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File 138437527185.jpg - (156.69KB , 550x846 , 1384363981982.jpg )
218992 No. 218992
Old thread isn't bumping.

Good and Bad things are happening.

Wolverine's got a new suit, no healing factor, and is working for bad guys.

Deadpool is awesome.

New Ms. Marvel might be awesome.

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>> No. 218994
File 138437691011.jpg - (197.34KB , 494x750 , tumblr_mvz41hCnFF1rcp7bmo1_500.jpg )
Really hope its nice polymorphic girl stories with her powers getting her in and out of situations between things and her dad is some oldie hero from ages past. I'm really hoping this is as far from a Mutant Book tone wise as possible if one understand my meaning. I really need a dose of fun cape comics dammit.
>> No. 218996
File 138437728342.jpg - (62.68KB , 622x238 , wellplayedclerkswellplayed.jpg )
>> No. 218999
Heh. I was all set to roll my eyes, then I laughed.
>> No. 219019
Well that just isn't fair to deride her due to all the negative stereotypes that come out of Jersey
>> No. 219023
Speaking of young heroes that could breath new life into Marvel, Avengers Arena came out today.
>> No. 219027
And life breathed out of those young heroes?
>> No. 219031
File 13843930689.png - (369.05KB , 500x369 , http%3A%2F%2F31_media_tumblr_com%2Ftumblr_m84m8l5s.png )
I'm personally more offended she looks up to Carol.
>> No. 219033
>> No. 219034
well there is always the New Warriors book coming out
>> No. 219039
You mean Scarlet Spider and his Amazing Friends? I'm kinda hyped about that.
>> No. 219043
> working for bad guys.
Eh. Anyone upset about Wolverine doing bad things may have forgotten why people liked Wolverine in the first place.

>Deadpool is awesome.
Nova under Gerry Duggan sounds vastly more promising than anything Jeph Loeb ever. And Gerry Duggan writing Beta Ray Bill will be something of beauty.
>> No. 219050
Any relation to Dum Dum Duggan?
>> No. 219101
File 138450204815.jpg - (353.19KB , 777x1200 , 1384474563960.jpg )
I do adore that she wears a mask as more a homage since her shape shifting would be enough to disguse her.
>> No. 219111

Is this going to be actual Nova again? Or are we still stuck with the incredibly uncomfortable ghost of Jeph's so ?
>> No. 219112
Yea its Nova the younger hopefully having a whole team like the good ol' days will balance things since it'll have Speedball and Justice and its Yost writing not Loeb.
>> No. 219117
File 138455368547.png - (228.22KB , 500x708 , rubba 2.png )
I will continue to hold out hope that this will be fun.
>> No. 219119

Sigh. I can feel my interest vanishing already. It'll be better than Loeb, of course, but reading Jeph Loeb's Creepy Proxy Son still isn't my idea of a good time.
>> No. 219121
File 138455935046.jpg - (385.55KB , 703x1080 , first-kamal-khan.jpg )
ohhh myyyy
>> No. 219154
File 13846078325.jpg - (33.35KB , 380x337 , hopeless.jpg )
I'm sure the industry will be as kind to Pakistani Ms. Marvel as it was to Asian Batgirl.
>> No. 219159
File 138461581462.jpg - (156.33KB , 689x1920 , tumblr_mvv81lhaSa1r4nq6yo1_1280.jpg )
Yea I know Editors will likely quash most of what she wants to do and the other part they'll nix to keep her Mut..er Inhuman self in line with whatever the crap Marvel is pushing.
>> No. 219162
She has inhuman origins? That means after her solo book ends she's going to spend the rest of time standing silently behind Karnak and Medusa.

I really don't give a Shit about how this character will end up, and having that expectation in superhero comics or ANY serial medium means you should stop reading now and forever.

I'm just hoping for a 10-25 issue solo series with a fun attitude (though its G Willow Wilson so expect serious parts) that may or may not inspire more diversity in the medium on both a creator and character level.

My expectations are certainly optimistic, but I dont feel that they're too unreasonable.
>> No. 219163
Eh Inhuman is the new mutant at the moment so if they all go join Black Bolt and his club at the end the moon is going to be crowded.
>> No. 219258
File 138475356159.png - (7.76KB , 417x187 , returns as who or what.png )
So this happened.

>> No. 219263
Peter Parker: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
>> No. 219296
File 138481049853.jpg - (68.60KB , 300x300 , octo spiderman.jpg )
Well they have already done this...
>> No. 219316
I'd dig it. Peter getting to use that big brain of his at least for a little bit.
>> No. 219317
Oh yeah, last time he did it was what... just two years straight or something before the whole Spock thingy.
>> No. 219351
Except Peter WAS getting to use his brain in his scientist-gig before the Spock bullshit happened and fucked it all up.
But now we're going to get him being penniless and hated by everyone as both Peter and Spiderman when he gets his body back. Fuck what was the point to the ending of Spider-Island?
Shit, they are just going to replace Peter as Spider-man with Miles aren't they? Because Peter isn't young enough anymore and "Spiderman MUST be a kid"? Forcing Miles and other choice elements into the 616 while killing off the Ultimatverse is so stupid.
>> No. 219408
File 138496650161.jpg - (0.99MB , 800x1200 , 1384963904452.jpg )
More imaginative than it will be in the comic sadly.
>> No. 219409
Now THAT's bound to cause a shitstorm
>> No. 219421
God I hate Gutters.
>> No. 219424
Gutters is the worst.

