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File 138665094943.png - (453.16KB , 700x889 , tumblr_mxjb44ZvYX1qejbf0o1.png )
220447 No. 220447
Extra Comics: Read Annie in the Forest Part 1, legally and for free.

Latest comic: oh lord the emotions
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>> No. 220490
File 138674939593.jpg - (423.45KB , 600x849 , 00001287.jpg )
Annie acting weird is just Annie acting weird.
Because Annie's weird.
>> No. 220499
What chapter was alistair? I need to remember what happened.
>> No. 220500
Chapter 13: A Week for Kat
>> No. 220503
Oh right, birdboy. Thanks.
>> No. 220611
File 138692701792.jpg - (409.70KB , 600x849 , 00001288.jpg )
>> No. 220633
>> No. 220781
File 138717425753.jpg - (22.88KB , 400x400 , tumblr_mxql4dm3Qv1qi5hiao1_400.jpg )
>> No. 220783
File 138719095735.jpg - (192.44KB , 600x849 , 00001289.jpg )
>> No. 220784
As expected given her growing up in the company of psychopomps and having a crush on non-humans....along with technically being non-human.
>> No. 220888
File 138735981138.jpg - (185.89KB , 600x849 , 00001290.jpg )
Paz confirmed for super hot
>> No. 220893
Is that Big Boss in the wall poster besides Gitaroo Man?
>> No. 220896
That Reynard line is fucking spectacular.
>> No. 220901
Its that Spanish factor it gets ya going.
>> No. 221098
File 138774031126.jpg - (180.74KB , 600x849 , 00001291.jpg )
>> No. 221130
File 138780128363.jpg - (126.79KB , 600x849 , 00001292.jpg )
>> No. 221160
>im so fuckin baked eeeeeyy
>> No. 221169
>Panel 3: 420 BLAZE IT
>> No. 221200
And then the plot showed up.
>> No. 221203
File 13879691632.jpg - (150.93KB , 600x849 , 00001293.jpg )
Yup, Robot's jim jones shit is getting scary.
>> No. 221204
oh I've a real sinking feeling one of them is going to pull security footage "this was no accident, this was MURDER. " And I really hope that is due to Paz being a court agent and not her just dicking about to get Kat out of the workshop. Orders I think Robot will be more accepting of rather than willful destruction. Kat on the other hand...yea. Because that whole talk with Rey was actually about traitors.
>> No. 221215
endgame baddy, I think. He's the creepiest part of the whole series
>> No. 221216
Paz is going to get sacrificed to their machine god, not that their god wants that sacrifice, but they'll do it anyway.
>> No. 221238
File 138813438376.jpg - (181.70KB , 600x849 , gkcrf.jpg )
Well this isn't ominous at all.
>> No. 221239
Yep not one thing sounds good about that. Keep those you love close Kat, for Judgement Day is coming.

Terminator 2 Theme Songyoutube thumb

Prepped for some fucking ominous shit to start appearing that translates to "NO PEACE!!" Double load that meaning.

01001110 01001111 00100000 01010000 01000101 01000001 01000011 01000101 00100001 00100001

At first they'll decode it wrong because they'll give it to the robots and it will come out "KNOW PEACE!!" So it will be thought they wish to meet Paz and then Kat will decode it again after she leaves thinking everything is good and then.."NO!".
>> No. 221282
Course alternatively Paz could show up during this little funeral since she had that same idea and offer her condolences for the life lost and then robots are thankful "Peace was brought to the Angel."
>> No. 221291
File 138835248173.jpg - (332.33KB , 625x659 , tumblr_msielmce551qh66wqo7_1280.jpg )
>want to buy pin despite lack of lapels
>might as grab what books i can while im there
>shipping is a lot more than the combined total

well shit.

maybe its a sign. last time i bought a physical copy of a webcomic it fucking died mid story a month later
>> No. 221294
reading is fine but then you don't want a physical reminder of the once was if something does happen and the comic goes dark for an extended period.
>> No. 221306
File 138840820668.jpg - (149.02KB , 600x849 , 00001295.jpg )
I'm not sure whose cuter.
>> No. 221307

and the flip side of feels Paz being on cloud 9 talking to rodents. Hope she joins in during the down time. Also its always Paz.
>> No. 221308
The first hard evidence that Paz can talk to animals.
>> No. 221309
Hopefully its not just at them and she just thinks they are responding. Oh Kat for your Delightful Brown is slightly mad. But she means well.
>> No. 221417
>> No. 221418
this sounds like it will be a fun one
>> No. 221424
File 138859569095.jpg - (67.93KB , 600x853 , 00001296.jpg )
This does not bode well.
>> No. 221425
That depends, could just be that time of year for Paz to talk to more than just Animals.
>> No. 221438
I look forward to the return of the hottie owlhead psychopomp.
>> No. 221439
had an interesting idea
>> No. 221440
had an interesting idea, for a bit of fiction. The Luchador of Peace. oh I watched too much of that stuff recently.
>> No. 221452
File 138866389571.jpg - (110.37KB , 600x300 , Dia-de-los-Muertos-Skeletons.jpg )
That is one way goofy skull. Here's hoping that the realm of the dead is some Dia de los Muertos type shit.
>> No. 221453

Yea and by that hopefully some Paz story by that extension. Girl gonna roll with the mains she's gotta up her depth.

