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File 137151715543.jpg - (1.41MB , 1034x1519 , wakfu_by_kiwano07-d698auk.jpg )
211206 No. 211206
Time for a new thread.

Top stories:
>Tome 2 of the Franga is coming out July 4th (I think. Well, it's definitely in July).
>A new animated project dealing with the BoT is in the works. More info will be revealed a little after Tome 2's release. What we do know is that it takes place after the franga and it's something closer to what the full lenth film will be like.

Besides that, the thread is open to discussion.

Old Thread: >>192074
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>> No. 211209
File 137151801924.jpg - (85.51KB , 787x719 , simone frustrated.jpg )
>not putting any mention of Dofus in the OP
There's more than one animated series from Ankama you know.
>> No. 211210
I thought about it, but then i forgot.
>> No. 211226
So Kenny's got some more info on the animated project >>47596

It's going to be a mini series with three 45 minute episodes with an overarching plot.

Sounds killer.
>> No. 211235
So let's see. What would you do with the Brotherhood post-season 3 in 135 minutes?

Maybe animate the story they're putting in the manga in TV-movie form to make it more accessible as a step between S2 and the movie?
>> No. 211236
that seems kind of wasteful, especially since it seems like tot had to fight tooth and nail to get france3 to agree to this. it'll probably be self contained (not like isle of the wabbits self contained), i'm hoping if the franga doesn't cover it the specials go into more depth about the eliatropes.
>> No. 211238
Let's hope it's not so heavy on the GrEva this time.
>> No. 211341
File 137170007211.jpg - (132.84KB , 611x960 , 1371656769324.jpg )
Tome 2 cover in color.

I just hope they stop doing drama with them. I was lenient about it in season 2, but seeing it happen in the franga after s2 is a tad aggravating. Although Tome 1 did do a good job of spending enough time with it without it feeling like it was dominating the rest of the story.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if they took a break from the eliatropes to do something with the world of twelve. Chances are it won't though.
>> No. 211486
In other news, France3 screws up kerubim's scheduling.
>> No. 211487
Tot already said they want to do new stories each time they do a new project, so, no, that won't happen.
>> No. 211640
Hiatus confirmed: http://www.programme-tv.net/programme/chaine/2013-07-06/programme-france-3-7.html
>> No. 211659
File 137229373597.jpg - (118.57KB , 647x461 , screen_22.jpg )
Since Jiva said that she'll be waiting somewhere near Frigost, do you think we'll see Harebourg and his companions in the manga?
>> No. 211663
Correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't he be dead?
>> No. 211684
File 137232569158.jpg - (151.58KB , 1843x500 , tumblr_melyo61n9X1rq7lryo1_500h.jpg )
Sort of, I believe. The only possibility is some kind of flashback about Frigost. Or his ghost can visit Jiva to complain about his fate and maybe even help Yugo and the rest of the heroes defeat her, but that woud; be a bit anticlimatic imho.
>> No. 211689
Was there an ending to the frigost story?
>> No. 211694
They released Frigost 3 I think not too long ago, so I assume it's ongoing.
>> No. 211701
The goal of the new part is defeating Harenourg and his minions, so he is most likely dead, but no one can say for sure. I don't think Ankama would handle it this way. Harebourg is nearly as complicated as Nox and Quilby, so it would be a shame if his canon description death would be something along the lines of "was killed by a group of random travelers, who visited Frigost"...
>> No. 211702
Oh, a typo, I'm sorry, I meant Harebourg, not Harenourg.
>> No. 211710
So wait...

Harenourg is a bad guy?
>> No. 211716
Harebourg became insane, so he is an antagonist now.
>> No. 211729
I'm starting to notice a pattern here.
>> No. 211738

>> No. 211740
What's his goal after turning into an antagonist?

I'm thinking that Jiva might continue that pattern, which honestly would disappoint me if it happened.
>> No. 211741
File 137239831833.png - (14.55KB , 158x151 , 1371842059459.png )
just because it isn't exactly easy to empathize with qilby's situation doesn't mean he isn't complicated.
>> No. 211747
I doubt Jiva is insane. Well, her face and attitude do point at that, but I'm thinking she's in fact desperate for power to achieve something important. It would indeed be disappointing if she just got power-hungry and mad for some reason.
>> No. 211791
I believe Jiva just has... diffrent standards? She believes she is above mortals, so it's okay to use them as pawns, I think.
>> No. 211810
File 137252207965.png?spoiler - (458.48KB , 413x655 , Djaul and Jiva.png?spoiler )
Or she's being manipulated.
>> No. 211811
Is that Djaul in the middle panel?

Could someone translate this?
>> No. 211813
Um... it looks like she's talking about him paying for intruding, and suggesting that his creations lack colour, and she suggests red.

I suspect I'm missing a lot of context here.
>> No. 211817
honestly jiva came off as way too confident/at ease with what she was doing to come off as being manipulated. like, she could have just harmlessly thrown alibert back with an attack but she basically sucker punched him, that sort of thing says she's in control of her actions.

alternatively, the jiva we saw wasn't the real one.
>> No. 211823
Speaking of those preview pages and Frigost...could the preview be depicting Jiva's kidnapping that happened at the beginning of Frigost?
>> No. 211829
D: However, the critic that I am can't help but think your artistic mastery lacks a hint of color.
J: Djaul the purulent, you will pay for intruding my realm...
D: Let's continue to discuss your creations instead, if you don't mind... I was saying they lack some color...
D: Red, if you ask me!
>> No. 211831
File 137258340444.png - (1.53MB , 1920x1080 , jiva_frigost_trailer.png )
If you're talking about this, she wasn't kidnapped, she ran away.
>> No. 211832
Didn't Amalia say Jiva was kidnapped once or was that another incident?
>> No. 211862
Although i generally thought that Jiva's approach in tome 1 was kind of stupid, it does make more sense with what you're saying and, to add, that i believe Jiva just operates at a different moral wavelength. After all, she's probably seen worse shit thanks to frigost.

>alternatively, the jiva we saw wasn't the real one.
That's not entirely too far fetched considering Franga Jiva does look different to Dofus Jiva. However, it might just be artist interpretation or a mere design change. For example, compare dofus Goultard with Wakfu Goultard.

Also, I just hope they don't pull a Tobi/Madara Uchiha/Obito shenanigan like they did in Naruto.
>> No. 212039
File 137286810137.jpg?spoiler - (1.09MB , 1000x1572 , 1372851751131.jpg?spoiler )
Found a new page from tome 2.

The doll looking things are pretty creepy
>> No. 212044
File 137287893889.jpg - (216.88KB , 640x1003 , pv0.jpg )
Here's the info and previews from Comixology regarding tome 2 of the manga. You can buy it for 5 bucks if anyone wants to go ahead and try to rip it.
Chibi and Grougal have been captured by Jiva, the fearsome queen of ice. She will only return them on one condition: that the Eliatrope Dofus be brought to her. But how to get them? There is only one clue: Mount Zinit! To fulfill this task, Yugo, Adamaï and their friends make the knights Justice's tower their base of operation. A long and dangerous journey awaits them, fortunately the Justice father and son have many tricks up their sleeves! But it won't be so simple because with Jiva, our friends aren't done with surprises...
>> No. 212045
File 137287986912.jpg - (740.88KB , 1053x1650 , pv1.jpg )
You can consider the following as spoilers, I suppose, but 2/3 pages were already posted above and don't really spoil much, so I'll just go ahead and drop the spoiler tags.
Narrator: A horned shark without shame or morality!
D: I really appreciate the finesse and subtlety of your creations, Jiva.
D: Your garden is a peerless treasure that even Enutrof himself must covet.

N: A devilish shark known as Djaul!
D: Your icy flowers' finesse surpasses any other.

