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File 138830076915.jpg - (493.77KB , 1100x2281 , pony_mash_11___physics_lesson_by_gsphere-d4dyim3.jpg )
221273 No. 221273
A.k.a. MLP:FiM
Haven't seen the last episode yet.
Also, thanks a lot dA.
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>> No. 221275
File 13883017082.png?spoiler - (739.80KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-12-28-18h40m38s53.png?spoiler )
Spoiler image for whoa this is a crazy one. Also that end implication. But really this ep was ten kinds of awesome for Flutterbat
>> No. 221284
File 138833922295.png?spoiler - (427.43KB , 1922x1079 , Untitled.png?spoiler )
Fluttershy is getting all the best transformations this season. I wonder if this is how Luna gets her bat pony guards.

That final shot though...
>> No. 221304
So it looks like Three’s a Crowd isn't Weird Al's episode though it appears he's confirmed to have one.

>January 25 – “Three’s a Crowd”: Twilight is looking forward to some quality bonding time with Princess Cadance. But when a sick friend shows up needing Twilight’s attention, it looks like her plans for a peaceful visit with her sister-in-law will have to be put on hold.
>> No. 221338
File 138846483286.jpg - (97.25KB , 954x475 , TallerSparkle.jpg )
Am I imagine it, or Twi is a little taller this season?
>> No. 221340
Yeah because alicorn.
>> No. 221401
Who would win in a fight, Vampireshy or Hulkshy?
>> No. 221402
hard to say while Hulkshy was raging she still had some control while Vampshy was feral in that form. Part of me wants to go with Vamp since she could hit and run till Rager gave out.
>> No. 221459
File 138870056930.png - (136.86KB , 500x601 , bp tumblr_m04yfhT21f1r757rdo1_500.png )
And posted a year ago.
Funny how things turns out.
>> No. 221460
File 13887020615.png - (541.85KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-01-02-17h29m06s239.png )
Heh both of Flutters transformations predating the air.
>> No. 221465

That ask was probably based on Luna's bat pony guards. We knew they existed, we just didn't know if they were their own race like the crystal ponies, or a magical enchantment of a normal pony or what.
>> No. 221471
File 138876367040.jpg - (151.07KB , 640x480 , HNI_0100_MPO.jpg )
What if Fluttershy is becoming one?!
Or its just Discord trolling from offscreen.
Most not ship..!

Also I am having why too much fun with these little things.
>> No. 221472
We get the standard Vamp stuff subtly introduced, shades and hats maybe a sensitivity or dislike for the daytime pending on how this is played. Be freaky if that is how this season goes each becoming some kinda pony elder creature. Applejack the Ent, Windego Dash, Pinky Pie heir to Discord/Chaos (Sheogorath), Crystal Entity Rarity. Transition into the next series were grown up Crusaders become the beginning of the next six maybe have them be multi species. The idea of Scoots being paired with a Gryphon I find adorable.
>> No. 221477
File 138877300445.png?spoiler - (617.49KB , 1280x720 , Pinkie_Pie_behind_a_mirror_S4E07.png?spoiler )
>the standard Vamp stuff
I call shenanigans!
Everyone knows that Vampire dont have reflexions!
>> No. 221478
Well she was just a Vampire Fruitbat/ Pony hybrid then. May turn out different now.
>> No. 221486
Vampires didn't have reflections because olden tyme mirrors used silver as its reflective surface. Modern day mirrors don't use silver so vampires reflect off of them just fine.

That's my headcanon and I'm sticking to it.
>> No. 221488
so what would repel a Flutterbat? Also will this season confront Dash's cider problem?
>> No. 221501
When will we have a plot important episode again? The past few episodes have been fine but I'm more interested in finding those keys.
>> No. 221502
Rarity Takes Manehattan was hilarious! Might be the funniest episode this season. I think Rainbow Dash had the best lines, like the comment about Applejack's honesty.
>> No. 221517
Haven't noticed any Derpy cameos this season yet... :/
>> No. 221524
Windows Wallpaper Rarity (from Anthology 3)youtube thumb

Anyone else sort of annoyed when weird random stuff makes you laugh?
>> No. 221536
File 138888449865.jpg - (235.69KB , 800x554 , flutterbat slap tumblr_myuml4uvdG1rf5g10o2_1280.jpg )
So much I want to talk about, but cant find that words...
>> No. 221537
I worry about that a little less since queen of muffins gets official products now, though during the song there looked to be a gray blonde Pegasus in the background.
>> No. 221540
File 138888799586.png - (211.19KB , 500x478 , nerd pony.png )
>> No. 221541
"oh a game reviewer"
>> No. 221544
Is "Grumpy Cat" some reference I'm not catching?
>> No. 221547
Alternatively, "a youtube personality".

For what people are speculating, that seems to be a brony: internet joke, pseudo-intellectual sweater and a fedora. Even when that hat looks more like a tyrolean hat.
>> No. 221552
File 13889086779.jpg?spoiler - (28.99KB , 337x276 , YP-1TV-04x08-Spazz_mkv_snapshot_02_32_[2014_01_04_.jpg?spoiler )
I think it was supposed to be a trilby, similar to a fedora. And that looks more like a leather jacket with an oversized popped collar.

Look out for the Mad Men reference and the background alicorn.
>> No. 221555
File 138891674671.png - (255.98KB , 570x310 , 1388861223376.png )
I hope she shows up again.
>> No. 221556
Oh yeah, people keep calling trilbies as fedoras, but the main idea remains I guess: obnoxious douchebags. Which most of the bronies seem to be.

And that alicorn seems familiar.

