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File 139085294090.png - (2.51MB , 1920x1080 , wallpaper.png )
222627 No. 222627
Last time: The Kickstarter is on it's way to the season two stretch goal, and it's still getting several thousand dollars a day!


A personal letter from Tot himself, with a lot of interesting revelations:

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>> No. 222630
>Season 3 unlikely
That's sad, but at least we still got the three part special and possibly the movie.
>> No. 222631
>He honestly thinks that America has better luck with serial adventures and networks aren't forcing "sitcoms" for children's television.
The poor soul.
>> No. 222634
I don't think i implied any of that. But yeah, it sucks to hear that serials don't have a place on television anymore.
>> No. 222635
Not you, dumbass. Tot.
>> No. 222636
He seemed to be talking more about programming for adults, since he was talking more about serials like Game of Thrones and the like. Which obviously doesn't apply to children's programming, though we are getting a little better there--ATLA and Korra, for example. And while they're still sitcoms, even kid's comedy cartoons are dabbling with the Dread Continuity more and more lately--c.f. the more recent seasons of Adventure Time, or see Gravity Falls. Move outside of children's programming, and the Venture Bros. and Archer both have a fairly serial nature as well.

He's likely seeing only the successful series make it over there, and therefore getting an incomplete picture of just how sitcom-heavy the American animated marketplace is. But it's understandable that he might look at some of what we're doing and be a bit envious. We are legitimately making baby steps towards a better environment for animated fare.
>> No. 222637
Yeah, he brought up Game of Thrones as an example of how seemingly niche shows (due to content or complexity) can have mainstream popularity. Now the problem is convincing people that applies to kids.
>> No. 222646
File 139087596578.jpg - (235.40KB , 659x1191 , kickstarter2.jpg )
New, cute update.

I find it funny how they're still trying to keep Qilby a secret.
>> No. 222647
Oh, I knew I was forgetting something.

>> No. 222656
File 139088310553.jpg - (141.91KB , 597x844 , 1336683855471.jpg )
Well, i think it was designed for people who found out about the kick starter and has never watched the show nor season 1. Although it sort of spoils the whole Grovy dying and coming back

Speaking of notably absent villains, Nox and Qilby are missing in>>222627.
Make sense. However, Frida Mofette is absent in the picture as well.

Frida Mofette confirmed for season 3's main villain.

In all serioness, i think it's Ankama being Ankama aand they forgot.
>> No. 222657
Of course it's quite logical, I just find it funny in a cheeky way and because of the irony that Ankama spoiled the twist themselves when season 2 was actually running.

I don't know if it'd be better if Sufokia went full evil empire, or if they just remained this vaguely sinister but completely good faction forever.
>> No. 222663
File 139089311062.jpg - (75.51KB , 322x190 , goultard doesnt give a shit.jpg )
Reminder that I'm collecting questions to ask Tot when I visit the studio. I prefer anything lore-related, but meta is fine too (I already intend to discuss English comics, the TCG, etc.).

Someone asked this in the last thread:
>What happened to the old Iop god after that thing with Goultard?

I just remembered that I have the answer to that. Spoilers, of course, from the Dofus manga:
So there's this moderately long and complicated story where the god Iop fucked one of Sadida's dolls (the ones he made to seduce the primordial dragons and have them lay the primordial six Dofus). As it turns out, the dolls are an extension of Sadida himself, which means that in essence, Iop had sex with Sadida (which grossed him out when he realized what he'd done).

Now this is a bit technical and I'm going from memory, but in short the gods have this unwritten law in place that says gods can't have offspring together (demigods are fair game) because they would create freaks of nature, even more powerful than their parents. To make this very short, the Cornu Mollu is born, sealed into the nine masks that we heard about in the Maskemane extras, and released by Razad, founder of the Masqueraider class, who wants him to destroy the world. Of course someone needs to stop him and all the gods tell Iop to fix his mistake. According to Pandawa and Ecaflip's divinations, if the gods just went after him directly, several of them would perish... so they don't want to get involved. That's how powerful he is.