D: Just like you, my dear, their cutting beauty hides a deep fragility...
>> No. 212046
File 137288020323.jpg - (956.67KB , 1053x1650 , pv2.jpg )

D: And truly, I am moved, even troubled, to have the chance to speak to the artist behind these sublime and delicate works...
>> No. 212047
File 137288034561.jpg - (836.85KB , 1053x1650 , pv3.jpg )

D: However, the critic that I am can't help but think this artistic masterpiece lacks a hint of color.
J: Djaul the purulent, you will pay for intruding my realm...

D: Let's continue to discuss your creations instead, if you don't mind... I was saying they lack some color...
D: Red, if you ask me!

(End of preview)
It's a 213-page book, rated 12+ (according to Comixology at least).
>> No. 212050
Thanks for the info/translation, Seth.
>> No. 212082
Here's something: http://www.otakia.com/53013/produit/divers/divers-divers/interview-de-said-sassine-manga-wakfu/

He says that there should be 5/6 tomes published over a 3 year timespan, and the manga will cover the year 983 (993 surely has to be a typo as that would be 11 years after the end of S2).
>> No. 212084
>5/6 tomes
Funny that was my initial rough estimate of how many tomes there were going to be.

Interesting enough, Tot said that the reason the manga's covering Eva's pregnancy is because he doesn't want France3 bitching about it.
>> No. 212085
>5/6 tomes published over a 3 year timespan
glad to see they're picking up the pace.
>> No. 212086
Plot summary is up.

My initial impression is that it just seems marginally better than tome 1.Although he's not my favorite character, It's nice of Ankama to make Adamai do something cool. Even if they did the whole "you're a true guardian now" twice already.
>> No. 212090
since i'm assuming kenny left out some details, i'm going to try not to be so judgmental about it before we see a scanlation.

however, i think for a year long wait this was so not worth it, and i'm glad they're going to be increasing how many tomes they publish in a year.

i can't tell if grovy and eva are still at odds with each other, but on the other hand it still seems like they're using the kid to drag out the drama between them. and while i don't like grovy at all, it is nice to hear he has some common sense and wants eva to stay behind (because let's be real, character development in wakfu is pretty rare). i'm disappointed in eva wanting to go still, she knows how dangerous this is, and i know she's just doing it because she's afraid of losing grovy again, but... come on, girl, you're pregnant. if this were a majority of other canons you'd be facing a miscarriage plot. it just seems like eva went from the smart, rational one of the group to the little girl fueled by her romantic life.

of course, we don't know the finer details yet so i'm probably being judgmental without any evidence. but it's good she came out and said she's pregnant and they aren't dragging the mystery on, like it isn't obvious.

super pleased adamai gets to do something, this is probably going to be the highlight of the tome for me. on the other hand, i'm disappointed that ruel and amalia don't seem to get much focus this time around.

so again, this wasn't worth the year long wait. i'm sure in the future the jiva parts will be more interesting but since it seems so little has been revealed i can't really find it so.

>> No. 212101
File 137297213457.jpg - (76.75KB , 480x520 , 1355680036692.jpg )
>since i'm assuming kenny left out some details, i'm going to try not to be so judgmental about it before we see a scanlation.
I agree, so I'm trying not to jump to any firm conclusions on things.

I do agree with you for the most part. For a year long wait, it was fairly disappointing. The plot itself didn't really move that much beside gaining a mode of transportation (BTW, why is it always a shushu?) and they're still not at mt. zinit.

How the hell are they going to get all these eliatrope dofuses? Don't they know they have 3 or 4 tomes left and the last one's probably going to be an epic fight with Jiva?

Speaking of Jiva...

I'm glad they revealed Jiva's motivation sooner than later, but I can't help but feel that it's a bit lackluster as of now. I can't wait for someone to shout "Jiva's a Nox rip off!" and I think they would kind of correct. That's if they're being really, really generally about (which they probably will). By the way, I still wonder why she didn't beat the info out of Phaeris and get these dofuses herself. Also, i don't know why she isn't up front about her goal with Yugo. I think Yugo's nice enough person to consider it.

Side Note: I think it's amusing how Nox is usually compared to Mr. Freeze, but I think Jiva seems much closer to him than Nox was.

Side Side Note: I just remembered how awesome Mr. Freeze was and how pretty good his animated film was (i think it was good).

To be continued in the next post...
>> No. 212103

Personally, it seems like they're doing a little better job with the Eva/Grovy drama in tome 2 than they did in tome 1. I still agree that it seems like it's dragging it along just to have some character drama to the story. I do find it funny/stupid that even the rest of BoT is surprised that Eva's tagging along.

I was going talk about what i felt was the biggest problem, but I think it might come off a little conclusive or way too judgemental with what we know right now. So I'm just going to drop it as a question...

Would you say that the franga thus far is a general retread of ideas that were in the show?

I guess most of what i said could be responded with "Wait till it's translated, asshole," or "Wait til the next tome, dick."
>> No. 212104
there's been some talk concerning eva's decision on the /co/ thread and so far the general consensus is that she's being outright stupid, but because she's the one whose usually right and responsible nobody is really trying to argue it except grovy, which is pretty funny. i don't really know if i find it believable, because someone can still be responsible and make bad decisions. alternatively, eva's been around them for so long she's starting to think she's incapable of being wrong.

she definitely knows she's wrong on a subconscious level, anyway, given how miranda's words clearly affected her, but she can't seem to fathom the idea of being away from grovy too long. hopefully, in the long run this leads to grovy learning he has responsibilities now (as far as we know, that's still a problem from the last tome that hasn't been resolved) and eva learns you can't always follow the person you love everywhere they go.

>> No. 212120
File 137304443971.jpg - (215.24KB , 522x826 , k_k_by_pappis-d6btqoa.jpg )

I'm starting to wonder if Eva has become too emotionally dependent on Grovy. Kennymc pointed out that apparently she's ready for the baby when he's ready. It's kind of interesting because some people complained about how Eva's character was starting revolve around Grovy and their relationship. Is Ankama giving us a wink?

Also, some people in the /co/ thread like the idea that Miranda or some random pregnant lady telling Eva off. I'm not quite sure how Miranda is going to get to Eva, but I figure they might run into a random pregnant lady at some point. Personally, i like the idea of BoT bumping into Cleophee and telling Eva "You're going to be a mom. Start acting like one."

I find it amusing that the Eva/Grovy drama is the most talked about thing in franga thus far.
>> No. 212121
>I'm starting to wonder if Eva has become too emotionally dependent on Grovy.

i definitely think she is. in the show, she ALWAYS had to be nearby him when they were on good terms, it was never about just letting him go off and fight on his own. of course, they're in a relationship so i can understand it to an extent. it felt like, particularly after their drama was resolved, she just had to be orbiting him constantly. while i do find it annoying, it's not like it's without warrant since grovy did basically die in her arms and she ended up spending quite some time questioning her sanity afterward.

man, i feel like if wakfu were aimed at an older audience or on HBO eva would be on the path towards a total mental breakdown.

concerning miranda, tot said in an interview we would see the baby in the franga, so i guess at some point they're going to run into her and kabrok again and maybe by then she's given birth (didn't she mention in tome 1 it was due any day?). given that eva seems so willing to brush off the concerns of those around her, miranda being the one to actually get to her makes sense since she's an expecting mother too.

but i think it's funny if someone tells eva she has to start acting like a mom when she's kind of been the big sister/motherly figure to the brotherhood in the past. guess that sense of responsibility hasn't really kicked in concerning the baby, but i guess it might be because she's still early in her pregnancy.

