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File 13871401371.jpg - (379.09KB , 1024x1463 , Frozen-movie-poster.jpg )
220762 No. 220762
So, what do you guys think?
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>> No. 220766
Hilarious and awesome, liiked it almost as much as Tangled.
>> No. 220770
FROZEN - New Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 220775
Better than I thought it'd be, not as good as I had originally hoped.
Let it Go was amazing, everything about the trolls was just terrible jesus christ
>> No. 220778
Interesting that one can consider Elsa to be another pro rather than antagonist since this overall is their story. Film seemed to go with the family connections angle better than Brave. Heck Olaf as the embodiment of that relationship between the sisters helps him be less grating.
>> No. 221103
File 138774517834.png - (212.02KB , 600x802 , 1387743744495.png )
Welp I've got a new ship.
>> No. 221105
>> No. 221106
File 138774665797.png - (262.79KB , 1000x1000 , 1387745211136.png )
Works for me because I'm a sap for a redemption angle. And this one gets it double.
>> No. 221127
I liked it more than Tangled.

I went in disliking Olaf and came to really like the little snowbro. The trailers really does him a disservice. He's one of the most likable "comic relief sidekick" characters I've seen. Subtly charming and funny, and he's actually helpful when things got serious.

There was too many songs and too many of them were forgettable. The trolls were stupid. The tonal whiplash of going immediately from a goofy and silly troll song about marriage to "OH SHIT Anna is going to die" pulled me out of the movie momentarily and the editor should have his nose ground into some dung for it.

A Disney movie where Prince Charming is evil? Well, cool. That's a first I think. They certainly foreshadowed it well enough but I didn't pick up on it because of my assumptions about Disney movies.

I felt sorry for the Duke of Weaseltown. Dude just wanted to exploit a trade partner for the benefit of his own country, and considering all the evidence he had on hand he was right to believe Elsa was a danger.
>> No. 221339
I had absolutely no problem with the trolls. Their song ends with Anna collapsing, which is jarring, but hardly reflects poorly on them or the song. I'm surprised that people disliked them so much. They were like a faint echo of the annoying cutesy bullshit that absolutely permeated Wreck It Ralph, and I'm usually the only one that didn't like Wreck It Ralph in any given discussion.

Also all the conflict in the plot is basically their fault for giving the king shitty advice and erasing Anna's memory but that doesn't seem to be why people hate them.
>> No. 221398
I think it's partially because the trolls were supposed to be the wised characters of the movie and they came off being a bunch of complete idiots. Mind you, these are the people the King comes to in his hour of need, and they give *the worst advice* to him.
>> No. 221427

I'm being a stupidly ambitious bastard and working out a story for a Series pitch.
>> No. 221576
A great movie on all accounts. Probably my favorite film of the year.
>> No. 221594

Troll advice was fine. The King is the actual fuck up. He implemented the troll's advice poorly. He taught his daughter to isolate herself, and bottle up her emotions.

The troll's advocated for secrecy, but not EMOTIONAL ISOLATION. In fact, they warned that fear could taint Elsa's power. Then the King and Queen went on an (important) trip... only to die. Honestly, if you have a special need's child, as a parent, it is your responsibility to have someone there for them when you leave the fucking country. It was the parent's mistake for living in isolation.

Luckily, the Troll's teach Anna how to fix Elsa.

So please... lay the fuck off the trolls. Instead? Blame that BAD, BAD Disney parenting.
>> No. 221596
Really with that kinda crap wasn't always the setup, its either Daddy shagging the wrong woman after mommy dies or just shit clueless parents. Hell even Maleficent is following that path making her father directly the baddie.
>> No. 221597
Side note. Only about 7 of the Disney animated film families have both parents of the main protagonist confirmed alive at the end of the films. Tangled being the most recent. Peter Pan the first solidly known.
>> No. 221599
Oh god that Maleficent movie shit, where they are going to make her "so poor and misunderstood" and "its not her fault she's an evil bitch with THE POWERS OF HELL!", blaming it all on the other characters.
>> No. 221600
Why can't it be both?