I have a really strong feeling that Parker industries is going to stick around after Superior is over. Because what's more "21st century everyman" than small business owner right now?
>> No. 219425
>Peter owning a small fix-it shop that leads to his own tiny spider-cave.

That would be neat.
>> No. 219427
Also, completely separate from any opinions about the title itself, why the fuck did "Spock" become the go-to abbreviation for Otto in Peter's body? It's just genuinely annoying to see used in online conversation simply because there's another iconic character named Spock who is also a large figure in genre media and had a huge movie this year. It's especially confusing when people use it in threads that are not about Spider-man.

It's not like it's the only option:

Or even just "Doc Spock"

It's not like any of those are any more or less mocking than Spock.
>> No. 219432
File 138500541545.jpg - (197.05KB , 678x1037 , 1384984527.jpg )
- Young Avengers is ending
- James Robinson is doing Fantastic Four
- Venom is going to be joining the GOTG cast and Potto Poctavious is going to be dealing with the Symbiote (or its recent Satan infused clone) for two issues in Superior.
>> No. 219434
>- Venom is going to be joining the GOTG cast
I was gonna say wtf, but... who can bother at this point
>> No. 219435
Well, Flash was an Avenger who has served in space at this point. Plus he is wearing a space alien.
>> No. 219436
>Plus he is wearing a space alien.
Fair enough. Is he leaving government service?

This makes me wonder where that flag-haired guy from GotG went.
>> No. 219439
Pretty much.
You can feel Sohmers stench from miles away.

I'm ok with this.
And let's hope this doesn't suck.
>> No. 219444
File 138504174171.jpg - (169.14KB , 494x750 , tumblr_mwj37vpTTJ1qm0a5ho1_500.jpg )
This is great.
>> No. 219448
Can't say I am fond of the art
>> No. 219452
Wait, doesn't that confirm those Marvel Insider leaks on /co/ a few days ago?
>> No. 219517
File 138516466085.jpg - (158.58KB , 576x477 , Uncanny X-Men v3 014-020.jpg )
This was a good issue.
>> No. 219518
Who's doing the art on that one? Looks a bit like Immomen.
>> No. 219522
>> No. 219765
File 138559698076.jpg - (346.36KB , 1031x1566 , 1385595746404.jpg )
I have Hope, likely will end smashed upon the rocks but I have it for now.
>> No. 219766
Those book titles are pretty cute.
>> No. 219836
File 138575116936.jpg - (91.71KB , 576x876 , GR-1-FelipeSmith-OfficialImage-b557d.jpg )
>> No. 219849
File 13857712912.png - (1.57MB , 789x1200 , 1385748456802.png )
Shit I'm hyped for
Ms. Marvel
Iron Patriot
All New Ghost Rider
All New Invaders
Silver Surfer
New Warriors
She Hulk

I checked out Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers and Thunderbolts. All not that bad. I have no idea why Captain Marvel is such crap when Pretty Deadly has been pretty good.

Also I'm tired of Hickman already. A new group more powerful than the Builders is coming and they're also vague as shit.
>> No. 219850
File 138577156153.jpg - (132.53KB , 960x1280 , 1385769258534.jpg )
This manga is from the writer of the new Ghost Rider
>> No. 219852
>>Also I'm tired of Hickman already. A new group more powerful than the Builders is coming and they're also vague as shit.

Oh what the shit, fucking seriously?
The guy is even more of a hack than I imagined.
>> No. 219853
I'm just waiting for Johnny Blaze's apparance in Thunderbolts. It hasn't happened yet, right?
>> No. 219854
File 138577623179.jpg - (57.54KB , 790x1200 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
Not yet I think. I like how we have an option with the two Ghost Riders this time.

The dude is getting annoying with this whole hyperbolic force beyond our us that'll get snuffed out by a dues ex machina.
>> No. 219855
File 13857767634.png - (1.60MB , 780x1200 , 1385755280036.png )
I wonder if Earthlings will be like the shitty American tourists that remind everyone if it wasn't for them they'd be speaking German.

I love how the Avengers took out something hyped up as stronger than the Annihilation Wave by Annihilus himself. Really makes the rest of the universe look shitty.