>I find it amusing that the Eva/Grovy drama is the most talked about thing in franga thus far.

yeah, it is, but i think it's because we know so little about what else is going on and by now people have run theories on how yugo is going to find the dofus into the ground. also, nothing else really happened this tome. i'll admit, i'm still not much of a fan of the drama, but i do find it more interesting and logical than the one that happened in the show. grovy is obviously not ready to step up and accept his responsibilities/he's possibly afraid of them (i feel like him wanting eva to stay behind on the basis of 'out of sight, out of mind' to be kind of jerkish even for him so i don't think that's the angle tot was going for) and eva's so caught up in being the logical thinker of the group she can't accept that there are times she and grovy are going to have to be away from each other. while i don't necessarily find all the motivations to be sympathetic, i find them more logical and realistic than... whatever happened in the show.

>> No. 212123
>I find it amusing that the Eva/Grovy drama is the most talked about thing in franga thus far.
Well for something that isn't...I hope the Justice Train doesn't end up forgotten in some field like what happened last time the Brotherhood got a cool ride (though it would be irony/karma since it was the Justice Knight that caused that). I would add "or crash", but that's almost certainly going to happen at least once.
>> No. 212125
i don't see the justice duo sticking around, the brotherhood is kind of crowded enough as it is and characters like amalia and ruel are suffering from enough focus as is. i imagine at some point they'll have to turn back.
>> No. 212126
The description made it sound like the Brotherhood was driving the train by themselves...I can't wait for scans.
>> No. 212128
You can have them for 5 bucks.
>> No. 212133
...plus shipping and handling if you're outside France. Heard that's kind of a nightmare.

Yeah, it sounds like the Justice Duo lend the train to them, but they're not accompanying them. At least, I hope.

Speaking of crowded groups, what's the story with Joris? Why did Ankama feel it was necessary to bring him along?

As for Amalia and Ruel, i'd say that Amalia is doing a little better than Ruel right now. I mean, she was pretty awesome going toe to toe with Jiva (even though i thought some of her powers during that event came off as an ass pull) and there's a potential romance story with Yugo. I honestly don't know what the story is with Ruel. Maybe they're just tired of him.

Quick Questions:
1. When Ankama said "5/6 tomes over three years", were they saying three years starting with tome 1's realease or three years starting with tome 2's release?

2. What/when is the event where Ankama is going to reveal more about the mini series?
>> No. 212134
>What/when is the event where Ankama is going to reveal more about the mini series?
iirc it'll be at japan expo which starts july 6th.
>> No. 212135
Comixology. It's more expensive than that if you order the actual book and yes, shipping fees will rape you and your cat.
But if you want scans, you can get them instantly for cheaper from that site.
>> No. 212136
I didn't know that there were Wakfu comics on comixology....cool. Thanks.
>> No. 212138
They started in June. Would be cool if it lets the scanlation team get materials faster, cheaper and save them the trouble of actually scanning them. That's if someone knows how to rip them, though.
>> No. 212157
If the internet has taught me anything, it's that you can pirate everything or find a way around DRM.
>> No. 212170
>Yeah, it sounds like the Justice Duo lend the train to them, but they're not accompanying them. At least, I hope.

Scratch what I said. Apparently, they're driving the train. So... I guess that makes them the Elaine and Noire of the franga.
>> No. 212173
>inb4 dad justice 'dies' in the mines like gandalf did
>> No. 212175
File 137313831538.jpg - (27.48KB , 558x339 , gandalf-you-shall-not-pass.jpg )
Pic related

I found the story about Cleophee in tome 1 interesting. Apparently, they could have removed the cameo, but left it in as a "nod to the character." Personally, I think they were better off leaving her out because it doesn't quite make sense for her to be there (how do you get a letter to a moving boat?) and it doesn't make sense for her not to help the group during the Jiva fight (as it was pointed out in the tome 1 critique). Oh well.
>> No. 212210

It's time.
>> No. 212211
Read a translation and it sounds pretty interesting.

Also, it sounds like Ankama can finally get their wish to include maskemane into the BoT storyline.

Also Also, Holy shit possible war with Sufokia
>> No. 212217
>takes place 4 to 6 years after season 2, but the characters will have the same designs
okay, i know short yugo is like the fandom's fetish but this sounds pretty lazy, unless there's some misinterpretations going on.

>No need to have read the manga or even seen the series to understand these specials.

>Maskemane will appear in these specials.

>It seems there will be something special involving Pinpin.

>It seems there will be some romance involving Yugo (at least, as far as the guy posting has understood).
please not amalia (i know it's dumb to wish against it but i can still try).

anyway, the whole thing with sufokia sounds good, so does maskemane finally showing up. starting to find out more about the bot's past is also something that's sorely needed.

either way i feel like this is too little to go off of but i'll have some cautious optimism. i'm mostly disappointed that there will be no new character designs, though.
>> No. 212227
>>takes place 4 to 6 years after season 2, but the characters will have the same designs
>okay, i know short yugo is like the fandom's fetish but this sounds pretty lazy, unless there's some misinterpretations going on.
It's not the character design, it's the visual technique as a whole that remains the same except for the removal of shadowing on the characters.

>- The story will take place between 4 and 6 years after season 2.
>- France 3 has allowed more freedom scenario wise. It'll be darker and more epic.
>- Maskemane will appear in these specials.

>- It seems there will be some romance involving Yugo
>- It seems there will be something special involving Pinpin.
Ugh, indeed.
>> No. 212228
thanks for clearing it up, i had a feeling that's what it was.
>> No. 212232
File 137322511040.jpg - (99.04KB , 392x385 , 131041838670.jpg )
why does it seem like the people in the /co/ threads can't accept that wakfu has flaws?
>> No. 212233
Really? Haven't been in one since but when it was still running it seemed like they saw nothing but flaws (as usual).
>> No. 212234
most of those people seemed to have moved on or just aren't going to the threads, but now we're back to "there are no flaws at all and if you think there are, you're a butthurt tumblrite". i can understand not agreeing with someone when they say something is a flaw because it's all up for interpretation, but people are acting like they have the authority on what is or isn't a factual flaw.

i'm actually glad the fandom got more critical of wakfu during season 2, though i do agree at times they went overboard with the hate.
>> No. 212237
>now we're back to "there are no flaws at all and if you think there are, you're a butthurt tumblrite".
I haven't seen that recently.
>> No. 212238
Today is the first time i've seen it. I dunno, it seems like another small thing that escalated too quickly.

As for the mini series, it certainly looks promising right now even though that i agree that we should cautiously optimistic about it.
>> No. 212240
*even though i agree that we should be cautiously optimistic about it.
>> No. 212242
it happened today, people posted not so stellar opinions on season 2, someone came in with some huge paragraph about whiners who hated season 2 because it wasn't their fanfiction and then it dissolved into a stupid little fight.

if people are saying, "iopfag you're a iopfag if you didn't hate every second of the finale and season 2 just sucks" than that's a problem but if people voice their opinions in a civil way who gives a shit?
>> No. 212245
Apparently you do since ruining half a thread wasn't enough and you brought it here to bitch about a stranger who pissed you off on the Internet and get a pat on the back.
>> No. 212258
Was gonna say this.

That "argument" of yours was pathetic, >>212242.

As was the post from one idiot who decided to make an assumption about something that had been mentioned, and suddenly decided he wasn't as interested in it anymore because it'd be "Iop wank".

That term, along with the similar term of "Iopfag", has to be the worst to ever emerge from this fandom.
>> No. 212364
Back on topic...

I wonder who Flopin and Elely are? The standing theory is they're Eva's/Grovy's children and I can kind of see that. Elely sounds young enough, but I'm not quite sure if Flopin sounds young enough. However, Flopin does have the same "pin" suffix as Tristipin (Sadlgrove). Honestly, It would be kind of funny and totally not surprising if Ankama inadvertently revealed the child(dren) of Eva/Grovy.