She was such a cutie pie.
I hope she ends later in ponivlle, as Rarity's assistant.
>> No. 221610
File 138900906128.jpg - (23.20KB , 300x300 , S6H4tfl.jpg )
>> No. 221728
File 138918535622.png - (422.07KB , 493x750 , 4koma no food or drinks allowed tumblr_myfpggF0ob1.png )
>> No. 221771

The character is just annoying. End of story. Nothing about him is entertaining or endearing.
>> No. 221775
Why? It's not like it'll affect anything official.
>> No. 221778
Its not that. Its just that objectively speaking as a fan work animation quality aside its seriously not good at the inherent level. The big flaws rely with the protagonist himself.

- Button's cry baby mama's boy whiny personality.
- His irritating voice.

These two things are horrible. It feels like I'm watching Planet Sheen that spun off Jimmy Neutron. Having a main character who better functions as a side character doesn't work at all if the personality and voices are bad which they are. There's nothing endearing about Buttons and he just comes off as annoying. Another example of an annoying protagonist is Chowder from Cartoon Network. Granted at least Buttons is easy on the eyes while Chowder is just some gluttonous fatass. But I digress.

I'm not going to be watching this drivel, I just hope people have better sense than allow themselves to be sheep herd by the visual eye candy.
>> No. 221780
So just mute it then.
>> No. 221781

Haven't seen the episode, but apparently an animator said he's just supposed to be a grumpy pony in general, thus the grumpy cat Cutie Mark. The hat is because everybody was in old fashioned New York clothing.
>> No. 221784
Was this background pony who barely appeared for 5 seconds really a big deal? I must have missed all the drama.

It's petty to wish it'll fail because it doesn't match your tastes. Just ignore it like a mature adult.
>> No. 221785

Okie-doke, chief. You're the boss.
>> No. 221787
>Button's cry baby mama's boy whiny personality.
>His irritating voice.

Some people find that combination funny. Like me, especially in that video you posted though probably because it was short.
>> No. 221788
Now, on a note about something that actually matters...
Pinkie Apple Pie Preview Clip …youtube thumb

Also http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/01/luna-heading-to-space.html
>> No. 221789
I think that's the first time a predator's killed a prey in the show.
>> No. 221797
File 138938870468.png - (357.64KB , 814x514 , 520358__safe_the+ride+never+ends_mr-dot-+bones.png )
Talk of season 5 incoming.
>> No. 221798
File 138939376286.gif - (508.90KB , 657x540 , S02E03-Whos-a-pretty-pony.gif )
"Six seasons and a movie" was a joke... but it's shaping up to be a real possibility.
>> No. 221812
File 138946754650.gif - (4.89MB , 480x270 , beatupponies.gif )
>> No. 221814
I see CN is still keeping up the tradition of knocking on "girl" stuff.
Action Hank's thoughts on frie…youtube thumb
>> No. 221815
Out of the Poniverse (ep 2)youtube thumb
Huh, that would fix that episode.
>> No. 221819
Some people just get to be silly when the show invalidates "fan canon". Its part of the hate that LoK is dealing with.
>> No. 221820
Daring Do the author is real and Daring Do the fictional character isn't the same way Ian Fleming is a real person and James Bond isn't. I don't get how it's blowing people's minds that an author can use their real life experience to write fictionalized, exaggerated accounts.

"It was all a dream" is an even worse premise than the episode's actual premise.
>> No. 221821
Sorry Bunker. Deleted my >>221818 to add a bit more to my comment.
>> No. 221822
Good episode today. This season's doing better than I expected.
>> No. 221825
FINALLY a good Applejack/Apple family episode, along with the first good Applejack song. This season is becoming my favorite of the four; all of these new writers are hitting homeruns.
>> No. 221826
File 138948427814.png - (932.51KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-01-11-18h48m02s249.png )
I do adore the expressions
>> No. 221828
How long is this season meant to last?
>> No. 221829
full 26, we aren't even at the halfway point.
>> No. 221834
File 138949337621.jpg - (167.31KB , 800x1426 , ra in rain 55c148f47d421dadb0e2bdbb989bfebe.jpg )
>> No. 221835
File 138949430713.png - (1.89MB , 680x800 , tmp_83197 - artist%253Acleverdisguise rarity wet_m.png )
Wet Rarity best Rarity
>> No. 221872
My Little Pony Season 4: Birth…youtube thumb

Why does storyboard look better than the final product a lot of times? The expressions are so much better.
>> No. 221873

hand drawn boards vs flash tooled final product.
>> No. 221874
They can't make new expressions in Flash to match more closely to the storyboards?
>> No. 221884
If its done in flash, chances are its on a retty tight deadline.
Its not very productive to animate every storyboard accurately.
>> No. 221886
Also, from what I can tell from that video, there's also the factor that varying expressions too much would be considered 'off model'.
>> No. 221888
Same as the difference between sketches and finished drawings, I guess. Also they'd have to create all keyframes matching the more loosely drawn faces etc, more work.
>> No. 221992
File 138975888358.png - (72.48KB , 242x196 , Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11_07_25 PM.png )
Why aren't you LOVING IT?
How Applejack Won The War (original song)youtube thumb
>> No. 221998

Heh, this is the first MLP thing to make me smile in a long while.
>> No. 222048
File 138982530976.jpg?spoiler - (1.86MB , 1040x1600 , 014.jpg?spoiler )
Man Daring Doo is getting tons of screentime.
See also:
>> No. 222109
So my Hot Topic has got rid of 99% of its pony stuff. Whats left is in the clearance bin or on the top shelf behind other stuff (seriously, how do you expect your IDW comics to sell when there 7 feet up and behind all those power ranger funk figures). Is this a sign of things to come?
>> No. 222122
File 138990713646.jpg - (1.23MB , 1040x1600 , 025.jpg )
Nah, maybe the store just suck at it.

Also, your average dota team post lost.
>> No. 222187
File 139003764736.png - (665.76KB , 750x1070 , tumblr_mzit5gURsw1qil1h0o1_1280.png )
>> No. 222190
Must be your store. The one in my town still have them front and center on the widow displays.
>> No. 222195
>Today's episode
Epic move, Hasbro. Or whoever it was.
>> No. 222196
File 139006549799.png - (865.50KB , 1600x900 , DERPY.png )
That's our girl.
>> No. 222197
>> No. 222198
>> No. 222200
Why is Bulk Biceps (ugh... what a name) so terrible at flying? He wasn't this terrible at the Wonderbolt Academy. Also, I liked his old voice better.