Still pissed Captain Universe had the power to destroy the fleet single handed but chose to watch entire planets die.
>> No. 219863
>I love how the Avengers took out something hyped up as stronger than the Annihilation Wave by Annihilus himself.
Yeah that's a blatant hyperbole I'm sure will be ignored by any decent writers in the future. Between this and the Space Knights, sounds like Red Hulk all over again.
>> No. 219867
File 138578611464.jpg - (567.04KB , 1242x1332 , 1385769483744.jpg )
Red Hulk was at least pretty stupid from the get go. It didn't pretend to be deeper.

Was Starbrand always this OP? I knew the Uni Force was somewhat powerful but not this big a deal but I know next to nothing of the New Universe or whatever.
>> No. 219868
Silver Surfer cover looks like some pulpy fun.
>> No. 219872
Somehow, I feel vindicated in just ignoring Hickman's Avengers.


Let's see, I think I'll check out at least the first issue of...

All-New Invaders
Black Widow
All-New X-Factor (Despite not actually liking X-Books, but X-Factor was always just disconnected enough for me)
Ms. Marvel
She Hulk
Loki: Agent of Asgard (MAYBE)
All-New Ghost Rider
Moon Knight (I mean, it's Warren Ellis. How can I not?)
and Silver Surfer.

Some I'm more weary of than others.
>> No. 219874
>Looks up Avengers Undercover

Okay, what the hell has Marvel done to Zemo? Leading an anarchic nation of supervillains? Even if making him straight up cackling evil again made sense, that doesn't even really fit Zemo, who would at least try to impose order on things, not let them be lawless and out of control...
>> No. 219875

Man, take a year break from comics and now I don't recognize like a third of the creator names.

Silver Surfer and the Robinson books look like my bag, at least to try. Probably Elektra too, that creative team is like fire.
The other ones I'm interested in will require me to look up writers and artists and see if I like their work before I decide to pick any of them up. At least this will finally give me an excuse to read Cairo, and maybe even get past the first issue of Air.

It's also sort of odd that they're restarting Captain Marvel and Daredevil with the exact same creative teams and no discernible change in direction at all.
>> No. 219878
I guess you could say its Hopeless

Not looking forward to more Captain Marvel written by KSD
>> No. 219884
Well, the character will also be in Guardians of the Galaxy now, so you could get your fix there, assuming of course that you would enjoy Brian Michael Bendis' take on the character any more than you do Deconnick's
>> No. 219925
That's not much consolation.
>> No. 220080
>> No. 220149
File 138612742381.jpg - (112.76KB , 1280x706 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
>> No. 220321
File 138644603394.jpg?spoiler - (1.75MB , 1988x3056 , Superior Spider-Man 023-021.jpg?spoiler )
Despite fan anger, I've found this book has gotten much better past the first few arcs. Now it's far far from perfect, mostly in the dialogue of everybody who is not Otto, which is terrible, but it has the same charm I was enjoying during Big Time.
>> No. 220322
File 138644651389.jpg - (1.89MB , 1988x3056 , Amazing Spider-Man700_1-010.jpg )
This 700.1 issue of Spider-man is the 80'sest comic Marvel's published since the lost Man Thing issue
>> No. 220323
File 138644695916.jpg - (2.60MB , 1920x2951 , Marvel-Knights-Spider-Man-03-(of-5)-(2014)-(Digita.jpg )
And to round things out, Marvel Knights Spider-man has really neat and interesting layouts, but almost no story. The most amusing thing about it is that the arc is seriously called "99 Problems"
>> No. 220324
File 138644912066.jpg - (1.43MB , 1988x3056 , Superior Spider-Man 022-011.jpg )
Superior got a million times better once they added his love interest, which is odd since that usually has the opposite effect.
>> No. 220326
Anna Maria gives him something to shoot for. She in part makes him want to be a better person along with being Superior Spider-man. Heck I'd always be up for a little Italian.
>> No. 220328
File 138645115497.jpg - (1.87MB , 1988x3056 , Superior Spider-Man 023-006.jpg )
Plus she's super entertaining.
>> No. 220331
>Meeting the parents

...I've been away for a bit but what the fuck
>> No. 220332
He's referring to Aunt May and Triple J senior, who have gotten together and have been very good for each other oddly enough.
>> No. 220333
I really like the medium of Superior MonOck
>> No. 220334
She humanizes him, and makes it clear that he really does want to be a good person and genuinely has feelings for others. That's vital.

I'd say she's just one of the reasons why the book is coming together better though. It's becoming more and more tonally obvious that Otto is building a house of cards. He's doing shitloads of impressive things Peter never did, but at the same time the way he's operating at this point... holy shit this is going to come down on him hard.