So I know that most of the dialogue besides the one mentioned by Kennymc was fairly generic or uninteresting, but there were two others i thought were kind of interesting. First being the one where Amalia says she has to do something alone. To me, it kind of suggest some possible Amalia centric stuff in the OAV/Mini series. Second is the one where I believe Eva's talking to Amalia (she mention's a brother who doesn't seem care about grovy, so I believe its Armand). I found interesting because it seems like the few moments where Eva actually defends Grovy.

Finally I wonder how dark it's going to be. I feel like it would have to be somewhere between a pg rating and a soft pg-13. I hope it doesn't get "grimdark."
>> No. 212388
It definitely won't be grimdark. Keep in mind that they're still airing it on France 3.

>Second is the one where I believe Eva's talking to Amalia
That's right, she says her name.

The French thread currently speculates that Flopin is a Cra boy and Elely a Iop girl (she definitely has a penchant for fighting). I wouldn't be surprised if those lines were Ankama's way to let us know about the kids.

Another interesting line to me is the Count's. I can't think of any other than Count Bagwards/Harebourg, so I wonder if it's him. I suppose the fact that he has met Naïl could explain why he was eager to meet "them" (i.e. other Eliatropes).
>> No. 212400
>The French thread currently speculates that Flopin is a Cra boy and Elely a Iop girl (she definitely has a penchant for fighting).
Glad I'm not the only who was thinking that. To add, Flopin mentions concentration which might refer to using or aiming a bow (indicating that he's a cra). But to be fair, I'm sure other classes need concentration just as much as cras do.

>Another interesting line to me is the Count's. I can't think of any other than Count Bagwards/Harebourg, so I wonder if it's him.
It's possible. Maybe he didn't die in dofus and found a way to live to the wakfu era.

I have to admit that i'm a bit pleasantly surprised that the series is coming out sooner than expected. I originally thought that it was going to come out after the franga is done.
>> No. 212441
Holy shit, i guess i didn't memorize the lines as well as I thought I did. For what >>212388 said (Amalia is dead center of the line) and pretty much most of the Amalia line.

"My decision is made! If you do not go with me, I'll go alone!" Amalia

So i'm wondering who she's giving the ultimatum too?
>> No. 212769
Harebourg is alive in the Wakfu era, as the game suggests. There's an archievement which requires freeing him from an ice prison, so maybe it's also going to happen in the cartoon.
>> No. 212791
Was he in the ice prison until wakfu or is he immortal? Does Ankama realize that they have already kind of done a crazy xelor dude?

Sure it's old news but Seth has started working on a Krosmoz wiki and help is needed.
>> No. 212839
He was in the ice prison since the happenings of the Frigost campaign in Dofus, according to the information revealed so far. Also, Harebourg isn't exactly the same kind of villain as Nox. He isn't trying to fix anything. He's more like Qilby, if anything. We should give him a chance, at the moment it's like assuming that Mr. Freeze and, say, Scarecrow are the same kind of villain, thus one of them will be boring, because "we've seen that already". We also can't be sure if Harebourg is going to be the villain this time. Maybe he was able to overcome his insanity. According to the Frigost background materials, he wasn't all that bad before that accident involving Jiva, Djaul and the ice dofus.
>> No. 213017
File 137415667625.png - (333.27KB , 445x746 , Screenshot_16.png )
more of this is fine by me
>> No. 213020
File 137416470454.jpg - (1.62MB , 1944x2592 , 100_3955.jpg )
Got the comic this morning, here's a summary.

Lombrocorp is overrun with rats and king Alaric has asked Kerub to recover a powerful scroll. Said scroll reveals the positions of soul fragments from the elemental Shushus Goultard destroyed in Les Shushus de Rushu, which he would like to use to defeat the rats and their leader Sphincter Cell.

It turns out that Lou has also asked Kerub for help since she was caught by the rats with her adventuring party (we barely see her in this tome so that's all we know and I wonder how exactly she contacted him). And of course, Indie has caught wind of this and is doing his best to complete the mission before Kerub for both the glory and Lou.

It gets more complicated, though. For some reason, Kerub has lost his memory. Every few pages including the very first one, he has weird dreams where he interacts with Ecaflip and tries to understand what's going on, but the god remains cryptic. Even though he's being helped by Crocosec, he doesn't remember him, and they're being hunted by Rogues who want to bind the soul fragments into Shushettes, Shushu weapons that can absorb Shushu soul fragments.

After the first day, Kerub has another dream with Ecaflip and when he wakes up, Crocosec is gone with the scroll. It turns out that he's reliving the same day but starting earlier. He now remembers that he (or rather Crocosec) only has half the scroll and Indie has the remaining part. They relive the events of the previous day, without making the same mistakes, and make camp for the night. The next morning, they are ambushed by Indie and the Rogues he's hired, and they take the map back. But the Rogues betray Indie and tie the three of them to a tree, leaving with the map.

The comic ends with Kami, the huppermage who made the scroll, visiting them, asking why they stole it and saying he's going to get it back. He advises them to go home. According to him, unleashing the soul fragments to save Lombrocorp would be just another way to destroy it.

>> No. 213049
it's already been said there are no more amalia/yugo hints in tome 2.
>> No. 213054
The generally consensus i got from /co/ is that it was just bizzarre and that Kerubim looks like a villain.

An amusing quote from /co/...
>It was all a ruse!
or something to that effect.
>> No. 213061
Out of curiosity how active are the gods in wakfu?
Like are they straight up omnipresent for every little prayer, working miracles and partying it up with their followers?
I'm just wondering, Ruel got a message from his god.
>> No. 213100
It seems to me that the gods became generally less active after they go their asses kicked by Ogrest. The only other divine was Goultard as he's apparently the new god Iop.
>> No. 213139
i think that moment was foreshadowing what will be happening a couple years down the line, after yugo hits puberty (i'm going to be completely honest and say as of right now he strikes me as being completely uninterested in amalia in a romantic sense).
>> No. 213173
Yeah, it sounds like the OAV is where they're doing the Amalia/Yugo romance thing. Also, it seems that Yugo has other things worry about other than how to ask Amalia out. Although I kind of wonder if they were planning for it to happen in the Franga but they decided to push it back to the OAV.
>> No. 213241
Some were always more active than others. Look at Xelor, for example. He appearently is too busy with keeping time in order, so he rarely helps his disciples directly. Since we already talk about gods, I wonder why only some of them changed the appearence of their diciples during Ogrest's Chaos?
>> No. 213288
I don't think there's an official explanation why the classes look different between era. I think it was just an artistic choice to differentiate each other.
>> No. 213922
File 13752984086.jpg - (98.20KB , 500x744 , 1375207237997.jpg )
Man, summer hiatus sucks.
>> No. 215465
You'll be glad to know it's over as of this Saturday (31st): http://www.dofus-la-serie.com/fr/episodes/bonta-folie
>> No. 215481
Yeah, it'll be good to have consistent threads with actual content.
>> No. 215599
File 137784713173.jpg - (907.54KB , 1192x1226 , wakfu___yugo_by_smiley_studio-d4zyexy.jpg )
I've been noticing that people aren't too big on the idea of Yugo being involved in a relationship in the specials. While i'm in the same boat, i do wonder about people's reasoning behind it.
>> No. 215617
File 137788580166.jpg - (246.41KB , 595x842 , Wakfu Amalia & Yugo baja.jpg )
I'm only against it if it isn't with Amalia.
>> No. 215633
I'm against it even if he goes with Amalia. I guess it would be a little nicer than some random chick, but i'm still not big on the idea of Yugo being in a romantic relationship even if it might be a nice departure from his main character arc.

