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File 138601842030.jpg - (150.31KB , 578x889 , BatmanBane.jpg )
220059 No. 220059
Old thread: >>217079

Forever Evil is still happening.

Bane: We Bats now.

Bob Harras: Still ruining DC.

TV Shows: Plenty of rumors for new series, including Young Justice.

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>> No. 220060
>Carrie, starring Supergirl.
The bad "Carrie" movie, I guess.
>> No. 220083
There was talk of a Gordon centric GCPD series being developed mainly his days before the Bat.
>> No. 220086
GETTING stupid?
>> No. 220154
>>TV Shows: Plenty of rumors for new series, including Young Justice.

I love Arrow more than I expected I would, but is it doing so well in ratings that it merits three sorta related shows?

Flash and Young Justice I can understand, since they are known franchises with fans already. Hourman on the other hand...

Still, I hope this is not the beginning of some sort of DC TV implosion.
>> No. 220157
To mirror the Marvel Thread.
>> No. 220163
That depends on how The Flash is received I think. They are brainstorming a few and getting drafts written but I think only if The Flash works will they start green lighting other projects. So far they seem to have a good characterization for Barry and that will count with the comic fans and the rest it just a wait and see.
>> No. 220233
File 138620458380.jpg - (3.58MB , 3840x2952 , it wasn't really a big rock.jpg )
>> No. 220271
File 138630414022.jpg - (53.76KB , 650x967 , ad_122022718.jpg )
So, Wonder Woman.
>> No. 220284
And there are already people complaining that her boobs aren't big enough.

>> No. 220286
I don't think her breast size matters remotely as much as the fact that she just plain doesn't look like a warrior. She looks like another generic, scrawny, runway-model doll. She's going to have to work out like mad to have enough muscle to look like she's capable of kicking anyone's ass.
>> No. 220287
File 138634308220.jpg - (87.54KB , 768x439 , Gal-Gadot-and-Dwayne-Johnson-on-the-set-of-Fast-Si.jpg )
and word is The Rock is going to help her do it which is nice he should be able to help her develop a presence so she can be on screen with the other two and it feel that she's their equal. Hope this movie isn't getting too overloaded in an attempt to play fast catchup with Marvel.
>> No. 220290
She also can't act her way out of a paper bag, going from what I've seen her in.

Which hasn't been much, but she hasn't BEEN IN much.

The biggest accomplishment on her resume is winning a beauty pageant. Which tells you all you need to know about what they were looking for when they picked her. I know people flip out over almost every actor picked, but for god's sake this one is barely even an ACTOR.
>> No. 220291
File 138634538273.jpg - (169.50KB , 772x1024 , tumblr_mgjlmwlPGH1rhaflto1_1280.jpg )
same lady that did Casting for Sucker Punch and Watchmen. Maybe Dwayne Johnson can help her pull it all together. In other news Henry has/is dating the woman that should have been picked. The MMA fighter that could kick both their asses.
>> No. 220294
To be honest I don't see what's so unlikely about that since that's something actors actually do.
>> No. 220295
hope she can handle it. Be a shame she does it well for this movie but the exertion is too much for her to do it again later. Bale's antics are nowhere near healthy method.
>> No. 220296
>Hope this movie isn't getting too overloaded in an attempt to play fast catchup with Marvel.

You know that's EXACTLY what's happening.
>> No. 220298
File 13863526455.jpg - (278.68KB , 798x736 , xs-allen.jpg )
I can keep lying to myself well up until its release. Least by that time there will be a thriving DCTV universe, unless they go total apeshit and murder the whole thing to attempt boosting the movies.

Speaking of which >People bitching Iris will be black.

Just jumping it up a generation
>> No. 220299
I have zero problems with Iris being black and I fucking love Iris.

Now, my question is, is this for a Flash series or fucking Arrow?
>> No. 220300
Flash series spinning off from Arrow.
>> No. 220301
Right they were going to backdoor it but then decided to make it a whole spinoff from the start. Did get a kick out of Barry dicking around the rack of chemicals while it was storming.
>> No. 220304
Alright, 'bout time I gave Arrow a shot anyway since it seems like one of the VERY few positives DC has going for them.
>> No. 220305
File 138636553788.png - (162.09KB , 634x354 , Felicity_Smoak.png )
tis good, starts slow but then started building up as names get dropped and the villains start showing up. Ollie has a pretty good arc of growth and Felicity is the best along with "Driver Man".
>> No. 220307
I'm only like 10ish episodes into Arrow and I like it enough to keep going for two reasons.

1: I actually find this Ollie to be interesting. He has really no fucking clue on how to be a big ol' creature of Vengence and you see him learning where the lines are.

But mostly:
2: the fight choreography. I have no idea why a CW show hired such top notch fight choreographers when they've been getting away with "punch, dodge, toss into wall" since the WB started with Buffy. But damn, I appreciate it.
>> No. 220335
>To mirror the Marvel Thread.

So the thread is copying Marvel... badly?

How appropriate.
>> No. 220410
> > 2: the fight choreography.

It's a bit uneven though. The fights between Colorless Arrow and Dark Arrow are amazing, but Black Canary can't do a roundhouse kick to save her life.
>> No. 220411
>Colorless Arrow
That's a fan nickname, right?
>> No. 220419
Yea gag about the whole Arrow Hood thing. Though since the show is gaining and its dropping in the comic stuff he might actually "go green"
>> No. 220442
Gal Gadot Performs Wonder Woman Themeyoutube thumb

Heh, okay I'll wait and see what happens.
>> No. 220475
>This is something actors do
>Bale right?

Basic biology. Testosterone is the hormone needed to build up muscle. Men have more testosterone than women.

Among women, those who are in higher body mass indexes have higher testosterone than those in lower body mass indexes. In the entire normal population, an especially thin woman like Gadot has the least testosterone, and thus the least ability to build up muscle.

It's difficult for a thin man to build up a physique that is visibly athletic. It's far more difficult for a thin woman to do the same. Doesn't mean it's impossible, but realistically it's an extremely steep hill. You really shouldn't cast a thin woman as an athlete, hoping she can just move herself over to a different body type.

Moreover, to be blunt, I know we bitch and moan about every actor/actress to get a part, but Gina's barely been in anything period. She won beauty contests and was the arm-candy in low-quality action films. That's about it. Doesn't mean she can't grow into more, but this is probably not a role to give someone hoping they can grow in acting ability AND completely change their body type.
>> No. 220478
Maybe having The Rock to help will be boon to her. Be great if she takes to it. Her vid shows she has some enthusiasm for it so maybe it will work.
>> No. 220492
File 138675026363.jpg - (386.91KB , 1419x1920 , harper nightwing.jpg )
Dustin Nguyen has forsaken you as well.