Wow, the Wonderbolts were conniving jerks.

The episodes was a bit too congratulatory for RD. Everyone was constantly complimenting her on how awesome she was... we get it, she's good at flying. Move on.

Yep... those items that flash rainbow colors are gonna be the 6 keys.
>> No. 222201
Instead of Bulk they should have used Derpy as the terrible third wheel on the team. At least she's canonically a bad flier, unlike Bulk who got into the Wonderbolt Academy. As is, all they did was bring a background pony to the foreground and then did literally nothing with her. What a waste.
>> No. 222202
maybe next we see her she'll be the official Mailmare.
>> No. 222207
Background is perfect for her. As a big fan, I like it most having her being a Waldo in the background. After half a season of no Derpy, what we got was refreshing, though.
I liked how Bulk Biceps seems to have to give it all so he can fly, but I see your point.

My big complaint today was how Spitfire turned into such a bitch. As for RD... I guess that's how it goes for a celebrity. Kinda surprised how the pony crowd seems to have gotten a better memory now.
>> No. 222211
New episode is terrible. Easily the worst so far. The wonder opts are suddenly assholes and there's only 3 when we've seen more than that in several episodes. Biceps can't fly despite flying fine in wonder lots academy. The hundreds of Pegasus from hurricane fluttershy are gone and we get a moral issue that's dash has solved like three times by now. I was half expecting the bolts to be shadow lots in disguise. Was this possibly an excuse just to get dash to stop idolizing them? At least Derpy is back.
>> No. 222216
Loved the Derpy/Rainbow Dash episode. Found Spitfire's attitude perfectly acceptable, since she did not grow up in Ponyville, learning about friendship from a purple pone.
>> No. 222217
File 139011190787.png - (2.30MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-01-19-00h34m30s12.png )
Oh Twilight
>> No. 222218
A mediocre episode but it was good to see Derpy again.

I wish Twilight would have joined in the competition, it would have been a good time to finally bring up her wings.
>> No. 222220
File 139012052082.png - (99.47KB , 1219x365 , shes-back.png )
Well you didn't have to scare us like that... b-baka...
>> No. 222221
File 139012063647.png - (30.65KB , 512x189 , slendermane Capture.png )
As for that one surprise last episode...
>> No. 222222
File 139012109599.png - (383.23KB , 776x516 , 139006491300.png )
This was neat as well.

I also spotted Flitter, and heard Cloudchaser was around, too. We get some background cameos from Lyra with Bonbon (or Lyra in Leaping Lyra mode) and I'm sold.

Would like to see Gilda or Trixie on the background sometime as well, but I can see how maybe they're saving them for possible future episodes, just in case, to avoid inconsistencies.
>> No. 222223
those gryphons are pretty
>> No. 222224
So with Gilda and Gustave that's five so far.

It would be nice to see them go on a trip to gryphon or zebra land or something.
>> No. 222227
File 139013636131.png - (146.82KB , 742x1077 , rf Applejack is interested.png )
>those stretches
>> No. 222239
File 139016830668.png - (300.55KB , 852x469 , making family.png )
>> No. 222246
Wait, wait, horse comics are sold at Hot Topic? I thought was just the fan merchandise.
>> No. 222247
Some stock a few of the main series,
>> No. 222343
File 139035214137.png - (506.68KB , 733x598 , Gem Rarity.png )
Well just sitting back to see how weird this gets.
>> No. 222344
File 139035815392.gif - (285.35KB , 160x205 , little rage academia.gif )
I want to hurt the person(s) responsible.
>> No. 222347
File 13903589427.jpg - (28.80KB , 400x400 , 2621C13050569047F5B30DA891FD2107.jpg )
I think this time its someone really wants Jem but the rights are such a boondoggle, this is what they have to do to get that fix. Hey its not like they don't have a solid songwriter to do this stuff.
>> No. 222348
File 139036757624.gif - (3.45MB , 960x810 , S01E23-When-they-got-their-cutie-marks.gif )
>> No. 222349
Nice, but I just couldn't keep focus anymore around 46%. Thanks for sharing though.
>> No. 222363
The show is being tampered with in a bad way, and all you care about is songs?
>> No. 222365
When Equestra Girls starts mucking about with show proper then I'll get into a snit, as long as it remains a side project that has no impact on the actual show itself, I've got nothing to really get upset about.
>> No. 222386
I guess I'm the only one who wants to see Sunset Shimmer in the show as a more magically competent rival for Twilight than Trixie.
>> No. 222387
That would be nice, pump it up since demon is a lot of a better foil now with Twilight new power level.
>> No. 222391
File 139045083428.png - (98.61KB , 641x417 , tumblr_mylbv80GVk1qi3fato1_1280.png )
So, this seems to be a thing.
>> No. 222435
I don't even like the candy pony show and I'm giving it a go.

I like silly rpgmaker games that are actually well made.
>> No. 222472
File 139061556988.png - (538.37KB , 600x5000 , PXEF2SC.png )
>ddos, spam raid, death threats, pizza

ha ha ha
>> No. 222476
File 139061758614.jpg - (26.45KB , 200x161 , monopoly 189855.jpg )
>> No. 222477
Welp, guess we may get a small influx while that goes down.
Not "Monopony" Come on Hasbro step it up.
>> No. 222478
Weren't this people on an ongoing war with the Scientology?
Or they just give up on that?
Also, a bit too late for that.
>> No. 222480
The problem is the number of trolls who tried that before and ended up just joining the fandom. Also the risk of cancer influx from these sites here.
>> No. 222486
Maybe a number like when the unfriendly stuff started on /co/ and before /mlp/ was created so maybe getting numbers back up to needing a new Pony General every three days and likely not many that weren't around before then.
>> No. 222490
So in MLP these 'Alicorns' are the Master Race?