"The dead have risen, time for this Mosca, to fly."

Kat getting all Rainbow Dash Squee watching Paz pull sick skeleton suplex action.
>> No. 221470
File 138875178760.jpg - (39.75KB , 600x849 , 00001297.jpg )
Guilty Spark, noooooooooo
>> No. 221482
>Wheatley, noooooooooo
>> No. 221505
File 138885816778.jpg - (110.38KB , 600x849 , 00000762[1].jpg )
Looks like we've back at the ravine. Kat's probably looking for Diego's arrow.
>> No. 221616
File 138901486736.jpg - (157.36KB , 600x849 , 00001298.jpg )
Yup, back to Jeanne.
>> No. 221617
Considering the effect of the parrot doesn't it seem like a bad idea to send random tech?
>> No. 221621
Bet next idea ia to send an animal in, I mean this spirit wouldn't mangle a bunny...right? Time for Paz to get some trauma and become part of the group.
>> No. 221622
INB4 kat rallies ALL the robots in the court to send endless waves at her to try and measure her capabilities
>> No. 221625
And the Angel stood above the smouldering mountain of slag and said "It was worth it."
>> No. 221896
File 138961432888.jpg - (169.27KB , 600x849 , 00001301.jpg )
Jesus Annie you are almost drooling over "rotd."
>> No. 221898
Paz pops in also grinning like a loon, "did someone mention el reino de los muertos, I've got family there." Heh Kat being sized up by Paz's undead família.
>> No. 221900
Why do so many people actually believe Paz is Mexican?
>> No. 221901
Because they forget Gunnerkrigg is in England?
>> No. 221903
its celebrated in Spain as well, and we can bring up the Galician bit if one wishes to get persnickety. Which actually shares more with celtic cultures so her relatives on the other side would be neat to see.
>> No. 221911
You will have to back that up with links cause the wiki page specifically states it's a Mexican thing which originate in native culture and not Spain.
>> No. 221915
Its not official but it is done so its not out of the realm for a girl that owns a vita and plays Japanese imports to show an interest in a similar observances of la família. Heck just do it as All Souls Day if its that hard of a stretch. Heck going with the Galician route could work it she'd celebrate Samhain even, that might actually work better even.
>> No. 221932
File 138965208151.jpg - (576.28KB , 778x1100 , Jannie Winter Walk.jpg )
Ah, the /co/ thread's already finished...
>> No. 221934
bet we get some of rotd, but likely less than one would hope. Annie acting like a total tourist and stuff.
>> No. 222015
File 138978367144.jpg - (177.10KB , 600x849 , 00001302.jpg )
Kat learned to just roll with it.
>> No. 222017
Ghost Bureaucracy
>> No. 222154
File 138996245322.jpg - (165.05KB , 600x849 , 00001303.jpg )
These dead guys don't seem to take things very seriously.
>> No. 222159
They take it very seriously. Why would you lie about something like that?
>> No. 222166
Also you have to know the exact number of o's to use and the the right timbre, I mean we won't see humans using this trick to enter the Netherlands, or will we.New realms would be neat. So what is the guess of surprise encounter with Annie's mum for blubbering maximum feels.
>> No. 222167
Why would the dead need to take anything seriously?
>> No. 222170
Seeecrets, this time the secret being, they really don't know a damned thing.
>> No. 222248
Is that even a possibillity? As I understood it, she basically reincarnated into Annie.

This sounds realy strange, typing it out.
>> No. 222249
It more ones life force goes into another IIRC, part of the reason Annie so messed up over her mum sometimes. She can never procreate without triggering the cycle which will eventually lead to her own death.
>> No. 222253
I am curious, what if Annie had babies using less than natural means? A woman in our world can have a child without anything fleshy going inside or outside of her, and with the level of weird superscience available to the court that should be even less of a problem. Would it count if she doesn't actually bear the child?
>> No. 222258
Could, I forget if was a genetic imperative or something where her own impulses would overtake her better judgement. It was talked about but never discussed to a conclusion. If Kat continues to make Organic Robots then she might be able to find an out for Annie in that method, if being in a relationship doesn't distract her from SCIENCE.
>> No. 222259
File 139023446814.jpg - (189.36KB , 600x849 , 00001304.jpg )
Yeah, this looks like the kind of place that would hire a ghost like Mort.
>> No. 222260
Getting the impression no answers will be found here.
>> No. 222262
Kat looks like she's having a hard time rolling with it.
>> No. 222263
She likely expected more and not cheap carney bullshit. Maybe it will be a bait and switch and they'll go into the land of the dead and then it will look like she was expecting. And Mort will show his true ghost form.
>> No. 222278
Not even answers about Steadman?
>> No. 222279

