only degree truly deserving of contempt, even though I'm sure it's respectable on some level.
Honestly, I think the best thing they could do for those "useless degrees" would be to do away with the Business Degree entirely, and reorient those classes toward those "useless ones." Those degrees are generally the ones that are in least danger of ever being fully automated away, and it is very possible, maybe even more possible than ever before, to make money at them--it's just that the people who learn those skills are never taught vital networking and self-promotion skills that are important to success.

So do away with Business Degrees, and teach business classes to the art majors, english majors, etc. Set them up with networking opportunities as part of it, too. Every art student who graduates from your college should have sold something on Etsy or eBay or something like that by the time they graduate. Budding writers should be able to have something, even if it's terrible, up on Lulu or the Amazon self-publishing platform. Teach people how to set up partnerships with warehouses and shipping people to sell merchandise, or how to arrange to have things they make mass produced.

This is a prime time for colleges to start pumping out self-employed artists, writers, composers, whatever, who don't have to wait until they get hired to start making money off their degrees, and who have future-proof careers.
>> No. 390809
Speaking of college, how is Moe King Tripfag faring on his academic odyssey?
>> No. 390817
So wow. I can't sleep because of a rat or a squirrel. It's literally only gnawing over my head. And it must be doing it from inbetween the floors because I can't hear it upstairs. It's my fault because I ignored the problem I just didn't think it'd get this bad or how it could have happened. LIke it's not inside my house it seems to be inside the walls and I think it got there a few months a go when the gutter fell. But it just got bad now and I can't sleep with it going off every two hours. I don't know what to do at this very moment.
>> No. 390818

Wasn't he finishing up at his CC and returning back to university? While we're on the subject of trip and namefags of +4 that we're curious about:

Last I heard of Ram, he was living in a hostel somewhere. How's that going for him? I hope he's doing alright. And I haven't seen Maya post in forever. And lesse, who else am I forgetting here?
>> No. 390822
Whatever happened to Miley? Last I remember he was in Korea
>> No. 390823
Him too. I knew I was forgetting someone. That's all I heard from him last also.
>> No. 390831
I think Maya's main job right now is at some sort of tailoring company that supplies outfits to film and tv productions. A cursory search makes it sound like Ram isn't doing great, still seems to be trapped in that situation with his mother. And according to Miley's tumblr he's still puttering along in Korea.

It occurrs to me that these questions could be answered simply by hittin these people on Twitter or wherevs.
>> No. 390832
I had no idea they had twitters!

Ram's not back at home with his mom is he? Because if he is...shit.
>> No. 390837
Guess who just got a dog! Guess who doesn't want a dog!

She's a 10 year old Basset Hound, blind as a bat, has a lot of fatty tumors, and is shedding everywhere. I love her, but I didn't want her. Her family is moving to New Mexico and can't keep her for some reason, so my brother volunteered me to have her and begged my mom to let me take care of her.
>> No. 390839
Damn, you guys are still alive.
>> No. 390841
No thanks to you, traitor.
>> No. 390842
>> No. 390843
Boy I've been away for a while.

Well I'm dating someone new and its absolutely fucking cray how much we actually like being near each other. To be honest this is probably the most intimate relationship I've had with another person. I'm taking her to see grand buhdapest hotel on friday.

School wise, I'm scheduled to graduate next quarter, which is exciting. But I'm sweating bullets because the last class I took pretty much kicked my ass, I passed and I learned quite a bit but my gpa will certainly take a hit. I'm gonna have to work on the other parts of my schoolwork.
>> No. 390844
If taking care of her would be a hardship, look in the larger area to see if there are any rescues that would be able to take her. That sounds like a lot to deal with for something you really didn't choose to, but if she's given to a shelter she'll likely be killed, so good on you for taking her on.
>> No. 390845
Hey Moses!
How have you been?
How's that Patreon going? I've seen you began a Let's Play of Golden Sun recently.

Glad to hear that.
>> No. 390852
Let's just say... lots of different shit. Been working on a lot of eSports stuff, which has led to considerable burnout. It's been a fun time.
>> No. 390856
I had a Waffle Taco today. It's... pretty much exactly what you'd expect.
The A.M. Crunchwrap was pretty good though.
>> No. 390858
I think I need to go to the doctor, but I'm too scared.
>> No. 390859
If you can afford the visit you really ought to go. It's not like you can diagnose and treat yourself. Unless you also have extensive medical training. But if that were the case I doubt you'd be as worried.
>> No. 390863
Okay, that latest CP bot post is way over the line. I think I'm just going to keep SYM open in a tab and F5 it periodically. I'm safe in here!