He actually did the WE WILL RULE THE WORLD speech. Dude.
>> No. 220336
yea I'd hate to see him lose it all. Oh for it all to come clean and for her to stick with him. For Otto to be running a small no questions asked Fix-it shop next to a Bistro, and he is happy.
>> No. 220337
I'm deluding myself but I kinda hope once Peter is back we can get Otto a new body and he's can bro-ops with Spidey, give him an octopus themed suit somewhere between the Superior costume and the Ultimate Scorpion.
>> No. 220338

Have him be a support and he deals with his area and acts as a soundboard for Peter on some science matters from time to time. The great collaboration of what could have been reborn.
>> No. 220339
I've thought of that too. Honestly the ways I can see Otto both surviving and staying a goodish guys are:

- Going on the lam, basically doing what Zemo was before Born Better.
- Being stuck as a computer program.
- Being a prisoner of SHEILD and offering science support to the Avengers on Peter's referral.
>> No. 220341
File 138645530329.jpg - (913.01KB , 1440x2208 , UltimateSpider-Man28_023.jpg )
So Hannibal Otto?

I was thinking an entirely new body using his God-like new science, with only Peter knowing and allowing him to continue out of respect for his genuine change of heart, new face new relationships so he has to re-meet Anna Maria and basically start over with Peter as a bit of a jailer but eventually a friend.

Also I dug the new Ultimate though I again no longer care given this Galactus nonsense coming up.
>> No. 220342
File 138645543568.jpg - (478.67KB , 1968x500 , ottos lovelife.jpg )
May Parker - Should be in maybe her 60s or so, so apparently suffers from progeria
Stunner - Amazon bodybuilder
Angelina Brancale - Morbidly obese
Anna Maria Marconi - Dwarf

The lovelife of Otto Octavius, folks.
>> No. 220344
This is disgusting, Ock doesn't deserve to masquerade as a superhero, murdering and stealing the body of an actual hero.

Did all of you forget what he did just prior to bodyhopping? How many people he was willing to kill in his petulance?
>> No. 220345
Ock is one of those guys that did fucking terrible stuff he needs to pay for but not necessarily by killing since that would just make everything bad for everyone, for example he just cured loss of limbs and I shouldn't need to bring up Doc Conner's to point out how much of a monkey's paw that's been for most of the Marvel Universe.

Kinda like a German rocket Scientist I guess, so yeah Hannibal Otto would probably be the most likely way to go with this.
>> No. 220346
Bullshit writing, just like when he was suddenly a surgeon out of nowhere. Its a terrible justification.
>> No. 220347
Half the population of the world, so billions. Yeah.

But Superior isn't about him pretending to be a hero, its about him TRYING to be a hero, because he took one away and now he wants to give the world a better one to compensate.

The joy of the series is seeing someone trying to be saintly and help everyone he can in the most oldschool supervillain egomaniac way.

Otto is clearly trying to do good, but the audience isn't always supposed to root for him. You can enjoy his stories while still wanting Peter back.
>> No. 220348
The guy whose whole deal is having four robolimbs on his back creating robo limbs isn't really out of left field.
>> No. 220349
Oh yeah when all folds on him it's gonna be great.

I heard some bullshit about Peter Parker being the new Green Goblin but I haven't been following consistently so I have no idea who the Goblins are.
>> No. 220350
Hah since when are robot prosthetics new in Marvel?
We've been having people with them on a large scale since the 90's
>> No. 220352
Goblin is most likely Norman, he's acting all Norman and making a big deal about not knowing who is under Spider-man's mask. So while the twist could happen, it seems pretty unlikely.

The other two Goblins are Menace and Phil Urich Hobgoblin in redesigned costumes
>> No. 220353
Not so much when every other superhero that comes into contact with Spock is written to be a total retard so they won't blow his secret. Its really annoying the way he goes around ruining Peter's life as well and driving away all the people close to him since it seems to be a pretty blatant ploy by the writers to make Pete be hated and penniless again when he gets his body back which we know he will eventually.
>> No. 220355
okay, so now it would seem the only question is where Otto is.

They are all more or less "unrepeatable science we can't ever achieve again because you are magic"

This has Otto injecting nanomachines into Aunt May's leg to heal it.

The deal with Otto's science stuff is that he can do it, all the time, in the Marvel universe, that's probably the most useful power in that universe.
>> No. 220356
I get the dislike of Otto, and like I said, he's not always meant to like him, you can hate him and still enjoy the story.

But Otto has actually become closer to May and Jonah senior, plus he's founded a company in Peter's name that I'm SURE will still be around when Peter comes back, albeit at a smaller scale.
>> No. 220357
Yeah that's absolute worst case scenario and if it goes that way I'm just gonna stop bothering to even download this.
>> No. 220358
I mean otto's body.
>> No. 220359
I was figuring Peter might need Otto by the end of this as a "liaison to my own life."
>> No. 220361
That would be pretty terrible, the guy who violated Peter (even worse than Skip) and his life hanging out with him.
>> No. 220362
Better than Pete having his life permanently destroyed (it all kinda looks bad for Pete.)
>> No. 220365
Yeah yeah I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but you just know if the midget girl is still around when the story is over, in the future they'll just manage to kill her off to make Ock a villain again.