Uhm, Is Annie trying to be overly polite, or is she actually seeing something that both Kat and us can't see?
>> No. 222280
The department is meant to deal with the dead themselves, and likely those especially confused and frightened by their state of having died. Makes sense that such a place would make light of itself, helps calm people down.
>> No. 222357
File 139039362520.jpg - (183.84KB , 600x849 , 00001305.jpg )
>> No. 222358
Kat isn't gonna get allowed in the realm of the dead, poor girl.
>> No. 222359
If the dude who's in charge of the restless dead doesn't know what Kat is/doesn't immediately dismiss her as just a commoner, there's something more going on than just "She's not allowed in here." Maybe it's something to do with being a robot angel.
>> No. 222362
Paz just walks in

"Evening Ms.Paz."

"Evening Gatekeeper, é a miña familia está dispoñible?"

"Yes, they were inquiring if you'd be by. They said one would be waiting for you outside the visitors entrance."

Annie and Mort looking a bit confused, Kat looking over to her and giving a sheepish little wave.

Paz walks over to Kat and grabs her hand. "Ela está comigo"

"Good enough for me, you all have a nice day."
>> No. 222372
Has Paz ever actually speaken Gallego in the strip? Every time i recall her not speaking in english, she has used plain spanish. Hell, if I recall correctly, her very first dialogues in the comic, was speaking in spanish to herself (that bit with Mort trolling her).
>> No. 222383
It's ship-fanfiction, it's not gonna be very in-character.
>> No. 222384
Really I'm just doofing about testing stuff out to see how it works in practice before I actually try to write it in an actual book. Using different languages within pieces is always a difficult thing.
>> No. 222438
File 139058111844.jpg - (179.81KB , 600x849 , 00001306.jpg )
The stick makes this all the more funny.
>> No. 222442
"Make you into a ghost."

So that some Foreshadowing or did they do that "service" for someone before?
>> No. 222450
Mort maybe?
>> No. 222462
With his personality being a sham or the result of whomever he was seeking to run away from something he did. If the former then I see a heel turn parade in the future.
>> No. 222470
What exactly is she? Not recognized as just human, and allowed into the land of the dead. Wonder if this has anything to do with the machine angel. Pseudo-alive maybe?
>> No. 222474
Tech Golem thing I'd wager.
>> No. 222481
My interpretation is that she hasn't become something different in and of herself and more that she's like the robots' beliefs in her have made her the Machine equivalent of a Psychopomp due to her role as an Angel/Creator Goddess/Harbinger of Death of robots. Possibly this is something that's never existed before, which is why the ghost guys don't recognize her symbol.
>> No. 222482
Possibly see a flash of the machine death angel persona if that is the case.
>> No. 222640
File 139087171663.jpg - (175.46KB , 600x849 , 00001307.jpg )
I, uh, I don't think ghosts actually know how to be scary.
>> No. 222645
Overall this is just rather sad than scary or funny. Maybe its a European thing again.
>> No. 222701
File 139099852637.jpg - (162.50KB , 600x849 , 00001308.jpg )
Might have been scarier if Mort and Annie could never see the guy and he never said or did anything. Just stood there.

That'd freak me out if I was Kat.
>> No. 222702
>> No. 222703

Though still there might be something to the fact that she saw him right away.