Also, i'm predicting that Ankama will make a drama out of it.
>> No. 215796
In the game, Count Harebourg is slowly becoming the main villain... Since there was a count mentioned in the spoiler about the specials, I think it's quite possible that Harebourg will appear in them. He's Ankama's new poster boy since they impelemted the latest part of Frigost in Dofus, so it would be logical to include him in one of the animated series.
>> No. 215835
File 137814591370.png - (771.76KB , 900x1237 , __sketch___wakfu__young_vs_old___by_jeania_yore-d6.png )
Yeah, we talked about that awhile ago. My only real problem with it is that we already had a xelor bad guy in Nox even though i've been told that count isn't like Nox.
>> No. 215838
File 137814647255.jpg - (100.38KB , 1280x539 , Nox Concept.jpg )
>Fanart of the concept art costumes
>> No. 215850
The count has two henchmen who also are Xelors... However, if they'll decide to use the storyline from the game, we will see many new villains that aren't Xelors, since Harebourg is creating an army out of diffrent bosses from the game and their minions (so far we are know about Wa-Wabbit and the Dragon Pig, who both already appeared in the cartoon, but that's most likely not all)
>> No. 215863
They kind of fucked up with Qilby, so the Wakfu Special version of the Count can't be any worse, especially if they introduce him as the villain straight away instead of tiptoeing around the obvious for FOURTEEN GODDAMN EPISODES!!! That's just bad writing.
>> No. 215865
Well, Nox did have his random ass army with boss-like henchmen as well. At first, i wanted to say that makes them more similar, but I think that might be unfair considering there is a plethora who use henchmen and bosses all the time.

As a sidenote, I am amused with the idea of Count recruiting the non plot villains like Wabbit King and Dragon Pig to his cause.

Also, who the fuck is Khan Karkass?
>> No. 215890
While I understand the complaint, the problem with Qilby's reveal was that the Islands Of Wakfu game that pretty much stated that he was evil was released before he even made an appearance in the show. At that point you're just expecting the reveal.

Had that game been released after S2 had finished, I think the perception of him would have been improved.
>> No. 215898
File 137821497875.jpg - (29.29KB , 640x309 , 924424wakfu.jpg )
>solely blaming the terrible Islands game

>> No. 215905
You have to admit, it would have been a bit more subtle (and the wait for the reveal more bearable) if there wasn't something directly saying "Qilby's the bad guy! Oh yeah, and Yugo is king."

On this topic: has anyone seen the reaction of the second season to someone who came in completely unspoiled?
>> No. 215922
Man, I keep forgetting about that scene.

If you put aside the S1 finale scene and the game, Qilby doesn't come off as a villain for most of the season to me. In Qilby's defense, I appreciate that Anakama was kind of trying to make a villain different than Nox, which is my point about Count. With what i know about Count Harebourg currently, he would feel redundant as a villain imho.

As is, I'm a little concern about Ankama's villain writing with Jiva. I'm going to hold on to possibility of her getting better but, as of tome 2, I just find her to be bits and pieces of previous villains without their charm.
>> No. 215926
In my opinion, Qilby's offense was that he wasn't different enough from Nox:

-dressed in rags
-glowing blue eyes
-blue energy blasts
-energy construct weapons
-mad scientist
-laughing mad
-blatant insanity
-master plans involve draining the planet of Wakfu to fund a trip
-they even have the armor gauntlet thing on the same arm

Honestly, they just tried making a stronger and more evil version of the season 1 villain minus an intriguing backstory and final battle.
>> No. 215948
Wow we have polar opposite opinions because I thought thematically the two were radically different, with Nox being literally robotic and cold and suffering under constant guilt, and with Qilby being all limber and full of life/wakfu and no regret. This is even in their final battles, with Yugo fighting the former in a bleak rainstorm and the latter in a colorful mass attack. Like, see the first outfit in >>215838, it's cool, but I can't imagine the Nox we got in the show doing a pose like that. Qilby, though? Yeah.
>> No. 215954
Even without the spoilers, it was painfully obvious that something was off with the way he reacted when he came out of the cube and the looks he gave.
>> No. 215973
Qilby's backstory is as complex as Noximilien's, it just wasn't fully shown in the show. Orgonax plays an important part in it and turns out not to be that much of a villain, btw.
>> No. 215996
I hate to be that anon, but does anyone know where I can get the soundtrack? The link posted /coc/ for it a few months ago is dead.
>> No. 215997
I hate to be that anon, but does anyone know where I can get the soundtrack? The link posted /coc/ for it a few months ago is dead.
>> No. 216683
Oh boy I'm excited. Ankama has opened a studio in Montreal.

The studio will be producing a new MMO outside the Krosmoz universe:
>Abraca is a platform and multiplayer combat game part of a transmedia project.
>The player is encouraged to explore the game in the form of dungeons and emblematic places in the world of fairy tales: Imagi.
>Ankama's new video game, Abraca, will be developed in their new studio located in Old Montreal, in collaboration with teams based at the headquarters in Roubaix.

I might be going near there in October, I'll see if I can't sneak a peek while I'm around.
>> No. 216706
It does sound kind of interesting. Hopefully it means that wakfu stuff gets properly translated into English. Maybe not though, but a man can dream.
>> No. 216709
>Translate something into English

I don't know, man, the current government of Quebec might actually pass legislation to make that illegal. They are kind of dicks.
>> No. 216721
Okay, that's disappointing. What's their reasoning behind that?
>> No. 216725
Anon is exaggerating. But since they're the only French-speaking province in America, they have laws to protect the language from the surrounding English influence (e.g. all products sold in stores need French or multilingual packaging even if the content is in other languages).

Still, don't expect translations from Ankama Canada. They're hiring a dozen people in all and they're working on an entirely new MMO. Even though they see it as a pied-à-terre in the NA market, from what I gathered they're French expats (at least the two that came up with the idea) and they'll be working in French.
>> No. 216761
Would've been nice for Louisiana to have done something like that.
>> No. 216768
>But since they're the only French-speaking province in America, they have laws to protect the language from the surrounding English influence (e.g. all products sold in stores need French or multilingual packaging even if the content is in other languages).

Yeah, and that's not even just in Quebec. It's a nice idea, but they can really be dickish about it. Like you'll have politicians screaming about English influence threatening French even when French speaking in the province has gone up, not down.
>> No. 216775
They probably won't. I was joking, based on their fairly onerous existing language laws and a recent motion by the Quebec National Assembly to ban visible religious symbols from all government employees, which essentially targets and affects people outside of the Catholic-turned-secular French majority in the province.
>> No. 216780
They're kind of not, though. They've already tried passing laws to make speaking English in the workplace illegal, and they actually have passed laws that businesses cannot have English signs unless their French signs are twice as big.

Quebec is a beautiful province, but the politicians here are so obsessed with preserving the French language that everything else is going to shit.
/bitter Quebecer
>> No. 217520
File 138157823259.jpg - (1.48MB , 1609x1616 , Ecaflips.jpg )
I posted this in 4chan so I guess I'll post here as well.

I was seeing how many female characters of each class I could find in various Wakfu/Dofus animations. I haven't did anything with Rogues, Masqueraiders, and Foggernauts because there are so few of them. Cras, Iops, and Fecas might take a while because they don't have many features that separate them from normal humans. Srams, Sacriers and Xelors are easier to notice but they also are rarely seen especially the Xelors.
>> No. 217521
File 138157829858.jpg - (593.06KB , 1077x1077 , Enirispas.jpg )
>> No. 217522
File 138157843355.jpg - (534.46KB , 1077x1077 , Osamodas.jpg )
>> No. 217523
File 138157851078.jpg - (684.30KB , 1077x1077 , Pandawas.jpg )
>> No. 217524
File 138157862788.jpg - (857.69KB , 1609x1077 , Sadidas.jpg )
>> No. 217525
Blessed be the French, for they are wise in the ways of cartoon tits and ass
>> No. 217964
I got my copy of Les Vents d'émeraude this morning, so I thought I would share more details with you all in case anyone was curious. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I wrote a quick description on the wiki:

My first impression was that the book looks pretty sturdy for a paperback, and I hope it lasts. It's printed large so there's only 300 paragraphs in the 400 pages. To compare, one mainstream gamebook I own, in the usual pocket format, has almost 400 paragraphs in just over 200 pages.