I even forget if that bullshit story with Rhino was written by slott as well. Also wonder if anyone hadn't seen it coming from a mile away.
>> No. 220367
Rhino was Kelly.
>> No. 220369
Gotta wonder how many people furious about Otto trying to be a hero were fans of Zemo's redemption.

The thing is, Otto was popular enough to be prominent and frequently used over the years, but there was no unified take. You had him portrayed as a joke in Byrne's book a week after Larson tried to make him serious. He callously ignored that his plans would have a huge death toll one minute, then expressed sorrow that his life of crime had hurt good people the next. He got portrayed as someone genuinely capable of compassion and of caring about others (including Peter), and he got portrayed as a total misanthrope, all depending on the writer. And it's not that there was one fluke story where he was out of character, it's that he's been all over the damn place over the years, without a whole lot of consistency beyond a vague Mad Scientist vibe. There's definitely enough wiggle room to give us this story, where he did lots of terrible things over the years, but is trying to be a hero... in a very twisted way.

I don't agree with every element of how Slott's done this, but there's been enough variety in the character's portrayals that it's hard to take complaints that this is "out of character" very seriously.

(As for him being suddenly a surgeon... the dude simultaneously took on an Avengers offshoot, Reed Richards' Future Foundation, and the fucking Intellig-"We're a team of evil supergeniuses"-encia. We've looooong since passed the point where it's implausible for him to go "Oh, I can do that SCIENCE too, sure, I'm just that fucking smart.")
>> No. 220370
You don't stop saying something is bad just because writers keep doing it badly
>> No. 220372
Ah okay.
>> No. 220374

I have seen no criticism of Spock based off Doc Ock acting out of character. I'm not saying that such criticism doesn't exist, but it seems like it would take a backseat to what the larger issue is, which is also the reason I don't even DL Superior Spider-Man, it was the disgusting, gross, way Doc Ock took over Peter's body. Like, for me at least, the biggest issue I have is that Otto is walking around in a Peter Parker corpse suit and living his life and no one suspects that anything is up beyond "Peter/Spider-Man sure is acting weird!"
>> No. 220375
>I have seen no criticism of Spock based off Doc Ock acting out of character.

>> No. 220377

Oh come on, that was clearly posted after the other guy brought it up.
>> No. 220378


>I'm not saying that such criticism doesn't exist
>> No. 220379
I'm not sure I criticized it here, but he seemed to act a lot more "edgy" than on his old supervillainy days to me.

Also, aside from the whole stealing Peter's body and life thing, to me this story arc has been going for way longer than it should. If I'm gonna read "Spider-Man", I wanna read about Peter Parker, Spider-Man, not "Potto, Dr Octopus in Spider-Man's body".
>> No. 220380
Sure, but it was also posted right before you said you don't see it happen. I was basically going "well dude, dunno what to tell ya, look two posts up."
>> No. 220382
I think the real point where I warmed to Superior was when he used giant robots and a henchman army to take down shadowland.

It became a lot more about watching Ock act so supervillainy and just not get the whole "humble" thing at all. And seeing the house of cards he's building that you KNOW is going collapse, either before peter coming back or by Peter coming back. It's a fun path to take, a whole big doc ock story arc taking place during a hiatus for Spider-man. Plus, I like how Slott writes Otto. Of course, like I said, ONLY how he writes Otto. Everyone who is not screaming mad scientists sound like bizarre non people, only there to push the story.
>> No. 220383
I dunno, I'd say he's more hit and miss than anything else when it comes to the rest of the cast. There's definitely chars whose dialog makes me "yeeesh," but Anna Maria is wonderful. And he actually got me to like Stunner. And his Cardiac was... I didn't mind his Cardiac! That's a small miracle when dealing with me and Cardiac.
>> No. 220384
To be fair, all three of those ARE varying degrees of screaming mad scientists.

But yeah, I liked Stunner. It amused me since Slott is pretty much the only person who actually remembered Stunner.
>> No. 220390
>To be fair, all three of those ARE varying degrees of screaming mad scientists.

In a surprise twist, Maria is in a lab accident, gains powers, and becomes a supervillain Spidey has to fight.
>> No. 220741
File 138713178215.png?spoiler - (1.66MB , 938x1440 , ucm3l4djg.png?spoiler )
So this happend.
>> No. 220746
And no more nice Spider-girls
>> No. 220748
In what issue?
>> No. 220749
USM: Cataclysm issue 2 I think.
>> No. 220753
Thus ending my care about the last thing in Ultimate u.
>> No. 220787

more Marvel NOW incoming in April
>> No. 220789
File 138722263814.jpg - (94.48KB , 319x374 , surprised-little-boy1.jpg )
So they're relaunching Spider-man, presumably with Peter under the mask pretty much the exact same week the new movie comes out

Who could have seen THAT coming?