The crappy carney bit might be funnier if I was from Britain or something all I'm saying.
>> No. 222727
My guess is the last few pages are going to be from Annie's perspective, and everything will be horrifying or at the least macabre.
>> No. 222729
Hrm what would that mean for Kat if it is that way, that she lied about being open and therefore saw the world as cheap and hokey or that her connection whatever it its showed her things differently.
>> No. 222784
File 139117799678.jpg - (171.77KB , 600x849 , 00001309.jpg )
Seems to be the case.
>> No. 222785
Yea those expressions on Mort and Annie, they aren't seeing the same stuff Kat is seeing. Kat possibly a mystical dead spot, so ingrained in Tech that her mind cannot reach that plane.
>> No. 222786
Pretty much, we are definitely seeing stuff with Kat's POV, and it's obvious that both Mort and Annie are seeing things quite different.
>> No. 222788
Some kinda Inverse Mr.Terrific thing going on with instead of tech being blind to her she is blind to the paranormal. Heh now I see them in Mystery Inc Cosplay. Paz dressing as Marcie. Every day is Rubber Mask day for Kat.
>> No. 222900
File 139143008530.jpg - (166.26KB , 600x849 , 00001310.jpg )
>> No. 222901
Heh, here comes the bureaucracy. And those looks from Mort and Annie, I don't think they see him this time at all. "Crazy Lady yells at empty rooms." Girl gonna need some peace time after this has her frazzled.
>> No. 222914
I don't know, the page before that shows that Annie was aware that something was in the room. Their reaction is more of a "holy sht, why is she yelling at the terrifying spectre of death like that, lets GTFO of here".
>> No. 222916
Kat yelling at beings she cannot comprehend for, reasons. Annie and Mort keep trying to protect her. She goes off on one big bad too many and the big bad attempts to rip her soul from her body, can't get what doesn't exist.
>> No. 222968
File 13916041239.jpg - (149.71KB , 600x849 , 00001311.jpg )
>> No. 222969
Aww, hoping it was locked and she'd just kick it down.
>> No. 222970
Kat: The Angel (of death) to robots.

It was worth it.
>> No. 222971
Oh god, that's literally it, isn't it? She created life and then took it away. She actually achieved diety status.
>> No. 222972
Creator and Death bringer, they worship her. Yep, she's on a whole other level now.
>> No. 223075
File 139177647593.jpg - (168.25KB , 600x849 , 00001312.jpg )
>> No. 223076
Kat confirmed for better than Annie at ethereal things.
>> No. 223078
Okay, now lets find out the secret to Kat's "cut the crap" vision, within this chapter please.
>> No. 223336
File 139220756723.jpg - (172.26KB , 600x849 , 00001314.jpg )
So if I don't post the comic, nobody does? Come on, people.
>> No. 223337
Nobody cares when there's no lesbians.
>> No. 223338
This whole "not magic" thing feels like some adventure time gag now.
>> No. 223428
File 139238137256.jpg - (141.49KB , 600x849 , 00001315.jpg )
>> No. 223429

This just retroactively made things a million times scarier.
>> No. 223437
Who is Lamet?
>> No. 223438
A Psychopomp, allegedly
>> No. 223441

I mean in real life. Like, Muut is a real dude (you know what I mean). Or is the thing that he doesn't exist in real life because he was killed or something?
>> No. 223638
File 139264367267.jpg - (160.79KB , 600x849 , 00001316.jpg )
>> No. 223656
think shadow could be the one to get past her? Shadow gets aced and sends Robot further down the path of crazy.
>> No. 223748
File 139281908591.jpg - (174.67KB , 600x849 , 00001317.jpg )
Famous last words.
>> No. 223875
See, it's like Coyote says, people believed in him and his power became real.
If all the robots believe in Kat as a divine being then she will become one.
>> No. 223878
Robots belief grows stronger Kat starts to manifest some abilities.
>> No. 223884
No, coyote was never a real coyote to begin with. While I can see the aether birth people, I don't think it can alter one that is already born.The side effects would be too silly, like a famous star never aging or a poppulat sportman becoming literally perfect after reachig the peak of its carreer.
>> No. 223889
swear to god if his last name is Krigg...
>> No. 223910
File 139301477559.jpg - (174.25KB , 600x849 , 00001318.jpg )
Geez, Carver, don't you know anything?
>> No. 223914
not one ghost/specter/ghoul/revenant or otherwise spirit connected being to teach the in an outs of the afterlife?
>> No. 224028
File 139323949553.jpg - (166.40KB , 600x849 , 00001319.jpg )
Just in case anyone's not yet convinced she's something far beyond a psychopomp.
>> No. 224036
a faith has been established, approaching deity level.
>> No. 224085
File 139341112095.jpg - (171.84KB , 600x849 , 00001320.jpg )
Welp, this got heavy rather quickly.
>> No. 224090
Tom's shooing out the clowns at a decent rate.
>> No. 224124
File 139357705063.jpg?spoiler - (169.35KB , 600x849 , 00001321.jpg?spoiler )
Apparently if you're not a super science-minded skeptic, the Realm of the Dead looks a lot more impressive. As do the denizens.
>> No. 224127
A veritable technicolor nightmare.
>> No. 224128
>> No. 224130
Ha! Yeah, I figured as much. I like it when Tom can stretch his usual style and give us something crazy like this.
>> No. 224133
though why couldn't the others see him when they first entered the room?
>> No. 224135
It looks like he has some freaky bug legs going on, so it's possible he had been crawling around on the ceiling or behind some bookshelves that only they could see
>> No. 224136
It looks like he has some freaky bug legs going on, so it's possible he had been crawling around on the ceiling or behind some bookshelves that only they could see
>> No. 224138
He reminds me of what Zimmy saw in her. Could simmy be some sort of anti-rotd thing that seens normal stuff as horrible, and horrible stuff as normal, too?
>> No. 224143
which would make her connection to Kat something more. Maybe make Paz something more than she seems as well.
>> No. 224145
I really just want the second part to be this chapter all over again from the real perspective.
>> No. 224158
File 13936647088.jpg?spoiler - (244.01KB , 600x849 , A Beautiful Angel.jpg?spoiler )
>This thing telling you to "scram"