What's the weather like for you guys? It's kinda getting warmer here and it has been raining here all day. Yesterday it was pretty nice outside, although a bit chilly.
>> No. 390868
Oh god my mom broke her molar and it's all gross and brown inside and it's giving me the same kind of grossed out chills I got whenever I saw those lotus seed pods photoshopped onto people.

I feel really bad for her but at the same time... ahhhhhh

also I cannot find a single reaction image fitting this post that I haven't already posted :( that's pretty sad
>> No. 390869
Chuck E. Cheese's is a great place and I hope you can all go there one day. They have a wilted salad bar and a giant rat tube cage thing for kids.
>> No. 390870
File 139598240018.jpg - (19.77KB , 298x320 , 1083527180.jpg )
I'm continually amazed that the franchise still exists. It's baffling that at some point in my life I was genuinely excited to hug a man dressed as a giant rat. On the flipside, the arcade had that kickass Jurassic Park game with the rumbling seats. My brother and I sunk so many tokens into that thing. Only beat it once. Worth it.
>> No. 390871
File 139598343365.jpg - (24.18KB , 355x250 , news_1209_markritts.jpg )
>It's baffling that at some point in my life I was genuinely excited to hug a man dressed as a giant rat.
Now why would you go and say something like that?
>> No. 390873
I can't remember a time when Chuck E. Cheeses didn't upset me.
>> No. 390874
I've never been to a Chuck E Cheese.
>> No. 390877
The only reason I even know about Chuck E Cheese is Americans on the internet whining about the redesign.
>> No. 390885
Chuck E. Cheese was a rabid shithole full of screaming kids, crap pizza, and a weird graveyard of animatronic animals that should never have been patronized by anyone. Amazed they have not gone full Blockbuster yet.
>> No. 390886
>E3 2014 June 10th-12th
>FIFA 2014 June 12th-July 13th
E3FA's going to be a crazy bunch of nonsense for /sp/ and /v/.
>> No. 390888
Parents will always need a place to leave their kids at that's more upscale than a McDonald's playground but cheaper than a theme park.
>> No. 390889
Preschool's that expensive?
>> No. 390891
File 139605586020.gif - (1.00MB , 500x375 , tumblr_m9w7swFck61qbkb80o1_500.gif )
My brother left town today to move to New Mexico.
>> No. 390894
File 139606088160.gif - (2.85MB , 240x180 , 1386021697593.gif )
And my bro hasn't returned to being gone yet.
>> No. 390896
>that one thing I wrote two years ago is still getting reposted and still getting people go 'that was awesome'
I like it when I notice it going down, and I just let them respond. Sort of a shame I don't really get any credit for it, but at the same time I'm just glad people liked it incognito.

No I'm not going to post it.
>> No. 390899
Figured out some of my emotional problems today, and things get a bit more complicated as I try to find myself. Fun fun fun.
>> No. 390904
saw a movie with a cute girl
chatted for like 4 hours afterwards
hugged goodnight
fell asleep on the floor cuddling my cat
A Good Night
hella o/
>> No. 390905
also realtalk how many of you would attend a Bara Cafe--which is to say, a Maid Cafe but with very large muscular men as the servers
>> No. 390907
It was strange chain of events then I was discussing my writing with someone and the point that I get very emotional when sometimes writing for that character. Well I figured out what they were even though it would make little sense to talk about them since most would say I was being stupid even though that stuff feels very real when it throws me into a depression. Though the short of it is again reevaluating self and removing all concepts save for the concept of who I see myself as. Still only a few would likely understand.
>> No. 390909
Maid Cafes in general sound like a silly gimmick for overpriced coffee. And bara? Well, my coffee shop in Arkansas is run by a Duck Dynasty stunt-double, so it's not really a stretch.
>> No. 390911
File 139611113126.jpg - (70.75KB , 800x600 , time_to_oil_up_by_professorhazard-d588pe5.jpg )
I think I might not just because it'd likely still be super expensive like I've heard maid cafes are. A well furnished place can be nice, and I don't mind the staff being fancily dressed, but I go to a restaurant for food, so when I go that's what I want to pay for. Also, it'd likely be in Japan, where I currently am not. Really, though, I don't think I like the idea of having maids, just because if anything I've always been uncomfortable with how hesitant my own family is to let me take care of myself in the name of being polite and hospitable. Same thing with guys would be similarly uncomfortable, but at least I wouldn't risk looking like I'm using them as pseudo-girlfriends, and I could maybe cheer them on for being cool if they show off their muscles like pic related.
>> No. 390913
I would just for the novelty.
>> No. 390914
Okay guys, let's get real for a bit.

