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File 134747411816.png - (226.64KB , 329x518 , preorders.png )
190469 No. 190469
I guess the old thread stopped bumping.

Just preordered my first 3A figure along with some other things. Might add Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku because of the cool car.

Do you have anything preordered, toy general? Anything coming up that interests you?
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>> No. 190475
Gotta take pics of my Cure White figuarts, it arrived earlier than I anticipated, .
Also, I want those Puella magi Madoka magica figmas.
>> No. 190477
I got that Charlotte Nendo preordered, that's for sure.

Since I'm going on a collecting spree anyways, does anyone know if there will there be any more Charlotte-specific merch soon?
>> No. 190499
Busou Shinkis are my current horribly expensive crack. I'm up to five, with a sixth one on the way. Somebody stop me from visiting Mandarake anymore.
>> No. 190652
SRC stuff is pretty neat. I got the Dekaranger and Gokai-oh ones and I'm quite impressed with all the engineering and detail
>> No. 191120
File 134815060388.jpg - (85.31KB , 530x547 , racing miku.jpg )
Here are some Nendoroid/figma Racing Miku reissues if anyone is interested.


Everything is 7000 yen with 2000 yen shipping.
>> No. 191188
Bit rich for my blood. Think I'll wait till one shows up on Mandarake.
>> No. 191278
I just bought my first. I'm scared of getting an addiction now.
>> No. 192357
File 134905458521.png - (53.94KB , 328x313 , makani_adorable.png )
>>I must not buy more toys, I must not buy more toys...
>>I must not have super high hopes for a Tim Burton movie after last time, I must not have super high hopes for a Tim Burton movie after last time...
>>Frankenweenie plushies released

God damn my inherent weakness for fat, adorable, smiling dogs.
>> No. 194717
neat little podcast


basic rundown of the Bluefin interview

>over9000 meme vegeta all bluefin's idea
>DBZ100%, Megaman 80% u.s. market driven
>Godzilla and Power rangers 50% split between U.S. and Japan
>Freddie Mercury, Daft Punk Figuarts
>Bluefin comes up with some names for products
>SRW SRCs, tell us what you guys want
>dodged Digimon D-arts question
>Bandai going to do D-Arts Mario
>soul calibur, guilty gear, blaze blue, dark stalkers d-arts
>sigma articulation is being worked on--->we don't know how the fuck to make it articulated but we want to
>Megaman Legends D-Arts going to be delayed because no one cares outside of Facebook
>No Darkness bunny
>The full line up of Figuarts Tiger & Bunny will come out
>Blue Rose will probably be Web Exclusive, but normal to the U.S.
>No Gavan
>any monster is fair game for S.H. MonsterArts
>macross lawl; wants to throw heavy things at Harmony Gold
>> No. 194761
File 13506064102.jpg - (222.65KB , 2048x1536 , 1350515776051.jpg )
Oh and this is from one of the displays the Prototype of Red Ranger interesting shoulder they've gone with kinda like the old Marvel Legends shoulder that was used for a while on the slimmer bucks though I don't know if it could work on Green Ranger with his armor piece. Here is hoping those get US specific box text (here is hoping Megazord does as well )
>> No. 195384
File 135101397888.jpg - (864.68KB , 1556x1167 , mewtwo.jpg )
>> No. 195394

OH... MY... GOD! *grins*

First they make a highly posable figure of Metabee (with removable Meda-parts, if I recall correctly), then a highly-posable fig of Beelzemon... NOW MEWTWO?!?!?

>> No. 195402
File 13510250593.jpg - (40.21KB , 640x480 , JJJ likes what he sees.jpg )
Nice articulation on the tail.
>> No. 195501
Video: MOTUC Castle Grayskull …youtube thumb
Even doe I dont care about the MotU classics I'm glad they are doing this.
The economical timing could be better doe...
With in the shitter and all.
>> No. 195546
File 135113266270.jpg - (147.77KB , 640x480 , 022.jpg )
>> No. 195571
File 135117098785.jpg - (56.56KB , 1024x768 , 1351152291156.jpg )
>hupla didn't post these here as well

Okay then
>> No. 195573
File 135117165323.jpg - (54.75KB , 1024x768 , 1351152364126.jpg )
Also this.
>> No. 195575
Finally, some appropiate SM toys, now bring those Suite Precure figuarts already Bandai!
>> No. 195579
the Primary ones better be standard release. There will be trouble if I can't get my Mercury. Lulz if Uranus and Neptune are sold as a set with "specific" box art. Oh think they might go BlueFin with this one as well. I was rather Surprised to find that the US market makes up the Bulk of Megaman and Dragonball stuff.
>> No. 195583
File 135118389154.jpg - (131.99KB , 600x900 , 1351171010824.jpg )
eventual Amazon Exclusive and if ts like the last two ENGLISH BOXES

green ranger themeyoutube thumb

gives this even more meaning.
>> No. 195587
File 135118584549.jpg - (44.76KB , 480x640 , bass.jpg )
Sorry :(
>> No. 195588
File 13511860633.jpg - (55.67KB , 550x366 , forte1-550x366.jpg )
>> No. 195591
File 135118724531.jpg - (182.66KB , 800x533 , mew.jpg )
really cool
>> No. 195593
File 135118758067.jpg - (59.56KB , 531x800 , 129244.jpg )
There's also a chibi arts and a figuiarst zero as well.