The classes you can play are the good old 12: Cra, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Enutrof, Feca, Iop, Osamodas, Pandawa, Sacrier, Sadida, Sram, Xelor. Each has a unique ability with limited uses and a bookmark on which you can write your name and some notes.
You have two copies of a character sheet near the end for Hit Points, Kamas, Item slots (4 to start with, up to 8), Grobid Potions and Notes.

You start with 5 HP and death is definitive, unlike in the MMO (but like all gamebooks I've seen so far). You can heal yourself fully at the tavern or regain HP through certain choices or character abilities. You can also use a healing potion at the end of any non-combat paragraph to regain 1 HP.

You have no Kamas, but you are assumed to have basic armor, a weapon and a backpack that occupy no item slots. Healing potions take one slot for the whole stack. You can drop an item anytime, but it's lost for good.

Grobid potions let you teleport to the tavern by drinking one at the end of a non-combat paragraph. The tavern has its own section, so you're meant to leave your character bookmark at your current paragraph while you visit the tavern and return to it when you're done. At the tavern, you can drink at the fountain of youth to heal all HP, buy equipment or item slots, play games to earn Kamas, etc.
>> No. 217965
File 13826365142.jpg - (1.46MB , 2592x1944 , 100_4073.jpg )
I haven't started reading so I can't tell you about the story, but I could give an overview of the character abilities later if there is interest.
>> No. 217967
File 138264039121.jpg - (1.93MB , 2583x1359 , 100_4074.jpg )
Oh, and can you spot the heresy on these bookmarks?

That's right, they covered that legendary Sram booty.
>> No. 218129
Old news, but Gabe from Penny-Arcade has recently discovered the Dofus/Wakfu universe.

More specifically, he's discovered Krosmaster-Arena
>> No. 218173
File 138303202851.png - (136.68KB , 383x317 , Sad Faye.png )
Rest in peace, Abigail.
>> No. 218273
She perished far too soon, but let us take comfort in the fact that before her death, she truly did live life to the fullest.

And though Abigail might be dead, L'aventure lives on.
>> No. 218300
So did the artbook line just completely stop after the first season? I was looking forward to some of them too.
>> No. 218799
File 138413245351.png - (134.75KB , 581x312 , pMH3hSW.png )
There was a lore stream stream recently. It seems that Harebourg is almost surely going to appear in the cartoon special. Also, we'll learn who Joris is in June or July - it seems that it's when the project will be released. Considering recent developments in the game's storyline, we'll see a lot of characters either not present in the show yet or starring in just one episode (Dragon Pig, wabbits), if Harebourg is going to be the main villain.
>> No. 218814
I'm really hoping they don't go overboard with the special.
>> No. 218815
In what way?
>> No. 218826
As in they shove too much stuff (characters, romance, lore stuff) in and it makes the whole thing feel bloated. Or worse, they shift the focus away from the main characters.
>> No. 218852
Trust me, that's the best thing they can do. Unless you want to see everyone becoming a new season 2 Ruel. Also more Harebourg and co. = less shipping drama.
>> No. 218870
>Unless you want to see everyone becoming a new season 2 Ruel.
I don't think i quite understand. I think the inclusion of new characters/lore characters would overshadow the BoT. Also, while focusing on the left bank xelor gang might mean less relationship drama, but that also means less time developing the main characters. Although to be fair, i should expect some development in Count H. if he's going to be the bad guy.

I just don't want the crammed feeling that s2's finale felt.
>> No. 218982
File 138437058588.jpg?spoiler - (253.71KB , 800x1280 , SC20131110-234739.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 218983
Does this mean we have ripped raws of tome 2 or is there something significant with the text?
>> No. 218984
meant for
>> No. 219080
He receieved so much character development in the game that he's a more complex character than half of the BoT, tbh.
>> No. 219525
A few weeks ago I asked for questions regarding the Dofus/Wakfu lore that I could forward to a friend who was going to attend a convention. The event was last weekend, but as I suspected the CM who was going to give answers was very busy and we didn't get to learn much. Of the questions I got from 4chan, only this one was asked:

>Are Eliatropes considered humans even though they come from another planet? (Could they have children with the other 15 classes?)
And the CM didn't know.

Other than that, they mentioned that Joris's background is completely fleshed out and known among the staff, and as was already obvious (I think Tot mentioned it last summer) he's going to become a central part of several media, like Goultard.

Lastly, there was a very vague mention of a new character that will be introduced at some point. The subtleties may have been lost in translation, but nothing concrete was revealed to begin with other than him (or her) being referred to as a "murderer of Eliatropes." Your guess is as good as mine regarding everything else.
>> No. 219539
I wish to stress that I'm not a shipper even though this post will make me seem like one.

I'm not at all enthusiastic about the OAV having a Yugo romance subplot and I'd prefer if it didn't happen in the 3 special episodes, but since it seems the decision of it happening is already irreversible, I'd rather the plot featured Amalia rather than some other character.

So this leads me to my question directed to those who know French. Is the Yugo and Amalia pairing even any popular among the French fanbase, on places like the Ankama forums and what not.

I'm asking because I figure that'll decide if they'll go with Amalia or some new character for that subplot.
>> No. 219540
>Is the Yugo and Amalia pairing even any popular among the French fanbase, on places like the Ankama forums and what not?

Oops, the 2nd sentence in the third line is supposed to be a question by the way. I mistakenly forgot to add a question mark in the previous post. Sorry about that.
>> No. 219547
If i recall correctly, people on the official were a bit surprised that Amalia/Yugo was a thing when the famous "bim" page was posted on the forums. Also, i believe they liked the idea of Nora and Yugo being a pair even though currently Yugo hasn't even met Nora. There is also the fact that Amalia is ranked four in the group popularity poll a while back.

So, I would argue that it isn't all that popular in france unless something changed.

>Lastly, there was a very vague mention of a new character that will be introduced at some point. The subtleties may have been lost in translation, but nothing concrete was revealed to begin with other than him (or her) being referred to as a "murderer of Eliatropes." Your guess is as good as mine regarding everything else.
Sounds intriguing. Maybe he/she is someone who greatly opposes Eliatropes (Something like Amon from LoK).
>> No. 219549
>So, I would argue that it isn't all that popular in france unless something changed.

I see, so they will most likely go with some other character. That's probably the worst option for my taste, but oh well.

Many thanks for the answer, anon.
>> No. 219550
Honestly, i think Amalia/Yugo is going to happen because it feels like that's what has been set in motion. Since Ankama doesn't really pander to its fans, i don't think it matters what fans think about Amalia or the ship.
>> No. 219654
File 138539060942.png - (202.07KB , 1593x1402 , so damn adorable.png )
I have a question about the episode 41 of Dofus, more precisely the scene where one of the knights go to the cave and discovers the sword of Nine Tails (approximately @ 3:50). A piece of hauntingly beautiful music plays. What is it? Is it made for the show or is it by some known musician/composer/etc? This show has a history of using classical music (Bach's St. Matthew's Passion is used in the Yechti episode, then there's the cabaret episode).
>> No. 219998
I'm glad that Joris will appear in more media, we need a better protagonist than Yugo or Sadlygrove and he's a perfect candidate.
>> No. 220007
Really? Besides the whole what the fuck he is thing, i don't find him all the interesting or all that special. Frankly, i find it annoying that he was tacked on to BoT in the franga.

However, I'm all for Ankama making Yugo a better protagonist. Maybe i'm blind or maybe i forgot, but does Yugo have a character flaw?
>> No. 220036
Yugo can't be a good protagonist because he is a terrible Gary Stu
>> No. 220057
Meh, I like Yugo.