Yeah, I'd shuffle off too.
>> No. 224159
I wonder if that's her deific aspect.
>> No. 224161
kinda wish that is what it had been, giant mecha angel telling the elder critter to piss off. Whole new freaking level.
>> No. 224174
We got what Kat saw first. Then we got what Annie saw.
Giant mech angel is what The Keeper Of Final Records saw.
>> No. 224176
next update I guess.
>> No. 224215
If nobody is drawing femdom art with their "real forms," then humanity has Failed once again.
>> No. 224239
Dai Li tools about the /co/ court treads too, mention the idea there if it doesn't get picked up here. Still the question of what is Paz going to be.
>> No. 224286
File 139384987118.jpg - (58.51KB , 600x853 , 00001322.jpg )
Wait, what?
>> No. 224289
Based on recent events I have to wonder, is Mort going to have a TRUE FORM?
>> No. 224291
oh dear, title kinda prophetic seeing he's being harassed by some of tumblr.
>> No. 224293
He's been harassed by /co/ for years now and he's a goon. I think he can deal.
>> No. 224294
When doesn't tumblr have a hair up their ass?

Tom is in radical shape now and I'd say he has enough self confidence that we don't need to worry.

The title is like just what it seems, Mort going to the afterlife.

Speaking of which, their are a ton of Psychopomps but are their different afterlives? I mean like that little burned boy's case implies a separation but is it an entire different world or the same one with partitions?
>> No. 224295
Hmm, heard some talk recently that the afterlife is just a transition to the next universe after this one. Different afterlives being different parts of the next universe?
>> No. 224305

Wait, what's going on?

>Looks over at tumblr

Oh for fuck's sake. Never have so many been so desperate to justify their initial outrage after realizing it's been misplaced.
>> No. 224308
I seem to remember this coming up a long time ago as there being separate afterlives, but eventually everything just returns to the aether.
>> No. 224317
From Tom? Because I'm pretty sure there are multiple cases of Word of Tom changing or ending up different from what actually appeared in the comic eventually.
>> No. 224322
his formspring however never lie and I'm pretty sure he delivered some infos there about that very subject.
>> No. 224324
I really don't want to look at tumblr so. What's going on?
>> No. 224325
Tom made a comment about a line in Man of Steel (the measuring dicks line) along the lines of "if she had a dick it would be bigger than the mans." and you can guess where things went from there. He apologized but since they were idiots for causing a ruckus over nothing they are still not leaving him alone yet.
>> No. 224326
Uggghhhh I'm not even surprised. Who needs context when you can be righteously indignant instead. Thanks for the info
>> No. 224330
>abloo bloo bloo feminazi social justice warriors ruin my comic experience

jfc shut up

Mort speculation: he is the boy Renard accidentally killed.
>> No. 224334
Nice strawman
>> No. 224340

I was under the impression that Renard killed a grown man and we already know his identity.
>> No. 224349
>Mort speculation: he is the boy Renard accidentally killed.

Did you miss the whole chapter dedicated to that already?
>> No. 224351
File 139392482759.png - (22.77KB , 332x199 , gunner tweet.png )
The tweet in question.

It's kind of his fault for hooking his star to these types of people.

That, and he chose to watch Man of Steel. Almost a year of people fuming about how terrible it was and he still sat down and watched it. If I wasn't all ready posting this image, I'd attach a thumbs down gif.
>> No. 224352

the problem people had was not the tweets in question, it was when people asked (really nicely!!) for clarification on what he was talking about he wordlessly retweeted a bunch of transwomen who then got harassed by his rabid fanbase. i watched this shit all happen in real time and it was weird and out of character. also cool use of the word "those people" when you mean the lgbt community, you shitsack.
anyway tom gave a really good sincere apology on his tumblr+i hope he feels better and the majority of people ive seen have been supportive of him. its a genuine apology and not a SORRY U GOT OFFENDED apology.
gg tom. good dude.
the hero we deserve
>> No. 224353
File 139392583232.jpg - (112.30KB , 660x620 , 1393923051272.jpg )
Whip Crack Sound Effectyoutube thumb
>> No. 224356
I watched it in realtime too.

It made no sense. At all.

He mocked the "dick measuring" line because that's a terrible way to try and show your female character is tough. It had nothing to do with people that are transgender at all, but a few decided it did and got angry, and he retweeted their shit, and IT GOT STUPIDER.