Have fun with your new and progressive Nightwing.
>> No. 220493
File 138675337183.jpg - (19.43KB , 500x335 , 4d64.jpg )
>> No. 220494
>>body armor
>>hoodie with rolled up sleeves
>>fingerless (maybe?) gloves
>>straps everywhere

Better not be final cause damn that is one complicated costume. The shake-up however actually slightly excites me. Nightwing has been a very uninteresting book thus far. It's because of that I was hoping he might end up a brainwashed Talon replacement for a bit during this Forever Evil crap. But I guess letting Not-Cass take over for a little while could be just as readable.
>> No. 220495
>Dustin Nguyen has forsaken you as well.

That looks like an extremely blatant attempt on his part to warn us to get the fuck out of DC.
>> No. 220501
Like Simone and her Batgirl writing.
>> No. 220507
File 138678912777.jpg - (383.14KB , 900x1330 , 5YL-0-final-400-26ab7.jpg )
What the...?
>> No. 220508
1. Batman Black and White should be digital first. Each issue is broken up into digital sized chapters. Well, just release them as alternating Legends of the Dark Knight stories. Aside from that Batman Black and White is exactly what I've come to expect from B B&W, so I was pleasantly surprised the format has more or less stayed the same.

2. With 5 years later, that makes four ongoing set in three different futures. Also, this is probably a way for DC editorial to capitalize on one of it's biggest past successes.
>> No. 220510
so Brother Eye and a bunch of Super Zombies. Bit behind there DC.
>> No. 220527
File 138681391725.jpg - (1.35MB , 1988x3056 , 2013-12-11 07-47-48 - Justice League (2011-) 025-0.jpg )
For an issue that spends most of its time exploring the origin and motives for Owlman, JL #25 sure makes me want to read more about his adventures with Talon instead. Maybe because Owlman's origin just doesn't do much for me this time round. I guess I'm meant to assume he was mentally deranged on Earth 3 just like on Earth Whatever? Which still boils down "he's just plain evil" anyway.
>> No. 220548
In TV news Arrow seems to be shaping up nicely. Yea dems Origins.
>> No. 220554
>Grudgingly watch another ep of Arrow to see if /co/ is right about it being good
>Try to bury decades-old Green Arrow fanboyism, to avoid "I'm sorry, but that's not my Green Arrow" reaction
>Watch until the credits play

Nope. Still think it's about as bad as the life action Birds of Prey. I'm just gonna put the enthusiasm down to fans being starved for anything better than the Wonder Woman pilot.
>> No. 220558
WB is fucking retarded, you have to play their game, that means you can't be what you are doing, they are literally scared of you calling a Superhero by name, hence Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Arrow, Smallville, etc.

So you have to play the game if you wanna see that character on TV or in movies, strip the name and colors, earn their trust, once you have the profit they are significantly less terrible and will let you slowly turn it into what it's supposed to be.

Even so you are totally correct in your opinion, it's not Green Arrow and as a true testament to the fucking stupidity of the WB, if you want Green Arrow it can't be Green Arrow.

Green Lantern ruined it for everyone.
>> No. 220567
I've never been one who cared about source accuracy, hell, the Green Arrow being published now is nothing like the one I was reading a few years ago and the one I was reading a few years ago is nothing like the one I actually enjoyed.

But I'm still enjoying Arrow as I go through it (10 episodes into season 1). It's a sharp action show who's main flaw is that it's also a wb drama. I came in prepared for that, so while I appreciate other's complaints about it, I can look past it and have come to really enjoy some of the cast.

Besides, outside of the new 52 comic, we've never really gotten a Year Two. Think of this as a weird Year Two. With his family that's supposed to be dead and his main villain being basically a totally new person. Though, I'm just kidding around, if you don't like the fact that stuff doesn't have what you like about a piece of media, that is enough of a reason to stop watching, if you think you won't get past it. Nothing wrong with tuning your entertainment to your tastes

Speaking of the new 52 comic, two of the top comic writers [i]of the last thirty years[i] have tried to bring that book back to life, but I still can't get on board with it like I did Arrow.
>> No. 220568
All that for a show I just KIND of like. Man, I'm no good at the internet.
>> No. 220581
>The Dark Knight ends with #29
>Animal Man ends with #29
>> No. 220596
So shocker to nobody Beware the Batman is dead, Dini dropped the hammer on the Smodcast. In short Cartoon Network is run by shitlords (shocker I know) and no toy money for them means no play for your show (same shit they did with Hasbro that lead to them forming The Hub) Doubt we'll even have the rest of the season run out on this one.

>> No. 220607
I knew this was coming the moment they put it on hiatus in October, but it still stings to have those last few shreds of hope completely sundered. I'm going to dare to hope that they at least shove the remaining episodes onto the air, and that the writers were able to tie up any major threads (as episodes were still being worked-on when the latest hiatus started).

If the CN execs are so fucking concerned with how toyetic a series might be, why the hell do they even greenlight something without getting a toy deal ahead of time? Hell, right now I sort of wish they'd never even greenlit Beware the Batman if they seemingly made up their minds without giving the show a fair shot. Then at least this particular version of Batman might've come to light in a way that may have lasted longer. Now it's just a "failed" show, so any comic tie-ins are going to be axed along with it, and this particular envisioning will almost certainly never be touched in a meaningful way again.

And I know DC and CN are part of the same larger company, but people on the DC side of things can't be pleased with CN shredding up DC programming like cheap toilet paper. The DC Nation block rapidly became a fucking joke, and I'd be genuinely surprised if they actually try to continue it with more shows at this point.
>> No. 220610
File 138692602852.jpg - (31.74KB , 500x333 , I just dont give a fuck.jpg )
>Hope and and pray and sacrifice small children for Batfamily cartoon
>Watch as it gets a red light so Beware the Batman can happen instead
>Tune in, feel serious unease with lots of the designs and a general lack of enthusiasm for the writing
>"Well, I guess it's okay and could improve. I'll stick with it as long as it's arou-"
>> No. 220614
>> No. 220623
They really need to figure a way to cut a deal with Hub Network since that channel actually likes showing DC stuff. Outside of TTG CN has killed everything never actually giving any show a chance because they don't get a large enough cut of the damned merch, hell even the shorts get abused by these idiots, damn SBFF would have been good as a full show.
>> No. 220624
File 138694665083.jpg - (100.04KB , 500x387 , tumblr_mwznuil7z41rtzymxo2_r1_500.jpg )
I am suddenly reminded of why i like DC and why DC hates it's self with a passion.
>> No. 220626
Kinda makes me wish they'd just give up and let their stuff revert in bulk or just PD. Last man turn out the lights before you close the door. I mean Warner Bros clearly won't fight for them what else can one do. Its one of those things that I hope Disney buys them off at some point. MoS Bat family Wonder Spectacular is a crashing failure and Warner just sells it all off cept leaving options for the Key players and whomever they are using in the TV series (minus Supes)
>> No. 220640
Killing off Pa was the dumbest thing to happen to Supes - yes, worse than Barda porn, Superman Blue, and Man of Murder
>> No. 220643
Honestly, for even how goofy it was, I still kinda liked the Superman Blue stuff.
Superman Red is where it just went completely off the deep end though, I won't defend that.