Far too many protagonists of stuff Ankama references (Naruto, One Piece). have the "genius at fighting, idiot at everything else" ala Sadlygrove character archetype.

I prefer the super talented chosen one archetype ala Luke Skywalker. And I'm glad they went with that for the main protagonist of Wakfu.

And even in that archetype I like him way better than say TLA's Aang, whom the majority of plus4chan seems to hold in high esteem, and whom I consider a ridiculous glorification of a pre-1951 Tibetan, done by preachy Californian writers.Tibet did have jails, and its leaders were prejudiced towards foreigners and other religions, it wasn't a bloody utopia. And even in fictional storytelling terms, risking the annihilation of an entire nation just cause you refuse to kill one guy, isn't noble. It's selfish and stubborn. But I digress.

So when it comes to animated series' primarily aimed at a 9-12 demographic, I'd say Yugo is pretty decent as a protagonist. I'd rather have too few flaws, than very questionable traits being hailed as undeniable virtues, or the oversaturated childlike idiot protagonist type.
>> No. 220174
The main character flaw Yugo would have is how he tends to trust everyone on first sight. It never bit his hand but the potential of a major screwup because of his excessive naïveté is there. Other than that, he's a rather slick character, as expected with a shonen.
>> No. 220238
I think the only time it has bit him big time was Qilby and even then I think you could argue that wasn't a case of naivete when everyone believed Qilby. Hell, even the whole decision to use the Eliacube was almost completely Adamai's idea.
>> No. 220240
As you said there's no case yet of Yugo solely defending someone against the advice of all the others and being wrong in the end but it could happen. As for the whole Eliacube business it's a question of Adamaï being ruthless while Yugo is afraid of power, but the "great power implies great responsibility" motto is so common it can't even be considered a trait. It's nice to see the brother's relation isn't all slick and they argue quite often, they could have made it very consensual and very boring instead.
>> No. 220417
In other words, he's naive.
>> No. 220426
Hi. Sorry for digging up old topic but I have a question about "Dofus Heroes: Kerubim Tome 1".

Is there any site where I can find this comic as a whole or scans of it?
>> No. 220454
Are you asking for where to purchase or download it? I sadly can't help with the latter and the former should be rather easy to find so I'd assume it's the latter.
>> No. 220461

I asked about download. I've been searching it for few days (deep inside the Internet) and I just didn't found anything what I need.

http://archive.foolz.us/co/thread/51934636/ -> here I saw that Seth had scanned some pages of it, but I can't open it because of 404 error.

I heard opinions that this is rather disappointing book, but I happen to find it interesting after seeing some pages on Ankama Shop and I'd like to check it whole.
>> No. 220489
Nah, I didn't scan anything, just took pictures of the sketch/art bonuses. Sorry but don't expect any scans from me.
You can read my summary here if you haven't seen it yet: >>213020
>> No. 220498
> Sphincter Cell.
Well that's a double reference, really should've ordered more comics when I ordered my stuff now that I think about it.
>> No. 220808
File 138724129797.gif - (1.73MB , 320x180 , ryu.gif )
I made some gifs
>> No. 220809
File 138724140222.gif - (1.60MB , 320x180 , Ken.gif )
>> No. 220810
File 138724148749.gif - (829.83KB , 320x180 , Thor.gif )
>> No. 220811
File 138724160726.gif - (2.85MB , 487x240 , Dance Crew.gif )
>> No. 220812
File 138724176911.gif - (2.55MB , 421x300 , lou.gif )
>> No. 220906

Are these from the latest episode? Got any links?
>> No. 220914
>> No. 221062
I'm sure everyone's aware by now, but tome 2 of the franga has been translated by Morgie-corgi. You can find it in /coc/.
>> No. 221217
File 138803694352.jpg - (59.42KB , 400x579 , Couv_197307.jpg )
Got tome 2 for Christmas, so here's the summary. Obviously, spoilers ahoy. Also by the way, I have no idea why I wrote King Alaric there, his name is Abrazif.

Kerub, Indie and Crocosec return to Lombrocorp and find out that the mage Kami is in fact the king's right hand and the scroll was a fake, made to test Kerub's talent as an adventurer. Now that they know he was skilled enough to steal it, and that all three of them are motivated by Lou's capture and won't betray Lombrocorp, they all embark on an infiltration mission along with the captain of the guard.

The idea is simple: send a shipment of food on a road that's certain to be watched by the rats, with the infiltrators hidden in a cart's false bottom. Additionally, a barrel of poisoned apples is included in the shipment, knowing that the rats reserve apples to high-ranking officers and will break rank if no one's in command. The plan works, the cart is captured, the group enters the underground city, and thanks to Crocosec in disguise, the officers quickly eat the apples.

All the while, Lou has been informed by Sphincter Cell that all the pillaging was being done to feed his people with some exposition about how the rats live. Once the officers have been taken care of, Kerub finds and frees Lou while the others attack/distract Sphincter Cell. It all goes fairly well and Sphincter Cell is somehow gone even though he was beating the crap of them, but while the group intends to return to the castle now that the rats have been dispersed, Kerub decides to go after Sphincter Cell to get his stolen dice back. Unfortunately he gets jumped by a bunch of rats and the time-warp shenanigans with Ecaflip resume as he apparently dies.

When he wakes up, a rat delivers a message from Sphincter Cell: "Why would I fight you when I can kill your friends instead? Your pain will be much greater." Kerub runs off to save Lou but is too late since they were all caught under a collapsing ceiling. While he cries over Lou's body, Sphincter Cell shows up and tells him that his invasion was justified because the king didn't keep his end of the deal. Said deal being that the rats would pillage the people above to keep them starved, since starved peasants are too concerned with survival to oppose their king - in return, the rats were promised some land in the north on top of getting more food for their starving folks. Then he kills Kerub, who once again has visions of Ecaflip.

Another timewarp follows, with Ecaflip saying he can't keep saving his ass every time and imparting some more wisdom, and Kerub finds himself with the messenger again and this time reaches the group in time to get them out of harm's way, though he himself gets hit by the falling debris. They return to the castle with him in a coma where he fights his inner demons again and Ecaflip reveals the identity of the enemy that plagues his memory and dreams.

Meanwhile, at the castle, the group confronts the king about the claims that Kerub is making in his sleep, about his supposed deal with the rats. The king puts them all under arrest for calumny, but a poisoned apple falls from Crocosec's bag as they take him away. Being a gluttonous pig, the king jumps on it and eats it despite protests by the captain of the guard. He of course dies, and Kerub's visions finally reveal to the reader that his enemy is the mage Kami. He was the one who made the deal with Sphincter Cell, under the king's appearance, and just as Kerub wakes up, he sentences all of them to death for provoking the king's death. However the captain of the guard holds his men as he notes that Kami did nothing to prevent the king from eating the apple that everyone knew was poisoned, while the adventurers saved the city from the rats.

Kami is taken away without a fight, the captain of the guard becomes king, Kerub is made some sort of knight protector and the others are made knights of the city. The book closes with Ecaflip saying to no one in particular that he just helped Kerub's luck "a little."

All in all, I didn't enjoy the story very much.
>> No. 221227

The story sounds weird but a bit interesting at the same time. I'd like to see Kerubim crying over Lou's body - wonder if this looks dramatic.

Are there any fanarts like in first tome?
>> No. 221233
File 138811419566.jpg - (2.69MB , 1334x1677 , 111.jpg )
No, it only has a "how to art" bonus showing how the artist goes through each step of production.

Here's most of the shots of Kerub and Lou (the one at the bottom should sort of be in between but whatever).
>> No. 221251
Taking this summary and tome 1's summary, the whole thing just seems bizarre. Like, I thought Tears of Blood was bizarre but this just seems like an even stranger writing experiment.