So Iop, confident as ever in his battle prowess, confronts his son in a one-on-one fight and, lo and behold, Cornu Mollu is indeed stronger than Iop. Not only does he defeat him, but Cornu Molllu actually absorbs Iop's power, leaving him alive but as a diminutive, powerless man. Even more powerful, he then moves on to subjugating Brakmar (including Djaul and Brumaire) and raising a zombie army that Goultard and Arty need to stop by finding some Dofus to power themselves up, but that is another story that hasn't been told yet.

Source: http://www.otakia.com/53938/dicotakia/personnage/cornu-mollu-dofus-wakfu-analyse-resume-biographie/

So while we're not told specifically that Iop died after that, it's at least a good start of an explanation for why Goultard took over, although the timeframe isn't exactly clear (when exactly did Goultard ascend? was he already a god when he trained Pinpin? etc.).
>> No. 222669

tl;dr I really wanted to make the show about Grovy or Goultard, but I needed to throw a kid in with a backstory that was basically a DBZ rip-off to appease the execs.
>> No. 222671
Way to miss the entire freaking point of the letter. Next time cool your heels and actually try reading. The story was always going to be about Yugo, Tot just wanted to have it follow the course of his life into his adult years and it's hardly been a DBZ knockoff. It's certainly sad to find that a guy who created something this awesome and then pours out his heart on it and some jerk can still find the stones to be a dick about it. Unreal.
>> No. 222675
>hardly been a DBZ knockoff

Planet destroying alien warriors that can teleport, have the ability to fire energy beams, can't stay dead, and whose stories are intimately connected to spheres relating to dragons that they end up having to retrieve at some point. Also, their home planet was destroyed by a rival extraterrestrial race.

As for aesthetics, just look at how the Iops are designed and how Rushu and Goultard's fight turned out.
>> No. 222676
You could also argue that every story we've had of such kind is just another re-tread of the classic 'Hero's Journey'. I always saw the idea of the Eliatropes as being more along the line of Tolkien rather than Toryiama. The Eliatropes in a sense are like the Eldar who were forced from their native seat due to the greed and malcontent of one of their own (Feanor in Tolkien and Qilby here) The Council of Six match with the Order of Wizards, 5 greater powers who have the ability to rise up even after death and who are bestowed with great powers to guide others. In place of staffs, they have their dragon siblings as a reflection of their higher nature and power.
>> No. 222689
My quick one-line description of the show is Lord of the Rings meets Dragonball (not Z), but I'm reluctant to share it in a lot of places since it seems that people take it as an insult.

Different subject: why are the tentacles in Grougal's squid form cgi? They don't look very complicated to animate compared to the other cg objects (buildings, Razortime) and they're probably the most incongruous looking.
>> No. 222693
That sounds... Kind of perfect really. Wakfu has a lot of the whimsy of Dragonball, but beneath that surface, there's an epic the size od the War of the Ring just waiting to be told. Good share :)
>> No. 222799
The goal for Season 2 English Dubbing has been reached. Next goal is mini-wakfu for $250,000
>> No. 222842
File 139125604571.png?spoiler - (627.38KB , 800x450 , 415249[1].png?spoiler )
>> No. 222853
The dream's over.

>> No. 223009
Someone found a teaser for the upcoming special. While i guess the video itself is private, i was able to watch via embedded link. Hopefully, it works here.
>> No. 223010
File 139170739285.jpg - (2.68MB , 2238x4000 , yugo_from_wakfu_muscle_by_theology132-d75a406.jpg )
Oh, nevermind. It's working fine.
>> No. 223011
I doubt it's private considering it's a news item on their French site.
>> No. 223013
Even with Goultard in it, I hope this doesn't become as Iop centric as the second season was. Especially since there are very few of these OVAs coming out.
>> No. 223084
So is there any super detailed analysis of the trailer yet? (Beyond people noticing that shot of Kerub.)
>> No. 223109
Surprisingly, no.
>> No. 223157
One of the hidden stretch goals has been revealed. If we reach $450,000, we will get a exclusive episode that is free from the constraints of france3. Also, it possibly might be a prologue/prequel to season 3.