... I miss Strange Visitor.
>> No. 220645
File 138695994532.jpg - (114.31KB , 900x643 , dsc_strange_visitor_by_mahasiddha-d45xnrg.jpg )
We all do.
>> No. 220646
They've been killing off Pa for 75 years though. Both he and Ma were dead until post-crisis (I believe the explanation was that they opened ancient pirate treasure that contained smallpox which killed them).

And the sheer amount of times Pa had a heart attack post crisis is ridiculous.

Ma on the other hand? they shouldn't have killed Ma.
>> No. 220651

I'm sorry, but Byrne's story about his Rape, Mind Control, and cuckolding fetish is still much worse.
>> No. 220682
I have no idea what you're talking about. Byrne never wrote anything about Barda, ever.
>> No. 220683
File 138700516815.jpg - (2.35MB , 1324x2043 , Action-593.jpg )
I'm not sure if you're fortunate or not for not knowing about this.
>> No. 220685

Holy shit, you don't know. It is one of the creepiest things Byrne has ever wrote.

Action Comics 592-593 pretty much goes like this:

I don't remember it completely, but here's the key points:

> Mister Miracle does Mister Miracle sort of things, comes home with Oberon to find Darkseid sitting on their couch (As Darkseid is wont to do)
> He has a video tape of Big Barda getting it from Superman.
> Scott is horrified.
> It's implied that Darkseid has Agents on Earth whose whole job is to look for Porn for Darkseid.
> Turns out that Big Barda and Superman are being Mind Control by a New God named Sleeze (I think), who is using them to make Superhero porn.
> Sleeze used to be Darkseid's scumbag friend when Darkseid was still Uxas. Sleeze got too weird and creepy to hang out with, so he exiled him to Earth.
> He basically told Mister Miracle all this to just see the look on his face, I guess because he promptly fucks off.
> Mister Miracle finds Sleeze, his Film Crew, and Superman boning Barda and breaks up the racket, saving the powerhouses from Sleeze's mind control. I think Sleeze gets killed by Darkseid at the end.

So, yeah. Mind Control/Rape Porn featuring Superman and Big Barda, as penned by John Byrne.
>> No. 220689
I'm almost positive that this person knows about the story and is denying its existence for humorous effect/to stress their displeasure of it. It's similar to "sarcasm on the internet"
>> No. 220690

Sarcasm isn't that hard to pick up on the internet. There are some good flags, like incredibly specific denials.
>> No. 220697
File 138703606746.jpg - (830.57KB , 1805x2720 , Action Comics 593 - 03.jpg )
To bad my love of trolling makes my love that moment...
>> No. 220700
We wish that was "shooped".

T4, I know it's your usual "you", but could you be more clear with what you're saying?
>> No. 220701
File 138704431982.jpg - (245.52KB , 928x1364 , Darkseid and he is sitting.jpg )

Hm. Re-reading that post makes it incredibly obvious now.


Hey, I hated Countdown, but I love when Darkseid sits on Mary Marvel's Sofa. Basically, any time Darkseid shows up on someone's couch; a trend started by Jack Kirby. The accompanying picture is from JLI.
>> No. 220702
Dudes that are enough of a boss to own the room.
>> No. 220703
Why does Oberon have a copy of mein komph at his house?

I'm just getting into the 80s mr miracle by dematties. Great stuff
>> No. 220716
File 138706789622.jpg - (60.25KB , 640x560 , tumblr_mx5uw1iSB01rrcn2do1_1280.jpg )
Wow, Dini is dropping some SAD, DISGUSTING truths.


DINI: “They’re all for boys ’we do not want the girls’, I mean, I’ve heard executives say this, you know, not Ryan(?) but at other places, saying like, ‘We do not want girls watching this show.”

SMITH: “WHY? That’s 51% of the population.”

DINI: “They. Do. Not. Buy. Toys. The girls buy different toys. The girls may watch the show—”

SMITH: “So you can sell them T-shirts if they don’t—A: I disagree, I think girls buy toys as well, I mean not as many as f***ing boys do, but, B: sell them something else, man! Don’t be lazy and be like, ‘well I can’t sell a girl a toy.’ Sell ‘em a T-shirt, man, sell them f***ing umbrella with the f***ing character on it, something like that. But if it’s not a toy, there’s something else you could sell ‘em! Like, just because you can’t figure out your job, don’t kill chances of, like, something that’s gonna reach an audi—that’s just so self-defeating, when people go, like… these are the same fuckers who go, like, ‘Oh, girls don’t read comics, girls aren’t into comics.’ It’s all self-fulfilling prophecies. They just make it that way, by going like, ‘I can’t sell ‘em a toy, what’s the point?’

DINI: “That’s the thing, you know I hate being Mr. Sour Grapes here, but I’ll just lay it on the line: that’s the thing that got us cancelled on Tower Prep, honest-to-God was, like, ‘we need boys, but we need girls right there, right one step behind the boys’—this is the network talking—’one step behind the boys, not as smart as the boys, not as interesting as the boys, but right there.’ And then we began writing stories that got into the two girls’ back stories, and they were really interesting. And suddenly we had families and girls watching, and girls really became a big part of our audience, in sort of like they picked up that Harry Potter type of serialized way, which is what The Batman and [indistinct]’s really gonna kill. But, the Cartoon Network was saying, ‘F***, no, we want the boys’ action, it’s boys’ action, this goofy boy humor we’ve gotta get that in there. And we can’t—’ and I’d say, but look at the numbers, we’ve got parents watching, with the families, and then when you break it down—’Yeah, but the—so many—we’ve got too many girls. We need more boys.’”

SMITH: “That’s heart-breaking.”

DINI: “And then that’s why they cancelled us, and they put on a show called Level Up, which is, you know, goofy nerds fighting CG monsters. It’s like, ‘We don’t want the girls because the girls won’t buy toys.’ We had a whole… we had a whole, a merchandise line for Tower Prep that they s***canned before it ever got off the launching pad, because it’s like, ‘Boys, boys, boys. Boys buy the little spinny tops, they but the action figures, girls buy princesses, we’re not selling princesses.’”
>> No. 220720
And that is the reason Hasbro had to leave. No way could FiM have thrived on Cartoon Network with that kind of attitude.
>> No. 220721
>we’ve got too many girls. We need more boys
So not even counting the number of boys in isolation, they just presume that more girls means less boys?
>> No. 220723
Well yea if more girls watch that means less boys are watching obviously. Marketing and the executives are idiots on this kinda thing.
>> No. 220724
Allow me to sum up DC, CN and their toy companies as of late.