>> No. 195594
File 13511882745.jpg - (77.19KB , 600x784 , 129243.jpg )
I would love to see more Cure Peace (or any other Cure) figures more often.
>> No. 195595
Ohhh Where is Blues/Protoman already!!!
>> No. 195596
File 135119014234.png - (184.56KB , 840x300 , All20[1].png )
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU my bank account cannot handle toys of this magnitude ;;
>> No. 195609
Really hope that Power Rangers can find enough of a Market to warrant our own North American exclusive (DBZ and Mega being that already according to the Blue Fin guys and the others being Half and Half) Just a posting like the Cell announcement..something that looks like it could be part of.. a chrome Z.
>> No. 195621
File 135121870828.jpg - (156.80KB , 2048x1366 , venasaur.jpg )
oh shit its my boy
>> No. 195622
File 135121881265.jpg - (207.85KB , 2048x1366 , im.jpg )
GSC am crey
>> No. 195623
File 135121892718.jpg - (153.61KB , 2048x1366 , b.jpg )
>> No. 195624
File 13512191281.png - (239.18KB , 2550x3300 , Y0UJC.png )
>top left
>> No. 195625
Finally a really good Iron Man, glad I didn't get the Revol type now. Everything is coming up Figuarts and D-Arts. Wonder if they'll make trainers..or at least Team Rocket.
>> No. 195626
File 135121983377.jpg - (134.55KB , 640x960 , 1351219680342.jpg )
This is just cool
>> No. 195627
but who is center square?
>> No. 195636
Dr. Wily?
>> No. 195673
File 135128709754.jpg - (280.23KB , 1200x516 , 1351286973230.jpg )
>> No. 195702
Excuse my ignorance: What toyline are the Big O and Giant Robo toys from? Super Robot Chogokin?
>> No. 195705
Yea SRC. Happy I wont have to pay out the rear for the addon set for this one.
>> No. 195707
HOLY HELL YEA. They release Gunbuster and Gurren Lagann this winter, and now Giant Robo and Big O? I love SRC.
>> No. 195708
File 135130758676.jpg - (29.72KB , 256x341 , 82362841377.jpg )
I already have a die-cast Giant Robo figure, but damn, that looks to good.
Also, DAT BIG O.
>> No. 195742
File 135136247222.jpg - (245.23KB , 2048x1366 , 1351358781099.jpg )
the base Figuarts or D-arts body is looking pretty good. It can actually bring its hands together. Maybe next Vegeta can do a proper Final Flash.
>> No. 196298
Well they wouldn't let Bluefin have the Pokemon..crap.
>> No. 196707
This better be just a rumor.
>> No. 196786
File 135232244235.jpg - (139.50KB , 640x480 , 006.jpg )
Mah guuurls
>> No. 196793
Hobby Search having Bargin Sale. Picked up Deka Red, Red Hawk and Meteor.
>> No. 196797

I preordered Aigis, myself. I'm gonna have a shelf entirely dedicated to robots and cyborgs.
>> No. 196834
File 135234709533.jpg - (152.12KB , 640x480 , 026.jpg )
Yeah im thinking of getting her and Labrys but I really want NAoto and Kanji to get figmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 196839

I, in my cynicism, could understand why they don't make a Kanji, but you'd think Naoto would have gotten one earlier.

Totes buying Kanji when it (hopefully) comes out.

Though technically I don't think this particular company has made anybody besides Chie, Yukiko, Labrys and Aigis.
>> No. 196901
File 135240691554.jpg - (149.13KB , 640x480 , 008.jpg )
They made a meitis a few years ago but yeah I really hope MF makes more persona figmas after Labrys
>> No. 196936
Picked up Overdrive Red and SRC Megazord from Hobbysearch sale. Now I just need an Akiba Red and put together a Red Strike Cannon Force.
>> No. 198576
File 135372525278.jpg - (155.15KB , 640x480 , 024.jpg )
>> No. 198578
Amiami preown is great. got Akiba Red and Yellow though I missed picking up Blue. Got the Birth CLAW set for a good price. People say it looks cheap but I cannot get that twisted over it since that is kinda his theme with the whole "Prize Ball" thing and all.
>> No. 198772
Here is hoping we get D-Arts Nintendo in Classic styles Samus in Super or Return style suit and Link based more on the old Illustration material.
>> No. 199461
File 135451457211.jpg - (102.47KB , 800x533 , Figma Pit.jpg )
Sorry to keep you waiting!
>> No. 199463
wonder what weapons he'll have. Nice if he came loaded with at least three (say a rod and some fists or arm) though likely only a bow. Prep for Dark Pit WonderFest Exclusives.
>> No. 199478
File 135454464337.jpg - (56.79KB , 500x294 , tumblr_m1jigh66q11qg8pivo4_500.jpg )
Chie, Vile, Fourze...
So many figures, so few time and DOSH.