I don't think it's going to happen because i think it's a little too late in the campaign and too much to get there.

Since it seems like a big crossover event, i'm hoping it won't become a clusterfuck.
>> No. 223158
I felt that way too, but then I started to get conflicted. It's already been doing better than a lot of people's most optimistic projections, 300K was starting to look like a shoe-in. If there's anytime to reveal a stretch goal like that, it would be now, right?
>> No. 223161
Only a theory. In the september Q&A Ankama did on the wakfu MMO forums about the world of twelve, they mentioned that Xelor used to have shushus helping him manage time. When a couple of them abused their power, Xelor got pissed and shut them away. They still have some of their power though, and occasionally pull warriors out of time to fight for their amusement. If they want to do a dofus/wakfu crossover OAV, that seems an easy way to do it.
>> No. 223163
Oh, so that explains those number demons (I though XII, of course) in the trading card game! There was also a pretty prominent hourglass at the beginning; maybe that's a hint.
>> No. 223170
I kind of thought the hourglass related to Count Harebourg. Considering you do see some out of place landscapes in the teaser, it might be possible that time shushu guys might be involved.

It is curious that Amalia and Adamai are notably absent in the teaser. Not surprising for Adamai because i don't think he's usually featured in the teaser/trailers (the franga trailer comes to mind) and Ankama hate him with every fiber of their being. With Amalia, i think they actually have something planned for her and they're hiding it for now.
>> No. 223171
File 139194403823.png - (167.76KB , 636x343 , Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2_12_56 AM.png )
"I heard that you were having time troubles, Mr. Yugo. And now I can see it with my own eyes. We've never really met, but I think I can help. You can call me Millien."
>> No. 223184
File 13919815222.jpg - (26.71KB , 340x400 , 1291275843232.jpg )
I prefer the idea of Nox staying dead. I think it would ruin him if they did more with him after season 1.
>> No. 223187
Logically I agree, but illogically I'm a little sad that that he's basically gone the way of Amon from Avatar and will never relevant again. It would sting less if there was some high quality merch, like one of those prints they're doing for Qilby
>> No. 223196
Probably it's just me, but antagonists like Nox and Amon are too... dramatic? mysterious? menacing? for a first season. I realize you don't know if your show will get more than one season, but still.
>> No. 223271
File 139207370921.png - (1.15MB , 1507x768 , Grany or someone else.png )
Amon i thought was appropriate for Korra because that show was supposed to be darker than the original. I can see what you mean about Nox though especially compared to the villains of s2 (Qilby was fairly light hearted at times).

Adding another theory to the wakfu special table

Some people believe that Ecaflip and Ush might show up, considering Kerub and Remington showing up it doesn't sound too far fetch. I also wonder if human Grany will show up or that's just somebody else on the sketch chart (see pic).
>> No. 223276
File 139208063369.png - (124.62KB , 500x500 , Green_Knight.png )
People think that those might be the Tormentaor Knights from Dofus (since the numbers/colors match).
>> No. 223278
Of course i see the horns now. That makes a lot more sense. Still, i don't know much about them.
>> No. 223287
Sacrier hero defeated this evil dude and adopted his sons out of pity. They eventually killed him for revenge and stole his gear. The hero's real son and his squire then proceed to hunt them down.
>> No. 223361
The 300,000 goal has been met.
>> No. 223363
File 139224990023.gif - (750.96KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mzofp5O0aG1tp1n1io1_500.gif )
And people said it was an unrealistic expectation.

I remember someone saying that they would be satisfied if the Kickstarter made at least as much as Krosmaster's. That seems like an alright cap to hope for.
>> No. 223368
Well, I still don't think we'll reach the 450 thousand mark. Maybe it's just as well because it doesn't seem like they have a strong idea on what it's going to be yet and the possibilities presented seem a little shaky. A season 3 prologue seems pointless when right now there isn't going to be a season 3. While an original adventure sounds fun, they have done that many times before with the non-plot episodes.