But seriously, if this is true I hope there's more story issues between SSM 30 and the new ASM, because if not that means that there will basically be 0 room for a Peter Otto Confrontation. Hell, it looks like Slott's Goblin story which he has been building since 2010 will probably be cut short from its intended length by this too.
>> No. 220790
time for maximum hand waving and plot cutting.
>> No. 220792
File 138722751982.png - (492.83KB , 630x420 , Marvel-Disk-Wars-The-Avengers-toys-Bandai.png )
New images from Marvelmon Adventures.
>> No. 220793
I actually kinda dig the lightning bolts on PokeThor's armor.
>> No. 220794
>> No. 220954
File 138748085415.jpg - (1.75MB , 1988x3056 , Superior Spider-Man 024-013.jpg )
Maybe I'll hate Carlie less as a villain?

No I won't, she's literally THE worst.

Also we were talking about Ock's house of cards? well nothing tumbles it faster than a symbiote in the mix.
>> No. 220986
well its is screaming pants on head now. Never have a cared less about a PENDING EPIC CONFLICT. I mean we are at maximum fucking mustache twirling. Oh and Lemme Guess the new Goblady will kill her former friend first.
>> No. 220987
Wow. She has really bulky fingers.
>> No. 221164
File 138785673963.jpg - (203.10KB , 600x899 , Avengers_25_Cover-600x899.jpg )
>> No. 221201
Just waiting on this spock shit to play out and be over with.
>> No. 221202
... because it worked so well for the xmen, right?
>> No. 221270
What is up with all the stupid time travel arcs Marvel has going on these days? First it's the X Men and now the Avengers? Goddamn it Marvel this is beyond lazy writing plus seeing as the past X Men are still in the current timeline that means that Magneto has pretty much taken over the world in the past because the original founding X Men where not there to stop him in the past.
>> No. 221271
That's the thing about time travel, though, they can stay a long time and go back the moment after they left. Also without the Avengers, most everyone can have taken over the world already.

I'm more worried that they might be pulling a Flashpoint/NU52 bullshit a couple years after DC. Wouldn't that be something...
>> No. 221274
Well, the avengers thing is just an arc, whereas x-men is an ongoing.

And as for an explanation about why everything hasn't changed with the young x-men staying, well, time travel is mega fucked up after age of ultron. That's also why they can't go back.

Also keep in mind, when the rules were in effect marvel time travel, while inconsistent as hell, tended to gravitate towards "something changes in the past, then a new timeline is created, and both it and the current timeline exist simultaneously". It's why Scott has at LEAST 3 time travel kids excluding Cable.

But yes, I am enjoying All new x-men. Less than Uncanny but I still like it.
Probably not going to try this Avengers arc though. It wasn't the premise that sold me on All New, it was the execution. Hell, the premise is still a sore point even when I'm having a good time with the book.
>> No. 221276
File 138830257294.jpg - (355.77KB , 1920x1032 , X-Men-01-Jubilee.jpg )
And another thing as consistent as Scott having time children, Mutants and Prophecy babies. Though idea Logan being a unofficial Grandpa is fun.
>> No. 221287
>Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million have confirmed to Good e-Reader that many of their flagship locations have stopped carrying single issues and graphic novels of Marvel Comics. You can still find these titles at smaller stores in more rural locations but no new orders will be processed after January 1st 2014.

>Barnes and Noble has a flagship store in Union Square, in New York City. This is the location where they tend to have unveiling events for the Nook product line. Two sources at this store have confirmed that they will no longer sell Marvel Comics in their store and would not speculate what other stores are doing. They still are stocking single issues of comics produced by DC and Dark Horse.

>Books-A-Million has also confirmed that they are no longer carrying Marvel titles at the head office. Contacts within the receiving and ordering departments have said that Marvel titles are simply not available on their lists anymore. They are basically unable to order single issues or graphic novels.

>It is very interesting that exactly at the same time BOM and B&N both have stopped carrying physical issues of Marvel Comics. This could have something to do with Marvel developing their own digital distribution platform and intend to phase out Comixology. We have heard that single issues at these bookstore locations are not doing that well and more are being returned to the publisher/distributor on a monthly basis then what is being sold.

>> No. 221288
well this doesn't bode well.

>You can still find these titles at smaller stores in more rural locations

nahh. Diamond charges too damn much for runs.
>> No. 221289
Good, Fuck Diamond.
>> No. 221293
File 138835407572.jpg - (596.61KB , 780x1140 , bandette-urchin-stories-page-1-by-mitchgerads-d6fl.jpg )

>> No. 221305
The only thing I want to read from Marvel in 2014 is the new Moonknight by Warren Ellis because it's about damn time Moonknight was written by someone else other than Bendis.

Also Emma Frost's new slutty costume is the only reason I keep up with Scott's X Men.
>> No. 221514
File 138886350784.jpg - (178.81KB , 900x1365 , CAPMARV2014001covanimal-var-3963b.jpg )
>> No. 221563
File 138894382051.jpg - (248.81KB , 494x750 , 1388827493853.jpg )
Yeah, regular /co/ threw a few shitfits. Basically, it was just another variant cover idea for a whole bunch of titles, because variant covers are popular again for some reason.