And when the main character became one it was sort of like Eragon getting elf'd in the Inheritance Cycle.
>> No. 222493
Today's episode was fun I guess, but felt short.

Well... I guess? Was it really gratuitous in Eragon and kinda unecessary for most of the story later?

Rereading this, it's kinda silly. So... they're supposed to "infiltrate" to ask site passwords? They should ask for the bank account ones while they're at it.
>> No. 222504
File 139068654287.jpg - (911.14KB , 1040x1600 , 001.jpg )
Going from High School to Rockers.
Thats better I guess.
Man I hope that if there is a E Girls 2 it turn out to be a rockopera.

Yes, but was if all of them are ascended?
Like Tommy says in this video here: Defending Celestia and Luna's Ascensionyoutube thumb
That I disagree with and have a headcanon to get around his problem.
Luna and Celestia are a born alicorn because there mother was ascended (maybe even the very first one).
I'll leave it up to you if it was genetics or motherly love misguided.

Also did anyone else read this?
Bit disappointing(hope you was not hyped for the apple vs pie contest~) followed by what the fuckery.
To bad the art was holding it back from more then a 6/10 from me.
>> No. 222505
The episode would have been better if Discord didn't get sick for real at the end. I kind of wanted him to get away with it like during the S4 premiere where his old plan caused trouble and he twisted it into a friendship lesson. Was I the only one who wanted Discord to be slippery and get away after making his point?

Seeing Discord pout that he was unsuccessful in splitting Cadence and Twilight was expected by hilarious. Also anyone get the feeling Fluttershy just spoils Discord with her kindness?
>> No. 222510
I've hear there was a cameo that made a lot of people stupidly butthurt for a while. But I have no idea which character got the cameo.
>> No. 222511
>Was I the only one who wanted Discord to be slippery and get away after making his point?
>Seeing Discord pout that he was unsuccessful in splitting Cadence and Twilight was expected by hilarious.
>Also anyone get the feeling Fluttershy just spoils Discord with her kindness?
Also yes.

>I've hear there was a cameo that made a lot of people stupidly butthurt for a while.
Urgh yes.
>> No. 222512
It was Flash's pony form (from Equestria Girls). It ruins the episode for the fanbase because despite Discord stealing the show IMO, people are ass devastated to see a mute cameo that led to nothing.

Because of that cameo, the episode has become taboo to talk about even though it had plenty of substance thanks to yet again Discord being such a great character.

Speaking of which, is Discord like the most recurring character of the whole series?
>> No. 222513
Yea kinda worried there a bit after the documentary since he seemed kinda bummed about the piracy crap some toolbox did with the early digital release.
>> No. 222514
File 139070169452.png - (261.80KB , 710x980 , mlp_4koma_40_by_shepherd0821-d5s47dl.png )
>> No. 222515
>seven stars
>not going for seven scars and a Kenshiro gag
>> No. 222516
But his pony version also appeared in EQG.
And it did nothing.

>Because of that cameo, the episode has become taboo to talk about
Holy fuck, seriously.

Guess that was an easier gag or either he doesn't know/isn't fan of Hokuto no Ken.
>> No. 222519
Discord always knows how to steal the show. Great episode.

There were so many references too. My favorite was the graboid at the end. Even Discord didn't know what to make of it. Equestria has a legit bestiary.
>> No. 222521
Discord getting physically sick just felt like bad writing. He's a spirit. He shouldn't be able to get sick. He doesn't the body for that kind of ailment. It felt like a reaaaally forced way to humble Discord. It would have been better to let him feel dissatisfied and that's it.
>> No. 222522
> He's a spirit. He shouldn't be able to get sick.

He's a draconequus, a completely made up creature. We know barely anything about them, so I don't see how Discord getting sick is "bad writing".

Narratively speaking, him not knowing what the graboid was and getting sick grounds him from being an almighty god to being more like a demi-god like the alicorns. That's good in my book.
>> No. 222532
Maybe that graboid was one of those primordial things, more ancient than even the gods, which gnawed deep under the earth.
>> No. 222533
Well it was something that was enough to give him an actual illness
>> No. 222536
Even the Q got their asses kicked in Voyager which is good because the Q suck
>> No. 222537
Kenshiro's scars aren't on his ass, except in the yaoi parody.

>>Implying you do not want to summon the Derpy-Dragon
>> No. 222556
So because Discord was pulling a Tango dance with Twilight, /mlp/ now ships DiscordxTwilight. Anyone else.....surprisingly not bothered by this pairing?
>> No. 222560
That would make her the god horse female lead with the badboy god dragonish boyfriend
>> No. 222563
More like bothered for not being surprised.
>> No. 222564
I wouldn't mind seeing this pairing happen. Don't give me stigma anything. They're all high fantasy animals for god's sake. The banter and antagonistic personalities between Twilight and Discord would make them a riot to watch together.
>> No. 222566
I actually wondered why they took so long for that.
Not that I care about it, but since Discord's appearance I thought people where going to put it together with Twi.
>> No. 222568
It seems kind of weird that he's considered a friend in the first place...
>> No. 222570
They just don't have a choice without the Elements of Harmony. So far looks like it was just a stupid idea from Celestia.
I mean, yeah, having him around is fun to watch so whatever, but it doesn't feel logical.
>> No. 222571
Discord always had a spark with Twilight as far as the fanbase was concerned. Discord being so clingy and grabby with Twilight in his debut started it all. Needless to say how Discord wraps himself around Twilight's body (S4 premiere) or the recent dance sequence just ends up being adding more substance and fuel to the fire.
>> No. 222572
Maybe Chrysalis is impersonating Celestia? And the real Celestia has been captured for a while?
>> No. 222574
For someone who can apparently manipulate the very sun with her own power she did sort of go down like a chump to that villain.