I won't lie that there's a nice novelty to the idea that it's an episode funded by the fans and it would be very cool if did get funded, but i just don't think it's going to be a major loss.
>> No. 223369
they can't even pay for a single new episode with 300K anyway. All the promise are about editing stuff that exists at best. Those 300K $ will only end up being a little more than 150K $ in the end considering change rate but also taxes (60% for donation in France)
>> No. 223378
The $300,000 would just show to other potential investors the level of fan interest.
>> No. 223422
Point! Backed.
>> No. 223445
The new exclusive episode stretch goal has been reduced from 450k to 400k. If we get a strong enough bath tub effect, we might be able to reach that...
>> No. 223722
>Exclusive episode funded
Color me surprised.
>Smug duck origin comic funded
>> No. 223760
La fin.

Final total was CAN$483,524 (in other currencies: US$436,581, 317,717€, £261,539, AU$484,934).
>> No. 223762
Now that it's over, I can take the time to appreciate that I never thought we could raise so much money OR gather so many backers.
I'm pleased and impressed.
>> No. 223768
Indeed, i'm still surprised we got an exclusive episode and more. It was a fun ride while it lasted.
>> No. 223832
File 139287470713.png - (85.90KB , 498x585 , ZHQaECK.png )
>> No. 223902
And so we're back to the bored tedium of waiting for the next big thing.

I wonder what will come first: Tome 3 or the special?
>> No. 223904
Tome 3 was registered on some comic selling websites, wasn't it? It can't be too long.

Probably missed it during all this: do the specials have a release date?
>> No. 223909
The specials were originally announced for Q1 2014 and some CM said there were very big things coming in June so I assume it will be around then.

>Tome 3 was registered on some comic selling websites, wasn't it?
I'm not seeing anything online.
>> No. 224013
File 139319098973.png - (482.20KB , 800x553 , Wat_Qilby.png )
>> No. 224023
I don't think Iop died in actual or future Dofus Manga plot.
I think Goultard is new god Iop because he has part of Iop's soul inside him and it grew to give Goultard the power of the God. However it's just especulation.

What about Lou's fate? Is Simone a relative of Lou?
Will there be more about Nail (N) or something related?
How many eliatrope children are there in Emrub?
Why didn't Yugo&Adamai asked Phaeris or Balthazar to tell them Eliatrope history?
About Jiva&Djaul meeting in t2, when did it happen?: Dofus or Wakfu age?
>> No. 224099
The franga tomes have come out around June/July so i wouldn't be surprised if it came around that time window. It would be interesting if both came out around the same time just to see which one people are more interested in.
>> No. 224107
Apparently it was supposed to be April but now it's slated for June 20:
>> No. 224134
Hey guys, I'm a bit out of the loop on Wakfu stuff, since I haven't visited the threads for like 3-4 months and I don't know French (don't worry though I haven't missed the Kickstarter and I've contributed to it).

So here's 2 questions I could probably research easily if I knew French, but since I don't know any, I will be very grateful to have them answered.

1) I seem to recall reading that the 3 special episodes were supposed to take place 1-2 years after the Wakfu Manga, but Tot in his letter refers to them as in "season 2's continuity", and in the trailer Yugo doesn't seem to be any older. So are the 3 specials taking place during season 2, after season 2, but before the Manga, or after the Manga as I originally recall to have read? Or is their no official 100% confirmed word on it?

2) And secondly, I know 2 volumes of the Manga are out and the 3rd will come out in June, but are we aware how many volumes the Manga is planned to have?
>> No. 224137
1. I think we were initially told that the special takes place 5-6 years after season 2. I know it doesn't quite make sense given how the designs haven't changed really all that much. However, i'm not sure if that is still true.