>also cool use of the word "those people" when you mean the lgbt community, you shitsack.

No, he didn't mean the lgbt community. He meant the sort of people that will look at a guy basically saying "it's bad writing to try and make a woman look strong by having her talk abut her makebelieve penis" and respond "what's wrong about a woman having a penis?"
>> No. 224358
For a second there, I thought Tom was going to do the only smart thing in this situation and ignore the haters and people who chose to take his words out of context so they could claim to be victims. Biting sarcasm is rarely effective against such people.
>> No. 224359
And trannies wonder why everyone hates them and wishes they would go die
>> No. 224361
File 139394085418.jpg - (82.03KB , 479x353 , Struggle_session_against_class_enemy.jpg )
"You did a VERY BAD THING, and have demonstrated a pernicious counterrevolutionary belief, but we in our wisdom and love have chosen to forgive your evil lapse in judgment, this time."
>> No. 224362
The real problem here is Man of Steel.

If only it never existed.
>> No. 224367
IMO he came out badly out of it, all this whimpering on his part make it appear as he is sure he did something wrong and unforgivable. This is like the polar opposite of how the PA guys handled *that* shitstorm, and it's equally as stupid. Shit, I bet if I asked Tom exactly what did he do wrong, he would not know what to say.

I know you have to suck it up sometimes to pay the bills, but come on, this is groveling and leaving your dignity in the canvas.
>> No. 224368

I am biting my tongue so hard on this whole thing that blood is dripping from the corners of my forced pleasant smile, but sufficed to say everything I wish I could spew out would make basically no one happy, though Tumbler perhaps least happy of all. But then they're wired to be dissatisfied with everything, OOPS, BITE THAT TONGUE, DON'T STEP ON THOSE 'PROGRESSIVE' TOES.

>> No. 224369
Just hope the next chapter is in someone else viewpoint, since it looks like walkways and no walls or "rooms" as we know them.
>> No. 224371
It's a very social media drama. Both because it stems from a blurring of the public and the private - on both fronts, mind you - and because nobody will remember it or care in two weeks unless it's exacerbated.

Show's over folks. So how about those ghosts.
>> No. 224372
>So how about those ghosts.
If Mort seriously leaves, I'm going to be far more upset than I probably ought to be. We barely ever see him in the comic, but he's such a nice fella, that the thought of him being gone from any future antics makes me terribly sad.
>> No. 224382
>> No. 224384
File 139395739473.jpg - (216.33KB , 600x854 , image.jpg )

He's got to be more important than he seems, the whole place is named after him.
>> No. 224386
>> No. 224389

im talking about you dumbass
but congrats on all of you who would much rather unironically side with the transphobic portion of the fanbase that has 0 qualms about transwomen being targeted and harassed for asking a non-aggressive question. what kind of fucked up idiots are you that you prioritize a fucking webcomic over real human people to the point where you feel personally slighted whenever someone presents a criticism of the creator to you. grouse and gripe how ~tumblr~ is the worst thing ever (and by tumblr u mean minorities, dont use codewords) but you guys are being the worst kind of fanboy who leaps on the throats of anything who dares to offer up even the smallest crumb of criticism, even if that criticism was "hey maybe you shouldnt mass humiliate transwomen?"
when someone makes an apology for something they have recognized was a mistake and hurt people, its not "groveling" and its not up to you to decide whether or not it should be made. it wasnt directed at you, your opinion does not matter.
if youd rather be lumped in with >>224359 's kicking rad use of slurs+the portion of the fanbase that is still actively attacking these women because for some reason youve formed a genuinely angry opinion on something that has nothing to do with you at all then lmao youre a huge asshole. keep on truckin w/ your anti-tumblr circlejerk, but remember youre on plus4chan, so careful where you throw those stones.
>> No. 224390
Bea, listen to me. Nobody here is being transphobic. Nobody here is endorsing transphobia, or any other kind of phobia. There were people being considerate that Tom should have focused on, but there were also people being obnoxious twats who jumped at the chance to condemn Tom for what they perceived as an offense. This is the internet, where the loud and spiteful get far more attention than the polite and reasonable. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Tom just didn't see the polite inquiries, and those obnoxious twats are the only target of the ire in this thread. Don't assume the worst in what people say.