Also, I lament that we never heard more about this figuarts.
Seriously, Splash Star needs more love.
>> No. 199565
Wanna buy a TMNT Metalhead, where's the best place to buy that?
>> No. 199609
File 135465411542.jpg - (47.77KB , 590x442 , 1354654562676.jpg )
>> No. 199661
Welp Diamonds Distribution of Figma Link is a nogo as the Licensing arrangement did not go through according to BBTS. They've contacted Max Factory but it looks like Supplies of Link are drying up.
>> No. 199665
Hopefully they will work it out know how may want to buy that figuer and >>195623 FUCK YES!
>> No. 199726
File 135473853690.jpg - (41.30KB , 590x442 , DSC07019a.jpg )
There's a demoman figure as well.
>> No. 199747
Yea I really hope he gets a second release I was planning on ordering him on Friday since Amiami stock kept saying "Plenty" but now its sold out..crap. Hoping for second run or D-Arts to make another Link.
>> No. 199857
File 13548414036.jpg - (270.71KB , 1078x808 , 1354829948918.jpg )
Oh NECA, You have made H.R. proud..and likely aroused.
>> No. 199860
File 135484195276.jpg - (25.79KB , 640x400 , HR.jpg )
A little bit, yes.
>> No. 199876
okay things ended up better than I thought and while unexpected I'll have two Links in a couple of weeks so anyone can hit me up for an offer on one of those fellas then.
>> No. 199914
>> No. 200709
File 135545051982.jpg - (241.75KB , 685x1024 , 6259546663_acf2af447d_b.jpg )
Picked this little lady up from Amiami for less than she was released for. Seems to be an oddity in Shinki circles double so since she was exclusive.
>> No. 200749
File 135546785065.jpg - (37.36KB , 480x640 , cat_its_beautiful.jpg )
超合金 超合体キング…youtube thumb
>> No. 200889
Hope this vid goes viral or else no casual would belive this exist.
>> No. 201077
File 135576030148.jpg - (80.46KB , 1024x768 , 1355744746623.jpg )
from /toy/
>> No. 201078
File 135576059313.jpg - (111.76KB , 900x1274 , 1355746719233.jpg )
>> No. 201080
File 135576130125.jpg - (136.79KB , 900x1347 , 1355746804525.jpg )
>> No. 201247
File 135588019544.jpg - (97.85KB , 400x404 , 1355819706637.jpg )
And also a very blurry and small pic of Cobra Figma and his Lady.
>> No. 201255
File 13558866661.jpg - (5.12MB , 2629x2065 , a_70006_box_front.jpg )
Been ages since I had an active interest in Lego, but for a boat in the shape of a crocodile, controlled by crocodile people, I might get back into them.
Until I see the inevitably painful price tag and NOPE my way out of the aisle...
>> No. 201265
File 13558924907.jpg - (8.80KB , 133x133 , 1.jpg )
I love the bored expressions. "I'm 32 years old, and what am I doing with my life? No girlfriend, I'm living from paycheck to paycheck, and I spend my workday in a giant red bubble. Damn it, why the fuck did I major in Greek?"
>> No. 201266
I believe this deserves a screencap.
>> No. 201272
...very well Lego.
>> No. 201278
If you or someone you know like WoW and Le... I mean Mega Bloks then you MUST SEE THIS!
Makes great Jul gifts, trust me I know~
>> No. 201441
That one is actually a lady croc (note the outlines on the minifigure), which means her sleepy gaze might be an attempt at giving her a seductive expression (contrasted by the two male crocs' "dramatic gaze of intensity").
Let that just sink in a bit.