She's a powerful figure that was snubbed by being excluded from the Christening, and then when she showed up anyway and made a passive-aggressive declaration that she'd be willing to let the insult pass if she got a good apology, she got insulted to her face instead. No powerful figure can let that shit pass if they want to keep on being viewed as powerful.

She was a bitch and clearly relished it, but you could absolutely make a case from the start of the movie that the "good fairies" and Aurora's parents pulled the tail of a dragon and were SHOCKED when it didn't like it one bit.
>> No. 221601
Don't be stupid

>>Maleficent is the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal—an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone. Bent on revenge, Maleficent faces an epic battle with the invading king’s successor and, as a result, places a curse upon his newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Maleficent realizes that Aurora holds the key to peace in the kingdom—and perhaps to Maleficent’s true happiness as well.
>> No. 221602
Its basically a Wicked concept rip-off.
>> No. 221605
I'm not saying Disney isn't fucking it up, I'm saying there was a shred of a good idea in "how about we take a closer look at Maleficent, and how things would've looked from her POV?" It could've been done well. But by all indications, "done well" won't be what we get.

Ayup. A really blatant one, too.
>> No. 221606
File 138900662666.jpg - (61.27KB , 591x800 , Aurora-and-Maleficent-princess-aurora-18375389-591.jpg )
So gonna have them bonding and Auroa stopping the Prince from offing her in this version?
>> No. 221611
File 138900926061.png - (40.96KB , 620x400 , img-wizard_punch.png )
She came in where she wasn't wanted for an ego-trip and cursed a baby girl and a whole kingdom out of spite, bitch has no sympathy. Hell it was originally meant to be a death curse before those weak fairies softened it.
(I would bet you don't think the Enchantress from B&tB was a monster for her completely unwarranted cursing of hundreds of innocent people and an entire castle either, do you?)

Royals need to hire mage hunters for these sort of events. Hiding in the wings to GEEK THE MAGE FIRST.
>> No. 221614
>She came in where she wasn't wanted for an ego-trip

Yeeeeah, that's the thing. When you're royalty/nobility (or fairies, same difference) those ego trips are actually important to maintaining social status. High Society 101: You invite the people you can't stand, or else it's seen as you saying they're unimportant, and they'll have to do something to prove you wrong. Because if they don't, it'd mean you were right. In the older versions of the story, the evil fairy didn't get invited either because of a legitimate fuckup, because the King just didn't have enough gifts for all the fairies, or because people mistakenly thought she was dead. Not an intentional "well we're not inviting THAT BITCH, she's not wanted here".

>(I would bet you don't think the Enchantress from B&tB was a monster for her completely unwarranted cursing of hundreds of innocent people and an entire castle either, do you?)

I think the Prince is a dumbass, but hell yeah she's a monster. You seem to think I'm saying Maleficent wasn't a monster. That's not the case at all. She ENJOYED doling out a punishment when she was slighted. But make no mistake, she was slighted.
>> No. 221615
>Royals need to hire mage hunters for these sort of events.
Maleficent was a fairy, actually, and one of the few examples of Disney depicting fairies in a way that's true to the oldest stories of them. They're unpredictable, and generally beyond human ability to counter.

Seen through that lens, Maleficent makes a bit more sense, in that she doesn't make sense in exactly the way that fairies are supposed to not make sense. She wasn't invited because everyone was afraid of her because she was unpredictable, petty, spiteful, and had no sense of empathy. Thus, she got insulted and decided to get back at them by being petty, spiteful, and unempathetic--because that's how fairies think. You're supposed to pretend they're not assholes or else they'll decide they need to be assholes to you EVEN HARDER than they were already being.
>> No. 221627
File 13890423775.jpg - (107.84KB , 648x800 , Maleficent02.jpg )
And now its all BETRAYAL!!!
>> No. 221628
Liked it, Elsa might be my new waifu favorite Disney queen. Felt sorry for the sisters on the first half of the movie.