Please don't bring the animosity and name-calling here.
>> No. 224392
Is there any way to give him some kinda support at this juncture that doesn't get lost in the morass?
>> No. 224395
seems like this was a huge misunderstanding. people misunderstood his initial tweet, and he retweeted them without comment because he didn't understand what was going on. unfortunately his retweets opened up those people to harrassment from actual transphobic idiots. he apologised, deleted the tweets, and obviously feel really bad for what he did.

don't defend him by bringing others down. he doesn't need white knights, especially not anyone who blames the transgender community and mocks them for being sensitive. fuck the very few responding to his tumblr post saying shit like it was "almost good enough" or they "don't appreciate" Tom's "veiled suicide threat" but these people aren't even worth caring about or responding to, and they certainly don't represent the bulk of the transgender community or the gunnerkrigg fandom. they're far outnumbered by guys like >>224359 who are the whole reason why this even happened.
>> No. 224400
So, let me get this straight: Tom said something ambiguous, got confused and caught between two groups of people with agendas, apologized to the group actually worth sympathizing with, and the best character is leaving the comic.

Also, bea and an anon are silly jerks
>> No. 224404

in this thread we have someone using a slur against transwomen, that i quoted, so im not really on board with the whole "no one here is being transphobic" thing. as well as the dude using cool code words like "those people".
its unreal that people are taking him saying "i felt so bad about alienating a portion of my fanbase i contemplated self harm because i have been recently diagnosed w/ depression" to mean "sjws bullied me into suicide". people were upset!! but i can guarantee that 99% of the people who were upset wanted an explanation and an apology, not to see tom dead.
its weird that anti-social justice people freak out over the concept of "people getting offended at EVERYTHING" and then go out of their way to be offended by someone's apology that wasnt even intended for them.

yeah p much this too.


yo no. i dont know why you and other people cant read but the people he tweeted were humiliated and got harassed by several people including one dedicated anti-trans twitter. ive said this like 8 times.
this is what makes me upset about this whole thing is that people keep framing it like the Grievous Sin he committed was a misunderstood tweet and not the fact that he used his twitter as a platform to expose a bunch of marginalized people to a crowd of 13k shitty people.

i told tom that his apology meant a lot to me as a queer lady and that his work was incredibly important to me.
the fact that was was willing to listen+genuinely atone for what he said is like the best possible thing that could have happened+this is 10000 leagues away from the kind of horseshit we get from penny arcade and the like when it comes to apologies.
tom is good people. this was a good step. im not sure why ya'll think apologies are for weenies or whatever.
take a big dude to own up to mistakes.

like i cant understate how upset this made me when i watched it happen as a big queer idiot. i dont want tom to be a bad person, i never wanted to dismiss him forever on the basis of this one incident because it was a weird, out of place blip on a record of otherwise stellar behavior when it came to minority issues. toms work is mega-important to me+to a lot of people here, im assuming.
>> No. 224406

Bea none of those words were in anybody's mouth until you put them there.

Except for >>224359 because fuck that guy.
>> No. 224407
I'm actually with Bea on this but I'm not passing up a chance to say yes, FUCK THAT GUY.
>> No. 224408
I just don't know why he retweeted those people. Was it a "someone explain" thing or a "please defend me" thing or a "look and laugh at them thing"? Do you honestly think he was malicious?
>> No. 224411

even at the time i really didnt want to believe it was malicious, it seemed like an honest lapse in judgement.

anyway thanks for listening to me. between this and campbell webcomics have been heckin me up emotionally and honestly i got really weirded out when i saw all y'all getting mad over an apology.
sorry for being loud and mean.
>> No. 224414
File 139397287862.jpg - (48.55KB , 300x345 , 1329185200513.jpg )

Thanks for being reasonable. Have fun and enjoy the ghosts.
>> No. 224415
I agree with you for the most part, I'm just getting the story down on who did what. Also, yeah, I can see why you'd be in the turmoils, being an empathetic webcomic creator and watching respectable people do some really weird things.
>> No. 224416
Okay, that guy is a jackass. Ignore the jackass. Do not assume that someone agrees with the jackass just because both he and the jackass disagree with you.
>> No. 224417
let me get this shit back on track
this chapter is going to be the saddest shit ever right
>> No. 224419
What I want to know is how did people want him to respond to those politely worded questions being sent to him without having the exact same effect? Like, if he responds to the tweet rather than wordlessly retweeting it, it still puts the person he's responding to in the public crosshairs. Their name is still on there and it's only an extra click to see what the original tweet he was responding to is...remember too that the harassment wasn't coming from the tweet itself but from a screencap posted on 4chan...

Basically people have been making this about Tom Siddell when it isn't really about Tom Siddell at all.
>> No. 224420
Could be, one of the remaining light characters going off into the sunset.
>> No. 224426
Bittersweet is terrible. I'm just surprised it's happening immediately.
>> No. 224428
Course where do you go from here? On to something else and just leave the vengeful can kill anything spirit in the Ravine for a while longer. Likely that answer is yes.
>> No. 224434
trigger warning :(
>> No. 224449
So, it seems that Tom stabbed himself in the hand after getting drunk due more harassment. According to regular /co/. This true?
>> No. 224451
No, that was the author of Questionable Content, some time ago. Unless Tom did that too.
>> No. 224454
> and then go out of their way to be offended by someone's apology that wasnt even intended for them.