The password is bellybutton and NO GIRLS ALLOWED!
>> No. 220726
File 13870778084.jpg - (5.25MB , 2524x2058 , mattel-batman-unlimited-beware-the-batman-01.jpg )
Its not like it wasn't made, just they couldn't give a shit to do more. People wanting to buy Katana..pfft an interesting and emotion heavy female WHY IS SHE IN THIS CARTOON!!! Bleh.
>> No. 220727
Giving it one figure in the "collector" market line is not giving it a line. Mattel is just a poorly run company when it comes to it's boys division, which is a completely separate issue from Cartoon Network's need for toylines.

Cartoon Network must be both making very little money and get a MASSIVE chuck of royalties from original and co-created series for them to meddle at this level. Most companies who licence out have the toy company do the demographic research and most of the targeted marketing for them.
>> No. 220728
and its gotten progressively worse in the last few years as other lines have gotten better. Hasbro Legends now pulls about the same price point that Mattel as jacked up the DCUC crap to all the while removing articulation and making them more shit then they were back when they first started the line in 2008. And now that others like the Turtles are back on the shelves in force along with the massive increase in Disney/Marvel presence. Mattel is pretty much up a creek. And the shit of it all is that due to some crap deal made when they divided up the Kenner Licenses Mattel controls the DC stuff and apparently nobody has the sense or ability to pry it away from them.

Hell the same month that they put Beware the Bat on Hiatus was when McDonald's started its promotions. Really though I think some executive got "Gun Shy" for lack of a better term of Batman as a whole and was planning on nixing the whole thing from the start.
>> No. 220734
File 138711642981.jpg - (89.67KB , 1280x960 , wear the batman.jpg )
This seems pretty unisex
>> No. 220758
Clip the ears and it would be Katana's mask. So what would it take for a network to accept girls as part of a fanbase guessing its more the network itself since Hasbro hasn't given two shits of worry that a large segment of a base crosses gender and age boundaries.
>> No. 220823
File 13872541283.jpg - (79.82KB , 597x334 , Screenshot_2013-12-16-22-14-02.jpg )
I'm game.
>> No. 220870
Ernie Hudson may be Detective West in the new Flash series.

>> No. 220956

It's literally nauseating to watch what DC is doing to their female characters.
>> No. 220966
hence Simone doing other comics. Tomb Raider will so be what some DC stuff should be. Why is DC being so toxic now?
>> No. 220967
File 138748910676.jpg - (127.95KB , 500x750 , tumblr_momeb7cCZD1rcs7x4o1_500.jpg )
The jaws infection, just for a new generation.

Women are POISON to the insecure nerds DC and most videogame companies feel they need to cater to. they actually aren't but that's the thinking, Dini being a great example of it.
>> No. 220969
I should say Dini is a victim of it rather, s'cuse my phrasing.
>> No. 220970

while Hasbro crosses boundaries all over the place.

the support they've shown in reaching to all is encouraging. Maybe companies like DC will at some point learn to follow them.
>> No. 220972
What Hasbro's doing is different from how cartoon marketing and demographics have been since the 80's, but that probably has less to do with altruism or want for equality and more to to with the fact that they've killed the middle man.

They're the toy company and they have all the proper demo info and all the proper research and ALL of the shows they pay to be made are also advertising their own products. IE: efficiency and capitalism accidentally (slightly) reduced the amount of inherent sexism in targeted children's marketing via cartoons.
>> No. 220974
File 138749130072.png - (586.45KB , 1109x578 , SheMazing.png )
But they did have a cartoon that crossed boundaries and instead of freak about it they subtly encouraged that base to continue and grow. My thing is DC/WB/CN appear to lose their shit at the idea of other demographics buying into their show and then instead of figuring a way to market it to include they just burn the whole damn thing to the ground. Overall I just find it nice that at least Hub Network has executives that seem to give a damn about what they air in contrast to other networks out primarily for the dosh.
>> No. 220976
So nervous about this, still. That's a HUGE legacy to live up to. The fact that Neil's apparently involved is a little reassuring, though.
>> No. 220982
File 138751233844.jpg - (1.65MB , 1920x2951 , chloe grace moretz murders space elvis.jpg )
I still got a chuckle out of this final page.
>> No. 220983
hah poozer
>> No. 221012
File 138759945871.jpg - (5.36KB , 184x274 , Creepy sexual harrasser.jpg )
Wow, Fuck Scott lobdell, he's a million times worse than I ever realized he was.

Fuck his apology too, he's only apologized because he was caught.



On the bright side Mark Waid yet again shows he's one of the best dudes when it comes to supporting creators saying:

12/19/2013 at 10:42 pm

Circle the date. We have reached a point in this industry where young freelancers are sincerely afraid that Scott Lobdell, if upbraided, could make or break their careers. If I were thinking about killing myself, today would not be the worst day for it.

A word to young freelancers, for what it’s worth: despite what you may hear (or fear), I wouldn’t even have to take off my shoes to count how many people in this industry can single-handedly ruin your chances at success. Here’s a good litmus test: can they sign checks or approve vouchers? No? Then they can’t do shit to you, especially if you have real talent. There are a lot of established freelancers out there who can (and will) help young talent, but despite what the creepier ones might want you to believe, almost none of them can actually blockade you these days, not with as many outlets for your work as exist. Your fears of burning bridges are understandable and rational, but–again, especially if you have real talent–they are grounded in myth and stem from a time when comics was a much, much smaller community.

May his career fucking burn over this.
>> No. 221016
Yeah, not even Rocafort makes up for this guy on Supes.
>> No. 221029
I'll say this for him, I DID like some of his work years ago. Like some of Generation X, and... hm... well now that I think of it what I like was the art more than the writing.

Well I also liked his work on...... There was something, wasn't there? Let me check wikipedia.


Dude, fuck Scott Lobdell.
>> No. 221030
There was a 2009 study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology that's relevant, I suspect. Effron, et al. In essence, people were asked would they vote for Obama or McCain. Those that picked McCain weren't studied further. Of those that picked Obama, half were asked a question before "who are you voting for" and half were asked it after. The question varied, but one example was (paraphrasing) "imagine you're hiring a police chief for a police force that has a lot of racial strife between the officers. Is this a job where the race of the chief relevant? Pick either 'Yes, much better for a Black,' 'Yes, much better for a White,' or 'No, not important'". Those who had just said they were voting for Obama showed a statistically higher likelihood of believing a white police chief could handle the problem better. In short, because they had just answered a question that made them subconsciously think they had "I'm not racist!" credentials, they proceeded to favor whites. Derp. Point being, Lobdell's done a few stories over the years with homosexual characters. Probably thought to himself "Hey I'm cool with the gays, right?" Aaaaaaand fuckup.
>> No. 221036
Still wondering about the point A to B on this. Meaning how on earth could a person think this is proper discourse with any other human being?
>> No. 221043
By taking part in a culture that doesn't acknowledge that the people he was talking to that way are human beings. At least, not FULLY human beings.
>> No. 221044
He's a sociopath.
>> No. 221055
but he's not working at Marvel anymore is he?
>> No. 221065
He made himself believe that doing a few things like writing a bisexual Starfire and having Northstar come out of the closet made him "cool with the gays," and thus anything nasty coming out of his mouth would just be good natured ribbing like between old high school chums.