Or who knows, maybe alot of odd new additions/changes in later series is just because the quality of the writing is declining, it happens to alot of shows.
I couldn't say since I've only watched the odd episode.

Who is that really lame looking villain that came later on that was/is meant to be a big deal? He's some sort of Dark king pony dude, he reminded me of shadow the hedgehog for some reason.
He looked sorta like a total chump compared to previous villains such as Nightmare Moon and Discord.
>> No. 222575
That would be King Sombra. Why do you bring him up exactly?
>> No. 222576
A separate question that talking about mlp villains reminded me about.
>> No. 222642
File 139087319668.jpg?spoiler - (83.53KB , 640x480 , shoo be doo shoo shoo be doo.jpg?spoiler )
Sea Ponies when?
>> No. 222650
File 139087765642.jpg?spoiler - (67.61KB , 620x413 , full.jpg?spoiler )
Already in the books/comics.
>> No. 222651
File 139087775288.png - (2.85MB , 1920x1080 , angle_of_the_tatzlwurm_by_assasinmonkey-d73r7ar.png )
>> No. 222652

...Is that a Jack Sparrow pony?

>> No. 222653
The comics are littered with cameos Gordon Ramsay got a kick out of his.
>> No. 222683
Minstrel Krampus You Get The Rodyoutube thumb

Minus the whole infidelity dialogue that is. I could imagine Discord singing it to Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 222686
What the actual fuck.
>> No. 222688
Yea read about that earlier, what happened to when a school official would come in and stop this?
>> No. 222724
How Does Fanwork Change Our Pe…youtube thumb
>> No. 222782
File 139117623350.jpg - (868.95KB , 1024x4457 , the_secret_ingredient_is_love_by_mystic_forces-d74.jpg )
Derpy is best mom.
>> No. 222791
My Little Critiques: Equestria Girls 1/4youtube thumb
My Little Critiques: Equestria Girls 2/4youtube thumb
My Little Critiques: Equestria Girls 3/4youtube thumb
My Little Critiques: Equestria Girls 4/4youtube thumb
>> No. 222795
I imagine him singing it to Gilda. Right before using his powers to forcefully turn her into a pony so she learns her lesson about why her bigoted attitudes on ponies was wrong.
>> No. 222807
Anyone else notice that these ponies are freaking tall? During Cheese Sandwich's song they showed him singing next to prison inmates during their mug shots. The measure ponies' heights by the foot. The highest number being a 6. So yeah "My little pony" is a misnomer of gigantic proportions. Needless to say Celestia is an Amazon due to her height that dwarfs Luna.

Anyways the episode was kind of weak. The conflict felt like artificial drama and one flaw was TOO many songs. The only good one was the last one since it felt like a rocking tune with a good beat. Oh yeah if this episode's plot was a fanfic, then Cheese Sandwich would have been called a Mary Sue.

PS - Anyone find it weird to see the other main 5 as background dancers for Pinkie Pie at the end? They're not dancers. In fact last week's episode showed Twilight sucking at dancing with Discord for instance.
>> No. 222808
Wait, isn't six feet like a pretty believable size for a small pony? Horses are huge, and I assumed Celestia and the like were supposed to essentially be horses rather than ponies anyway.
>> No. 222814

Unless "feet" in Equestria are measured as the width of hooves, rather than human feet, which would make it much shorter.
>> No. 222816
For those that have seen what /mlp/ is talking about with the recent episode. Apparently some don't like Pinkie Pie having a canon character for shipping bait with. The entire episode was after all focused on the two of them competing and playing off one another and how Pinkie Pie was an inspiration to Cheese Sandwich.

My point is, we all saw this with Twilight and of course next week's episode is more fuel to the fire (Rarity is smitten by a traveling male pony writer who ends up falling for Applejack).

So what exactly makes these elements so.....rile worthy in the fanbase? I don't see people complaining when a male protagonist gets with a love interest or gets chummy with another female (unless said male character is too inadequate for the role he's placed in like Luffy from One Piece to give an example).
>> No. 222818
File 139121920989.gif - (1.76MB , 800x450 , S02E17-Sugerpies.gif )
I haven't really seen anyone complain about Big Mac and Cheerilee being seen together in backgrounds after the Valentines episode. I figure people who complain are either a) people who hate romance subplots in general or b) people who don't think the MLP writing staff are capable of writing a good romance or c) NOT MAI WAIFU~~~!!!11

>> No. 222820
Cherilee and Big Mac are minor characters so whatever antics they get into isn't consequential in the fans' point of view. Its when MAIN characters get involved that the fireworks go off.

IMO I think male fans of anything ideally see any available female as "conquer" worthy even if its in say a videogame. They don't mind when they are in control of a male character in game or focus strictly on a male protagonist getting his woman because they closely get under the male character's skin to understand his dilemmas and plights. Rarely do they get mad at a male for getting with a woman (the protagonist would need to be controversial in some way).

When a videogame or TV series however focuses on female main characters a male viewer/gamer is not in control. They see a woman choosing to be with another guy. I think its all primitive instincts taking place here. And of course straight guys aren't attracted to other males, so that's a bigger turn off. That's all I got to say.
>> No. 222822
Awesome episode, one of the best of the season so far. Just the songs would make it worth it, but it was pretty damn fun, even if a bit simple.

>In fact last week's episode showed Twilight sucking at dancing with Discord for instance.
Twi wasn't dancing WITH Discord, though. He was sweeping her around.

Also romance often sends things downhill, if it wasn't the focus of the show to begin with.
>> No. 222825
>Also romance often sends things downhill, if it wasn't the focus of the show to begin with.

In which case, it probably wasn't worth watching to begin with.

But in all seriousness, thinking back there's a reason why single females are more marketable. Even old animes like Sailormoon did this, sex sells and mentally creating an illusion sells a product. Is it any surprise that it is taboo for Japanese singing idols to reveal that they have boyfriends? Business suits know they cannot sell an image of a woman who comes off as being "used goods."