2. They said you should expect 5-6 tomes.
>> No. 224142
Many thanks for the answers, anon.

So at their current speed they'll need 2-3 years to finish the Manga, Jesus. That's quite long given the type of story they're going for here.
>> No. 224323
Yeah, i think someone nailed it when they said that the franga was going to be tedious thanks to the long waits.

And holy shit, they better be at mt. zinit by the end of tome 3 or so help me...
>> No. 224393
Well if their latest update is anything to go by we might get our surveys soon, which is nice.

And apparently they'll get the finalized VA cast list sent to them in about 7 weeks. So we'll have to hold out for that, provided we get to take part of the info, before we can dig into who'll sound like what.
>> No. 224438
Is it too late to complain about how the smug duck is getting a interactive comic?
>> No. 224452
A bit. It's been 3 weeks since it's been decided. Besides, not like any of us can prevent it from happening.

Personally, I don't mind. I enjoy gratuitous fanservice and a comic like that might feature it in spades. Even if it doesn't, it's just an interactive comic, not like they focus a whole animated episode around it. For me animated fare>comics in importance, when it comes to Wakfu.
>> No. 224455
I reserve any and all complaints for the quality, it merely existing doesn' warrant any I'll feelings on my part. He was in one episode, where he served as a comical effect. He can hardly be said to be so overdone because they give him a tiny comic.
But I'd rather see him not be used to cencor anything in the special. But rather just have a slight cameo.
>> No. 224458
>But I'd rather see him not be used to cencor anything in the special. But rather just have a slight cameo.

I'd want him to censor something in the special as that'd mean we'd get a scene similar to the ep.14 bath scene, which I enjoyed. I'd prefer no censorship at all, but that's obviously never going to happen, since they need to market this stuff for kids.

Unlike the 3 planned special episodes, the bonus episode sponsored by kickstarter wasn't planned, so I doubt they'll be able to put any deep or gamechanging storyline in it. So I see no harm in some fun with censored frontal nudity in that one bonus episode.
>> No. 224467
> I'd prefer no censorship at all
See that's something I don't get, the wish for him to not be there. I mean I can understand the humorous remarks like "If I see that fucking duck one more time" and whatnot. But not the wish for him to never have been there.

Take the bathing scene for example, there's well carved females that are naked, and a duck with a smug expression that manages to place himself just in the right place to cencor all the just a bit too naughty parts in a funny manner. Take him away, and what is it? Sure it's some boobs and vaginas, which is all nice. But at the end of the day the duck is the entire joke of that scene, we love him, well I do at least, for the comical and smug way he does what he does, and we love to hate him for the comical, smug and well timed cencorship. Without him there's really no joke is there?

And I think that's worth more than the nudity, though I too have been known to enjoy pretty girls being naked. But there's always fan art for that in regards to wakfu.
>> No. 224483

>And I think that's worth more than the nudity, though I too have been known to enjoy pretty girls being naked. But there's always fan art for that in regards to wakfu.

We'll have to agree to disagree. For me "canonical" fanservice/nudity is just on a whole different level of cool. Fan-artists very often tend to completely change the personality of the character and draw them in scenarios they'd never find themselves in and have them behave completely out of character. So often times I find myself looking at Rule 34 of franchises, and feeling I look at some drawing with a similar design rather than at the actual character.

In fact, at the risk of sounding like a weeaboo, Japanese smut is far less guilty of that. Because, over there a lot of the time smut artists are into the franchises they're drawing, while in the western rule 34 scene much of the smut is drawn as commissions, by artists who don't follow the franchise, or in other cases the pic references some meme or is drawn for some contest, or has some pop-cultural reference that requires the characters to behave in an unlikely manner. Not that there's anything wrong with that, people with the talent (or the money to commission) drawing the pics have a right to produce whatever they want. I'm just explaining why nudity in a canonical work means a lot more to me than fan-art.

The nudes of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy drawn by Bruce Timm might not be the most technically detailed Rule 34 of them, but they impress me way more than any fan-art. Similarily, I saw very detailed nudes of Bulma on pixiv, but the times she appears top-less in the manga (despite Toriyama's simplified drawing style) titilate me way more.