Turns out... nope. Doesn't work like that.
>> No. 221067
>bisexual Starfire
This is relevant to my interests
>> No. 221069
no shit, who the crap would think that kinda vulgarity would be appropriate.

Didn't that end with just making her come off as a super slut?
>> No. 221074
File 138770319998.jpg - (454.24KB , 900x1428 , 779131%20-%20Batwoman%20Catwoman%20DC%20Harley_Qui.jpg )
Are you saying thats a bad thing?

Well it is if it goes agains what has already been put out.

Continuity errors are the worst kinds of errors after all.
It makes other problems even worse.
>> No. 221076
File 138770520040.png - (317.91KB , 500x319 , ugh.png )
>Are you saying thats a bad thing?

If he's not I am. It's not even just that he contradicted what came before (although that's a problem too), it's that he wrote being promiscuous in a way that would look bad double standard be damned, no emotional attachment, just this almost robotic sexdoll-like "yeah sure fuck me". Creepy, to be honest. Compare with Zola from Wonder Woman who most definitely liked to boink, and frequently, but that was just fine. Why not? I mean, okay, you might end up pregnant with Zeus' baby and have a whole pantheon go after you, but aside from that.

Basically in the past Starfire was just very affectionate and liberated about it, whereas Lobdell was a creep.
>> No. 221080
She always was, that was kind of her deal, he just wrote it FUCKING TERRIBLY like everything else he ever wrote.
>> No. 221092
File 138773664354.jpg - (23.07KB , 294x640 , 504977-ryand_27r_01.jpg )
Oh is it the Red Hood and Outlaws guy you're talk about?
Because yeah FUCK THAT GUY.

And Starfire's "sluttyness" works best when a race thing.(Just look at her hot ass brother here)
Then you can dodge tons of hate bullets by being all like "oh them crazy alien".
But that only goes so far, especially when she has been on earth too long and gotten out of touch with the way of her people.
>> No. 221095
Also fucking aspergers and the way it makes me forget to put in works like its as in its a race thing...
>> No. 221133
File 138780697113.jpg - (247.39KB , 666x1024 , 2130255-starfireflewlightyears.jpg )
Write people as people something I always hold close. Characters are always better as a sum of parts anyway.

So where/what are the good Starfire stories, I know of Countdown to Adventure which I really need to get the Trade of sometime.
>> No. 221135
She was pretty cool in 52. Though she was more supporting animal man
>> No. 221141
I will forever love "Death of the Family" for this thread alone and how mad /co/ got when the finale leaked. Reading it with everyone was so much fun.


>Do it you orphan faggot
>> No. 221365
File 138851953391.jpg - (1.63MB , 1920x2951 , tmp_1388503577758-778783238.jpg )
heh, just run the play when an event is going on and all the editors are rumbling around that.
>> No. 221445
File 138863006222.png - (14.29KB , 455x407 , s1.png )
>> No. 221450
>Quite close, considering it's a movie script!

What the fuuu

>But it'll never get made into a movie

Oh. Well then, things make sense again.
>> No. 221451
File 138864336211.png - (326.16KB , 321x480 , larfleeze and mlp.png )
It's a shame this will be ending soon. It was probably one of the best DC books out right now.
>> No. 221461
>> No. 221513
File 138886318874.jpg - (51.60KB , 317x240 , wpr.jpg )
>Complaining about the white power battery because it has "white power" in the name
>> No. 221525
Yeah, I don't feel that's a reason for reseting the stupidity clock.
Then again, The Outhouse seems to has a HUGE bias against DC.
>> No. 221533
Thats even funnier when you remmber that Tommy was a native american.
>> No. 221554
This is pathetic, its like people want something to get pissy about and thus will outright invent a reason to be offended.
>> No. 221561
Yeah, usually the counter only tracks things that are legitimately worth some degree of derision or harsh criticism, but this is just petty, jumping-at-shadows bullshit. It feels like after that span where over a month went by without something stupid to report, they're trying to balance it by grasping at anything.

To be fair, DC does a lot to warrant it. The Outhouse's loathing of DC actually has a reasonable foundation, even if at times they sort of teeter on the brink of being able to be taken seriously (a ledge DC themselves long since fell over).
>> No. 221747
File 138921963733.jpg - (1.52MB , 1920x2951 , Green-Lantern-027-(2014)-(2-covers)-(Digital)-(Nah.jpg )
>> No. 221748
File 138921968127.jpg - (1.44MB , 1920x2951 , Green-Lantern-027-(2014)-(2-covers)-(Digital)-(Nah.jpg )
>> No. 221750
File 138922137539.gif - (488.02KB , 499x367 , tumblr_mwu63jiiaV1ribwfao1_500.gif )
>We're policing the emotional spectrum
>> No. 221754
File 138922695444.jpg - (4.25MB , 3840x2951 , Larfleeze Epiphany.jpg )
>> No. 221774
Tec #27 was better than I expected. Maybe I was overly pessimistic just because it's Batman, or because DC is always taking missteps, but it was great.
>> No. 221793
File 138936208610.jpg - (112.67KB , 452x668 , Steampunk-WONDER-WOMAN-28-JG-Jones.jpg )
Columbia got weird in some of those Alternate Universes
>> No. 221827
>emotions are some sort of finite resource now, apparently
>> No. 221830
You know how people eventually just won't be able to give a fuck about DC anymore if they keep up? Yeah, that's what that means.

No hope, no fear, no will, no fucks given, no money.
>> No. 221858
Old but still relavent.
No wonder CN is pissed, Mattle can make a fun Batman line without them.
>> No. 221859
yea that is the other part of their deal, Mattel gets first pick and they don't HAVE to make a toys of parts they don't want.
>> No. 221945
FINALLY.......They're going to ruin him like they did with Bart, aren't they?
>> No. 221958
>> No. 221976
Aquaman is getting a second ongoing, featuring the Others. It's totally going to tank. Calling it.
>> No. 221986
File 138975488593.gif - (0.98MB , 500x281 , teen titans legs.gif )
Oh my...
>> No. 221990

Legs to make your hare stand on end
>> No. 222004
Beast Boy really ruins this. Then again it doesn't help I hate the little shit stain ever since the original cartoon and I don't like Beast BoyXRaven which IS shipped by the faggoty writers in this new bastardized version of the original Teen Titans cartoon. I can't Raven porn because I can't stand seeing that dumbass' green dick ruining the porn. Oh and I hate TMNT 2012 Michelangelo who is also voiced by Beast Boy's VA and has an annoying voice all the same as BB.