>> No. 201468
Well I've got an extra Figma Link if anyone is still looking for one.
>> No. 201566
File 13568600253.jpg - (586.43KB , 2232x2720 , DSCN3787.jpg )
after over a year i decided to ship my pile of loot for chimbus an this is what i got

big thankyou to Venkman (if he even comes here anymore) for selling me Nemesis Prime way back so i could have the glorious motherfucker in the center today

dont actually have MP5 yet. i saw one last week and when i went back there friday with a wad of cash to buy it, it was gone
>> No. 201628

So anyone Europe side know if this is real or not?
>> No. 201725
File 135707443624.jpg - (2.89MB , 3240x4320 , DSCN0024.jpg )
A little Christmas present for me. Arrived in November but who fucking cares
>> No. 201726
File 135707473758.jpg - (2.93MB , 4320x3240 , DSCN0021.jpg )
Plus, i love this little guy
>> No. 201783

how did you go about scoring that? I'd kill for Franky merch. kill.
>> No. 201787
Went to a store in an old comercial center in my town (Santiago de Chile) and it was just there. I was searching for a present for a geek friend of mine and i found a store manage by a couple that truly knew about figures quality, i couldn't say to it!
>> No. 202817
>> No. 202832
I feel tempted to get the Tamashii Nations Megazord which I saw it in a store at $67. Is that a decent price?

Even in amazon?
>> No. 202851
Amazon is already charging rape prices for Pyro 40+ last I checked. Its all for that "will be worth some buds" item code I just know it.
>> No. 202852
They're discontinuing the Django Unchained action figures apparently.

I understand why, but I wonder if the Weinstein Company takes into consideration that adults buy figures, too, that many figures are made exclusively for adults, and that kids shouldn't be watching Tarentino in the first place.
>> No. 203009
Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Django Unchained action figures existed...
>> No. 203083
Tarentino stuff has always had a huge market, if the prevalence of that one Pulp Fiction poster is any indication.
>> No. 203671
File 135948523061.jpg - (46.26KB , 534x713 , 1359480927856.jpg )
So Sculpt by Gentile Giant and Basically a Hasbro Legends body.
>> No. 203775
File 135953893285.jpg - (34.58KB , 679x960 , S_H_-Figuarts-Frieza-Final-Form-04.jpg )
Peaceful young races with fires on their houses,
millions of voices all silenced like mouses,
watching the cowards bow toward their new king,
these are a few of my favourite things.
>> No. 203801
File 135956853355.jpg - (101.88KB , 960x720 , 1359564790435.jpg )
Bebop and Rocksteady
>> No. 203859
Aw yeah!
>> No. 204354
File 136007822719.jpg - (176.60KB , 600x480 , 1360073905858.jpg )
Property revival incoming.
>> No. 204417
Those things are bloody expensive though. The company Hasbro has licensed to make them (Integrity Toys) deals in adult-oriented collector dolls, and the price tag of those things is going to be around $120. A treat for hardcore fans with deep wallets, but not the kind of thing that'll resurrect the series on its own.
>> No. 204422
Yea that and every inch of that property is legal rights hell for some reason or another.
>> No. 204425
Well, I think some adult-oriented doll collectors would like these too so it had TWO groups that want to buy them.
Now we just have to see who is richer/crazyest.
>> No. 204728
File 136047240071.jpg - (136.87KB , 1024x768 , 1360471692043.jpg )
Cap, time to get off the growth hormones.
>> No. 204730
File 136047647935.jpg - (162.62KB , 768x1024 , 1360476093124.jpg )
>> No. 204731
File 136047656488.jpg - (156.82KB , 768x1024 , 1360476158694.jpg )
>> No. 204760
File 136052994123.jpg - (357.19KB , 1600x1063 , 1360529324670.jpg )
well that is interesting.
>> No. 204777
Holy crap.
>> No. 204808
Axe Cop?
>> No. 204812
File 13606080482.jpg - (238.24KB , 575x615 , axcop_mtvgeek61.jpg )
>> No. 204827
Well shit, I know what I'm getting for my birthday
>> No. 204837
File 136063960365.jpg - (49.21KB , 600x800 , Chell has seen some shit.jpg )
So I'd originally pounced on pre-ordering a Chell figure, but after seeing some of the Toy Fair product photos of her soulless dead eyes, I'm considerably less enthusiastic. I know she's got a bit of a stare in-game, but I think they've overdone it.
>> No. 204838
Wow that is 2 for 2 on the NECA females looking strung out.
>> No. 204929
File 136072200143.jpg - (501.15KB , 800x1071 , Toy Fair 2013 - First Looks at Shockwave and More .jpg )
2' tall Metroplex, $125.
>> No. 205037
File 136086057416.jpg - (47.72KB , 576x864 , 141a3428.jpg )
Might as well post these here.

The first looks at the Pacific Rim figures.
>> No. 205039
File 136086078097.jpg - (46.69KB , 576x864 , 141a3425.jpg )
>> No. 205040
File 136086080322.jpg - (49.12KB , 576x864 , 141a3426.jpg )
>> No. 205041
File 136086102637.jpg - (55.80KB , 600x396 , tumblr_mi3hxo5M2i1r6a426o1_1280.jpg )
That's three mech figures confirmed, also three kaiju figures.
>> No. 205130
Finally HLJ restocked the Revoltech parts, now I can upgrade Cattleya.
>> No. 205133
I ended up cancelling my pre-order, which filled me with great sadness to do. I'm hoping that perhaps I'll spot a specific instance of this figure that received some extra care on the assembly line, and doesn't look like crap. Otherwise I'll just have to hope that Chell is eventually done justice with a better figure.
>> No. 206588
File 136431261868.jpg - (67.89KB , 638x900 , 1364274533387.jpg )
Who is ready for some French Kamen Rider
>> No. 208238
File 13663616189.jpg - (1.37MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20130419_034903[1].jpg )
So I picked up a few new figurines recently and now am in need of a display case for them, since my shelves are very much running out of space (especially since I have very little room left on my shelves) and things like this little setup I have outright don't fit on my shelves since there's tons of books and nonsense in the way.