Because, for me, when someone heavily involved in drawing the official work (or even better the sole original creator) draws the character nude, only then does it feel like I'm looking at the actual character, fan-art is nice, but it's not the same level. Especially, when it comes to franchises like Wakfu where 70-90% of smut is drawn by artists who hardly know the characters they're drawing.

And I'm aware this post reads like someone autistic wrote it, who overthinks stuff majorily, but you said you "don't get it", so I was merely trying to explain my thought process, so that you better understand it. I totally respect your point of view.

Besides, as I said, I'm aware they'll never do uncensored nudity in Wakfu, they market the franchise for kids, so they'd have to face a huge backlash. It's fine and I understand it. A duck censor is fine, too, just not what I would prefer.
>> No. 224489
My problem with Smug Duck has more to do how people wouldn't shut up about it and that stupid tub scene. To me, It's like a teacher rewarding a student for being aggravating.

Also, while it's cool that they are kind of making something because of the community, an interactive comic of a toy duck just seems stupid.
>> No. 224494
But it's par for the course. Love it or hate it, Ankama loves to do silly random stuff like that, be it as cameos or whole one-shot comics or shorts.
>> No. 224524
> My problem with Smug Duck has more to do how people wouldn't shut up about it and that stupid tub scene.
Now that I can relate to. But I don't have a problem with a small interactive comic because at the end of the day he's been in two episode (cameo in upcoming special episode counted), and will get a small interactive comic.

Which doesn't seem like all too much. But we'll see where it all ends up.
>> No. 224529
I agree. But then I remember that the other incessantly parroted wakfu joke they could have used (TWENTY MINUTES) is a huge spoiler.

Changing the subject: do you think they'll release all the voice actors in a list, or will they draw it out for suspense?
>> No. 224531
The more recent puffy vulva isn't really that big either, nor appropriate. As for VA's, I think it'll be one release, but I think they'll wait until they've done the dub.
>> No. 224566
File 139420790241.jpg - (117.57KB , 550x260 , 416883.jpg )
The Dofus movie will be released in 2015. It's called Dofus Book I: Julith.

Source: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/serie/communaute/news/416885-dofus-film-parti
>> No. 224579
So they changed the name.
>> No. 224590
File 139422319542.jpg - (650.01KB , 1280x1862 , dofus.jpg )
There's some more information here on the page for Cartoon Movie Festival.
>In the magnificent city of Bonta, twelve-year-old Joris whiles away happy days with his adoptive father, Kerub Crepin, an old cat man.

>All that changes the day Joris is kidnapped by Julith, a witch who has set her heart on destroying Bonta. Julith alone knows that Joris is the unwitting master of the Ebony Dofus, a dragon's egg whose power can make her wildest dreams come true. With the help of his new companions, Joris will finally be able to prove his worth as the only person who can save Bonta.
>> No. 224643
I can't help it, I just don't feel excited about the Dofus movie. Kerub's a fun character for 11-13 minute long segments, but I can't see him carrying a feature film.

I also fear that should the movie underperform, it might kill any lingering hopes of a Wakfu movie and there's already close to zero chances of a season 3
>> No. 224644
Well presumably Kerub won't play a big role in the movie since it's about Joris proving his worth. Sure he'll be there, but probably not carrying the movie.

Though I do disagree anyway as I'm pretty sure I would enjoy a Kerub-centric movie, but that's just opinions.
>> No. 224663
Yeah, the blurb makes it sound like the whole movie is about Joris with Kerub being a supporting character. Even though the premise seems a bit generic, i'm sort of glad they're finally focusing on the guy.

Also, I've been told Julith is a new character or at least i haven't found anything about her outside the film.
>> No. 224960
Ye she seems to be new.

And I'd be willing to wager the boufbowler is going to turn out to be a disappointment to Joris when it comes to being a real her.
>> No. 225157
Assuming that iop is in the pics we've seen, it looks like there's going to be a Eva/Grovy dynamic with him and the girl.