Also, would like to see a few animated shorts set after the movie, mostly for Elsa. Anna and Kristoff were pretty well developed on screen, and even Olaf, unlike her. Maybe it's just me.

Also for a while I actually thought Hans might be actually an awesome tier old school Disney prince, particularly at the ice castle scene. Well played I guess, Disney.

So, I've seen a couple versions of The Snow Queen in 2D and 3D mentioned here and regular /co/...?
>> No. 221642
Pending on how things are working small bits of Elsa the Queen would be nice. Doing her royal duties with Anna 'coptering around waiting to talk to her, eventually she leaves to play with Olaf and Kristoff. Elsa continues to work, errant snowball smacks Elsa's window and she leans out watching them goof around in the courtyard. Elsa crafts up a snowball and knocks off Anna's hat then Iceman's it down to them. Messenger come to her study sees a sign made of Ice "On break, be back in.." or whatever would be cute. Maybe if it does well in the awards show then it'll get some more attention, other than a crappy X-mas special. Also early Blue Ray release if it wins hopefully.
>> No. 221704
>So, I've seen a couple versions of The Snow Queen in 2D and 3D mentioned here and regular /co/...?
Ooh, relevant to my interests!
>> No. 221705
Guys. She was the queen of all evil.
I can imagine why they weren't keen on giving her front-row seats.
>> No. 221707
File 138913826251.png - (0.98MB , 1920x752 , unf.png )
only because the "Good Fairies" were apparently shit talking her, new movie apparently makes that point worse meaning making them truly a trio of Nasty Bitches. Oh man this movie was done by someone who really got it going to Mali, won't get any complaints from me.
>> No. 221711
I actually searched and found both, though i could use a version with more quality and sound. The 2D one is from 1957 and the 3D one is from last year, both russian animations I think. Still haven't watched to make any kind of comparison.
>> No. 221712
But that's the best possible way to piss off the Queen of evil.

Well, second-best. The BEST way is to flat out say to her face "YOU WEREN'T INVITED BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT WANTED HERE!"

Thanks a lot, Dumbass fairy#3.
>> No. 221713
All I'm saying is, those people must not have paid much attention to their mythology (or in that world, probably history), or they'd know that kind of shit is how the Trojan War got started.
>> No. 221714
I'd love to see dealing with Villains politics in a Disney film. Frozen did have some inkling of that story I'd like to see more of, why I'm playing with my script idea.
>> No. 221716
I thought it had to do with stealing a king's waifu.
>> No. 221717
The best possible way to piss off a queen of evil is bring her to a party where a million things could be seen as a slight.
>> No. 221721
File 138916264018.jpg - (106.86KB , 856x482 , 1321841004957.jpg )
Just return from watching it with my sister and this happen
>Mom asks if we enjoy'd the movie
>Siter says: "it was cute"
>Mom: "Wasn't that a children's movie?"
>Sister: "A girl's movie"
>Feel bad after that

Also: Kristoff is a brown eyed blond, that combination is so strange.
>> No. 221727
File 138917947373.jpg - (304.68KB , 900x3203 , 1387310014803.jpg )
I'm not seeing the problem here?
>> No. 221737
File 138920158193.jpg - (367.21KB , 1280x1560 , 1389161926634.jpg )
You can call it a girls movie though they are better than that.
>> No. 221741
Hadn't seen this thread in a while and thought you were talking about Elsa.

I don't remember the trolls actually advocating secrecy at all, just noting that previous memories would be lost. They messed up when they heard The King spell out how he misinterpreted that as "Anna shouldn't see ice magic ever again", and the warning against fear as "Elsa should be constantly isolated". With how aware of human nature the trolls are later on, it's pretty obvious that quick scene changes are the real culprit.
>> No. 221749
maybe that should be the villian in the next princess movie. Also if there isn't a Life of Tigger parody pic as soon as we get art of her and the boat, I'll be dissapointed.
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