Its the same reason many male fans hate Flash Sentry. The irony is that unless he seriously sucked ass as a character, if Flash Sentry was the main central character of the entire FIM G4 gen of MLP with careful crafting and Twilight was the minor character instead, there wouldn't be many complaints.
>> No. 222837
I liked this episode, Cheese Sandwich was enjoyable and most of the songs were cool. This is my second favorite cartoon appearance of Weird Al, my first favorite being the Scooby-Doo episode of Batman Brave and the Bold.
>> No. 222852
[マイリトルアニメ] M…youtube thumb
>> No. 222854
Cute girls doing nothing cutely.
>> No. 222855
File 139129035783.gif - (680.72KB , 783x540 , S02E01-Enjoy-it-while-you-can.gif )
MLP FiM Song - The Goof Off [SD]youtube thumb

This episode was full to the brim with songs but it never felt too much. It was a much better paced musical episode than Magical Mystery Cure. It was nice to see what could happen when two ponies with the same special talent actually met... you'd think with a culture and society based on each pony having only one special talent this would happen way more often.
>> No. 222857
And finally, Pinkie just met her equal in battle.
Let's the parties begin!
>> No. 222862
So what's this I hear about Fluttershy possibly becoming an alicorn?
>> No. 222867
File 13913529891.png - (1.57MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-02-02-09h09m50s36.png )
aww Derpy the filly.
>> No. 222869
She appeared quite a bit in this episode and I'm happy about that.
>> No. 222870
Yea she's clearly part of Ponyville now, and I'm very pleased. They've already given her the muffins I kinds hope they finish making her the Mailmare and mother.
>> No. 222871
Ungh, no thanks. I love Derpy but she works best as a gag character with no real background or affaliations, especially with something as heavy as parenthood
>> No. 222873
What? You don't think a strong single mare can't raise a kid on her own? Even if she is a bit of a clumsy airhead?
>> No. 222875
Fluttershy as an alicorn? WTF. Does Hasbro have a new toy to sell again?
>> No. 222877
There was a pic of a toy circulating some time ago. Not much else to talk about yet, though, as far as I know.
>> No. 222939
I believe she would be the best background mom. :3

Eh, I prefer FlutterBlade.
Fluttershy's Special Friendyoutube thumb
>> No. 222967
What if the Mane Six all become alicorns? What if that's the reward for getting all the rainbow items and unlocking the box?
>> No. 222975
Maybe the Elements of Harmony get restored is my guess (you know status quo). Personally I wouldn't mind if ALL of them became alicorns. It would send the message loud and clear that the show is ultimately trying to sell merchandise above anything else. It would be the perfect way to let viewers who aren't the intended demographic know "There's the door, don't let it hit you on the way out."
>> No. 222976
That's been obvious since the "Ponies BUT IN HIGH SCHOOL" movie
>> No. 222977
I get a feeling not only the unintended original audience would get that "Fuck you".
Also, I don't think they're big on that message (though it may seem so sometimes), what with the whole thing they just made around Derpy etc.
>> No. 222980
Yeah but try it in main show itself to drive the knife into the heart of older demographics.

What do you mean?

As far as the rainbow keyhole lock, this whole season feels like it needed a filler gimmick to justify getting made. Hence getting rid of the elements and in the finale restoring them for the sake status quo is god. That's just my guess and the show feels like its running on fumes. The substantial fanbase has been culled and it feels like the viral meme phase for this show is finished as well.
>> No. 222989
What I meant is first, they don't want to lose all the accidental demographic. It's money and they like it. It's not like they're making tons of merchandise of Vinyl Scratch because little girls loved her in all the 3 seconds or so she had on season 1. Derpy's around a lot lately, at least partially because a bunch of grown-ups fucking love her and are willing to buy blind bags, Funko figures, bath robes, you name it. Probably same with Dr Whooves (heck how many kids would even catch the reference), and a bunch of background characters getting spotlight.

Second, I get the feeling even the original target audience could have a "Fucking seriously?!" reaction to all the mane six turning into alicorns. If we're talking something like a temporary power-up, sure, whatever, but permanently changing characters like that is bound to get hate from fans of all ages.

As for the last paragraph, I couldn't disagree more. This season, at least for now, seems to have improved overall over the last one, and while the fandom might have diminished (wish it had been better culled, actually), I'm not sure it was ever about a "viral meme" status.

Who knows, maybe next episode things start to go really downhill, but looks pretty clear they don't wanna lose the audience. There's an Equestria Girls sequel on the way, as well as another season of the show at least, and a fuckton of merchandise on the way.

And for the record, I wouldn't mind the Elements of Harmony getting fixed, but I don't see that happening. Looks like there are alternate power-ups on the way already.
>> No. 222993
It works for Twilight because she was being groomed as Celestia's student and probably as her successor. Everyone else becoming alicorns doesn't make sense.
>> No. 222994
hahaha. People have been predicting the end of the "pony fad" since season 2. I think this season is the best so far, even better than 2, so I'm pretty happy about it.
>> No. 223051

So that's Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and now Rarity. Man these single females are dropping like flies. The fact that they outright stated "Rarity you got a crush" and she says that it goes even beyond that (her altar of worship being similar to Helga's from Hey Arnold) does not bode well for male fans of Rarity.

I wonder how many guys drop female starring shows because they don't like their snowflake single female, claimed by another guy in-universe. That was one of the reasons Gilmore Girls turned to shit in the eyes of male viewers (if you can believe the show had such viewers). Rory dumping an average decent joe guy for a bad boy asshole and then losing her virginity to spoiled rich douchebag raped the minds of male viewers.
>> No. 223058
>Gilmore Girls
I know for me it wasn't even a waifu thing. It just turned from a fast-talk comedy show into a BORING teen relationship soap opera crap. I'm not sure why someone would watch a show like that to hear about someone losing their virginity.