Anybody have any recommendations for a decent display case I can order, or should I just hoof it to an IKEA? (Closest one is out of town, sadly.)

Side note, does anybody have any recommendations for any stand or display setup for figures the size of the Metal Gear Play Arts Kai series? I just bought MGR: Revengeance Raiden (and bigtime overpaid for it now that Amazon tossed one up for nearly 40 bucks less, so I'm a little angry, but whatever) and it had it's own stand, but I want something that can support the others in my set.
>> No. 208489
>Start collecting Shinki to fit roles in collection display (medics, weapon emplacements, etc)

>prices start going nuts after anime comes out

>Stuck with only half the pairs I wanted since their mates have gone into crazy expensive range.

Now don't know if I should keep or sell to hit the market before they drop like they inevitably will.
>> No. 208493
I would watch the everloving fuck out of that show.
>> No. 208591
File 136695082927.jpg - (131.53KB , 600x800 , 1366950040643.jpg )
Don't know if to just get the Japanese Release, US Release or the Akiba Exclusive Jingo release.
>> No. 208805
File 136732143365.png - (213.51KB , 559x500 , 1367272953014.png )

I don't know if anyone else here is into Nendoroids but an anon from 4chan entered the Snow Miku 2014 contest with a really nice design. I'm hoping she wins.
>> No. 208973
Figma Link and Samus reissue due in the fourth Quarter! BBTS has them up.
>> No. 209079
美少女戦士セーラーム…youtube thumb

Needs to be on Toonami for Tom to comment.
>> No. 209391
File 13682905353.jpg - (169.76KB , 640x480 , mercury.jpg )
>> No. 209407
neat hope she comes with an alternate piece with her visor
>> No. 209611
in related news Otacute is closing up shop. Shame really as they did have some nice prices now and then and got some decent exclusives. Just hope its not a sign for future import stores.
>> No. 209638
Sad to hear that, but I'm not too worried about the import industry as a whole. I'm inclined to think they just weren't getting the same amount of business that similar sites like AmiAmi are getting, and there could be reasons for their closing that aren't necessarily monetary.
>> No. 209995
File 136941855391.jpg - (221.35KB , 547x1750 , 3A_Valve_TF2_MannVsMachine_RobotHeavy_ad_002.jpg )
Team Fortress 2: "ROBOTS!" Extended Themeyoutube thumb
>> No. 210609
File 137030592364.jpg - (80.60KB , 464x619 , 13 - 1.jpg )
Got home from A-Kon last night and made off with these for about 150 bucks for both (once you include tax and a credit-card surcharge.)

Which is a steal, as far as I'm concerned, since the Zero was 60 and Thanatos was 75 (I've never seen Thanatos for anything less than 130 online.)
>> No. 210750
File 137054996225.jpg - (16.79KB , 620x443 , pit.jpg )
I ordered figma Pit off of Amiami with SAL two weeks ago. This is the first time SAL hasn't taken exactly, on-the-dot two weeks to get here and I'm already nervous.

Hopefully I'll get it soon.
>> No. 210752
Got Cobra in a few days ago and he looks pretty good just wish he came with a static head or a plug so he didn't always have that hole in his mouth unless the cigar is in it and his hair having a little bit of slop due to all the texture. Wonder if Goodsmile would sell a few dozen of those because even with two I think they might get lost or broken. Also waiting on a Charming Drossel and a RAcaseal since I got it in my head to build him a robot girl harem.
>> No. 210756

>I got it in my head to build him a robot girl harem.

Are you me?


What's better overall, SAL or ESL?
>> No. 210759
ESL? Do you mean EMS?

I use SAL all the time and usually things arrive safe and sound in two weeks at the cheapest rate. I've heard stories about problems, though, especially around the holiday season--there's no insurance and no tracking so it's pretty much a gamble. Good for cheap things or one figure at a time.

RSAL I used once and didn't really care for. The tracking also only updates like 2 times so it's kind of worthless. If you're importing something expensive (or around a holiday) it's good because it's insured for cheaper than EMS but otherwise I'd pass.

EMS I used the first time I imported and it's nice to have something right away (~3 days for me), but kind of sucks because it's more expensive. Good if you're impatient or buying something you want insured.