Personally, I got pissed at Tom's apology because there was nothing to aplogize for to begin with. And the way he worded it, makes it sound that he is apologizing merely because he feels he is about to lose readership and thus income. Which probably is the case (again, there was NOTHING to apologize for),, but it is kinda shitty to see an artist sucking it up like that.
>> No. 224464
File 139403332358.jpg - (145.54KB , 600x849 , 00001323.jpg )
Geez, going by your guys' reactions you'd think the title of the chapter was "Mort Dies" or something.

It does look like we'll be getting something of a backstory for him, though.
>> No. 224466
>im talking about you dumbass

I rather doubt that, since you just replied to the first post I made in the thread.

Let me be blunt here: I support the rights of transexuals. And those rights are endangered by idiotic crusades in which individuals act offended by stuff that wasn't about them, due to an incorrect interpretation. What's more important, getting a thumbs up on some social media from people that were already on your side, or actually making progress by changing negative perceptions? This nonsense only made perceptions more negative. His tweet was in no way, shape, or form about transexuals. He mocked a badly written line in which a woman showed how "tough" she was by referring to her imaginary penis, something reaffirming the belief that masculinity = strength. Gender identity issues weren't the issue, and attacking someone who made no mistake only creates a counterproductive negative perception of attempts to right actual wrongs.
>> No. 224469
>> No. 224480
File 139404662527.jpg - (43.69KB , 321x479 , Operation_Pied_Piper.jpg )
The issue was that his retweeting trans women's reactions to the stupid man of steel line caused them to be harassed. It wasn't his intention and he could not have known it would lead to harassment, but it did, so he apologized. It was a good thing to do. It's worth more to be upset at the people who decided to attack trans women for being confused than it is to be upset that trans women were confused. Do you understand? The thing is, trans people wouldn't have to be so sensitive if you would focus the blame on transphobes instead of how sensitive they are due to how often they are threatened by transphobia.

I think this is literally the chapter where Mort dies, dude. I'll be taking bets now on how he's gonna kick the bucket.

For some context, this is currently taking place in London in World War II, likely 1939, when the biggest evacuation took place. If he is left behind in London and dies in the bombings, how'd he end up at the Court? If he was evacuated to the Court, how'd he die?
>> No. 224482
> caused them to be harassed
What a joke.
>> No. 224484
if you don't know or understand what happened then don't talk about it as if you do, dumbass
>> No. 224485
> dumbass

You are harrassing him!
>> No. 224493
How dare you assume they use he/him pronouns! Die cis scum!!
>> No. 224495
> if you would focus the blame on transphobes

And yet the focus of the blame here was on Tom
>> No. 224541
>The thing is, trans people wouldn't have to be so sensitive if you would focus the blame on transphobes instead of how sensitive they are due to how often they are threatened by transphobia.

I'm quite capable of blaming bigots for their bigotry, and blaming people that shoot their own cause in the foot for shooting their own cause in the foot. I'm also capable of trying to pick up the resulting slack for that cause. If you're trying to do anything beneficial for society as a whole, there will always be a few people "helping" with all the skill of the three stooges. The solution isn't to let their bumbling go on without comment.

>Geez, going by your guys' reactions you'd think the title of the chapter was "Mort Dies" or something.

Uh... it's Mort waving goodbye going "Goodbye". And a flashback to how he died in the first place.

Going to go out on a limb here and guess this isn't going to be a warm fuzzy feelings or laugh out loud chapter.
>> No. 224544
When you act like a retard on the internet, up to throwin insults and threats to someone who quote a movie you don't use the "muh harrassment" card when someone serves you half the shit you do blindly to everybody around you in response to it. Those idiots deserve all the shit the internet will throw in their forever open mouth.
>> No. 224548
>There is a clue to the time period on this page.

Well I'm stumped.
>> No. 224559
File 139418557076.jpg - (153.25KB , 600x849 , 00001324.jpg )
>Betty had a crush on her brother's friend, Morty. Will they get married? (Nope he dies and she marries someone else, has a daughter, loses her husband to cancer and dies herself shortly after the birth of her first grandson)

And this is already a sad chapter.
>> No. 224560
soon everything said will be washed away in a tidal wave of feels
>> No. 224562
Why so sad? We all knew that Mort had died at some point. A bit odd to start grieving for him now. And it looks like Betty went on to live a good life at least.
>> No. 224568
The next page only makes things trickier.
>> No. 224638
> We all knew that Mort had died at some point.

Well, no shit!
>> No. 224750
>Polite discussion
>Leave for a few months
>Come back
>Trans this, tumblr that, die cis scum here, not talking about the comic there
I'm out
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