Most of the variants were actually very cute, and pretty funny.
>> No. 221571
File 138895147585.jpg - (95.91KB , 599x507 , 1388950728954.jpg )
>> No. 221584
>Rocket Human

>> No. 221710
Simone tweeted she's doing a Deadpool short story.
>> No. 221730
Back when the Avengers actually did stuff instead of just standing back and gabbing on and on about how Hickman's OCs are so awesome.
>> No. 221731
File 138919652317.jpg - (157.75KB , 660x1007 , 1389121909826.jpg )
I can dig it, long as her supports don't turn out to be a bunch of Nozzles.
>> No. 221732
File 138919702957.jpg - (509.05KB , 800x1214 , Marvel-IronFist-1-81b7b.jpg )
>New Iron Fist ongoing
>> No. 221733
File 138919714968.jpg - (283.19KB , 1200x928 , ORIGSIN2014001011scol-copy-black-45b3c.jpg )
>> No. 221745

Seriously, I wonder what cosmic entity is next? The Inbetweener? Ego? One of the Elders of the Universe?

This Cosmic Fridging has got to stop.
>> No. 221763
File 138923834942.jpg?spoiler - (162.15KB , 632x960 , spoilercover.jpg?spoiler )
So yeah, it looks like that incredibly super obvious thing that was rumored to happen is happening.

And nobody at all was shocked.
>> No. 221764
and the apathy was palpable
>> No. 221767
As unsurprising as it was, I'm happy with this development.

I was burned out on Spock.
>> No. 221768
still gonna be sad however they handle Anna Maria.
>> No. 221786
Really, they already jobbed the Living Tribunal offscreen, unless they kill off his boss they aren't really building up any greater hype.

Fuck these comics are so terrible, glad I got out way back.
>> No. 221959
File 138968653520.jpg - (1.98MB , 1988x3056 , young avengers no cister.jpg )
>> No. 221967
>> No. 221969
It's kinda icky to say. "You're not that straight" to someone because you think they're hot for you.

That's kinda like saying "baby I know you want me." to someone who isn't interested.
>> No. 221970

It's also just not that funny or well-written of a line.
>> No. 221972
well given the way marvel has been handling some things of late I'm prepared for ick. Though I really hope its not she quits the team and ends up looking like the bad guy because she rebuffed her advances, or her forcing herself on the girl because "you know you really want it"
>> No. 221977
>That's kinda like saying "baby I know you want me." to someone who isn't interested.
That just sounds like comic relief for me...

I know the whole "every new youg character is gay on comics today" thing gets old, but isn't there a bit of overreaction here?
>> No. 222112
File 138989880263.jpg - (153.47KB , 400x571 , scott and jean.jpg )

All New X-men 25 sounds like it'll be super fun.
>> No. 222113
I hope Uncanny x-men keeps up this whole "single issue story" thing it's been rocking since the end of Age of the Atom. I'm loving it.
>> No. 222127
File 138991912112.jpg - (238.47KB , 900x1366 , ALLNEWXMEN-CVR-025b-5bf00.jpg )
Abnett and Lanning are doing two backups for GotG #14 and are also doing a two issue tie in to the upcoming movie.

Spider-man Stuff.

Ultimate Spider-man stuff.

Soule and Kot are writing pretty much everything

And for some reason everything Mark Waid is working on is being given a new #1

>> No. 222409
>Girls in Pakistan taking to Ms.Marvel positively.

Hope holding steady on this one.
>> No. 222427
File 139054567175.jpg - (1.53MB , 1988x3056 , FF-Scott and Doom.jpg )
Man, the FFinale really made a lot of Doomfags. mad. I guess they didn't like seeing their self-insert beat into the ground.
>> No. 222431
>>hurr 'character'fags
Go away with that nonsense.
>> No. 222960
File 139157614186.gif - (794.33KB , 245x150 , spider-man and max.gif )
>"That must be pretty cool, to have the whole world see you like that. Most people don't notice other people. I wish I was like him, The Amazing Spider-Man."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Enemi…youtube thumb

Was not expecting this level of feels from Electro Django.
>> No. 222964
Dang. Good job, Amazing Spider-man 2 writing team.
>> No. 222965
File 139159046869.gif - (1.60MB , 250x250 , thor dbz.gif )
On a much, much lighter note.

The Great Saiyaman!youtube thumb
>> No. 222990
File 139165143217.jpg - (361.77KB , 1280x1967 , The Punisher (2014-) 001-018.jpg )
"Because everyone isn't afraid of the Avengers."

Oh my God, for the first time in 2 + years I genuinely enjoyed a comic.
>> No. 222992
Ms.Marvel looks nice, family issues bearing out well, the "culture ignorant white kids" is a little cringing but they aren't bullies so that's a plus. I know some group is going to throw a fit over the father calling his son a lazy bum for praying all day and not getting a job.
>> No. 222995
File 139165908840.jpg - (74.33KB , 571x799 , Cynthia2.jpg )

I know it probably won't happen, but just imagine the boners!