Also, according to /coc/ the movie isn't going to be completely kiddy.
>> No. 225214
More specificlly according to Tot. But I think that's just promotion/shilling. No producer's gonna say "Our movie's totally aimed at kids, you older teenagers and adults don't expect anything really serious".

You always say "oh yeah, you guys wanting more mature stuff will be entertained, too!" whether it's true or not.
>> No. 225231
True, but i guess i sort of believe him. If it's true, i think it would be more under the lines of wakfu.
>> No. 225623
inb4 it's appealing to mature audience due to badly done drama. I jest of course, or do I? We'll see, eventually. If anything the OVA's have a larger chance to include that.
>> No. 225659
I like to think that Ankama has wizened up since tome 1 and season 2.
>> No. 225661
*wised up
God, what was i thinking?
>> No. 225697
This is only tangientially related, but apparently there's a Krosmaster promo pack that will be given away in stores participating in Tabletop Day this coming Saturday, in case anyone wanted to pick that up eventually.
>> No. 225706
any link for more info?
>> No. 225710
On tabletopday.com you can search for local participating stores. This page lists the swag:
I don't know if you have to do anything specific to get it, I just watched Wil Wheaton's announcement on YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOQpOOLYtY4 ) and apparently they're free, you just need to go and grab them. Maybe each store has a different policy on that.
>> No. 225734
File 139663106822.jpg - (57.08KB , 550x260 , 1396601909134.jpg )
Some wakfu news that i yanked from /co/:

Apparently, they're going to show the first episode of the three part special during the convention. Someone who knows french could help clarify.
>> No. 225739
Clarify what?
>> No. 225740
Whether it's true that they're showing the first episode of the special at the convention and maybe when that convention is happening (May 2nd-ish?). Stuff like that.

I don't want to be saying stuff that isn't true.
>> No. 225741
I think you got the basics down. Preview of the three-episode special at a convention May 2nd-4th. I think it also says they'll do the screening three times, once each day.
>> No. 226597
>Ankama about 10 hours ago

>Hi guys! Sorry for the long silence, Sabi and I were thrust back into the exciting world of community management for Dofus and Wakfu and things got a little busy! However, we're back working on a new update for you, particularly, our first voice cast list. There's been lots of work done on the series back here behind the scenes and we're excited about what we'll be able to share with you soon!
>> No. 226623
That's good to hear. Hopefully they're at least decent voice actors.
>> No. 226641
File 139843918755.png - (28.27KB , 225x239 , today is a good day to honk.png )
> voice acting list
The honkening is upon is comrades.
>> No. 226943
Any news or something regarding the Ankama convention?
>> No. 226947
The OVA did air at the con, but we're waiting on a plot summary. Cam rip is probably unlikely. Besides that, they had a Q&A session about the game.

I'm surprised we haven't gotten a plot summary yet but we still have two more days.
>> No. 226964
File 139915382672.png - (62.99KB , 688x226 , 1399144715520.png )
Finally got some spoilers, although it doesn't really reveal anything we didn't know or could figure out.

Pics has what i'm saying but in more detail probably.

Eva and Grovy did have two kids: an iopette and a cra boy. The main bad guy is the king of frigost, which is believed to be Count Harebourg. It sounds like they're playing up the Yugo/Amalia relationship a bit more this time around.

Apparently, the special is supposed to come out or air in October.

For now, take this with a grain of salt because it might be erroneous.
>> No. 226968
I like how you left out the thing about Iop.
>> No. 226970
That's because i didn't know that. I'm reposting from the thread on /co/ and he didn't mention anything about iop. Also, i don't know french.
>> No. 227210
Someone who saw the ova at the con was nice enough to do a Q&A session about what happened. While it seems fairly trustworthy, do take the spoilers with a grain of salt.