Who the hell likes this voice actor? He sucks. Intending to be irritating doesn't make him pleasant to the ears.
>> No. 222007
It must be lonely for you in the minority anon.
>> No. 222009
File 13897768812.gif - (175.99KB , 500x245 , teen titans legfag.gif )
>> No. 222029
File 138979668663.jpg - (785.56KB , 1440x2214 , 06.jpg )
>Jesus Fucking Christ this is even worse somehow.
>> No. 222035
People are lame shipfags by default. And if there are no decent characters by damn they will ship good characters with crappy ones. BBXRaven is just as shitty as RonXKimpossible or Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter. No one can seriously take those pairings seriously.

The hot smart chick with substance to her and characterization....is paired with the dumbass for all intents and purposes. That just feels wrong and its especially annoying in anime:

"Hey guys this spineless ball-less asexual chump is YOU. And your loser self is going to get either this hot chick who you don't deserve or this infuriating tsundere!"

Ugh writers truly are a shit.
>> No. 222039

Sounds personal, Anon.
>> No. 222040
I'm not sure how this is abnormal at all given Pak is clearly trying to ape how Morrison wrote "young" Superman in the beginning of Action. And people loved that shit.
>> No. 222041
Wow, it must be tough to have so many neuroses stopping you from enjoying things.
>> No. 222043
He's aping him very wrong then, as that's just psychotic.
>> No. 222051
Exactly, you know what Superman shouldn't have?

>> No. 222076
>Exactly, you know what Superman shouldn't have?

A comic published by DC comics, apparently.
>> No. 222079
The issue was about showing that Clark was an over-confident thrillseeking jackass when he first came to Metropolis. Judging from your reactions Pak and Kuder sold this idea very well.
>> No. 222101
>> No. 222104
Shame it isn't Teen Titans Go. That's a piece of shit that should be cancelled.
>> No. 222106

I dunno, Tiki, I read that issue, and it seemed (to me) to be more about Clark figuring out what this power really means to him. He's young, and he was isolated, he wants to help, and he took down a bunch of psycho Nazis ready to sacrifice immigrants to their evil gods, and felt a little too good about beating them down. A couple pages later he questions whether or not that was him being a defender of the helpless, or just him being a bully. It drove home that Clark understands how easily power like this can get out of control, and was disgusted with himself for getting a little drunk on it.

In the same issue (I think), he sees the huge storm about to hit Gotham and decides that he can stop the storm. He can't, but he saves a tanker in the storm from getting absolutely fucked, and that's the best he can do for now. This is a story about Clark becoming the Superman we all know, and that includes him overcoming his own hubris and being humbled. Yes, he's powerful, yes, he can do just about anything, but there are some things that he can't control, that he can't just fix and make okay, and he needs to learn to live with that by doing the best he can and not giving up.

Out of context, the scene is a little... Eh. In context, it makes more sense. Is it the best thing Pak's done? No. Is it better than Morrison's run on Action Comics? Of course not, but it's not a monstrous deconstruction of the character, and it's in line with what he's doing on Batman/Superman (Which had a really good first arc, imo).
>> No. 222108
Well that's just wrong.
>> No. 222118
Heh, Arrow crew told Simone that The Movement was indeed a shout out to her comic, so now she's brainstorming about who should play whom if they actually appear in the show.
>> No. 222149
>Three years later
>Still thinking DC can make the Nu52 work

Every issue of Batgirl that gets published is your fault.
>> No. 222188
File 139004087596.gif - (2.96MB , 387x218 , teen titans-de-feets.gif )
Lady Legasus for greatest /co/ character of 2014!
>> No. 222189
anonymous deposits start goning to the Titian's accounts and Robin waves off the questions "less you know, the better." shudders and then goes to attempt to wash his his soul clean.
>> No. 222204

I dunno, I haven't buying it, but at this point I'm pretty sure the guys at DC are too invested in this course of action to revert back now. It'd be admitting a mistake was made.
>> No. 222266
>Booth also stated that Wally will "have his own look," and that readers should be "open to change" with the character.

I don't like the way this sounds.
>> No. 222274
>"He will be different," Booth said of the Wally readers will meet in April. "For one thing, in the old [DC Universe] he was Iris's sister's kid. She has a brother now, so things won't be exactly the same.

Wally's dad was Rudy West, Iris's brother....

>The original Wally was from a different time, a very Norman Rockwell sort of place. That is no longer the case for anyone in the New 52. He will reflect that, I'm sure."

>a very Norman Rockwell sort of place

Uh sure.

Yeah this is gonna suck.
>> No. 222275
Well, Arrow Iris is going to be Black. Again that isn't the big sticking point, its the that the dudes costume is likely going to suck.
>> No. 222276
His costume is a big sticking point? It's the thing most easily changed if it sucks (and it will suck because Brett Booth). It's also the one thing we knew from the beginning would be radically different because he won't be Flash or Kid Flash.

Booth getting a basic element of the character wrong is just him saying something dumb (again, because Brett Booth). The biggest sticking point is them fucking up his background or personality and us getting stuck with Wally West in name only. That's how we ended up with genocidal-witness-protection-Impulse.
>> No. 222284
Wally as Jay is the dumbest thing.

But it's the new 52 so what do you expect? It's all dumb.
>> No. 222293
File 139026970221.png - (316.23KB , 300x529 , Damianwayne.png )

He knows how to drive.
>> No. 222301

>>"open to change"

Open to buying books about a completely different character who shares a name with a character you like; because DC has no fucking idea that we like the characters not just the name.
>> No. 222302
Seriously, why DC keeps pushing Deathstroke as a bat-villain?
>> No. 222303
>DC comics
>> No. 222309

Probably because, history aside, he makes way more sense as a Bat-villain than as a Teen Titans villain, or a villain for most anybody else in the DC universe for that matter.

That said, that trailer looks like complete ass.
>> No. 222311
File 13902882584.gif - (435.74KB , 245x150 , batman vs_ damian.gif )
It had its moments.
>> No. 222312
To be totally honest, I don't love Bateman and Son, but the whole point of the story was a big homage to the 70's Neil Adams super suave James Bond Batman stories. Damian for all the hullabaloo was barely the focus at all. And this movie seems to miss that.

