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File 138048205452.jpg - (36.97KB , 577x578 , randy[1].jpg )
217051 No. 217051
Randy apparently gets an addition to the video game Minecraft on a future episode of South Park. Currently unknown as to rather the whole episode will be dedicated to it or if it's just a reference to it apart of a larger story, but he was naked in the clip so that'll be somewhat intriguing.
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>> No. 217058
i love it when south park shows how shitty and overrated things really are.
>> No. 217059
You may have missed the episode about being a cynical asshole.
>> No. 217119

And that sometimes the truth is in the middle.
>> No. 217178
I've liked the two episodes in this season so far, pretty funny stuff.

I thought the show was kinda weak the last few seasons, hopefully this one can keep going strong.
>> No. 217729

Wow, never thought I'd see the day.
>> No. 218224
I don't actually watch south park anymore but everyone on regular 4chan seems to be creaming themselves over a gang of goth kids who got their own episode? Does anyone have any opinions on them?
>> No. 218257
I thought that episode was kind of weak. An episode based entirely on a single running joke.

Goths and emos and vampire kids are posers, we get it.
>> No. 218338
Holy shit has this show really been on for 16 years? Geez, I remember watching this hardcore from like... Age eight to sixteen or seventeen. After that I started watching less and less and I don't think I've seen a new episode in years. I DO remember convincing to take me to the South Park movie, and I recall that my dad didn't really know much about the show before we saw the movie, and was a little upset that I'd been watching this show at all. My mom thought it was just hilarious.

Good times.
>> No. 218372
Anyone plan on getting the new South Park game? It actually looks pretty good.

South Park: The Stick of Truth…youtube thumb
>> No. 218378
sure if it ever comes out
>> No. 218399

Probably not. Though that reminds me of the original South park game and Chef's Love Shack on the N64. Both were really fun. The Multiplayer in the first game was pretty fun.
>> No. 218500
Yeah it reminds me of that too. Chef's Luv Sack was a bit mediocre though.
>> No. 219457
The first person shooter for the N64? Yeah that was pretty hilarious
>> No. 219460
Anime Princess Kenny = the peak of South Park

Matt & Trey are gonna have to pull something really fucking amazing out of their asses if they ever hope to top that.
>> No. 219461
Between this and Shezow. Things getting kinda..funny.
>> No. 219462
A rather queer time indeed, my good fellow.
>> No. 219463
It was pretty much the best 45 seconds of television I've ever seen.

...or however long it took.
>> No. 219478

Got a link?
>> No. 219480
Princess Kennyyoutube thumb

tuber version of the sequence for those that might have problems.
>> No. 219482
>> No. 220029
File 138599983646.jpg - (176.14KB , 450x636 , death_of_the_warrior_by_delijadodgson-d6jrjtd.jpg )
People really seem to dig Princess Kenny
>> No. 224208
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