And now that you mention, her thing for the first guy might have been cute at least, dumping him for any other would affect it negatively.

She's always been the most prone to go crazy about stallions/golddigger. Someone in the comments pointed about about how calm Spike is, wonder if they'll just ignore his crush from before.

While there was some good chemistry between her and Cheese Sandwich, there wasn't any explicit shipping.
Methinks you're just wishing too hard to watch said reactions while eating your popcorn.
>> No. 223082

New preview. So Rarity does have the same heart shaped eyes business as Spike does for her and this writer pony douche is indeed romantically infatuated with Applejack (kind of disgusting to show her muddy, sweaty, and eating disgustingly). The single women aren't staying single.
>> No. 223085
Y'know, you would probably enjoy things more if you took the shipping goggles off. Not a single one of these episodes has had actual romance in them.
>> No. 223087
I can't man. Not when the female characters act like this...

My Little Pony: Friendship is …youtube thumb

Over a male character especially a lame one like this guy. It reminds me of shitty harem anime where the male is some lame ass with no charm while the women go to war with each other.
>> No. 223088
A main character having crush on a one-shot character is hardly something to be getting this worked up over. It also barely qualifies as "romance."
>> No. 223151
The episode was....mediocre. Seriously all around unentertaining meh. The only good bits were Spike breaking the fourth wall when Rarity said she's frustrated at seeing someone she likes liking someone else. That and the scene with Twilight forcing Rarity to meet the guy.

All around boring, would not ever consider rewatching. In fact this episode feels to be just what Hasbro possibly intended MLP to be. Purely girly nonsense.
>> No. 223155
Still gotta rewatch it, but the resolution felt kinda rushed I guess. Still loved to see Rarity and AJ bickering just like old times. Also, St Germain's acting for Rarity seemed to have stolen the spotlight a lot.

>Spike breaking the fourth wall
I loved that part.
>> No. 223162
>Spike breaks the fourth wall

*Looks At The Camera* - Rarity…youtube thumb

Truly a good gag. So we got Discord, Pinkie Pie, Iron Will, and Spike who have done this. But I hope they don't over do it.
>> No. 223164
File 139192191868.jpg - (156.70KB , 1920x1080 , YP-1ZA-02x03 Lesson Zero_mkv_snapshot_05_14_[2014_.jpg )
Spike broke the fourth wall multiple times in Lesson Zero too. I guess to accentuate that it was a paradigm changing episode.
>> No. 223165
"And she still wears my gem"
>> No. 223168
Eh, it was mediocre, but not as worse as I expected.
At least the lesson is learned, and it's not a bad one.

He breaks more the 4th wall more constantly than Pinkie.
>> No. 223173
Part of me would have liked to see Rarity go to her "uncultured" background instead of aping AJs adopting Midwest accent and styling.
>> No. 223199
So here's a thought. If the mane 6 all became alicorns, they could each hold the following dominions...

Twilight - magic
Fluttershy - nature
Rarity - Creativity (it was her original elemet)
Rainbow Dash - the sky
Applejack - agriculture
Pinkie Pie - emotional stability