It seems that the DC direct to DVD, since they started to almost exclusivly do adaptatons, the features tend towards adaptations that completely change the style of story so much it makes you wonder why they didn't do an original feature or they adapt almost panel for panel and loose the magic of comics without using things film can do to compensate.

Though in fairness the 90 minute runtimes are a big obsticle that they have to work around. Actually, I've missed a few recently, are they all still 90 minutes?
>> No. 222313
How does that make sense? The only basis for him being a Bat-villain is the one DC uses: he's popular.
>> No. 222315
James Tucker straight up said upon succeeding Bruce Timm that they weren't really going to do adaptations anymore and that if movies were based on specific stories those stories would be jumping off points for them to do their own thing.

They're all 75-80 minutes. Except Batman Year One, it's 65.
>> No. 222324

Ask a random person who makes the most sense fighting the villain who is essentially 'Batman, but a mercenary' and guess who they'll say? I'll give you a hint, it isn't Starfire.
>> No. 222325
Shame, I'd really like to see the Titans get development like that.
>> No. 222327
That's idiotic. You're saying he makes more sense as a Batman villain because you used the word "Batman" to describe him.
>> No. 222328
File 139032153051.gif - (763.51KB , 500x300 , son of batman-expectations.gif )
They managed to fit this in, at least.
>> No. 222329
Slade is more actually "Captain America, but a mercenary".
Even his origin involves a super soldier serum.
>> No. 222330

Because he better fits the tone and content of what you would expect from a Batman comic. Is that explicit enough for you?
>> No. 222333
You're correct that Slade isn't out of place in a Batman comic but he isn't out of place in a Titans comic. No one reads Titans and wonders why they're fighting a highly-skilled assassin when only Batman fights those. Every superhero fights'em. It's so generic he could have been created as a villain for nearly anyone: Green Arrow, Flash, even Superman. He still makes the most sense as a Titans villain because he was created for Titans.

You equate This Character Could Be a Batman Villain to mean This Character Should Be a Batman Villain. People make the same argument about Toyman. It's why Prankster is a Bat-villain now. I'm certain people would argue Captain Cold makes more sense as a Bat-villain if Batman didn't already have a guy with a freeze gun. All it does is remove the variety of villains from other characters.
>> No. 222334
I thought this was about Deathstroke, not Catman or Prometheus or original Deadshot.

The joke is that there are too many Evil Goddamned Batman characters.
>> No. 222335
Don't forget Wrath. Hush. A couple Owlmans.
>> No. 222337
Killer moth
>> No. 222342
Black Mask for "reverse Bruce" more than "reverse Batman".

But no, Deathstroke isn't evil Batman.

He's DC's Taskmaster. His schtick isn't that he's supersmart and resourceful. He happens to be, but that's not his defining trait. His big thing is that he's a Team Wrecker. Wolfman loved doing that with Taskmaster, so when he moved to DC he went "I wanna do that thing where one dude just keeps mopping the floor with an entire team, again. That was awesome!"
>> No. 222345
All this talk of team wrecking anti batmen has me wanting one of these loose adaptations for Morrison's first Jla arc. You can strip out a lot of the "leaving the 90's behind" stuff and still have a good "JLA comes from behind" story.

I know that the pilot of the Justice League cartoon is sort of that, but not really. Though its been years since I've seen it.
>> No. 222364
File 139041714667.jpg - (289.73KB , 900x1045 , green-lantern-emerald-knights-original.jpg )
So, I'm catching up with the DC features. I have three movies that i missed before I get into the two new JLA movies that are out now/coming out soon.

Just watched Emerald knights, I don't really know why I've waited on this till now, it came out long before comics took a backseat in my life. It managed a couple of really boring stories before straight dumping the two Alan Moore stories. The Mogo one being a straight adaptation with all the fun sucked out and the Ysmault one being totally different and pretty lame. And unlike Gotham Knight there wasn't the same visual diversity that made that movie such a treat. This was the one I had hopes for since it seemed like mostly original stuff and I loved Gotham Knight, so I'm starting on a disappointed note.
>> No. 222367
File 139042499755.jpg - (86.92KB , 770x433 , clark-kent-2013.jpg )
Dark Knight Returns Part 2.
I saw part one a while ago, but never caught this. I really do love the art direction here, it looks spectacular and exactly like a Dark Knight returns movie should. But that's the problem, aside from a few changes that niggled my "This isn't accurate!!! *push up glasses*" senses, it's JUST Dark Knight returns, and because of that, it does nothing better than the books does, and at a combined length of over two hours, it takes longer than reading the book to boot.

It's a nice novelty, but it's a novelty. Also, the snow effect in the final fight scene is so fucking bad guys, so bad.
>> No. 222373
File 139043138115.png - (577.30KB , 500x667 , tmp_tumblr_inline_mztqaw4HEc1qbujox256243700.png )
Hrm, giving the past kinda hard thinking they go for this now without planning another bad end.
>> No. 222388
File 139044794783.gif - (2.12MB , 250x139 , green lantern vs_ darkseid.gif )
Presenting the best part of Justice League: War.

Now you don't have to waste your money (don't laugh) or more likely your time watching it.
>> No. 222410
File 139050859866.gif - (515.59KB , 500x200 , tumblr_mztk52Urxh1qhfadgo3_500.gif )
>> No. 222411
File 139051575632.jpg - (144.84KB , 900x559 , Superman Unbound Lois middle finger.jpg )
Superman Unbound.
The first movie in a trilogy of sorts of Geoff Johns comics, and going into this, the best of the three comics (Which is damning with faint praise if I ever head it), so let's see if it was the best of the three movies.

This movie is a shock after DKR because it pretty much has nothing to do withe the story it's based on. The art direction looks nothing like Gary Frank's style. The personal conflicts, breakdown of events, ending, pretty much everything is different outside of "A semi organic Brainiac attacks with an army of Skeleton robots" I guess it's a good thing they chose the most generic Brainiac story ever to base off of.

Also, there's quite a few shots of violent deaths that do not suit the tone of the story, just like in the Green Lantern movie. But, I guess at this point pointlessly violent death is as much a staple of DC as anything else is. Plus, if it didn't have the rating to get away with that, then it couldn't give us the picture here, which was legit funny.

All in all, it was its own fun movie, John Noble was fantastic as Brainiac though the dialogue was a little corny all around and the same "Superman is caputred and restrained, but then breaks out and beats Brainiac up, but then Brainiac turns out to be fine!" scene happens like, four times throughout the movie.

Better than I had expected. Something to watch if it's on tv if it's on and you're bored kind of deal.

Better than Flashpoint. We'll see if it's better than Doom. But first? That bizarre all ages JLA movie that DC just released with no warning at all.
>> No. 222413
File 139051993121.jpg - (58.24KB , 630x352 , Time06.jpg )
JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time.
This thing feels like a two parter of a cartoon that doesn't exist.