And the art is just weird.
>> No. 221264
>And the art is just weird.
It gives an entirely wrong perception of Kerubim as well.

It makes him look like an anti-hero.
>> No. 221301

At the right pic he looks like he's yawning.
>> No. 221755
I'm starting to think that Dofus might be a better series than Wakfu. Though I'm not sure if it's fair due to:

1) Having a smaller cast that gets to do more as a result, making it so that no one really feels left out
2) Shorter running time lets it get to the point quicker as it needs to establish the necessary details and set pieces right away
3) Framework device that precludes the need for a big overarching story and demands for plot progression
4) Can more or less do whatever in the pop culture saturated World of 10/12 more often because it doesn't have a very serious tone.

Wakfu aims higher, but if it falters, does it still deserve some slack?
>> No. 221800
Wakfu deserves a great deal of the credit it receives and only seems rougher in comparison likely because it came first and had to set a bar. The tone of the show was constantly shifting in the early phase between serious and silly and it took time to find its proper tone. I imagine that there was no small mount of meddling from France3 on that end since they wanted to keep things 'kiddy' but Tot and the rest always had an epic in mind that required the material be allowed to be more grown up. Dofus never really suffered from that, because from the start it presented itself as a goofball comedy show and it was easier to get the network to not fight them so damn much with it. I feel like if the improvements that occurred in the second season are allowed to continue evolving in the new specials and beyond, then Wakfu will have achieved what it set forth to do originally and that is, tell the tale of one of the greatest epics in the history of the Krosmoz
>> No. 221876
>I feel like if the improvements that occurred in the second season

You mean making it all about Grovy and Eva?
>> No. 221878
No, not that LOL :) I mean advancing the story's mythology, shedding light on the Eliatrope civilization and showing through Qilby that they were not all like Yugo. Ruel should've maybe had a bigger moment for the final battle, but What I'm really hoping for is that Eva and Pinpin go on the back burner for a bit and that Amalia and Yugo take prominence. They're both future leaders of incredibly powerful civilizations that will be reaching major turning points in their lives. They're going to be around 17-19 when we pick up and I'm not at all averse to their possibility of romance (I admit I enjoyed watching them more than Grovy/Eva). Whatever this quest turns out to be, I just hope that things keep expanding and the tale keeps growing with its audience. I'm sure the surprise will be pleasant, Wakfu has yet to really let me down.
>> No. 221893
> They're both future leaders of incredibly powerful civilizations

Hold your horses, Sadidas are just a bunch of lazy hobos who scarcely leave the woods. Yugo is the king of an alien civilization that are bros with dragons, are older than the world itself and are led by direct descendants of the creators of the universe.
The world of twelve's nations have good reason to shit their pants if thousands of Eliatropes suddenle decide to settle on their planet.
>> No. 221904
And the Sadidas don't also have a MASIVE army of well trained fighters all capable of tapping into some pretty formidable earth magic, as well as being bros with the Cra nation as well? Not to mention that they guard the Tree of Life, the current largest source of Wakfu on the world at present?
>> No. 221916
Doesn't even compare.
>> No. 221924
You can't deny that the Sadida are a powerful presence in the World of Twelve along with the other 11 kingdoms. Those things don't just go away because the Eliatropes return. And even then, not all Elaitropes are the equal of the members of the Council of Six, and there is a VAST difference in power between the 2 groups. Most of the current members of the Eliatrope people are still toddlers thanks to the Mechasmes. They're not all powerful. As for the dragons, aside from Phaeris and Adamai, you've got Grougalorogran who is a baby and Balthazar, whom Qilby swatted aside like a gnat. 6 dragons in their prime would make things problematic, but 2 are hardly enough to match up to the fully roused might of 2 nations backed by the powers of their respective gods. The Sadida have an established culture within the present and are respected by the 11 other kingdoms as well. Until Yugo and Adamai showed up, most people believed them to be things of fairy tales.
>> No. 221939
Phaéris is dead.
>> No. 222213
File 139009842427.jpg - (0.97MB , 938x691 , IMAG0061.jpg )
I just wrote summaries for Tangomango 1 & 2, if anyone is interested:

I'm not used to this kind of writing, so let me know if it's too convoluted or something.
>> No. 222228
Hey ladies and gents, new to the board and looking for a bit of Wakfu related info.

From what I've gathered, there will be a few specials (3?), and if they're popular enough a season 3 will be made, correct? Any news on when the specials will get released?
>> No. 222230
Unfortunately, there hasn't been a single damn shred of news since these specials were announced last July. The only thing that was said is that they should start in the first half of the new year. That being said, my hope is that when Dofus finally wraps, we'll see Wakfu step back into the spotlight and start seeing the specials become more prominent.
>> No. 222257
This may be of interest to some of you :

>> No. 222282
File 139025735937.png?spoiler - (1.72MB , 1507x768 , 1390256612193.png?spoiler )
Apparently the trailer showed some sketches for the upcoming special. Surprising absolutely no one it shows Eva's and Grovy's kids.

Also Otomai and Harenbourg
>> No. 222283
File 139025789637.jpg?spoiler - (387.41KB , 1300x731 , 1390253454986.jpg?spoiler )
A better shot (it's in the red circle) of what looks like Count Harenbourg. Personally he looks like a mad hybrid of Unalaq and Nox, which isn't terribly surprising when you think about it.

Both shots are spoilered just to be safe.
>> No. 222322
1. He's called Harebourg, not Harenbourg
2. This looks like an Iop, not a Dofus Xelor - maybe we'll see Bontarian king, as Joris is supposed to be his aide, and the 3 unknown characters shown, including what you've assumed to be Harebourg, are Bontarian nobility of some sort. The colors seem fitting. Besides, Harebourg has a canon anime design... and isn't taller than Otomai.
>> No. 222400
All right folks. As most of you have probably heard, I (dangerously quickly) succumbed to the Kickstarter's Nox pledge. This means I will be meeting Tot and visiting the studio, and I'll try to use the opportunity to get some questions answered about the lore.

I can't guarantee I will have the chance to ask that many since we're meeting him over breakfast and I may not be the only backer there, but if you have questions you would like answered, post them here and I'll bring a list with me in April and see how many revelations I can get. They don't really have to be about the setting if you want IRL-related stuff to be discussed, but as you may have noticed I'm a sucker for background information.
>> No. 222402
File 139047961164.png - (280.32KB , 519x586 , Rob Paulsen for Nox?.png )
izmarvelous (DOFUS community manager) commented on this video, saying that Rob Paulsen could play english dub Nox if he's interested:


Could be cool.
>> No. 222403
It's a shame we couldn't have done the KS sooner. 3-4 years ago, I think Jeremy Shada from Adventure Time would have made an awesome Yugo. He's got that exuberance and energy that Yugo has and does an awesome job at the show's more serious (as far as AT gets) moments.
>> No. 222408
...that's NWF's tumblr account, isn't it.

You've heard this before but congrats! As for questions, I think I have a couple. If any of these already have answers somewhere, then disregard them.
>What happened to the old Iop god after that thing with Goultard?
>Video games are a huge part of Wakfu, but what are their favorites? Do they play any recent ones; most of the shoutouts in Wakfu have a retro feel.
>Obligatory question about Eva's backstory.
>> No. 222437
Oh my God, Eva's voice is amazing.
>> No. 222626

Biiiiig update from Tot himself here. Some particularly interesting points:
* The intent for the rest of Wakfu is to have a "Harry Potter" style arc of the protagonist growing up (so if Yugo's a teenager in the OVAs, he'll be an adult in season 3).
* Season 3 has not and will not start production until Ankama lands a business deal for it.
>> No. 222628
Aw, just the time to autosage.

New Thread >>222627
>> No. 222654
>teen in OVAs
>adult in season 3

Hope he's still cute. nohomo.
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