I like SAL since I'm cheap but I would never use it on something over $30.

>Also waiting on a Charming Drossel
Neat! I love Charming Drossel's design, I almost bought the figma but at the time I think the exchange rate was horrible and I couldn't justify the higher than usual price. Everyone takes lovely pictures with her, though, which makes me kind of jealous.
>> No. 210761
File 137057049053.jpg - (315.69KB , 1024x759 , don_ko1353428640.jpg )
Yea she's going for about 5000jpy on the second hand sites right now and with the yen above 90 its pretty good. Charming Drossel is such and adorable chubby bot.
>> No. 210975
anyone know what I need to send Goodsmile for a part replacement inquiry? Cobra's shoulders have stuck solid and show signs of tearing.
>> No. 210988

Here, I think.
>> No. 210989
Oh whoops, you asked what, not where. My bad.

I'd send a picture of your defect and maybe a picture of a normal one and show that there's a problem with the shoulder.

I've heard they're usually nice about genuine defects in figures so if it's hard to show in a picture maybe just explain it more
>> No. 210990
yea they sent me a reply I need to send them pics, now I gotta get a decent camera so the fractures actually show up.
>> No. 211155
Well they said its not a big enough deal to warrant replacement, here is hoping they are right. Also coated Charming Drossel's belly jewel with some Future Shine. Makes it look a lot better.
>> No. 211802
File 137247848026.jpg - (1.66MB , 2592x1944 , b3.jpg )
Picked up Daijirou to go with Kankichi
>> No. 211806
Drossel is one of the international Disney Channel mascots, right?

Why the fuck doesn't America have her? With Phineas and Ferb being cancelled, and not enough people watching Gravity Falls, we need someone bringing in viewers.
>> No. 211807

Drossel's show consists of two seasons of 13 shorts, both seasons only last about 30 minutes all together. They're more something you play before commercials than anything else, and occasionally are reliant on Japanese puns that don't translate well. It's still fun, though.
>> No. 211808
File 137249725093.jpg - (159.85KB , 480x818 , mysecretshame_mywaifu.jpg )
If I was still capable of feeling shame, I'm sure this would be it.
>> No. 211814
Aah. I figured initially she was a Japanese female T.O.M. of sorts. I wouldn't mind them porting her shorts to America with a Woolseyism dub, doing what they did with Azumanga Daioh and finding equally appropriate English puns instead. (I was always a fan of the strip where Osaka thought Jean-Claude Van Damme was named Damn Van, so there must be someone named Damn Car out there.)

Not a bad Rukia figure. Her eyes are a little far apart, but that seems to be a universal problem with anime figures.

For some reason, my eyes went "Oh hey, Rukia...nicely organized manga...why does that book say Spaghetti?"
>> No. 211821
It's actually some stretchy rubber glow in the dark rope stuff that my parents sent me a few years back for Christmas. It's fun to pick up and mess around with every now and then.

The top shelf (not pictured) is full of hard and paperback trades for western comics (which honestly I tend to prefer for the most part)

Completely agree with you on Anime figures. There's almost always something about them that's just... off.

Also I wish I could get my camera to focus on the foreground instead of the background.
>> No. 211822
>It's fun to pick up and mess around with every now and then.
How long can it last in someone's pockets?
>> No. 211830
I've never pocketed it before... should be fine though. A little talcum or corn starch should fix it if needed.
>> No. 212015
File 137283750878.jpg - (107.34KB , 1100x794 , sdcc-deadpool-1.jpg )
I'm not a diehard Deadpool fan, nor a big fan of Marvel, but damn this is a brilliant bit of presentation. Too bad it's going to be hard enough to obtain at the convention itself at the listed price of $49.99, nevermind the disgustingly hiked scalper prices that'll appear on eBay.
>> No. 212036
>> No. 212069
I know! It's gorgeous and I haven't seen that kind of fun packaging since the mid-90's. Makes me wish I knew a trustworthy middleman that was actually headed for SDCC.
>> No. 212071
Hasbro usually has the Convention stuff on their Store site either during or the day after the convention. But like the stuff at convention it goes fast.
>> No. 212075
File 13729220227.jpg - (47.33KB , 491x544 , KjuXVsB.jpg )
Get hype!
>> No. 212318
File 137333468150.jpg - (538.09KB , 728x1223 , tgrukiaupgrade.jpg )
Now upgraded
She feels really solid, yet eerily fragile in most places. Her sword comes out and she came with her Shikai Zanpakuto as well as another set of hands... however the hands aren't too flexible so the swords can't be held without fear of breaking the parts. What the fuck.
>> No. 212319
File 13733347731.jpg?spoiler - (764.68KB , 728x1223 , calibratingactionpose.jpg?spoiler )
What's the matter? Expecting another flat chested animu girl? Too bad, it's just me, Garrus.
>> No. 212358
There's a new line of models of DC Comics women as 1950's pin-ups.