It's a fun kids cartoon. The focus is on action, there's comedy but nothing very sharp. It's sweet and short, but lacks the edge or focus of the later Justice League stuff. It doesn't take a lot of chances, but because of that, there's not much bad I can say about it. Action's nice and fluid like I've come to expect from these features.

It's nice to hear some old voices too, like Bader as Batman.

If this was the new JLA cartoon, I wouldn't mind at all. It's going to be so weird watching War (I fucked up last post, I meant War, not Doom) after this
>> No. 222414
Maybe it really is an episode of a cartoon that doesn't exist? It's not unheard of for dropped cartoon pilots to be repackaged as direct to video movies (see the Atlantis the Lost Empire "sequel".)
>> No. 222421
File 13905326181.jpg - (41.91KB , 480x249 , Who the hell is Hal Jordan.jpg )
Green Lantern takes on Darkseidyoutube thumb

>> No. 222426
File 139054421418.jpg - (35.75KB , 1024x576 , Justice-League-War-Wonder-Woman-new-costume.jpg )
JLA: War.

The plot is stupid, and the character drama is so lame it's a cross-eyed donkey and all the characters are completely one dimensional.

But honestly, the dialogue is really funny. The banter in the comic was the sharpest humor Johns ever did and it's enjoyable here too.

Now, like I said the plot and drama are mega simplistic, and unlike Trapped in Time, it tries to pretend it's serious and for adults and makes itself look like a clown. But still, it's funny! A bunch of super typical characters taking amusing pot shots at each other for an hour. And the animation is spectacular, just fantastic. The style tries to be Lee, but not too hard. Think what they did with the All Star Superman movie, but for Lee instead of Quitley.

I enjoyed this slightly more than I thought I would. I guess when watching an an animated feature in a series where every movie is set pretty much on it's own with it's own history and set of rules it's a lot less offensive than when it's the herald of an initiative that's actively rewriting the serial history that it's regular readers have been enjoying for the past 20 years. And to give credit where credit is due, it's rewritten enough to help its events flow a lot better, though the Darkseid battle drags on forever.

As an aside: Watching five animated features in two days has reminded me just how tired I am of hearing Steve Blum in EVERYTHING. Holy shit man, the only one I think he wasn't in was Superman Unbound, he was for sure in all the others. That's 4/5.
>> No. 222550
Frozen "Let It Go" performed by Mr. Freezeyoutube thumb
>> No. 222569
File 139080525393.jpg - (194.49KB , 495x751 , Teen-Titans-30.jpg )
So with Lobdell's run and this iteration of the New52 Teen Titans ending, I must ask:

How would you have done it, /co/?

Who would have been on YOUR roster?

What would have been your overarching premise?

What villains would you have had them face?

What stories would you have liked for them to be a part of?

What new members would you have added into the group? Surely you could do better than Skitter and Bunker!

What would you have changed (optional) about their backstories?
>> No. 222655
File 139088173726.jpg - (684.17KB , 1338x4386 , EonnePz.jpg )
Meanwhile, at /co/ Prime...
>> No. 222658

>> How would you have done it, /co/?

Well, I wouldn't have used the DCU as my cum rag to begin with. It's not that Teen Titans was a bad book (which it was) but that it trampled around the DCU with the rage of a rapist's dick. Danny the Street shows up only to die soon after. Artemis shows up only to die a few panels later. Bart Allen is some random evil person?

If it was any other writing, I would think he was trolling; but after reading about Lobdell's sexual harassment problems, I think he just truly has no idea what human beings like or pisses them off.
>> No. 222665
File 139089384874.gif - (446.29KB , 245x219 , This really doesn't need to be animated.gif )
>> No. 222697
Nice OP.

Earth 2 Batman is a Thomas Wayne/Hour Man mash-up.
>> No. 222725
Man, that means no Rex or anyone in his legacy. What's even the point of keeping Earth 2 going when it's no longer about the characters related to the Justice Society.
>> No. 222730
File 139105799781.jpg - (2.04MB , 1920x2951 , Larfleeze-007-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-005.jpg )
>Larfleeze's ring is saner and greedier than he is.

This book is just magical.
>> No. 222774
You know what? If the next animated flick DC announces ISN'T The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, then I'm not sure I see a point in giving a fuck.

And before you say anything about how it's nowhere near Christmas: I don't care.
>> No. 222776
Pam and Harley road movie or better yet Gotham Sirens road movie. To that matter why not resurrect the team title, Pam and Harley being a thing now and all, just toss one or two more girls into the mix. I just really want something that I look forward to reading not something I dread will continue to be an on and off slog with the occasional good run. I still want a Batwoman Omnibus. Some Delicious stupid coffee table book.
>> No. 222936
File 139153976287.gif - (2.09MB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge.gif )
new costume, awful parts now 30 percent more obnoxious.
>> No. 222943
That seems to just be the normal new 52 costume, but drawn by John Romita junior.

Wait, is JRjr going to be doing a Superman book?
>> No. 222947
Yup, with Geoff.

Gonna be godawful.

“kind of reset Superman and his universe in the New 52,” said Johns.

I can't properly sum up how retarded that sentence is.

>> No. 222950

Johns. Johns. The New 52 is a reset. You're doing a reset within a reset. A reset you originally oversaw, remember?

Fuck me, why does anybody pay this clown?
>> No. 222951
"reset"? Are they fucking kidding? Geez, resets, reboots, retcons or whatever else you want to call them have just become the running gag at DC, haven't they?
I for one think JR Jr.'s Supes is kinda hunky, but that's me. And it's not enough to make me get the book.
>> No. 222955
Sounds like just a normal creator team shift. Actually with this team replacing Lobdell, all three superman titles have strong teams.

If this were say, 2009 I would be super excited for this. As it stands I may give the first issue a shot. Which is more than I usually do for DC. But I still probably won't unless DC begins overhauling its editorial.

But for those willing to read DC in the first place this seems like a fine book to try.
>> No. 222963
Can't say I'm too excited about Johns writing Superman. Morrison's run on Action already drew on the concept of revisiting just what it is which defines Superman. Lobdell has been all about moving from one stupid fight sequence to the next with little interesting or well-scripted plot inbetween. Doesn't matter much if he outright ignores important continuity notes from the past 3 years because the books aren't very well synched. Plus the guy just seems to be spread a little thin.

JRjr, well, I'll wait until I see some more Superman sketches. That Superman isn't great, and man were there some low points in Captain America. But he still has a really distinctive look that I'd like to see applied to Superman's world.
>> No. 223005
File 13917035743.jpg - (53.94KB , 400x400 , tumblr_inline_n0jwg0ys1P1qbujox.jpg )
How is that Connor?
>> No. 223314
It's not, It's an alt Roy Harper.
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