If they did this I wouldn't mind Hasbro making them all alicorns.
>> No. 223201
>Rarity - Creativity (it was her original element)
That seems far more appropriate.
Wonder why it was changed.
>> No. 223202
make her less a selfish cow I'd guess.
>> No. 223209
File 139204497413.jpg - (712.08KB , 1032x1472 , 01_T_1.jpg )
I found a goofy pony manga thats sort of related too what you are talking about.
DErp DeRP derp.
>> No. 223210
File 139204504864.jpg - (974.53KB , 1731x2457 , 02_T_2.jpg )
>> No. 223211
File 139204509137.jpg - (441.55KB , 1048x1476 , 03_T_3.jpg )
>> No. 223212
File 139204519213.jpg - (887.97KB , 1010x1476 , 04_T_4.jpg )
Oh Twi, you werido~
>> No. 223213
File 139204525623.jpg - (885.31KB , 1028x1474 , 05_T_5.jpg )
>> No. 223214
File 139204535247.jpg - (822.86KB , 1042x1478 , 06_T_6.jpg )
What could possibly go wrong.bubsy
>> No. 223215
File 139204542973.jpg - (770.50KB , 1047x1478 , 07_T_7.jpg )
Da roll call!
>> No. 223216
File 139204552352.jpg - (893.21KB , 1052x1474 , 08_T_8.jpg )
Part 2!
>> No. 223217
File 139204559670.jpg - (0.96MB , 1053x1473 , 09_T_9.jpg )
>> No. 223218
File 139204572548.jpg - (375.39KB , 1046x1474 , 10_T_10.jpg )
Good thing a wear (sun)glasset at night.
Also thats one hell of a spell.
>> No. 223219
File 139204581779.jpg - (1.15MB , 1040x1478 , 11_T_11.jpg )
My little Twilight Sparkle can't possibly be this cute!
>> No. 223220
File 139204609439.jpg - (793.02KB , 1046x1476 , 12_T_12.jpg )
Hi Twilight Velvet and Night Light!
Good luck writing does book miss.
>> No. 223221
File 139204617292.jpg - (680.00KB , 1047x1476 , 13_T_13.jpg )
How do you spell Hnnnng again?
>> No. 223222
File 139204626237.jpg - (743.83KB , 1038x1476 , 14_T_14.jpg )
Aw shit son, now it got real!
>> No. 223223
File 139204639769.jpg - (822.93KB , 1036x1476 , 15_T_15.jpg )
So is that sound effect the school bell or a Ta-da sound?
>> No. 223224
File 139204666577.jpg - (861.37KB , 1041x1474 , 16_T_16.jpg )
Your thoughts Twi?
>> No. 223225
File 139204682414.jpg - (921.80KB , 1046x1472 , 17_T_17.jpg )
Um good job..?
>> No. 223226
File 139204691820.jpg - (921.04KB , 1044x1473 , 18_T_18.jpg )
Dun dun dun.
>> No. 223227
File 139204703783.jpg - (937.59KB , 1045x1472 , 19_T_19.jpg )
>> No. 223228
File 139204714325.jpg - (893.96KB , 1032x1473 , 20_T_20.jpg )
Well I cant how this could backfire.
Also thats a good look on you, boys.
>> No. 223229
File 139204731163.jpg?spoiler - (859.11KB , 1040x1476 , 21_T_21.jpg?spoiler )
(ofcours I forgot the "see"...)
Unless it leads to a INTERNAL STRUGGLE!
>> No. 223231
File 139204752043.jpg - (883.33KB , 1036x1478 , 22_T_22.jpg )
And now for a flashback set to poop noises.
Also stay classy Twi!
>> No. 223232
File 139204774713.jpg - (739.60KB , 1042x1476 , 23_T_23.jpg )
Aw, even in love she blocks you.
Or its that Cadence blocking her...
Or she had a thing for Cadence and its Shinning Armor how is blocking...
Wait what is going on here!
>> No. 223233
File 139204784681.jpg - (571.89KB , 1049x1470 , 24_T_24.jpg )
Anyway, back to the girls toilet.
>> No. 223234
File 139204799372.jpg - (711.28KB , 1051x1472 , 25_T_25.jpg )
I'm a bit bummed that we did not see her plans in action.
Also I think I may have killed the thread...
My bad, should have wait/done it last week...
>> No. 223235
File 139204805414.jpg - (767.84KB , 1042x1478 , 26_T_26.jpg )
Aw Snips you dumbass.
>> No. 223236
File 139204816094.jpg - (778.60KB , 1044x1472 , 27_T_27.jpg )
Fuck the rules, I have friendship magic!
>> No. 223237
File 13920482327.jpg - (562.95KB , 1049x1476 , 28_T_28.jpg )
tsun tsun~
>> No. 223239
File 139204829584.jpg - (772.97KB , 1043x1472 , 29_T_29.jpg )
And now for something completely different.
>> No. 223240
File 139204839929.jpg - (741.91KB , 1038x1480 , 30_T_30.jpg )
What is it now Pinkie...
>> No. 223241
File 139204852717.jpg - (1.00MB , 1046x1478 , 31_T_31.jpg )
Well shit...
But way to look boss Chrysalis!
>> No. 223242
File 139204865695.jpg - (923.21KB , 1045x1478 , 32_T_32.jpg )
And just like that shit movie, its now goes full on Magical Girl!
>> No. 223243
File 139204873010.jpg - (967.75KB , 1047x1476 , 33_T_33.jpg )
Bishōjo Senshi Magic Pony!
>> No. 223244
File 139204884020.jpg - (708.05KB , 1042x1478 , 34_T_34.jpg )
I guess Chrysalis LOST HER WAY~
>> No. 223245
File 139204889167.jpg - (926.63KB , 1042x1478 , 35_T_35.jpg )
But then!
>> No. 223246
File 139204907480.jpg - (782.24KB , 1047x1478 , 36_T_36.jpg )
Now! fight your rival.
>> No. 223247
File 139204921624.jpg - (809.98KB , 1046x1476 , 37_T_37.jpg )
Ofcoure she pulls out the friendship speech.
>> No. 223248
File 139204941627.jpg - (754.91KB , 1038x1476 , 38_T_38.jpg )
Its super effective!
Also look at them teeth, mmm love it!
>> No. 223249
File 139204954112.jpg - (856.61KB , 1042x1474 , 39_T_39.jpg )
And now I realize I forgot to do the dere dere joke.
Aw well.
>> No. 223250
File 139204967731.jpg - (414.49KB , 1047x1474 , 40_T_40.jpg )
Most have divided by zero.
>> No. 223251
File 139204992612.jpg - (809.52KB , 1049x1474 , 41_T_41.jpg )
And that always fixes everything.
Also look at Twi's face, thats the look of "oh no, I am having that weird dream again".
>> No. 223252
File 139205000577.jpg - (506.25KB , 1036x1478 , 42_T_42.jpg )
Okay lets rap this up with allot of Marely tears.
>> No. 223253
File 139205010826.jpg - (697.33KB , 1044x1480 , 43_T_43.jpg )
And I do mean ALOT.
(durp one L)
>> No. 223254
File 139205018438.jpg - (847.65KB , 1043x1474 , 44_T_44.jpg )
>> No. 223255
File 139205037680.jpg - (835.20KB , 1045x1474 , 45_T_45.jpg )
And here is the (other) relevant part I was (sort of) talking about.
>> No. 223259
File 13920509311.jpg - (786.76KB , 1038x1480 , 46_T_46.jpg )
Because if this is a prediction, I will laugh so hard at your anger.
Throwing the salt allround.
>> No. 223260
File 139205111072.jpg - (0.99MB , 1040x1476 , 47_T_47.jpg )
But fuck the future, lets party with cameos!
>> No. 223261
File 13920512444.jpg - (790.86KB , 1035x1476 , 48_T_48.jpg )
Said like a true J-brony.
>> No. 223262
File 139205140991.jpg - (196.75KB , 1008x1471 , 50_T_50.jpg )
Skipping the pin up and...

He also made one about Luna and Trixe hanging out.
And porn but does that need to be said.
>> No. 223264
Do you know if the Luna & Trixie one has been translated?
>> No. 223266
As far as I know at the time of this post, only in Korean.
>> No. 223277
File 139208161477.png - (619.17KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-02-10-19h18m32s77.png )
I like how they handled the shipping episode.

Also, Spike handles his suffering like a pro.
>> No. 223289
Rarity going country-crazy made me laugh
>> No. 223340
>"shipping episode"
I hope you're being sarcastic there.

Damn it.

Gotta admit that was funny.
>> No. 223364
Gift under the mistletoe.youtube thumb

Odd pairing that was oddly well animated.
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