Massive spoilers incoming

Yugo and the rest of the brotherhood reunite in the sadida kindgom thanks to Otomai (the alchemist who created ogrest)

Yugo has barely grown, Grovy and Eva have two kids, a Iop girl and a cra boy, but hey are not twins, Ruel's Phorror has grown quite a bit, Amalia looks hotter
>Is it true that Harebourg is the main bad guy?

>Why is otomai still alive?
Your guess is as good as mine, he isn't even aged or anything

>What's the story about Grovy with an aura?
He's using the Iop's Wrath power he goes full berserk and defeats Harebourg minion's it's triggered when he sees his children about to fall to the lava
>Is Chibi, Joris, or anyone else of note with them in the kingdom
Chibi, who's now a toddler and Grouga stay at Alibert's Inn

Joris, however goes with Adamai and Otomai in search for other dofus, but in the end It is revealed that the true Joris is frozen along with kerubim and his brother.
He wants to marry Amalia, he plans n using the energy of the sadida kingdom to warm up the Frigost

>Is there any more hints of Amalia and Yugo getting together?

Yes, they blush and he Stops Amalia's wedding

>What are the kids like?
They are adventurous... the little girl even fuses with rubilax during a fight, the boy uses an arm crossbow like cleophee
>Does Ruel actually do something?
He uses the same trick moumune used of fusing with his phorror, it was quite nice to see actually

>Remington and/or maskemane show up?
Not yet, but then again I was hoping to see goultard and others, we'll have to wait for the other specials

>Any moments that stood out to you?
The whole fight against the Tormenters, first they get caught on ice, then Grovy and Eva's children show up, Rubilax possesed Iop girl was awesome and Grovy going full Iop was also quite nice, it may be because im a grovy fan

>Was it good? Did you liked it?
I liked it a lot, even if I didn't understood all of what was being said and my friend had to explain/translate for me, The ending is kind of a cliffhanger and mystery I can't wait to see the rest
>What is the cliffhanger?
>Does it look like Harebourg's going to the main bad guy throughout the specials?

Yes, along with another one maybe, Harebourg escapes A-la-Nox at the end after Amalia attacks him after he defeated Yugo The fake joris who went with Adamai and Otomai is last seen doing an evil laugh

>> No. 227211
Final note: He might come back tomorrow to do some more questions.
>> No. 227217
>Does Ruel actually do something?
It's funny but it hurts.
>> No. 227221

It sounds like he actually does something this time even though, even though it's something his grandma did. Still, the the thought is there and it does sound badass.

I think the biggest "WTF" moment is the fake Joris/real joris stuck in an iceberg with Kerubim and his bro. I"m not sure if this is the most brilliant turn of events in cartoon history or the dumbest. And then there's the implications of a fake Joris who might have been evil the whole time.

Also same man has just posted a summary of the episode in /co/.
>> No. 227222
Pastebin of the plot summary:

First time using pastebin so tell me if you guys have problems.
>> No. 227246
Public file:
>> No. 227281
Not necessarily. Wakfu Joris might be controlled by iced!Joris.
>> No. 227282
File 139986557412.gif - (104.78KB , 500x281 , 1373257996713.gif )

And we don't even know how long they have been frozen.

For all we know they could have been all right up to before the beginning of the special

>> No. 227283
Unless Kerbim's and his brother are immortal, I think the most logical explanation is that they were frozen since the dofus era (as long as Ankama's going with the logic that being frozen in ice=cryogenic sleep).

Also, while i don't quite want to completely discredit the notion of real joris controlling fake joris, i would think if fake joris was controlled by real joris, real joris and friends would be free from the ice prison by now unless it was recent event. Even then, i think fake joris would be like "That harebourg is a dick, don't trust him. He has has the real Joris frozen in his evil lair." And of course, there's the whole evil laugh thing at the end of the episode unless the person misinterpret that.

Now i'm curious if real joris is the joris they showed in the teaser (the one with the mouth) and that fake joris's design is the same one from the series (the no mouth one). Next thread on co i'll ask and see if the guy who saw the special can answer. That and what design their using for Harebourg in the special.

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