http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/gamereport/awesome_stuff_exclusive_batgirl_cgx2DKQd6rpFzE9i6dX8jM#axzz2YZ2Guy6h Barbara looks amazing, and she gets my vote for "redesign I'd most like to see cosplayed", but the scarf/cape combo seems a little redundant.

http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=DC31313#.UdyN6D49x74 Diana's expression is a little weird, but I love her costume. Kinda like a badass 50's mechanic, just a little more pinup-y. Love the definition on her legs, too.

http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=DC31350#.UdyN6T49x74 Kara's bustier-dress and scarf look great. Love the gold detailing, and that smile.

http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=DC0025#.UdyN6z49x74 Pamela gets my vote for the best pose. Love that simple-but-elegant old-school lingerie.

http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=DC0049#.UdyN7D49x74 Harley wouldn't look out of place in Borderlands 2, she has a Mechromancer look to her. Love the jacket, belt, boots, and goggles. Red-tipped hair looks way better than that half red/half black look.
>> No. 212413
Fragility confirmed. I stood her up and rocked her back and forth lightly to try and get her into a position where she could stand... and the little o-ring that held her foot on broke in half.

You can say what you want about American figures, but at least they don't beak from simply standing up.
>> No. 212433

That's weird, considering that other Play Arts Kai toys seem much more sturdy. Most of my Metal Gear toys can stand on their own just fine.

...Then again, the Akuma and Chun Li toys I had busted straight out of the box and I had to send them back...
>> No. 212439
That sucks. Street Fighter figures seem pretty pricy and hard to come by (in my experience). Hope you got good replacements.

As for Rukia, ya one of the biggest complaints with her was that her feet snap off way too easy... I really hope I can fix her, but with the way the figure's weighted and how thin her legs are... I don't know. Seems like they didn't really think things through.
>> No. 212449

The part that sucks is that I'm still waiting on those replacements. Cammy and Ryu are still facing off on my shelf, they were fine when they arrived.
>> No. 212480

This kid knows what's up.

Problem seems to be reversed when it comes to HQ anime figurines, but different markets and demographics, etc.
>> No. 212860
File 137392139858.jpg - (85.76KB , 634x477 , tumblr_mpr6pj9Z881ry1plvo8_1280.jpg )
I approve of this.

>> No. 212992
File 137410974464.jpg - (779.19KB , 1129x846 , quality picture jupiter.jpg )
Girl with the most talent coming up.

I'm happy that they're churning them out so fast but goddamn my wallet is suffering.
>> No. 212993
File 137410993316.jpg - (80.84KB , 620x442 , jupiter better.jpg )
Better picture.
>> No. 213018
File 137415811180.jpg - (100.88KB , 790x547 , Uranus-sailor-uranus-and-sailor-neptune-25778439-7.jpg )
now I wonder if they'll make everyone.
>> No. 213033
File 137417700527.jpg - (412.90KB , 1662x1075 , outer.jpg )
If they don't I will be severely disappointed.
>> No. 213052
File 137418875013.jpg - (60.18KB , 600x400 , 1374183790916.jpg )
wondered what Wave 2 would be
>> No. 213053
I thought Wave 2 was Bebop and Rocksteady
>> No. 213056
I thought that was just part along with Movie stuff, maybe I'm mistaken and this is Wave 3. Hope we get a new April in there at some point.
>> No. 213105
Well atlest its not the new movie turtles.
And they coming out the same year as...
Oh cleaver!
>> No. 213459
File 137458569399.jpg - (237.66KB , 852x640 , venus.jpg )
>> No. 213495
File 137467237932.jpg - (110.87KB , 441x603 , 2549_original.jpg )
New Smile Precure Figuarts!
>> No. 213773
File 13749757101.jpg - (41.56KB , 800x531 , tumblr_mqmh1tjWqH1qzdctco1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 213779
>Pics and a Vid of Scalpers from Comic Con.