You guys hate me don't you?
>> No. 390915
Why does it matter?
>> No. 390917
>> No. 390918
Who are you again?
>> No. 390919
Because glass is not meant to be free.
>> No. 390920

I did a pixel art thing. :D
>> No. 390921
>> No. 390922
Homestar died. For good this time.
>> No. 390923
Homestar died for real ages ago. It's just that the carcass has finally rotted away.
>> No. 390925
Did something happen? Site still looks the same to me. It doesn't look anymore dead now than it did 2 years ago.
>> No. 390926
Eh, I personally don't think fixing the color palette is worth the loss of shading on the gloves and to a lesser extent the highlights on the skin. Not sure why you got rid of the shininess in her hair either, you even still had that color. Plus the inside of her knee seems to benefit form a harder shadow. Good on ya for trying, though.
>> No. 390928
But the site isn't down?

>No new content has been released since December 2010.
So I'd say it's been dead for a while.
>> No. 390929
I'm not happy.
>> No. 390930
Neither am I.
>> No. 390931
The site was dead last night. Being unable to re-watch the old toons on the site itself is a little different than the site no longer being updated.
>> No. 390933
Go and be happy, then.
>> No. 390934
Yay, dealing with a headcold. Hopefully it will begin to peter off tomorrow.

This time there's an odd addition: I have this kind of gritty taste in my mouth, like I just ate a donut, continuously. I have eaten donuts, but even hours after and drinking plenty of stuff it's still there.
>> No. 390936
Well, Girl B sent me a text saying she's let me know when she was free... and that was about a week ago. I think she's still pissed that I didn't pay for drinks last time, even though I apologised/explained at least twice for that.

Girl A liked a post I made on her facebook page recently; doesn't sound like much, but it's a damn sight more than Girl B has done recently.

On top of that, it's half 1 in the morning and I'm making a match.com profile, purely on the basis that my little brother's housemate said it would be a good idea (I considered plentyoffish, but I remembered that it gave me nothing but heartaches and headaches).
I've got tonsilitis so... yeah
>> No. 390938
File 139622682215.gif - (1.77MB , 156x117 , 1395272002060.gif )
Sometimes you just fucking hate everyone for no real reason at all.

It's so tiring to deal with. I wish I didn't have this gaping misanthropy buried deep inside of me.
>> No. 390947
Burn it out.
>> No. 390954
Go catch some Pokemon on Google Maps, /baw/. It's pretty entertaining.
>> No. 390955
I don't own a smartphone and that feature is only on their mobile app.
>> No. 390956
Yeah. I mean, I have a smartphone, but it's a glorified jukebox now and I don't feel like loading Google Maps on there for this. I'll just play the regular Pokemon games (apparently I have NEVER beaten the E4 in Sapphire, so I've been trying to power through them these last two days...)
>> No. 390958
All right everyone. I drew TeethandHunger on the wall of the bathroom stall in chalk.
See if you can find it.
Here's a hint: it's in a bathroom of a bar with the walls are covered in chalkboard.
Can you find me, Anons?
>> No. 390962
It's weird to think that one day there might be another sitcom that continues in the grand tradition of Happy Days by giving a highly stereotypical view of family life two decades ago, thereby turning my formative years into a big joke. I'm not saying that in anger, it's just really fucking weird. Especially since there were already shows during the 00s and 10s that made "topical" humor, so it'll be like sitting through all those jokes all over again.
>> No. 390965
File 139637973989.gif - (348.05KB , 245x200 , tumblr_n2tlvssHT01qco5x8o2_250.gif )

>> No. 390967
I absolutely hate that, too; not only does it reek of unoriginality, but "Watergate" was the name of the hotel, not some operation or other use of the word "gate". IT'S NOT A GODDAMN SUFFIX.
>> No. 390970
>> No. 390971
Fair enough, but it's gotten really common and annoying lately.
>> No. 390979
Commonsense is now a single word instead of a two word term.

I can't wait for them to make Unitedstates a noun.
>> No. 390985
Someone's having some serious Capslockgate going here.
>> No. 390986
I will eat you alive.
>> No. 390987
File 139645627552.jpg - (40.35KB , 500x333 , kafkaesque.jpg )

This discussion reminds me of this.
>> No. 390990
What a shitty comic. It would be a lot better if it said, "Please, no meat touching, ma'am."
>> No. 390993
File 139648787549.png - (1.25MB , 1501x386 , the many faces of EVIL.png )
I did it! I finally found pictures of bea!
>> No. 390997
What are you new? She posted pics years ago.
>> No. 391012

>> No. 391013
At first I thought my life was in danger. Then I realized it was just Oreos. Phewww.
>> No. 391798
I should be studying
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