The Fantastic Foursome!

Reed/Doom hatefucking hetero edition!
>> No. 222996
though for as long as the Daughter of Doom OC has been around, may get a nod.
>> No. 223015
File 139170945924.jpg - (317.76KB , 1280x1967 , The Punisher (2014-) 001-016.jpg )
I'll probably give it a shot but Jesus Christ it's been so long since I liked something from the big to I'm just basking on this now.
>> No. 223016

What the fuck, I know that Restraunt. I used to run there to pick up lunch order there when i was working in Downtown Los Angeles. Like the logal, the interior, etc, is from Nickel Diner. They even have those maple bacon donuts, which are super gross but some people love them.

>> No. 223021
File 139171795086.jpg - (0.96MB , 1920x2951 , 1391710902477.jpg )
I don't know about her supports but she's damned adorable. Fuck when was the last time there was a fun comic with the Teen being a Teen.
>> No. 223097
>Fuck when was the last time there was a fun comic with the Teen being a Teen.

Blue Beetle?
>> No. 223366
File 139225172843.jpg?spoiler - (1.28MB , 1988x3056 , Superior Spider-Man27_NOW-015.jpg?spoiler )
Still enjoying this book.
>> No. 223377
Yea, I just wish it could end well for Otto and Anna.
>> No. 223430
File 13923824858.jpg - (1.15MB , 1988x3056 , She-Hulk (2014-) 001-005.jpg )
>> No. 223738
World Premiere of First Guardi…youtube thumb
>> No. 223740
I love the latin dub trailer.
Guardianes de la Galaxia trái…youtube thumb
>> No. 223741
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Green…youtube thumb

Have fun with this less awesome thing.
>> No. 223840
File 139290849582.jpg - (52.41KB , 618x412 , Fox_Finally_Finds_Its__Fantastic-806d452d4e04cc0e2.jpg )
So, possible Fantastic Four cast
>> No. 223841
Sesame Street: One of These Thingsyoutube thumb

I mean, I assume that's Ben, so he's going to be a big orange rock for the most part, but that's still likely to raise a few eyebrows at the very least.
>> No. 223842
Well that depends its been talked about for a couple years now about Johnny being adopted
>> No. 223869
File 139292952152.gif - (2.72MB , 1092x601 , rocket.gif )
Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocketyoutube thumb

Very impressive CGI fur.
>> No. 223877
Michael B. Jordan (bottom right) will be playing Johnny Storm.
>> No. 223882
And he looks like he has the personality for it, I've got more concerns about the others. Shame can't be a movie him hanging with Spidey.
>> No. 223883
I heard that was denied already? Along with the Dr Doom Girl thing?
>> No. 223885
Probably just having fun with it like the 12th Doctor guessing game.
>> No. 223891
Billy Elliot is a pretty weak choice for Ben Grimm.
>> No. 224089
File 13934279073.jpg?spoiler - (232.47KB , 1200x928 , usm200-08-09-ink-a165ddcxp.jpg?spoiler )
Well this looks to be full of feels.
(From Ultimate Spiderman 200 btw)
To bad I need to work my way up to it...
>> No. 224337
File 139390024464.jpg - (584.85KB , 1280x1974 , Thepunishersfineartofseduction.jpg )
I forgot how fucking incredible The Punisher Max was.
>> No. 224651

So Ultimate is staying Ultimate?
>> No. 224652

Fucking finally jesus, like a year of being unable to follow him because I can't follow whatever the fucking name of the title was.
>> No. 224653
Yea it was either waffling or misinformation about 616 crossover nonsense and I just couldn't be bothered to wade through all that.
>> No. 224660
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man not straightforward enough?
>> No. 224662
Absolutely not, Fucking jumbled it up in my head every time.
>> No. 225061
File 13951665874.jpg - (38.27KB , 600x388 , Wolverine_3_Months_to_Die_Logo-600x388.jpg )
>Implying Marvel is gonna kill off his favorite mascot
>> No. 225066
File 139517816717.jpg - (44.97KB , 300x338 , annoyance3.jpg )

>Marvel probably won't even use the "Welcome... TO DIE!" line during this event

>> No. 225072
File 139519561473.jpg - (64.41KB , 1100x492 , quicksilver.jpg )
Meet your MCU Quicksilver.
>> No. 225073
File 13951958341.jpg - (62.75KB , 1100x658 , scarlet witch.jpg )
And your MCU Scarlet Witch.
>> No. 225092
Hmm not bad, a very Evolution styled Wanda
>> No. 225103
Aaron Paul Pietro? YES PLEASE!
>> No. 225137

It's Aaron Taylor-Johnson who's in that role, you know, the guy from Kick-Ass. Also, despite Scarlet Witch looking super Ellen Paige, it's Elizabeth Olsen playing her.
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