Yea killed my want for any exclusives this year.
>> No. 213786
Do the people running the convention and/or the official sellers of the exclusives do anything about scalpers at present, or is their mindset seemingly "so long as they're buying our merch and padding our pockets before they go try to rip people off, we don't care"?
>> No. 213787
Some merchandisers selling direct at convention are strict about it because they know some assholes just do it and then turn around and sell it at their booth across the floor. Mattel I know for one has a history of enabling that kinda behavior allowing scalpers to just buy whole cases of merch though and last I heard the convention itself can do little to curtail that behavior. Hasbro is a bit more fair since they usually have whatever is on floor also up on their site at some point as well.
>> No. 215857
Hey, as someone pretty much completely out of the loop on how this stuff works, could someone more educated than me explain why a figure can be publicly shown more or less complete looking and then disappear for years? Something I've been curious about.
>> No. 215858
licensing and scheduling are some of the primaries with sales being another. Domon didn't exactly burn up the sales charts hence Master Asia gets shelved with only recently coming back out into the open with their starting to pursue the Western Market same with Digimon. The other is what happens with Figma in that what is more popular and a sure sale such as figures from the most popular girl show or famous celeb getting pushed to the front and others such as Sunred and his associated sitting in limbo for years or being released as exclusive. Thankfully the exclusive bit isn't has bad as it used to be with Goodsmile having an international shop and Bandai putting most what they think will sell through the Blue Fin distribution.
>> No. 215963
Hot Wheels Attack Pack Retrospect Reviewyoutube thumb
Added to list of thing that needs a reboot.
>> No. 215975
I'd buy a Domon figure. G Gundam is to this day the only Gundam I've seen. And it bred in me a love of international teams, outrageous sideburns, and dramatic yelling.

No wonder I love TF2 so much.
>> No. 216074
File 137852178426.jpg - (1.58MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20130906_211339.jpg )
Oh come the fuck on, how has this happened again? How?

I bought this same Chun Li toy, but sent it back when the legs Papa's easily. After waiting several months for the store to find a replacement, I said "screw it" except a refund, and took my business to Amazon. New toy comes in, both legs can pop off easy, and both arms break straight out of the box. Was this just... a bad toy? Was it just not made well? Because this is really frustrating.
>> No. 216080
Its just Shoddy sadly. PAK is VERY hit and miss as a line. MGS stuff is said to be great and sturdy while things outside the line are very hit and miss.
>> No. 216521
File 137910635514.jpg - (144.41KB , 1200x1600 , SH Figuarts Tyranno Ranger 12.jpg )
I do so love the idea of this fella. This Rangers answer to things 'MERICA!!!
>> No. 216880
Has anyone had any problems with Riobot Blodia? Mine has a stuck right hip joint (left moves fine). I suspect they somehow accidentally superglued the joint because there was a visible blob of it outside the joint, so there may be some within the joint itself.

Would dripping nail polish remover/acetone into the joint fix it, or do I have to return this sucker to HobbyLinkJapan? I'm afraid it'll damage the joint as well.
>> No. 216882
File 137991275719.jpg - (276.81KB , 1023x766 , fixed.jpg )
I love amazon so much you guys
>> No. 216900
File 137996812829.jpg - (661.62KB , 2560x1440 , IMAG0178.jpg )
>> No. 216901
File 137996895935.jpg - (620.89KB , 2560x1440 , IMAG0179.jpg )
ZX, Skyrider and Super 1

I was totally wanting their Robot Detective K but he's a statue
>> No. 216907
File 137998645197.jpg - (1.52MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20130922_215440.jpg )
Broke down and bought these three at a recent con Sunday. Was 190 bucks for all three, which was okay-ish, but I'm just glad to have a Chun Li that wasn't goddamn busted right away.
>> No. 217025
File 138025777434.jpg - (1.34MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20130926_233934.jpg )
Aaand thank you Mandarake!
>> No. 217028
Getting in my First D-Arts in. Like Terry to much to pass up getting him for about 20 also those effect parts will be super useful.
>> No. 217048
File 13804790179.jpg - (113.07KB , 1024x1150 , Ae49pCq.jpg )
Don't know if this goes here.
>> No. 217087
>Order arrived at JFK Customs on the 18th
Ten days later
>Its now back in Japan
Well something isn't right.
>> No. 217173
File 138076311167.jpg - (133.78KB , 640x428 , 9347836248_f5c1e3908e_z.jpg )
Neat didn't know about these until the update in my box. Eagerly await Amazon getting them in.
>> No. 217726
File 138203430147.jpg - (61.73KB , 800x656 , 1380582_734871836528732_2031764504_n.jpg )
And all the gang is here!
>> No. 220432
File 138662868421.jpg - (77.91KB , 473x600 , hIE1386076197.jpg )
People saying the Figma Spidey looks more Mayday then Peter, I've Zero problems with that. Suit actually would work better for her anyway. Now to just find a decent Figma that can be Anime May for head swaps.
>> No. 223313
File 139216651498.jpg - (59.88KB , 455x637 , red son batman.jpg )
Anyone have DC Direct Red Son Batman?

I really like how Batman looks... but the figure itself doesn't look like much fun, mainly because it doesn't seem to have much articulation.
>> No. 223315
Its a DC Direct so no the articulation won't be much, barely any movement at all really.
>> No. 223323
But just look at that sexy hat. Damn it's sexy.
>> No. 223328
as a Display piece they are great, just don't expect to be making action scenes with them.
>> No. 223370
Thanks Bunker. Probably won't pick it up then, especially at $60 which is the cheapest I've found it.

Right? Goddamn sexy Russian Batman.
>> No. 224445
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